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Pregnancy, Birth and Doekmal

Learn about pregnancy, hardship during pregnancy, labour, miscarriage, abortion, doekmal and naming your baby.

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The limestone rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala trofimov serene. So you know humming Allah Allah He will be h Marian, my beloved brothers and sisters a cinematic Murat Lani. Obrigado hamdulillah Bellamy will begin with the praise of a las panatela insha Allah, Allah, Allah will witness that man has the right of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our loving greetings and salutations so we love it Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to spice up your family it was the harbor, and to all of the followers from now until the end of time, that was another places to be amongst them. Meanwhile, hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah, we begin by sending words of congratulations to our matriculants The series is a series of parenting and I think for every parent, perhaps one of the biggest milestones is when your children are graduating from school and I was planted I bless those who have succeeded and gone goodness in the future, and I was panatela make you a a means of strength with Alma, we live in a time when we need so much people have learning and people have knowledge. And I was granted your efforts before the service for the oma amin and as for those who didn't do so well, you didn't get the grades that you wanted, you might have failed. Now let's try that I bless you and remember that

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every path has stumbling blocks has its failures in it, there is no person of success. We look at all the successful people in history, even the Gambia even the beaver hammock Sana wasallam that success did not come except that they were moments of failure. You have moments when things didn't go according to plan. And so my last panatela bless you, and from this moment may be a doorway leads you to a doorway that brings you even better success in some other way. The most important thing is not to give up. It is not failure unless you give up and if the results were not that good thing insha Allah try again attempt again, there's no shame in trying a second time there's only shame in

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if you give up a new you stay on that. So my last panatela please all of us and our children. And Allah grant, Hayden Baraka this Alma amin, we continue with our series on on parenting. And last week we spoke about the making of a baby's panela. We spoke about the steps, the rituals in terms of everything we shared here has laid out even when one is intimate with one's wife, and had a lot to think about your children even before marriage, and to prepare every single step because we want the best for our children. And as parents we already think about them and care for them long before they're even conceived. And then of course the entire process of conception. And today inshallah

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we'll talk about pregnancy, labor, the birth and of course the duck mouth, the name giving process, Allah Subhana Allah mentions the formation of the baby inside its mother in a lot of detail in the Quran. In fact, one of the miracles of the Quran is the is the the stage that embryology as mentioned in the Quran, and there are many famous embryologist that embraced Islam because of these verses and how detailed it was and I was pinata Allah mentioned this in the Quran. When Allah says of the places Allah mentions maharatna Lucifer, Allah, Allah says we cause the sperm and the egg to come together. This is the neutron and then once the egg is fertilized by the sperm, that fertilized

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entity is called a zygote. It travels down the mother's uterus and then it attaches itself to the lining of the mother's uterus. And this thing is now called an Allah has allowed me to look around in fact right at the beginning, when Allah revealed the first verses of the Quran, Allah says economies will become very hollow Kala Kala inside I mean allok read in the name of your Lord who created created man from an Allah and Allah is this leech like structure that attaches itself to its mother, and it begins to leech off it begins to take from her nutrients and it develops will also is for Hala canal Allah camuto then Allah says Rico's the allok, to turn into a Moodle. A maadhaar is a

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lump of flesh that looks like a chewed basic like a chewed bubble gum. That's what it looks like. And so Allah says, it goes and it develops that that little adult becomes a Buddha. And then Allah says for Harlequin muda Adriana, Allah says I call is that for lump of chewed flesh to become hard, and it became like bones as armor, it became a bone and handle the entire skeleton of the baby. And it's amazing. At a certain early stage in the development of a baby, the baby is already its entire skeleton is raised in a very miniature, small way, all of its bones or most of its bones are developed. And then also focus on our irama hammer. And then we covered those bones with with flesh.

