Shady Alsuleiman – The Story Of Barseesa

Shady Alsuleiman
AI: Summary © The sh matter, including the journey of the sh matter, has the history of the sh matter, including the struggles of a soldier and a woman in Islam's "fitness" zone. A woman in her family's family fell into the path of Islam and is now a sister of a younger man's death, losing her father's wealth. A woman who passed away while on a journey with her sister and was buried with a baby and killed by a judge. The woman had a reputation for protecting her sister and was hesitant to share her secret.
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Li qu

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and today I wanna share with you a story that's been mentioned in the past.

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I started from the stories of B'nai Israel,

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in which the Prophet Mohammed Salah al Salaam says habito Ambani ala Hara, Nara of benefits that are without any harm. And this story is a story about seesaw.

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In which connects to the topic that we are talking about today. Heather shaitan seduces you and manipulates you to do hello and he starts with minor steps, and then eventuates to be major sins.

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a great ibid a great worshipper of Allah subhana wa tada from the previous nations. The nation of Benny saw him he was respected. He was honored. He was held in high esteem. It was

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a people wanted to speak about righteousness. They'll mention about seesaw.

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If people wanted to speak about poverty, don't mention about seesaw, it's about seesaw. You want an advice guys?

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You want to connect to Allah subhana wa tada Gan seek advice from Lisa it is both Lisa and Lisa worship Allah subhanho wa Taala for 17 years.

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Ongoing worship to Allah subhana wa tada regular worship and regularly in the state of worshipping Allah azza wa jal 70 years you could imagine 70s worshipping Allah azza wa jal in a temple in a place of worship.

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Just always and constantly in the temple worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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One day that just comes with Allah subhana wa Tada.

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No one is free from that test.

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No one is free from that test. Not me, not you, not none.

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Every single one of us is open up to this test. Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to test you until that moment.

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So now three righteous brothers during the time of birth Caesar who wanted to embark on a journey, and some narration said he wanted to embark on a journey of jihad together find a path of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But they were held up.

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They were held up because I had a sister that I needed to take care of. But at the same time, I wanted to please Allah azza wa jal and go in a journey of jihad, to find the path of Allah azza wa jal, the end of the agenda, if not the victorious, and they own the roads from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But they how they oppose their sister, they needed a safe place for them to put the sister. They thought about it, they discussed amongst each other and they said the only person that we could resort to is mercy. So

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he's the righteous, trustworthy, honorable, pious, and a bright person. Let's

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see, so I want to embark on the journey of jihad. But we are holed up because of our sister

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cipher, our support system, would you be kind enough to take care of our sister because you are the only trustworthy person that we can trust?

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initially at the beginning, but Cesar said, No, he was hesitant. I'm too busy in the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala can afford to waste any time in the care of people. Did I end up saying he declined at the beginning? No, no, no, no, no, but after pressure from those three righteous brothers, but please, I want to do something for the sake of a large soldier who wanna fight for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada who want to uphold the deen of Allah azza wa jal by our sisters holding us back and we are the only solution in making this possible. Barbarossa continued to decline decline then he thought about an after pressure he gave him he said but subject to you build

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a small house for her next to my temple. And this interaction that connection is haraam.

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I can see how sit down with her without a Mohammed Tara I feel as though I

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am the largest member Cesar and Subhana Allah see how shaitan started started with the facade. The appearance is good shaitan always starts with something very good from the very beginning. He gives you something very delightful, something very honorable looking

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through this, but then the end goal is evil. shaitan never ever think for a second that goodness for you. Even if he shows you and proposes to you or gives you something that looks very good rejected.

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So I gave him

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and then the brothers embarked on the journey in finding the path of Allah subhana wa tada and they built before the agenda before the departure they built a small house next to the temple of vasilisa football season to take care of the system and now

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They go

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live with this young lady, this young woman, the sister of this righteous men who are willing to sacrifice their life for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So they did righteous people embarking on a journey of jihad. Without a doubt these people are sacrificing the ultimate sacrifice. And now about Caesar, he's very observant, very cautious, doesn't want to give me any harm. He knows, mixing with the opposite gender and what the shaitan can do, as the problem says, if there's a strange man with a strange woman by themselves, you know oscillated price in an isolated place. And there's no third party, especially the third one a monster. Cyber says I was very cautious at the very

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beginning. And but since I was very caring, because they wanted to do a favor, they wanted to pay the favor. I wanted to do a favor for those Rogers, people are fighting in a part of our lives origin. So initially, we'll take the food, and make sure that he puts the food on the doorstep, knocks on the door and walks away. I can't speak to this woman.

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And then they start to come and manipulate him whisper which was put in his mind. But Cesar, you're taking care of this poor lady, you are taking care of the sister of this righteous men.

