Yahya Ibrahim – Salaam Britain Journey with the Quran: Surat al-Baqarah Ch 2 Vs 214

Yahya Ibrahim
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We have a great time to think you know, that's

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a customer

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is our strong reflection

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of change, but I'm Wiley. Y equals setup rahmatullah wa barakatu. Thank you for having me once again.

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Thank you so much for joining us. How are you doing with hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen it's a pleasure it's was a beautiful day a little bit of rain but wonderful change Mashallah.

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The rain was quite refreshing.

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So you're gonna be continuing with the series. Today, right? Welcome to the law. We're continuing our journey with the Quran and hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam, Allahu Allah He was sent them well that for those of you who have been tuning in week after week and come to be that each and every Wednesday for tsunami, Britain, we have a section of discussion that relates to a verse or two from Sorrell to the Buffalo. And today hamdulillah we're looking at verse 214, of the second chapter of the Quran, Surah 10, buffalo, Allah Subhana Allah to add in his Most Generous

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generosity and greatest wisdom, also does Subhan Allah to Allah challenges at times in life. And Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us the example of those who are better than us to reassure us that on account of some of the difficulties that we encounter, encounter in life, this is not a sign that Allah has turned away from us, or that Allah has departed from us, or that Allah Subhana Allah has left us to our own devices or that he's unaware of our condition. I'm hearing to our door and please of assistance, rather Allah subhanho wa Taala strikes for us the example of our nebagamon pendants of Allah who it was sending them, his companions and those who were with him as being those who were

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more virtuous than us more connected to Allah and us. And however they did endure, also much greater than us. Before I recite the verse I remind you of the Hadith of the EBU Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, where Allah says, either Allah had the patella, that when ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah adores one of his creation. When Allah has love for one of his, his creation, He tests the veracity of their faith makes them even more pure in their calling out to him, put them in a place where they rely ultimately most sincerely upon him. And if they remain firm upon that, Allah summons the angel Jibreel who is also commanded to love them. And Allah brings down Kaboul acceptance upon this earth

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for that individual, that even their enemies they will find within their encounter of him and inability to bring greater harm than what is written for them. Allah subhanaw taala says in verse 214, we ask Allah for his protection from the accursed, straight on to the villa administrate on the regime, and has it become there's a number of verses that begin like this. Did you actually think, did you assume what made you think this would be the case and has it come and tell the whole agenda Willem Mallya? Tikal method Lavina. Holloman complicated, do you think that you will just be able to walk into paradise to be admitted into gender without having been first tested and proven yourself?

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As was done by those who came before you?

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Did you think that you were special somehow mircette hormonal Betsa or what the raw was zero Hetalia Punarvasu. When Medina M and Omar who matter an awful lot, those who came before you, they were afflicted with suffering and adversity, to the point that they were violently shaken. And even the messenger in the believers amongst them would cry out, when will the help of Allah? When will the support of Allah when will the deliverance from Allah arrive? Allah in a masala Hikari? Truly, indeed, surely, in variably, without doubt, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah support is always near Subhan Allah, how needy I am and you are for hearing this incredible statement of Allah Subhana

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Allah to add the great Imams of the pastor Imam

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Edenic Athena collects the statements of the Sahaba describing some of these important words in this verse, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says Mr. toman said that the people before us even before our evil comments I send them that they were made to taste they were made to touch and set which means it is a state of poverty or loss that you had gain and it departed from you. Number two, what the rock which means

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illness and affliction and an ailment that you had held and you find inability, that you had power and you find weakness that you had position and standing and you find fracture and inability to put yourself together in assistance of yourself and others was zero Hatay Akula WOSU Alladhina AMA, no matter who

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it is to the very point that they would be shaken to their core, it's as if they were violently shaken that the earth beneath them shifted. One of the important dimensions of our Quran is that we are ordered to ask Allah in the very beginning to lead us to a Sirata stuck in the straight path.