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And this This phenomenon is called ossification only discovered in the last century or so and spinal the Quran mentions this in a lot of detail. Then Allah says he covered the bones of flesh to manchac. Now hold on, aha, I think we call that that embryo to develop into another creature furthur barakallahu Arsenal Holly theme and all praise being present is a lot the best of all, those who create, I mean, of course, the pregnancy as the baby grows and continues to take from the mother's nutrients it expands. It of course, is very painful for the mother It is very difficult on the mother. And finally, the easily single one of us if you know we are listening to this lecture,

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except that we were a burden and I made hardship on our mothers during our birth, our pregnancy and of course, our birth.

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We all addicted we can never repay to our mothers man Allah bless our parents of all that they have sacrificed for us. They are alive now. Bless your parents, my parents with a long life in good health. I mean and they've passed on. May Allah bless them with the highest place in Jannah. May we be a means of the success in the era amin Allah says in Super Look man, I was saying that inside me while he Allah gave a we'll see Yeah, I remember when he spoke what inheritance was here is that final instruction and very important instruction. So Allah says we gave an instruction to insanity while he concerning his parents meaning to always respect and be good and care for your parents

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harmala to mo that his mother carried in one hand and the other one in weakness and in hardship, increasing hardship upon hardship as as the pregnancy progressed, it was more and more difficult on his mother was Harlow, houfy, amin, and for two years after that, that she had to sew breastfeed him and carry him. And she could leave also be thankful to me while he while he Rica and to your parents, the real mercy and to me into Allah is the final destination as our mothers brought us into this world, we will also be born into a new world, the womb of the earth, we will be in a new one in our cover. And then ultimately, we'll go back to our last panel with the IRA. And you know, we can

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never repay our mothers, for the caring of us and the caring for us through as we were infants. And then of course, even up until we became independent. You know, once it's mentioned a story where a man came to Hajj and he was carrying his mother on his back. And he brought it all the way from a very far land. It took him many, many months. In fact, it took him almost a year to bring her to the harem. And so is it one of the Sahaba of the prospect passed away. I've carried my mother on my back like this for more than nine months. He's blind, she can't walk, she's crippled and I carried her. So surely I have repaid for carrying me. And so it's mentioned as a hobby said to him, you haven't

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paid her one but because you carry her and you do things for her out of obligation, you do it and you feel I'm doing some service to her. Whereas when our mothers carried us and our mothers breastfeed us and our mothers inconvenience herself for us, she did it out of love. She did not feel that it was inconvenience, then of course, but she did not feel like she's she wants anything in return from her baby. We say hello and we do anything for our parents. We feel like you know, we the hero, we should get something in return almost. Allah bless us and bless our parents. I mean, in the Hadith, very interesting Hadith, the prophets of Salaam explains, at what point the soul enters the

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baby something to think about, you know, once the male and female sperm and the egg comes together, when is it that the soul enters that that creature when does it become a living person. And so, the professor Sonam says, each one of you is constituted in the womb of your mother for 14 days or 40 days, you are basically assembled in the womb of your mother, mother and when he becomes a clot of thick blood and then you become this maadhaar or this alak or another similar period, and in a piece of flesh for another similar period, meaningful 120 days you are developing in the womb, then after basically after four months, then Allah sends an angel into the womb of the mother the angel comes

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from, from Allah subhanaw taala. And he brings with him a few things. He is ordered to write four things from Allah, Allah decrees four things, at this point of the four months, he is ordered, the angel writes down the deeds of this person, what the baby his whole life, what he's going to do, and his livelihood, meaning his risk, whatever risk is going to acquire, and when he's going to die, how long his life is going to be his life expectancy, and whether he will go to Jana or Jana. Now, I know I paused for a second side note here, these things unlike if one imagines that if you are born, or or you or even before you are born, this is 120 days. So this is almost you know, halfway into

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your pregnancy, and Allah is decreed what you're going to do your entire life when you're going to die, how much risk you're going to have, and whether you're going to join now, Jana, you might feel well, what is the point of my life? Everything is put out? Yes, as we now have covered, everything is put out but we also have free will with destiny that is free will and of course that is a total separate discussion that we've done before and inshallah we can discuss it again, if any questions come up. The interesting part of this video is, after ending 20 days, the headache continues. Then all of these things are decreed the soul is breathed into that embryo. So basically four months into