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But it's not enough. Maybe she's sick, maybe she'll maybe she needs something, just putting the food there is not good enough.

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just leaving the food there and walking away. Maybe she needs something. Maybe she needs some or maybe she needs someone to speak to maybe she needs something. And she's too embarrassed or shy to speak to you. What can you at least knock on the door next time and speak to her. So he did. Initially, he resisted that now's the villa, this can open up the doors shut down when it comes to my brothers in Islam.

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knocks on the door, doesn't expect you to open the door. But all you have to do just attend to the door. And that's good enough for him.

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And that's exactly what happened to Bursa. And that's exactly what happens to a lot of us. So now after shaitana a place, whispering and manipulating Caesar for him to attend to this poor lady to the sister of the righteous Mujahideen or righteous brothers who went on a Jihad journey. He knocked on the door this time after in the past, who actually just leaves the door, leaves the food on the doorstep and then walks away. But this time he knocked on the door said Salaam Alaikum. How are you? Is there anything that I can assist you with? And she replied, and the soft sweet voice into the heart and the mind of birth. So when I'm thinking about the beautiful sweet boys, thinking about it,

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and this is a righteous man, never been in a never been in a woman in his past, been worshipping Allah subhana wa tada for the last 17 years in the state of worship. If people wanted to speak about righteousness, don't mention but if people wanted to speak about obedience to Allah azza wa jal, they'll mention bossa nova for the first time interacts with a woman by listening to her.

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And then he walks away. And I'm not saying hey, the voice of a woman or any of that, but the situation the circumstance here, being alone, she's gotten a guardian. She's gone up guardians, and he's on his own.

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And then, Bursa thinks about this beautiful sweet voice of this poor lady that's been left behind. She's got no one there. She can be the perfect prey by the shape on but then the resistance and no worry. If you don't give me something hard on this. No, I'm gonna do something that will disobey Allah azza wa jal. But then, time and time again.

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And shaitan whispering in the month of mercy, so now you need to check up on her. That's not good enough. You've been entrusted with this trust. her brothers are falling in the path of Allah subhana wa Tada. You need to be there for them and you need to be there for the sister.

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Speaking there is not good enough. You need to sit down and check up on her. Maybe there's something that she wants to speak to you about. But she's showing you need to break that barrier.

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No, no, not the beginning. But seasons resisting This is harder. No, I can disobey Allah azza wa jal, this will open other doors, but the end versus I gave him

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and then he sat down with him.

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And then he looked at her. First, there was no contact. Second, he heard her voice. Third, he looked at her, but I can't touch.

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I can't do anything wrong. He just looked at her and walked away. And all night thinking about this beautiful face.

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And the sweet voice of this poor lady, that she has no one to protect her no one to look after her. And then bosses will start to think about it. You know what? I need to engage with him or maybe she needs something. Maybe she's sorry for her to tell me what she needs. Let me sit down with him more and more. So I sat down with it spoke to her looked at her dumpster and then eventually he came in at the hydrometer

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fornicated will either Bella

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the man

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righteousness and piety now commits haram Xena.

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Yes, he did. And not only that she fell pregnant.

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This is a disaster for Bursa. But Caesar is the man with the reputation.

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He's the man of honor respect, people flock to Caesar from far away just to check up on policies or even speak to seek advice from Bossa Nova. Cesar is that criminal that had committed the Haram

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is thinking about it. This lady

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is a sister of righteous people.

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And she's pregnant.

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And if her brothers come back and find out they're gonna say,

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what did this child come from? Siobhan is telling. Lisa, what are you gonna do about it? Lisa? You've been working so hard to earn a very good reputation. Now you've destroyed the ones these brothers come back and find out what you've done. You gone. It's the end of you. So shaitan came to Caesar whispered in his mind.

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You know, you need to maintain your reputation but Caesar your righteous man feola xojo says What did you do? And who's behind all this? shaitan but we give in the end of the day, Allah Subhana Allah has limited what the shaitan can do to us. Nothing more than insinuation nothing more than whispering.

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subversives start to think about what I'm gonna do, I'm stuck. I've got myself into this mess. What am I gonna do? Sasha Tom gave him an idea. Go and kill her.

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Go and kill her get rid of her. And then when the brothers returned back from the journey on the Oscar about their sister just said to them, she fell sick. She was so ill, and she passed away in the Leela or in LA Rajon, he thought about it, you know, I've already committed the major sin Marisol font, another major sin, see the tricks of the shape on he starts with something small, something big, and then becomes a domino effect, a ripple effect, it continue forming into more major scenes. Okay, since I've done it the first time, I might as well do it the second time, I've done it twice. Although photons, photons do tend towards tones, you know, it becomes easy to 100

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times. And that's exactly what happens to us from my center another scene but at the very beginning, not why.

