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The speakers discuss the upcoming election and the need for everyone to obey leaders and follow rules of Islam. They stress the importance of obeying leaders and following rules to avoid conflict and avoid becoming a minority. The speakers also emphasize the need for strong leadership and behaviors to ensure everyone follows the rules. The importance of choosing the best party for Islam, rather than just giving the best of the worst, is emphasized. The decision process is based on factors such as political parties, moral standing, and political beliefs. The speakers emphasize the need for a whole list of rules and structures to be implemented and building a better future.

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rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala it was mine Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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From the low Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless us in this month of Rajab and Siobhan, and to make all of us see the month of Ramadan, and we send our love greetings and salutations to our Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family, his companions and to all muslimeen that follow you soon until the day of tm, I mean

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Alhamdulillah brothers I know many of us are expecting to for us to continue on our series on the major sins and just as I came in a brother was so kind to dimension how you know, he's enjoying the series and looking forward to the topics especially magic you know, people enjoy stories. So

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I have to apologize that we putting the series on pause for this week inshallah we continue again next week, because as important events arise, it's before thing that we should discuss it. And of course next week as we know, other than it being a public holiday, it is going to be an election, the election day. And it's a topic which which is important and something which we need to discuss and to clarify certain matters and inshallah the ground has a better understanding. So as events occur, we put the series on pause, but inshallah without a doubt, we will continue next week when the weeks they after inshallah, so today inshallah, we will discuss

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general principles on this very deep and extensive topic surrounding politics in Islam, to understand this very deep and controversial and very difficult subject matter, the relationship between politics and Islam in sha Allah.

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If we broadly discuss certain matters, that this is a topic which is very complicated. This is in fact, one of the most complicated matters in today's day and age, with democracy.

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Western democracy being spread across the world, and Muslim lands, becoming democratic way new governments are forming what we saw in the, in the Arab world, for Muslims to understand is the system compatible with the system of Islam is the political system that we have today compatible with a system which was in place in the time of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and it is because of differences of understanding that we see fighting and killing and in every are in so many of the Muslim lands from Egypt, to Libya, to Iraq, to Syria, Afghanistan, and so on and so forth. It is under this topic, differences and disagreements in this topic that has caused so much of

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bloodshed, both in this day and age. And in the past. Even in the time of the Sahaba. It was this topic, this difficult topic that resulted in bloodshed amongst Sahaba in the days of the fitna, the days in which there was the first Muslim civil war between Santa Clara de Alon, Santa Maria, in the days following that many years later, the killing of Imam Hussain, Roddy Alon, it came down in under this topic of understanding who should be the halifa who is best fit to rule, the topic of leadership. The topic of the soupon, this is, which is the most amount mentioned today is perhaps the most controversial topic of all, and the one which has resulted in the most bloodshed. So

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there's something very important for us to understand. That is a deep topic. We cannot do justice to it in a 14 minute Koopa. But it's perhaps we can understand and clarify the matter further. The first thing that we mentioned in the first principle that we discuss, is the legitimacy of an authority. One may ask why do we need a soupon in an immediate halifa? Why must they be a government? We all follow the Quran individually as we want, then we continue in sha Allah, do we need a government even Allah subhanaw taala has instructed that it is upon us that we establish an authority and amongst us We must have leaders in many Hadith, who says if three of you on a journey,

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then appoint one of you as an amine, as a leader of that group, that in every congregation, they must be an Imam. They must be a president. They must be someone that leads the faith and Allah subhanho wa Taala has legislated and given authority from Allah to a representative of is on the earth. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Oh you who believe obviously mean, obey Allah and obey the messenger and those in authority from among you. Allah says it is incumbent on you to obey Allah and to obey His Messenger and the authority those who has been put in leadership. obedience to them is worship according to the Quran. But if there is a quarrel about anything you disagree amongst one

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another, between you and the leadership between you and someone else, refer to Allah if like back to the Quran, and to the messenger and to the sooner if you believe in Allah and the Last Day, this is

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And very good in the innocence what will result in success in the end from this ayah we know that obedience to the value will amor the man put in charge is widely compulsory on us from this ayah Nabi salatu salam confirms us in the Hadith and Ibiza sentences or the Sahabi Oba David sasami says, we gave our pledge to Allah His messenger to hear and obey. So when you take your prayer when you put your allegiance in Amen, we're in halifa we are and we obey, we obey him while active and otherwise in times when it is easy with easy for us to obey, and times of difficulty. Even if we were deprived of our duties. If we our wealth was restricted, or things were hard on us, we still

