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Our Villa shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah Azza de sade now Muhammad Allah Allah azza

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wa jal

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respected and beloved brothers and sisters in Islam and hamdulillah We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept from us this provider, we thank Allah for bringing us here to the house of Allah, we leave of our work, we leave our families, we put the priority Allahu Akbar and we ask a lot except from us little that we do. Allah is most appreciative and for Allah to forgive those things we did last week, and the sins to come in sha Allah through this Juma? I mean,

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we continue with our discussion on the days of Zen glory. We mentioned last week, we concluded with the aroma of Kabbalah. We mentioned our Nabi sallallahu, wasallam, how the Sahaba performed that aroma after a year into the Mecca. And we say that this was so significant. For us, it might seem it's just Amara, what's the big deal? What was the big deal was that the Muslims had now the power had the ability had the muscle to enter into Mecca, the arch enemies of the abyssal salon, and for three days in the parliament in the center of Makkah, that maka belong to them. It's, as I said, equivalent to us walking and controlling Muslim locks off for three days going into Washington, DC,

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and having free reign in Washington for three days. And there's nothing that the enemy could do. This was a clear indication that the tide had now fully turn. And that basically the strength, this was in the kurush, during the period of lava lamp, they will never show up with this religion of Mohammed Salim, of course, the religion of Allah with this new movement succeed over the old status will survive. After this, it became clear to all those who had intellect, that it the new religion was going to take over, that it's just a matter of time before all of Arabia and all of mankind really followed this religion. And therefore, we ended by saying that the leadership of koresh and

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you will see this as I see it in the world, even today, the regime a country, we, you know, the government is trying to keep power, they will keep saying no, we're gonna win, don't worry, keep fighting. But meanwhile, the President and the ministers are running away. And I tell the soldiers, you keep fighting, things are still going well. But meanwhile, they taking the bank accounts and everything and transferring it to Switzerland. And then they're running away. And this is the same, this is the same. The leadership of Croatia realized that even on the outside, they said no, we so strongly, this is just a moment of weakness. The those who had intellect realize that this is the

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end, that this was a symbol of strength. An important point I didn't mention last week, sometimes we think is strength is always demonstrated with force with violence. No, that will lie II when the world sees six to whatever million Muslims all standing on arafa are all in sujood. At the Kaaba. This is a powerful symbol to the world. No violence, no fighting, but this shows you that this oma is united and the things that keep us united. This in itself is a symbol of power and is of the deen and Allah subhanho wa Taala. As I mentioned, Islam will always be strong. It's the old mother is required to either take from that strength. If we let go, then we fall down but Islam will always be

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the one we hold on to Islam will be raised up. We ended off by saying three of the major players in Croatia became Muslim and these are the last three Sahaba that become Muslim. And there are countless mohabbatein because they became Muslim before the conquest of Makkah, very, very late to the end. And we mentioned the story of to one brother said you didn't mention the third Sahabi It was also great. We said I'm gonna ask you come up again. Today inshallah was the main politician. He was like the spokesperson of the kurush, the Minister of communication, you know, he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and he became Muslim. hollein worried the Minister of Defense the

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minister, the leader of the army, the supreme commander of the army, the main general becomes Muslim. political power comes from the resource under military power comes from a solemn man even called ha, he was the gatekeeper the key beta of the Kaaba, the Kaaba, as we know as a dough and as a lock, and it's locked and opened up. It was his responsibility to keep the key of the Kaaba, an interesting story. But in the days of Makkah, when Islam was weak, nobody saw solemn was in Makkah, they didn't allow the Muslims to even into the Kaaba to make solder.