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the pregnancy. A row enters that baby that embryo and at that point it is alive. So if you know the mother miscarried before four months, so if after three months, now there's a miscarriage, that was not a living creature, and there's no Genesis Falah and there's no we don't do a Genesis Fallout or anything like that, because there was no room in that miscarriage. If after 120 days, the mother miscarries then is actually a janessa Salah because this was a life This was a living a living being. And so we ask everyone that is pregnant, Allah grant you a whole pregnancy and our birth very safe and sound, but of course as our decrees we mentioned in the previous

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literature are the keys who will get children and who will not get children who will give have sons will have daughters will have both will have none, and which children will will go to full term and spiral off for a woman that has lost a baby through miscarriage, it is as traumatic and difficult as a parent losing a child that is born. And it is also one of the things that is very difficult. But of course, there's a great reward in that, in that hardship. We know the hardest things for anyone to be is the loss of a child. And we know this, Heidi, as you mentioned, the profits or losses that are losses to the angels of different one, there are many angels of this, when a child is taken from

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a parent, or asks the angels of death. Do you take his child you take the child of my slave? And the angels will say, Yes, we did. And then Allah will say to them, did you take the one that he the apple of his eye, meaning the thing that he loved the most? Did you really take that from him? And the angels will say, yes, Allah, we took the soul of that from him. And then Allah will cite Allah says to these angels, what did my slave then say, after the, you know, his child died? Her child died after the miscarriage? What did they say? Then the angels will say, those parents they said, they please you alive raised you. And they said in Mariela, you were in that era here on your own,

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then Allah was founded Allah will say to the angels now guarantee and both for my slave a house in Jana and call it the house of praise, they praise me so that I am praising them. And in exchange, the police in general is guaranteed to span Allah if they get to any parent who has lost the child and I cannot imagine what it is like and this also includes him now we Rahim Allah is includes the child that is died through miscarriage, this if you have suffered in that, and you praise Allah, then this is your ticket to Jana. Not only that, you know, even now we see is the death of one's child, as we know from a hadith is a hijab, it is a barrier that protects a person from the fire of

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Jannah. And what is beautiful about about this is that you would find your child fully formed fully grown beautiful in the ophira waiting for you at the doors of Jana with over a man whose son had died. And the prophets of Solomon says Don't worry, that child is really now gone to Jannah. And he's basically going to drag you to Jannah when you get the other Hadith. The Prophet also says by the one whose hand is my soul, the miscarried fetus will drag his mother by the umbilical cord to Jana. And if she was patient and sort the reward for her loss, then Allah will grant to the so your baby will be the in the athlete, I won't be separated forever, you will meet that child and that

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child will drag you basically will drag the agenda malice pantalla make it easy for all of us. I mean, then link to this parallel where someone asked questions about abortion, we know that abortion is is haram. But Islam so Allah has a very detailed discussion on abortion, because as you can see from the Hadith, before 120 days, this is not really a living person yet. And so the scholars are unanimous that, you know, as we sit in the last week that planning, family planning and contraception is permissible under certain regulations, that once conception has occurred, if a child is conceived, then is haram to interfere with a child. And unless the child's development

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threatens the mother, if for some medical reason, the mother could die, and in that case, you should abort the child. But if not, for whatever reason, then the child if they abortion is not permissible at any point. But if after 120 days abortion were to happen, then without reason, when this is not only Haram, but it is actually murder is murder. SubhanAllah before I live in 20 days, it is not murder, but it's a major sin it is a it is a major sin. And so it is something for us to know for us to think about. And of course, as we said, a lot of other if he had decreed a child thing, it is with wisdom and for a purpose. But as almost as in the Quran, no parent is burdened with the with

