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Our wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah should have been more serene, said now Mohammed noir earlier was mine Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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openshot Allah, you're all well, the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala that we've once again, come to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's a beautiful little, you know, meme if you call it a read, and it mentions that there are millions and millions and billions of people that are under the ground wishing that they could have one more moment on underground on the surface of the ground to make one more sudo to Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us in this time. There is an hour in the day of Juma we know do our will be rejected by Allah subhanho wa Taala it is of the greatest day so we thank Allah subhanaw taala for this opportunity once more another week to our

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life may this day be a source of light for the sins that we have done in the past week and to protect us from the sins in the coming week I come to the local police me into law and civil law

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we continue with our course and our discussion on the days of Islam and glory the days in which Islam was strong the days in which the oma had power and the oma head in its midst you know something for us to be proud of. We continue and we conclude this section the Treaty of today be this week and next week inshallah we the conclusion and throughout our discussion, the last few months, we spoke about Islam began week, one man Mohammed Salim and his wife Khadija, the only two believers on the face of the earth for one moment.

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And then slowly but surely Allah subhanho wa Taala brought the oma and gave the oma strength and security. We mentioned how when, after years of persecution, the Muslims were chosen and favored and Allah opened the doors in spite even on a visa Salam was at his lowest, Allah subhanho wa Taala opened away and the state of Medina was home the first Islamic State, and we said that state was very vulnerable, that Medina was really weak that all around Medina they were enemies, and the superpower of the Arabs, the Quraysh had in their minds to completely eradicate Medina of the face of the map. And we spoke about how Allah subhanho wa Taala believers defended Medina and the Battle

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of button and many battles continued, and Medina was still in a position of weakness, then Allah subhanho wa Taala would change the state of the Muslims from being on the defensive from being on the verge of extinction, changing it that it becomes strong. And from this point, this was the turning point in the life of Navy SEALs seldom the point in which Islam became a force to be reckoned with amongst the Arabs, and from the on to the rest of the world. And this, of course, is the event of who they be, which we've been discussing these past five, six weeks. And we said and we summarize quickly, what we said over this past few weeks, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed an entire

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Surah Surah Surah 48 which means the conquest, the sutra of victory, and many of us will be we feel or we imagine that this refers to the conquest of Makkah, the liberation of Makkah, remember, as we talked about is important to note the Muslims are in Medina, Mecca, the cowboy hat on the kibble of the Muslims is in the hands of the worst people on earth, the worst of the worst. They are the rulers of the Kaaba, and last Medina reveals the sutra, the pseudo of victory, not referring to the victory in Mecca, but the victory of prodibi and Allah Subhana. Allah says in Alberta, Canada, for cam Rubino, Mohammed Oh believers, we have certainly given you a clear conquest. This is the end

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right we go in jumping to the end. After the conclusion of the treaty, Allah revealed that this is a clear conquest. And it began with a dream whenever he saw Salaam sees himself performing Amara, we mentioned this and how now vehcile salaam told Sahaba let us go and perform Amara even though the Quran might not accept us that they might oppose us. Let us go for more than 1400 Sahaba Important to note the number because you would see the wisdom in Allah subhana wa tada that before they be yet the Muslims were about 1400 men, you will see how this number increases after her baby. So 1400 so how about go within a basal cell lymphoma on the way they don't know what to expect? And the worst

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is confirmed the Quran declared war on the Muslims that if you come closer to mockup, we're going to fight you. We don't want anyone we allow all of anyone can come to Makkah do Christian fire worship or atheist. All of you are welcome but the Muslim you're not welcome in Mecca. And if you come we will stop you. So they send an army to stop the Muslims. And the Muslims are determined two things. We are not going to go back number one and number two, we're not going to fight even. We don't want to fight. We're pro pilgrims. We're in the state of Iran. Even if they want to fight us We will not fight back. So let's try to avoid them. And the Muslims take a very difficult route. We mentioned

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that through thorns.

