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  • The story of Adam
  • First command from Allah
  • Blessings of seeking knowledge
  • Blessings of seeking knowledge from the Sunnah
  • Message to the achievers
  • Your test
  • Examples of real people changing the world
  • How to be an achiever
  • Sincere Niyyah and high objectives
  • Self confidence
  • Effort with consistency
  • The company we keep
  • Duah
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out of alignment shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shopping mousseline satana Muhammad Ali, he was savage Marine, my beloved brothers and sisters a cinematic Moroccan with a lawyer but it got to

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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah mean or Praise to Allah subhanaw taala Masha Allah, Allah Allah Allah will be a witness that none has the right of worship besides Allah, the creator of the Sustainer, the Lord of the Universe, we send our love our greetings and salutations to our beloved Naveen Mohamed Salah Salaam, to all the Gambia to the families and the pious disciples and Sahaba until the end of time and those who follow them in goodness until the end of time. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless us at this time of Juma May Allah forgive us for our sins or shortcomings. May Allah bless us the beginning of a new year. May this year be a blessed year for us. For those who are going to

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school starting school those who are finishing school those who are going to varsity mala protect him. Allah guide them, mala guidance all amin on hamdulillah. As you know, firstly, welcome back a lot of you. I know you're not happy to see me because if you see you back at the mosque when you are back from your holiday, and you're back at work. So I hope you had a good holiday when hamdulillah and I hope it's the depression of being back to work is not too heavy on all of you. But that from the relax, good to see you. Now, as we know, yesterday or Wednesday, it was the results for the matriculants came out Alhamdulillah And by and large it appears that it was a good

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you know a good success for a while meticulous and it's a reminder for us. There's also the start of the academic year. It's a reminder about the importance of knowledge and the power of knowledge in our Deen. This is one of the fundamentals of what it means to be a Muslim, the power and the importance of knowledge. And it's of the first lessons we learned as a creation. Because remember, when Allah said to the angels in the Jang halifa, Allah said to the angels, God,

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Allah said to them, I intend the placing on Earth, my califa, my representative, and the angels in Subhan, Allah Allah, why would you place a creation on the earth who will cause mischief, and they will shed blood and they are such they're going to be a bad creation? Well, we are praying we are, you know, worshipping you continuously. Why do you need to create them? So Allah said to them to the angels, I know something of this creation, that you don't know that this creation with all the deficiencies, human humanity with all its bad with all its weakness with all its wrongs, there is something very special about them. And to prove this, to show the superiority of Adam, we know Allah

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subhanho wa Taala made a test he gave the angels with which they could not pass. And then Allah taught Nabil Adam are for the Adam. The answers are the keys or land What do you think might be Allah taught him which the angels could not comprehend, and then allow us now via demo father explained to the angels what these are, and maybe Adam when he explained it, that's when Allah said to the angel so much to do to Adam. Now what we learned from this. Now vi the Malays Salaam, is made from dirt from mud, we are made from mud, the angels are made from lights, the jinn from fire, he believes was not wrong, when he said, I am superior to him I made from fine he was not wrong in that

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we are physically lesser than them. But what elevated now the item above all of creation. Now remember if gibreel is making sudo to NaVi Adam, that means all of creation is absurd isn't beneath me, Adam, what made him special wasn't the color of his skin wasn't his spaceform his body, it was the knowledge that he had possessed. And this principle Allah teaches us that the one who learns and has knowledge is elevated immigration, that the highest of creation in the sight of Allah is the ones who possess the most knowledge. And this is true even in the world, the person the top achiever, the school that does the basis the country with the most books and libraries will always

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be the most successful. So it is a principle of law with Allah, that knowledge will bring success knowledge will bring is and Granger. It is as we know as Muslims. The very first command of this Quran that was revealed was the first command Allah given us as oma first revelation wasn't even worship me. We know the fundamental of Islam is to worship Allah alone. That is one God in worship. That's what Islam is all about. Allah did not say to that, worship me or makes you do to me, he first said, read. Why? Because faith. We don't have blind faith, it must be informed. It must be based on sound knowledge, it must be educated understanding also, this could and came to a society

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that was horrible, backward, immoral, it was the worst of the worst. And Allah subhanaw taala is saying that if you want to fix yourself

