Muhammad West – Izzah – Episode 21 – Hudaybiyyah

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the struggles of Muslims against enemies and the need for peace, including the treaty of the ambassador of Colombia. They emphasize the importance of acceptance and faith in Islam's ability to save lives and achieve peace. The success of Islam in protecting women and men is also highlighted, along with its importance in spreadting peace and happiness in Africa. The speakers emphasize the importance of unity and obedience in achieving peace and happiness, and the need for individuals to show their faith in Islam. They also discuss the importance of learning about Islam in the future and its influence on politics and conflict between Islam and politics.
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All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala is once again favorite each and every one of us to be in his house to write for us, amen and we hope that in sha Allah we die upon this email and be resurrected on this email May this day of Juma be a light between this week and next week and a forgiveness of all the things that we do for allies, Most Merciful, most kind Alhamdulillah we come to the conclusion today of our series, part three of the days of Zen glory, and we then the series for those of you who are here first time, we've been talking a few months on the days in which Islam had a sizer means greatness and honor, that when we look at the oma today, we look at an oma that is

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in weakness. It is a mother is depressed and oma that is sad, and that is beneath the feet of our enemies. And this is not wait belongs, and Islam when few days of weaknesses, and it went through days of strength. And we discuss in the series, the days in which Islam means something when the oma not dominated just physically or power, but the omo is an example for mankind, that we set the tone for righteousness and development. And this is what Allah subhana wa Taala says that you are the best nation that I have given to mankind, but you are the very best. So we discussed this, the days of ease and glory. And we discussed how Islam went from being weak from being just one men hamerton

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sanlam, one man alone in the middle of the desert, to becoming the leading nation on the face of the earth. How did this happen? We spoke about the establishment of the state of Medina. And we spoke about the defense of that state that for years, Medina was under threat. And then we spoken now this is where we're discussing could a Be the change. When Islam went from being a weak state. When Islam people of Medina were fighting for survival. Allah would change the circumstances. So we look at ourselves today. How would it be? Is it possible that within our lifetime we can go from the state that we are in week struggling to survive struggling against our enemies? Can Allah change it

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overnight? Yes, we see how Allah changed overnight for the Sahaba and for NaVi Mohammed Al Salam. It began we said with a dream in which nobody saw someone sees himself performing Amara, and Allah confirms that you will go to mark and perform ombre and quickly quickly to summarize the results seldom and the Sahaba even though they're at war with maca. They go and they leave to market to perform Amara and they make it known. We only want to have peace. We don't want to fight or crush the crush, respond by saying that no, we will forbid you from coming to Manila and if you come to Makkah, we're going to fight you. The Muslim is continuing to persist and they go through the

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difficulties that avoid the Qureshi as best they can. until they get just outside MCC at a place where they be where they remain they don't inter Makkah and they wait to negotiate with the Quran. Back and forth the Quraysh don't want the Muslims to enter into Mecca and they threaten the Muslims will fight you and will kill you. And the Muslim show that is also hava 1400 men against 1000s within Mecca, who came into the Haram without any weapons, and a point to note to mention this, that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives you victory sometimes without fighting, but to be prepared to fight and also have a show that if they need to fight, if the Qureshi want to fight, we will fight even

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though we don't want to fight. We don't want to fight but we are ready to fight. And when this query showed us and we saw the determination of the Sahaba and Allah subhanaw taala tested the Muslims that the pledge every one, the courage finally came to their senses and they agreed to the treaty. So this is what it's all about the Treaty of Colombia, the Quran now say said let us have a treaty and agreement between the Muslims and kurush. And they were number of points. The three most important points that the Quraysh put down the Muslims put down is that number one, the Muslims will not be allowed to perform Amara this year, they need to go back to Medina, big defeat to the

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Muslims. The Muslims will not be able to perform Amara, but they will come next year and performer number two that will be peace for 10 years. And the show is and I mentioned this again and again and again. For us Muslims, we show to the non Muslims that even Benjamin Netanyahu is better than the Quran of the time of the prophets of Salaam and if Nabeel Salaam can make peace with the enemies, those who wants to kill him, we try to assassinate him who killed his family members who killed Hamza will try to invade Medina, the worst of the worst people, Allah curses them in the Quran, even abbyson salam is able to make peace with him. And we as Muslims are able to make peace with any any

