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hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen was most

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likely going to go through. So we said that inshallah, if we can avoid the main the major sins that we have seen. So what are those major sins, and unfortunately, we don't have a definitive list of the major sins. But we have tried to put an ayah and a hadith in the navy seals on the seas, avoid the seven deadly sins, and put an eye on this heading together. And we have come up with a list of nine. And this is not, as I said, the definitive list. The major sins are not only these nine sins, but these are amongst of the caliber of the most serious of citizens and federal law we have been discussing for the past few weeks, we have now reached number six on our list, which is see her

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magic sorcery.

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We have discussed sorcery now, for two weeks is the third week we were discussing Solar City and magic detail.

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We spoke about an introduction to Solar City and the evils of Solar City and the evils of magic and what makes it a major city. And we mentioned the ayat and the ahaadeeth Allah subhanho wa Taala and he's no vehcile salaam advised us mentioning that magic is of the Kabbalah is one of the major sins to practice magic would delve into it is a major sin, one

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that hinders one not only a sinner, but results in Cooper. That one is taken outside of the fold of Islam as Allah mentioned liquid and that those who practice magic, that they are the calf ears that they have nullified the Islam by practicing magic we mentioned and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions how magic causes harm to those whom it affects that it has the ability to separate between a husband and a wife. And it has the ability to cause sickness and illness. And but of course, the real harm, the one who is hurt the most by magic, is the practitioner of magic. And what's behind this is that the magician will never ever be successful in this dunya or in the era and that which he has gained

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some power has caused him to do so much more in the art, you know that he's the loser in the dunya and the Acura and even those who go out of entertainment you mentioned the one who goes to visit a fortune teller who reads a horoscope will listen to someone who claims to predict the future. If you believe him, then you have committed an act of property and according to the body, and if you just go for the sake of amusement and don't believe him, then you're not accepted for 40 days. And the punishment of the practice of magic is deep in the Sharia. So we have mentioned some serious crime, one of the major crimes one of the most serious of crimes that one can ever fall into. So we asked

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the question, is magic real? Is the truth to it? Is the power behind it is the reality to it? Or is it all tricks and illusion from the Hadeeth and from the area to crime? Without a doubt in an AMA or in the majority agree that without a doubt the statement the power to save the day is a reality to use. The vast majority of those who claim to practice magic are just fraudsters are liars, and illusionists, but they are complete and they are real, Sahar asahiyama magician, and they are those that practice real magic as Allah mentions in the Quran. And those who practice magic, they learn from them from the devil from the shell theme, that by which they can cause separation between a man

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and his wife. They have the power, they learned the means to cause a man and wife to separate to cause anger and hatred and to cause another if controlling to cause harm and illnesses. So magic has power to it.

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And we asked me where does this power come from? Of course everything comes from a law. There is no power there is no Mike besides that of Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who controls everything. The good comes from him and the bad is from Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions. But how is it that magic has come about? And we are taught and we know this from the Quran, Allah Allah subhanaw taala speaks about magic in Surah Baqarah. I mentioned surah two, verse 102, long Ayah discussing Magic in detail. Allah says magic has come from the tables, the tables, meaning the gene. So behind the world, behind magic, comes the interaction between the world of man in Sun and the

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world of gene.

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And this is where we discussed this last week. And inshallah we continued our discussion about who are the gene? What are the gene? What is this world that we cannot see? How do we understand it? And how do we interact with this world? So we continue with our discussion surrounding the world of the gene and the devils. We mentioned last week, we asked for the gym, where did they come from? Allah subhanho wa Taala informs us that he's the creator of everything and Allah Subhana Allah says, and the jinn of Allah speaks about

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In some of the lessons I created man from clay, I created Adam from clay before them, and the gin we created a full time meaning before nabby Adam was created a lucky day to Jim from the smokeless flame of fire, that the gin I creation made a fire, whereas man is made from clay. And we, the angels are made from light. So these are three special creations that Allah the angels made of light, the jinn made a fire, and after them main were created from clay. Why were they created? What are the purpose to do we know the angels are they simply to obey and worship Allah and they do not just obey Allah subhanaw taala they have complete obedience of Allah subhanaw taala so at the gym,