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If you want to fix your society, it starts with eating. And eating will transform you, reading will change, you will speaking at work we said it's amazing. But the same meticulous that is 18 doesn't have a key in the world doesn't have any responsibility for the five years of training, that child will grow up to be five years old, become a doctor that will save lives. Imagine how knowledge transforms you how knowledge changes you, and those same Sahaba who were killing their own children. Within a few years of reading, of learning of understanding, they became the greatest and most pious of people. So a lot of you minds you and me, but if you want success in this world, and the next, he

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says, you have a very low levina amanu that the first thing Allah will raise up people have faith that if you have faith, it's also important thing. minko when levina meet that Raja, he will raise you up in levels, you want a promotion in your job, it is the one that has the most knowledge that will excel, you want to succeed in life in this world and the next, the more knowledge you acquire, that's how you raise up your rank. It's a it's a law with Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah says to us in sha Allah Hamid II by the healer, that it is only the Allah Allah doesn't mean the mowlana the Mufti, you must be a member of the MVC, or the MA means people have knowledge, they are the ones

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that are truly conscious of Allah, you cannot be truly conscious of the Creator, unless you have some form of knowledge doesn't mean knowledge in terms of PhDs and all of that. But you must have a consciousness in your mind, a desire to learn more and more about your Creator. This These are the people that are lots of analysis through me, the more knowledge you have, and it's not an MSc. Yeah, we don't have a concept of religious knowledge and secular knowledge, the knowledge of science, the knowledge of space of medicine, all of this is from the same one who brought the Quran and the more you learn science technology, the more you look into this into deep into space, or deep into the

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ocean, or the smaller stop creations, you will realize surely someone who has a master plan for this year, it will lead you to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Once you've said I advise my students don't watch ITV rather watch the Discovery Channel you'll see ubu eemaan will grow more when you watch Discovery Channel and National Geographic when you see the Granger of Allah subhana wa tada

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to show you the power in the sight of Allah we in the dunya we measure success by the car you drive, the suburb your houses in the close up. Now Luke tells the story of NaVi Samuel is not mentioned by name in the Quran. But as he stories mentioned, Allah says, Remember, when the bunnies are evil children of Israel sit to the Samuel, we need the king, ask Allah to choose a king for from amongst us. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala says, say to them, that I have selected by Luke Saul as the King. Now Salva

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wasn't a very prestigious guy. He wasn't religious. He wasn't a fancy guy. And so the people have been nice, right? You said, How can he be our king? He was not given a lot of money. He doesn't have any money, how can he be the king? How can you make this man the king? So Allah says, in the law has Allah chosen him and Allah, Allah made him special Alec mobile view was at Boston.

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And we gave him a lot of knowledge and stature. So he was a person of knowledge. And therefore Allah said, He is the most befitting to be king. And similarly, it should be the one who is the most learned there was knowledgeable, we should be the one who's the president, the king, the person with the most wisdom and knowledge, this is really the criteria and Subhanallah if only if only Allah would that be the case, I mean,

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from the Sahaba, from the prophets of Salaam. So from the Quran, it shows you what Allah values in this earth, he values what's in the heart, not in the mind, not the outside, the person who is sincere in his heart, and the person who has knowledge. This is someone who Allah subhanho wa Taala raises up in the sight of Allah. And I said this many, many times and it's something to ponder about. Blessings Allah gives for free, Allah gives you wealth for free, he gives you your health, we don't make the law every day. Give me good health only when we seek to make doctor healthiest.

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Our risk we get it you only make the offer is when we don't have something. But Allah has given all of this free of charge outside our hearing. But knowledge he will never ever give for free. You cannot be born except that you're born with zero empty. You can be born a billion, you can be born a king even Alo gives this for free, because it's not valuable to him. But knowledge he guards it very, very graciously. If you want anything of knowledge, you need to work hard for it. The prophets Olson says he who treats a path in search of knowledge. He didn't say, Quranic knowledge or Sharia knowledge, any knowledge so even the student who is at the university

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See the student who's in the school, our sub A's or even below that, and they studying to learn for the betterment of themselves and the community. Whoever trades a PA in search of knowledge, then Allah will make easy for him the path to Jenna, so long as you're learning, and he didn't say you ever finishes the course, you get to the end, so long as you're continuously learning if learning is part of your life, then the past agenda will be made easy, why? The more you learn, the more your mind expands, the more you'll recognize the truth, the more knowledge will lead you to Allah. So if you want to get to Jana now because if you wanna get to paradise, make learning part of your life

