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  • The establishment of Makkah
  • Prophet Ibrahim a.s.
  • Zam Zam well
  • Sacrifice of Ismail a.s.
  • Significance of sacrifice
  • Building of Ka’bah
  • Duá of Ibrahim a.s and Ismail a.s.
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Are the building listed on the regime? smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge Marine, my beloved brothers and sisters Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallam for it will begin with the praise and thanks for Allah subhanaw taala the shadow Allah, Allah, Allah we witnessing testify that none has the right of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our loving greetings and salutations to beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow you soon until the end of time. May

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Allah subhanaw taala bless has to be steadfast on this wouldn't have to be Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam to keep us safe in the dunya and we have an interest in eating widows. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah with a few weeks ago before the advent of the Blissett month of the hedgerow, the month of Hajj and the first 10 days of course being the holiest days of the year, even though the Hajj will be very limited this year. Alongside we are very sad that this will be a very limited and strange kind of hudway only a few pilgrims local to Saudi Arabia will be able to visit the Hajj due to the pandemic we continue to commemorate this very sacred time and remember the

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sanctity of Hajj like in Ramadan it continues even though the masjid are closed. Even though many of the Hajaj mela make it easy for them. Those who are planning on going this year will not be able to go to the home. Remember the day continues to be holy, and for all of us panela many throughout the year throughout the years, we would never go on Hajj but still we would have eat and still we would come on the show you the sanctity of the ritual of Hajj is not just for the Hajaj it is for the whole oma and it will continues from the beginning of time until the end of time. And the for Alhamdulillah the CDs on the Hajj, we need to remind ourselves we need a reminder of the holiness of

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these days and to make these these special be in the lab. Last week we began talking about Makkah the history of Makkah from the time when the Vietnamese was silent until the coming of the vibrato Salaam and we said last week we ended with Nabil Brahim not after pleading to Allah for so many years decades it was in his 80s you know that he was being a law pleaser or grumpy a son that will continue my legacy of teaching of calling people to hate when Allah Subhana blesses him with a son is married and in fact the name is Mary means a lot my daughter is smart means Allah hood so he names nobody's married with you all the answer to my daughters is basically what nobody's Muslim You

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are the answer to my prayers and only spending a few weeks or days with me It's my Allah when Allah subhanaw taala instruction me Ibrahim to leave babies my ill and his mother in this empty Valley not macabre wasn't there there wasn't anything the the value of Makkah and soon to be Ibrahim obeys Allah subhanaw taala and we spoke about the hatchery Salaam running between safa and marwah and we commemorate when we go for Hajj, the Sai we commemorate the actions of Hajj earliest earliest of Salaam, running from suffering Morrow and running from death to life, running from danger to salvation. And when Allah subhanaw taala saves them by bringing gibreel to basically stomp on the

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ground and the word of some springs forward. And then we spoke last week about the well of Zamzam and the miraculous nature that until today, from the bees mail until today, it continues you know, feeding hundreds and hundreds of millions of Hajaj over the years panela one of the great miracles of this Deen and this well will continue until kiama be vanilla. We continue what happened after this event, after Nabil Brahim would return again. Allah subhanho wa Taala would allow him to be Rahim and to return and Avi Brahim would go back and forth between Palestine and Makkah. He has a family in Palestine and he has a family in in Makkah, he has Syrah in Palestine, no children, and he

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has an OB smile, and Alger in Makkah and he would travel back and forth as panela as we as we can imagine that he is my he is the most beloved creature on earth and Ebrahim is nothing maybe Brahim loves more besides Allah, except for NaVi NaVi smile so Salama bees right is the apple of his eye and almost pansies instead of a soft that NaVi Brahim said Robbie hubballi masala hain Oh Lord grant me a pious child he is making guapo a pious offsprings side No, this is a new our we should all make as parents and even those of us who are not yet parents. Yeah, Allah grant as children of a pious, you know, nothing matters so long as they are pious. And then Allah says from a ship now we who