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what is the purpose, the jinn are here, like we are here, the gene have free will, like we have free will, and they have the ability to choose right from wrong, like we have the ability, Allah Subhana Allah says, and I created not the gene and humans, except with one purpose, they should worship me alone. So Allah subhanho wa Taala gave the gene and inside this ability to choose between the right and the wrong for them the gene and the inside, they will be a day of piano and there'll be an agenda and a jahannam depending on the choices that they made to the gym or like us, they are yours simply to fulfill the task that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him and the place will be what aligned

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they obeyed and the punishment will be alive with this will be to the gene, nothing unique to them, they are creation of a lot like like we are and they have the role and function which is to worship Allah. Why are they called the jinn, you'll find that the Arabic language words that have the gene and the noon sound close together, it signifies something which is hidden Jana, which means a garden, you cannot see inside, it's covered in trees and of course, the agenda is something which we will only see inshallah once before so inshallah we'll see the gentleman for the dose.

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The fetus is called the gene and the fetus is something you cannot see. And the gene as well is that term gene because they are hidden from our site. And Allah subhanho wa Taala confirms this in the Quran. When Allah subhanaw taala says, The VEDA Li he meaning he believes, and his soldiers mean and he strive and he's people from the gym.

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See you from where you cannot see them to the genome able to see us that we are unable to see them that they are hidden from our site. Allah subhanaw taala confirms that Allah gave them the ability to see us but did not give us the ability to see them. So let us discuss more about this hidden world of the genie. Allah subhanho wa Taala the lord of everything that is known and unknown, he informs us information about the jinn so that we may benefit from this information and so that we may keep ourselves safe and stay away from Param Allah only gives us and then our results and only gives us information that will benefit us anything extra and that we might be curious might want to

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know more. And especially in this topic, so many people messaging me sending me emails, they want to know more and more of this topic, good Alhamdulillah but there is a limit on which Allah did not tell us beyond that limit. It's not important not only told us what is important, what you need to know, beyond that, there is a science to it. Yes, but Allah knows and anything beyond that is just conjecture or fooling even worse into haram coming closer like that must come in closer and closer to the fire until he falls inside and he's burnt. So we understand this understand what more about the gym based purely on the Quran and the authentic hadith inshallah, then I'd be some law it was

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seldom informs us that the jinn have three types. This Hadith has been authenticated by shell Bernie Rahim Allah nerissa mentioned the genome three types. One type is is a has wings. So one of these, one of the types of gene they have wings, and they can fly, and they fly through the summer. And then there is a type that takes the form of snakes and dogs, and is a type that moves from one spot to the next and they take a risk. Let's see the orlimar disagree. What does this mean? Some say they they jump from one object position one object and they move on and on and on. So they need a host sort of fight or they come into one location and they stay there and they don't move like the flying

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gene. Right. So we have three types of of gene

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loss NaVi salsa lamb, what do they look like? So we want to know Yeah, what does the gene look like? Does the Quran mentioned what they look like? Of course, we cannot bring a gene before us here. The NaVi saw Salam as mentioned in the Hadith, that some of them take the form of animals, some of them take the form of snakes and dogs and in fact the result so lamb advises the people of Medina that they want a tribe of good jinn that lived close to Medina Why? Because there are so was they they want to learn from the Rasul so Salaam is going to be some some sin. If you find a snake in your home, before you kill it. The people of Medina first tell him to leave it might be a gene, don't

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harm this animal without asking to leave. It's a real snake. It can cause you harm when you're allowed to kill, right. So some gene have the ability to take as I say,

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form of snakes and dogs with others. And this is the share team. They have an ugly appearance and we know this from the ayah in the Quran, where Allah speaks about the three of the qun that in jahannam the only three that we know that can grow in Jana is called the three of the comb that Melissa mentioned is a part of this three would fall on the earth, it will cause the entire earth to rocks such a bad and 43 Allah says in the Quran vainly it's a theory that springs out of the bottom of janam Hellfire, and the chutes of its fruit stalks are like the heads of the CLT it looks like the devil's so spiky passie something that looks rotten and horrible the devils of the gym have this

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appearance the resemble with these of Zaku beyond that, Allah does not go into further detail of discussion of what the genie look like