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It's actually a poor translation for the concept of Mustafi. Musa Kleem. It's not just a straight path, it's not just straightforward. Rather, what it means is that it is a path that is well balanced, if I was to translate in the most comprehensive sense. Allah's asking us to ask him, oh, Allah, lead us to a path that is well balanced in life, where I'm not in excess, nor am I in deficiency, where I'm not going to extreme nor am I being neglectful, where I'm not asking for what I shouldn't, and I'm not neglecting the needs of providing to others what I should have Serato stalking the well balanced, well traveled road is where Allah Subhana Allah invites us to be in the

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the Sahaba, the Prophet of Allah, and that Sahaba and the prophets of Allah before him, they used to ask Allah for the same thing. So Allah quotes to us this statement of their would at a SLM where he would say or have been after the Carlina Sabra with them bit academica one sooner and they'll call me caffeine, oh Allah shower down patients upon us in our hearts, make our feet firmly planted in the earth and give us support against those who rebel against the truth of belief in you, oh Allah. Why do we ask for our feet to be in support and held down and firmly planted on the ground? Because Allah warns us that the earth beneath us that at times we assume is solid, we assume that we are

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upright, we are assumed that we are standing tall, that there's nothing really that can shake us or bring us to our knees. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah here lets you know that he will at times cause you to be so violently shaken, that there will be upheaval in my life and yours, with my family or my employment or my education. May Allah protect us from the fitna of faith, the dua of the prophets I seldom Allah whom Allah teach and feed net and happy demeanor of Allah don't make the violent test of our life. Don't make the the test that you bring upon us that it shatters in quakes and shakes our faith. The prophets I send them teaches us that we will be shaken or Obinna cesspit

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of them and plant our feet for this will have a they hear this verse where Allah says to them, that the messenger and the Sahaba that came before you, they would ask their Prophet when is Allah's victory? This would be something that the Sahaba would also have in their heart at times, they would see themselves on that battle of they would see the siege of Gaza. They would see moments when they were weak in Mecca annex from the rest of the citizens. They were not allowed to have any trade or commerce or weddings. There was no no there wasn't even the ability to share food with the even as a donation because of their starvation and hunger. In the authentic hadith narrated by Lima Muslim

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hubbub, about the Allahu Anhu he says to the prophets, I send them in that moment of tiredness and weakness, when they have everything surrounding them and against them. He says of messenger of ALLAH, why do you just invoke ALLAH ask Allah to get rid of these people? Why don't you just ask Allah to remove them as no update and others before you do? And that way we can begin a new the prophets I send them said in nicomekl Winter statue dude, surely you are in earnestly hurry people, those who came before us, sometimes their skin would be removed on trying to take them away from faith, but they would maintain the course. And I swear to you by the Almighty Allah the prophets I

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seldom says lay your Tinman Allah who have the deen this matter that I've been sent with will come to fruition to the point that a person will ride from the base of Arabia from huddle of mouth, all the way to where we are in Mecca today. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and will have no fear of an enemy SallAllahu it was said

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in the mallows

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Use, surely with hardship, you find ease. Surely it is through hardship that you come to know what is ease and surely you come to know sweetness after having understood what was sour and bitter. Now Allah subhana wa Tada has made it the Sunnah of life, the circumstance of all of our lives, that there is no one Lenna way to win an amen. That is a day that is prosperous for us and the day that is counted against us.

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But the measure of our success is that we remain well balanced in equilibrium with ALLAH SubhanA. Allah ends this ABC will Lavina Amman numerical matter and not sort of law that they would say when is the victory of Allah adhan, Allah answers Allah. Allah doesn't say to the prophets, I seldom say to them pull in the masala Hikari in many places in Nakuru and when there is this request, when is Allah's victory? This is something where Allah answers directly. Allah wants you to know in the maghoma I am with you, Moses and our own I'm with your own of Muhammad, I'm with you. Yeah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, I am always seeing and hearing and observing. And as darkness sets, I

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know that there is the rising of the sun. And just like there is the the setting of the sun that there will always be the sunrise, what Doha when Layli is a serger by the breaking light, and by the over passing of the darkness, when fed you by the daybreak and the dawning of a new day was Shem see what to have? All of these are imageries to give a new beginning a new chance and to let you know Allah will always be with you. So Allah is the one who answers Allah doesn't say Paul say to them Yeah, Mohamed salah. Hmm, Allah says Allah in Nasir Allah He carried, the deliverance from Allah is at hand. Allah's help is always near. Allah is always with the Bibi.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah sends us this verse to cool, some of us in moments of overheated Vnus and over tiredness and over illness, Allah Subhana Allah wants us to know that he is always observing of our condition. And I leave you with three wisdoms that we take from this area that were taught to me by my elders and teachers. The first of them is to know that Allah Subhana Allah loves an individual, even if they find themselves in what they think is a displeasing circumstance, perhaps they may hate something and Allah knows it is best for them. Number two, that Allah Subhana Allah Allah never burdens a soul more than he can withstand more than it is equipped to manage and to free

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itself from that hardship. And number three, always remember that Allah support is always near because Allah is the One who is always near. Allah is never more distinct from you than just one simple invocation. Jaco Valley is Salam you would say, in a magical bethey was me Illa Allah, I raised my complaint, my sole role only to Allah subhana wa.