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obeyed. And so this is what obedience means. When we say what does it mean to obey the halifa it means to listen to him in times when it's easy for us to obey. And when it's difficult when we lose some money and when we gain some money, and to not dispute this matter with its rightful people, and not to cause controversy and friction. If someone is put as the leader of the masjid someone's made the, the the committee leader of the executive of the masjid or is the president of the company, we obey yes with his limitations will speak about this, but we do not challenge him. Every turn and every decision, we do not look to undermine him. We obey him even if we disagree with him, if he has

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the right of decree, if it is his decision to choose between a ob Miss made a decision we obey. This is what the Muslim does. This is how the Sahaba understood obedience to the leader. The person put in charge of authority.

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam showed the importance of unity that will lay one of the biggest calamities you find in a country if you truly want to destroy a country is when half the population is supporting one man and the other half supports another man and is fighting until the end of time these two people fight until one is completely destroyed, and millions die in the process. So Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam made a hadith regarding to a situation like this.

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He said in the farewell hedge that in the federal hatchery right, almost close to his death, in front of hundreds of 1000s of Muslims. And he said, even if a slave in Abuja, some understood his death was coming soon, he said, even if a slave was appointed over you, a man you don't like a man you think is better, you're better than him. He's not the color that you want. He's not from the family that you want. But the majority has made him the leader. And he rules with Alice's book, and he rules correctly. They listen to Him and OBEY Him, obey Him in what he says, you don't have to like him, but you need to obey Him. This is the message

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telling that everyone that the minute that the Nabi Salam says the minute a man has been appointed as our leader, we OBEY Him and we follow him. And in another Hadith, it says that if another person if one man has been given the pledge of leadership, and another one stands up and says, I want to be the amid the penalty for this man is death, because the the fitna that he will cause the corruption he will cause the death that will result from this is so much worse, and what would happen the death of one man than he should be executed penalty of death.

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To show you the extent of the obedience required for the halifa that will he will amber the Amir, the man appointed by the Muslims as the halifa. The vessel some says, as we come closer to kiama, they will be leaders will not be laid by my guidance, they won't lead on the sooner and will not adopt my ways. They will be among the men who will have the hearts of devils in the bodies of human beings will be worse there will be terrible leaders. I said what I should say Lisa's missing, I confirm this. And then some and then a Sahaba says, Oh messenger of Allah, if I happen to live in that time, what must I do? If I live in that time? What must I do? So should we kill this man?

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Should we go out against him should direct jihad against him? Now he's also said, he replied, You will listen to this Amir and carry out his orders. Even if he eats your backs, and he steals your wealth. You should listen and obey panel jasola a man that he's like a devil that is not the ruling according to the Quran and Sunnah. Why? Why don't we go out against him? Because he's also explaining to us if every day we rose up against our leaders to be fitna and facade it will be corruption that women and children hundreds of 1000s of people would be dead in the street daily. This is a bigger fitna, so we choose the lesser of the two evils and evil men versus civil war and

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conflict. Of course, we'll go and discuss the limitations to this ruling. And this is not complete obedience blindly no matter how bad the leader is a time comes when we need to take action against our leaders. But this is to show you the extent of obedience again, this hadith is so high in in Muslim right now because even if they beat you, even if they take you a while, even if they are oppresses they

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Listen to them and obey them right and have patience until Allah changes your situation. So when do we then revolt against the leadership? Do we then as Muslims have to accept whatever lead is given to us and obey them blindly? In a hadith in Sahih, Bukhari and Muslim Nabil Salam qualifies his his Hadith, the Hadith before he extends, he says, Go out against you obey them, except when you witness clear Cooper, about which you have clear proof from Allah, no doubt that this man has now become COVID. This leader of yours, he has transgressed to such a limit is now without a doubt his coffee he has. He has gone against Islam against the rulings of the Sharia in such an extreme way, that as

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the reason clear Kufa there is no more doubt every man in the street knows let's manage on a Muslim anymore. This lead of ours will be speaking about Muslim leaders to begin with, right we're not speaking about who for leadership. We speaking about we put a man as an Amir, he does a Lowe's and things not according to the Quran and Sunnah. But he's still a Muslim, we can't go out against him. We don't like him. We can't guard against him. The minute he makes clear Cooper actions when Amazon says you go out against him. But even if the Amir

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has not reached the level of Cooper, and even if the Amir that is not ruling correctly, like our Catholic governments today,

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at what limit Do we have to obey them?