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what does the gene eat? And do they drink as they are creations like we are they need to eat and they need to drink the angels don't eat to drink but the gene do then obese also lamina Heidi and as I mentioned last week at the bottom there are laws pertaining to the gym right this even masala about can we marry the female amongst the gene you know we're not happy this the women of our inside is not enough. I want to maybe Delve with the gym. Of course all of us her on her own. You have to do is stay with your own time. And then but this account about what they can eat and drink. Can I be so solemn, says in this Heidi, the gene came to him asking him what is halal for us to eat. Then

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obese also mentions that the bones from insanity has been slotted in halau means that you can eat so they also look for that certificate with this bone sleuth did this correctly, then they can eat from this and the animals eat from the dung of this is this is before we add cause the animals are allowed to eat from the dung of the animals that we have genovesa salam advises us to switch important fast don't use bones and the dung of animals or the feces of animals to make this ninja before toilet paper. You in the desert you find a bone that will do that because it's the food of the genie rather use a stone, right? This is the fruit of the gym.

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Where do the gene live? And where do they dwell from the Hadith and there are many a hadith which describes places with a gene frequent. It's places that are usually away from in Sun that they choose and prefer not to interact with inside so they choose places which are secluded, abandoned homes, forests, deserts, valleys, that's why you'll find mentioned pseudogene was revealed. The gene came to the lobbies of Salaam when he was secluded alone in a valley right to the gym choose these places and the devils from amongst the gym machine. They prefer places where the angels don't come because they are able to see the angels and which places the angels would go to any place which has

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an agenda, like a toilet, like a dumping ground any place which is faulty. The angels don't go to those places, a place where harm is being made, the gym prefer the splits, even a cemetery places where you will find the bed is not made. Places where Ebola is not made the evil ones from the jinn don't come to me because as we know from the Heidi The angels block for like the massages like in the Juma the angels come to also listen to the lecture for the jinn fear them and they stay away from such places. So the agenda in secluded places. When we talk about exorcism in ChildLine a week or two, you'd find one of the question The Exorcist asks, were you in this place before this house

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was in an abandoned place because you could have come into a home that belonged to the gym, so they choose places to abandon

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and that's why they've been so solemn you'll find that there are specific Athar specific glass to be made with including places like this the toilet, the cemetery, your specific doors to be made. And usually for protection. I will be laminate who booth he will have a refuge Allah from the evils why what is evil into into the toilet, the smell, but the something inside in the right, so Allah subhanho wa Taala, maybe some thoughts a dua for prediction, we'll discuss in detail.

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The gym are also able to get married, and they have offspring and they erase any people that a tribe that continues to grow. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, will you then alesmith speaking to us, yeah, in turn, will you then OPT Allah speaks about all the evils that he believes has done and he's promised to mislead us. Allah says they will you didn't take him he believes and his offspring and his tribe and his progeny and his followers as protectors and helpers, rather than me rather than Allah while they are enemies to you, but they have sworn that they will be ready to harm inside. So we know that he believes and he's offspring that he believes they get married, and the

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gym they have, they have experience and they grow and they multiply. They are erased that continues to grow

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the gene Of course, so these are normal qualities that they eat and they drink and they get married. They are special qualities that differentiate them from us.

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Apart from being hidden, we know that the genie has been given special powers. And we talk and we'll inshallah discuss pseudo Genie and some of the is of similar gene. So there's a specific surah in the Quran Surah 72, just often Surah tabarrok we have already built into the title of the gene, how is it that a Surah Surah gene came into being than a Beatle seldom was leaving thought if, in the Sierra, we know, the worst day of his life was the day in the Beatles and went to die when the people are five pelted with stones and want to throw him out of the city? The reason was very upset, very sad. And he went back to Makkah, but there's a distance between that guy and five, and it was

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at night, and then at least it was alone in the valley. And so then I've been consulted to the site of the person

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and a group from amongst the gene herd. He's our yard, and they flock around him. And Allah subhanaw taala revealed this ayah Surah and this is a pseudo gene. So Allah says, say, oh, Mohammed, it has been revealed to me that a group of the jinn listen and see, the machine heard the Quran they said, Indeed, we have heard an amazing Quran, it guides the right course. And we have believed in it we have, we have believed become Muslim, and will never come achieve with our Lord and with anyone. You won't worship anyone besides Allah, see the gym have the same purpose. The purpose is like our purpose La ilaha illAllah that is the purpose that is our purpose. So in the Sudoku Jean will choose