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really, really one of my favorite reflections

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on that, and it's just, it's such a beautiful mind. I think so many of us we go through so many things when we actually just remember to rely a lot.

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It's okay, so it was such a beautiful reminder. Thank you so, so much, what would you say to people who are still in that mix of despair, to really help them to draw closer back towards Allah.

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We are taught from the Quran that we can't do it alone. And it's not enough to just simply say, Allah is with me, Allah is enough, I will just ask Allah for help. In fact, what we see in the habit of the prophets of Allah in the habit of our who hematite seldom is that Allah has set for him

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Sahaba who are there to assist them. Even on the hijab of the prophets, I seldom he doesn't go with alone. He has a companion who travels with him, he plans a strategic exit out of Mecca. He is very, you know, insightful in the path that he's going to take to make sure that he stays safe. It becomes really important for us to build a network of people who are relying on a reliable in our circumstances, it doesn't necessarily mean of course, then there are going to be the you know, even religious people or even people from our faith, when the prophets I send them Synthesia

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Have a to Ethiopia, the king of Ethiopia at the time and the Joshi the Nagus of Ethiopia was not a Muslim, but he had a quality of being fair and just an open the prophets I seldom said go to that man, he is a person now you're a lot more into who I had nobody will be treated unfairly he will give you a fair hearing. So the prophets I seldom has this ability to put forward for us this example that we need others in our life to assist us. The second thing is to recognize not just that I need other people, but I also need to work within my own ability not to remain patient as impassive, or inactive. Sadly, the word patience in English it means to just you know, be patient,

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meaning just sit and don't do anything, right. When you say to your child, okay, just be patient, I'll bring you your food, you're saying don't move around, don't ask for it anymore. Just sit there and be quiet. But the word patience and allaby doesn't is not is not the English equivalent. Sob is an active process. It is that you are going out to make the qualify change that you are seeking.

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Sometimes, you know when when people say to me shift I've been making, you know, I've been making dua that Allah helped me with this or you know, we're, we're interested in you know, we've been trying to have a child for a few years, and they say, Okay, you making dua to Allah, you've given charity, you're looking after orphans. Now I want you to show Allah that you trust Allah, go out and think of baby names go out and, and maybe even you know, shop for something where you say, you know, if it's a boy, it's this, it's if it's a girl, it's this, put a demonstration that you believe that ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah can can bring about your DUA. So there's this testament within you

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that Oh Allah, I am reliant. And if it's not this year, or next year or the year after, I am hopeful in you, oh, Allah, anything does not happen. My radar and my contentment is in the journey, not just in the outcome. So those are two things that I always try to encourage young people. First, don't go it alone, you always need a support network, you need cheerleaders, you need people who love you, you need people who are, you know, empathetic to your circumstance that you can confide in. And number two, you need to understand that there are things we can all work on in our life, there are things that you and I have been given by Allah in our hands, that can make a huge difference, if we

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actually take critical care of our own responsibilities, and show a testament of our faithfulness in Allah by demonstrating that we trust and have to work well upon him, not just in our job.

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I mean, it's amazing that you've mentioned so many things here, because Southerner is one of those and misunderstood concepts that we you know, quite often, people are suffering because they are told to constantly have suffered, but then going back to what you've mentioned, with having the worker having that faith that things will change, that your Dwarves will be accepted. You know, having that balanced approach is is really important. shape do you think there's a message that you could share with everyone who's listening in? Or even the Imams of our Masjid?

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How can we achieve this balance in our Islamic institutions, academic and, you know, privacy?

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I think one of the things that I encourage in my school, I'm an assistant principal at a large multi campus School of Hamdulillah we have nearly 1300 students at one of the most important strategies that we have is to allow people to learn to hyper correct, and hyper correction means that a person at times needs to taste some of the bitterness of a mistake or a bad exam, the road or, you know, a miscalculation, or whatever it is, that causes them to say, Whoa, is this what it feels like to fail? Is this what it feels like to not succeed? Is this what it feels like to to not do the right thing? And is this the way out of it? And now how do I prevent myself from it? So one of the

