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Muhammad West
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Live in Chicago James Miller man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam, ala Shafi, more serene Satanism, Harmony mala and he also has mine. My beloved brothers is a Solomonic Mara ye obrigado al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen always and forever will begin with praise and thanks of Las panatela Chateau La ilaha illa Allah will be witness and testify that man has the right to worship because Allah subhanaw taala and we say no greetings and salutations, my beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam despise and your family to his companions and all those who follow his thunder until the end of time, that was Herat, Allah blesses to be amongst them. Meanwhile,

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hamdulillah and hamdulillah. We continue with our series that we began last week. This is lecture two on our parenting series. And in last week, we introduced the discussion and we said that as raw, perhaps the most difficult task and the most difficult job in the role that any of us would play on the studio is the job in the amount of raising our children. Being a mother and a father is perhaps the most challenging task that one can be bestowed upon oneself. And it is something which we are not prepared. For many of us, none of us have taken courses and learned how to be a good parent. And we know that this is something which loss palitana is going to question us on the left keyerror. And

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Allah besides being a test, a test that can you know, grant a standard of even the law, we can be against us, Allah protect us, it is also that we have such high hopes and dreams for our children, we want our children to be to excel and to be the best that they possibly can be and fulfill their potential. And of course, so much of it depends on us as parents, we are the hidey hole that is also, um, he mentions that every child that comes to us is on the fifth route that Allah has given to us, a pure child Allah has given to each and every one of us children that are good children that are untainted and spoiled, but it is the parents that will ultimately influence their child for good

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or for bad. And so Allah grant us the ability to be good parents, and Allah grant us to fulfill our rights and duties as parents and him Allah grant as pious offspring, that will be the coolness of our eyes, and it will continue our legacy and goodness, I mean, so today, inshallah we'll continue and begin mentioning, what is it that the Sharia requires from us? So as we said, many times we are about the rights of children to parents, what should the child do for the mother for the father, but in this series, we need to talk about what are the requirements that we should do as parents to fulfill our amanar to our children. And the first duty as appearance panel that results in them says

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that choose carefully for your progeny, meaning that each and every one of us, every man and every woman, when we reach a certain age, and we think about getting married, we should choose carefully our partner, and we shouldn't only think about ourselves, so we shouldn't only marry the one that you know, appeals to us. And that physically looks good, maybe someone that we find attractive, rather, we think about would this person make a good mother, or good father. And so the profitsystem says, choose carefully for your progeny. Consider your children, when you choose a spouse, and when you should marry women that are suitable women that will be good wives and good mothers, and the

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sisters should marry men, that will be good fathers one day, and so spot a lot of the first duties that we need to do is when we choose, choose a spouse, with our children in mind quite a lot. We should already be thinking about our children even before we get married, and we should be making the offer within even before we get married SubhanAllah. And the next step and the perhaps this is one of the most important ingredients for the success of a child is in this idea in Surah Rome, this idea which many times we speak about in terms of nica, we say it's the most beautiful or romantic, I have the Quran it's not just for the husband and the wife but it's for the child as well. When Allah

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says warming it of the signs of the isn't Allah and hollowcore document acoustic komazawa that he created for amongst yourselves partners mates, the testicle layer that you may find tranquility in one another, or javelina, kumada, Rama, everything is a law who places between the husband and the wife, my wife, Deb and Rama more than meaning affection and love and Rama meaning mercy. And so this idea, Allah tells us that when we find a good partner, when we, the husband and the wife get married, and they do so in accordance with Allah subhanaw taala and they live in a manner which Allah loves, then it will bring about Sakina tranquility and perhaps the most important ingredient

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for the success of a child in when they're growing up, is willing to grow up in a loving and a peaceful environment a safe environment. That year the iron ore was part that I mentioned that when a husband and a wife come together in a manner which Allah has decreed for them, then they will be a sense of Sakina peace and tranquility and this is the perfect environment for children to grow up. And this is the best, the best thing we can give our children is a peaceful and safe environment. So much we can take from this if somehow it is also indirectly mentioned that the worst thing we can do in the worst disadvantage we can give our children is if they are born outside of wedlock, we spoke

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about inheritance and even up until this point Allah there are implications to a child that is born outside of wedlock.

