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The speakers discuss the importance of increasing one's risk and receiving promised benefits through the dams and budget. They emphasize the need to give more charity and invest in charity without money. The importance of rewarding one's actions and deeds in order to achieve success and achieve financial success is also emphasized. The conversation also touches on the impact of Trump's policies on the economy and political climate.

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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah shuffle mursaleen se et now Mohammed in big mehreen salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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All Praise to Allah subhana wa Taala was once again brought us here to this house of Allah. Once again Alhamdulillah my brothers we are blessed to be in each other's company and under the guidance of Mohammed Sol Salaam, before Allah subhana wa tada and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us this day of your Majumdar to really be a source of forgiveness for all our sins we did last week and a light for us going into next week. Allah Subhana Allah blesses to reach that month of Ramadan to have the full Baraka of it with into the month of Raja of Siobhan be also implicit month for us one more, just one more, month to go actually to three June was to go and inshallah it will be Ramadan.

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We continue with our discussion on our financial welfare. Over the past few weeks, we were speaking about working with speaking about earning income, the rights of workers, and we speak we spoke about increasing our risk here in the dunya. How do we increase the risk? What methods can we take? And inshallah today we continue on that theme, about investing in our era, we all talk about and we all know that we want to work. And then we're going to retire at a certain age 6065 we're retired, and there must be something left for when we're not able to work anymore. We work for that pension.

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But more important than that pension is the pension of the era. Are we prepared? Are we prepared? And has our provisions been made for the earth era? We know that this dunya is only a Missouri it's only a a place of gardening a place of to plant the seeds for the era. This is the place where we prepare our agenda. Oh, yes. Billa agenda mean a well known a well known story, and well known incident about the chef, one of the great chefs of Saudi Arabia, when one of the kings or one of the Amara, the princes of Saudi Arabia visited him, and the ship was well known is quite famous, internationally renowned. And he saw that the chef was living in a very, you know, poor house in a

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dilapidated place. He said, you know, shall allow me to build you a new house. And she said, No, no, don't worry, don't worry. And the prince was insisting let me build you this new house style problem for me. And the six is no, I'm already in the process of preparing my home, my new home. And the students of the chef became very upset. And they said, you moving mean, if you move away, you didn't even tell us we come to you every day. So the chef said, you want to know where I'm going to stay, take this address. And they went to that address. And they found that the address of the cemetery. And he said, Jeff, you gave me the address of the cemetery. And he said, Well, that's my home, it's

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going to be my home soon, a year or two, maybe tomorrow, it might be my home. What's the point in building I mentioned in a policy on the dunya, I lived for five years and then call us I live with that's really going to be my place for 1000s of years, who knows how long I'll be in the cupboard. So I might as well work for that house than the house in the dunya. And this is the understanding of the asset of pension. So just to summarize, we spoke about methods of increasing the risk. And these are things insha Allah if any of us and we all no problem to want more in the dunya to want to upgrade our car to upgrade our home and hamdulillah no problem have the best of the dunya it's no

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problem at all and ask Allah Allah wants you to ask that he's generous and Karim that he gives. The more you give the more Allah gives him the more you ask them what Allah is going to give. So these are the steps we said that is mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah the more Toba? You do so you commit the sin. If you make Toba for that sin, Allah subhana wa tada isn't only gonna forgive the sin, He replaces that sin with a good deed, and he blesses you with receiving the dunya Allahu Akbar, so just make Toba for the sins Yamato muslimeen that we do, we coming into a month of forgiveness, increase our risk as well sugar for what we have. The more thanks you give weather in Chicago to

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Lassie then the more you give sugar to Allah for what you have, Allah is going to increase you keeping Family Ties will increase not only your music, it will also increase your life. We come into a month Gemma to muslimeen. way the budget, the decree we said this last week that the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala destiny is put out in the month of Ramadan on the night of little quarter on the there will be a budget given to an angel as to your music, my music. They might be our names might be on the list of those who are going to have children or we souls are going to be pulled maybe our name is on last year's budget of those are what we're going to be pulled we don't know

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molecule mozzarella as opposed to go. This happens later because they're not on the 15th of Siobhan is incorrect. But it happens on layer two color. The only thing that nobody sort of says can change the budget the decree of Allah is

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this issue of Divine Will destiny and free will

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It shallow as we get closer to the 15th of Siobhan, we can discuss this a little further. But the only suffice to say the things that will change that decree Allah has put out and he will increase the risk for you. So think about a budget I was about to submit the budget or give the budget to the angels. How much it is that you're going to have for the year to come. That You Are you make the Toba you make the stuff out of the shoe could you make that budget can be updated and you can have inshallah an increase in risk in sha Allah, keeping Family Ties doing honest business this Baraka and you do honest, the more charity you give, the more charity you give you show you a generous