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The Muslim said, but you allow everybody to into the Kaaba, whether it's an idol worship or fire worshiper, anyone can come to the Kaaba and worship, but for us Muslims don't even let us into the Kaaba. So, the man with my name is Doug, I said, I have the key and I can say your interest and doesn't enter. So now because I'm told with a man, you know, a day is gonna come, when I will take that key from you and I

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We'll give it to whoever I want. So he said never any that they should come and Korea should probably be dead. That's impossible responses the day is gonna come. And the day they came when the visa Salaam had the key of the caravan, he told us man, you remember, I told you a day is going to come when I'm going to take the key from you, and I'm going to give it to whoever I want. And Croatia and you know, we will and we will be here. So you realize, yes, you spoke the truth and then the resources and with man, I give the key back to you. And you will be the key beta of this key forever and your family until kiama will always have this key till today. The King of Saudi Arabia

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can go into the Kaaba without the family of this man. They be the key of the Kaaba, it'd be sunset, I give it to my wife and he says to Sahaba this family will always have the key of the Kaaba, right so the beautiful story with man even talked about the Alon.

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We now move on to the Battle of Mata and this would be

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the most severe battle in terms of numbers and the most fierce of battles in the lifetime of NaVi salsola. It will be the first international battle between the Muslims of Nabeel Salaam and a foreign power, a power outside of Arabia, just some context, all of what we discussed in terms of maca and the Quran, and Muslims and the Quran. This is small, if you were watching CNN 1500 years ago, it wouldn't have reached the news that the Muslims entered Mecca and they perform camera. Why? Because no one cared about them. In terms of global politics, the world if we look at the big players, they were two superpowers in the world at the time of NaVi salsa lamb, the Christian Romans

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and they ruled basically Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Turkey, and the Mediterranean from Rome, Italy, right. So the Christian Roman Empire, they were the superpower of the time, there was another superpower, the sassanid Persian Empire, which ruled Iran, Afghanistan was Pakistan, the east of the world. So the two empires ruling the west of the world and the east of the world. These were the big players in the world. What they did is what we would see basically, as I said, if you had the news, even in that time, you would see the Roman Emperor did this seize the Barack Obama and the Persian Empire did that is maybe Russia, if we would think about 20 years ago, 30 years ago, and everything

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else basically followed what these two empires did. The Arabs were in the middle. They were basically nothing. No one cared about them, even the two Empire superpowers. They didn't send an army to Arabia to conquer Arabia. Why? Because they said there's no value. These people are not even like people. They are like animals basically. And they have no society, they have no culture, all they have is a desert. Who wants that desert. So for them, the Muslims and the Arabs and Quraysh and the Kaaba, everything there was basically darkness javeria This is how the Romans and the Persians so the Arab world, how they saw the Muslims, and the Muslims will take on the superpower in the

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Battle of Mata they will take on the strongest Empire of the time in the Battle of locked up. So how did this battle occur? After the NaVi Sol Salaam, concluded peace with the koresh and he was able to secure and the Muslims of Medina secured the immediate area. And the visa salam, as I said, his first priority was look for peace. koresh didn't become Muslim. But we signed a peace agreement. 10 years no fighting the Jewish tribes around Medina, they entered into a peace treaty with Nabisco, salaam, those who ever wanted to be Muslim could enter Islam, and those who didn't want to be Muslim, no problem, but we're not going to fight one another. You don't attack us, we don't attack

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you. So after the Muslims at entered into this agreement with the kurush, the rest of the Arab tribes either embraced Islam, or they had a peace agreement. So locally, within around Medina, no more problems. Let me show some didn't have to worry that tomorrow, the Quran is going to send an army like they didn't like they didn't have to fight the Muslims. So now hamdulillah the border is secure. Tsunami. So saddam now looks he's Ramadan. I mean, his job is to give the message to the entire world. So when Amazon sends letters to the emperor of Persia, the emperor of Rome, the Emir of Egypt, the king of Abba, senior, all the kings, all the important men in the world, maybe someone

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sends them a letter, inviting them to Islam, and the majority of them they rejected the letter they said, Thank you, but no thanks. We don't want to accept your religion. Of course we know the emperor of Abyssinia the king have ever seen you embraced Islam he became Muslim and the joshy Rahim Allah and