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the children and rather it is it is from Allah, whatever good hardships come from, it is only a blessing from Allah and a taste and he knows best what he creates. When are hamdulillah if the child is carried to the full term, and May Allah grant this for all of you that are carrying as you carry the full term and the baby is healthy. Then of course the difficult moment of labor. Labor comes in a really the Quran mentions one person that goes into labor and how difficult is it even the word labor is really difficult. The only childbirth that is mentioned in the Quran is the birth of knobbies Ali Salam was Maryam and so Allah says about Maryam Mary Sarah, so she conceived him so

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that she conceived Nabil Isa, and was through with him to a remote place of cushy and to run away because she was unmarried. And as her tummy began to show, she preferred to leave the city. And so she was all alone, in the middle of nowhere on the highway. And then I was is the pains of labor drove her to the trunk of a palm tree. So she was in the middle of the roads Pamela, and she became so the labor heater and when she had to say, you know, sit under a tree, and she cried, alas, I wish I had died before this, and was a thing Mansi and that I wish I was I forgot

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And think feel, Mary, Mary Sarah with all that in mind and that was fun love. The pain of childbirth was so much that she's actually making do I Allah I wish I was did I wish I wasn't even alive and I was forgotten this is a difficult childbirth isn't some Allah bless our mothers who have gone through similar through this for our sake and our wives who will be our children, may Allah bless them for this difficult thing that they go through. And so, as she is crying, she's alone on the side of the road, giving birth, you know, no one need to help her. Allah helps her through her son. And so the voice reassured her from below her This is Nagisa my son Scott as I said all the angels

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they said do not grieve your Lord has provided asleep at your feet and so water from Jana was brought to her and the the voice so you're gonna be easier said and shake the tree the palm tree towards you fish right tapes will be upon you Allah has sent you basically dates from Jana. So eat and drink and put your heart at ease. So Eat Drink, you know be contented, Allah subhanaw taala will make it easy for you. But this is shows you how difficult this moment is. And in fact it is so difficult that you know the prophets of Salaam says a woman that dies during her pregnancy or childbirth is a Shaheed she gets the reward of a showerhead that that moment is like jihad, a woman

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during her pregnancy and in particular during childbirth. It is a type of gi cheese fighting feasability that's how difficult this moment is. And so any woman that passes away on account of this and she is automatically takes the status of a Shaheed and anyone who goes through difficulty not just in childbirth, we remember the Hadeeth when a resource or lamp is power, beautiful it says if a certain person has previously been decreed by Allah for a certain status, so Allah is the key for you to attain a certain high level in Jannah. Allah wants you to attain that highly within Jana, but he does not do the deeds that he was supposed to do to get the service once again shows you

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Allah had as set out for him to attain a high level of agenda but in your free world which Allah has given you, you did not do the deeds which warranted that level. When Allah subhanaw taala almost intervenes in your life by Allah afflicts him in his body, your health, Allah makes you sick, while it takes away your wealth, or Allah, you know, tissue with your children. So these hardships are put upon you so that you can attain that high level in gentleness upon Allah, meaning Allah pushes you in that direction, so that you can get the agenda and as we know that everyone says, There is no calamity that before the Muslim, but he is created from his sermons that are going through that that

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moment is so difficult, that he sends off forgiven so we can imagine how much I love and mercy Allah has for our mothers and our wives, when they go through that childbirth. And at that moment of pregnancy, it's so difficult that Allah means it so many times in the Quran, that Alhamdulillah It is one of the great rewards that Allah will give them. I mean, Alhamdulillah if, you know, going through all that hardships and you know, once that baby's born, almost all that hardship is not forgotten. Once you hold that child in your arms, it is it was all worth it. And you know, every parent, one of the greatest moments of your life is when your child is born safe and sound and you

