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shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala yosakoi mine, our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All praise belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala who has granted us the favors of Ramadan who has granted us the honor and privilege to witness a month of Ramadan and has brought us through the month and hamdulillah able to perform us greatly better. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to accept that which we had done, except our fasting except outstanding. Grant us to attain the taqwa that we aspired to remember, the purpose of Ramadan was not in La Quinta takuna to maintain taqwa. And now this week before we actually begin the the Hooda, the actual series we discussing just a point to note that this week, it really is the important week in determining whether our Ramadan know the

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state of our Ramadan, people are still alive. Now how do I know if my Hajj is accepted? My Salah is accepted, my Ramadan is accepted. And this is the Allah mentioned, look at the kind of person you are after the evader. If there is some change in your life, you're able to maintain some of the good, not all of it, some of it Alhamdulillah there's some benefit in it and remember, but I was excellent thing to think about that. The only year even the Gambia, even the Beatles album did not fast, did not force an entire month, except in Ramadan. And you're not spending time and night in Salah except in Ramadan. So the things you did in Ramadan is really the highest level, you don't get

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much more than that. So you've already done the highest level that there is. And if we if you maintain just a little bit, don't force the entire month, try to force those six days of show while the Monday the Thursday at hamdulillah. This is the footsteps of the earlier spin off an hour again in the evening to make some extra Salawat not 20 Records no because I've never made 20 Records throughout the year. Two rockers in sha Allah, this is the footsteps of the earlier.

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So this insha Allah we hope is an encouragement as we take the foot of the people that the you know, eat came hamdullah remember, it is past now and now we get back to reality and we try to maintain that Ramadan And may Allah accept our mobile we believe the light accepts it, and that nothing of our sins remain all of it is gone. I mean, I mean Alhamdulillah after a few weeks of being off, you know, the students of Medina for the year and they were giving us hamdullah it's time for me to get back into the swing of things. And we continue with our CDs the days of resent glory. And as we said before Alhamdulillah it is the sooner here at Majid Burano Islam that we like to do things in

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series. Sometimes you come to the masjid and today it's Hajj tomorrow dinner, then it's everybody knows panelo is no continuity. So we try in sha Allah to keep our lectures in some sort of direction and then we can give full justice to the topic. And therefore we we started the series many months ago, I think almost I don't know it's probably even a year ago that this series called The days of resent glory, that if we look at the oma today is a for those of us who are with us in the series as he is one of the names Allah uses the most in the Quran is the all mighty is his might and power and greatness and honor and strength. All of this refers to Reza. So there was today when we look at the

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Omar Mohammed Al salam, the Muslim in, in, you know, the oma at large from the east to the west, we see that the Muslims live in a state of decline, that we are on our knees, whether we like it or not, we can agree on that we are on our knees. But in spite of our numbers, in spite of the wealth that we have, in spite of the many, many countries that are 50% plus Muslims, we only have the influence in this world of a few few million few 100,000. In fact, 6 million people have a certain religion is able to dictate to the 1.6 billion Muslims on the face of the earth. This is where we are as an oma and it has become even worse and hamdulillah not so bad in South Africa Alhamdulillah

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of the mercy of Allah we still we are Islam proudly. we weigh the Kufa we feel no shame and we are proud to say we're fasting we're proud to say it's lebaron we're not going to come to work and hamdulillah Allah has given us something here in Cape Town and in South Africa. We still have some reason to our Islam, but throughout the world is not the case. Muslims are ashamed to be Muslims that they change the name Mohammed becomes mo le becomes L and that's it. No one knows that he's a Muslim. So and throughout the world, this is the case and on top of it, the non Muslims when they look at Islam and they are justified when they see that, that you Muslims are a backward group of

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people your countries are in, in chaos, nothing good. comes from your lands. Your lands are backward, illiterate, this war constant fighting in your countries amongst

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yourselves. This is the image that the rest of the world sees of the Muslim mean. But important to note that Islam was not always in the States. There was a time when this oma was the leader of this world, where this oma led the world, not just in power and in politics and in money know, they lead the world, we lead the world in science and technology, we lead the world in civilization and development, the same way we look to the Europeans or the Americans for advancements with developments, non Muslims, the rest of the world look to the Muslim lands, where's the next? The next big technological advancement going to come? It's gonna come from the Arabs. Things were so

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good. Things were so good that the kings, the kings of Europe would send their children to Muslim universities to study is the opposite now, right? We send our children to the Western universities because this is where knowledge is, knowledge was in the hands of the Muslim in the Muslims were the people were the owners of knowledge of this world, and they set the trend and they brought civilization to the world.