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But then eventuates to committing a sin every.

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Now but since I stuck, he thought about it, the only way out of this mess. The only way out of this

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disaster that he had put himself in is for him to kill this poor lady and bury her own the brothers come back. She felt sick, she was ill, she passed away. I'm sorry to tell you that and break the bad news to our Veritas Salam aleikum. Thank you very much.

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And then but since I can continue with his normal religious life, so he did,

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from a funny character to imatra

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and he murdered a pregnant woman and some narration say she even delivered birth to that child and it also murdered him. And he buried her.

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Over the course of time, the three brothers returned back from their journey.

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The first thing they wanted to do is to go and check up on the sister that they missed. Coming to this house entering this L SR system is down there. Okay, let's go on aspersa birsa was our system. Look, I'm sorry to tell you the bad news she passed away from she falls sick, she was very ill. And she died from the illness very bitter. And autumn Allah is

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working very much condolences to you

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handled. We just went on for in the path of a large xojo was surrendered to Allah subhanaw taala.

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It's Allah subhanho wa Taala His divine destiny he so after a detour that we can object. If Allah azza wa jal wanted our sister to die from an illness, then there'll be

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that night, they slipped.

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And they had a vision, they had a dream. And so Pamela, amazingly, and by coincidence, each one of them had the exact same dream. What was that dream each one of them saw in their dreams that their sister was buried at a particular place with a baby next to her.

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The following morning, the older brother wanted to mention this to his two other brothers, but I was hesitant you know, it's not his dream for you to even relate to even mentioned to your brothers. So I said, Look, I saw this dream yesterday, but I'm just reluctant hesitant to share it with you. So they said no, please, please, because we also saw something very disturbing. But we were also reluctant his intervention the TE se said yesterday, so in the dream such that such our sister was buried with a child next to her and she was murdered. You could see the actual murder and slaughter on her neck. And she was buried at this such place, the second one second in it, and he said, You

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know what, yes. Also the exact same time and the third one said

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Yes, that's exactly what I saw. Come on. That can't be by coincidence. There's gotta be something from behind these, you know, let's get divorced. Lisa,

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Lisa, Lisa, tell the truth.

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Given the

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three of us, so the exact same dream, so the one to the grave, and they saw their sister being slaughtered, and a child next to her boss says, What's this? dunloy say the truth.

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So about since I gave in and he said, Look, I'll be honest with you. That's what happened. 123 I interacted with her unlawfully. I committed the Zina with her.

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She fell pregnant. I was afraid and petrified. When you return, you find out what I've done. I've got a reputation for me to

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preserve and protect, and I had to do this action. Well, you have to pay the price. Got to the judge got to the ruler. Well, his judgment isn't the verdict. retaliation. He killed you get killed in return.

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Now about seesaw stuck.

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He got himself in a very deep and ugliness who comes to him shaitan again

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comes about Caesar and he tells us about Caesar You know,

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I'm saying

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you know I am I am shaitan Oh go in dismiss. And you know what, I'll take you out of this mess.

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you're the righteous man. But he said that people always praise and speak off

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the other honorable verses or that people when they speak about righteousness and piety they mentioned your name are going in dismiss. And I can take it out of this means so persistent said twice anything but they come out of dismiss it said subject to one condition.

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You do one thing for me and I'll take you out of this mess.

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But since I is in a situation you can imagine and at the end of the day, if not just put them in that mess. He put himself in that mess with his actions. He can blame the shape on you blame yourself because that's what he says in the

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suburbs he said yes, please take me out of this mess. Lupo Garmin sofian

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Please take me out of this mess. Say said Do one thing for me and I'll take it out of this mess. What is it? It's a prostrate to me.

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Make sense for me. And I'll take it out of this mess. bursaries are thinking about it. I'm gonna make sense to to the enemy of Allah and the enemies of Islam. I'm gonna make sense at the discretion of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala. But thinking about it, he's in a very, very deep mess that he needs to save himself. He needs to salvage his reputation here. So he thought about it. He said, Okay, I'll prostrate to you. But you take madam dismiss such nonsense should rest assure the old take it out of this mess. Cyber Caesar prostrate into the shape on and she told him goodbye, walked away. It was crucified, killed as a loss of power Natasha says came after the shade Bonnie, it's

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been a little incentive for the example of the shaper when he told the man disbelieve in Allah subhana wa tada Fela macabre kala, anybody or mink in LA. I mean, when he just believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala shaitan said, I feel Allah, the Lord of the universe.

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Shape shaitan my brothers in Islam

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drags you toes you step after step from something small, to something bigger to something major. And then it's the end of

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the lecture you down and tell you about the shape on and the evenness of the shape. And that's something we're all grew up with. But our problem is, why do we listen to the shape on

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why we own the shape I wants to destroy us.

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