Story Of A Woman From The People Of Jannah

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My Muslim mela merciless soul, collected in her study from the liberation of Allah.

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He said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I entered.

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And when I entered I heard some noise. Somebody moving in there, I said Who is this? They said, this is a long way

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into Manhattan.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sees a woman in general.

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What's the story of that woman? socata Allah.

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When we read in the history of Islam,

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we find out that this woman is the embodiment of patience, and acceptance of the color of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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She was married

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to somebody by the name of Malika.

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And when Islam came, she was from Al Ansari, she accepted Islam. And once she accepted Islam, she invited her own husband to Islam.

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How can you worship a God that somebody

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made out of wounds?

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Don't you have common sense?

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And the man said to her, listen, Mohammed

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came with religion, that prohibits alcohol, and I cannot stop drinking. And he refused. And he asked me to join him and go to Belarus.

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And to emigrate, and she refused. And he went there, and he passed away. He passed away.

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So many men proposed to her.

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And she used to refuse them

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he proposed to her and he was.

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And she said to him,

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she said, you cannot be refused. But you're not a Muslim.

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If you were to accept this, this is my daughter, this is my mom.

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And later on, I accepted Islam and he came to her and he said, can I marry you? She said, Yes.

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Then that was the dawn in the history of Islam, because it was the conversion of her husband, you know, into Islam.

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And so parent, Allah, Allah Subhana, Allah bless them with a child.

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And once they have that child,

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and he told her take care of the child.

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And after

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the child passed away,

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he was very young

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said to her neighbors.

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do not tell my husband, he comes back about the death of our child. I'll be the one who will inform him. And when he came back from traveling, look at the woman she owes her child. She beautified herself.

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And she got the best food for her husband. And she washed the money of the kids. And she put him in bed.

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He asked

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him, I said,

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she said to him, he's in bed, and he's sleeping. He will never move again. That's again, it is a metaphor. She doesn't want to tell him he died.

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Then the man said to him, so as long as he's asleep. I'm not gonna wake him up. And he ate dinner with her

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and he slept

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And then in the morning, of course, he would love to see the child.

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Then before he went to South and

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she told him

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If we bought something from our neighbors, and they came back to claim it, how would you react to that?

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It's there's a pilot.

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Why didn't you tell me last night? I have my son

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and I would be sleeping with you are enjoying food.

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I will go and I will complain to the profits.

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And he went to the profits. And he told him the story. And the professor asked him

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Did you sleep with your wife last night?

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may Allah subhana wa Tada. Bless for you both insha Allah and his wife became pregnant and within nine month window.

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Medina Subhana Allah His wife almost felt the pain of the labor of delivery.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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all of whom memorize the Book of Allah subhanho wa Taala