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Days marched through the desert through the bush and Allah subhanho wa Taala bless those who harbor that went through that difficulty until they came just outside of Makkah at the plains of Abia, where the camel and abyssal Salaam stopped, and they they waited, not going into Makkah. So the negotiations began. And we sit back and forth the Sahaba negotiated, the Kureishi allies negotiated with no success, maybe sell some CNC not with man in and he also tries to negotiate no success. The Muslims feel that we might have to fight that the Qureshi is or not or they are so stubborn, that they will force us into a battle and therefore the Sahaba Gibbens great pledge the pledge of read

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one they take the hand of NaVi Solomon says that if we have to fight, we will fight to the death. And the Lawson's is confirming his pleasure. And that is what school the pledge of read one read one with anyone here with the name is read one, your name means the pleasure of Allah. We all in sha Allah achieved that he'd won a law. This is why we say radi Allahu Allah says I am happy with the Sahaba that I saw into their hearts and I and I put a stamp of approval that I that they have received my one My pleasure. So Allah subhana wa tada tasted the Sahaba Will you fight? Will you will you if push to push comes to shove, and you must fight and die at prodibi? Will you do it? The

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opposite is we are ready to die. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala teach them in another way. Okay, are you ready to die? But are you ready to be patient? Are you ready to accept the decree of Allah subhanaw taala without fighting. So now Allah opens the door for negotiations. And this is where we mentioned last week, that the Qureshi now stands as the emissary, the ambassador to negotiate with the Muslims. And they were number of clauses, a number of things that they agreed on. And the three points, the three points that the treaty stipulated was that number one, the Muslims will perform Amara in the following year, but they're not allowed to come into market this year. Number two, that

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there'll be peace, and this is what the Muslims wanted. We want peace and so much wisdom. And we say this again and again and again, especially for us living amongst non Muslims, that that we are always looking for peace, we will make peace with anyone, no matter who you are, or what you did, so long as you are willing to be peaceful and just with us, if you come even if you were the worst, even if you are Buddha, even if you fit around, and you now want to you don't have to be a believer, but you say we'll we'll deal with you peacefully, then we accept then we also lay down the arms, and we deal with you peacefully. And this is a message to all the enemies of Islam, that Islam is not a

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religion that wants to make war. We don't prefer a war. We prefer peace and peaceful dialogue and working, working together. But if you push us then with our right to push back, so the vehcile salaam agrees with the crisis, 10 years of peace. And also that's an important point that anyone who joins any tribe which joins the kurush they will also have peace with the Muslims within us. They won't fight the Muslims and any tribe that joins the Muslims, that they will also have peace, no Qureshi will attack them for 10 years is an important point.

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Then, of course, the third point which is very sensitive, which many of the Sahaba were unhappy with, which was clearly unfair to the Muslims. We said this last week that if any Muslim, from the people of Mecca leaves Mecca without the permission of his family, the VESA Lambo f2 will not accept him in Medina, you cannot stay in Medina, you need to go back to Makkah. But if any of the Muslims of Medina want to become more attached, and they want to go back to Makkah, then they should be free to do so. And of course the Muslims and this never happened, then it's clear evidence that the Sahaba not one single companion turn clue became Renegade went back and became with that didn't

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happen. But of course, the Muslims in Makkah being oppressed. And this was a very difficult thing to accept, are we going to accept it, and many Sahaba Say no more of the Alon Sahaba later on said if any halifa if any leader of the Muslims, he put this condition down, we would have rejected we wouldn't have followed him. But because Mohammed Al Salam agreed to this condition, some Anwar and so even as bad as this was and a lot distant, a Muslim came, we said last week, and he came in to take me with you to Medina. And the Muslim said, we've already concluded the contract. I've already said those beautiful words, I have agreed In the name of Allah, that I am bound by this treaty.