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and look at the Subhan Allah. Whenever the student walks in the road, the promises is the angels lower down the wings for the student of knowledge of approval out of humanity. For him, the angels salute the person, the students, the kids, when they go to school, and they come to school in the taxi, the angel following the wings for them, all of the creations, the creatures in the heavens and the earth. Even the creatures in the sea, will pray for the person forgiveness for the scholar for the one who is learning. And the prophets also says if Allah desires Good for you, he will be still you and understanding of the deen your special knowledge, his religious knowledge that you'll give

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you a deep understanding of the deen. If you're given that you were given a great blessing from Allah.

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When we imagine getting to Jenna, we imagine a Willie The only ever law he's constantly in touch with Mashallah fantastic is fasting. These are the mostly five times a day. But the prophets also says

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if you compare him to the abbot, the man who learns and writes and teaches compared to just the worshiper, then he says, the superiority of the island, the scholar over the abbot, the worshiper is like that of the full moon versus the stars, both of the sides beautiful, but the moon is far bigger at night, when the moon is there, you don't see the stars anymore. Because the alum, he does not why he learns he's in Nevada. He's worshipping Allah, and his worship benefits others as well, like the moon illuminates everyone else. This is of the highest form of worship is to sit with a book and to read and to learn. And the Prophet continues. And he says, indeed, the allameh the scholars are the

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inheritors of the Gambia, the Gambia, the prophets of Allah, they came only to deliver knowledge, their job was to teach that was the job. And so anyone who follows them is actually inheriting from the MBR. Because the MBR don't leave any money behind the lift knowledge as the inheritance. So whoever wants to inherit from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then take from his knowledge. By this we should learn the importance of knowledge in our area. That this our Dean has always been a dean of learning our success as an oma and we know that Islam at one point in time was the leading civilization in the world. We were in Spain for 800 years, the best universities in Europe was in

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Spain, for the longest of times, the kings of Europe would send their children to Andalusia to learn now it's the opposite. We send our kids to Western countries to learn.

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What made us Excel from being decent people, to people that lead the world in science and technology was learning and knowledge. And the more we learn from our Deen, the more we learn in the dunya. And this grant is to excel. This will be a few part Lecture Series in sha Allah, because I want to make a special mention to three groups of people. They are those and we begin with

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a survey Kunal over on the top and the achievers, those who did well hamdulillah and those who are succeeding, and those who are, you know, they're very happy with the results. We give a message to you today. And then there are those who didn't do so well, and they need a specific message. And the more important for the rest of us who have stopped learning. The last time you read a book is possibly matric might have asked you in law to open a book from Shakespeare. You know, even in material you might not have opened it to Han Allah. And the last time you read a book was in high school. So for us, we need to have a very special message about very starting a path of knowledge.

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But today we celebrate those who achieved success. And hamdulillah. If Allah honors, look out here honors, we know sujood is for no one besides Allah. If you meant to do to anyone know anything besides Allah, it is the highest form of it. Allah says Did you video makes you do to Adam, because he had some knowledge. And therefore we should always honor someone of knowledge, someone who has achieved some form of knowledge, whether it is they pass the mythic exam, they pass into high school, they come to like just committed Quran how amazing that is. A person who is qualified in something is learned the skill. When you have attained knowledge, Allah honors you and so we under

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you, and we say Mubarak, and what a great blessing Allah has honored you. Allah says to those who have knowledge and those who have succeeded you in heck matter me

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Allah says, I give knowledge and wisdom to whomever I will. And whoever I have given wisdom has certainly been given a lot of good. Allah says if I gave you wisdom, because not everyone, not everyone gets that honor. Like not everyone becomes wealthy. Not everyone is physically strong. Not everyone gets every blessing. Allah chooses who gets what, but he has given you knowledge. When Allah says, this is really a blessing, I gave the Praiseworthy, I wouldn't say in the Quran, if I'd given you money you made I made you the king. And this is great to know, Allah says, if I gave you a man, that's the best. And if I gave you knowledge was the second best, the best thing you can have.