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Allah is going to outdo you is a crumb is the most generous, more you give a lot the more like us back to you. This is the cycle of goodness that we try to go in. We said Hi, john O'Mara brothers, they go for hygiene, O'Meara will find they go continuously. Why? Because you'd find that you even though the ticket prices are going up, accommodation prices are going up yet the brother goes again and again. Why? Because a law will increase your risk because you're coming to visit his home. You cannot hold the home but the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala you visit Allah's house, Allah is going to increase you in the risk as well. hegira away from sin, stay away from sin, choose the more

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difficult path if this is better for you, Allah will make it easy for you. And then the two are never ever discounted to our and your opportunity to make the door. So at the end of the day, when we discussed this last week, we concluded that Alhamdulillah each and every one of us, irrespective of our bank balance, irrespective of what color we drive, where we live, which suburb we live in, we are all rich, and it comes down to dependence. Remember, Allah is the Rob and Rob doesn't just mean the Lord. When Allah speaks about Rob we know this beautiful Aloma for whom our karma or banasura Allah have mercy on whom our parents as they are up dyani that Rob comes from Russia means as they

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nourished me, nurtured me looked after me. So when Allah says I am Europe, not the Lord, only the one who looks off to you. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, remember there is it comes from one more than appearance, Allah loves us more than our parents who loves us. And therefore Allah gives us in measure and do which is best for us. Sometimes too much is bad for us and too little is bad for us. And although one says maybe when he constrains a little bit, he wants for you to come to him and return to Him. Maybe the difficulty makes you come back to him. So never ever feel that you upward Yamato muslimeen if you look at the losses, if you count the blessings of Allah, you will you will

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run out you won't be able to count all of the blessings are what is the price we said that last week of your eye? Your nose, your mouth? How much would you pay someone if you had to sell it? And how much do you pay to get it this priceless thing? You got it for free. The a that you breathe the water that you drink, basically free Allah has given this to every incentive and giving you the ability. There is it is out there if you want it. And also for the brother who finds himself struggling. Remember brother, remember brother, many of the earlier many of the Sahaba they choose a life of a citizen they chose a life away from money. Why not that money is evil. But remember,

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accountability comes with every blessing comes accountability, if resent must be accounted for. So they chose that I don't want to have a difficult time in the ophira our other two so Alhamdulillah for you brother, if you say I only earn 5000 Rand it's tough, but I can account for everything. How did it go? Nothing went to waste. It went to provide food for my family to buy pay the rent Alhamdulillah. As for the brother as for the man, he earns 500,000 Rand only he needs 1000 or 100,000 for his needs, the remaining 400,000 is wasteful. That's a problem Mashallah, he has to answer for those things. So don't feel bad. Also, poverty in its way is a blessing. If it's used

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correctly, if it's not, it's going to prevent you from causing waste. So always remember that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one that gives and Allah has given all of us so nice, awesome. richness, being wealthy. We asked how much money must you have in the bank before you feel wealthy? Never. It's gonna be enough, right? No matter how much you have. It's not enough. There's always something else that I want that I can't afford. So maybe somebody tells us richness is not achieved by the amount of wealth for insulin is never enough wealth to fulfill his needs. But the true rich person is the contentment of the soul. And had his heart agreed upon Muslim and Buhari so the minute you

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feel Alhamdulillah my needs are met, I can sleep peacefully. My family is fed. There's no one knocking on my door looking for payment. Alhamdulillah that contentment? That is well that man is a wealthy man, that man who sleeps without any worries on his head. hamdulillah he's a wealthy man, that is wealth. And then we said, but remember while we compete and we struggle in the dunya and we want to increase the risk and we want to buy this and that and we look at what we don't have. Remember brothers and sisters, the reality Allah Subhana Allah como Taka while you're busy in this rat race, the competition of the dunya

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To increase in the dunya diverts you from the real objective, and how can we take after your being distracted from the reality and what is the relative reality had to makabe only when you get to the grave you visit the grave Will you realize what was really important? What did it mean to the man who had palaces and kingdoms and, and cars and everything, when he gets to the cupboard, when he leaves with nothing, nothing is going to go with him in that grave, not even his clothing.