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Of course, no son and their child, but the development, the emotional security, the whole life is impacted negatively because of the irresponsibility of a of a man and a woman. And therefore Allah subhanaw taala is encouraging us that the best we can give our children is to make sure that they are born in minicar in a hostile environment, and let the mother and the father when they live according to the shady app where they live according to the commandment of Allah, it will positively benefit those children. Allah mentions two characteristics murder and Rama. Well what that means love and affection Rama, meaning mercy. One group of scholars have said this ayah by saying my word

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that that love comes from my mother Rama, mercy comes from the Father, meaning the child grows up in an environment of love and protection and care from his mother and his father. And that whatever good they do, the parents love them. Whatever mistakes they do, the parents are forgiving, and they have Rama upon them. And just interesting side note here, when you look at the word, my word, spoken to my wife about this word, now Maota is translated as love. But yet if you ask most people, even if you don't know Arabic, what is in love with Arabic, they will say muhabba, the prophet is the habibollah, the Beloved of Allah subhanaw taala. So hope is usually the word that we associate with

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love. Yet Allah uses my word that when he talks about loving the crowd, and in fact, one of his names is Allah dude for most affectionate. So what's the difference between hope, love, and my word, as the scholars beautifully mentioned, here, hope is a feeling love is a feeling in the heart, it has no actions attached to it is just it's it's intangible. My wonder is the physical manifestation of that love. When you talk with love, it becomes my word that when you act with love, it becomes my wonder. So hope is a feeling, my wonder is an action. And so you're always saying, you don't only feel love towards each other, or feel love towards your children, you actually express your love to

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your partner, you actually interact with him with my wonder with love with affection. And so my wife is the manifestation of what is inside of a feeling of hope. And so it is, of course more significant. And so Allah is trying to tell us, our first duty as parents, we find good partners, that will be good for us and good for them. And then we live with our partners mommy and daddy love to give in sakeena in tranquility, they interact with each other mother and father interact with each other with my wonder with affection. And if they are mistakes, and they some unhappiness is Rama is mercy, these key we overlook the faults. And if this environment is given to our children,

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if this is the kind of atmosphere in the household, and this is perhaps the best best ingredients for our children to succeed within the lab. And of course, they fought many times when marriages don't go well. We don't only harm each other as a father and me as a husband and a wife. We actually are home our kids. And that is why we should think about the way we interact with our spouses is how we will influence our children. The importance of selecting a spouse, when you look for a spouse, then a peaceful Salaam tells us that we should think about our children. And we should actually choose spouses that that would one day be able to be children. People that are prolific or meaning

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fertile is a desirable quality in the Sharia. We have this hadith in Abu Dawood, when a man comes to the abyssal Salaam and his era surah wasallam I found a girl who is of a good lineage comes from a very good family. And she's very beautiful. I'm very attracted to her, but she's bad and she's unable to be children. Should I marry her. And then I've also lamp says no, rather don't marry her. And when the man comes back a second time, obviously he's coming back because he really wants to marry her. But he wants the approval of lobbyists. And then also let me sign rather don't marry her. And then a third time he comes Yasuda I want to marry this girl. And so then a resource alum says

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you should marry those those women but by extension men as well. So the main should marry women and the women should marry men that are loving and fertile. They are prolific, they are able to have children. And then I recently explains why because he says for I will be proud I will take great pride in the big numbers of my oma on the deaf gamma. But I'm an FTM with an IV Susana wants to have a big coma. And so we have the same year in Cape Town and then on the other parts of the world, we make the oma strong, even though perhaps not a Hadith, but it was in the spirit of Islam. Whenever you saw Salam is saying that he loves to see big families and he loves to see his Omar increasing in