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Just like one example, one example to give you of how you know how advanced the Muslim world was that a non Muslim tells even Kathy Rahim, Allah that the Quran says, Oh, this hadith that says that the dunya is a jail for the believers, but it is a paradise for the disbelievers. Yet you Muslims are the most advanced, you are the most loving in the best of states. We are behind. So how can it be like that? So he says behind Allah, Allah has given us good in the dunya. But what we are going to get in the Acura is even better, right? This is how advanced It was like the nonbelievers. So do people live like in gentlemen, that's how advanced the palaces the greatness Allah gave us to the

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oma. And for almost 1000 years, when the rest of the world was in dark in the dark ages. Islam was thriving and flourishing and brain development and insha. Allah, we hope that from the CDs, we remind ourselves because worse than being in this decline is that we have forgotten. We have forgotten that we don't belong here. We don't belong on our knees. This is not what we are meant to be. That we are not meant to be on our knees, that this is just a momentary and I will make dua and it's just a period that we are going through a phase and at the insha, Allah The rejuvenation, the the the ihsaa will return to the EMA. Allah subhanaw taala reminds us contemplado matino

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collegiately nurse, all Muslims of the soma, all believers of the womb of Mohammed Salim, you are the best nation raised up for my mankind. You enjoin what is right, and you forbid What is wrong? And you believe in Allah, when we talk about based we're not talking about because of your color, because of your race because of your culture, because you're an Arab, no. Or even because you are Muslim? No, it is because Allah says you do what is good, and you forbid what is wrong, and you bring leadership to the world, you should lead the world. This is what Allah expects from me and you that we should be the leaders in goodness in this world. And we will make the law that if at that,

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we return to that, and if we don't return to it, at least it does remember, that is where we belong. So how do we return to that? How do we go back to being the leaders of goodness in this world, the hero within the base nation? Remember this swana law? If the manufacturer says that this is the very best phone I ever made? No, this is the maker Allah says you are the best nation I've ever created. The best of the best. The ones I take the most pride from? Is this nation that you are love was but what a great What a great compliment. Allison gives us oma and if we need to return to that place, how do we return to the desert? Where do we begin? Do we start with the government? Do we start with

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war? Do we start with dour? Where do we begin? How do we change the situation within that is the purpose of this lecture series in sha Allah? Because we have an example of someone that started that right at the bottom and went straight to the top Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, Allah Subhana Allah says to you and me, whoever desires is, whoever wants to honor they know to Allah belongs on Allah is the one that has is Al Aziz all the honor and strength belongs to him to him since the good speech and the righteous works raised to it, but they who plot evil deeds will have a severe punishment and the plotting of those it will perish. Now the iOS Vance's, that, To Him belongs all

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the honor. He takes he gives the kingdom to me once and he takes away the kingdom from whom he wants, he gives any things as he pleases, and To Him belongs all things. This is the footsteps the blueprint to return to the Islam. So we've said we've done the series now almost a year now, and many faces I see are the same old faces that hamdulillah for you. It's a good reminder for me to reminder and for the new faces so they're not lost. We remind how far we've come over these past few months.

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We look at nubby salsa

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We said, some of us may think that Nagisa Salam was like Superman. You know, when it came to the dunya, Allah gave him the Buddha, all you have to do is make dua Allah, I want to be the king of the world and halus Allah send him angels, and they flattened all the armies of the world and Al Hamdulillah maybe Salam was the rule of the world and how Islam spread know, Allah subhanho wa Taala to his base creation and the base of the Gambia and the base of people, Allah subhanho wa Taala gave putting the pieces in a position. Now visa Salam was in a lower position than we are.

