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The upcoming series of Islam's blessed eagerly awaiting the great sins will forgive anyone who refuses to do so. The punishment system is severe, including punishment of sexual behavior, strokes, and false accusations. The speakers emphasize the importance of having full witnesses and not giving false testimony. The transcript describes the history of the legal system in Spain, including the legal system for accusations of someone named Xena and the legal system for injuries. The speakers touch on the consequences of bribery, the use of negative language in media, and the punishment of false statements and accusations.

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I should say de nom Hamad noir early also created my Instagram arty como la he

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will praise be to Allah Subhana Allah, and we send our love and our blessings and outside. So Mohammed Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to his companions and his family and all those who follow him soon until the day of kiama Alhamdulillah we've progressed quite well with the series and from the law we are quite proud

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of our sins. And as I mentioned,

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doing a series where we discuss the major and the destructive sins that Allah subhanho wa Taala has for bitterness, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, if you avoid the great sins, if you avoid the major sins, which you are forbidden to do, we shall Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive from you your minor sins and admit you to a noble incident. So Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us the glad tidings so many ways to enter into Jenna. If you can't enter into Jenna by being pious and staying away from sin, and you commit sin, then at least avoid the major sins if you avoid the major sins. Allah subhanaw taala says, the minor sins the sense that we do daily that we can't even keep count

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of Allah will forgive all those minuses so long as we stay away from the major sins. And as we said at the beginning of the series, we don't have a list, a shopping list of all the major sins, but we have taken from the Quran and from the Sunnah, and compiled a list of sins, which Allah knows based on major sins and there are others besides it, but these are the major ones as mentioned in the Quran, and in the sooner so there are nine and over the coming weeks in the previous weeks we have discussed from this list over the last four weeks, while the last couple of weeks, we have discussed four of the sins on our list, and today we shall do the fifth insha Allah which is to be a false

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testimony or to slander making false accusations against somebody.

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This sin is taken from the Hadith that we mentioned at the beginning of the series, when we saw bill o'reilly was seldom told his companions avoid the seven destructive since the seven deadly sins, we say the seven sins that will ruin you. And he listed any mentioning for example, shield and murder and magic and the Rebbe and Xena and of those that he mentioned, realize automation in Yeah, but in the ayah that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned. But in this list, the visa lalala Salam says, and of those major sins is to accuse a chaste woman to accuse a woman with chaste who never even thought of committing fasho evil and you tarnish the chastity and there are believers major of the major

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sins last week, and why we mentioned this one, it's the last one on the list. They're the ones highlighted in red. Why we mentioned we push this up the list because it follows on well from last week's discussion. Last week we mentioned the evils of Xena and ally Xena is of the major sins and of the of the evils of Xena we mentioned that it is the third according to many of the automa the third greatest of all sins of the sheikh and murder and of those things and of the punishments that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions for those who commit Zina is that they are cursed in this world and in the year after. And that is a severe punishment in the dunya. We mentioned that those who are not

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married and commit Zina. They are flogged, and those who are married and they commit Zina, for them the spelling that those who are not those who are married and commit Zina, they should be stoned to death. The most severe punishment you have in the Sharia is to commit Zina outside of marriage even worse than murder, stoning to death. Right. So this is a severe punishment in the dunya prescribed for those who come and Xena and of course in the era, the punishment is even more severe. And at the very least, if the punishment is not inflicted upon you, that person's name and reputation is forever tarnished. Someone who knows that person, you know that a child out of wedlock, for that one

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committed in a fee that stays with you for the rest of your life. So it's a serious and grave sin. So How bad is it? for someone to accuse an innocent person of committing Zina? Someone who accuses an innocent person of committing illicit sexual intercourse? And there's no real way of proving it didn't happen. Right? If someone says his money stolen so all we found the money yeah, someone said, You kill that man or we find that man is alive or we find evidence that that person was killed. But Xena How do you prove I didn't I wasn't at this place and I didn't do this thing. Alright, so this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala has made while Xena is a major sin, so much so that to accuse someone