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So we have these two extreme principles. Now on the one hand, we need to obey and listen to them, listen to them, even if they're not ruling according to the Quran of Allah and they are doing things against and are unjust to us. And but if they have clear Kufa, if they are complete Kufa, we can then go against them. So we asked us living in a capitalist system, we our president says, Look, I'm not a Muslim, or a Muslim. What do we do as Muslims do we go out against them? Do we have to obey a curfew the government now?

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Do we have to obey them? Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sees in the Hadith, it is necessary upon a Muslim to listen to and obey the ruler, General, any ruler a point above you obey them, as long as one is not allowed to carry out a sin, so long as he doesn't command you to commit a sin. But if he does, if he is commanded to commit the sin, then there is no obedience. There is no adherence to that. So for us living under the rules, the leadership of a non Muslim, we need to obey them and listen to them. So long as they don't come out command us to commit sin, but the minute they command us to commit sin, then we disobey then we don't obey. We don't say this law of stepping when the

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right light is red. This is not in the Quran and Sunnah. I just obey your laws, I'll drive on you or a calf. It doesn't apply. They you obey the law. I don't obey you because the 16th zone, Allah didn't make it to the Cerro de 16 hour drive under no, you listen and you obey. But the minute he commands you that on this day, we need to celebrate a certain event. On this day, we need to do something just haram on this day, we should not cover our hair in certain countries, the Muslim even in western countries, Muslims have to remove the hijab, we don't obey them. We don't obey the leadership. So this is how a Muslim loves and this is for minority Muslims a very different sort of

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thick for Muslims living in non Muslim lands to Muslims living in Muslim countries.

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Also, it's important for us to know that not all Muslim or non Muslim states are the same. You cannot compare South Africa to Israel. You cannot compare the state the situation of Muslims living in South Africa to the situation of our brothers and sisters in Palestine living under oppression. The Muslims living under oppression have different rules compared to those living in safety and security in lands of Kfar so Allah classify the non Muslim lands. So first the lands are divided between Muslim and non Muslim. Then within the Muslim, the non Muslim lands were classified between those at which there is war, those non Muslim those non Muslim governments which are enemies to us,

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those who oppress Islam and oppress the Muslim in and are fighting against Islam, like our brothers in Palestine, like brothers in Burma, living under an oppressive government. For them the Allah mentioned way, it is difficult for you to practice you really you can't build massages, you can't walk in the streets freely. You can't force in Ramadan, you can't teach your children, Islam. You cannot even make Salah openly for you if you have the ability to resist and resist. But more often than not, you'll find yourself in a minority. And we apply this ruling to the Muslims living in the days of Nabeel Salaam in Makkah, when they were under the oppression of the kurush What did an

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episode instruct him to do? What is Allah instructing the Muslims to do? You couldn't they couldn't change the situation. So Allah opened the doors of hegira leave this land, go to a senior go to a non Muslim leader in Africa. Why? Because he's a just ruler, and then later on leave all of you Muslims leave Makkah completely and go to Medina, the Land of Israel. So for the Muslims living in these difficult situations, like those living in Burma, right, if they're unable to practice their religion, and they

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cannot resist the oppression then it is advised in fact some LLM is watching for those able to do so, to make a journal from this land and come to a land with a Muslims will accept them and they can practice their Deen freely. This is a country of harm a country in which they are at war with Islam within it is incumbent on the Muslim state to wage Jihad on such a country. But not all non Muslim countries are like this. and South Africa without a doubt falls under the second category. Wait, is there a man or dar Salam with his peace and security for the Muslims? Not a Muslim state. But Muslims are free to practice the religion freely, that they can live as Muslims, they can vote they

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massage it, they can dress like Muslims, they can make Salah they can even propagate Islam, they can even criticize the government. There is no ruling on us. There's no limitation on us practicing Islam. Is there any Hadith or if we say, you know, we can't put this idea in our personal capacity, of course, into into application because of the government know, certain laws, of course, we can't get the hand of the thief or execute the murder. Of course, these kind of laws we cannot implement because we don't have the authority to do that. But now personal capacity, no limitations on us what we can do and how to practice our Islam. And that is why we know in fact of all the minorities in

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the world, the we are yet to find a Muslim minority as fortunate as the Muslim minority in South Africa. Alhamdulillah we hope that this continues, in fact only gets better and inshallah this becomes a state of Islam. Right. So we're living in such a state.

