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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the concept of "the head" in Islam, the danger of hesitation, and the use of hesitation and the door of hesitation to avoid caught. The use of hesitation as a way to get closer to Islam is discussed, along with the use of hesitation and the idea of "the door of hesitation" to avoid getting caught. The lack of evidence of death and the lack of knowledge of the natural world are also discussed, as well as the importance of showing proper behavior and deeds. The conversation emphasizes the need for connections and communication between individuals to avoid dangerous actions and offers a book as an example.
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We live in shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi igmi in our beloved brothers and sister in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise to Allah subhana wa tada our Lord our Creator sustainer Chateau La ilaha illa Allah I testify that none has the right to be worshipped Allah subhanho wa Taala and we see now greetings and salutations our peace to our beloved NaVi Mohammed Salah law and they will send them to his family, his companions and all those who follow his student until the end of time. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us in this walk of Juma, forgive us for the sins that we have done in this last week to guide us in the week to come and to Allah, Allah goddess to be of the Omar Mohamed Salah to send them I mean Alhamdulillah we continue our discussion on the series of the heat, the

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most important aspect of our Deen the most fundamental area of Islam, that which makes us a Muslim is this concept of of the head. We spoke about the veneration of saints and the forms of schilke in Nevada, we spoke about the ways in which mankind fall into shape without knowing and linear time. And you know, when I started the series, usually I ask the brothers and the committee with completing a series now, what new series should we do, and people give suggestions? When I say let's do a series until eight people we were like, good hamdulillah but it's as if though nothing new, we've hoped this again. But now that we've going into the series, people are surprised at how how

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close she is, we believe that you know, I'll never fall into shake, it's um, you know, let's talk about things that are relevant chittick isn't relevant to me. Yet, when we look at the detail, we find that it's so relevant to us. And that is why we stress this over and over that nobody but it makes the law keep me safe from committing the visa law to sell themselves to the Sahaba I'm more afraid for you must have according to shake, then the journal that this is this thing I have come to correct and why we should talk about it, why Allah speaks about it over and over in the Quran. It is the most repeated aspect of the Quran. And if you go through the Quran, and inshallah we should do

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this regularly. But if you go through the Quran, you'd find the very first commandment from the beginning, if you read from Surah Baqarah, the very first commandment, Allah Subhana, Allah says, Oh insert for Abdullah worship Allah. And this concept repeats over and over the concept of worshiping Allah and falling into incorrect worship. So we spoke about one of the avenues of shearing is the veneration of saints. And then we spoke about the second concept of tawassul.

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We said this concept of tawassul is a means in which people use an intermediary to get closer to a law. And we said that this concept of tawassul is found within Islam, that there are permissible forms of tawassul. And there impermissible forms of fossil fuels which will take you closer to Allah. And there are ways of doing tawassul that will result in Shin quijada Bella, and deny you entry into Jana for eternity span Allah. So as you understand the danger of tawassul on the one side, it makes you closer to Allah. On the other side, it's Shere Khan Cooper. So it's a very dangerous aspect of the deen the door of tawassul is very dangerous, you don't know which way you're

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going to go. And if you make an error in tawassul, it's a big problem. If we make an error in terms of other aspects of the game, if we make an error in terms of, of clothing, or an error in terms of our food we eat, it's bad, but it's not major, it's not fundamental, you make an earring tawassul we can result in ship. Instead the danger when we talk about tawassul

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we spoke about we spoke about the aspects of the vessel that are permissible. So there are types of tawassul, which we know are confirmed in the Quran. Now already, from the basis of Islam, the basis of the Quran, we should already have an inbuilt. I would say invoke invoke aversion to our soon we should say that the standard process of Islam is that I asked Allah directly. This is what comes in the Quran over and over the inequality if I am near asked me or call me on my name's Allah Subhana. Allah is saying, don't put an intermediary between me and you. This is the standard default of Islam we understand that. Therefore, anything that puts an intermediary, we need evidence for that. And we

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said some of the things which we know from the Quran and the Sunnah, which is permissible when Allah subhanaw taala says, and take a means to get near to him amongst those things, is to ask others to make dua for you. You can ask the Imam to make dua for you, you can ask your mother to make dua for you and the Sahaba asked the Prophet sallallaahu

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Allah when he was alive, let him make to offer lead to offer us.