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people on the face of the earth. If they are sincere in the peace if you want peace will give you peace. Do you want to fight? We'll give you a fight as well. This is how Islam This is our foreign policy. Someone asked what is Islamic foreign policy. We respond to the way you respond to us. treat us well and we treat you well fight with us and we

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Have justification to respond. So yeah, and obese also lamb confirms to the kurush I am not here to fight with you to cause violence or to kill you, I don't want that I don't want to be the king. I want peace. And if you willing to have peace that we will give you peace of for 10 years. This is a huge step forward because the Muslims were at war with Porush. So now, this piece, now this piece between Medina and Mecca, and then number three, and this was the worst, most controversial point of the treaty, that the Qureshi said that any Muslim that leaves Mecca, he must be sent back to Mecca. No one is allowed to leave Mecca without our permission. But if any person from Medina wants to

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leave Islam and come to Medina, when vehcile salam has no choice but to let him go, completely unfazed, completely unfazed, and many. And we spoke about this, how the Sahaba, especially say, namorada, very unhappy about this point. But the vehcile salaam agreed to it, and he said, I accept In the name of Allah, and we have no choice but to obey the veto so much truthful, even to his enemies, even to the detriment of himself. We speak the truth, we speak the truth, we stand by our word. And so the treaty was concluded. And we said this so many times that Allah mentions to all of us, it is not for believing men, we believe in woman, when a line is missing, you have decided a

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matter that they should have any choice in the faith, even if you think it's better, even if you think my understanding is better. Allah shows you If Allah says something, and they'll be so some say something will be it, it is best for you. And we see now today, the impact of the city and the surface it looks so bad, but it would be the turning point for Islam that this would be a great victory for Islam. And that's why Allah says after the treaty sign in Africa has been Oh my visa Salaam and obey Oh believers, we have given you a great victory. So how is the victory? We are in every point we are defeated? We gave in we can't even perform Amara How is this a success? Yeah,

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Allah, Allah, I've given you a victory. Don't worry. You will see you will see.

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The Muslims returned to Medina. We spoke about this we spoke about people have now come to Medina trying to escape persecution of Quraysh amongst them with females and Allah subhanho wa Taala made an exception Yeah, because the treaty said that men should be sent back the Muslims applied the 3d to the later you will kurush you said any man that comes to Medina must be sent back. This is a woman she's not a man. So we will keep her here. And Allah made an exception. Many times again point to note, people complain the Sharia benefits the main over the women years The classic example that the Sharia said any man that comes to Medina, you must be sent back to Makkah. But if a woman comes

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here, we will protect her right to obey the laws of flexible in times and places. So Allah subhanaw taala decreed himself in rural Montana. Oh, you will believe when believing women come to you as immigrants they escaping? then examine the faith and Allah knows best what's in the heart the faith, then if you know that they are true believers do not send them back to the disbelievers. They are not lawful. No woman is halal. Allah says

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no woman is halal to be the wife of a disbeliever no Muslim can marry a non Muslim This is the law right for the know are the disbelievers lawful for them. But Allah says you pay back the mother the women give back the man any Muscovy any doubt he paid. If she's gonna stay in Medina, he has his right. This was his wife, pay him back what's owed to him. So a lot of useless judgment that women remain a group of Muslims come to Medina. While it's a hobby, a Buddha said he wants to say yeah, this will save me know you need to go back vtcs humans go back to Makkah, so he escapes. And he sets up a camp in modern agenda, all the refugees if you run away you can be in Jeddah stay there. And

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after a while this camp grows and they cause a big problem for the kurush eventually the Qureshi come and big winner Bissell Salah, tell these people to go to Medina, they causing us a hot, you know, big hardship and the Muslims now all this group even, even initially, they did not. Were not happy with the rule of Allah subhanho wa Taala they were not sure Is this right? Allah shows of patience. A few years will pop a few months will pass and the Quraysh themselves will big you remove the screws from the 3d take it out. We want them to go to Medina because with Medina, they are safer. Interesting point to note here, that'd be so Salamis the arch enemy. Yet when they go to him.