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He was in a more oppressed situation than we are today.

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for 10 years, they'll be Salamis in Makkah, and he's calling his people to Islam 10 years. And now visa Salaam is not able to even protect himself and his followers. We know what happened to be done. We know what happened to Amar and his family, the visa Salaam couldn't even protect the believers. But he was himself and his family members. This is how severe and how weak the Muslims work.

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And after 10 years of calling of the 10 years of calling now visa Salaam is struck by tragedy, the lowest point in his life, he loses the to support basis that helped him and his wife had deja. And the things became so bad when I be so solemn, that he actually felt that there is no hope for the people of Makkah that the by people have rejected me. I'm going to look for the people outside of Makkah, the city of Fife. We're going to be so seldom we sometimes struggle Why doesn't things come right in our life. This is Rasulullah saw Salah, the man who Allah subhanho wa Taala since Salawat and the interesting Salawat. But he was unable to succeed for 10 years to the point whenever he's

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felt, let me go outside of my city and see these other groups of people except we didn't go you into five, a city outside that city. Still, if you are fortunate enough to go and hide your Amara visit or if it's a city outside Mecca, it's in the mountains, and this would be the lowest point in your life. I Chateau de la and Austin Elisa Lam. What day was worth the day of the day. We didn't speak about the Battle of word. But we know the Battle of word was really bad for the Muslims a lot of the believers passed away were killed in that battle. The Muslims not even a B so Salam was almost died. An arrow hit him in the mouth. That's how bad it was the day. So I shut out the Allah and he asked

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me so solemn, was there ever a day sadder worse for you in the day I have heard? He says yes, there was a day worse than the day I went to thought if I went to the people have died because my people in Makkah, they didn't accept me. So I thought maybe the city outside Macau will accept me. When I got to live. The way they treated me was even worse than the way Abu Jamal and Abu lahab treated me. They stoned me. They almost killed me. I had to run they cursed me humiliated me through Nigeria at me, mocked me I had to run for my life. Now visa Salam is in such a low place that he has to go back to Makkah you know, metaphorically speaking with his tail between his legs. He has to go back to the

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people of Makkah.

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And missiles were things where am I gonna go from here? so low is gonna be so seldom so bad. Does he feel that Allah subhanho wa Taala reveals is to say, Mauer dakara bukhoma Kala that Europa has not deserted you and Europe does not hate you. I'm a failure as an OB. This is how low and obese awesome was. And Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us when we go through dark times, so we are going through that period like five, we are going through that period of the early days of Makkah, we are in a period now where we are surrounded by the difficulties. And you will see as we go through the series, that those who came out of those difficulties were the best Sahaba that came out of those

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difficult Dog Days, they were the best of Sahaba and therefore these difficult times Allah subhanho wa Taala if you live in a time which is difficult, this is for us. Do you think Allah says that you will intergender while such trials has not come to you as came to those before you they were touched with poverty and hardship and they were shaken until even the messenger there are several of those people and those who believed with him and his Sahaba they said when is the help of Allah is going to help us we make Juma. Every week we foster the whole month of Ramadan yet we don't see any change in the world when it's all gonna help us. Allah says, undoubtably the Nasir of Allah is Kareem, with

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the help of Allah is near that if need be. So Salaam went through 10 years 13 years without seeing success. Then insha Allah we can be patient a little bit longer with Allah subhanho wa Taala. But then Allah subhana wa Taala changed the status quo a lot opened up doors from which they'll be so Salaam didn't perceive me so I'm so busy with the people of Makkah, finding no success, and Allah opens up a completely different area to Islam, the people of Medina and we spoke about the first section of our series, especially now with an Islamic State, you know being formed. We spoke about the establishment of the true Islam

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Except in Medina, how can I be so soon established that state and how Islam in its full bloom now spread its laws? What was it like living in that state was the oppression? We went unbelievers? They were Jews living in Medina. They were idol worshipers in Medina. How did Islam treat them? What happened to the synagogues and churches? Nothing happened to them. Islam gave them the full rights. This is the Islamic State of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Then we spoke about the Battle of butter. Let's do we think that if we are hamdulillah or in goodness, that shape on and he's Olia will leave us like that. Maybe so Salam is in Medina hamdulillah people have nothing you