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number and this is a good thing. And so, one of the desirable characteristics in a spouse is a spouse that is one day inshallah able to be children. It doesn't mean that it's haram to marry someone that cannot have children of someone that is infertile, it is not haram to do that. But it is one of those things that are not desirable. And so then abuse also encourages a man or a woman to marry a partner that is prolific that is fertile. Now one might ask how do I know if my future wife or husband is going to be fertile? As far as I look at the family that if a family has a history of of infertility or if a family has a history of being you know having Mashallah big families, then

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There is something to look forward to. But of course, we never know what it is that Allah installs for us. And we can only go in with the best intentions. And then we make do ask Allah, Allah has led a lot of great scholar developers early, he mentions that when one gets married, and I speak to many of us, you know, when we get married, sometimes children are not almost on our minds. And this goes back to the NEA and whatever you intend. And when you begin something, it is good to begin with a good sense here and here. And so he said, we won't get married. And one of your intentions is to have children. So one of the reasons why you get married, yes, you like the way the guy looks? Yes,

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you want to spend time together, you want all the Masons of Nika, but also you say, Allah, I'm getting married to this man to this woman. So that insha Allah, by your grace, we can have children. And we need that for that reason that we will have children that are pious. And so Allah has only mentioned that this is one of the greatest acts of worship, which will be rewarded for because its intention is sincere, and this intention has multiple benefits in it. Number one, we are fulfilling the Amana and fulfilling the way in which Allah had intended for us remember, Allah had intended that we should get married and continue the human race, Allah subhanho wa Taala. This was he sooner

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and so we are fulfilling our objective as human beings. And number two, we are fulfilling the wishes of the novice Also, remember that I've even said in the previous Hadith, I wish to have a big oma. And so we are doing this to please the newbies of Salam as well so that we can do something which makes him proud one day. And then of course, number three, and this is perhaps, you know, the one that which really makes us realize that the gift of children, he's saying that children are of the greatest Baraka and blessing. And they are of the greatest reward that Allah can give you better than money between property and power. If Allah gives you a child, and that child is a righteous win

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long after you died, this child will continue to benefit you in terms of good deeds and continue to remove your son that you know was probable as we know, once you die, that's it tell us you can't make any more Vickery can't make any more suara the only thing that can really benefit you circle Giardia and all that is a child perhaps the most relevant surrogate to Julia is a child that will continuously remember you have you passed away, they will make sure that you get increased your position in January gets elevated. And whatever mistakes that you have, you didn't get to make this default, they make it safer for you and they and you get forgiven. And so what hamdulillah This is

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something like an investment in your after your children or your investment long after you pass away. And so for all those of us who have children and Allah grant them to be raised up into being pious people that will continuously make two offers and for those of you whose parents have passed away, you know, truly You are the last hope you the child that remains on this dunya of the mom and dad has passed away you are really the last hope of reallocating mercy and getting increase in goodness. So don't forget them in your in your doors many of the Salafi scholars of the past they made a point that in every surah they would make the offer the mothers and the fathers we should do

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that even those who are alive but especially for those with pasilla mala got all our deceased by placing Jana I mean, in terms of and the scholars not talk about. So your family life we will get we will talk you know husband and wife man found boyfriend girl at home the lovely chose Well, they chose people that are good, they can have a good marriage and inshallah I have a good environment for for having the kids. Now the process of making a baby. In fact, the title of this this lecture is making a baby making a righteous baby inshallah that's what it should be. And the process of intimacy is something which we know is explained in the Sharia, the profits are seldom left nothing

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for chance. And even in this very intimate moment between husband and wife, this is an act of worship and there is a way in a protocol or procedure because the objective of intimacy, the objective of * is not just for the enjoyment of it for the Baraka of it is also for the blessings of having a good child come from this this moment. And so, there is a protocol to this, a man called abaris came to have the likeness or we saw a man comes to Sahabi Abdullah was one of the great companions of the Prophet of Allah. And he says to Abdullah Massoud, you know, I just got married is a new groom. He's a bit young, and he's a bit nervous. He says, I just married a young