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of Zina is also one of the major sins and therefore we discuss this topic in detail and Allah subhanho wa Taala has mentioned those who falsely accused

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People have Xena and bear false testimony. inshallah again, this was a topic we'll discuss over two weeks, we will talk about being false testimony and giving false speech, but the worst of all false speech. And the worst of all false testimonies is to accuse someone of Zina and this is of the major since Allah subhanaw taala mentioned surah Noor, after Allah speaks about Zina and the punishment of Xena over reminds those who brings an accusation of Xena, that's the serious business vainly those who accuse chaste women, and by extension men as well but Allah specifically, and this is the beauty of the Quran. This is the beauty of the Quran. At times, Allah mentions the main part includes the

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women in that year Allah mentions the women that if you accuse a woman of Xena, it's bad if you accuse a man, but we know for a woman to be accused of Xena, it's so much worse and it hurts her reputation a lot worse than a man. So all our singles out the women India, and the main falls under the same ruling vainly those who accuse innocent, chaste women were never even thought of coming near the chastity and are good believers. The ones who accuse them of Xena, they are cursed in this life, and in the era and for them will be a great torment Allah subhanho wa Taala prescribed three punishments for this person, that they have a curse on them in the dunya. And on kiama there'll be

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of those who are cursed a land of Allah, and that is a punishment severe which all of us have mentioned the details. What does it mean by being cursed? Allah mentioned that when a person is cursed, or you have to be loud, someone is cursed like chiffon, when they are expelled from the mercy of Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala cutsies mercy from them, they for your work, your business, your health, your property, your life becomes difficult in this dunya and the earth era. We have the curse of Allah upon your members behind to protect us from doing anything that brings about his anger and his curse in another ayah in Surah Noor as well Allah subhanaw taala continues,

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and those who accuse the wives when the husband and this is a very particular peculiar system in the Sharia. I mentioned two weeks ago that to accuse someone of Zina there's usually two or three ways of accusing someone of Xena. Either you have full witnesses who say we saw with our eyes that this person, this man and woman committed the sin. This has never been been able to be done in the Sharia in the history of Islam. Never has someone been able to do this. Or someone comes forward with a confession and says I can with Xena punish me. Thirdly, maybe there's a pregnancy outside of marriage. But there's another way a fourth way between a husband and a wife. When a husband accuses

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his wife say this child is not mine, she committed Zina right then what now?

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This is a very this called Leon to Renouard. The husband will swear for time will lie she committed Zina will lie she can with us in our lives, this child is of mine four times. And then as is Allah says, and those who accused the wives of Xena adultery and have no witnesses. I don't have anyone to be a witness. But I know I didn't. I wasn't with her. This baby didn't come from me I know where I was. Then the witness of them he shall be for testimony you will swear for time saying will lie four times by Allah that indeed means of the through school, and then you will make a powerful swear he will say well like the fourth time that the curse of Allah be upon me. If he if he should be among

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the liars if she's telling the truth and I'm like Allah curse me, when the wife will sway four times as well will lie. I did not commit Zina. And the fifth, she will say, made me the anger of Allah be upon me not the curse, curse is worse, why it's worse to accuse someone innocently than to lie if you commit sin, right? So then she will say, may the anger of Allah be upon me. After this happens, the two will be separated, no punishment will be upon her, but they will never ever be able to be married again. They'll be divorced permanently. And that child that is born from that will not be attributed to that Father, it will always be the child of the mother rights and is a very unique

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case in the Sharia. But once again, Allah says, may the curse be a fun the one accuses his wife of Xena and he's of the lions. So again, Allah attaches the curse to someone who obeys the spell statement testimony. Allah continues and those so this is the curse in the dunya and another punishment for someone who accuses falsely someone who commit Zina and those who accuse chaste women and then do not produce full witnesses. lash them with 80 lashes and do not accept from them testimony ever have and those are the defiantly disobedient, Allah subhanho wa Taala has prescribed that if you accuse someone of Zina, you must bring full witnesses now Okay, what if three witnesses