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So we know that this is permissible. And there's no debate or dispute amongst the scholars in this regard.

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The issue is, Can I ask a person of the he has died to make dua for me. And this is the debate. This is where we find within our community, a split, will find scholars who say yes, we find scholars who say no, some will say that if you make tawassul through the date, you ask the date to make dua for you that Allah subhanaw taala will accept your dua and if you don't ask through the dead, you're not really going to be accepted. Another group will say if you ask the date to make the offer you not only is it haram but the sheikh, that you're gonna look genuine forever for making the dua. As I said, the series is not to condemn any group, or to favor any group, but it is for you and me to

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analyze our divider, to sit down with yourself and say on piano, am I prepared? Do I feel confident we I am with Allah subhanaw taala? Am I prepared that my ibadah is safe and sound? So we see the most the most contentious issue in this debate is can I ask, can I ask somebody who has passed away to make dua for me? And can I ask an absent person? So let me give you the the picture of of the lawsuit.

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The person says, I can approach Allah directly. Let my do as we're asked Allah, he might be accepted, he won't, he might or might not accept it. But if then a visa lawyer will send a message to offer me chances are it will be accepted.

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If the pious person makes the offer me because Allah loves him so much, that he's the US will be accepted and not mine. And you see the pious person and then abbyson can make to offer you when they are alive. Now there comes this question, can I ask the pious person at a distance and cannot ask a dead person to make dua for me, many of you look at me strange. What do I mean by a pious person at distance, it was the first time hearing of it and hamdulillah they don't worry about it don't change. But there are some people that will say my chef, he lives in Indonesia, or he lives in Makkah. And when I'm in difficulty, I can either phone him and say make dua for me and the sort of

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problem or I can mentally ask him, oh, Mohammed make dua for me, oh, Chef, Ibrahim, make dua for me in Makkah, and there's some people who do this, is this permissible? Why this is not permissible. And it's not permissible? because number one, very clearly, the Sahaba when they were in a difficulty when an abbyson was not the Sahaba sometimes they went on a journey, and they had an issue.

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They didn't telepathically connect with NaVi sola Salam. They said we need to wait to go to Medina to ask him many Hadith like this, the Hadith where they disputed as to why we should make a cert or not Hadith about we spoke about this hunting of zebra a few weeks ago, in hood aviya, where they can eat whether you're allowed to eat zebra meat, this thing the Sahaba did the hunting, can we eat meat during a harem? They said we have to wait to get universal Salaam to ask him the situation. If any person had the piety to connect to another person who was absent, this would be Sahaba connected to Naveen Salaam, this Wi Fi connection doesn't exist, right? So tawassul at a distance is not

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permissible. You are more than welcome to pick up the phone and ask your chef make dua for me, you can do that permissible. But the minute you start saying, and I know of someone personally who told me, he's been advised by shift whenever he goes through difficulty, visualize the shift in your mind. Tell him what you need, he will be informed and in touch and you'll make dua for you. And this will allow you ascribing the ability of all yearning and all seeing and all knowledge to a human being which even the visa Salam did not have, he did not have this kind of connection with any of the Sahaba.

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if you had a shift which you go to continuously in times of need when you are hungry, when you are sick when you in need you ask the chef, you asked the shift, when are you asking Allah subhanaw taala and this is why tawassul it is permissible that can become Haram. It is permissible to ask your living shift to make to offer you in his presence. But the minute you start depending on the shift, and not Allah, you fall into shading, what's the difference? outwardly? It's the same. I asked check I ever do I have an exam make to offer me mommy make to offer me I'm gonna make you offer me permissible hamdulillah now I'm sick. I go to the ship, because my two hours was answered

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when my exams were difficult I passed must be the shifts. So now every time I go to the ship, eventually I depend on the chef. And I forgot to ask a lot. Now you've made remember tawassul is to lead you to Allah, the minute that person becomes the destination, Ally's forgotten. And this is the essence of schilke Allah says in Surah Zuma when you ask the people of the Quran, what are these things? You're asking these idols to say no Luca de la Ilaha. These things only take us to Allah. I said this many times, Abu jihad, Abu lahab believed in Allah

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And in fact, they called him Allah. He's the Creator, and he has all power. But the idols is a shortcut to Allah. These are pious people and the image of them. So we ask them, ask Allah, and eventually with time, they just said Oscar idol, he has Baraka, he has power, he has blessing

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easily that this tawassul can become Shrek. And we said, therefore, the minute you start depending on the means, you start depending on the person to make dua for you, and not a lot, then you have made a partner with Allah subhanaw taala. So this is quite easy. Asking a person that is absent is not permissible. Now, how much more and I'm going to apply this now to our next discussion. Asking a dead person who is absent.