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virgin got very cute, pretty girl, but I'm afraid she would like me. I'm scared that when we are alone together, she won't like spending time with me. So I'm a bit nervous. And so look at the beautiful words of the Lord says to him, love comes from Allah. It is a lot of places love and affection between husband and wife, at any marriage and the side note for any of us any problems in our marriage. The solution to that is Allah subhanaw taala. Here he's saying that love happiness, affection comes from a lot and hatred and discord comes from shaytaan whose purpose because purpose is to make you hate that which Allah has made hang out for you for the husband and wife. You are in

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a circle. When no one else can get in that circle you are hollow for each other to the exclusion of every other man

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A woman on earth Panama, you're the only two people that can be this intimate with each other. So she really wants there to be a barrier a friction between the two of you this hatred comes from shaitaan. And so if the woman is already suffering, let Allah come between you and there will be love and how do you do this? So he said, when you are alone with one another, then make to Raka as to give him extra together she behind you, you lead as the Imam This will bring love Atheneum recite this to our law I seek for the husband says Allah I seek for her goodness I seek for the goodness in this woman and the goodness which Allah has created inside of us. And I seek protection hear a lot

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from her evil and with every evil you created inside of from her creator inside of and suddenly the sister she makes why Allah I asked you Allah for the goodness in this man and whatever goodness that you have created with him and protect me from the evilness that comes from this man and any evil is inside of him. So you make do I Allah leaders have enjoyed the goodness of one another is goodness in everyone and is of course bad in everyone. Yeah, Allah grant us to benefit from the good in our partners and protect us and our partners from the evils of within us. So this hadith is from Abu Dawood and then, as I said, insha Allah, many of you are getting married or married. And you're

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planning You know, there are many couples Pinilla that are trying to have children there are many people may Allah grant them to have pious offspring and Allah grant this, which sometimes seems it's so natural, you know, husband, wife gets married and Alhamdulillah very intimate and many children come off that for many people is not so simple. And so there is an etiquette that we should follow in how we have * in making a righteous child in making a baby in the proper way. And so remember, number one, number one thing, intimacy, sexual * is an act of evader if it is done between husband and wife, as we know from the heart, even though he's also one of the worst of

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sons is Xena. And therefore have the greatest rewards you can get is to do this act in a hollow marriage. And the Sahaba, as we said, was so shocked when they recently said that having * with your wife is a sadhaka it is a charity and it is an act of evader and they say the arrows will allow will Allah reward us for being intimate with my wife, this thing was gonna reward us for that. And then I said, Yes, it's an act of evil. And so when you approach this act, as an ibadah, as an act of worship, then you must think very clearly when the Nia must be sincere, the way you do, it must be in line with a law it is done for the pleasure of Allah and then you make dua that Allah

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accepts from us. And then Allah blesses the outcome of it very, would very would be very word of the dunya is children and of course, that he wouldn't after agenda. And so number one have the near sincere and this is an act of worship. The Nia is Allah grandiloquent children, of course as the etiquette and abbyson explains that when a husband and a wife are intimate, both should take really good care to be clean and hygienic. Remove any unwanted haze, remove any unwanted odors, clean yourself, and then beautify yourself, not just the sisters for the men as well beautify yourself, dress nicely perfume yourself, and then proceed before you jump into the, into the moment when the

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prophets of Salaam encouraged that they should be beautiful words, speak nicely to one another complement one another, you know, say nice things to make each other happy, and kiss each other and get closer in terms of pre play foreplay before the act of *. And then before you are intimate with one another, recite the two hours of intimacy that you have intimacy is quite a lot will begin with King. It's mind boggling that before you are you know you're with your wife, you begin by saying Bismillah In the name of Allah, I'm doing this with the permission, and with the blessing and Milla Baraka a lot. And then we continue Bismillah Allahu Allah, Jan Nibbana shaytaan O