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but to reject the letter, no problem. Law, Crawford D no compulsion in the dean. You can either accept or reject the dean at your own cost. But these are

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way in which you respond. So there'll be so seldom sent an invoice sent a messenger. So that also sends these messengers to hobby with a letter to the emperor of Rome, and the Sahaba, to travel through Syria to get to the emperor of Rome. Now, just again, some understanding between the Muslims and the Romans. They are many Arab tribes, who are allies of the Romans. Arab tribes were Christian, to the Arabs, not Roman, but they were Christian. And they supported the Romans, like basically a colony of Rome. And when they saw these, this group of penis tribe when this Muslim Sahabi passed through, they asked him, What are you doing, he said, I related for the emperor of Rome, from

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Mohammed, Salah, when we looked at the letter, they said, you want our Emperor to follow your religion, we Christians, and you have the audacity to invite us to backward religion, you Arabs have nothing, you know, nothing, you're basically in jail helia, they didn't only reject the message, they took the Sahabi. They tied him up, they burned him, they tortured him, and then they King, the king of the stripe, he personally executed the Sahabi. Now, today, and in the past, it's a policy, you don't kill the messenger, you don't kill a person delivering the message, you like the message, you don't like the message, no problem. He's just delivering the message, you leave him be even

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today, two countries have a fight, they will never attack the ambassador of that country, what they'll do is pack your stuff up and go back to your country. But we know that this is an ugly thing to do, to attack and kill a person delivering a message. So they kill this Christian tribe killed was a hobby delivering the letter of NaVi salsa lamb. And this is a declaration of war. If today, South Africa, maybe you know, we kill the ambassador of another country, automatically, it's a declaration of war. So then obese asylum, now that the borders have been secured, we need to respond to this, we need to bring justice. So the objective of this battle would be that we need to bring

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justice to the Sahaba that was killed. And we need to send a clear message that if you attack us, we will respond as you respond to us. And this is as we sit in better. This is the default position of the Muslim. So we asked should the Muslim always be at war with a non Muslims? Should we always be at peace? The Quran says Allah Subhana says, and respond to them the way they respond to you. If they are attacking you, you need to fight back. And if they are peaceful with you, you're peaceful with them. This is the default position we are with as Muslims with the non Muslims, not all of them are the same. So the prophet SAW Selim

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prepared an army to respond to this aggression by this Arab tribe, in an area called locked up an area where it's basically in Syria and Jordan, on the border of Syria and Jordan, this is where it is, and then abyssal Salam prepared the army. This was not compulsory jihad. So again, we learning these things, the different types of jihad, when Medina is under threat and armies going to invade you, then every man must stand up and defend. But when this is not a issue of being invaded completely, Jihad now is whoever wants to join can join, and 3000 Sahaba sign up that we want to join this army to go fight the jihad against this Arab tribe, and 3000 Muslims, this is the largest

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army to be raised this fall. If we remember the Battle of budget, only 300 Muslims, the Battle of only 1000 3000 is a huge number. In fact, just a few weeks ago, they went on Omar and it was only 2000 Muslims in a matter of weeks. It's 3000. It shows you how Islam people are entering Islam, more and more and more. So 3000 Sahaba sign up that they're going to join the Army, Navy, so solemn, does not join the army. He says personally, he's not going to lead the army, he needs to be in Medina. And therefore he does something which is very unique. he appoints generals to lead the army and the name of the name is given to this battle. The Battle of water is called the Battle of the general so

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the Battle of the leaders because the resource appoints beforehand, specific generals, as if though he knew and he knew that this would come in handy. This would be needed. So in the hadith of body, maybe so someone says, of the lion or the son of Satan, Ahmed, who also participated in the battle said normally the son Abdullah, or a Mullah or the Alon, he was in the battle he was in the army of mortar, and he says a loss messenger appointed three generals, the first he said z demon Hadith, and we'll talk about them now. First Gen Z demon haritha. And if he should die if he's made Shaheed then Jaffa, Robbie Alon would be next in line. And if Jaffer is martyred, the levels of hobby of the law

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even the law the Alliance and appointed three generals, he never did this, he would appoint the general that will be it but he appointed one and if this one dies, then he

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And this one is the next one. So who are these three men and we should know these three men who is even harder on a lot. We don't know who's eight is a big problem. We don't know who's eight even harder is huge problem.