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Therefore I have no no recourse to break this contract. So the treaty was officially concluded between the Quran and the prophets of Salaam and the Quran, of course, so this is a great victory. The Muslim soldiers the great defeat all the Muslims, all of them were unhappy. And only say nama had the courage to speak up and show his dissatisfaction. And maybe Salam said this is the will and the decree of Allah and therefore we have no further discussion. This is such an important point for us today. And I repeat this again, that when Allah and abyssal Salam have decreed a matter whether we like it or we don't whether we are

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The standard we don't understand certain things in the shadow we may say, but why is you know, gold hat on for a man? But okay for a woman? Why does the man get full wives but the woman only one husband? Why must the woman cover this parts of her body and the men cover those parts of the body? Why must we make five solders and not $6? Or $4? Why does all these things if you are a believer, what does Islam in Islam means to submit? That Yeah, Allah I put my body, my forehead, my mind, my intellect, my heart down before you. What do you decree you know what's best for me. You see, the future I don't, I don't know what's around the corner. So if you've decreed that this is haram, then

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you are good. Allah will not decrease something haram or not advise us to do something, so that we can go through difficulty No, in the long run, this is for our benefit. And therefore Allah Subhana Allah sees, and reveals this ayah especially today, the hadith of navico salam under attack the student of Navy, so seldom under attack, that we throw away the student of Navy. So we need to update Islam, to match modern views, to update Islam to be compliant with what we see in the rest of the world. Allah says, it is not for a believing man or believing woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decided a matter that they should they often have any choice about the fate, they

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have no choice anymore. If Allah says, do this, you do it. If nobody says don't do this, then you do don't do it. And whatever this obeys a lady's mission just certainly stay straight into clear error. And you know, just on a side note here, on a side note to this idea,

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I would usually give a price also questions that you might want to ask you, the ruler, this idea was revealed regarding this idea was revealed in a meta which each and every one of us has free will. And that is to choose when you get married to no one can force a man to marry a woman. And similarly haram haram haram for a man a father to force his daughter to marry certain certain persons. But here in obeso, salaam, told two people, the two of you, I'd like the two of you to get married, and they didn't want to get married to each other. And then a lot of you do this if you don't have a choice, even in choosing a spouse if need be. So someone says the two of you get married Hannah's

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you get married. This is no choice in the matter if this is something to do, where you do have a choice in the matter if the Grand Mufti if the king of the greatest islands is 114, when you get married, and you disobey Him, no problem. He doesn't have any say in the matter. But even obese or some say so you don't have a choice. So if this is what marriage, what about rules of Sharia? What about the laws pertaining to Allah subhanaw taala. Now vehcile salam has a right to legislate. And if we take away that legislation, it is even though you are taking away the legislation of the Quran, Allah protect us. And we said this last week one Sahabi said, he says, If I could have

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disobeyed who they be i would i so entitled, how can this be good for us, but something bad for us? In my mind, this is a, this is a defeat for us, I would never have accepted it. But of course, I can't disobey because nobody's also accepted it. And then he realized later on the goodness that came from PDB, that this was the plan of Allah that we plan in the dunya. But Allah is the best of planners. And if we follow and stick to the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah will open ways for us that we never ever, never ever saw. And therefore Excel can say 4050 years later, that will lie I was in a position where I thought if I follow the Sharia, if I follow the deen, I'm going to

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lose out. But I found and so later on the benefit in the so Oh brother or sister if you find anything in the Sharia, and it's confirmed that this is the law, that it is haram to do this, how to do this and you find in your heart something which I don't really agree with this, it doesn't really make sense to me. The problem is with you Oh brother and sister, not with the Sharia, that your thinking and your understanding and your your your moral compass is not pointing in the right direction that Allah subhana wa tada wants to bring you back to the straight path.

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So, we have no choice when it comes to matters which align is rosulip decreed. authentic hadith, no room for us to reject, we can we can discuss authenticity, we can discuss interpretations, we can bring different opinions, no problem but once the matter is made clear, some manual and this is the Sahaba This is what made the Sahaba so blistered in the sight of Allah Subhana Allah. So the Muslims now returned to Medina and as I said, they accepted but they were not happy that this was seen as a big huge defeat for the Muslims. They come back to Makkah come back to Medina liquid and bring with them the Muslims in Mecca who are under oppression. And now they returned to Medina without

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performing Amara next year, inshallah next year.