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get to hold this baby for the first time. And then also the only birth that we know of the birth well birth of a baby and also the naming of a baby that only we have in the Quran is Maria herself when she was born her mother, Allah mentions when her mother gave birth or this is the grandmother of Nabil Isa. Allah says that when the grandmother of Nabil Isa Miriam's mother gave birth he said for a mother at her that when she delivered her when she delivered Maryam quality Robbie in order to her own sir Yeah, I gave birth to a girl I thought it was going to be a boy but you've given me a girl. Well lo Allah. Allah says and I know better I already knew what I gave her while I said that

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Caracal author and in Medina Meister her mother says And yeah, Allah The boy is not like the girl The girl is really special for this, you know, she's very different to the boy. And then she sees and this is the only test we're the only took them out as well. We'll talk more in in this lecture. The only name giving in the Quran is is this way, Mario's mother said, we're in the samito harmonium and I gave her the name of Miriam, we're in your evil heart beaker and I asked Allah Ya Allah I seek protection with you for her was reata her and her offspring and I asked you to protect her and her children. Min ash shaytani r Rajim from the shaytaan now panel others do I was so sincere at that

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moment of birth, our sisters, your daughter So Mr. Jab Allah subhanaw taala accepts that do so much year Miriam's mother gives birth to Maria and so she makes us to icdr Allah protect her and her children one day from shaitaan and SubhanAllah. We know the most pious woman is Maryam and Nabil Isa Salaam is the product of Maryam so this to our of this granny was so powerful that he predicted Maryam and NaVi Sally Sara. So remember in that moment of childbirth, to make as much as you can. So now we'll talk about after the birth after the wonderful moment of the birth of your child. We

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have what we call here in Cape Town, the Duke Mal. And very importantly, it's not to promote, as I can tell, Duke ma is baptism that goes back to what the Christians do when they baptized in Cape Town, we took them all year, we put a Duke mini a, we cover you up, the baby gets dressed up in a very nice outfit and the baby is put a blanket around it and is held. And so we this is just the terminology and Cape Town. And I know under for I know I'm the lebrato Islam is a foremost authority in Cape Malay culture, the correct word is to come out not to mouth. And so rather in Islam, this is of course, the name giving in the Kashmir and the whole process of what do you do when when a child

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is born, there is a process that we need to follow. So what should we do, we should basically do a few things, we should basically do about six things, the first thing you need to do is to give the other The most important thing right at birth is the other immediately immediately once the child is born. Before you do anything else, the minute you hold your child, the first thing you do is you give the other hand in the right ear of the child you give the other hand in the right ear, ear of the child why the process firm says there is no baby that is born. Except that shaytaan pokes will text that baby when it is born. So it screams because of shaytans poke, the only one was that was

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saved from this is Maryam n. And his brother, Isa Ali Salaam and his mother, why Isa and his mother will protect it because I do have a granny and two other generals so powerful that she can couldn't even reach Miriam and Ibiza. But every other child, why? One of the things which really hurts he believes anytime he hates is to see another child have either been born. And so at the moment that child is born shaitaan goes and he wants to harm that baby. And he already appoints one of his soldiers, you will be with this child forever. And you almost leave this child and bring this child to Jannah. And so the very first vaccination, and so we when the child is born, they will get

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certain medication and vaccines from viruses and diseases Alhamdulillah. But the most important vaccination is the spiritual one. And that is the other hand. And so the first thing the child will hear even before he or she has a name, that will year Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, that Allah His name comes first. And they get to know that Allah is the most important thing and the priority in your life. And that Allah subhanho wa Taala will always be the most important thing in your life, and Allah will always protect you. And also Swan Allah as some scholars have mentioned, that you get an Iran when you're born, and you get a soda when you die jannatul soda. And so your life as if

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though, the other hand for your janazah is given at your birth. So your whole life is between the set odd when you're born, Allah is really giving the other that your life is really short. This is your janazah, again, that you get at birth. And so we give them a gun immediately when the child is well, that's the first thing we do. Don't wait for the MA which happens a few days later. Maybe don't wait for that to give them a Vancouver, Iran immediately. And there's no reason to give the karma I know in Cape Town the useless tradition that they give the E karma in the left ear, that's not part of the sooner and there's no basis for that insha Allah, then, of course for the boys, they