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Maybe so seldom this man's eight even haritha is probably the most beloved man to an obese or seldom. He's the only Sahabi mentioned by name in the Quran. Not aboubaker not Omar not the only Sahabi mentioned by name in the Quran is this date. So is eight, zero the Alon. He was a boy, you lived in a area outside Mecca, and some bandits stole him. He was a young boy, they stole him, and they made him a slave. And he was 10 years old and someone stole him. They kidnapped him, and they made him a slave and they sold him in Mecca.

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This is before Islam, the two years before Islam, and he was standing there as a slave and a lady comes by he sees it's a nice looking boy. I want to buy him her DJ lady Khadija de la Mancha. She buys aid as a slave like never Yusuf was bought. And when she gets married to Nabisco Salaam, she gives us a gift in the basis of the slave boy z, this will be your gift as medical gifts. Now, Visa Salam was an orphan. He lived as an orphan, and he didn't see his aid as a slave but there are the same as a son. And he treated his aid so wonderfully so nicely. This is before obeso son became an OB he was just a normal ordinary man.

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Two, three years later, the father of zayde comes to Makkah and recognize this is my son. This is the one they stole from me. And he goes to an abyssal Salaam and he says of Mohammed, Nagisa wasn't an idiot. This is my son. Let me buy my son back from you. Is your slave any price you want? I'm his father. Let me buy zayde from you. And obeso salaam tells eight you free to go The choice is yours. You can either stay or you can go. No price needed, though, as you do, as you please. And Zaid says, look at the words is that I do not prefer any one over you. You have taken the place of my father and my mother. This is before to be socialist and to be right just as a man said you I've never seen

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someone treating me so nice. And I don't ever want to part from your side details that he tells his father, I would prefer staying with this man as a slave, then to go back as your son and then be so solemn, did something to say by the hand and he walked to the curb and he says oh kurush Listen here from today. This boy's age shall be known as aid the son of Mohammed, I adopt him as my son, he will inherit from me and I will inherit from him before Islam before Allah abolished this rule that when you adopted someone, they became like a biological son. And from that point, he was called Zaid, even Mohammed, some of the youngest Sahaba. Like even at birth, they said we never knew that Zaid

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wasn't the son of them. We always thought he was gonna be some son that he was at when Mohammed until many years later Allah would abolish the rule and say, Allah Subhana, Allah reveals in the ayah, call them your adopted children, by the names of the fathers. It is more just in the sight of Allah, when you adopt somebody, he remains the son of it biologically, he's always that man, son. You can't say he marries that man's daughter, because they brother and sister, right? So Allah is preserving biologically the rights, the lineage of people. So Allah says, called him by the names it is more just in the sight of Allah, and if you do not, but if you do not know the fathers, then they

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are your brothers in the religion and those entrusted to you. After this ayah was revealed, the date becomes even hotter. But up to that point, no man was evil, gold, even Mohammed, the son of Mohammed, except Zaid, so we add all the things to his resume. Now visa summarize them. He was like the son of Navy so seldom, he was also of the first for people to become Muslim. We don't know who was the first Muslim. There are four people that could have been the first either abubaker either Khadija, either Ali Hussein, so he's one of the first full people he could have actually been the first man to become Muslim. And as I said, He's the only Sahabi mentioned in the Quran. And just to

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show you his father and his greatness and his position, listen to this hadith of I shall have the alarm, I should say is rhodiola and then abyssal Salaam, never ever synced an army with aid was in that army, except that they was made the General of the Army. No one ever laid z even abubaker. And she says had Zaid been alive after the death of Navy so Salaam, he would have been the halifa who is Ayesha? And who is her father? Abubakar is her father. Her father became the Khalifa. She's saying that had Zaid lived he would have been the haleiwa shows you the status of this man.