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Along with this, the Muslims once again with a new crisis. Now the treaty is in effect, no war, no fighting, but a Muslim must be returned to Mecca and a lady from kurush. She manages to escape persecution. She's being oppressed by her family, her husband, because she's a believer.

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simply being a believer and she runs to Marina begging escapes MCC and comes to Medina comes to an abyssal Salah. Protect me out of sudo la Salaam. Let me remain here in Medina. What is going to do? The treaty says, we send every man back to Makkah. A family did not give her permission. What do we do? Also on top of it Sahaba thinking that a lady is a bit different, that how do we send back the lady who not only and think about the Qureshi is once again the Qureshi is buried the daughters alive?

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This woman probably if she goes back, her husband's going to kill him, right? The Qureshi they will know rights and laws pertaining to women. They had no rights Allah has to reveal is to the Quran. It is haram for you to inherit other women, that because your brother passes away, like you distribute these camels, they used to distribute these wives, four wives, four brothers each one, take one. This is how the atoms of Jamelia loved, this woman is going back to that situation, just because she's a believer. What do we do now, along self reveals is providing the solution. Allah subhanaw taala says, Oh, you have believed when believing women come to you as immigrants as more Algerian,

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then examine them regarding the face. Allah knows best as to their faith. So you do your best what's in the heart? Only Allah knows what's in the heart. But you ask them some questions. Why are you here? Why are you running away? Do you have some dates? What's the reason you Yep. Then if you know for the if you confirm that they are true believers, send them not back. You do not send them back to the disbelievers. They are not local lives with the disbelievers. No other disbelievers local husbands for him.

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So Allah decrees here that the Muslims cannot see this woman back, that she must remain in Medina. And Allah then confirms, and Allah goes further and legislates but give the disbeliever that amount of money which they have spent as Maha. So her husband, if he gave her any doubt or any money, you pay that man back, you pay him back to them, and there'll be no sin on any of you to marry them. If you have paid them a HUD to them. So after they ate that you can then marry with Allah says this marriage is null and void. If any person Muslim woman is married to a Catholic, this marriage in effect is not recognized by Allah, no need for talaq just wait for the entire period. And then you

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can marry her. And likewise, we'll discuss this in a minute. Likewise, hold not the disbelieving women, oh men of the Muslim is not allowed for you to have this believing women. As your wife, Allah now puts a new law that Muslim women cannot have non Muslim husbands and Muslim men cannot have non Muslim wives. So before we discuss these laws, we ask the question how we are Rasulullah sallallahu how Allah we have a treaty in one minute, we didn't allow Abu jandal to come with us to Medina. But now you don't want to send the woman back. How is this possible? Is this not being you know, two faces is not a lie. The reason why was because

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the original contract and the treaty, the wording said that every man from the kurush that comes he will be seen back. We took out the contract with Oh kurush we are only following the contract that you yourselves put down you put the regional and was the custom of course, that they didn't think much of the women so no need to even mention them if we put a low for the men and this is understood and we score by the way and we say that when the Quran you don't have this opportunity or sisters. Oh, the Quran says the main mixer so it's not for the women. No, it's understood in the Quran. We don't we don't take the law of the Quran. Literally without thinking when Allah says don't say off

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to your mother took a lot to kick my mother. No, we understand what is implied. But here we are showing the correlation because they are unfair. And the result is showing them I'm not breaking the treaty using any man these were your words. So she's not a man. The court he had to accept this term was the duration that we so seldom do you want to go back on your word you want to change the treaty said no, it's fine. We sit man, you got the better of us. Fine, she can stay. But even on top of that, we also give the half of that husband of hers that paid her money he has arrived we pay him back his dowry that this marriage is null and void but here you go take your dowry, Allah will not

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look at this panel. Allah looks at the right of the character that you also had some you know loss in yet cherry is not going to inconvenience you. You want to kill this Muslim woman for her Deen. But you paid some money you go take your money house and she remained behind. And this shows you again a law sometimes we look at the Sherry answers, the lowest favorite the main use a low at this point in time, which favored the women, Muslim men came and they were sent back but this law protected the women and not the men. The Sharia has this flexibility in it and we don't when you wake up on the one hand we say that yes the men get more shear in inheritance. On the other hand,

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the women get a dowry, no husband here when he gets married. Does he get any you know, any payments he has to, you know, offer a gift or provide on the terms of the woman when they get married.