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Those who have achieved and I speak to those who are starting University, those who are now going back to school,

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you have an opportunity, when you learn to change the world. Knowledge is the one thing that transforms a person in society. Believe it was President Nelson Mandela, who said that our country a lot of problems, poverty, crime inequality runs Bill Gates, who said that, and he said, was all the problems in the world. But if there's one silver bullet that can end all of that it lies in education. Education really is the medicine, for all our problems, it cures diseases, it fixes the environment, it can stop wars, knowledge, if used correctly, and we aspire for it, we can really make this world a better place. So for those who are going specifically those who are going to

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university, those who are at university, you have been given a great blessing and a great opportunity. And those who have come out of universities, viola, you have a great blessing, an opportunity Allah has made you of the elite, in terms of the ability to learn. And not to mention, if you didn't get the there's anything wrong, in fact, of the most brilliant people we'll get to know. But you're gonna start off at a high on top, the journey was a bit different. But you have the opportunity to change the world. And with that we know is an Amana

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with every blessing is a taste. What's your money is a taste with your health is a test, you're going to be asked about that. So loss of Hannah, Allah is going to ask the one most severely The one who has a high ability to learn the one who has the opportunity to learn Subhan Allah, our grandparents, were wonderful people, brilliant people, but they could not go to school because of the environment. This, they couldn't even finish high school primary school, what could they have become? How many kids in Africa, in villages, the Einsteins of the world of Africa, are certainly not able to learn, the opportunity was not given to them. So they will not be asked about that. But

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for you, who is in school? Who has the opportunity to learn who can click online and learn? almost free of charge? What excuse do we have? And Allah says the provinces of the things on that examine the deaf karma? I was gonna ask you and me. What did you do with your knowledge that I gave you? How do you acquire it? How do you utilize it? What good did you do with it? How do you change the world for the better, you cannot be judged the same like the one who never went to school and never got the opportunity. Those of us who have come through 12 years of ice of schooling, another four or five years of tertiary education, you cannot be judged like our grandmothers, we never got the

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opportunity to learn if our achievement is the same like and Subhanallah shame on us. Similarly, the billion a will not be will be asked more severely about his money than the one who did not learn a lot. So this is an important thing to know that this is a gift from Allah. But once it comes a great responsibility to some interesting thing to know, statistically, of those who stopped those who start grade one, so the grade ones maybe 1,000,002 million. I don't know how many kids start grade one, only 10% of those who actually go to university, and usually only a half of those who enter university in our country, poss universe, so only about 5% of our population has a tertiary

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education. And if you are in that, you have achieved that. Then you really won the lotto with Allah subhanaw taala. He has given you a lot to win this idea when he says, I have given wisdoms, I gave it to you, I gave you a lot. And that means Allah has you how many how often have we made do? Yeah, Allah thank you for sending me to school.

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Is anyone make up for that? Yeah, Allah hamdulillah. It's Monday. Nothing happened last Friday. It's Monday school again, as a great blessing. And the amount of the past you know that to walk him out of Africa. I've been humbled. He walks from Iraq, to Yemen, just to learn from

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the daily pursuit of knowledge, looking for it hard only when it's taken from you. Do you realize how important it is? So Subhanallah every time you open a book, it's an opportunity you don't know what you find inside it.

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For example, the prophet sees every disease there's a cure. Now there's so many diseases we yet we have not been cured. The answer is out there waiting to be discovered. Every problem

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has a solution. It just requires someone of determination, some mood, a little brains, and a lot of help from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you can really contribute to changing the world, what will your contribution be? We say this many times, and this is for those who are actually starting the journey, what will be the things, what will be the things that our generation fixes our parents had the battle they defeated upon hamdulillah that's a great honor to them, our parents, grandparents, they both they massage hamdulillah our generation as the generation of opportunity, the generation that has all the chances, what have we really done was up for 20 odd years now, what have we done

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with that opportunity? This is the challenge that we have. And this is the thing that we will be graded upon. And our time is not long before retirement is gonna come, and then it passes on to the next generation. So how do you become an achiever? If you're not the and you want to know how do I achieve great things? How do I achieve great things? Let me tell you some stories of achievers. Some people that achieve I'm not talking about Imam Buhari and the great scholars of the past. And the stories are amazing. Just have this time, shift and shift now you know, one of the great qualities of the world today.