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They always trust that he will do what is right. They always trust him. They see Dr. Ross, Dr. Mohammad they didn't seem irresponsible. You know that these people are causing us hardship. Please have mercy. You know, they knew that if they asked him nicely and even to them will not say no. You wouldn't say yes. You wanted to have this 3d now you suffer the consequences. No, it's fine. If that's what you want it welcome back with income and with good faith. They knew that Nabhi Sol Sol them even to his worst enemy. If you want good faith, you could always trust Mohammed Salah

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Send them this is the adverb and the character. And this shows you the wisdom. Every clause the Qureshi put there, it turned out to be on the surface, it looked like a defeat for the Muslims. But within a few weeks and months, we saw it's a great victory to the Muslims. It shows you Allah subhanho wa Taala knows what is good for us, even though we cannot see it. So Allah says, and fear is a law. Sometimes we go through difficulty, and our lives seem like there's no end in sight in terms of our chips. That if I stick to what it's supposed to help me financially, I'm going to go down. Physically, I have problems, my I've lost health, I've lost wealth, I'm making my salaria

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Allah, why are things not going good in my life. All of us have problems. All of us go through difficulty. This is a message to all of us. Allah says to all of us in Allah, and whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to him, you do what you're supposed to do obedience. Allah says to us, Fear Allah and you do what I tell you to do. He will make a way for him to get out. And he will provide for him in sources he could never imagine. Ah, Allahu Maharaja, I will Allah promises each and every one of us. You have the taqwa. And you believe in Allah and you do what you're supposed to do and stay away what you're supposed to stay away from. Allah says I get in tea. I put it in black and

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white in the Quran, a promise to each believer, I will make a way out for you. I will give you a solution to your problems, financial problems, stay away from haram means and I'll make you Hello. And I'll provide for you for ways you could never have imagined places you couldn't dream of Allah will open ways where you are getting the shows you who would have thought that Qureshi would come hands and knees begging thick these believers and send them to Medina, right? Allah shows you do what I tell you to do, and I will make a way for you. This is our taste. The result belongs with Allah.

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Health and death in the hand of Allah. It is in the hands of Allah,

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help sickness in the hand of Allah, you do what you're supposed to do, and put your faith in Allah and I will give what is best for you. Interesting question again. Sometimes we go through hardship.

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Is this a curse a Bella was punishing us for our sins? Or is this a taste from Allah? Because we are good? Allah Who says that the people were tasted the most all the prophets, right? The prophets are the ones tasted the most. And then the more pious You are the mortality issue. So how do I know if this health problem I have? All this financial problem I have is a feast and a punishment from Allah? Or is it a blessing from Allah? Also, Allah mentions that the people of that will go through Jannah Allah gives them blessing upon blessing upon blessing, so that they never ever return, that when they least expect it all it takes them because when things are good, you don't want to change.

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So like gives you go Go ahead. I'll give you the blessings. So until when you least expected janam falls upon you, other people, Allah blesses them because of the good deeds, the more good they do, whether in charity, the more sugar you make, I will give you more, the more sadaqa you give, I give you more. So how do I know if the blessing I have is a blessing and the balla I have is a curse or a punishment? How do we know if my circumstances from Allah as a punishment was a blessing, you've been claimed him a lot of great scholar, he sees any of the circumstances that results in you coming closer to Allah.