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Do we make a shirt off? Or do we remain in this land? Is it better for us to say, look, this is the land of Kufa, we pack up we rather go to Saudi Arabia, we go to Yemen, what is better for us to Romania? Is there a precedent for us? Today again, many orlimar this disagreement, many of the more radical views of all you Muslims loving in foreign lands, you must make each other if you don't, then you have accepted our system. You icraf it also. Yeah, the villa Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam, they were people that came to him from different lands came to him from non Muslim lands, they came to Medina, they could have stayed in Medina, we could have lived there with maybe salsa lamb. But in

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this long, Hadith, and rbcl salam accepted many of these men and women that came, they came to learn this wait a week or two. And then the bees also said, Go back to your families, go back to your non Muslim countries, and teach those people give dour be be of benefit to your family and be of benefit to your community. Right. So this is, this is how the Narcissus allowed and permitted people to go back to the lands in which they weren't being oppressed so that they could split Islam and they could benefit the families. And remember, not everyone can perform hegira so there is a precedent of living in an unlisted land. There was a Muslim state, the state of Medina, the most perfect Muslim

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state, but Muslims were allowed to live in non Muslim lands for the purpose of spreading Islam.

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So the Allah This is not this is the words from the map it is mentioned that they have passed a fatwa on the Someone please post a question and said, I live in the United States of America. I live in Europe, should I make sure I became Muslim, and now a new Muslim in America must I pack up and come to Saudi Arabia? What must I do? And the scholars This is from the Saudi fatawa Listen, if he is able to practice his religion openly, and he is safe from fitna tribulation and temptation, and you can call people to Allah and teach the Muslims about the religion, and he may stay and not migrate, because he's staying. This serves an interest to the people and to Islam. Alhamdulillah all

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of these things we can say in South Africa, we live freely and securely and we can in fact, spread Islam and make Islam strong in this land. So Alhamdulillah no sun on us in sha Allah staying in this country, no need for us to pack up and to go to Saudi Arabia.

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Participation in elections another very controversial question. In fact, this is something which is severely severely

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misunderstood today. In fact, I saw his Facebook status if a brother put up he says remain Muslim don't vote, meaning if you vote you become Catholic. Right? And this is you find, you know, we might think how absurd is this, but you can put on the news, you'll find Muslims voting in Iraq, or being bombed by fellow Muslims presented by voting UI coffee, in Afghanistan, the same story and throughout the world. This is the this is the consensus of many, non many Muslims of extreme and radical views. Believe by the minute that you vote in an election, the system is Kufa, you support the Cooper system. Even if the leader is a Muslim, you support the aquifer system, you by extension

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or COVID. Right and therefore your blood is hot and therefore we can kill you and bomb you. And they use versus taken out of context versus serious versus and this is where the leadership should take note of this. Allah puts three verses one after the other in Surah malita. Allah says in Surah Merida verse 44, to 4746 and ever does not rule or judge by what Allah has revealed, such on the caffeine on their caffeine, they don't judge by the law of Allah. The next verse

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Whatever does not judge by that which Allah has revealed, such as the volume on the oppressors and the wrongdoers. And in the next verse, And whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, such as the first one that is obedient rebellion, three in line, and of course, the most serious one, I don't think they are Catholic. You don't rule according to the, the the leadership of Allah or the book of Allah, you become COVID. So based on this idea, many of today's modern theorists and the average of old which we'll talk about in a minute, they have said, all the Muslim governments from Saudi Arabia to Morocco to Yemen, all of you, none of you rule by the Quran, your old cafe, and

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anyone who supports you or votes you in your also caffeine. And anyone who assists you in your government, your ministers, caffeine and the police force and the army will support you caffeine before we bomb and kill all of you. This is this is the understanding the incorrect understanding of the extremist terrorists of today and the average of old