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Just to add on to that the last Hadeeth Zaida passed away and his son

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Send Osama right so the only Osama we know is sama bin Laden but you should know that isn't Osama bin Zayed and this man Osama Rite Aid is like a son Osama is like a grandson. Nabis awesome love Osama like the left has an insane In fact, his nickname was hip bourassa the Beloved of Nagisa sanlam when someone did something wrong, they wouldn't go directly to the reason they said Osama you go and soften the blow speak to me so someone might be half. This is how to love sama. On his deathbed. nevison said he Osama is the most beloved to me after his father. This wouldn't be so sad moments before he died a day or two before he passed away. And you can see to the Sahaba this man

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Osama, I love him more than anyone else. As I loved his father, only his father I loved more than him. So this is zayde, the first General of the Army. The next gen is Jaffer of the alarm. We look at the resume of the Sahaba Jaffer, the son of Abu Talib. He's the brother of scenario the alarm and the cousin first cousin of Nabhi. So Salaam their first cousins,

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Ali and Abby's also also first cousins but there's a huge age gap between them. So they didn't grow up together. Jaffa is a lot closer in Asian of Esau Selim. So they grew up like brothers from childhood. They may be slipped next to one another played with one another children. Jaffer of Yolanda VESA Lambo are like brothers for all intensive purposes. And he became Muslim very, very early on like Sonali Jaffa became Muslim. Very early on now visa will cease to Jaffer you resemble me the most in looks and in character, right.

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So with Jaffer of the Allah we talk about his story but when he became Muslim, in the early days of Islam when the Muslims were so weak, they couldn't even make Sala publicly, they couldn't even go to the cover. The operation became so severe those Muslims who had the means they were told to make hegira to and we said at the senior, the first place the first people that took Muslims in with the Christians or ever senior, alright, it's final Allah says in the Quran, you'll find those with the softest hearts the Muslims are those who say we are nesara because there are some pious people amongst the Masada in terms of the character. This is in the Quran. Right? Not all the foreigners we

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said are the same. Yeah, those are the first people to take in Muslim refugees with the Christians have ever senior sunedison sent his daughters. He sent off man he sent those Sahaba who could manage to leave, you go to a senior and they you will start a Muslim community. But like any community, it needs an Imam. It needs a leader. And they appointed Jaffer of the Alon as the leader and become a big issue. Because

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this man we spoke about the loss or the Alon. He was the minister of the Qureshi ever senior. They were not happy that the Muslims had run away and lived in Abba senior. So I'm gonna ask those to the king of Abba senior and he had a relationship with the king. He said send these people back to us the mafia. These are criminals. We want to deal with them. Right so the king was fee abarbanel asked he's also hobby yet and that's why Remember last week we said before he became a Muslim. He said wait, I went to you in a visa Salah make dua Allah forgives me because he has blood on his hands. Look at what he tried to do. He told the king of Abba senior Listen, yeah, these people ran away.