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don't want to accept me, leave me in Medina, these people want to establish Islam. Let us practice Islam, no people of Mecca are not happy. And they declare war on Medina, and a number of battles occur and we spoke about the Battle of butter, and why the Battle of butter was so significant, that we sort of made the do on the Battle of butter a lot. If we lose this battle the 300 of us if we die here, you will never be worshipped on the face of the earth. This is the closest shaytaan came to wiping out this religion of Islam altogether. Remember, people ask when did Islam begin didn't begin with them. It didn't even begin with Adam. It began when Allah made the first creation which is the

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arch. A Muslim is the one who submits to Allah, everything in the heavens and the earth submits to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this religion of Islam is the religion of the universe. Man is the one of the few men and jinn the only two creations we know who has the choice to submit now or to submit in the era. So we submit now we obviously mean Yeah, Allah. So the Battle of butter shaytaan Emily's came to the closest he came to removing Islam from mankind all together.

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Then to be somebody that Allah will lose this battle, you will not be worshipped on the face of the earth after this. And Allah subhanho wa Taala granted them victory against impossible odds. We then skipped to the Treaty of Colombia. This is where we ended off before Ramadan, that this was the turning point of weakness to strength. This is where Allah subhanho wa Taala made the Muslim strong and Allah reveals a surah referencing this in

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Medina, indeed, we have given you a clear conquest surah to the surah of victory. Allah Subhana Allah says we gave you a clear victory. With most most people believe that the pseudo understand the surah refers to the conquest of Makkah doesn't refer to the conquest of Makkah refers to the treaty between the Muslims and the non Muslims. summary of what the Treaty of today V is all about. Medina is here maka is here this war between the two the kurush. They are the America they are the United Nations of Arabia. They are the superpower of Arabia, right, just the local superpower. And no one believed that the Muslims will survive and stand against them. And when you fight against America,

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you're going to lose my case the strongest leader reaches that the biggest army you're not going to win. And Makkah came three times to fight Medina and they lost each time they came they were unable to destroy and defeat the Muslims.

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But they still at war. Nobody saw Solomon sees a dream unless he certainly has a law show to His Messenger. A dream that is true. You will surely Intel Mozilla haraam if Allah wills in safety, with your head shaved or shortened, not fearing and he knew or knew what you did not know and has arranged before that I could conquest is near me. So Solomon said, Whoa, it's like one of us having a dream that tomorrow we're going to put the flag and musty blocks off. Impossible how without any fighting. Remember the carrabba is controlled by the people of Makkah, and Nagisa Salam is enemy number one. He has a dream we are Sahaba Allah has given me a message. We are going to Makkah and

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we're going to perform an Amara, and we're not going to fight with the people of Mecca. Is this possible? So we spoke about this, the Muslims went formula. And they reach Makkah, the people of Mecca didn't allow the Muslims to enter. But they also realized that the Muslims are not any pushover. We can't just fight them or throw them away. We have to negotiate with them. And therefore this is the treaty, the Quraysh were forced to sit down and compromise. And this is what Allah says, I gave you a great victory without any fighting without any swords. Allah subhanho wa Taala showed to the disbelievers, the strength of Islam, and they said we would rather not fight with these

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people would rather make an agreement. So a treaty was signed the Treaty of Philadelphia and there were three close in a three to three major conditions. Number one, so remember, what was the objective of the Muslims they didn't come to conquer Makkah, what did they come to do? perform? Right?

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They went around, they didn't even come with weapons they wanted to perform. And the Quran said number one, you guys can perform omura now you need to go back to Medina. We're not gonna let you in Makkah, but you can come next year to perform Umrah, right, number two, that there will be peace Namaste.