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come? What do we do? Do we accept the testimony and say, okay, the proof wasn't done? No, the shed Yes, you come three witnesses you accuse someone of Xena and you can't bring forward Mrs. we punish you the witnesses and we left you at times. At times. If you commit Zina, you're less than the time you're not married. But if you accuse someone of Xena and you can't bring forward misses, those three are those two or that single person will be left at times. And Allah subhanaw taala describes them that

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They are display of the disobedient. And Allah says never ever accepted testimony ever again. Whenever they come forward to say we selected the moon, or we give evidence in a court case, no, you are liars. We don't even accept you. But then Allah subhana wa tada in an eye opposite those who repent and make Toba. Allah will forgive them. The Sharia law continues. Why did they not produce another another punishment for these people? Why did they not produce for witnesses, since they are the ones who broke the slander have not produced witnesses, then with Allah, they are liars. So even if you are telling the truth, and you say, but I saw this happening in the sight of the Sherry, it's

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so severe to accuse someone without four times of evidence. You are classified as a liar with a law and in the Sharia, you're a liar, and you're punished with flogging, and your testimony is not accepted, even if you're telling the truth, so severe is to accuse someone of Xena.

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We mentioned this hadith at the beginning. We mentioned this hadith early on whenever he saw Salam narrates and says, you know, what are the biggest of the major sins the Kabbalah Kabbalah is the biggest of the major sins is number one to commit Sheikh with Allah, which we know and this obey are disobeying parents, and then the recent continued and false speech and false false witness. And having continued to mention this over and over more than one type of speech and false witness, false speech and false witness of the biggest of the major sins,

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and other punishments for these people on kiama. And not just those who accuse someone of Zina, but anyone who harm someone with a tongue, they tarnish that person's honor with the tongue. They speak ill of that person, even if it's true. Look at that guy. I'll bet he is. Maybe he's fat, but it is haram and Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will have a specific punishment for them. Let me ask these companions, my Sahaba Do you know who's the bankrupt person? Is it here the bankrupt person is someone whose debts exceed his his his his his wealth, his harboe accountants, they understood this right if you didn't succeed your wealth, you are bankrupt. This is another bankrupt

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person. The bankrupt person kiama is the man will come with my show love salah and fasting and Vicar and all the Hajj and O'Meara said look at all these great good deeds I've done, but before he's very wooded, it's a wait. You have a liability against that man, this man, you slandered that man, you swore at that man, you committed a fitna about. So you have to how do you play a liability and kiama it's only good deeds and baddies give of your good deeds to him. And to that one and to this one and to that one, it's good deeds will go go go until all these good deeds will be up and he will still have people that he accused falsely what now Now you take up the bad news that Xena that man

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committed you take from that stealing that man committed you will take from that sin and all that good deeds, then you become bankrupt via the villa simply by what you said of your tongue now made you a good deed now and avoid

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another specific punishment, which Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw on the night of Mirage when he saw it when he went and saw into jahannam with the angel Malik, the Angel of Jannah, Angel of jahannam. And he saw specific people being punished, like we said last week specific punishment for those who commit Zina specific punishment for those who lie and slander and speak if lying is the Spanish word, what about slander, which is the worst form of lying, that the angels of punishment or put a hook in the side of the person's mouth and tee it up to the eye and then go to the next side. And when it comes back besides speaks me out when law law protects us from jahannam and these

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punishments of Jannah but we never ever see it or witness it or even come near to insha Allah

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that Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also mentioned another of the punishments we mentioned the punishment in the dunya of lashing and Allah calls these people that they are cursed, and that they are liars. And there is a punishment on piano and is a punishment in the in the in janam and is a punishment in the Kaaba, then a V solo Allah wa salam came pass a grave to graves, and he said, these two people are being punished in the graves for small things. They've done. This one, he did not take care using the bathroom, when he urinated. He didn't clean himself properly. He urinated in an incorrect way. He's being punished in the grave, and this one year for spreading gossip is being

