Muhammad Alshareef – Desert Rose – Part 1

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a scene where a woman named Malone talks about her lack of trust in Jesus and how she believes that he will destroy her. She also describes a woman named Jibreel who believes she will never be embarrassed and expresses her desire to leave her current position. The transcript uses historical context and references historical figures.
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mercy of the province of Alana cinema, I've been given the task tonight to give you a little glimpse of the tests that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam went through the IP tila. And so, what I want you to do, instead of looking at this from the third person, I want you to look at it from the first person, as if these events had happened to you, as if the events had happened to you. So when I say that this such and such happened, what I want you to imagine is if it had happened to you, all right.

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And so, the prophets of Allah, Allah it was cinnamon was born.

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And you immediately after that his father died.

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And so the Prophet said Allah Harney was salam grew up with no father.

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He was raised by his mother.

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And at a very young age,

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the province that Alana Saddam lost his mother as well.

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And so now, even in his infancy, when he's just an age of around six years old, seven years old, he's now going into the world with no mother, no father.

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And so his grandfather begins to take care of him and love him. I've been more positive.

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And as I've done with Polybius, taking care of him, I've been a part of soon dies as well.

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And now he's lost his father, who he never knew. He's lost his mother, and he's lost his grandfather.

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And he's an orphan in Mecca.

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His uncle Obatala begins to take care of him.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was never known for any of the vices that the Quran were known for the people in Mecca, they would drink alcohol or they would.

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They would drink alcohol or bury their women or whatever it was that they're the province of alias him, had nothing to do with that. He was, as they knew him to be the most trustful person in their entire society. A slug. And I mean, not only that, but when Hadith about the Allah Han,

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who was a very successful businesswoman in Mecca, she would send out the caravans, she noticed that this was a man that was of the most or the most trustworthy amongst all the men. And so she placed him in charge of her caravan

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that would go to Syria and come back. And so the prophets that Alana sent him at that time, and it received revelation, he was 25 years old, he took care of her caravan, and where everybody else was just going making a profit and coming back with the Prophet. The Prophet saw the lights and um, went to Mecca. So I went to Syria, made a profit and then bought items. And then when he came back to Mecca, he also sold it in Mecca. So he got double the profit, Khadija got the LA horna asked her uncle to speak to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam about getting married

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and they got married. It was his first wife Khadija, the Allah Han hat. And from a deja he had the majority of his children.

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When the prophets of Allah honey was salam received revelation.

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In the beginning, he as he he went, and it was getting older and towards h 40, in the province of Milan and sent him used to go up to a cave. And that cave till today, if you go to the kava, and you're standing in the cabin, you will notice all these huge hotels around the cabin.

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They're building a new hotel there, it's huge. But there's still a mountain that you can see right when you're doing tawaf. Some of you might if you've been to Mecca, you don't wreck

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Not that mountain. But there's a huge mountain in the distance that isn't covered by hotels.

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And from the courtyard of the cab, but you can see it. That's a hottie Hera. That's the cave of Hira. And that's where the profits are less. It's an extremely difficult climb. Right? If you're thinking, Yeah, I want to go visit, it's maybe an hour walk upwards. It's extremely high bigger than those high hotels, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to go there, and worship at 200th. And you'll see this in Sahih Bukhari. It's one of the first Hadith The Prophet said a lot I sent him he loves to go up to the mountain of gold into the cave of Hira and contemplate the situation that his people in humanity was in, and the vices that were happening, and so on. And on that mountain, the prophets

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of Allah hadI was sent him you can imagine

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the fear that comes to a person when you're just alone, in a cave on the top of a mountain, and then a man appears.

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And so he's on and then the man is telling him to read.

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And so the province that ally sent him said to him, he said, I can't read. And a lot of people forget this part about that story, and many of you are familiar with it. God bless them Angel Jibreel. He grabbed the profits that align his sentiment, he squeezed him

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and he pressed him so hard to not only the fear of seeing that person there, but he pressed him so hard, until the prophesized him said, I felt I was gonna die. And then he let go of, and then he said, Read, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, I can't read. And then he squeezed him again, until the prophets of Allah I sent him said that I felt I was going to die. And then he said to read, he said, I can't read. And then he pressed him again, until he felt he was going to die.

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And then Djibouti rallies and I'm told it can be sped up because the HELOC HELOC, I'll insert them in a HELOC. A current workbook calm and Lydia lemma will cause an insane amount of Mahana.

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And so the prophets Allah, Allah hasten him as he was walking away. And he saw Djibouti in this stance and another point afterwards, he saw Gibreel in his original creation,

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covering the entire horizon. Nobody saw Jeopardy. But the prophet said allies him saw him and so he came home frightened.

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And his wife Khadija she said, what's wrong? And he said, Just cover it up. And he was shaking. He said, Zem Malone is a middle name. So just cover me.

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The Prophet said Elijah said I

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was so scared

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about what had taken place. And in fact, after that, Khadija I'll be alone. You'll see in the Sierra, she said, Allah would never do this to Allah would never disgrace you or humiliate you. Because you fulfill the ties of kinship. You're good to the orphans. If anybody needs help, you're the one who helps them. You feed them you take care of them, you will never be humiliated by Allah subhanaw taala. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after that revelation discontinued.

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You will see that for many months Gibreel didn't come back

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until he felt that Allah was angry with him.

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