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should be circumcised. We know that evisa salam, you know the enemy Ibrahim Alayhi Salam basically getting back to know Him that we should be circumcised boys are circumcised for girls there is not a need for circumcision, although there is miscibility if done correctly, for girls as well, but if circumcision is compulsory for the boy, then we have what is called a technique The technique is to play something sweet in the mouth of the baby. And so this you have basically from when the child is born up until about seven days, we This must be this procedure must be done. The Hadith is number have many, many babies when they're born, of course, Sahaba proto babies are gonna be so solemn

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Moosa mentions, I had a baby boy that was born. And so I brought him to the abyssal Salaam, and then there'll be salsa lamb did the tonic, put some tonic, basically, he put some, he chewed and chewed some dates. And then he took that paste basically out of his mouth, and place it in the mouth of the baby. And then he made to offer him and he gave the baby's name calling Ibrahim and gave him back. And so it is soon enough that within that seven days, we put some we choose some dates or mash some dates, and put it in the mouth of the baby. If you can't do with dates, then some honey will be second base. It's mentioned by some of the scholars that is good for the if you know someone that is

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very pious, and someone that is very close to the baby, then you know, the person can actually chew the dates and place it in the mouth. But of course, usually we don't know what to handle. This is the saliva of an obese alum, so that we have no use of Salamis, we replace it. What am I don't have that placings anymore. So we put some honey in the mouth of the baby but it's good to choose someone, someone that is well respected. And we realize Allah, Allah knows who's pious, but to put that sweetness in the mouth, I get questions. Is it okay for the mother to do it or for a lady to do it? No problem. Insha Allah doesn't have to be a male to do this. So even a mom, many mothers give

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birth now and the COVID situations and so she's alone. The

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In the hospital, yes, of course you give the other and in that case, and if you were to do the Duke mount in the hospital and you will only then you will put something sweet in the baby's mouth, but you have up until seven days to do this. The other thing to do also is to shave the heat of the babies or babies are born. This a little bit of heat on the head. I know in case in the tradition is to snap a few hairs. Rather The sooner is to shave the babies he completely completely shaved with all the heat of the baby as part of login what is really symbolic The only other place in the entire Sharia where you find the head of a baby being shaved or the head of a person being shaved is Hajj

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and Umrah and it is symbolic that you are cleaning there are no motions on you that you have a complete clean slate and so this is symbolic of this baby has no sense a new life is born. And then of course within seven days if you can, it's possible is to give him a kicker which is basically to slaughter a sheep to for a boy one foot ago then I be so Salim says a child is a ransom he is the ransom and saved by his Akiko his applica is a type of prediction for him a type of blessing. Sacrifice should be made for him on the eve of the day, and he should be given a name and his age should be shaved. There will be some saying the things you need to do when the child is born. So

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within seven days, you need to do an an Africa to ship for avoid and one cheapo Eagle, then of course you have to give the child a name and the prophets of Salaam says we need to give a very good name Why? Because on the day of kiama you will be called by Allah by your names and your father's names. So make your names good. Finally, Allah is going to call you on that name. And of course the people on the dounia are going to call you by that name. So parents make sure you give your kids a good name. Give them a good name. And I get asked and spine this week at home did a few babies were born or are being born in next week, my lovelies those mothers as they are in hospital, I get asked

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you know, is this name appropriate? Is this name Lexapro Is it good or not so good. A lot of modern names, you know the old names people don't give panela the the well respected names which are better. And so, what are the rulings between names what is permissible or impermissible? Is it okay it was not Arabic. Basically, all names are permissible unless there are certain things that make it impermissible and things that so what should we avoid, we number one, we should avoid any names which implies some kind of shake, where you say that you are the slave of Abdul Rasul, for example, the slave of the Rasul or ambiguity of the slave of Djibouti. These things are completely how you