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We all know him Jeff Naina, perhaps the most prolific Collie alive today, how did he start? middle aged man? He studied medicine, qualified as a doctor never really studied Islamic Studies. And then he thought to himself, Han Allah, I'm a doctor, but I haven't memorized anything of the Quran. So he went to the shift in his area. And he said, I like to memorize Quran, can I can you assist, but I'm a doctor. So the sheikh said to him, I demand from you every day, just learn two lines. He said, If I can do more, I only want you to learn two lines every single day. Two lines, not more, not less. And so

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you know, started learning and slowly became hospital after a number of months and years, he became hospital for and when he became have fifth, he realized Allah hadn't put in him the ability to be a party, not only a quality of the best in the world, and perhaps the most famous quality in the world today is nine. He continued practicing specialized, a loving medium. a pediatrician is a practicing doctor, pediatrician. And then he goes to the sites. Usually we think to achieve that success. You have to start from five years old. And once you've passed the boathouse, I can't become happy now. No, he only discovered afterwards.

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of the greatest scholars. You know, if you look after the Sahaba, perhaps the greatest scholar that we had of the soma, between Imam Bukhari and Imam Abu hanifa, we all shafia Allah, but Abu hanifa Subhana Allah winnemem Shafi says that compared to Abu hanifa, we are like small children like compared to him, he's the daddy. He's the man. He only started learning in his 20s never opened the book of Sharia only on his way to the market. A chef beat him and said, You look like a smart guy. You shouldn't be in the markets, go to the masjid and go sit in the class and something good will happen. And he changed the world's panela you don't know what Allah has put inside you until you

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learn and saw spinal you don't know something more recent. One of the great ships of the harem named Medina if you're in luck as well, if those have made oma You know, there's chase in the harem. Those are the big shots, the big items, the big guys. In fact, the word the cheese, the chairman comes from the word could see, we had this in our customer, everyone's down and the chef sits on the cheese that's we come to the team and the cuisine is our tradition of learning. So in Harlem, if you get a che in the harem, this is like you know, Shafi Malik only the top people get some of the greatest scholars in the 90s. Who set in there almost in the road or in Medina, a shed by the name

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check it Yeah. How did he start?

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He was brought from Egypt, not as a scholar, as a radio technician from Egypt, when the harem got his first microphone system in Saudi Saudi is now to work microphones advanced technology 1950s. So that to bring an engineer from Egypt, and his job was to split the radio on the basis that he does the project. And because he has to sit him day in day out listening to the lectures, he began to learn. And then he said, you know, such amazing thing I want to learn full time. After a few years, when the vinaigrette Chef chinky passed away. He was the most qualified man to take his place, vanilla in his 30s 40s maybe starting to learn as a radio technician just listening to the doodles.

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You don't know what Allah has placed inside you until you open that book and see until you experience so how do I achieve something great? How do I achieve something great and leave a legacy that is great. It always begins with a sincere nia. Nia, two sides of it. Number one, do it for the sake of Allah. If you start your studies now in high school, primary school University, I'm doing this why if it's purely to get a lot of money, then you might get that and that's it. Nothing great. Nothing.

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bad but nothing great. But if you want to change the world, you know, the top meticulous in South Africa, she didn't go into, you know all the prestigious things to be a doctor or accountant to actually the Buddha bucks usually like although accountants not as much as we thought, not as much as we thought, engineers friendly or get a lot more. But those are the ones we look at prestige in terms of money. Instead, she wants to study something in science, why to change the world knowledge not for the sake of self gain, but to really do something better for humanity. And that is the thing we should teach our kids that you learn to solve a problem to make the world a better place. And

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number two, when you make it sincere for Allah, when you make it sincere for Allah, that's when the success comes. They were many, many scholars who wrote books, many my value but they disappeared only for the lady mean they weren't even the best sometimes. And they asked why did even Cathy step see it become the most famous one? Why is it this book Africa became famous, there were others that were better, more detailed, and Allah Allah but they say that as much as hard work you put in, if the near the one with the most sincere Nia Allah it's even more if you if your Nia is sincere, Allah will give you success in the dunya and your works will become accepted by Allah subhanaw taala your

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deeds will be accepted, your studies will be accepted. What Nia Nia is not just no way totally, that's not any a Nia is your intent, your objective and purpose. We have as oma, we have set our objectives very low. That's one of the sad realities. You ask any high school student What do you want to be either I don't know why I want to become a soccer player. Now, if you want to become a soccer player and earn billions of euros, great, fantastic. But look, if if one gets it to be in the Premier League, very lucky, but there's no way a class of 2015 is gonna make it to a certain team.