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We said you come in the dunya with nothing Allah gives you on loan something and that loan is going to be taken back all of us that loan, that is why that is why it is such a major sin to have any say in your world, you have no say in your world. Why? Because when you die, those people the money goes back to what belongs to belongs to Allah, and he distributes it according to His will. We don't have a right to say this son will get more than that son, or this daughter is going to get more than that. But no, doesn't belong to you anymore. goes back to the original owner. And how can we take a macabre until you visit the graves? No, then you're going to know all this is only then will you

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realize what your life has has been about. And then all of a peach Thoma callous, oferta animal, no, certainly at that point, you're going to realize what life is all about. So we need to use our wealth to purchase gender. The opportunity in this dunya is now to purchase gender. So as you put on your list of needs, I need this I need wealth for for my junior needs. also put that bottom line I need to prepare for my pension when I'm old, prepare for your pension as well a loss bounces and advises us. And this is financial advice to us and spend something in charity out of the provisions which we have bestowed on you give back that which I have given you before this should come to any

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of you. And then you would say, oh my Rob, why don't you give me respect for Just give me one second, I want to change my world. I want to give everything I have in charity Allah, I should then give largely in charity, and I should have been of those doers of good. The minute you rule, our rule is gonna pull, we're gonna say this YAHWAH just just give me five minutes to put my affairs in order to spend now, before that time comes. So no money. But some brothers may say we're talking about charity, but I don't have any money to give. And this was a complaint Alhamdulillah of the Sahaba complain like this about wealth Alhamdulillah. So have a complaint about what the poor

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complained about the rich heiress who was a lamb, the Sahaba the other Sahaba they are rich, we are poor, but look at the mindset. They complain. That's it, not because they can buy more property and wealth and stuff like that. No, they said, Look, they fast, and they make cider and they may make wicked like we do. But they give charity and we can't give charity, so they have an unfair advantage when it comes to azura. This is why they competed for wealth. They competed for wealth so that they can give the most in charity. This is a different mindset of Sahaba we get to that gemak muscle I promise you, like a normal said, when you get to that mindset when the dunya you realize is a tool

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for your Acura ally, the dunya will come to you will be you'll be the master of the dunya because he can't enslave you, you will say the dunya is only something I have to purchase the Euro in the dunya will come to you. That's how the Sahaba ruled the world. Because this was the mindset. So the poor complained to the Messenger of Allah. Salaam, they were poor and the rich had money to give. So the Messenger of Allah Subhana Allah said, the messenger said, so basically the messenger the rich have taken all the rewards. They have the best places in Ghana, they pray as we pray, they fast as we put fast, and they give charity from the wealth, which we cannot do. We can't compete with them. So in

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abyssal Salaam says to the Sahaba the Sahaba remember that remember what the wealthy man is wealthy, but it takes up his time to earn that wealth, you might have some free time, and in every Super hannula this charity, and in every Allahu Akbar takbeer there is charity, and in every hamdulillah it's charity for you, it's going to your account, and in every declaration of La ilaha illa Allah, it's charity in enjoining encourage somebody to do good and forbidding them from doing haraam. This is a charity so you can give charity without having any money how making Vicar may not be so solemn even goes a step further and says when you go to your wife, and you fulfill your sexual desire,

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that's a charity was a hardware shock. So Allah when I sleep with my wife, I'm getting charity for that. Allah is rewarding me like a man who puts money in the towel. How is this possible? How is this possible? And of course, if you were to do it in the wrong way, will you not be punished, insidious? So if you do hallelujah you should be you should be rewarded. And that's why we say some of the scholars they say they spend the entire night in ibadah the form of a binder so easy to do, you can spend the entire night we think maybe it's Sora all night. Solano is another form of a binder as well hamdulillah Allah has

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made the doors of charity wide and open for us that no one's excuse can be, I don't have money to give charity hamdulillah you don't have money to give charity, you won't be held accountable for that. But you can give a good word to Vicar. You can be sources every good deed is a charity. Even a smile is a charity. meeting your brother with a nice face puts something nice in his heart Alhamdulillah that's a charity for you. Maybe even better than putting 100 grand in his hand to just smile and say Salaam Alaikum. How are you? If she was Sam splint, Sam, greeting somebody is a charity.

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Every good cheerful face and obese also says to your brother, don't count it as insignificant smiling. And therefore when you take your hand of your brother and you greet him, and you smile, know that this is something great in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. What is charity at the end of the day, charity is giving and making someone less fortunate is life easier, better? Sometimes all he needs is a good word, a kind of face someone to say Salaam, my brother, that's what's more than what maybe he needs more than that the money monetary gain. And this is a charity for you. So never ever think that we are too poor, to give charity.