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send them back to us to Makkah, they're gonna cause mischief in your land. We You and I are friends. He gave a bribe even to the king of every senior. He has gifts and money whatever you want to send them back we'll deal with them. The king was a fair man. He said I want to hear from them. what they have to say the Muslims who's gonna stand before the king Lisa Jaffa you go use them before the king. And this is speech. The Jaffa maid shows you what Islam is all about. This man. The Christian King says I want to hear about Islam. So Jaffer comes forward, and he says, oh, Your Majesty, we used to be a people of ignorance. We worshipped idols. We did animals, we committed great sins, we

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severed family ties, and we acted according to the law of janelia. There was no law there was no system the way we we used to believe that survival was only for the fittest only the strong should rule the week. This is how things are like in Makkah, until a law since from amongst us a prophet so solemn, who was known of his noble character and dissent, his honesty and trustworthiness. Allah appointed a man amongst us, we all knew was a good man. We know him. I grew up with him. We knew that he was the best of us. And what does he do? He calls us to worship Allah alone, La ilaha illAllah nothing else. He doesn't tell us to worship Him. give him money. No, all he says is to

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worship Allah alone and stay away from the worship of idols. He orders us to speak the truth and to fulfill the trust that we have taken on. He ordered us to keep family ties and to be good to our neighbors and stay away from Haram. He told us not to commit he

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And not to speak falsely, not to take the property of the weak and the often, or to accuse chaste women of Xena. He also taught us to believe in Allah and to worship Him alone, and to reject anything which is worship besides Allah.

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He's saying before we allowed as we took what was halaal we made her arm and we made her arm what was halaal and we harassed and abused other people we used to fight and kill one another. And then a last one, send this man to teach us what was right. And then he concludes by saying, we were oppressed and abused by our people because of what we are saying, because we want to worship Allah alone, our own people began to abuse us, because we tell them it is wrong, to inherit women against their will it is wrong to harm the orphan or to beat the slave or to worship idols because we say that our own people abused us and oppressed us, our own people fought so now we come to you in your

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kingdom as refugees, and we hope to be staying silent. Right? This is a speech Jaffa gave to any non Muslim asks you what is your religion all about? Just take the speech of Jaffa and said this is my religion. This is what we say to the king of ever senior. This is our religion all about in a nutshell. Just to continue the story. So and to show us I'm going to be the last so when he gave the speech the king sits on how can I choose? Obviously these people on the right you can stay here with us. He played a game underhand blow you know, he gave a dirty a cheap shot. He said, Wait, King, ask them what they say about a sir. The king is christian right? We know what the Christians believe

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with regards in Ibiza. Ask them what they say about Jesus. Even as he sees assistance, he don't say that. If you see that the king is going to kill them. We don't want to kill the least allow family. I'm gonna say I don't care if the king kills them. I don't care. This is gonna last was and so the king asked. So what do you say about Jesus? And Jaffa ultimately cited verses of surah Maria, speaking about how Allah chose her and purified and blessed her with a son. That was no father. And then he concluded that we don't worship anyone besides Allah. And at that point, the king embraced Islam said this is the true religion of Isa. He cried and he became Muslim as how King Weber senior

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became Muslim. So this is who Jaffer was 15 years later, he comes back to Medina right after his living and being the leader of the Muslims and a senior he now comes back to Medina now visa Salaam hugs him of the great victories. I don't know what's more happier to me that we won this great battle. Well, that Jaffer is going to be with us Jaffa wasn't a for better and awkward, yet. He's made second in command of the xid is general number two. As for general number three of the law, even though I heard about the law, he was from Medina. And this is how nobody so Salah would do it. It was a group of people, you would appoint leaders from each group, each clan, so no one is felt

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like they left out. He was from the people of Medina, and he's the first who became Muslim. He was of those that invited me so Salah come to Medina, and he was of the most busiest in the hour. He was also Medina's best poets, highly intelligent, very eloquent, very witty in his speech, and he saw all the battles bothered and rode in the train. She was a big believer, everything to his resume from when he became Muslim. He was in the service of the dean. And he basically was the man who was encouraging the Sahaba throughout the battle, right? He's the poet. So he's giving speeches all the time, you know about fighting. And as he leaves as he leaves Medina and obeso salaam sees the army