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The objectives are low, look how high the profits are. So once he says if you make that there are so many levels in Jannah, between one level and the next is the size of the universe between level one to level two. It's a whole universe of distance and the highest level is with those general kiddos. So when you ask them to consider you and me when you make do alko Jana make do those. Now for those general kiddos. It's for the Beatles. It will not be Isa Jesus, it's for NaVi Brahim it is for the greats of the greats. But he says even you, ordinary people can achieve that level. If you make dua and you're sincere, they will be normal people even into those if you want it and you work for it.

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So make that near high. And you know, I have this debate, the difference between complacency and content mediocrity and contentment. Now we are in Milan he tells you be satisfied with what you have. And yes, contentment is satisfied with Allah has given you after you have strived hard, have you worked hard, have you put the effort in you so with the field, and now the rain comes and only half the harvest comes and comes on contented, but is mediocre that before you put the effort in US law provides that whatever is written for me, I sit back that is laziness. When it becomes contentment with yourself, that's a problem. You should never ever be contented with your efforts.

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But rather you should be contented with what Allah gives you after your efforts. And they will have the having a high near you must have a high degree of self confidence. The Sahaba were the most humble of people, but that high level of confidence in themselves when the problems have raised the flag and who wants to be the leader, they put up there to me meaning I want to be that leader not to be the chairman and the king and the Imam. No, I want to be the one that's first in line. Look at what Allah says Allah says when

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Adam says I have certainly honored the children of Adam, and I carry them on land and sea and I provided them of good things. And I prefer them over much of what I have created of what he has created. Above all of creation, I have made you special. No one is on earth by chance. And by luck. You could have been made a grain of sand. You could have been made a drop of water, but only the special elite of the factory of creation. The base that comes out is an insanity personally you wouldn't be so if you're a year, why am I here? What did Allah put me here for besides worshiping Him, He put me here

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on this earth to represent him to do something special. And that is everyone's everyone's challenge. Find what Allah has put inside of you have a high level of confidence. I can do it. I can become happy to put an army I can become a doctor. I can cure this disease. I can fix this I can build that Masjid believe it and even if you don't achieve it and you insincere, Allah will give you the reward for that. But well that's not wishful thinking, if it must come with it. So number three, you want success. We said number one

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linea must be sincere. Number two, you must be sure in your abilities and be confident. Number three, you must have some kind of effort. The prophets of Salaam says, Allah prescribed excellence in everything. Whatever you do, oh, believe as part of your deen, whatever you do, be the best at it. If you are

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in the, if you are fixing a roof be the best roof fixture in the world. If you are sitting in class, you want to be the number one student in the world. If you're an accountant, I'm going to be the best in the world. Not even in the company. That is the objective we set for ourselves. excellence in everything. Excellence is not something that you inherit, it's a habit. Aristotle says excellence is a habit, the more you do it, the more you achieve it be excellence in whatever you do, whether you starting primary school, whether you are doing a PhD, or whether you're the CEO, excellence in everything that you do, that is what is required of us. Another example of this, Robbie, Robbie,

00:31:00--> 00:31:38

many of us, in fact, myself, we don't know the story of also hobby, a very obscure, unknown. So hobbies, Hobby Lobby, we don't know much about you. All we know about you as a man, he said, allow me to make fun of you. I want to be your servants forever. And so let me fit you will do water with me. You know, bring your clothes, your shoes, I just want to serve you. And after you serve them for some time, the promise, let them felt Oh, you know, I want to give something back to you. So he says, Ask me anything that you want, I can give it to you. And so Ravi, I said, Here rasulillah look what he asks. He doesn't also something small. We also the greatest thing you could want. He says,

00:31:38--> 00:32:19

Let me be with you in genomics to you in general. Meaning I want to be on top now isn't abubaker? is these are not equal, you would say to the abacos. And rumors, we don't even know what he did. But he said, Yeah, I want to be up there with you in Jannah highest level. So opposed to anything else. You're and so obviously no, that's enough. So the province is okay, meaning we can get the but help me to get you the by making a lot of sujood meaning you can get I can make dog for you, but I can't snap my fingers and put you there, you need to put some effort in make a lot of sujood and insha Allah you'll get the you can get the with the effort, you'll get them. And so that's why the

00:32:19--> 00:32:20

properties to us.