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And now how do we invest in our hero? How do we prepare ourselves for our hero pension and investment in shareholders and investment discussion through success. This is portfolio management now write your portfolio in the mirror. As people buy assets, what assets are going to do well for me, you're on the dounia what assets are going to accrue dividends for you in the era through success? What account what really accounts. The bottom line profit is what allows balances. The weighing on the day of piano is through there will be a scale on piano. As for those whose scale is heavy, they are the successful This is success. They portfolio was successful. As for those who

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scale is light, those are the those will lose the souls because they disbelieved in our revelation. So you need to make your scale heavy. You need to make your your weight with a law heavy and how do we do that? What advice can we give ourselves myself first and foremost, to make your scale heavy and remember brother and sister if you come and kiama even with sin, and Allah Mother hallucinogenics is the belief even if you have major sin, but your scale is heavier on the right side, you'll go to gender directly. Allah Subhan says that if your scale is heavier on the right side, you have more good deeds than bad deeds. You go to Jenna directly. If your bad deeds outweigh

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your good deeds, and you're a believer, when there is a need for some kind of retribution. There is a need to balance the scales as they say either Allah forgives you and forgives that sins, or we need to go via jahannam Allah protect us. So the challenge for us, whoever as a scale on the right side heavy in sha Allah Jana directly. So how do we get that scale up? What are the things that counts heaviest on the scale, we want to say our time is limited like our wealth, you can invest your money in any company, but not every company is going to give you dividends, like the top performers. So what things performed the best on earth era, almost the heaviest thing not the

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heaviest thing we'll end up with the heaviest thing on the scale, the thing that counts almost the most on the scale. And then the salesman says I heard the prop one of the harbor mentioned earlier I think I heard the prophets also say there is nothing that we placed in the balance on the scale that will weigh more than good character. Not well, not billions, not millions, not even fasting not even sada obviously compulsively comes first, but a beta for a brother who does the compulsory acts, and he has good character speaks well to people. No one can point a finger and say that man hurt me hurt my feelings. This thing will be the most on piano. This thing will be almost the most on piano. The

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one who has a good character will attain thereby the status of the one who fasts and prays every day. So one of us can make Salah the entire night and force the entire day non stop. None of us can do it. But you will get that reward of fasting and praying 24 seven, by having good character in the dunya or this is something powerful to work for. And the guaranteed returns with Allah. This is how Allah promises you.

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The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed. You give one seed of grain, which grows into seven stalks in each stalk. Each spike is 100 grains and allow multiple plies that he would for whoever he was for always vast and knowing. So Allah subhana wa tada explains how Allah's investment works. The return for everything you do is multiplied for a minimum of 700 times the minimum return with Allah is seven and will you give one grain I was going to give you 700 grains back you give one round Allah gives you 700 and back in return. This is Allah's lowest investment the most poorly performing investment isn't a good bet. Now before

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of the law Have I not been informed that you fast Look at this, how Allah multiplies things they have to live in. Even America will ask the Sahabi He fasted every day, non stop, and you'd make Salah every night without sleeping just a little bit. So nobody's ever heard about the Sahaba doing this, what did he say? He said, Oh up to law, have I not been informed that you fast during the day and offer pray all night. And as hard as it yes, I do that. Maybe some says don't do that. This is extremism exists. You don't need to go that far to earn the agenda, oma doesn't need you to fast 24 seven. And to make sure that 24 seven, he only made a few days compulsory and a few extra days, and

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that is sufficient. So he sent me some C's, first for some days and then stopped fasting and praised part of the night and sleep the rest of the night, and you guessed has a right on you. And it is sufficient for you. If you want to fast your entire life force just three days in the month, Allah will multiply that by 10, which means 30. So all you need to do is three days of fasting every month. And you do this every month, and you will be written as a man who fasted every single day of his life. That's all you need. This is how multiplication works. You don't need to do all the time do enough and Allah multiplies the rest for you. more examples of this, how multiplication with

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Allah subhanho wa Taala works that in Ramadan, everything is multiplied at least we can eat 70 times over. So again, the numbers now you need a calculator. If you give one then lowest return you're going to get the 700 in Ramadan. It's time 70 that is why nobody's awesome. gave more in Ramadan than any other time and this is a month of being extra generous with any charity lift over anything you want to give. Give it for Amazon, feed someone in Ramadan, pay some project in Ramadan, it multiplies every good deed how to multiply your rewards in congregational pray. If you make Salah in JAMA at least the reward of that Gemma How much do you get for gemasolar How much do you get for

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making solidor? Salah masala. We don't know how much all we know. All we know is that the two rockers are fudger before the furrowed Salah The sooner have to have fudger is as if the you gave the dounia and all its world in charity. That's the touriga sooner. So what's the photo we don't know times that by 27 if you do it in gemasolar so these things multiply Remember, your objective is getting that scale heavier and heavier. That is our job. That is our job and other great reward for the brothers performing Umrah and Hajj.