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of he greets them all as they leave Medina. And he, Abdullah Harada line must have had a sense of humor also. Because he's basically telling the people I'm going and don't expect that I'm coming back. I've made my knee I'm going to be a Shahid I'm not coming back. And I believe that all I had on the lawn is like son said, I'm so sad I make do all that you come back and use within the army actually make dua, that you'll be safe and you come back and he says, Why are you making like this door? Look, we have one camel that we need to share. I want to be a Shaheed so I will die, and then you get the camel. So it's win win for both of us to make this you know, so let me do that I die in

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the battle and you get the camera we both win. Right? So you must have had a sense of humor and him and you know, so he's the one encouraging the Sahaba

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they'll be so solemn gives a last directive to this. Remember, he's a part of this battle, and he reminds them of the most important stuff. And he tells the generals and it tells the army fight the disbelievers In the name of Allah, but neither breach a covenant. No don't entertain treachery. If you make an agreement with someone they don't break your word. And under no circumstances a newborn child we women when old man we personally hermit is not involved in this should be killed. Neither tree should be cut or homes demolished. This is the last advice he gives the army now this isn't just

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Watch how you conduct yourself. Do your job fight the army and that's it. The visa Sahaba now 3000 of them they leave on a Juma How do we know what to do tomorrow because one of the soldiers the army left before Jamal sada and he thought, What's better do I leave for the army and Miss Juma? right they Musashi from Juma or should I stay and perform Juma Salah with an abyssal Salaam and then join the army, even a bus of the Juma says I'm gonna stay in one more Jamaat, I might die, last chance of Juma. So after gemasolar, maybe some C's, or even a person says, didn't you sign up for the army? She decided, I'm going to join them. Now I just want to have one more tomorrow with you. And the

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responses will lie. If you had to spend everything in the world and the seven somehow work in charity, you would not get the same reward as if though if you live with the army immediately that you actually lost out by saying Yeah, right. So we know that was on a Friday. And the so how even a boss rush then you joined the army in the army, there's obviously priorities that you had even above the Juma the Sahaba. Now march for two weeks through the desert, and they about to come upon the tribe. The objective was to fight this tribe that killed the Sahaba. Not to fight the Romans not to fight all of Christianity. The job was 3000 of us, we are going to fight those who killed the

00:31:18--> 00:32:00

ambassador. But obviously, as the traveling word spreads, and all the Christian tribes of the area joined together, and the Roman Emperor sins, legions of Roman soldiers, proper soldiers now to support the allies. They see this army and now how big is this army? We have Roman sources we have the Muslim sources put it at 100,000 200,000 men, right? This is exaggeration. Sometimes you exaggerate the number, you maybe see a group of people and think it's a lot bigger than they were, we know that the most what we do know the Muslims will significantly outnumber the lowest estimate, even if we use the Roman estimates 10,000 plus, that's the lowest estimate 3000 against 10,000. So

00:32:00--> 00:32:36

each man has to fight three men, we have a battle, you see one man fighting three men, who's your money gonna be on? Right? So this was a huge number. And we know when the Sahaba saw this army, it must have been huge, because they stopped for two days to discuss what are we going to do? So how about the fourth and one every time they were always inferior in number, and they fought bravely this time they stopped this wait. We didn't come to fight the Romans. We didn't come to fight all the Christian tribes, just one tribe, we're gonna fight they about 3000, maybe 3000 would have been a fair fight. But we didn't come with this huge number. And they actually deliberated for two days.

00:32:36--> 00:33:05

So how about what should we do? What should we do? One group said, Look, our job was not to fight the Romans, not to have an international war with the superpower. We came here to show some strength to put these people in the place. We basically come into the tub showed our strength. Let's go back to Medina. We've done the job. second group says look, no, we stay here. We seen someone two weeks to Medina, two weeks back, we stay here for a month, year from now, on, what should we do? Right? So per month, we're going to stay in enemy territory.