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and that is why this is such a serious matter, which is why this question is such a serious matter why this has led to bloodshed in the past. And until today, in fact, the great split in the Muslim Ummah, between Sunni and Shia, is based on this incorrect understanding. And the very first six now we saw some didn't speak about what hobbies and selfies and selfies and Wi Fi is all of them. No, the only 16 of them, basically spoke about clearly the first group perform is the average the group that assassinated say nalli y said you are not ruling by the law of Allah COVID Satan Alina rhodiola. I know, they assassinated him, because they said you don't rule according to the book of

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Allah, your coffee. So heilala Muslims, right? So today, they killed Satan, Earth man are young for the same reason. Okay, so this is a serious matter. So we asked first and foremost with us hanging on our heads, can we vote in today's elections? Can we vote? This is a topic, a question posed to one of the Supreme councils globally in Makkah, is a Muslim Youth League where World League and the fuqaha of many countries come together, and they sit and they discuss and the debate matters. So I've taken this exactly from the books is not from the MTC or from myself, or from any other country of fuqaha. But this is a global panel of scholars. And this question was asked, should we vote in a

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way or not? We are in non Muslim countries? Should we vote to participate? Not Muslims voting in Muslim countries, but Muslims in non Muslim countries for non Muslim parties? Should we participate in this elections? And what was the conclusion? They said, After taking a break and said, Look, we don't know we will come back after many, many months away A year later, we will research this more thoroughly. They said it is permissible for a Muslim who enjoys the rights of citizenship in a non Muslim country to take part in elections and the like, because it is more likely that his partners why because his participation will bring benefits such as presenting a true picture of Islam, and

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defending Muslim issues in that country and supporting the rights of religious and other minorities, strengthening the role in the circles of influence, right so that they sitting side by side with the president now able to make and push his attention to what is the correct decision and cooperating with a reasonable fee minded people on a basis of truth and justice. So this is the Mr. Epstein in today's time, contemporary time that is permissible to vote. In fact, scholars such as chef Saul, even if they mean one of the most prominent scholars who died about 10 years ago, Rahim Allah, he said, in fact, this compulsory on you as a Muslim to vote, when you have in your hand, the ability

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to change in the situation. So we have 5050 on the one hand, you have a non Muslims around his party. On the other hand, you have Nelson Mandela, as well as a party very tight, we don't know who's going to be president, the Muslims can swing the vote, our logic logic for us to vote for some for them, will bring better success for the Muslims, not 100% good for us. But the one who is better option for us, if we can change the vote in favor of Islam, then it is our obligation to vote. Right? So this is the opinion of the great scholars of today. And this is of course, without a doubt. So thinking and common sense. If we can influence the situation to the benefit of Islam and

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the Muslim mean, then as Muslims, we don't sit back and we don't. And we don't say no, we don't want to participate in sha Allah, we hope to bring benefits fruit from this. The next question that is important for us, who do we vote for? Right, who do we vote for? How do we choose the leader? Right?

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And because time is against us, we just quickly go through let us look in history. How was the Sahaba selected as leader? Did they have a democracy? What kind of form of elections did they have when abyssal Salaam passed away? He did not specifically appoint anyone as halifa he didn't appoint a member with a halibut. Anyone who says that is lying against Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam nor did he appoint said no Buckaroo any other Sahaba and said this is my successor, no he left the matter open for them to choose. And then said number after some intense discussion with the people of Medina right the people of Medina said we

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expecting you to come to us and we gave the leadership to Mohammed Salah but now that he's passed away isn't it right that we are the people of Medina should retake Medina It doesn't make sense. So the Sahaba say no, I'm gonna say no but God said Rasulullah told us and you know, this hadith that the halifa should be from the Quran.

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And then they accepted that said, Fine, we'll accept the Qureshi a person of Makkah to be halifa but who should be halifa? Say Norman said, How can we choose anyone other than say now bhaker because when abbyson salaam was unable to leave the Sala was not the person to perform the Hajj in the year before the farewell Hajj, who did he appoint as his deputy Imam in religious affairs, he appointed say now bucket. So if nobody saw some interest and say no bucket with the matters of Islam, and certainly the methods of the dunya is of lesser importance, How can any of us choose anyone other than Abu Bakr rhodiola, and the oma unanimously accepted Him. So this is the first way. And this is

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the best way of elections, where the chiefs are the leaders in our community, not for every Tom, Dick and Harry to come together, but our leaders for them to decide amongst themselves of Matura. This is the elections of Islam. The second way of elections, appointing of a halifa is the wayside now Bukka did it.