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If Allah gives you an ailment, a sickness, and it results in you becoming more pious, making more to our and stiffer, Allah called you back, to back to him through this difficulty, then it's a blessing. Any reward that you have anything that resists any takes you away from a lot of punishment, any reason that is given to you, and it makes you more humble, and you give more charity, and you're more sincere to Allah, this is a blessing. So each and every one of us, this is between you and Allah, analyze and assess your own blessings and problems in your life and ask, does this thing make me a better Muslim, or a worse Muslim? If it makes me a better Muslim, but even if

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it's difficult, it's a blessing for you in the long term. And if it's a blessing, a good ad award a a enjoyment in the dunya, but it makes you forget a lot less is bad for you, then this is something that you need to watch out for. So the aftermath of a be like we said, the Muslims thought that this idea was a big curse on them, but Allah made it open and showed what are what would happen what would come from us with a BIA number one, this would be the first time in the history of our oma that the Muslims will be recognized as a foreign as a unique entity on their own the crisis and even today, you are you are seen by your nationality of African American or your color or your tribe, you

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are a black person or you a Caucasian person, Indian person or seen by your wealth. For the first time now, we are seeing as a group distinct based on our exam

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that you have white Muslims and black Muslims you have Medina people, most Muslims from Medina from from

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All these other things are secondary to our Islam. Allah says, this room of yours is a single room, this nation of yours is a single nation, and I am your your Lord. So worship me. Allah sponsors, each and every one of us here. You don't speak the same language you don't look the same. But I'm telling you, you are one people. You owe one tribe, that this is the tribe of Islam. And this comes first above all other tribes. The Qureshi didn't understand this. For the first time they would see now that this is a people distinct that they Eamon comes first, that first we're all Muslim, doesn't matter where he comes from. He says LA is my brother, La ilaha illAllah. You my brother, and my

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blood brother does not say la ilaha. He's not my brother. This is what Islam. This is what the BIA showed. Also, it gave the Muslims for the first time, political stink.

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For the first time, the Muslims had some strength in the sight of everybody else. Sometimes we are forced into a treaty we don't want. But by doing this, we all may be compromising, but we are meeting them in the middle, they also have to come a step down. The Qureshi also had to come a step down. And by doing that it shows to the rest of the world, that the kurush even paints a little for the Muslims. So there's some strength in these people. And what goes the courage to pain, not the fighting, not the killing. But the preparation, the determination, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us this is one of our problems today in the oma, we don't have even outwardly display of strength, we

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have no unity. Allah says and prepare against them, whatever you are able to have power and have speeds of war of machinery of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and other enemies besides them, when you do not know but Allah knows who they are. And whatever you spend in the course of Allah will be fully repaid to you and you will not be wrong. So Allah subhanaw taala says, even if you are not going to fight, and we don't want to fight, prepare yourself for a fight. And this is what showed this display of strength in the Sahaba. There's a harbor just showed the intent. If you want to fight, we will give you a fight the push back,

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sometimes what you need to do properly, you have to fight him to show him. If you went to look for problems, I will give you problems. And this was enough for the courage to back down. This is what Islam needs today. We need a display of strength, a symbol of strength. And what showed that strength was unity and obedience that the Muslims will have one mind and one decision. Nothing shows you more people were grouped even a sports team is weaker is when it's in fighting. When they fight amongst themselves. We know they'll be better we know they easy for the picking. They are right for the picking the Muslims, they showed the kurush we don't agree fully. But if Ross Wilson says this,

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we stand by him that we are together in this, that to the last man will stand with us. Unfortunately, this is one of our problems today. Why is the weakness day? This is the example we take the examples from these stories. We want to know when will the strength come back to us? versus when will the obedience come back? When will the Unity come back? When will you stand together? Even if it's not the best decision, even if the leader is not the best leader. But when you stand behind him, he says he's not the best. But we put him there as the leader. So we obey what he says we'll follow him so long as he doesn't destroy a lot of data. This is a powerful symbol when the entire

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and we look I was speaking about this to our class on Tuesday about the huddle certification we have in this country so much which other Muslim minorities which were there for many, many more 100 years, and they were much bigger in number. They don't have what we have. Why? Because the little 1% that we were we stood together. If we say that place is not allowed to eat, everyone said we will not eat from that place. We stood together. But if we wanted to put a Masjid up, every single Muslim in that area would petition we want that much alcohol so was going to open every Muslim said we don't want this year, one or two peoples are going to make a difference. But the strength in numbers

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when we see something good to name a supported this is what shows that these people mean business. And this is what brings about success. And this of course, when others see that you are strong. When those are the things see the Muslims are strong, they take notes, and this adds to the strength. Number three, the biggest blessing of this treaty and this was the big blessing that we want is peace. We don't want to fight that the peace we can do a lot more with peace than the followers of shape on.