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Navy solsona says whoever prays in my Masjid, it will be as if though 1000 Sala, is written for him.

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And if you make Salah in the harem of Mecca 100,000. So so again just to make put your mind that this, the man who makes one verse, Allah in the harem of Makkah, it's equal to the man who made $100,000. So that's, that's the reward. This is encouragement of growing formula and hedge continuously, but likely are multipliers that increase your reward exponentially, the anally fires as well. They are things they are people who will do much, but it will be rendered useless on kiama. What are the nullifiers? We should know what is what is the harm to investment in Africa? Allah Subhana Allah says, shall we not tell you what the greatest loses in deeds on piano who is going to

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be the one who loses the most? It is those people who will spend the efforts in this worldly life. They were so busy doing good deeds, while they think they were doing well. They think they were doing well they were fasting and I'm making it up. But it was rendered null and void because of schicke. So Allah says, and it has already been revealed to you and to those before you that if you come a chick with Allah, you worship someone besides Allah you go to and ask the kurama for assistance, or the prophets of Salaam or gibreel or the Djinn all your good deeds will be made null and void, your work will surely become worthless and you will surely be among the losers in the era.

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So one bit of shirk contaminates all your good deeds. This is why she is the one thing we avoid completely no doubt or gray area. Don't go near any questionable or strange kind of Nevada stick to the sooner This is what is safe. Another example of how our deeds become null and void the man who gives charity Masha Allah, Allah says oh you believed don't render in vain your charity with reminders Mashallah, look how much I've given. Look how I'm fasting. You know, brother, it's Monday, I'm fasting. Are you fasting? Oh, we just wanted you to know that I'm fasting. Don't render your good deeds null and void by giving reminders or hurting somebody. Now you want to be a big shot Ivan

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gave you that time when you were difficult dead. Now you heard the brother. Give and remember your return is not from him. It's from Allah subhanaw taala. So these things are in the your sakarya good deeds your investment now and void. Another example of rendering your good deeds now and void. The man who will be bankrupt. This is the house

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Now we saw some asks Sahaba who is the bankrupt person whose portfolio will be negative? When he sees the Allah? How much do I have of good deeds? You have minus 10 million billion minus eao.

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This is the man who's bankrupt. How is this gonna be so small Sahaba who is bankrupt, the bankrupt person is selected respond. The bankrupt person is someone who has more debts, then wealth. This is a bankrupt person said no, I'm talking about the hero who's bankrupt in the era. So this is a learner sudo space. So he said the bankrupt person is someone who's going to come to kiama with a lot of fasting and a lot of soda and a lot of hygiene O'Meara he spent so much to get that side of the scale heavy, but on the other side, he insulted this man he stole from that man, he heard the honor of this person. Now you need to pay back. Allah can forgive the sins you do against Allah luck

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and forgive It's me, prerogative to forgive, but a man that you owe a debt with a financial debt, whether you hurt his feelings, you hurt his honor, you need to pay back the debt and what do you have to bargain with on piano? No dents no sense to bargain with you only have good deeds, rewards and punishment. So now you're the man will have to give the solid away you have to give his fastening away is Ramadan away, he gives it away his Haji has to give it away to pay these people until he has nothing left of good deeds. And he still has people to pay. What now now he takes from the Sunday Xena they fighting the killing the swearing it takes it upon a punishment they sentencing

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gentlemen, he takes it this is a bankrupt person. So don't think that the brother he sits and find money unfortunately they like this hamdulillah beautiful when they come to the masjid making Salah, but the minute they leave the most of the of the worst of people, this is not going to benefit you Allah says in the era, then there are certain investments which occur which gives you dividends continuously. You can put 10 grand in the hands of someone hamdullah Very good, you get great reward, but certainly returns continue. So the cattle jharia knobbies awesome says when a man dies, all these actions come to an end. But three, there are three things that continue to benefit you in

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the grave number one, a sadhaka through jharia a sadhaka that you give that as a reoccurring benefit like the masjid, you bought the masjid while the machine is still being used. You get the return, you planted a tree while the shade that people use while it looks beautiful, why animals eat from it. People are benefiting from this tree, you get returns in the grave. Number two, sharing knowledge. If you teach somebody something and he implemented that in his life, you teach someone to recite the Quran. Every time he reads the Quran, you get benefit, you teach him how to make solder every time you perform solder. And now today, it's so easy to share knowledge. You just share that