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Allah keep shaytaan away from us, let shaytaan be away from us at this moment, while Jan naeba shavon ma Katana and keep shaitan away from whatever you provide for us as offspring, that you give us a risk in terms of an offspring keep shaytaan away from our male children. So then you decide to do art and you approach your wife in a manner which Allah has decreed for you, and you enjoy each other. And really important, especially in the time that we live in. It is incumbent on both sides to also draw satisfaction husband and wife must be really satisfied. At the end of this act, maybe one, you know, reaches climax first he or she should make the effort to please the other party. And

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then when you're done of course performer also and even perform a puzzle together. hamdulillah This is the way in which when Elisa shalem was intimate with his wives, and this is the way he prescribed it. And so when we follow this action, and we should think about it, we do it in the correct way. Why not just so that we can have enjoyment not just that we can avoid sin, but also that Allah can grant us we do you know you follow the ingredients correctly. You follow the recipe book correctly so that you can have a wonderful offspring nine months later, Allah can bless you with a healthy pious child. I mean we've made up and to make this to our every time your intermedia Allah, Allah in

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your name your Allah keep shaitaan away from us and keep shaytaan away from any

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offspring which you grant us It comes from a cheetah and will never harm. Right? Question. So all of this we spoke about the resource Allah wants us to increase in numbers is a hadith all this hurry thing was to have more children Some might say husband and wife is it haram for us to use contraception? Is it haram should we every time we are intimate? Must we hope to have a child nine months later is this what's required of us and if we avoid having children, we want to plan a family going to space the kids out. We only want a limited number of children is this haram and you know it is not haram it is macro as some scholars have mentioned, how do we know this Sahabi and the great

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Sahabi Javea are the Alon, he said we used to impact this as a lawyer we used to practice we used to do something he saying the Sahaba we used to do as an answer is waiters interrupters, basically, it is to withdraw the husband withdraws outside of his wife. So husband wife is having * before the husband, climaxes you will throws himself and he finishes outside Have a look inside of January saying we used to do this we used to do this practice. At the time when the Quran was being revealed meaning then it also was alive and he was aware that we used to do this whenever he says I Love New we're doing this in another Hadith in abyssal Salam asked him Do you guys really do this

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thing Asan? Do you withdraw from your wife? And so they said yes Feroz would Allah when he asked why'd you do it? So how was it very clearly, we don't want kids you know, we are trying to avoid having a pregnancy. So then abyssal Salam did not forbid it. But he was not happy with it. And he basically told us a hobby remember, no matter what you do, ultimately, whatever is decreed for you will come about but he did not stop them. So point of the Huggies it is permissible, it is permissible to space and plan your family, it is permissible to use contraception. And we'll talk a little bit more about that all contraception, we also have requirements. For example, both husband

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and wife need to agree to it. It is the heart of one party to the children. And so if the husband doesn't want to kids, then he needs the permission of his wife to withdraw from her, not just from the children perspective, but also her enjoyment of * he should not withdraw from her without her permission. In terms of contraception, what is permissible and not permissible? So the fic Council of the world, they summarized it very simply, they say look, three things. Number one, it is not permissible for any country to legislate that you can have limited amount of children it was finalized some countries you're only allowed to have one or two children. This is completely

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Haram. No one can force any tupple no government, no parent, no one can force a couple to limit the number of children This is haram. Secondly, it is haram to use it is braver to completely eradicate the ability to fly. So it's haram to use any permanent form of contraception, like sterilization, any surgeries that will prevent conceiving a child This is how long any kind of operations and those kind of things. So the only type of contraception that is permissible is a temporary type of birth control, like using a condom, like using a certain device for assisted with certain medication that prevents conception. This is permissible so long as it's temporary. And also on top of it, it should

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not harm any party, so any form of contraception that is harmful for the husband or the wife. This is obviously haram as well. And also very importantly, the Nia behind it is important. The Nia should not be should not be I'm not having children because I don't know how I'm going to provide for them. Yes, of course we are worried and want to give our kids the best education and the best home and the best sustenance worrying about wolves child have risk in a way it is a worry against Allah subhanaw taala because Allah mentions in the Quran, Allah says, while I'm in diabetic fill out and these are a living creature on the earth Illa Allah hisco except that it is compulsory Allah to