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But for Muslims, it's better for us to have religious freedom.

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People so how can you say that? If people have the choice, the freedom to choose any religion will lie. A lie would find it they will choose Islam more often than not. If the correct Islam is displayed before them and now

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No one forces them and they choose the fitrah will choose the truth. What religion would you prefer the one that says you can't go to the Creator, you need to go through a grave, or a statue or an animal or a Nabhi versus the religion that says, When if you want anything to speak to the Creator, ask him directly, Allah will speak to you and respond to you. Which one would you prefer? Which one would insan prefer? This is the message of Islam. So the minute people have the freedom to see the truth, and the pieces, they think Islam will flourish, and the show will do just in terms of numbers. That was 17 years and the fighting and persecution, Islam only spread a little bit 1400 so

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heartbroken for the last two years of peace and 10,000 Sahaba would come back to Makkah, two years later, 100 1000s of other would come and perform hajj, the final hydrogen, abyssal Salah, there in times of peace. This is when Islam can spread another message for us. We live at hamdulillah a very safe and secure and peaceful life here in Cape Town. In South Africa in general. The all the ingredients are there for Islam to spread. The only shortcoming is us. Everything is waiting for us to spread the deal. The only thing is when a non Muslim sees a Muslim, they don't see Islam. Unfortunately, they don't see this person says Wow, this, these people have to character. The Beast

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on Salaam his greatest asset wasn't the sword. His greatest asset Allah gave him didn't give him the army like Navy Sulayman Oh, the miracles even like some of the Old Navy, good character, beautiful law that everybody can love. That is our problem, that after 300 years, we've achieved a lot and we failed a lot. But if we still want 2% of the 300 years said, said muslimeen. And that is why Islam, each and every one of us in this minority land is a diary. You are an ambassador for Islam, for good or for bad. If you cheat. If you lie, if you still have bad attitude character, we're going to say, look what the Muslims are doing. They do this and to do good and well. And so this is my Dean, my

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Dean teaches me to be responsible when it comes to work, to be honest and to give Islam Our job is to propagate through our actions. Because the the environment is ready with our to the opportunity for the Muslims to spread through peace was a lot better. And the VSA made use of this piece. He didn't have to worry about the corrosion anymore. He didn't have to worry about what if they come and attack me. Now I can focus my efforts on dour and immediately some of the things he did what didn't have to do in this time, he started to write letters to the kings of the world. He wrote letters to the kings of Persia, of Rome of Egypt, of Abyssinia, the leaders of the world, inviting

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them to Islam. So everything in our immediate area we've seen to we gave power to those one power, we gave peace to those who don't want to fight with us. So now and the reason we wrote letters, there is look at some of these letters. Maybe so seldom, in particular, and this is the message this is the dialogue we give to the non Muslim to the advocate of the Jew and the Christian. Allah says in the Quran, say Oh, Mohammed, Al Kitab, O People of the Scripture, or Jews or Christians come to a word that is just common between us and you know, we meet on common ground, leave the four wives, leave the jihad, leave this and that, Palestine. Put that aside, let's come to one common thing.

