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sec, first of all, I mean, just tell us about your involvement in this movie, and why you thought it was important to, you know, be involved in that?

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Well, okay, so

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we honestly never, I mean, we never intended on making a movie. You know, we have a very serious drug problem here in Sydney, which I'm sure you guys can relate to everyday in the UK. So we have a very serious drug problem here. So one day, myself and some of the brothers were sitting around, and we're thinking that maybe we should do like a three, four minute video, just to touch on drugs and how serious it is in our community. So one led to another and then we filmed the little, we filmed that segment, and it came out really well. So then we said to ourselves, man, this came out better than expected. So let's add on to it. So back and forth back forward over the span of IE, what was

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supposed to be a full five minute video ended up being a 45 minute movie.

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And how long did it take to make the whole movie? Well, okay, so, so the whole movie, I guess, from from the very first scene that we shot into the last one was just was just over a year. So just over 12 months.

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That's amazing. Now, obviously, it's very difficult sometimes, you know, in in our OMA, we have many people like myself and Ali, who profess to be able to act, and we can't really act. But here you have some very really fine actors in this film. And from what we can see in the trailer, very believable. Yeah, really, really believable. Mashallah, so, was there a casting process? Or was it a case of a couple of brothers who know each other say, let's just make a movie?

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Well, okay, let me tread very carefully. To be quite honest with you, there was really, there was no, I mean, there was no real actors, you need to understand the very first scene that we shot had no, head no, had no talking in it said, so there was no speaking and, and it was never intended on being a movie. So the first thing that I thought had no speaking, and then because we kept adding back and forward,

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you know, those brothers that didn't act had to learn how to act pretty quickly. So for me, I like well, this movie, you know, I better kept productions

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where we sort of did our best.

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I mean, in terms of, you know, the part that you played, everyone who knows you, they know that you have a very fiery way of delivering and masala very, very, very effective. It's like a wake up call.

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So, obviously, in the movie, you're pretty much playing exactly who you are. And, and we believe it is very important to have that kind of element and that character in there. But once you're tempted or other any other parts in there, where you actually let go a little bit and you're a bit more freer, or is it you all the way through? Well,

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okay, now, the whole movie is, the whole movie is actually based on very true events. So everything in that movie is something that has happened in my life or something that's happened to someone that's very close to, and we want to get the movie as well and as real and as authentic as possible. So throughout the movie, I play myself and I pretty much stay in character the whole time. In fact, a lot of in fact, every scene that I speaking was not scripted. It was, you know, it was off the bat. It was a one shot type. Whatever was on my heart, whatever was on my mind came out and it sort of came straight off. And, and that we actually wanted that to stay that way because we wanted to be

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very raw, very genuine. We wanted people to believe that. So the whole movie is based on, you know, is actually based on true events.