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feed that teacher, the risk of that creature is Allah has provided the risk. We are allowed to Sakura Musto da, and Allah knows wait is the place in a way living in the place in which they will settle me resting place. So Allah is saying that he has provided the risk for every single creature on the earth. And so we should not worry about poverty should not be our reason why we prevent the conception. You can say in your heart. Yeah, Allah. I just don't have the time. Yeah, a lot already have one child, two children. I don't have the time or the ability to have more than that. This is permissible and that is fine Microsoft hobby, but it shouldn't only be out of poverty. Poverty

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should not be your should not be your concern. Side note, someone might say this, I see is that the ark, that everyone's risk is provided by Allah Subhana Allah, but then why do people starve to death on the earth? Why are the people dying of starvation? And the answer is, it is not because Allah has deprived them of their Huck, we know and scientists will know that there is enough food grown every year to feed many, many times the population on this earth we can feed every man and woman and child on this earth with what the earth grows, and they will be surplus. The only reason why we are people dying of starvation.

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Can is because one person has taken the heck of another person. So one person has taken the food, the sustenance, the resources of the money of someone else. And so that is why those people are starving. It is not that Allah subhanaw taala has neglected them. And so therefore, we should not have this thought that well my children starve to death. Allah says very clear in the Quran, that he will not cause anyone to starve to death, so long as we do what is required from us in sha Allah. And Allah also says in the Quran, Allah, Allah, Allah, Masha imlach and do not kill your children out of fear of poverty, do not cause your children to die and I was very explicit for those who

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actually kill the integer here, some of them would kill the children bury them alive, because they fear that look, we are poor versus national not so cool that we feed them or year come and we feed you causes I have given them and you the risk is a well known saying that every child is born with a risk already already written almost written the risk for them. So we shouldn't fear poverty in that sense, and therefore on that reason, use contraception. However, it is as we said, it is permissible simply for the sake of saying I don't have time I don't have the energy I already have three four children Masha Allah, I'm getting to a point where I want to focus on those children that I have,

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and that is fine, that is permissible. inshallah, if as some scholars have said, it is past macro, as Mr. Lam said, they have more and more kids, but it is up to you, you can decide and you and your wife and partner can decide what is the right number for you. Now for those of hamdulillah who have children and Allah bless you in your children, and as for those who are struggling to have children, and this is perhaps one of the most difficult and sadness things why married couple, or they come to a position where they realize that they are struggling, they're trying and they're trying, and Allah is not gifted them with a child. Now remember, there are a few navies in the Quran went through this

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they were tested with In fact, every Navy was tested and those who have children, you try that they were tested in the children in some way or another. We'll talk more about the relationships in the Quran between the Gambia and the kids, but in particular two of the rubies NaVi Brahim and Ibiza Korea, Allah mentions how they pleaded and begged Allah for four children. And a lot, you know, tested him for many, many decades. They were all men, they were almost gray when Allah had given them children late in the years at a time when many people would have said except that you're not gonna have a child now, Allah subhanaw taala gifted them with children, and they never stop passing

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a lot. So we have to do I've never you Brahim very simple to us. So if you are struggling for a child, take video of me Ryan, Robbie hubballi masala hain Oh my Lord, grant me a righteous child, God me righteous, righteous child. And so this is when Allah blessed me, Rahim, the beast mareel and much later even span Li was very old. He was given a child NaVi is Huck. In fact, Sora the wife of NaVi brought him laughed and she said, Wow, the cliche by that by my husband is finished is an old man. Are we really gonna have children now we are grandparents are we like you know, we're grannies almost in that age. You know, are we gonna have kids now? And Allah had blessed them with a