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fighting between mark and Medina 10 years, no fighting. And number three, and this was the word this was the most difficult pole for the Sahaba. to swallow. The most difficult thing for them to take was that if any Muslim becomes mortal, anyone from Makkah, anyone from Medina leaves Islam, then he's free to leave Islam and come to Makkah. But if any person from Makkah becomes a Muslim is not allowed to go to Medina, Nagisa salam, you must send him back to Makkah. So how about this was a huge defeat, how this agreement is not fair. We are compromising, but Allah subhana wa tada knew better. And we spoke about how this thing that this clause actually worked against the machine, and

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they begged nimbyism, remove the street remove this close. We don't want this anymore. Why? Because a group of Muslims who became Muslim I said fine, we can't go to Medina. We will go and live outside Mecca and every time Qureshi was in the caravan we can attack that caravan. So like a group of Muslims they lived in Egypt there is today said we can't go to Medina the people of Makkah doesn't want us so we can be a thorn in the side of Makkah continuously until the Qureshi in abyssal Salaam, take these people to Medina, get them out of our head we don't want we don't want them on our border. So Allah showed the Muslims that what you thought was a defeat was really a victory but one

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meta remain unresolved. The omura right the treaty said that you will perform tomorrow next year the owner of Cabo Cabo we know and there's no such thing as Cabo sada but if someone misses Salah a valid reason, only reason really that's valid if you oversleep in unintentionally don't sleep two minutes before five minutes I overslept know the alarm didn't go off with no cheating or something you overslept or you completely forgot you know, you know you didn't completely you missed track of time. Or you know, these are the only excuses work is not an excuse. Shopping is not an excuse. The rugby match is not an excuse for Allah. Allah has made the earth the resources one of the things

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given to my alma is the entire Earth is a masala you can make Salah anyway, keep that masala in your car, making the parking lot making the road Alhamdulillah no excuse if you're at work and your boss does not allow you to make salad and automatically the job is not permissible for you to actually work in. Right find a place two minutes one minute to make Salah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. We live in a country which allows us And may Allah continue to allow us the ability to perform our Salah to come to Juma in the middle of the workday. We look at this and hamdulillah we give credit where credit is due that the kuffar not all of them have the same caliber the ability to fight

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someone like Abu Talib, and someone like Abuja, Al Hamdulillah. We live in a place where we are free to practice our Islam and Allah continue this goodness and grant us so the owner of Kaaba, the Muslims now oh and omura to Allah right. And so behind Allah, it's amazing Ramadan ends and automatically the Hajj season begins we are already hearing people greeting we are in people going preparing for Hajj coming around to greet and in that spirit. Think about this, this would now be the first Amara, like you know how you have this overall group, you're going with this shift and that shift mentioned you're going to grow with Mohammed on such a level. And this would be the first

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overall in Islam. Nobody saw himself did not perform up until this point. This will be the very first Amara, done in Islam in this oma since the time of Satan a Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, the machete can control the Kaaba. And now for the first time the Muslims would come the seventh year puja they'll be so solemn again times it well, the 11th month we spoke about this what's significant about the 11th month it's a month way no fighting is committed. It's one of the Hurrah months, the 11th the 12th the first these three months and in the Raja as well. No fighting in these months. So then the results of them showed I'm not coming for war. I want peace I'm going to perform tomorrow.

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So a year has now passed. So how about excited to perform this Amara, they weren't allowed to intimate they didn't even see Makkah. Many of them remember, like Bella like Abu Bakr like Omar Abdullah Ali or the Alon Mecca was the home. They didn't see the relative some of the family members or the NACA, they didn't see them for seven years. There's no WhatsApp or emails, right? They didn't hear anything of the family members. They can see their family for the first time. Plus Subhana Allah just put ourselves in that shoes. We feel so bad about Mozeliak saw and yes, we should feel bad. But imagine the Kaaba is controlled by non Muslims, that you make Salah to five times a day and

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your idols in the Kaaba. Imagine that feeling. You can't even visit Makkah. Right? Sometimes we blame Soho for dimension, the Qureshi? No, you couldn't even visit mucker a lot. Think about that feeling that you must have had as a Muslim, and now you're given an opportunity. So the first chance to come back to Makkah after seven years, and it should be the first one right in Islam. One point and this is a beautiful, beautiful example of Nabeel Salah. The agreement was the Muslims will enter Makkah and they will spend three days in Mecca and the Quraysh they will tutor they don't

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the heels of Mecca stay in their homes, they will really be in the public spaces to avoid any confrontation. Also the Muslims only three days in Mecca, and they're not allowed to come with weapons, they can't come armed. But this time last year we didn't go on and there was almost a fight the coalition was attacked us. So we're gonna go with arms.