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beautiful Hadith without putting at the bottom. If you don't share this, you're gonna burn in janam forever, right? Don't put that day to share an authentic knowledge. You're also held accountable if you share incorrect knowledge and say you recite this to our you get 10 million who lines and where did this come from brother, I don't know. Send out authentic knowledge, share a link to a certain lecture. You might yourself might not listen to it. But 10 other people listen to it. One person acts on it while he's doing it, you get the reward as well to sharing knowledge. And number three, having a child which makes to offer you and if we make two of our parents, our grandparents alone

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makes hate and Baraka in the grave and make easy whatever difficulty it is the opportunity. So these are the things that you look for, in when you want to invest your money and your time, what things are going to give me a reoccurring dividend to speed these things out to donate to a Masjid or school or hospital orphanage and share your knowledge. There's a beautiful there's posters up there Muslim Central medial hamdulillah. It's and be proud that this is one of the best databases of Islamic lectures in English in the world. It's probably the best used one. And it's a brother from Cape Town that built this website, which is dividends, rewards join that donate to that website. And

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every time someone listens to an audio, it goes to your benefit. So you didn't make Salatu tahajjud Salah you didn't do the extra fasting, but someone else listened to a lecture and was encouraged to do so you get some of the rewards go the poster was just put up there. Please have a look at it.

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So how quick easy ways your portfolio in the era. You want to do so we say look, we can't perform, you know inshallah, for those who have the opportunity to perform jihad, great reward those who can perform Hajj Alhamdulillah great reward. But for the rest of us, we say we don't have the time, the ability, only quick, easy things we can do. That gives us big reward, big return small effort, maximum profit. charlo is a few things that we can do. The simplest things that I could find in my opinion, that will give you the best profit to your portfolio. Number one, in terms of the Corolla, Samantha's Nabisco says there are two words which Ola Habib and Kalamata and Habiba Romagna two

00:29:51--> 00:30:00

words which are beloved to Rahman, tequila and they are heavy on the meezan on the scale. So behind neurobiol Allah Subhana Allah

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

Hello bloody so behind Allah Subhana Allah pangur bloody right Glory be to Allah the mighty and Glory be to Allah Praise be to Allah. right these are two words which are heavy in the scale of Allah subhanaw taala demons will be handy, right behind honorable It was 100 Hamdi Subhana Allah just by saying this continuously, it weighs heavy on your scales. I too could see a powerful a powerful reward for this. So again, I want Jen, how much Salama semuc makes Allah what Vicar? How many hours of the Quran Islamic No problem, just recite idle kusina resources whoever decides ayatul kursi after every photo Sora five times the unicycle kursi nothing stops you from entering Jenna,

00:30:41--> 00:30:41


00:30:43--> 00:30:50

the minute you die you intergender right simple, easy thing guarantees Jenna doesn't take much time. Salawat

00:30:51--> 00:31:31

NaVi sauces even since Allah Aloma Salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa salam, Allah since 10 Salawat on him, Allah sin Salawat on you use mixolo Ratan Nabhi Allah since 10 times he praises you and he removes 10 cents and he raises you up 10 degrees, small things maximum dividends in terms of sought out what Salawat will give me maximum rewards and I speak to myself first when we speak about these things. So these are things we try to look at our life let's implement one or two of these things in our life guarantees us rewards in general in terms of sada what's una sala maybe someone says whoever makes 12 maracas una sala. And if you count the Sunnah of the every Salawat the two before

00:31:31--> 00:31:44

fudger the two before though are the two off the off the door, it's more than 12 if you do those as we call should not robotic, we do those continuously those those extra Salawat guaranteed a place for you in general.

00:31:45--> 00:32:26

Don't have to you know build an entire Masjid to get a policy agenda. Just make 12 Records now I feel we said this before the two of us are fudger is so powerful that is more bitter than giving the entire world and all it contains in charity. So we can give the world's wealth in charity, I can't do it. But you can make two records before budget, the two records or budget sooner, Sarah, we can do that. And it's going to go on your scale but the scale of the weight of the world on your scale, just that toorak as it counts for your portfolio. Now this also says that each one of us we have over 200 joints in our body and for each joint Allah demands a charity you need to pay for the usage