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childhood so late in their in their life. Now he's a career as well what a beautiful day. He says when love is a career and Easter Allah mentions how intense is two hours. He said, when he called out to his Lord in secret he was alone late at night. No one's Wim is making the ice crying. He said, My Lord, indeed my bones have grown feeble. I'm now an old man, my bones are weak, and my hair is covered in gray. And then he says, but here Allah I've never been undressing my dog. But whenever I make dua, I know you answer my two invocations because I never feel like my daughters are in vain. And he says, oh my lord, but I fear my relative offer me I feel it often me when I go, who's going

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to continue my good work and yet allow my wife she's unable she's barren she's sick. And so give me a love from yourself and a blessed me with a son with a child that will inherit inherit me my new war he will be an A be like me and you will inherit the basically the war of nebia COVID NaVi Brahim will follow in the in the language and make him My Lord one with whom you are well pleased with grant me a child that will be you will be happy with Thea Allah. And then Allah is one of those that career family we give you the glad tidings of a son whose name is yahia and social handle up many things are listed up. Now visa Korea is continuously making do I bet he's willing to look he's like

00:29:20 --> 00:29:52

in his 60s 70s. So he's been making to us as a young man, maybe 50 years he's been making go up for this child. And he says, I'm not going to give up you're going to give me the child. Yeah, I'll continue make making the art even though I'm an old man. Also, what is beautiful, is that Korea is saying Allah, if you give me a child and the son will make dua, not just I'm going to have a child from the law. He says, Yeah, I love this child. I want you to make him a righteous child and it's going to be an AVI and he's going to live a life that you are pleased with, you know, already plan and have goals for your children. And also when you make the analysis for kids, y'all Give me the

00:29:52 --> 00:29:59

job, give me the increase. Give me that house. When you say to Allah, why I wanted as well is to do good to be grateful to you

00:30:00 --> 00:30:39

I will use it in your service, I will be charitable and Allah subhanaw taala loves to hear how you will use his blessings in a positive way. And so we make the offer for those children and of course, both Ebrahim and basically it was well answered. And our not only gave them children, he gave them kids that were maybes that were the best of children. Allah grant this for our children for us and our offspring as well. But of course, ultimately, what Allah gives belongs to Allah and it is the prerogative of Allah how we use it, how many children he gives, in surah and 42nd surah in a surah Shara Allah subhana wa tada Oh, you believed Allah says and those who say the law he will somehow it

00:30:39 --> 00:31:20

will out to Allah belongs Allah is in control of everything in the heavens and the earth. Yeah. loco, Maya Shah he creates whatever he wants. Yeah, well he may Yeshua or inasa Allah says I give and I give to whomever I want goals. They only have goals. Well, yeah, will you make your show? And I give to whoever I want voice they only have voice. Oh, he was a widow Chrono pinata, or I give them both boys and girls. We alemania shell a Pima and I cause whatever I wish to be Baron, they will Allah make some every once they are bad. And in no ali-mohammadi. Allah says I know everything and I have power over everything that Allah knows whatever he does, only gives what he doesn't give

00:31:20 --> 00:31:56

what he takes. It is done with knowledge with wisdom for a reason that we can understand the Hikmah behind it, and he has power over all things. So we understand that this is a test from Allah, whatever Allah has given us and not given us is a test and Allah knows best in what he decrees for us. We know for this most beautiful law, Allah Subhana Allah says of the people of Jenna, they are those who continuously daily as much as possible, they say rabina habla nemunas wodgina although react in a kurata mo, gentlemen, subpoena Mama, Allah bestow upon us that our wives and our children be the coolness of our eyes, it will be the comfort of our life. When we look at them, all our

00:31:56 --> 00:32:25

worries, our frustrations go away. Whenever we see our wife, our children, our husbands, when we spend time with him, everything that stresses us out is gone. They bring us comfort, Enya, Allah grant us as a family to be leaders of the elite as be the best and the most righteous of people. I mean, Allah grant you and your children, me and my children, our families, our offspring, our parents, all the blessings of this dunya and the alpha means is Aquila, here we continue next week about pregnancy and childbirth. bucilla insha. Allah with little loss

00:32:27 --> 00:32:31

of Salaam we're sitting on datamine Santa Monica lawyer, Baraka

Making A Baby

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