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ayah, which

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shows and demonstrates the abilities and the power in Surah animal nazira Jin, we mentioned this last week about the strength and the speed of the gym. When Debbie Sulaiman was in Babylon, said, who will bring me the throne of the queen in Africa. So the Queen was in Africa, she was coming to visit him in Babylon. You wanted to show her the power of a lie, he said, will bring me her throne. So when she comes here, she will be shocked to see how did my throne get here? Right. So NaVi, Suleiman had Jean under his control and one of these Jin and he freed a powerful gene, he stood up and he said, I will bring it to you, I'll bring the throne to you today, man, before you rise before

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you even stand from your place. And indeed, I am this strong, and trustworthy. I am strong, and I can travel quickly by so we know the gym has strength, especially the elite, as we mentioned last week, and if it is a strong gym, they have strength, and they can travel at great speed. Sarah Jean also explains the ability to travel into the summer and at great speed.

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So the gene is stunning. That is awesome. And we have sought to reach the heaven we sought to go up in the summer, but found it full with powerful gods and burning flames or to I'll explain this in a minute. And once those into the summer, we try to steal a URI. And they say and we used to sit there in, in positions in the summer, we used to sit together for a yearning to steal something from a yearning, but we'll even listen to now we'll find the burning flame in waiting for him find the summer protected What is this is all about.

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The jinn have the ability to travel up into the summer. And in Hades long distances in the next slide, there will be some explaining in Buhari how commands are delegated by lots of lots of analysts that we know in laylat will cover the Knights of power, the Knights of destiny and decree, the angels are informed like the budget for the year. molecules. These are the Ottawa soldiers, who the angels will bring rain. These are the areas where you're going to bring the rain on this day. And that day, the angels of course, earthquakes, this is your, this is your budget for the year. Of course, Allah Subhana Allah knows all this, from the beginning until the end of time. On later to

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further Allah informs the angels about the commands, and they delegate it down to other angels. The beauty of it shows the power that when Allah speaks to the angels, they flap their wings out of fear. The hearts become the tremble when Allah subhanaw taala addresses them. And finally, when the fear subsides, now they give the commands lower down, and he pauses down to somehow walk down and lower and lower the different angels on the earth. And as it comes down, the gene was able to travel into the summer. Yeah, little bits. Oh, that angel said, there'll be rain in this country tomorrow. And they force it on one to the other. So the genius able to steal a yearning from the angels, which

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Allah gave them and the food appears different we can predict the future. But a time came when they couldn't into the summer they found it predicted what change they should suddenly now we find the summer predicted with angels predicting the summer why what was happening before and was being revealed at that time, we're going to be so solemn because the Quran is being revealed. No one is allowed to infiltrate a year of the Quran before gibreel sends it to the heart of Muhammad Sallallahu they will set it up. But the genius still able to steal a hearing and it's a chapter in Buhari our entire chapter devoted to this topic. So they have they have the ability to go into the

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summer and steal a little bit of hearing and transmit that information to the fortune teller and they'll mix one piece of truth with 100 lies. They have the ability to move

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move objects we have mentioned the throne of Bill keys, the throne that was brought over the Jin said I'll bring the throne to you maybe Suleiman and the Hadees. We mentioned last week with an abyssal some says, cover you utensils and tie your water skins and close your doors and keep your children close to you at night as the jinn spread out at such time, and they snatch things away for the gene are able to move objects and grab objects if just barely look at the time. But the some of them have the ability, like the free, powerful gene can do this.

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They have the ability to make noise and sound. So they have the ability and we'll talk about this to come into form that people can see. And they have the ability to make sound. In this in the story of bunnies or eel. We know the story of Allah saved him from Pharaoh and Nabi Musa went up to make decaf with a low when he came back. What did he find? He found these people worshipping an idol, a cough is a cow made of gold. And they said but it's making a sound. Allah says in the Quran, and he sent me the man who invented this car, he extracted for him a cough, which had a low sounding made a sound a move. And they said this is your Allah and Allah of Musa This is the deal Ola. But Moosa