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cannot have a name, which implies some kind of shift, or a name, which is in conflict with Allah subhanaw taala. For example, Al hakam, it was a Sahabi, whose name was unhackable. His nickname was al hakam. And this is one of the names of Allah, one of the qualities of Allah, the arbitrator, the ultimate arbitrator. And so if anyone has a name, in this panel, something we don't know, aboubaker is not his name. His original name was Abu Qatada, the slave of the Kaaba. And so then IV Salam said, No, this is not your name. Your name is Abdullah, Abu Bakar. His name is Abdullah. But of course everyone calling aboubaker. And so any name which has a connotation of shark, or is likely to

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takes from a quality of Allah, this is not permissible. Or any name, which is exclusive for non Muslims, for example, a name like Christopher, you can't have a Muslim cannot have a name like Christopher, because it is associated with a religion other than Islam, or a name of someone that is evil, their own beliefs. We can't have a name like that, and any name that is as a bad meaning. So there are many, many, many Sahaba with the Prophet Sonam, change the names mean, the Arabs in the J. Leah, they gave very weird names for the kids ugly names. And then obviously Salam said, What's your name? And it would be dog or something like that? And he said, No, no, that's not your name. Your

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name is Jamil, your name is beautiful, your name is Hassan means good. And so then I have to change ugly meanings to good meanings, and also even meanings that were vain. So some women in infobar Raman in the perfect one, the flawless one. So then we said, No, this is not appropriate. Either. Your name is Zainab. And of course, you cannot give a name, which is exclusively for the opposite gender. In fact, names should either be for the males or the females, but it shouldn't be You shouldn't have a name that is, you know, ambiguous kind of racism, poisoning will girl's name. That's not appropriate, of course. So within that context, if it does not transgress those things,

00:29:20--> 00:29:57

then a name is permissible, doesn't have to be in Arabic, but of course you have. So what are these permissible names, then they are very good names. And we know the best of all names is Abdullah and Abdul Rahman. These are the best two best names that you could give, or I'm a lot, I'm a rock man. And then of course, after that is any name, which is with Allah of the blue Holika, the rezac, Abdul Malik, these are all good names. These are the best of names. And then after that, after those names, the next best names are the names of the Gambia and of the pious people as a harbor or some pious person, some Imam, Ali Abdullah Abdullah It is really, really good. And then lastly is to have

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

a name that has a good meaning.

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

You know a name that he has a good meaning like Hassan

00:30:04--> 00:30:41

al Hassan gave gave that name to his grandson, and a cosign. And so it is a name which you hope and there's a heavy fit, you will take from your name. So if your name has, you know, half of you know it is hoped that you will you will actually become half with with that you will emulate the name that is given to almost you will live up to that name. And so give insha Allah your kids good names I know there's a thing to have modern names in inverted commas, but the best names of course those names which are most beloved to Allah, and we hope our kids will take from those names so any one of us that have good names, we should live up to those names that our parents had had given us. Lastly,

00:30:42--> 00:31:23

something which maybe it's not the common it's very important for those of us when we see a new baby to say Masha Allah and to make dua for those parents and for their baby. And these know specifically why and assume that although hassanal Busey Rahim, Allah gray Tabby, he mentions a duality prescribed a he said when you see a newborn if someone has come in with a newborn, you should say Baraka low luck in my womb, my Allah bless you in the gift has given you wash Jakarta la heap, and may you give thanks to the giver of that blessing. So Allah bless your baby, and may you be thankful to the one who has given you this a lot at what by law should and may that child grow up to his full

00:31:23--> 00:31:50

maturity mother child grow up into adulthood was Victor bira. And may He become pious, may he grow up and be pious, in some Allah Subhana Allah beautiful da melas pantalla pleasers in our children and may be thankful and grateful to the one who had given us those children and our children be brought up and raised the full to adulthood and maybe they grow into being pious adults. I mean, like lahave or celibacy. Now, Mohammed Ali, he was a beautiful sunny

00:31:51--> 00:31:53

Santa Monica Mara with Allahu wa barakato