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You find and this is this is more common. Someone will say I'm asking a blue collar Gilani, Imam Hussein to help me but I'm in Cape Town. Allah knows where to call Gilani is but his grave is in Iraq and in Mount Hussein's grave is in Iraq. Let's leave the question about asking the date. Physically, he's not present. Unless you saying that Ottawa is all over that the soul of Abu causa Gilani is in Cape Town, and he's in America and he's in China, anyone who asked you to make dua, you will, but possible when he was alive, you couldn't ask him when he was in China and in South Africa? How is it when he's dead? That you asking him

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understand this, this this concept now tawassul at a distance, it is not okay for a living person. Even most of what a person who's already in America, in a world that does not is not linked to our world. So now let's talk about the more controversial aspect. And again, the picture that is given, I cannot go to a lot directly. So I asked someone pious to make dua for me. Now that pious person has died. Why can't I ask him when you need to continue making to offer me? I'm not asking him to heal me. I'm not asking Him to forgive me. I'm asking him to ask Allah. How can this be sure you understand this is the question is this permissible or not? We said everyone agrees. If that man is

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the person that you are asking for forgiveness, initially, everyone agrees on it. Even those who are frequent the graves and frequent and asks the earlier they will also say if you believe that this man forgives you and heals you, it should occur.

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And this is something in the heart is dangerous. It's just a belief aspect here, but they will say you can ask him to make the law. Now, the rules of tawassul.

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And Allah gives these rules in the Quran. When Allah says that who has intercession in love with me, Mandela Yeshua in the lobby of me who has permission to intercede with Allah except through his permission. There are certain reasons or certain evidences you need to prove that this thing connects you to Allah, I cannot say Mashallah, I'm making tawassul through this member here. Do you know how many imams stood on this member? And then it's a member? If I make dua on it, it's gonna be accepted? No, actually, you need to bring evidence for that. You need to bring evidence that this thing connects you to a lot. So we this a couple of questions we need to ask ourselves with regards

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to tawassul through the date, number one, can the date even years if I'm at the grave of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and so yeah, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam make dua for me. Can he can even hear? Is he aware of my request?

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Can you understand my requests? Because I'm asking you in English. And if he can hear, uh, he can understand? Does he have the ability to respond? So I asked, you know, my granny was a pious person. She made too often when I was when she was alive. Now she passed away, I still wanted to make dua for me. So even though she wants to make dua for me, she can hear me Mohammed needs my two hours, I went to my door for him, can she make two are in the cupboard? Can she make Eva in the cupboard?

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And if they can, and these are all things we need to prove they have the ability to respond and to hear while we do it. We'll have to call Gilani help you, why would he help you? Would he help you? And then lastly, even if the person can hear and has the ability, and we'll help you? Is it permissible for that? And we'll go through these questions in more detail. So the first issue and this is a contentious issue, although it shouldn't be a contentious issue on itself. There's two views that are acceptable, can the date here or the date able to hear the living? Both views are permissible in this context, we will talk about in detail. First opinion yesterday Can you hear us

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and the evidence for that from the Quran and say not of those who are killed in the way of a lot of they are dead, they are alive, but they but you perceive that they but you perceive not. They are alive and we know that Ottawa moved from this life to the next that this is like birth. in the womb you lived in a certain format. You were born into a new world. When you die, you enter into a new world you're still alive.

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So we know that they are not they have not disappeared, they are alive.