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To the Sharia has these pros and cons for both

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point to note in these areas Allah sets the limits. They are not local wise for the disbelievers know the disbelievers local husbands for them, and likewise hold up the disbelieving women as wives haram haram alarm for a woman to marry a non Muslim men. This is the general rule on top of it, Allah says also haram for the Muslims to marry non Muslim women for the men to have non Muslim wives. And when these ayat came down,

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many of the Sahaba had to be both the cinema was to have his wives were not believers. Right? This is the law. Allah says in Surah Baqarah and listen to these is when we choose spouses, and do not marry the machine women until they believe and they believing slave woman is better than a machine aka a female machine machine, even though she might please even though her beauty and our wealth might impress you, and do not marry Oh men, or females do not marry missionary King men until they believe and I believe in slave men is better than a non Muslim, even though he might please you Why? He tells you why. Because they those invites you to the five gentlemen, that you follow them, and

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you follow the actions and the encouragement. This is the person who's going to bring you down. Well Allah but Allah invites you to Jenna and to forgiveness by his permission, and he makes clear his Ayah to the people that perhaps they may remember the Ayat of Allah. So this is the general rule. Muslims not allowed to marry non Muslims. This is the law of the Sharia. And we are confined. When we ask what is our constitution? The Quran is our Constitution, right? This is the constitution and this is between you and Allah. If we live in a Muslim state, different matter, the judge will intervene you find two people married. Now one is you know, the man is a non Muslim. he now knows

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the marriage whatever. Unfortunately, we don't have the power in this country. But this is still governing you your connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala and we tell the brothers and sisters in such relationships, it is not permissible. And no, there is no fatwa. There is no madhhab Shafi, Hanafi, hanbali, Maliki Sunni, Shia all the six even agreed haram for a woman to get married to a man who is non Muslim, but if you think that whatever some factor or some you know, you find some saint strange opinion on Mufti Google, this is not an acceptable fatwa that that marriage is not even a marriage. It's an act of Zener. And you spend 2030 years where you had to Billa Xena, not

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acceptable, doesn't make her coffee, though important doesn't make you caffeine. Unless of course you deny the verse of Allah. Allah then makes an exception with regards to the Nikita the Jews and the Christians from the female Allah subhana wa Thailands. Rama EDA now makes an exception and allowance for the main and lawful in marriage are chaste, good, pious women from amongst the believers, and lawful for you, oh, men are chaste women from among those who are given the Scripture, the people of the book before you, when you have given them the Mahara. They also have rights. Just because she's a non Muslim wife doesn't mean that she's a second degree wife. No, she

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has the full rights of a Muslim. So we asked now, important question to make here. Are the Christians and the Jews today?

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Do they meet the criteria? But look it up? Can we say that the Christian women of today and the Jewish women of today 100 kita, per the Quran? And hamdulillah two opinions as usual, the one one group strong opinion they said no, because the Al Kitab of today, the Jews and the Christians, they've added many, many things after the time of Nabhi. So seldom, right, they've added many things. And these things are closer to the people of Shrek. So remember, that, initially the law you cannot marry any non Muslim woman. And in particular, the missionary kena idol worship as the fire worshippers before Hindus, so haram cannot marry a Hindu cannot marry an atheist. Right cannot marry

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people that are not there's an exception, though, for Jews and Christians. So the question is, all the Jews and Christians today have a strong opinion of Allah say no, because the Jews of today and the Christians of today are very different to the Jews and Christians of the time of Nabhi. So seldom.