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Before he died, he had a he said I have sort of a right hand men with me from the beginning. Every time I had this decision, I consulted this man, a man that you all know and trust on top, I personally appoint him as califa Alhamdulillah. No one rejected everyone. So that's a normal was far above any other candidate, and except without fighting. So second form of leadership is where the army appoints a man befitting the position number three, and this is also a very, very, you know, brilliant way of which they normally did it when he was on his deathbed dying. He called the six most influential Sahaba the six of the team they were tend to have an absent promise Jana, six of

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them to seven of them remained. One of them was a family member of say normal and said you're disqualified because you're a family member of mine. So I'll say normally, they did things his family always were and we're not allowed to go forward because no favoritism. So he said the six of you oma as an ally as a North man, and the four remaining of the ashrama Bashara is the six of you, you vote amongst yourselves and choose an amine and after around a voting they selected say North man even a fan was between a madman and say Nally after say North man was killed. This is where the fitna began. This is where Islam was thrown into turmoil where Muslims revolted against the Amir. We

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can fight non Muslims until kiama no problem but the minute Muslims fight Muslims, this is where the Mashallah the problem begins. So they killed Satan of man. And all three of that panel of 60 remain Ali and Zubaydah and tal hora de Allah and remain and by the by the by by the sword, it was commanded you choose an image now and the accepted scenario and of course a nanny hadn't been open and fair. So in it will also of course have prevailed. So say we accepted the leadership Not long after the same people assassinated see now equally impacted by the villa, Hassan rhodiola. And another form of leadership. What did he do? They were two parties to great Muslims on the one side

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malware off the oma was with malware. The other half was Satan Hassan and he said you know what, I will appoint the halifa by me resigning, I will resign no califa before did this. That is why some of the other mentioned Satan Hassan rhodiola is of the for the five rightly guided Hola. And he brought unity and peace to my son, I will abdicate and all of you follow Maria right so a new form of leadership after this so that Muslims don't fight anymore. Now we are on the line in his he has in his understanding. He said from now on I will appoint my son and he appointed his son in form of kinship, right and many Sahaba disagreed with him on this matter. Of course his intentions was so

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that we don't ever fight again a civil war over who should be the halifa we should know next time if the halifa dies today, the successor and became a kingship and that is how it has continued on mostly until until today. Until about 100 years ago when the halifa was destroyed in the First World War inshallah we return we are people without a leader, when we return inshallah to have a leader. So this is how a leader was selected in a time of the past. And they put and they selected a leader based on certain criteria. Number one, he must be a Muslim, and he must be of high moral standing, he must be known to be a good person, and he must have the ability. We don't choose any Tom, Dick

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and Harry to lead simply because he's from a certain family or a certain color, or certain how long his beard is no, we select on ability. Now these are some selected these is leaders on ability as for non Muslims, how do we select them? How do we select them? We now have to choose the lesser of two evils. We need to weigh the pros and the cons. And we need to look at which person which of these candidates and these parties and the policies will serve the interests of me as my in my Eman, my Islam, then my community and of course the greater community globally. We can choose a party was good for us, but it's detrimental to the rest of the Muslims throughout the world as well as those

00:30:00--> 00:30:36

Good to the general non Muslims as well. So we need to look at who is the lesser of two evils. Unfortunately, sadly today, speaking to people, we have a situation where no one says we clearly even though I support this party, but now none of us are truly happy with that list is no one that stands that this is a good person or a good party, we choose the best of the worst. This is said that we have a time like this today. So when we make your decision in sha Allah make it with an informed decision. Look at what these parties stand for. Don't simply take it because this is what my father's have done in the past. Look at who is best for our Eman and is best for Islam and is

00:30:36--> 00:30:57

best for the Muslim Ummah, locally and abroad and those who are best at doing the job. This is how we should choose. And if you are voting, you have an Amana, you have a trust responsibility, you'll be accountable for that which you have voted, make a informed decision, go and research these parties look at what they stand for. inshallah, beyond the elections, this is what's important for us.