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Those are very conclusive evidence for hearing the secret one second evidence This is more conclusive at the Battle of butter after Abu Jamal and o and omega and all of them had been killed. The prophet SAW said lamb had been thrown in a well 70 of the crash and then there'll be so SLM spoke to them the dead bodies and said, you know, koresh, have you found what Allah promised you to be through? Because we found what Allah promised us was through. Did you find what Allah promised you to be true? They say now I'm going to sit Yasuda Lhasa, salaam Are you talking to the people? They can't hear you while you talk to them. So he said, NASA seldom said, they aren't you are not

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any better at hearing me than them, that they hear you just they hear me as you are hearing me.

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Right. So this is the second evidence that those who say that they can hear they use this incident. Number three, the Hadith that the prophet SAW. When the person who's been buried, he hears the footsteps of those burying him. And one by one he will year his family leaving him not him, you and me. We will be buried a day and we will be aware of our kids and our friends leaving our cupboard and we until the last person leaves and we are alone in the grave we will we will hear that we are alone. And that's when the angels of the questioning will come Allah protect us. Allah protect us imagine that feeling young people leave you one by one and you know when the last guy leaves us. Now

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the questions are going to start. So this hadith is confirmed somebody and of course the natural thing. We go to the cemetery This is where to make where we greet salam, aleikum. Yakubu, we greet them? Why would we greet them if they can't hear? So these are evidences to say that they can hear this view number one, view number two says no, that did come here. And they give if and this was the view of eyeshadow de Alon, this this debate goes back to Sahaba Sahaba had this different views, right? They're not scholars even Sahaba different. So I shall have the opinion that the date cannot hear. And she gives evidence as why from the Quran. She says in the Quran, Allah says so vividly you

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ohama cannot make the date to hear the date cannot hear and not equal or the living and the date. Indeed Allah causes two year whom he wants, but you cannot make two years those in the graves, those in the graves are not able to hear very explicit from the Quran. And they go further to refute the evidences of the first group. They say that the profits are seldom events at bother was unique. That's why I say no mercy. How can you speak to them? This is not normal. You never spoke to dead people before. So intuitively from this you say the norm is they shouldn't here but this was something specific as a punishment to Abuja help him an extra punishment to say, Allah made them to

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you. As for the footsteps of the dead, leaving the the dead can hear these footsteps. But beyond that, once they in the copper and they've gone into the realm of the barossa there is no evidence further that they can year. And as for greetings.

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This is a salaam aleikum wa and sometimes we greet things that cannot be they cannot hear us we the prophets would greet Makkah, for example, and you greet the Kaaba and you greet the masjid. mushy doesn't have ears. It's a form of, of da, Allah have peace and blessings on you.

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So this is the response they give. As I said, this issue is not a controversial issue in itself. If you view the dead can hear you permissible and if you view the dead cannot hear you permissible. So long as you understand these points that no one sees you can sit at the grave of your deceased relative and have a conversation. You can't sit there and say that he loves cricket. So I'm going to tell him the scores. I'm going to tell him how the kids are doing exam that information will not reach the date. No one sees you can do this.

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As for asking him to make dua Had this been possible Sahaba would have asked the prophets of Salaam to make dua

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the prophets of Salaam would have been asked make dua in fact a non Muslims once that once debated a Muslim and said well Hussein was being massacred at Karbala, la de la and why didn't you ask his grandfather Mohammed Salim to ask Allah to prevent and we say we know that this is between Mr. Hussein and Allah subhanaw taala. But even the vehcile salaam cannot intervene in these methods.

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Because we cannot make dua to others besides Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the Sahaba never made us the prophets of Salaam for requests. And as for the Salam we know the Hadith actually says, when you make Salaam and the prophets of Salaam, the angels bring to them. So yes, the dead are away, but sort of via an intermediary. When you make to offer your mother and your father if the apostle Allah God the mercy, they feel the Baraka and the blessing of that da. When we sin salami to do are they feel that they are aware of that, but they're not aware of everything that we say?

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So there's a limited capacity. As for the DD hearing, we see this as a disputed issue. But no one is ever setting out a conversation at the grave. And that's that's point number one. So we can say equal you can add or not equal.

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Can they respond? So let's see, they can Yeah, I'm playing devil's advocate here. Let's say Abracadabra, Gilani, Rahim Allah, he can hear me when I go to his copper ice. I will call it a Gilani. mcdouall for me, so in years I'm making I'm asking him to request Can you understand my language? If it's not in his language, there's no evidence to say that Allah, you would then need to say Allah has given him knowledge of all languages.