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Another opinion says yes, you can marry them. Why? Because even in the time of Nabeel Salaam, the Jews and the Christians didn't take nothing. So some as they were, they were still PETA, and the Christians believe in the Trinity in the time of Nabeel Salaam, they believe that never so we had to realize the son of Allah. So they still had these this believes, even in the time of nobody so seldom, so the big issues were still there, and therefore, it's an allowance. And this is a debate between scholars, but the evidence and the end as Allah says, choose the partner was going to guide you through the agenda. At the end of the day, our objective and our duty is that someone who's

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going to encourage me to get me to agenda, but this dunya is only a journey. You want a partner who's going to help you stay

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To the right pose to choose somebody that is going to help you do that. And remember, the ISC is good women from amongst the believers. So a bad woman, or a bad man shouldn't marry such a person. Similarly, even more so a non Muslim female. And we then go further and we say, so why does Allah make this exception for the men? Why can the male's marry the Jewish woman with a Jewish or the Christian woman and not the other way around her arm for a Muslim woman to marry any non Muslim men, Judeo Christian or any as such be? Allah says only the men have this exception, many, many reasons. But one of the reasons is that the Sharia gives a husband his rights and his responsibilities, and

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Allah protects him. And Allah subhanho wa Taala gives the rights to the woman. Now if the man is in a relationship with a woman says, you know, my religion, your rights, I don't recognize your rights, maybe in terms of your religion, you have the right to tell me not to go to this place or not to travel there. I don't accept those things. So I will just do it. Right The man has some ability to to take hold of his rights. But say the Muslim woman is in the custody or married to a non Muslim man, and it's her It is my right is that you provide a shelter for me. My right is that you can't give me around my right is that you shouldn't abuse me or hit me. So this is the right in your

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Quran, not for me, in my religion, and the Arabs, what was the religion, you don't have any rights? You're a wife, you need to do all these things You have no right. So who's going to enforce our rights, she's such situation. So Allah does not allow you to simply throw away your rights in that manner. And that is why this is one of the big reasons why Allah subhanho wa Taala has made this permissible for the men and not permissible for the females. And we say some agathon Allah has, as as decreed this matter, we accept it. But it's always encouraged as a result from says, choose the woman of beam and choose the husband of Dean, if a woman, a woman comes to you with Dean, even if

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the material is not well off, physically not well off, you know, choose the person who's going to get you closer to Allah, this is what is required. We continue on with the teacher for the media. So the Muslims come back, and this exception now that the women, the kurush, in the big slip up here, they didn't think of this. So at Hamdulillah, the female sisters can now leave McCain secret, and they can reside now in Medina. But once people saw that the women are going there, some Muslim men said we'll try our luck. We'll go to Medina and see what's really going to happen. Maybe in a BIA, the situation wasn't such an emphasis on could help the Muslims.

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Allah, right, just perhaps that the Muslims couldn't assist them. Maybe if we run to Medina now, then Ibiza, salaam will change his mind. So as a hobby by the name of Uber CEO, he runs away from Makkah. And he comes to Medina. And he seems to be so solid. I'm basically a refugee. I'm here, I'm, I've ran away, or they haven't given permission. Maybe someone tells him you know about the treaty. And he says, you're not really going to send me back. Right? It knows the treaty, we have to send you back. If this is the the case, the treaties force, you not applicable, we have no choice in the matter. But the treaty doesn't say we need to send you back. But if they want to come and visit you,

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they can fit you. We won't stop them, but we also not going to send you back because he stays in Medina. And after a while two men from the Qureshi come to Medina, and they tell them he saw Salaam, this man Abu Basir, he you know, per the treaty, you must come back with us. So in addition, I can't do anything. I can't, I can't force I won't send you back by force. But I also cannot protect you if they want to take you back. So if you want to you know they I can't stop them. So they take a seat and he goes, I go peacefully, don't need to tie me up. It's a very smart man Have a seat. And on his way, he speaks to one of the two men and he mentions Wow, what you look like a warrior. You know,