00:30:59--> 00:31:37

A party will come and they will rule and our vote will have a small perhaps a very small impact, the Muslim vote will have a small impact, perhaps a big impact here in the Western Cape. But throughout will not make a big difference. But what is important for us to know that it should not remain like this five years, four years from now we should not be in the same boat. First thing is Java to Muslim and we give sugar Alhamdulillah and even anonymously land. We have freedom to to spread our Deen and to influence the influence the decision makers, we can sit side by side with the president and we can push our agenda for Islam. We can put a Muslim party they based on Sharia free to do

00:31:37--> 00:32:15

this. We might not get so many votes, but we have the ability to do so. So why don't we do so we have the ability to set up institutions set up structures, which the government listens to and at times, even even gives in to give concessions to legalizing legitimizing Islam, so we should give sugar to Allah and we should move forward in this manner. Number two, we have problems we don't have to worry about too far and speak ill about the Kufa we have problems within our own house, our own masajid our own committees are all ama structures they need to be fixing. So this is where our energy and efforts can be put into. If we say, look, we can't change the government, there are

00:32:15--> 00:32:53

things we can change. So let us get our home in order as Muslims and unite and work together and we can bring about amazing change a lot of stuff, look at quantity, it looks at quality, then we should change our mindset from demanding our rights and fulfilling rather fulfilling our rights. For many of us, this is the normal nature of insanity demand. We want this, we want that we want a whole list of things we demand from the government. But what do we give back to society? The Muslim is the other way around. He worries about what Allah will ask him on piano, have you fulfilled your rights, and not any old worry are my rights fulfilled? Because he knows Allah will see to my rights even in

00:32:53--> 00:33:19

this dunya era. The problem in the Sahaba what they were concerned about is am I doing my duty to society? Am I doing my duty to my neighbors and to the poor and to the orphans. Allah has commanded me to look after these people, I don't have to be the Allah doesn't come on the president to do so. But each and every one of us has an obligation. So every problem that we see, we have a role to play in fixing it. So we should change our mindset from demanding our rights, but rather to fulfill our rights.

00:33:20--> 00:33:42

An important Hadith which we should worry about is that this situation we find ourselves in is a sign of pm Nabi sallallahu Sallam said, the close to karma, you will find a sign of karma is that honesty will disappear. Right? So the man said yes, what do you mean by honesty being this disappearing, he says, time of kiama is when

00:33:44--> 00:34:23

people who are not appropriate people who are not fit for authority will be put into power. And that is the case we lifted and Fuchun from the Muslim lands, the non Muslim lands, we look at our leaders and we say Are these really the best that we can put forward to lead us sign of kiama sign that close to kiama people who are not fit to lead, they will lead and they will. So therefore it's important for us to have the ability and have the power and those who allows given the ability to lead. Don't turn back from these committees and leadership, go forward and inshallah use those gifts Allah has given you. And lastly, we should all work together to build a better future. Right? What

00:34:23--> 00:34:59

Come Come what may on the seventh of May, wherever your party, your leader, someone else, the power is still in your hand to change things in your capacity. As a result. Each and every one of you is a leader in his own capacity. You don't have to be the president to be the leader. But every one of you has leadership in you and you are responsible for your family and your house and your neighbors. Right. So all of you will have a role to play in the society and you need to change what you can change within your power. Right? You need to look at the community as a whole and see what can I change what can I benefit? There's a problem here this is possible

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

In the street, I don't wait for the council to meet with me phone. Let me go and make make a noise. Right so this is our, our duty. We are leaders and we change what is in our power. And at the very least Gemma muslimeen. As we said before, if you're unable to help fix the problem, then don't be part of the problem. Don't make the problem even worse. Don't you make the matters even worse, so insha Allah with these few words we hope inshallah Allah guides us and bless us with leaders that have the best of us will guide us and grant Allah's mercy and blessings to come to us. In sha Allah is any more, as I said, it's a very broad topic, there are some there are some books that have been

00:35:35--> 00:36:03

translated in English the most prominent of them, I come so tawnya by alma emadi in sha Allah This is a good book to read if you want to understand more about governments and leadership people fight and kill over this matter before you voice your opinion. It would be a con it'd be a researched and informed opinion inshallah all the best inshallah Salam Mohammed Wallace ceramicspeed hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen inshallah, we'll continue with our major sins next week inshallah. So don't worry