00:33:07--> 00:33:43

A third opinion was of course we go when we fight and this was the opinion of xiidra the alarm General, but still and shows you again how leadership should be he consulted with his army. And he realized some groups that we should find some groups that we should stay behind. Some said we should go to an abyssal salon, and he consulted with them. His opinion was we should go and fight to give you an example of this issue. Side note to avoid a lot a lot. Right. So how do you reach the most ideal? He became a Muslim Around this time, so he never fought in bother and hurt in any of these battles. When he saw the armies, he was shocked. And one of the companions said you look shocked.

00:33:43--> 00:34:19

You look like worried what's what's the issue with this huge army. We didn't come to fight this. So this hobby said you will not bother like I was they also we were outnumbered and remember, and we know that victory is not about numbers. When it comes to the dean. It doesn't matter about numbers. And therefore they made his decision. He said, we're going to fight but he wanted to bring all the arts together. So he asked about the labor law. Remember, he's the poet he's the man encouraging and he said you give a speech to them and encourage them. We're gonna fight this this is a bigger number than we expected. This is the lion's den we entering. But I want you to encourage them in and he

00:34:19--> 00:35:00

gives a beautiful speech shorts, but it does the fact he says I swear by Allah, that this what you are fearing this fear that you're feeling the thing that you're worried about, you're worried about dying. This is the objects of which you have set out to do this which you feel is the reason why you left Medina, you left Medina she can be Shaheed and you'll announce in front of you and you are afraid and our fights remember mother and all these battles now seven years of fighting. We don't count numbers of soldiers or equipment. This means nothing at all. The man in Allah has honored us with that victory comes with a man. We know the Sahaba we know that we are we

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

Number but the victory lies in the last hand. So you have a choice. Oh Sahaba you have to. If you fight you have two conclusions that can happen. If you fight either Allah gives you one of two victories. Either you win the battle, you win the war and you win. Or you fight and you die and you Shaheed and you hit the big victory in general. So this is a win win for you. What are you worried about? And after Yang This is a harbor, remember and remember so how do we mean people that were not angels? They felt fear looking at a proper Roman army soldiers. These were full time soldiers. So how do we not put them so some of them were farm sheep farmers, you know, they they work discipline

00:35:37--> 00:35:51

blacksmith now they put the armor on the fighting proper Roman soldiers. And after the speech Sahaba made up their mind, we can engage in battle and Charla next week continue with a war of the Battle of Makkah in sha Allah.

00:35:52--> 00:36:29

Just a few few announcements that reminder for those to email me. Few brothers have emailed me and made requests and I'm slowly responding each other it's a very busy time at work, we go out and show everything goes well at all right. So then we can also focus more on the Dow when those things but the dunia takes its time you know. Then we have our Sierra class again because of the dunya. Unfortunately, we postponing Tuesday's class to next week. So we skipping to this Tuesday coming, I won't be available. And next week after that we'll continue with the CLR we beginning the period of Medina and then excellent excellent programming all of us should attend. Right. We are very

00:36:29--> 00:37:02

fortunate to have showkat macadam from center is the director center, and he will be giving a lecture q&a on purifying your music. So q&a on zaca. Many of us, myself included, we never studied dacarbazine madrasa we never studied zakka properly and one of the pillars of Islam. And one of the things we're going to be asked about loss of data, how did you earn your music? How do you spend it? I work for a company they earn interest, they sell alcohol, can I work for the company? Can I earn a salary? What if I invest in that company? What is the car what is haram? All these questions we have

00:37:04--> 00:37:36

the very least we need to go and understand and learn so we can know where we are with Allah subhanaw taala so it's Tuesday evening of the mother inshallah sorry, Wednesday evening, the 12th of August Wednesday. It's Wednesday coming off the mouth lips Allah will inshallah have this discussion, the q&a with brahma shokran condom, everyone is invited is in the masjid, free of charge, no cost in sha Allah. And we just offered older brothers a team just like women available as police for women and as well right so anyone making male and female Sharla any other