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And no one has the sixth Allah subhanaw taala if a person who couldn't speak Arabic came to the prophets of Salaam and also the requests who couldn't understand him, the prophets and Salim only spoke Arabic.

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But even if he could hear, could he make dua for you? Is anyone allowed to make you are in the cover? Once you are dead? Can you make Salah? No, can you fast? No. Can you make it to off even for yourself? Leave alone your family members if you are in the cover, and you can still make dua Hello still we would all make dua for forgiveness kochiyama in all of us will be in general, even the capital that would make the answer Forgive me for my shift. We know the Hadith of the Prophet son says when a man dies, he's deeds he's good actions come to an end, except for three the sabbatical jharia.

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He leaves some knowledge, he's left behind some some decisions to make a sadhaka like a Masjid or a hospital or his descendants who make dua for him.

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His descendants who make dua for him, so even if they can hear and they can understand you, they can't do anything because they themselves they need to.

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And this is this common sense they want this Hades was not given to us. It was given to Sahaba was given tobacco, tobacco when you die. What is your deeds component in that your life is the only time you can make a bad day in your existence is from your life. You're on the studio after that it's finished. You can't make the art for yourself or anybody else. And that's why Los Angeles is in this in this beautiful Ayah into the room if you ask them lay a smell. They can't hear you. Now, yes. Now without a comb you they can't hear you. Hello, Sammy. Oh, and even if they could hear Mr. Jabu, they will not be able to answer you. Well, Nokia Mati and the DFT Mr. Yuk funabashi Kiko, they would say

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we have nothing to do with you on piano. Now Isa will say, I have nothing to do with those who come up to check with your last panel data.

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Some questions to ponder,

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why do people need to go to an intermediary? And the classic example would be, I'm so bad, I'm so sinful, Allah knows my sins. How can I go to a law? My daughter's not being accepted or lie? This is not an insult to anyone other than Allah. If he's our hammer, I mean, if he's the most Merciful, the most kind, if he's the closest and the nearest to you, and he says, I will answer you and my mercy is beyond my punishment, then to say that Allah puts a barrier between me and him. That's an insult to Allah. And you have limited Allah's mercy. You have limited his power of forgiveness, and you've gone against those if that says, for their own he asked me asked me not even as usually I'll use the

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poodle we but the Alembic personal asked me in nicarico, I am near to you.

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If you are so bad, consider this. You are so bad that our hamara mean the Most Merciful won't hear your da. Why would a bukata Gilani listen to you?

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Why would he help you? Do you have a personal relationship with him? Is he someone that he feels you indeed you indeed, he he's indebted to you know. So people even ask, intermediate ease that they have no connection. You know, if you go to a job, they'll say, you want to get the job, you can go ask the boss directly, but you have a connection they use, you must have that connection. We don't even have that connection with the earlier

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it was not the practice of Sahaba. And this should be the biggest example for you. If this was the case, Sahaba would do it. And again, I'm saying people being arguments for and against remember the other side of the coin if it's hot on the cheek, it's very dangerous, very, very dangerous. And the Prophet salsa lamp, he taught us how to make Salah. He taught us how to perform Hajj. Is there any example that you can think of where he taught us to make tawassul through St. Louis, if this was such an important issue, he would have taught us Look, guys, part of your deen is you need to make tawassul regularly. You need to go to the graves of pious people in Austin. He never taught us that.

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How could he leave something like that unspoken about

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Consider the next slide.

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We get, maybe we give an example that someone can hear you.

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And he has the power to respond he can make to offer you and he even has the power to help you. Not all of them is permissible, for example, the gene,

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the gene can hear us, they can see us. And if you ask them, they're able to help you. In fact, they can cure your disease and they can help you solve your problems. But we know asking them asking them is haram Why is it haram because if you had terminal cancer and you went to the gene and healed you and you have basic problems, he went to the gym and he broke your music and you had an enemy and the gym predicted you have a loss you have no need of a Lost Planet Allah you would go to the gym every single day

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asking them we know it's one of the seven major sins that to contact the gym is covered for assistance. The angels we know the angels can your job video and the angels are here on our records the year as they see us and we know the angels even make to offer us when we asked for someone will log on this person but aka the angels make dua for you. But you cannot ask LGBT LGBT you are with Allah asked Allah similar requests to Allah. Everyone agrees You can't do this. You cannot do this. And if it was permissible to ask a saint who is dead to make the offer you then will lie the practice of the Christians is better because they are asking a living Nabhi to make dua for them.