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Lamin haleem and then we gave him the good news that you will have a righteous child and when he reached with him the age of exertion, meaning when obese mind was old enough to walk so that means mine is maybe four or five years old is still a young, a young boy. He said an OB Brahim says, Oh my son, indeed I have seen in a dream but I am sacrificing you know be Brahim season a dream that he slaughtering, you know, he is combining basically nobody is my and we know that the aims of the Gambia our revolution with the mbsa dream. This is a message from Allah subhanaw taala they need to enact and he sees his dream reoccurring and obviously this dream disturbs him, you know that he has

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to call Barnaby smile. And so he goes in a big smile. And he says mother, your mother or your sister or at least my What do you think we should know what what do you think of this is often their bs right? What is your advice and support? I'll look at the the responsibilities right in the resources call I Betty. Oh my beloved father, if Alma tomorrow My beloved father, do what what you commanded, said that you do need insha Allah Amen.

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Salima insha Allah you will find me I will be patient. I will I will submit as well to Allah subhanaw taala and you'll find me steadfast. And then Allah says and when they had both submitted the mote they both submitted to Allah's command, and OB Brahim had put him an obese my boundaries facing us is my alias in the in the position of sujood. Right is he's on the floor, and he was about to lower the accent. In fact, it's mentioned in some tough seal that he actually looked away and he sent the axe down, and he couldn't look and then Allah subhanaw taala called out to him, oh, Ibrahim, you have fulfilled the vision you have a full command. Indeed with us reward the doers of

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good that we all this process will always reward the good doers and be there for them. Indeed, this was a test and we have ransom him with a great sacrifice. We have a substituted nubby smile with a sheep. So she was in from Jenna and Barbara him slaughtered that sheep. Now panela this, this is deeply symbolic, and as we said, Safa and Marwa running from destruction from danger to safety and security, this is also symbolic and every ritual of hiji symbolic to the family of NaVi Ibrahim alayhis. Salam with symbolism here is of course, complete submission to Allah. And what Islam actually means is I submit to Allah and I put my faith and trust in Allah subhanaw taala. Now some

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people as far as you know, we speak about Libra human story and they said, you know, what kind of father is he he leaves his family in the middle of nowhere, and he's a negligent father or He's, uh, you know, he was able to kill his own son that he's, you know, abusive fathers panela this is only for someone that has no trust in Allah subhanaw taala maybe Brahim knows I'm not leaving them alone in the desert, he knows I'm not going to show to his mind that if Allah commands me to do this, then I can't I can't see. I mean, maybe I can't see a way out of it. But I believe that Allah subhanaw taala also even, and today, this is perhaps the most important mission for us. Many, many things may

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be in the Sharia doesn't make sense many things the Sharia instructs us to do, and it might go against what we feel is right, in our opinion, the Sharia is telling us Allah is telling us you do what Allah commands you to do, and everything will work out in the end. Our job is to submit to Allah and Allah will take care of us. Maybe that deal comes maybe that opportunity now Subhanallah interest rates are lovely, it's low, you can buy that house of your dreams, but Allah is telling you, it is haram to do it. You might think when am I ever going to get a chance like this? Let me just take the deal. Allah say, No, you Your job is to submit to me, my job is to make sure you have

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a place to love that you have food to eat that you are safe. So when you submit to me, everything will be okay. And that is exactly what hotjar said. When w Rome left in the desert. She said that Allah commanded you to do this. And when he said yes, this is a command of Allah, he felt completely secure, that Allah will take care of me that I'm going to be safe and sound. nobody's really saying the same thing, that if Allah commanded you to do this, then do it because Allah subhanaw taala will not mislead us, Allah will never command us into something which will be detrimental to us. And there is a lesson for us that when ever we find commanded by Allah subhanaw taala. Our job is to

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fulfill our objective with Allah subhanaw taala worship Him and submit to Him and Allah will cheat. That is, of course another symbolism here is Allah is asking the brain sacrifice of that which you love the most. Put Allah as the priority above everything. Now for us, Allah doesn't come on has to sacrifice everything that the things that we love the most. Allah only asked us to share some of our time installa to give up our food once a month, once one month in the year during Ramadan, to remember him to avoid sins, if we are to give to give money and money. If you think about it, even though money takes up most of our time, money is the cheapest of our blessings. Now, how many of us