00:32:26--> 00:33:03

of that joint who can pay for everyday the usage of his limbs and his body. You don't have to pay nobody some says just make two rockers between fudger and the her. You make those two rockers and it will be counseled Salatu ha Great. So not to make and I speak to myself first difficult to at work maybe if you have the opportunity. But this is something again, if you can't use do all of these Sooners. At least take one I'm going to do one I'm going to start implementing one before Ramadan and Ramadan I'm going to do it. But I haven't done the 12 o'clock as I have done I'm going to make sure to do ha now. I'm now going to give that mega extended recur. Ramadan, Allahu Akbar, I have not

00:33:03--> 00:33:42

found a thing. You know, besides later to Qatar, which we'll talk about better than Ramadan as a form of multiplying rewards. There's a hadith of tala rhodiola and Sahaba. One of those promises agenda to show you brothers and sisters, what you can get in Ramadan, your scale might be empty on the one side and on the other side, you might have the sins of the world and one Ramadan is enough to balance the scales or to put you in positive polarity. Allen tells us a beautiful story. He says there were two people, they became Muslim. Listen to this. Have you listened to the Saudi there are two people who became Muslim as on the same day. One of them was a warrior, he for jihad, and he

00:33:42--> 00:34:15

died while fighting jihad. And of course the reward for the Mujahid Halas is Jenna, he doesn't even get punished in the grave. He goes straight to Jenna. So the reward of the Shaheed is great. The other brother became Muslim. He didn't fight in Jihad and he lived one more year and died a natural death. so tall has said I had a dream of these two men. I found myself in front of Jenna. With the three the three of us were the the two of them and meet and the doors of gender were opened and the angels welcome the man who died later. Not the Shaheed he says you intergender first

00:34:16--> 00:34:55

then a period passed. Then they admitted the Shaheed into Gen neck, then they told her you come you're not your children returned to the dunya so tell her woke up. Whenever you saw some heard about this, Heidi? Maybe someone stole stole her Why are you so amazed that this is why you're so amazed at this dream? It's a dream to say but why did the Shaheed not go to Jenna first, right he died Amata so listen to what Nelson says he says the other man did not live for one extra year. Genius did not have one external bond over that brother. He had one Ramadan above him and a year's worth of solar have sudo and the difference between one Ramadan and even Jihad and being a Shaheed

00:34:55--> 00:35:00

is like the heavens and the earth. The difference, one Ramadan, another

00:35:00--> 00:35:25

This makes sense that Ramadan is compulsory. jihad is not one of the five pillars of course I'm not, by any means under estimating if they were a sixth pillar, it would be Jihad if they were a sixth and that's why you would find in the books of pick when Hajj is done. The next book is the book of jihad. But still, Ramadan is better than jihad. So although not all of us can be in the service of Allah, but all of us can benefit from Ramadan. This is a multiplier for your scale.

00:35:26--> 00:35:27


00:35:28--> 00:36:10

again, if you can't you can't force the entire year every day. Can't do that. We can't even force the Allah three days every month too much for me, is there not another option to have the entire year's worth of fasting? Okay, no problem. You want to have the entire year written for you as fast as you want to fast maybe some who can fast his entire life. You can do such a thing. Easy. You force Ramadan, and you for six days of Ramadan counts 1010 months, so you have 10 months out of 12 done. So you have two months shoot you for six days, this will count timestamp 60 days, 60 days is two months. So if you foster Ramadan, and six days of show Well, it will be as if you foster your

00:36:10--> 00:36:52

entire life. The sooner not to be missed just for six extra days. And in your scale of goodness, it will be a lifetime of fasting, then the best bonus that I could find the best investment advice I can give you, myself and yourself for the era, the best thing that can go into your portfolio. Nothing Trump's this. Nothing beats this, the Knights of Labor two quarter which is going to come in a few weeks time it will happen on we said the Knights of Labor to call that a few things happen on that night. That's the night with a decrease or determine the end of the one year with Allah and the beginning of the new year. The budgets being set. The angels received the instructions. So a lot of

00:36:52--> 00:36:54

things happen on this night.