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And the Qureshi came to be on his way. And we heard you coming with weapons you coming like an army? And look at the words of the crush. And this is a this is an a, an A, A evidence against them? Is it Oh, Mohammed, we don't know you to be treacherous to lie in any small matter or any big matter. So why are you breaking the treaty? The resources, I'm not breaking the treaty. What is the treaty say? It says, you cannot interact with weapons, we are not entering Makkah with these weapons. We are coming with the weapons and we'll leave them outside mockup would have been a group of Muslims that God them. If any funny business then they'll be prepared. But then we'll interact without any

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weapons. But look at the kurush they said we know you you don't tell lies in small things or big things with money or anything similar. This is similar words of the emperor of Rome, when he said to Abu sufian

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as your this man who claims to be a prophet, as he ever lied, said no. And he says strange a man who does not lie when it comes to gold and silver will even ally against Allah subhanho wa Taala at something unique you have to think about this abuse beyond the prophets of Salaam. So they entered Makkah. 2000 Muslims joined and this shows you how Islam is growing the year before it was 1000 Muslims. Now it's 2000 Muslims who join the oma right not a battle, not a war. The woman the woman came with the children came with 2000 Muslims to perform this Amara. And as I said, they will stay in Mecca for three days. Just a side note to with regards to O'Meara. If anyone performs O'Meara,

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what is Amara Amara is to visit obviously, the Kaaba and these four things you need to do if you go and hide your camera for things you need to do. Number one, you need to be in the state of your arm. People when you ask them what's wrong, they see that white clothes that you wear that's a ROM ROM that's the clothing of the harem I can wait clothes, I'm not in the harem. And a person a woman she's in a ROM but she doesn't wear those clothing. The state of a ROM you're in a state now with certain things which are helpful for you. It's not how you contact you, hey, you can't get married. You can't have intercourse. You can't so many things you cannot do because you're now in the second

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year. I am now in the home. Right? So that's the first thing you need to be in Iran. Why you need around, of course performance a lot seven times around the Kaaba, beside you run between Safa and Marwa and then of course the fourth thing is to exit your home

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interesting question yeah, it's tomorrow we found the prizes but something to think about. We know that sometimes you see in the picture the right side of the main shoulder is uncovered when they perform power. The women please hit the main shoulder right Why is that? Right think about this and you'd find if you had the opportunity maybe today we can't see it because the tower is so full but in times when the tower wasn't full you'd see some people actually running in the top likely run between the green lights inside so for those brothers who have never seen or been to Makkah we make the law you will witness this yourself you'll see it for yourself but inside between Southland

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Morrow there's a point where people run they walk normally then they jump in they stop Why do they do that? We know this is because hotjar the mother of his smile she did that at that point. Right she ran so we follow her example but why the toe off to people that I'm a little bit and why is that I chose the open because of this underway to Mecca. The people of Morocco also didn't see the Muslims right. And they said Ah you're gonna see they said you know, Medina has Medina was known to have clay people will seek in Medina. Makkah they were strong. The he was clean and fresh. They said, you're going to see Mohammed Salim and his followers when they come back, they're going to be

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weak, they're going to be thin, they're going to be sickly, they're gonna have sores on their body because Medina is a place of disease.

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So in avviso salam wanted to show there is the strength of the Muslim said number one, we're going to do a few things. Firstly, you must raise your voices in Colombia. And that's what's the sooner when you go when you travel on Omar al Hajj, the bakel la mala back all the time louder Baker line What does love Baker Lamine? Yeah Allah I am Yeah, I am come I answer you Yeah, Allah I'm at your service. You invited me love bake I have responded and the Hadji the person we can O'Meara he sees this over it for me when he begins his journey. Yeah, Allah Baker Aloma bake. I answer your call. Yeah, a lot. So that's the first thing Satan loud. Let them hear. I will a bake. Number two, the

00:29:40--> 00:29:48

main only the main uncover your right shoulder while you perform tawaf let them see the muscles, you know, let them see the guns. Right.