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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writes mentioned that this person spreading lies and when throughout the world, and he's being punished because of that in his grave, so a punishment in the dounia in the cupboard on kiama in jahannam people who slander and tell lies and sign of how severe This is in the sight of Allah. And of course, why should they be such a severe punishment for someone who accuses someone falsely, especially in pertaining to Xena because of course, if you forward this has come forward, and you accuse someone falsity of Zina, that person could be stoned to death or flogged to death. It's as if though you committed you intended to murder this person, right? You use a married man

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For married woman of Xena, and the punishment may be applied on that person and he's executed. You have murdered that person not only to slander him, but your intention was to murder that person. You destroy that person's reputation and anybody, Allah protect all of us, we have one name, your only Mohammed, if that name is tarnished, if everyone sees Mohammed waste is such a such person, bad person, you will ever have that with you and your name for the rest of your life. One sin, Allah subhanho wa Taala forgives, but the man mankind are not as forgiving people. When you hit someone, you will bruise you'll you know that story that sticks and stones will break my bones but words will

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never hurt me. That's wrong. Words can hurt more than sticks and stones. someone hits you it's bruised harlaxton tomorrow, it's no problem. But if your name and your honor and your reputation is tarnished, forever You will be the liar the thief design for Avery will stay with you. It will ruin your business, your reputation, your family and poor society to be totally into into Miss fall into mischief. And that stigma and that doubt people and this is insane. We'll talk about this next week.

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They will say I don't trust that man wife read some stories about him and Manny and his business. Did you see anything bad for him? Did he ever cheat you Neva steel you know, I only saw good from him. But that doubts things in your mind. I heard a story and our other students say this is the sun. And that is why that person you can never ever repay that reputation that damage you have done. That is wildlife made it of the cover here. And we'll talk inshallah next week about other forms of slander more common than accusing someone of Xena. We'll talk about that in sha Allah in the time of the Sahaba and the fame of the Navy salesmen, the Sahaba incidences of slander occurred and we see

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what happens. So how we move the Euro even sure about was one of the government is afraid no matter and will be alone. And one and four people four people. They said you know there was a wind and his door was open and they said we saw him committing Zina with a woman. He was married, of course the woman was married. And they reported him to say now they refuse to make solid behind him in the mothership. And they reported the incident to Satan armor and say now Miranda said, You fall and mahira come to Medina, we'll have a court case.

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Again to show you so last week, we spoke about stoning. Such a difficult big issue. When you look at how the Sharia critic someone before they get vague. It's almost impossible to accuse someone and get them stoned to death. So say normally said okay, you have four witnesses that saw this man from within Xena. And the four of them testified. But one of the four said, When say now I'm going to ask Did you see the lady's face? He said no. I saw her from a different angle. I didn't see her face. The other thing he said we saw a face. Say now I'm gonna say if you didn't see 100% with was the four of you are liars. And they will the three of them will lash the three of them will lash for

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slander and say no more removed. This man has been the Sahaba from being the governor because there was a fitna now in society. And then you put him as a governor of a different city to show that even though these innocent but to prevent and this is the way insane is that stigma will stay with Him forever. Right to the shows you how he tarnishes someone's reputation and the job and the position amongst the many Sahabi and they accuse him of Xena or you have to be loved.

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But the most

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famous and sad story of Xena of slander against someone was that of the IFP against Ayesha rhodiola and her nonobese all Salaam was tested and he was the study himself and through his family with an abyssal Salaam. He was tested by a loss of 100. We put him through this test that his own wife will be accused of Xena. I don't know the prophets wife. Yeah, it'll be like what happened?

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Then I'll be so solemn. Ayesha tells us the story herself. She that he has had instances, it was the customer of the Nabi sallallahu wasallam, that when we go on a campaign, we would take one of these wives with him, and he would leave him like, you know, draw lots and the lucky one who took the lucky the short stroke but to go with him on his campaign. He had the reason to along with him one of his wife, and he said I was the lucky one before