00:32:22--> 00:33:03

Take up good deeds, do good things with a divider related work related, you know, do good. As much as you're able to do don't exert yourself beyond whether you go to gyms while I know a lot of resolutions about how many kilos we're going to lose, right? I mean, I mean, yeah, I mean, I, we begin, don't exert yourself, start with something small and manageable, but the base deeds and the deeds that will be accepted. Those that carry the most weight, excuse the bank, are those deeds that are done regularly, even if they are few. It is the consistent hard worker, even if it's small, he will succeed. And this is a rule the prophet SAW Selim is teaching you success in everything

00:33:03--> 00:33:40

requires a little bit of consistent work daily, and you will achieve it you will climb mountains like that, that which was unattainable will be attained. But one step at a time, and never ever stopping. Number four good advice, keep the company of people you want to be like, and not only this is from our Sharia. This is from any psychologist, when you stand around people that are foot, then you also want to become when you're around people that are doctors, then you also want to be like that. The Prophet says social look to those who are financially listening you so you don't don't envy the rich. Because if you're constantly around people that are very wealthy, you also want that

00:33:40--> 00:34:14

lifestyle for others spend time with those that are less and then you feel very fortunate. But when it comes to good deeds, spend time with the one who does more, the one who's doing more, the one who's studying, so our kids in school, don't look for the guy who's doing the least in class, sit next to the teacher's pet swannanoa You don't have to be Teacher's pet doesn't mean a friend of features. And then you will also like that learn being the company of those who work hard, and you will automatically want to achieve that. So keep good company even above the line. Even a boss was 13 years old when he when the province died. He was a small boy or young boy with a promise and

00:34:14--> 00:34:56

died. He had a friend we don't even know the friend's name, also hobby. And so even Abbas it now that he has died so seldom Come let us learn together so we can teach. And his friend said to him, why do you want to learn this oh man is gonna come to you. And so when I left him, I stopped sort of being his friend. And so I went to go learn alone. And of course, when Abu Bakar died, and Omar Leon died and Islam spread to Iraq, Iran, Syria, and people needed to learn even abus became the number one scholar of the junior Sahaba. Now he was the one people looked up to. So look at the company you keep, be around smart people and automatically that's a that's an easy way of becoming informed. And

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

then lastly, of course, da is your special weapon, whatever you are

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Whatever you want to achieve, remember, it is only what Allah gives, he gives it to me once and he takes me once. Design success, work hard and make dua and da is the thing it will achieve that, that will give you that. So we make the offer ourselves there Allah put Baraka in every head we do excellence in everything we do, our health, our family, our is our knowledge, Allah make it excellent, there has to be a generation that Allah Subhana Did you are pleased with, you know, 111 thing, a sheikh was sending us this hadith. And it becomes at the at the beginning or when, during every century, Allah sends a special person and agenda, revival reform, one will bring good to the

00:35:39--> 00:35:54

world. And so when he said that to the class, he asked the class, what's the next question you want to ask me? What's the question you asked me? What was the vibe of this? And so he said, that's a bad question. Why don't you ask Allah let me be that person. Why do you feel you're not worthy of that?

00:35:55--> 00:36:30

So hope for the best to handle and make do after that Salahuddin when he was a small boy he heard that's when the Crusaders conquered Palestine. And the Imam said one day we will eat clean Palestine again. So that would be insane. Can I be that man and the Prophet said, inshallah, you'll begin and you won't find Allah. So make dua have high aspirations, work hard, have a sincere Nia and then make dua, and everything's achievable. I mean, next week, we'll talk about those who didn't do well failed, maybe feeling busy, there's a message for you in sha Allah and that is next week in sha Allah. Then just a reminder, the book up

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life's the cradle to the grave expose open once again, for those who don't know we have an exhibit about take Muslim heritage here the Muslims here in Cape Town, our castle tradition, please go and visit all the procedures for the benefit of our soup kitchen I was at school is also a coffee shop next door or miss kitchen. So if you want some lunch, you can do that as well. And then inshallah six o'clock on Tuesday classes start again Thursday. If this if this lecture works for you. I'll see all of you in class free of charge and hamdulillah and we'll also do a back to basics. The basics of Islam if you want to learn about what is Islam all about? What do we believe? What do we do? This is

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the lecture for you inshallah, Zak Lafitte, Santa Monica