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would pay a fortune to keep very who are sick to get our health back that our times panelized Medical mode came today and he we could buy more days we would spend everything for time that Subhanallah your family if your family were to be in danger, you give up everything that you have to save your family. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't ask us to put those things on the line. He asked me Ebrahimi instruction Ebrahim, are you willing to give a smile up for my sake? Obviously, nobody Ibrahim is able to submit for us, will you be able to give those few rands and since we know a korban, obviously we are doing this and sharing food with the poor is to give that which we love, to

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sacrifice that which we love for the sake of Allah. It is also shows you the mercy of Allah, it shows you that Allah subhanaw taala is in control of everything. And also in the symbolism of the Quran is obviously life and death we find that everything must die, his mind is going to die and Ebrahim passed away, when you slaughter that cheap, as cheap as a life in desert, if symbolic for us that we are also going to die. But the thing which gives you eternal life, is to be in the submission of Allah subhanaw taala and Allah Subhana Allah saves me smile, Allah saves him and replaces him with a cheap for us. It's the death that we're going to meet if we, if we live our

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life, the way Allah subhanaw taala wants us to live when we meet our death. Ultimately, Allah subhanaw taala will save us and give us an eternal life but in the law in general, and so this is of the earth

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The symbolism of what we do when we corbon we also know when from how do you think a Muslim will not be Brahim was on his way to combine a smile. So Nabil is made his living in, obviously is in Makkah, and then when he could burn he had to he obviously you don't shed blood in Makkah, you leave and so outside of the Harlem area which was Amina, that's where he took a big smile outside of the harem into Mina. And that is where he was going to call Barnaby smile. And on the way shaytaan obviously appeared to NaVi Brahim three times, or some mentions to Nabil Brahim once I think to hire German to Israel, every time he shaytaan appeared, you will take them over you brought him up. This is

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madness. Oh, Ibrahim, this is craziness. You're intelligent man. How can you do this, and abhi Brahim would stone him shape on and then the shaytaan appear to her just saying to her, you can imagine he has a wife is left to die in the desert, you just the slave woman to him, he doesn't care about you. He's gonna take his mind. He's gonna kill us. Right? All you have is is made. And they picked up the stones and they throw shade on seven times. And then he came to Israel. He said, I'm saying run away your father is crazy. How can you allow your father to do this, and when they stoned him seven times as well. And this is of course, the Yamato that the witch or judge do. And the

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symbolism again, the rejection of shaitan. But truth on constantly whispers to us tells us to tells us something which we want to hear. Obviously, none of them are happy. They don't want to slot into research. They don't want to go through with this action. But they submit to Allah subhanaw taala against against what shaytan is saying and this is of course for us, every, every moment we have that temptation when we look at our phones, when we look at what's on our screens, when we look at all around us the shaitaan calling us constantly to disobey Allah subhanaw taala and every time we choose to do the right thing, it is a rejection of shaitaan is it is as pelting shape on like maybe

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Abraham I will ask Allah Spangler give us the strength to constantly turn away from shaitan when I was speaks about the code, man, and so obviously, we commemorate this, the Hajaj do the Jamaat, but for us the one ritual that we do outside of hardshell we don't make the off outside of hygiene we don't mix it we don't make the jemalloc we don't say a lot of outside of hygiene in the Hajaj do this, the only ritual that we do outside of hydro is of course the carbon that all of us, you can you know it is highly recommended to carbon and last parenthesis that it is not the blood and the flesh of the animal when you could burn that reaches Allah. Rather it is the piety, the taqwa that

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reaches Allah the sacrifice that you do that I'm giving to giving to Allah subhanaw taala something which I love, there's money involved. And in the past, you'd actually have a connection with us with a sheep, you treat the sheep very well and the nude Qurbani. So it's something which you love, and you sacrifice for the sake of Allah. And so this is the one aspect of hygiene that every single person only hygiene can commemorating and just on a side note here as well, you'd find that attached to the slides is the form that even though we are unable to maybe go out and could bang, the the masjid measures but Islam is offering a service that if you would like inshallah, we could do the