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Okay, what is this? Allah says that we worship none but Allah, the creator, can you not agree with us that we put it besides the ISA Jesus, we put away the idols and the Pope, we worship a lot alone. Allah says, This is the essence of Islam, and that we associate no partners with him. This is what we want, and we asked you to do and that none of us shall take others as loads besides a lot. But then if they turn away, say, we pay what duties defined here, that we are Muslims that we have submitted proper, this is the message of our doubt. This is the essence of the Dow we leave all the other things that comes later. This comes first. If you accept this, this is the intrinsic Islam, so

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there'll be so celebrates the kings of the different lands, and he writes the king of Abba senior, the name of Allah most merciful, most benefited most merciful from Mohammed the Messenger of Allah to Nigeria, she the king of Abyssinia, Ethiopia, peace be upon him, who follows through guidance and salutations I in entertain Allah sprays, there is no ILA but him. And now look at the adverb in the wisdom of God to be so sad that he writes to a Christian man, right? pious, a godly Christian man. He says, I be witness that Isa is the son of Maryam, he is the spirit of ALLAH and he is the word when Allah says Be, he's the word of Allah, which he costs into Maryam, the Virgin, the good, the

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pure, so that she conceived Isa, it begins like this. Then he says, oh, Linda vsam continues, Allah created him from his spirit, as he created Adam by his hand, Isa and the likeness of Isa is the like.

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So Adam, both did not have a father. In fact, Adam didn't have a mother. I call you to Allah alone with no associate and to his obedience and to follow me and to believe in that which came to me for I'm the Messenger of Allah, I invite you and you mean to Allah, the glorious, the mighty a year by being witness that I've communicated my message and advice. I invite you to listen and accept my advice. Peace be upon him who follows through guidance, because he writes to the king of Abyssinia, Nigeria, she Ashima his name was Ashima. And remember, you really had he already met Muslims before and he found Islam very beautiful when he was on the edge Am I going to be Muslim who not only

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receives the letter, he responds, he says, from Nigeria, she Ashima to Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah Peace be upon you, O Messenger of Allah and mercy and blessings from Allah besides whom there is no God, I have received your letter in which you have mentioned about Isa and by the Lord of heaven and earth, Isa is no more than what you say. We fully acknowledge that which you have been sent to us. And we have entertained you, the cousin of Navy SEALs this hobbled with it and his companions. And then he says, I bear witness that you are the Messenger of Allah through and confirming those who have gone before you I pledge to you through your cousin and Surinder myself

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through him to a law load of the enemy. So this later worked, the king of Abba senior becomes a Muslim. And this man Naja, she Rahim Allah, he dies and the response in obeso salaam, I accept you Islam, that what you say about Isa is correct. Remember that time Christianity still had elements of the through Diem, and he becomes Muslim. And a very interesting thing happened when he passed away in a joshy. No one knew that this was in Medina who stands up and he says your brother nyjah Hsiao brother has passed away, and he performed Serato janazah. in absentia in Medina. This never ever happened before. And it never happened again. This is the only time in the history of Navy so

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seldom, he performed Salatu genedge on someone that wasn't physically there. Why? Because there was nobody to perform Serato janazah on this man, an interesting side note to that as Naja, she never met Nagisa Salaam it wasn't as a hobby. He was a Tabby, a follower of a Sahabi. But now we saw some performance a little janaza on him. Great, great, strange thing to think about. Right. And this is one of the miracles of Navy salsola that he was able to tell Sahaba 1000s of kilometres away, Nigeria, she had passed away. Now he's also Lama writes a letter to the leader of Egypt and he responds politely, but does not accept Islam says I don't accept Islam, but I recognize you and

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Peace be upon you. And I send you gifts as a leader. He sent an abyssal Salaam, some clothing, some money, a donkey, and this is the donkeys name is Buddha name. So if you want to know dual dual is the name of Debbie's awesome donkey and he sent to slave women. Right? These are gifts for you to sisters, maybe some takes these women and freeze them. And he marries the one and What was her name? Maria. It's our mother, our mother Maria. Right she was the last of the wives of an abyssal Salah. Now because Frieza marries her and her sister marries another Sahabi. And she gives birth to the son of Ibrahim, who had a son, Ibrahim, but he died when he was still a young infant. Right. This is of

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the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala Nagisa writes to the emperor of Rome, and actually is the Roman Emperor. And he was also a godly man. And he also feared and he felt that things are changing. When he gets the letter by coincidence, Abu sufian the enemy of NaVi Sol Salaam, right the arch enemy of NaVi salsa lamp, he was in Jerusalem at that time. So the Emperor receives this letter from the vessel sallam, he says, We are the is the other Arabs here, that guy is an error, right? He's one of the leaders of Kurdish bring him here. I want to teach him, I want to ask him about this man, Mohammed. So the input of this conversation is recorded in Bihari. He asked Abu sufian what kind of