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Jesus is alive and he's gonna be

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and he's greater than the greatest of since

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the Wii bada would have been the best. They would have been the best.

00:26:41 --> 00:26:48

Understand this argument here. He would have been even better to go to NaVi certain prophets of Salaam because now he says alive.

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So this is a dangerous area my brothers and sisters. And as for tawassul through the prophets of Salaam, yes, it does increase your da and using an abyssal Salam as a means to get closer to Allah permissible and you have to use him but how do you use it to be close to Allah as the resources in this hadith when any of you any of you praise let him begin by praising Allah and let him since Salawat on the Nagisa Salaam, whenever you make dua, whenever you want to ask something also love but in your d'Orsay Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad Salah I will log on salutations on the visa Salah you've made our silver then every Sunday, then you've come to a look through the visa

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seldom you meet our Suzanna visa Salaam. And he says let him pray for whatever and then let him ask whatever he wants. So you're gonna be so solemn is teaching you the correct form of tawassul ask Allah and praise Allah Salaam since Allah was on him, and helaas the next Hadith is even more clearly. Verily, supplication is also missing in theory, verily supplications You are his poor souls between the heavens and the earth, you make dua and it stops it doesn't go to Allah. Why what made it to stop and are not lifted until supplication is made on the basis Allah until you see a lot of masala acid until you may do after that Ibiza Salah. So make tawassul within me so seldom, how, by

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singing Salawat on him singing Salawat on him, don't ask me salsa, this is not the method. He taught us since Salawat. In Allahumma, eketahuna nebby Allah and His angels in Salawat analysis on them, so using Salawat and that is your tawassul. So yes, the road to a one year through the pious people and through the Gambia and through the prophets of Salaam by singing Salawat on him. And by following the example. To summarize this issue of dorsal, we see we asked a lot directly and it's permissible to use a permissible form of tawassul. So long as you don't put your dependency on the means and it through and you're allowed to to go through the profits or sell them to get to Allah. How by making

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Salawat on him and that's it. That's it, you know Jerusalem he will talk about intercession next week, but now visa was a lamp will intercede for us on camera. He will intercede for us on the day of the AMA.

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How do we get an indecision

00:29:16 --> 00:29:31

by making the alarm or body doubt it will make dua to Allah after the other and if you look at the other one, you are asking for intercession. But you don't ask Nabi sallallahu Sallam intercede for me you also Allah lick NaVi so Salaam intercede for me.

00:29:32 --> 00:29:47

This is a big difference. I owe a lie. you grant me indecision. Although you grant me to make docile through Navy SEALs Allah, that's permissible, but the military RCR suit a lot intercede for me and I've gone into a gray area a dangerous area, an area of potential sheep.

00:29:49 --> 00:30:00

I said this is not to blame anyone or any practice or any group. This is for us to use what has been given to us correctly as rockoff says that they will come

00:30:00 --> 00:30:09

People always tell you who are the biggest losers and afpm the one who spent his life in Nevada, thinking he's doing good, and it comes to online he come with a chip.

00:30:11 --> 00:30:26

So he didn't even enjoy the dunya at least the person was given to shallot and doing as he once is at least having his job on Earth, but you find people are pious and they are worshipping but because they're doing it incorrectly, they get to a lower shitcan callosum is not the gentlemen Allah says these people are the biggest losers on piano

00:30:27 --> 00:31:06

because they did not which Allah has commanded. So Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us and protect us, mala keep us safe from ship. Allah keep us safe from should we make to offer this? Yeah, well it does die with the heating Oh, yeah, I love to stand in a queue of the heat and kiama that what ever since we are via Allah we have hope that you will forgive us so don't let us meet you with Shiki Allah subhanaw taala keep us safe from any gray areas of the heat gray areas of shear and it is MiG tau r and Sala and the better for you sincerely us and our family Allah those who love you your Allah keep us steadfast until he or someone I say no Mohammed Ali, salaam

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Essence Of Islam Episode 5 – Tawasul and intercession Part 2

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