Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #249 – We Need To Fix This

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how some candidates, including those who may be experiencing similar issues, need to be treated with as if they just won a battle. They stress the importance of family and support for those who are not doing well in their lives. The speaker also talks about how some candidates may be facing negative comments or comments from people who are not their type.
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Most converts don't feel welcome and message sheets. And that's just facts. It's sad. It shouldn't be that way. But it's true. Most converts don't feel comfortable and messages because they don't they feel like they're going to be judged. Or, or that's like the worst, I guess, be judged or be, you know, sort of called out for some sort of, you know, inadequacy that they are perceived to have in their practice of faith, or because there's simply no one goes out of their way to kind of welcome that. And that's something that I experienced when I was a Muslim. Wonderful. When I when I can rarely one of the last things I did was start going to the messaging, I kind of in my mind, I

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wanted to kind of know enough of what I was doing first before just going in, yeah, maybe having someone say something to me, and you know, you're not doing this right, or you're not doing that right, or why are you here, you know? So eventually, eventually I did start going. And it probably it took a few weeks, if not months for someone to even say salam to me, right. So most people they're not they're just, they're in a state of the muffler. They're, they're not they're not living their lives intentionally. You know what I mean? So you come to the machine, and you have your clique of friends, and you say salaam to your friends, and you listen to the clip, but you go home,

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right? You go out to eat afterwards, you only invite your friends, right? That's not a very intentional way to be. It's fun. It's cool. It's not haram. Like we're not saying that it's like a sinful, but you're not even thinking are aware that there's other people that maybe they struggled so hard to just come to the masjid that day, right. And maybe they're just like, maybe they're having a hard time in their lives. And they're just hoping, hoping that anybody would just say something nice to them. And it's just not even on your radar. Because you just came to the masjid do what you normally did. Say hi to the people you knew you're not worshiping. You're not worshiping

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Allah through your relationships or your friendships through your time, right through your sociability or your affability. And that's what is said, that's the next level. If you're looking as like, oh, you know, in a rut, or I'm stuck, I'm kind of doing the same things. You're looking for the next level in your faith to start being intentional with your friendship and your time and things like that. Go out of your way to say hi and salaam to people that you don't know people who look different from you, people who you wouldn't otherwise be naturally friends, you might be uncomfortable, might be awkward at first, right? Not just say hi, you know how you doing? But yeah,

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maybe invite them to a meal, maybe invite them over your house. And that's the thing that I think candidates need more than anything. And we've said it before in these videos that conrex need family, they don't need books, they don't need

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lessons instructions. I don't I don't mean to say they don't need them. They've got that stuff taken care of the big need that they have that's not being met is family, social support friends, people who are willing to go you know, take them out to lunch or just share time with them. Because it's can be extremely lonely and alienating to be to be a new Muslim. And why it's important is because a lot of Muslims don't want to admit this. But even if you're born into a Muslim family, a lot of people born to a Muslim family have the same experience. The converts have, you know, there's people who are born into Muslim families, they have Muslim names, they don't know how to pray, they don't

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know anything about Islam, they know how to read the Quran, they certainly can't recite Surah Fatiha correctly, and they come to them and they're afraid to come to the masjid.

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They're just like the Kandra someone's gonna judge them and it's gonna be worse for them because they're from this family or this culture where they're expected to know and we do a bad job of that. And the messy we have this whole like, you know, Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy where everybody's just like, pretending that we're really pious people and pretending that we're really great. And obviously, I'm the last person to advocate anybody flaunting their sin. But we're on the other extreme, where we're kind of act like, you know, we're a certain level of piety and we're not going to necessarily admit the fact that yeah, that people are showing up with the maybe the first time

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they've been to the meshi in 10 years. Yeah, and those people need to be treated with as if they just won a battle you know, they need to be like treated like they just won the World Cup. Seriously, you did you want the World Cup against shaytaan like all these years, he's been fighting you and you finally beat him and you made it to the messy like that that person should be welcomed like a hero, right and right now, unfortunately, we're not doing that.

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