00:29:49--> 00:29:54

So, right Oh, that'd be so solemn and because there'll be so somebody that did it and

00:29:55--> 00:29:59

we do it now we open up the right shoulder and for the first three

00:30:00--> 00:30:42

rounds the last seven rounds. The first three rounds. We will run run but jog briskly today we can't do it because of the dogma Please don't do that. I want to follow the sooner you tramp down you know, you know a few people know that's not so now. Right so they Sahaba did this and the kurush imagine what what it must have been like for the courage to see the Muslims for the first time they saw people performing hajj or performing Amara as it's meant to be performed as Nabil Ibrahim Elisa was performed it the first time they saw through tauheed they heard people saying Allah Baker Allah We are here for you Yeah, Allah 2000 people they never saw such a huge number of people coming to

00:30:42--> 00:31:11

perform Amara only time people came in those numbers with during Hajj to the Qureshi are sitting outside on the mountains of Mecca, and they are looking at the Muslims coming into Mecca. And this had a huge effect on this rumor I had a massive effect on the Quraysh and as a symbol, symbolic message to all of the world. Number one, this was a major milestone for the mission of Joe Hayden. Remember, nobody's outside of Salem? And those of us who have now done the hard time you've read the Quran, what is the message of the Quran?

00:31:12--> 00:31:55

It doesn't say a law does not say success is to rule the world or to control you know, government to the economy, the rich, no success is what La ilaha illAllah. To establish the heat, the oneness of Allah, Allah, you alone should be worshipped. This is the mission of all the Gambia up until this point 20 years and gone by and no O'Meara for Allah sake was performed. Now, for Allah sake, for the first time at the carrabba someone is singular bacolod you we are not alone should be worshipped. Right. So this was a big, big plus will not be so solemn, he succeeded in that mission. Also, this was hugely embarrassing for the kurush. Imagine. They said today, we can give an analogy now that

00:31:55--> 00:32:34

you saw aliens have to, you know, allow Muslims to come into Muslim Luxor and basically take it over for three days and do whatever they want. This will be a huge admitted there to admit defeat. And for the kurush this was a huge embarrassment to see 2000 Muslims coming into Makkah and basically taking over Makkah for three days, and there's nothing they could do. They were the superpower. Everyone looked at the Qureshi invincible. And now it's clear that the tide had turned, that they're not as strong as they could see, as they thought Islam was no longer something you could push over the Muslims are a force to be reckoned with. Also, for those non Muslims who are on the borderline,

00:32:34--> 00:33:13

they never really saw they hated Islam. And this is an important point brothers and sisters don't want to give our people hate Islam without even seeing Islam, witnessing Islam in action. They just hear the rumors, they just caught up in the propaganda and the hype. Sometimes it doesn't mean it doesn't take that we need to give them our you know, give them a buy and give them a book. No, just show them Islam in action. So don't don't listen to what I say. You must follow the obviously we need to be ambassadors. But look at the Muslim for the first time is courageous so Muslims actually being Muslim. They compete the owner of NaVi salsa lamb, they compete the block they compete the

00:33:13--> 00:33:52

Taekwondo Sahaba in tears crying with the beards will wait bowing sudo to Allah they compete that Amara today, Amara and Allah says in the Quran, and they pray the prayer of the people of God Leah at the house meaning at the Kaaba was nothing except whistling and clapping hands. So taste the punishment of Judas believe and they would make fell off naked. This was the oma of the people of Jamia so anyone with a cold with some since he compared this camera to the amazonbasics panela which one do we think Allah loves more? And this open the hearts of many people and that is why I will occur and the way we make a binder. Like the way that we saw some videos, we don't jump up and down