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you must have had many battles and stories and pumps the man up and look at how great your sword is such a beautiful sword. Can I see it? And the man says Yes, go ahead. And of course he gets the sword and of course he escapes and kills the man and he runs away. And the other man he runs for his life and he runs to Medina. These are the enemies of Navy SEALs 11 Iran's for safety. Yeah, Mohamed Salah, protect me, this man is going to kill me. Right so now this man tells a Bashir you can't kill this man. And this time, the man says you must send Abu Bashir back, but you must tie him up. I'm going to take him back by force. So let me so seldom see some words. Sort of loud subspecific can

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say. So you can hear basically saying, I can't help you over here. If only you had someone else to help you. I mean, no one's going to stop you. So I will see it understands lamesa lamb doesn't want to send him back. But he also won't force him won't help the Qureshi to take him back. So we'll see runs away. The Qureshi said he's running away. So

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

the contract the treaty says we alone

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

We won't allow them to stay here, but doesn't say we need to go and fetch him and hunt for him and send him back. That's your job. So he runs away. That's your problem. You go and look for him to go see escapes. And he goes to modern day did that the city of Jeddah didn't exist there was no airport, there was no Cod, there was just there was just it was empty. And perhaps this is the first colony of people. This might be the origin of gender. Of course, he goes to this area, and he stays there on the coast, and he lets it know and all Muslims, if you can't go to Medina come to me, we're going to have a colony year outside of Makkah. Abu jandal in Makkah, remember we spoke about him

00:30:37--> 00:31:16

last week, he runs to Abu Basir and more and more about 80 of the Muslims join up and they formed this colony, and there was nothing better for them to do then to attack the caravans of the crash. To the Qureshi caravans are passing from Mecca and this was the trade. They passed Makkah on the way to Syria. And because Jeddah have one and this group of Muslims, they attack the caravans, you don't want us to go to Medina, you want to place us in Mecca. So now we are at war with you. They complain to Nabil Salam and he says you don't want to include them in the treaty. This is your problem you see to them. And this group is a thorn, a major thorn in the side of the crush. Every time they say

00:31:16--> 00:31:57

the caravan overseer and his group of men. They attack the caravans, they employ the crush, it really disrupts them. So the Qureshi now they send a boost up and the main leader cap in hand to Medina, begging them to be so solemn, please take these 80 men also take them to Medina, we will cancel that clause in the contract. We beg you, please. And he goes and he says, I beg you as a relative of us of Makkah, you are causing Makkah so much difficulty. Please, I beg you take these people and look after them and take them away. So Allah subhanho wa Taala showed that goodness comes from a difficult situation, if you stick to what Allah says, No Muslim, even newbies also could not

00:31:57--> 00:32:36

see that this would happen. And hamdulillah besitzer makes it known to us here. You're welcome now to come to Makkah that this term of the contract has been null and void. And they all go to Makkah, the only man unfortunately, we didn't make it was Abu jandal he died just before this was he was on his deathbed when they told the good news and go to Medina and then he died just outside Medina and our great Imani must have had to persevere in that. So the Muslims returned to to Makkah and by the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala inshallah, when we conclude next week, we will see how every term and condition the Quran put down believing that this will benefit them, Allah turn it around to be a

00:32:36--> 00:32:42

benefit for the Muslims. And that is why Allah is in the middle of the contract was signed. Allah says in

00:32:43--> 00:33:24

Medina matassa Oh, believe us, we have given you a clear victory, clear for Allah. But even though you can't see it, I'm telling you, this is a victory. You abided by what Allah said you stayed away from her money. This is going to be increasing the music for you won't know how away it will come you stay away from what is hot on you do what is right Allah opens a door that you've never ever expected. The lesson of today be the Muslims now begin to realize Allah subhanho wa Taala works in wonderful ways. We just need to stick to the laws of Allah and Allah will do the rest for us. May Allah grant sincerity in our Eamon de bas pure and pure steadfastness and what we know to be true