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corbon for you, you'd even be able to link up even if you can't come out and see the Corbin happening if he's the taqwa that reaches Allah subhanaw taala. And so, I think in these difficult times, we should all make that extra effort that he will keep up the rituals of ibadah even though it is difficult. Now to go out even though it's more difficult as we said, like with Juma who are unable not able to go for Juma, we still make a point that on Friday, it's a special day on mobile and we're not going to the budget for Torah, we will still make an effort at night to make our eBuy that and the same with Hajj, we're going to keep it up. Those of us who did corbon we should

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continue to do corbon if we're not able to do ourselves through an organization to show the sanctity of Islam continues in good days and in difficult days. It's almost reminds us that when we could bond it is the taqwa that reaches him and the piety and the in the way in which we we give to Allah that which we love. And this is what leads to the last panel with Allah and of obviously on the point of animals, we know our Sharia. a side note is very, very strict and very, very clear about the treatment of animals. Your son is the highest level of Eman Your son is the is perfection and it is it is a state that one never really reaches. And there'll be some explains the son is that level

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that you live your life as if you can see Allah Allah subhanaw taala how would we live our life if Allah was before us? If we saw Jenna and you had them in front of us? How would we live our life. And so if someone is this perfect state, and when the Prophet speaks about the sun, he says your son, you have to have the level of excel in everything that you do. People might think that your son your high heightened state of taqwa and email is when you make Salah or when the Haram in Makkah in front of the car, but now I'm at my best behavior. The professor says no, a Muslim should always have this level of sad even when he's doing something which you would think that is the most trivial

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or the most lacking of your son and he speaks about two examples. When you when you treat an animal people obviously when they treat animals, they might be the they would might neglect them. They might think nothing of this creature, how they you know, feed them or abuse them properly.

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associated with when we slaughter, we should slaughter with so that we should kill in the most gentle and the most perfect way. And so, when we re explains that when we slaughter and slaughter the animal we should shot make sure the blade is sharp. So when we, when we cut into the animal, it is quick it is painless, and then we should spare the animal as much suffering as possible. And there's many, many Hadith about the animal animals and how we should slaughter and treat them generally. So for example, when we slaughter those who are going to do the Quran, do not Sloat you cannot use it is haram for you to slaughter one animal in front of another animal, it is haram for

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you to use a blade that isn't isn't sharp or to drag the animal to pull the animal and hurt the animal. We know from the Hadith that Professor mentions a lady went to jahannam for causing her cat to die she didn't feed the cat and she locked the cat up and so the cat died and because of the Sun because of the catchy into Jana, and similarly, a prostitute enters Jana for feeding a dog who was thirsty. It is how long we know in our area to hunt animals for sport. So in our Sharia there's no such thing as a fishing for fun, or hunting animals for fun. These kind of sport hunting is haram The only time you can hunt an animal is for the purpose of eating for a purpose of food. And of

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course it is haram many many Hadith about neglecting animals not feeding them or not giving them a place to live peacefully. The hadith of people that had luggage and baggage on an animal and it was too much the prophets have said this is basically operation you're not supposed to overload an animal you're not supposed to brand the animals when people do the cows for example the brand name is harmful for you to do this, even Subhan Allah the Prophet Salaam so two people on a camel and they were talking so you know how we you know you're driving in the road and two people meet each other and they stop and they talk to each other so this was happening they were on the camels and

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then abyssal Salaam said to them these are not cheese the camel is not a che you while you sitting on the camel. It's making the camel tired. So if you want to have a conversation, then get off the camels handle this 1400 years ago, the East still today, you won't find any law even the most progressive countries in the world will not have a law which prohibits you from sitting on an animal. recreationally I will surely forbids you from sitting on an animal just for fun. If you're going to use the animals must be for specific means and the way you eat. It's part of love. This is the beauty of our Deen and so therefore for those of us who corbeille this is an act of evader and

