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Hajj 2021 Live #08 – Stoning the Jamarat

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Abu Abdissalam

Channel: Abu Abdissalam


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he was supposed to be here to Marina set up on

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a couch with

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this set up speaking to live from Mina in the Jamaat or at the jemalloc complex. It's very loud here. I don't know if you guys can hear me.

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Let me know if you can hear me.

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So, I'm on the ground floor on the 10th of suncatcher 1442 and it is currently 6am

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here and this is the quietest I have ever seen

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in my entire life

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so that on our left on my left here, this is the jamara was not the middle jamara

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Okay, this one is a jumper

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and it's like a wall you can see it's like a wall. Okay, so it starts there. And it goes over.

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And so obviously today is the 10th

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we don't we don't start in the middle, the small or the middle jamara This is the middle one

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that's not the sooner the sooner is to only start the large trauma which is a Gemini which is coming up over there. So I am working towards Gemini.

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I'm not going to film I'm going to stop filming just as I get to the jumbunna for lack of a second focus on my heart

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now according

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according to number of scholars

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Macquarie carry on saying like fake

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until you stop

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then you will start to say that tech VNR that took me so long to carry on doing nothing.

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It's like never see

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jump. I've never seen the jump on the 10th

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this empty and this type, no way.

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Obviously there's only 60,000 patches this year.

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Normally there would be like a few million. So you can see the big difference.

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At the time of the prophets why Selim 100,000 a judge

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and I used to think that I never felt like that ever again.

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Because of the corona there was only 16,000 foot jobs this year. It's got lots of fun I thought it gave Oh all the customers the opportunity to optimize every year

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including myself so now you can see there is a jump around

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and you can see that

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the right

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Let's have a

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When I'm

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Okay, guys, sit up on April. I'll be doing my stoning now.