00:33:52--> 00:34:32

and clap our hands Turn the lights of analog it's not the way nobody saw them perform these a bad this is actually our Alesis the Qureshi performed the coup for the people of Jay Z. This is how they worship Allah subhanho wa Taala the way in which we performed Salah so beautifully, the way in which hedges performed and hamdulillah I think there was a you know thing on the social media people saw laser cutter in Mecca, and many people were amazed when they saw this is how you perform solar power Institute. Allahu Akbar, when they saw that it opens the hearts to the belief it opens the hearts that fit inside this I also want to be part of that. Another important lesson of the summer of

00:34:32--> 00:34:59

Kabbalah. It took 20 years for the Muslims to get the 20 years before they could actually perform. Amara there was a time when they couldn't recite the Quran was hard. It was forbidden. It was illegal to recite the Quran loudly. It was illegal for the Muslims to make Salah publicly only when say nama became Muslim. The Muslims are allowed to make Salah publicly because there were strong 20 years later with no visas and perform Amara shows us change

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

takes time step by step. Also, if you that person that you've been saving for 1015 years to go on hygiene, you didn't get the chance to add to it. He also had to wait 20 years before he got his opportunity. So hamdulillah that part of that waiting, that longing to go to the Haram is part of the tsunami so seldom, this was also a clear sign on we talked about this next week in sha Allah, that after this Amara, this was now clear for many of the people that the days of the Quran is done. When the Muslims could walk into the headquarters could walk into and take over the most sacred place of the Quran, and they could do nothing about it. Now you have no more unbelief. You have no

00:35:38--> 00:36:16

Mr Qureshi to admit we have no more strength against this religion. But now, we are just waiting. Our days are numbered and this religion is going to overtake us. Our days are numbered. So very important senior members of Quraysh would become Muslim. And these names we'll talk about them next week in Sharla. One name in particular cardigan, Willie, if we ever talk about honor and strength, this man cardigan Walid rhodiola is the personification of that. What does that mean? Someone call him a sword from the swords of Allah subhana wa Tada, one of the greatest generals in the history of mankind in Islam, top 10 generals of all time, Harlan Waleed, after he saw this camera. Now his

00:36:16--> 00:36:27

heart opened up to Islam. We'll talk about the conversion next week in sha Allah. And we'll continue with Romanov kabar next week in sha Allah, Allah Hi. Just a few, a few announcements to be made.

00:36:28--> 00:37:00

It is also the 11th anniversary 11 years to the day 24th of July that my home abdomen basilar the Imam of the masjid had passed away Allah subhanho wa Taala grantee my place in general may is covered to be a garden from the gardens of Jenna not be a foot from the pits of Jana. Any good that he did mama increase in goodness and Allah pardon all the mistakes and all the deceased all of those who have passed away. May Allah grant mercy and Rama where they feel the goodness of our army the grace we made wide and filled with light in sha Allah they will be a

00:37:01--> 00:37:41

tomorrow author of the shadow will be a hardcore and recited year on no need for the moment for anyone who has also passed away as well parents, relatives, grandparents as well to make sure that they also in sha Allah will get forgiven and make dua for them. Also, just a reminder that my email is on the on the screen anyone would like to ask a question or want a copy of the slides you know, email me in comments to be made good and bad, please you know bring them forward. Also we in chat Alhamdulillah will beginning our our class our Tuesday night classes of the mothership. I talk about six or so. Tuesday evenings we do the Sierra the biography of Nabil Mohammed Salim so if you enjoy

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the series that we're doing, it's in a similar vein just in a lot more detail about the life of an obese person and who he was and his family also announcement on the cards here that insha Allah and Kota you'll see the process outside pre makes perfect premix perfect in Sharla a CDs international course on sada two days if you have any questions with regards to salah and this is the first thing will be question about on piano The first thing you will see is the first thing that believable the question about piano is is solid and if you pass that question with a lot the rest of your questioning will be made easy so you need to ensure Allah Any question on solid and I performing my

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Salah correctly How do I perform Voodoo What about our all these XYZ stuff? These a post outside premix perfect please sign up and join it's happening now. The first week of August the first of August this next week in sha Allah please in sha Allah sign up and join and make your pray perfect and the rest inshallah will bring the Baraka to the rest of our lives will not forgive us except our unborn

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fetus and I want to