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the way we do with our taqwa is shown in the way we treat these animals. Subhana Allah nebuta him as we said would go and he would come and he would come back after some time and he would have a new project now with nebby smile Allah sponses What if but what anelli Brahim and McConnell McConnell Beatty Allah to Shrek ba, ba, ba ba ba if Hina will call me now. Okay. sujood. So Allah says, and we designated we showed w Brahim the site of the house now remember we mentioned that the Kaaba was always the in Makkah. And then it was time, people come with a chick and he got forgotten and it's perhaps even got destroyed through the flood and so the cover was completely disappeared. And then

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Allah subhanaw taala brings maybe he brought him back to this very sacred place, the place where maybe Adam and Hawaii slum met again and they were forgiven lessons. And now Allah says this is the special place this is the holiest place on the face of the earth. And here you should build a structure. And Allah showed Nabil Brahim way the Kaaba should be both. And Allah Subhana Allah says, this area and this land is exclusively for the worship of Allah there should be no * performed, he was not here and purify my house for those who want to come to make the mafia and those will come to perform Salah stand and perform salah and those who come to me cuckoo and sudo that this this

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place it's only purpose is that it should be a place of ibadah No, no other reason when it comes to the harem exhibit It is a place of of worship. And then Allah says in Surah Baqarah and we remember what the era of our Ebrahim will cover in the middle beta where a smile or a banana cobalamin indicate the seminar name that Allah says remember when he Brahim was raising the foundation of the house and with him was that he smiled. So now you brought him on as a Salaam. He was shown the demarcation of where the garbage should be. And the last part of the Jubilee is to show Nabil Brahim which stones to use to pack together to make the Kaaba. So now the room didn't have dagger or cement

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and bricks, he would fetch stones from the different which it knows wherever it was in the desert, and he Brahim and his Mayra Salaam, they would come and they'd bring the stones together. And like a jigsaw puzzle, they would stack one stone above the other to build which is going to be the Kaaba, and as they are building this car, but as they are making the ibadah they're making this dua which all of us make a very famous to our ramen at Taco Bell, Amina Allah except us from us. And so a lesson for us that at the end of every act of worship, one part of it is to do the worship. Once it's done, it doesn't mean it's yet accepted. We ask Allah to accept the Ebola that we do because

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when we do anybody, we are privileged to worship Allah subhanaw taala and when we worship Allah Subhana Allah we know that we are not perfect sometimes our mind wanders, sometimes we do something because we tired before

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We feel like it's a burden, these kind of things Allah subhanaw taala might not accept our era. And so like Ramadan, for example that has been so many months ago, we also must want to accept that Ybarra as one Sahabi mentioned that if I know Allah accepts only one of my good deeds, then I will be very, very happy because if Allah except one good deed, then you have to go to gender to be rewarded for it and once you enter gender you are saved. So even if Allah were to accept one random charity that you did, one sudo, that you might want half of the Quran that we've recited, if we know Allah except only one act of ibadah then we know we are saved well hamdulillah I believe it's a

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normal that said that. So Robin at Aqaba, Mina, Allah accept from us this act of worship in NEC enter simulium that you are the one that he is, I will do as you know all things. Now, the caliber of NaVi Ibrahim alayhis salam that he built is a bit different to the one that we see. today. the garb of NaVi Brahim was more rectangular, and it included What if you look at the pictures of the Kaaba today you have the semi circle, which is called the the Hatim with a hatred of Israel. This thing was part of the Kaaba. We'll talk about how the Kaaba got to the shape that it was, but originally the carbon Ebrahim was rectangular, and it didn't have a roof and it had a door in the

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front and the back and it was much lower is a very low structure. And as we see he was made with stones to stack upon upon one another. And it mentions year after statement from cannabis, or the Alon, he says that, as your video showed Nabhi, you brought him all the different stones to collect and to wait to put each stone. There was one area in the corner, the token of the Amani was was was empty, and gpdo specifically brought a stone from Jana, which was white, and he placed the stone as a loss as a completion of the Kaaba. And this, of course, is what has become what we know now as the huddle as what originally the stone was white. But with time, it actually mentioned to me that