00:36:55--> 00:37:38

So while things are busy in the summer, Allah gave the soma something which he did not give any other oma before. Again, the Sahaba complained, how can we Rasulo Salaam compete with the likes of Nabina he lived for 950 years. So 950 years of fasting of Salah of jihad. Even if we live our entire life perfectly. We will never catch up with them. They're going to have the best gentleness they can have the best food lines right we can't compete. So Allah gave this room something even better. A lawsuit Eva and this is in Zen now feel a little cutter. We revealed it in the night of destiny and oh insan one other aka melee melee little cutter and what will make you understand what is later to

00:37:38--> 00:37:49

call it little Qadri Hiram and Alfie Shahar later to quarter is better than 1000 months. What does this mean? You want to know what that means? Think of your paycheck every month,

00:37:50--> 00:38:28

times that by 1000. That's what he's saying you're gonna get the effort of one of 1000 months, you'll get the reward on that one night. So if you earn just to put it in monetary terms, if you earn 10,000 Rand a month, your boss will tell you you work tonight, I'm going to give you 10 million Rand. That's what you're going to get times 1000. And that's correct. Right? You're going to get 10 million Rand, how are you going to work that night? If your boss told you you work tonight, you under 1000 Rand, I'm going to give you 10 million at the end of the night. Well, I every second of that night, you will be working you wouldn't answer your phone. You wouldn't go to the bathroom. You

00:38:28--> 00:39:07

wouldn't think of anything else. Because if you get it, you don't even have to work again. Allah saying if you if you catch night of late it'll cause it and what do you have to do? What special thing must you do? Just sorta you just perform salon that night. And if you have one out of 10 nights to get a little closer, it can only be one out of those 10 nights, the last 10 nights and in fact even more limited the last the odd nights, it's most likely to be in the odd nights, five nights at the very least. If you just make sada those nights with EMA and with true conviction, you stand in salah and Allah gives you later to Qatar 1000 months at three years of Salah 83 years of

00:39:07--> 00:39:47

Zakah 83 years of fasting, how is your skill going to be a lifetime of good deeds, so you couldn't live your life well catch later to Qatar. And on top of that, not only is Allah going to give your scale at 30 years of good deeds, he will remove all the sins. On the bad side, whoever stands up some says whoever stands the night of laser cutter, standing meaning sada with a man and hopefully his reward, all these sins, even major sins in sha Allah will be forgiven. Allahu Akbar is not something that we can So these things are things that ordinary people you and me not only are normal people like us we can do. These are investments that we can do in the US doesn't require much time

00:39:47--> 00:39:59

or effort. Just a little bit of determination and consistency. But the heaviest thing Gemma to muslimin the thing that's going to count the most on piano, like the thing that nullifies all sin

00:40:00--> 00:40:23

Good Deeds sherek This is the worst sin. So obviously the opposite of it is the best a man will come and this is a beautiful Hadith and gives us all hope. Even if you say I cannot do any of those things, it's too much for me, at the very least brother, maintain your towhead and still you will go into you have a chance of going to Agenda without being accountable for your sins. Insha Allah Allah has the prerogative.

00:40:24--> 00:41:04

What What do we mean? A man will come on kiama and he's the angels who wrote all the sins, they will unroll the scrolls of his sins, and it will be 99 scrolls, as far as the eye can see, that Allah mentioned, someone can only achieve this kind of sin by someone who makes one sin, and he sprinted and people act on it, like the first person to kill somebody, the son of Adam, every murder, he gets a percentage of the sin was shameful him, right. So this person will have so much sin, as far as the eye can see. And you will basically admit on kiama there's no hope for me, I must go to john right. He won't even put up a defense. But Allah will say, What do you have you have one good deed written

00:41:04--> 00:41:40

for you? And he will say what's the purpose of this one good deed compared to this 99 you're going to put it in the Skelly Allah This is never going to be more so let's just go today we do everything by the book. Everything must be done. Just be open up what's in that paper and it will show La ilaha illAllah meaning one thing I didn't do we are like committed murder. I committed Zina. I stole I did everything, but I didn't worship anyone besides you. And Allah will say way the tool and the weight of that to hate will outweigh the sin and Allah has the prerogative to forgive. So at the very least cimatu muslimeen. Your Eman counts a lot and it counts the most preserve it but avoiding schicke

00:41:40--> 00:42:18

sokola hate and we ask Allah subhana wa tada myself and my family included first most to implement these good advices to let our skills be heavy on the day of kiama let our weighing be a day of joy and know the agenda is for you for eternity. So opportunities for investment inshallah Ramadan is a few projects we said if thought if you want to be part of our entire program, anyone who breaks the fast with your contribution you get the reward as well of the fasting soup kitchen we give people a hungry we feed them as well. We have an orphan program on the 15th of Ramadan. You know that's double not only charity but also for orphans and they break the fast and then on the day of eat the

00:42:18--> 00:42:34

night before insha Allah we prepare lots of food so please these are the kind of things which inshallah you can contribute our Ramadan lectures continuing Tuesday evenings of the Asia inshallah Zakat located. For some Allah Mohammed Ali was a pH when Saddam Hussein Al Hamdulillah Vladimir Santa Monica