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powerful lessons that you always see in the spirit of the Prophet Muhammad, Sai Selim, is that at times he just sits back and allows people to mature within themselves and a very vivid example is in the masjid of the prophets. I said them were one prayer is equal to 1000. There were two men who begin to verbally curse each other. In the holy presence of the prophets, ISON and as a prophet

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sat the prophets I seldom turn to the Companions he can see them he can easily get up and say, Stop. This is the house of Allah, how dare you. But the prophet turns us will have any says I know a statement that if they were to say it with genuineness asking Allah for its protection, this extra anger that's upon them with depart. And he said they should say, oh, there'll be nothing in a shaytani R rajim. Oh, Allah protect me from the Shaitan in flaming me even more. Now one of the great filler, Jura, you know, juristic points of this hadith is that the Prophet saw somebody doing something wrong, and did not immediately get up and correct them in the way that you and I think is

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the right way to correct you know, you get up to intervene. But perhaps if the prophet does that, and one of them is so hot and so overheated, he said, Just leave me alone. You don't know what happened. And it could ruin them in their in how they mistreated the prophets. I said, Lim, so it becomes really important for us, especially as leaders to allow people the scope and the capacity to learn to correct hyper correct that they correct in a way that causes them not want to return to the mistake that they have made. And that is a really important educative process. It's a very important Islamic pedagogy that we have as Muslims. And it's something that we really do need to encourage

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within our families within our communities, within our masajid within our relationships, as husbands and wives, within our young, married couples, who Subhan Allah by year three, something like 69% of couples in their third year, by third year, they are beginning to separate from each other. And the Muslim community is soon catching up to those natural averages. May Allah protect us?

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And then I mean, and that's it, isn't it? panela when we reflect that there really is an answer to everything, when you're saying that we can turn because they are the blemish of television, there's Subhanallah, there is an answer for everything, everywhere we turn, there's always something that we can do. And I love that you've touched on

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this advice being for the young married couples as well, because often these are the segments that are neglected. And yet when we raise awareness toward this so so empowering, and something that we've been conversating today that you touched on as well is the advice towards raising the children. And obviously,

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as a kind of ending closure, specifically towards where helping with patience and open communication is involved towards especially what you've been talking about a day, what today sorry, what advice would you share that we can keep these conversations happening, help them to be read upon patients and understanding that everything is fun.

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I think, you know, a lot of

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a lot of what we see in society is a reflection of what people consume. So you know, if, if our children are left unfettered to consume garbage, then we can't expect that our house isn't going to be littered. So if they're, you know, on their phone, it's an unfettered kind of existence. And I'm not asking you to, you know, to pull away their phone, but I'm asking you to engage in some of the things that they are viewing. And to understand why these are things that are being broadcast into our homes, you know, I would never leave my daughter's window, my son's window unlocked in an in an, in a bad neighborhood. You know, before I go to sleep, I'd lock all the doors, I block all the

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window I put on the house alarm. But if you're leaving your children who are young and impressionable, to have their phone in their bedroom at two o'clock in the morning, texting and chatting with people, you might as well leave the window and door open. Right? So those kind of practical tips that you'll hear from Muslims and non Muslims are really, really important for us to rise up and do better. I know, it's easier just to let them do whatever they want to do, at least they're out of my face, at least they're not bothering me, at least they're not getting into trouble and you know, harming each other and my kids aren't as bad as those people's kids, right? That's

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kind of the mindset that we have. But that isn't the mindset of growth. That's a mindset of not wanting to sink. You know, we're just treading water. I just don't want to drown. So let's just, let's just, everybody just do their own thing. But our Dean encourages us to go a little bit further than that.

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I think it's important to have those difficult conversations now to protect them in the future as well. So 100% I know my kids don't like it, but 9pm phones are gone. They're with me. They don't have access and it's like you say why leave the windows? Why leave that opportunity there where they can

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equally equally as well. It's not just their phones, it's our phones with them. So in my home you know my

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iPhone, my wife's phone every all of it, it goes into one box because it's very difficult to command with respect when you continue to do what is you know, nobody's on their phone at nine o'clock for work right you're not on your phone at nine o'clock at night because of work and it's work message and if it even if it is, it's a five minute thing, if it's a five minute phone call, but when our children see us, you know just constant with that it becomes a greater offense and it's more difficult to command them to good.

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Amazing, amazing one that has so much for coming on sharing so much insight. I definitely have taken away so much so honestly, thank you so much for your time. And it is now time for a commercial break and we cannot wait for the next segment that's coming up so do not go anywhere because come back very shortly after this with Chef. Sorry, chef, Chef Andressa kitchen

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