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through the sons of people, the stone turn black, and is now called the Blackstone side no to question. This is the same Ebrahim that we said last week was the man that walked into the temple, and he destroyed the idols. He comes in, and he sees these people worshipping stones, and his dad used to make these statues of stones. And so he destroys them to say that the stones have no power isn't any counter intuitive, that the same man who is against this the worship of stones, boldly structure made of stones, and that you would go all the way from around the world to this this area? And you would bow before it and you would make a circle around it? Isn't this almost sort of a kind

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of paganism, just something for us to think about the question that someone asked you, you find many islamophobes many people online, they will say your Muslims worship a black box in the middle of the desert, even if you don't go to Mecca, you face that black box five times a day in your prayer, you bow before it. Now there's a beautiful statement of say, no matter the alignment, and the remember signa Omer before he became a Muslim, the mushrikeen the many of us hava used to worship idols. And so when we returned to Makkah, after, you know, after they became Muslim, say no, I'm not the Allah and he goes to the hudgell Adios, the Blackstone, and he kisses the black stone and he says to the

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black stone, I know that you are just a stone that you cannot benefit me or harm me Aqaba, basically, you are just a stone, there is no power in new ways, no miracles in you, you cannot harm me You cannot benefit me You just stone. I only kiss you because nobody has Allah kiss you and so I do what the sooner is what I do. Similarly, the Kaaba, there was a time and this is this is our example, that if you have the idol, the idol people worship idols, for example, or they worship a grave, or they worship a stick or stone or the sun or the moon, whatever it might be. besides Allah, when you move the idol from the one side to the other, he moves and he worships at sight. When the

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sun rises, they will worship facing the sun in this direction, when the sun sets, they will turn a little face that direction. Similarly with the moon, the stars, they will face this thing in worship for us. If the Kaaba were completely destroyed, and the stones were missing, or someone moved the Kaaba, and this happened, the black stone, in fact, you know, but 300 years after the death of Mr. Solomon, a group of people came and they stole the Blackstone, and they took it all the way to Bahrain. We did not change our Qibla to behind, we still faced the Kaaba and because the Kaaba is a direction, it is not a destination, it is a direction and Allah subhanho wa Taala is our

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destination. In reality, if when we make Salah when we make Tao off, the idea is to make Salah, facing Allah subhana wa Taala and making tawaf around Allah subhanho wa Taala. Of course, we're not able to do so on the dunya because Allah subhanaw taala is not upon the dunya. Therefore it is our direction of Nevada. And therefore if the Kaaba was to be completely removed, if the stones were to disappear, in fact, remember, many people don't realize this the stones of the Kaaba has been changed all the time. very regularly. The Kaaba stones have been changed nothing of Nabhi Ebro hymns stones are there besides the black stone. And in that black stone, we said there was even a time

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when the Blackstone wasn't even in the car, we would still face the car but no direction. And we also should not forget that for the beginning of Islam. The time of love is also the car the Qibla was in fact facing money.

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exalt to face Jerusalem. And at that time the masjid of Jerusalem had been completely destroyed there was no merging. So for the first stage of Islam, the Qibla was to a direction and there was no structure even Mazel Aqsa was not the end. So this this is the point we are making here. Nabhi Brahim is on building an idol. And he's not building a structure which you worship. Anyone that asks the Cabo Kaaba, protect me, forgive me. He has, of course come with an act of sheer, anyone who feels if I take a piece of the cloth of the Kaaba, over I will take the Blackstone and he will protect me bring Baraka then of course you've made sure with Allah subhanaw taala This is haraam.

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Rather, this is a place at which Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts do us more easily. Wade Salah is more accepted to Allah subhanaw taala and special acts of worship like Sai and tawaf can only be done in this area, because this is the sanctuary This is the holiest place on Earth, but the sand and the stone itself has no power in itself. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala now allows the people to human heavy smell to complete the building of the Kaaba and this will be the direction of salah and it will be this the site at which Hajj will be made. And once they completed the the Kaaba and the look at the piety and you know, the email of Debbie Brahim and Abby Smith and so they have done this