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family does Mohammed belong to Abu sufian and he says, If you lie about Sophia, I will find out and I'm gonna punish you. So Abu sufian says, you know, have they become Muslim? I wanted to lie, but I felt you know, if I lie, I'm gonna be in trouble. So you see, Muhammad comes from a noble family, we know his lineage, and he recognizes all the prophets. Allah chooses them from noble families. Then he asked, has there been a king in his family? Has any of his relatives been a king? And Abu sufian says no. And I like he says, maybe the reason why he wants to be a prophet was to relive the legacy of his forefathers. But it's none of his relatives claim kingship.

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All the people who follow you the rich or the poor, and the poor slaves they go to him. And heraclius says, This is the same as was never Isa and all the prophets before him. Then he asks those who embrace the religion to the believe free labor. I was against it, not a single one of them ever became with that, and directly says the Emperor says, this is the case with when it enters the heart. No one ever leaves it after that. Are they increasing or decreasing? And he says they're in

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creasing. And then he asks, has he ever lied in his life? And Abu sufian wants to say something, but he says, No, he never has told a lie. And iraklis is strange. A man will not lie about the ends and since but you will lie about a lot is unlikely. And then he says, Does he stick to his covenant? And Abu Sufi, as this was the only place I could say something he says he never broke a covenant, but we will still wait and see if he's truthful to the treaty. We just signed with a BIA. This is all I could say. And then

00:30:32 --> 00:31:10

Have you ever fought against him? Abu sufian says, yes, some we want some do you want? And then what does it teach recklessness? What does your prophet What does this prophet say we should do? He says that you should worship only one God, you shouldn't have any partners with him, that you must perform your Salah, you must commit Zina, you must speak the truth. And you must keep family ties. This is what you put out. This is what Muhammad is propagating. In Iraq. He says this is what all the prophets have come to call it. And I have an Abu sufian goes away. And he says something to his fellows that now I realize when the emperor of Rome realizes that even he is thinking about

00:31:10 --> 00:31:45

Muhammad. This for me is an indication that this Islam is going to become stronger after this point. Abu sufian says once I heard this conversation, I had this conversation with the emperor of Rome, I realized that nothing is going to stop Islam from speeding. And the emperor of Rome says to his he says to one of the Pope's the one of the priestly that I believe that this is the prophet of our time. And if I was in Medina, I'd wash his feet. But everyone around me will, I will lose my kingdom. So he just responds politely to an abyssal Santa and says blessings be upon you, but we don't accept your religion. Now this also lumbini writes to the emperor of Persia,

00:31:46 --> 00:32:21

the emperor of Persia, and this man was an elegant man, he was the most powerful man in the world. When he sees this later, he says from the Arabs, you day write me a letter. And you you have the audacity that one of your Bedouins can bring the speaks like this about a slave will give me a letter, and he doesn't even look he opens the letter, and he starts tearing it to pieces and throws it on the floor. And he says that if it wasn't that I would, I would have actually killed the missing this messenger, the Sahaba that wrote the letter poses a big crime. And then he says, tells one of his governance to send some into Medina and Fitch, this man and bring them to me. This is the

00:32:21 --> 00:32:26

arrogance of the emperor of Persia. So the man the governor seems to mean to Medina,

00:32:27 --> 00:32:55

the governor his name was bad and he seems to mean to Medina to go meet the visa Salah before these men can even really speak in abyssal Salah. Maybe some tells these two men, that you Emperor were to have the letter, Allah has promised that his empire will be torn into pieces very soon, his entire Empire will be torn up into pieces like to have that letter and number to go back to your Lord, your governor by that and tell burden that his load has been killed by my load.