00:33:24--> 00:34:00

that stick to it. Insha Allah, Allah forgive us for our shortcomings, and we send our love and sanitation greetings to Mohammed salado sell them to his family and his friends in the Sahaba Saddam Hussein hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Just two quick announcements once again, anyone who wish to email me with [email protected] please email me any suggestions or comments any concerns? Please let me know. We remind you on Tuesday evenings we start now slightly off the mothership. We'll start off the mothership I will see a clause from about multilib an hour just before ishai we discuss the life of Nabina Muhammad Salah to very, you know two excellent courses in the month of March. This

00:34:00--> 00:34:27

might be of interest to some of you. If any of you are going on O'Meara Are you thinking of going on Amara oh you have no desire to go for them or even especially the one that feels why masego formula is of course happening one day on tomorrow. One day course on camera you don't have to go 345 weeks, one day course. a course on camera, the 22nd of March. That's next week, next week Sunday at the Medina Institute. Nine o'clock the morning at the icon building some of the things that we will discuss shift us with

00:34:29--> 00:34:59

a graduate from Al Azhar University, a doctor as well myself as well will be the inshallah discussing a number of things about the course of the things you'll discuss the historical background to the oma where does it come from? Why do we run between, you know two mountains? Why do we go around the Kaaba we'll discuss this will discuss how to actually perform Amara, what must you do? What mustn't you do? What is the spiritual the inner meaning of the rock? There's more to it than just running around in a circle. Right. What did it mean that extra dividers and how do you make your own rock to be to resemble that

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

Nabil Mohammed Salah you want to make more just like Amara right that's the best tomorrow we discuss those in sha Allah some interesting zero places you know you have inshallah booklet chosen, if you can go to this place and that place lot of all these history we talking about magic Cuba, this place that place, you know you find inshallah I'm going to go there, I want to see it for myself, and you know, just open questions and answers for all of us. So please, if you would like to attend, please, you can contact the bronto Islam office, or you can go and mail [email protected] you can mail me as well to attend to Morocco's inshallah next week, Sunday, another excellent post and I hope you know,

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all of us that have kids, not only if you open for everybody, it's on a Monday and Tuesday.

00:35:43--> 00:36:22

The biggest issue, one of the biggest issues we have is that for our young people, they stopped going to madrasa when they hit high school. Right. This is when the questions really start when you go through your adolescence. Now you really very far and this is when Trey bond really works on you. You go to university you become something as an atheist, agnostic, you find witches about all these strange things. For the first time in your life. Are you prepared? are young people prepared to face these challenges that affected unfortunately every year you find one or two of the flock they've lifted in a lot protect our our youngsters, right? So Alhamdulillah two days the end of this term,

00:36:22--> 00:37:01

right the 30th 31st of March, the Monday and Tuesday we open we having this conference this Dora which will address the basic Islamic knowledge it's putting four years of madrasa work in cramming it into two days inshallah one day purely onsala outperforms Allah Why must I perform sada what happens when I become McCullough? All these issues big issues, they do we talk about what it means to be a Muslim. Why do I worship Allah? What about atheism? What makes the Quran the miracle that it is why am I a Muslim? We discuss these two things over two days we have checked Bilaal, Kerala flying down from Durban expert in a very entertaining video you know excellent speaker. So please

00:37:01--> 00:37:38

encourage your your your kids and yourself is open not just for for young people. The target market is young people, but it's open to many many older people who say I'd like to recap my madrasa knowledge. I don't have the opportunity to go every week to a class this is the class for you. I want to know what must I know as a Muslim? I don't need to know the in depth, you know, rulings about inheritance, this and that. But I need to know how to make sada and I need to know who is Allah subhanaw taala. So come two days in sha Allah, you know all the essential knowledge as best we can please attain it at UCT conjunction with the MSA. Lastly, we are you know, proud and you know,

00:37:38--> 00:37:56

you know happy to be part of a program here in the massager of the blue cup is a big initiative again for our young people here on character development to prepare us for Ramadan, and this will be incorporated in our senior class in Sharla, the character of Nabil Mohammed Salim we thank you all once again salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.