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great act of act of worship for them. Remember the Hajj we are just emulating them. We just performed off of the Kaaba which they built, we will make the site which has actually made running for her life this the the corbon that we do is only an emulation of the true sacrifice of Nabi Ibrahim alayhis salam, when the Hajj he completed his Hajj and he now has completed his rituals and Allah subhanaw taala as you know is fourfold his he says he is the rites of Hajj. Now he makes the dua Allah and this is this this is the way we do it after we do that ubaidah at the end we make the dough after we have served Allah and fulfilled our worship. Now we ask for us for me. That's why the

00:26:53--> 00:27:31

end of Salah then you make your drawers. So now once they had done the obligations, they make a dua and look at the duel of NaVi Brahim and NaVi smile the doorknob he brought him in to be summoned the maker they say their opener I will load what your name she mainly the first thing they ask is yeah Allah let us always be Muslims, how many of us have ever who of us have made it via Allah? Let us be Muslims are very few of us if ever we make it via Allah make as Muslims Muslims many, it has to be of those who submit to you that we always prioritize you and your religion then whenever we are faced with a with it with a decision to be made, we make it a law first and this is what's best for

00:27:31--> 00:28:10

us. So now people are human at least for a law making dua Allah let us always be Muslim any lacquer for you always be in submission. Wyoming will react in our omata Muslim and always make our children to be a Muslim oma Allah and I make dua for you for your children, for me for my children with our children, be Muslim children's panela ways the success of our children succeed in everything but they've lost their Deen or they're not practicing the deen of Allah what that in that lobby Ibrahim and Abby smile is making do out for themselves. Let us be Muslims always live as live and die as Muslims and let our children and our offspring be a Muslim oma for your Muslim meaning I know that

00:28:10--> 00:28:49

submits to you always what it now manasi kind of and they make this special for our love. Let our monastic our rights our rituals of Hajj basically will be shown as we practiced. And this dua Allah subhanaw taala accepted that the rituals will be continued to be practiced until the end of time, and any hygiene that is accepted to go and hygiene or any person that has made hygiene O'Meara and you'll make tawaf know that you are an answer to the store. Now be Brahim in the best practice making dua Allah long after we die with people continuously come here and do as we did. So Allah accepted that da and every single Haji is an answer to the two of Novi Brahim is Salaam wa to

00:28:49--> 00:29:27

Ballina and then Sal Allah forgive us and we repentance panela these are the most perfect of people who have just done this great act of worship and they still know these deficiencies. We're still imperfect versilia Allah returned to us forgive us in the context of Abrahim that you are the oft forgiving and the one that always returns and makes repentance the Most Merciful. And they said and then they made this final dog, Robin Allah Fie him Oh Allah, let they be let they come from amongst these people. The Arabs in this land, they be a Rasulullah from them, yet louella him if I Attica Lee, did he come and let him recite your ayat or your ultimo Makita will hikmah or use a key him and

00:29:27--> 00:29:59

that he will teach them the book and wisdom and he will purify them in neck until as these will Hakeem, I will likely become a special newbie in this area. And from these people side note, you're off the charger at this after the word of Samsung was was was was established. An Arab tribe came to live in Makkah and so now they're not alone in Makkah. They actually added people yeah, these Arabs, Bedouin people, we didn't know any knowledge, any wisdom. So Nabil Ibrahim is making the IR Allah lit from my son is mine and from these other people live in a V come one day and let him be blessed.

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

Have a book and let him purify all of mankind and Subhan Allah now be salts Allah is the answer to this to this is the coming of Nabhi is also llamas are that Nabil Brahim made all the many, many many 1000 years before and abuse also alum came this new I was made and the shows you again sometimes we make a dua and we never know maybe they do I suppose it in your lifetime, maybe not even in your children's lifetime that they might come, you know hundreds 1000s of years later and so now VBA makes us to not knowing when will it be answered, but it will be answered towards the end of time I find all Nabil will come amongst these illiterate people who will come with a book and he

00:30:34--> 00:30:58

will not only purify them, but he will purify all of mankind. And inshallah next week we'll talk about the coming of Nagisa Salim, and hygiene the time of Nagisa Salam sokola higher reminder for those who'd like to perform corbon please let us know in sha Allah for the form and if Nila likes it from all of us and forgive us and keep us safe for Salah signum hamadryad epsilon will send you a bill Allah I mean, Santa Monica lobera Gatto