00:32:56 --> 00:33:33

Shot what you're talking about. Don't tell him. So these two spies, these two men were supposed to pitch newbies on they go back to buy that. And they say, you know Muhammad said that he's Lord has killed your Lord your Lord, meaning the emperor of Persia. And he becomes Muslim immediately. So I just received news. And this is confirmed in western standard Western writings that the emperor of Persia and he was the last great impro Persia, his son had a coup d'etat and put him in prison and stabbed him to death for five days. He died like that. Exactly when the Beatles sort of said that your load has been killed by my load. Within a few years, not even 510 years from it. All these

00:33:33 --> 00:34:13

lands that received letters would come under the fold of Islam. Persia in particular, would be disappeared, so completely the Romans, the legacy and the religion still remains but the Persian the religion of fire worship, completely extinguished. As he threw that letter up, Allah completely put the into the Empire. And this is the beginning and we'll talk in sha Allah how Islam would conquer all these lands and bring justice to these lands. And the shows you once again My beloved brothers and sisters, that the power lies with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Allah Subhana reminds us once again if you want success in the dunya and whosoever fears Allah and cast taqwa and maintains his

00:34:13 --> 00:34:47

duty with Allah, Allah will make a way for you and will provide for you in ways you could never have imagined. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the ability to have Taqwa of him to maintain our commitment to him and fulfill our duties. And Allah will grant us hate in this dunya. And in the era, we put the end of this chapter in shall love was a great moment in this now and will continue with the series in weeks to come. Just a few quick announcements, any questions and hunger but others are emailing me for the slides, sometimes a bit slow inshallah we'll respond as soon as I can. Any questions or comments in the writing as well you can put in the box, we remind the brothers

00:34:47 --> 00:34:59

that I'll see rock loss and in sha Allah will discuss that at the beginning back to Sierra. And it's very nice to see that the Sierra Club is building many, many new faces. I don't know what's new, what's happening, but will Shall we continue to do that? Please?

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

Continue the vibe is very nice in the class, please come Tuesdays seven to eight we discuss also many other issues. We remind the brothers that insha Allah this Sunday coming the day after tomorrow, the 22nd of March. For those going on oma or those thinking of omura we are hosting a one day program only one day, not extended and long at the icon building Almudena Institute all about the overall the A to Z about Amara, if you want to learn about tomorrow, please come on Sunday in sha Allah, that's the icon building, of course, eight, then, and this is very important. All of us are going to pay attention shall the 30th 31st we are hosting this release. I don't know this

00:35:39 --> 00:36:22

happens very often. But a Dota a conference on Islamic essential knowledge, particularly for high school varsity young adults who need to know about Islam. Sadly, at the end of primary school, our kids stopped going to madrasa. Do we know enough about the snap? Do we know enough about slap? We send our kids to school. And we put so much emphasis on them learning dunia or secular knowledge, which is good. No problem with that. But it is our duty as parents to make sure our kids know Allah is they know how to respond to atheism. They know why they are Muslim, that if they're confronted with questions about Christianity, about extremism, once you see ISIS and all that, we don't want

00:36:22 --> 00:36:57

any of our support into that. We if we can teach that in our house, and they're not going to madrasa we are going to get the knowledge from so this is a quick fix. You don't have time to go every day to madrasa. You can't go every week to madrasa one day in the year. Two days in the year, go learn how to perform Salah correctly, and this will set you up for the rest of your life, the rest of your life. You learn it once you practice it, you never have to learn it again. And then number two, day two, we learn about the heat. So this may seem like very basic knowledge you may think but I know how to make solar I know who's a lot. test yourself. We have put a quiz online on our Facebook page

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with Islam on Facebook, do the quiz, basic Islamic knowledge. Sometimes when we test our basic knowledge, things we must know as Muslims, you don't have this is not for movies or this is for the layman. There's some basic knowledge all of us must know test yourself on this quiz. If you can't get 100% on this quiz, then you should attend this conference. This is essential knowledge between gentlemen and Jana insha. Allah please attend. Please support in sha Allah and once again we you know we hope to see all of us they shall not please contact me or speak through the offices Allah Hey, sit down

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