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forgot that this is

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right. But how was it that the sound came out of this cough, dada. But the majority say that a gene entered it and made a sound which was made the people the gene have the ability to make noises and sounds, they have the ability, as I said, to take animal forms, and they have the ability to take even human forms. In a long ID study these days, we won't discuss the Hadith. In length summary of the Hadith, Abu hurayrah de Alon was in charge of predicting the Bible. Now the charity, right, so he was in charge of making sure the food is safe, which was go to the poor on Ramadan. And a man came and stole from this place, and he caught him. And the man said, you know, leave me, I'll tell

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you something of good information, recite surah recite it, put it at night and an angel will protect you and

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let him go. The Knicks are gonna be so solemn in Deauville, because for them, and then I also said, you know, you meet a man, he told the truth, but he's a habitual liar. He always lies but in this case, he told the truth, you know who that was, that was a devil that will shape on. So we know the devils have the ability, very rarely can take the form of humans and they can come to you in human form. Some of the devils from suitor to gene, we know that there are good and bad ones amongst them are solid, some of the Jin Jin is the normal term for all of them, the evil ones from them are called the shotty.

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So in Sudoku gene, they tell them that results in them and among us, are the righteous, they are good and among us, others not so and we are divided into groups, right? We are divided groups, and among us are Muslims. They are genes that are Muslims, and they are among us are unjust, and whoever has become a Muslim, those have sought out the right course you have Jean and when we talk about exorcism inshallah and a couple of people too, you'll find that some of the jinn they will say we are Hindu, we are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, we don't believe in Allah, I have religions of the own as well.

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What is a devil? inshallah This is where the magic comes into play. We spoke about the genie abilities and the power, not all of them interact with inside, but the evil one from among them. And these are for the shout out team, they interact with inside, and they cause harm and mischief. This is the agenda and the purpose, a devil a shape on as almost isn't to put on. And thus we have made for every nebby devil shouting from mankind, and Jean elicits from San Diego devils. Sometimes we picture a devil must ever horn and must be read. No devil is anyone who disobeyed Allah and encourages this obedience and look to mislead others. We all commit sin doesn't mean you're the

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devil. But the person who actively works and is always a force from the humans Allah saying, and the gene we're actively looking to, to cause harm, to bring about evil. And the magician is of course, without a doubt in this category of the shadow theme, and the Inspire to one another beautiful speech in delusion. So they actually come with beauty, this is how we must leave in San.

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So any evil duel from the gym or from the or from man Allah terms and mushiya theme and the chief one amongst them of course is he believes he is the first amongst them and the leader from amongst them in Howdy. He sends out nice commandments, like Allah sends out commandments to the angels and things like these commandments to the devils, wherever you must lead whoever you cause to fight, and they report back to him.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells him sort of recap. And when Allah said to the angels, make sure you to Adam, so they all made sujood except beliefs. Some of us believe that this is an angel. This wasn't an angel. He believes. He was of the jinn Allah says and he disobeyed the command of his door. So what's behind what Allah has, he believes amongst the melodica

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But we refuse to make sure you why Allah asks him if you made me from fire. So we know he believes is a gym.

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And therefore, the roots behind magic and this is when we talk about next week is where the world of the gene in particular, the devils from amongst the gene, the evildoers interact with humankind. And this is where harmony scores Allah subhanho wa Taala says, In Surah Al Baqarah,

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those who consume Riba will talk about Riba in a few weeks time, those who consume interest on the day of piano, they will stand, they will not be able to stand except, like the one who stands and he's insanely mad by the heating bill by the touch of the genie of a devil, that the gin and the devils can cause insanity by touching people by coming in physical contact with inside. So what is the one who eats interest will stand on piano like such a person with a lead to madness, through position of the devil? So we know from this ayah that the genie and the devils have the ability to physically encounter humans? How is this possible? This all comes into the chapter of magic

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inshallah Next week, we'll discuss in detail the interaction between the devil and the devil and the magician's to bring about magic and how we can protect ourselves to protect us and our children. All those believers for what is evil is no power except the powerful law law owner when I was in that in that reminding shower, Jonathan was giving our classes on Mondays off the mother it is the Sierra classes handler moving very nicely. We have finished we talking about the youth and the look and appearance of the beam hardmetal sunlamp. You want to know what he looked like what it was like before he became an early please join us on Tuesday, October is our marriage class. And on Wednesday

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off the Asia of Asia is our astronomy philosophies in Sharla came from Illallah Muhammad wa salam

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Salam aleikum, WA