Yasir Qadhi – The Life in The Barzakh – Episode 8

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of living in a culture and the need for families to do sadhaka in the name of the deceased. It highlights the use of the word sadhaka in the title of the deceased, as well as the importance of independent practice and the need for families to do sadhaka in the name of the deceased. The discussion also touches on the theory of tenure ship and the importance of independence, as well as the need for families to do sadhaka in the name of the deceased.
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smilla Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was ibH Magnum about in our last lesson, we had covered the issue of the living and the dead, hearing one another or in fact, the living speaking and the dead hearing. And the conclusion that I had given was, Allah knows best, it is a gray area, but it is possible for the dead to be aware of the presence of the living when they're outside of the cover. And Allah azza wa jal can allow this to happen. But at the same time, it is not something that is metalia. Kenya, Kenya is not something that is confirmed. Also, it is something as even Timmy and others point out, it is possible that sometimes the dead would not even be aware of the living, even if we say they can hear the living, there can be circumstances where the person is oblivious. So we cannot base any Islamic ruling on that communication. There can be no basis of any change in our relationship with the deceased in

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terms of visiting the deceased. Now, today, and next week, we will cover what is perhaps the most relevant or practical, much of what I've covered is theoretical. And that's important. So part of our emaan we appreciate that. But today, we're going to begin and it's part one in part two, the issue of benefiting the debt, what can the living do to benefit the dead? And of course, this is where it becomes practical. This is where people want to know what can I do to help the deceased. And we begin by stating that this is, as you understand a theological and difficult issue both together. It is both arkadi and 50. It involves beliefs and it involves actions and us for beliefs that are either, generally speaking, and the sooner affirms some type of benefit to the dead. And especially the more rationalist or pseudo rationalist groups like the more it asila they deny this almost all together. It's been a bit isn't Hanna feed the famous commentator of al Qaeda to how we

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he says, a * is soon have agreed This is a matter of theology, that the living can benefit the dead in two ways. This is by unanimous consensus. Firstly, the good deeds that the dead himself did while he was alive, and it continues after he's died. And secondly, the living making dua and is still far and charity and hedge then Mm hmm. Even it says, but Mohammed Al Hassan, the student of Abu hanifa did not allow Hajj and he allowed the others. Then he goes on and on his Sunnah differed over other good deeds reaching the dead. The deeds that the body does the Imam betania like fasting, like Salah, like reading Quran, and like Vicar. So, this great scholar of our theology says, Look, there are certain things we all agree upon certain things no controversy, and other things. There's controversy. What is the controversy he gave examples fasting, Salah, or on and Vicar, and he generically says Imam Abu hanifa and Mr. Mahajan, the humble, and the majority of the set have

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allowed the good deeds to reach them. And the famous position of the Shafi school and the Mali school is that it does not reach them. End quote. I began with this introduction we will unpack this over two lessons in Charlotte will be a very detailed episode. As I promised you last time in Charlotte, this will be the most exhaustive ever done English language in shallow data that is my goal. So we have to go into a lot of detail today will be part one. And today what we're going to do is list the evidences from the Quran and Sunnah primarily from the sooner that allow gifting the and what exactly specifically is mentioned, what did the process of explicitly mentioned, and then in sha Allah Next week, we'll come back and we'll talk about that which was not mentioned, okay, what do we do with that which is not to mention, based upon what is mentioned. So this is part one and part two, which means next week in sha Allah, Allah gives us life and health, you will have to know

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the information of this week is going to be a continuation is not to independent lecture. Now, we said this is an issue of theology. And fifth, I'm not interested in theology that much you should just know that the martyrs in a school they denied anything reaching the dead

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They because they don't believe in Hadeeth so they said the Quran says that what les sellin in Sani illamasqua and the Koran says what is it was Iran was rah, rah. And the Quran mentions other evidences that everybody will get their own good and bad. And so because they don't accept Hadith, and the Quran does not affirm that you can do things for the diseased. So they said, There is no such thing, we're not really any concern that you should just know about this now. And by the way, it's very easy to respond to this group, and we'll respond to them in sha Allah later on. Now, let us begin, today's entire lecture will be as far as I can tell, I have tried to be exhaustive, and if I failed, then it is my field, but I've tried to be exhaustive, every single explicit deed that is mentioned in the sooner that can be done for the deceased. Okay. Allah knows if I have reached that exhaustive list or not. And if anybody finds anything, please inform me by next week and I will

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mention it and credit you that full on mentioned I wasn't able to find this he found this Jazakallah here we are all students of knowledge, you know, searching for benefit. So

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the first three things that are explicitly mentioned are known to all of you. It is the most authentic hadith. It is the Hadith that is always mentioned by our fundraisers every single time there on the stage, that this is the first thing they begin with Mashallah Tabata Kala and because our fundraisers quote these ahaadeeth all the time, as they say, even the average Muslim can fundraise from the text because they have been memorized by our famous fundraisers Mashallah to vertical and what is this hadith brothers? What is the Hadith?

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Exactly the three things that follow sadaqa jariya a

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child that prays for you.

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That is sort of a God

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put you on this foot. It's sorry. It's all right and put you on the spot of knowledge that has benefited from okay. The idea isn't a Muslim it is authentic. Either ma turbans are dumb. When the son of Adam dies in pata amaru all of his deeds stop elimin Salah Okay, this hadith is always used and also what is really important about this Hadeeth as we will see the other ahaadeeth people are coming in asking the professor's and can I do this? Can I do that? Can I do this? This Heidi? What is the difference? He's telling us he's presenting us big difference. This means what is mentioned in this Hadeeth occupies a higher status because he is the one offering so I said what can you do for the deceased? This is what you can do. The other traditions as we're gonna see by and large people are coming and asking him Can I do this? Can I do that? How about this and then he says, but here he is saying when the son of Adam dies son here son or daughter, all of his deeds come to an

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end except for three. Number one sadhaka Giardia number two element of RBE number three word on solid ear the ruler who okay let's talk about each of these things briefly before we move on. We all know what they are. But again just for our benefit sadaqa jariya. charity that is Giardia. Giardia means running. Giardia means ongoing. Okay, I unknown Giardia free High Noon Giardia. Giardia here means running. And a young girl like a four or five, six year old girl in Arabic is called Giardia. Because for some reason, don't ask me why. They thought boys are quiet sitting in the corner and girls are marshmallow running everywhere around the house. Don't ask me why, but the Arabs would call a little girl because she's always running everywhere. To be honest, maybe because they were stricter with the boys wanting them to have whatever you know, maybe their culture. So a little girl in Arabic is called Giardia because he's always running over being spoiled and whatnot Mashallah

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demotic Allah, so sadaqa jariya A sadaqa that is running. In English we call it perpetual charity. Okay, what is a perpetual charity, any charity that is more than a one off. You do it and it remains after you have done it. So when you give somebody food to eat, this is a one off charity. When you give somebody a cloth to wear, this is one off charity. But as we all know, when you build them as just sort of kajaria as long as people are coming to the masjid the sadakazu idea. You build an orphanage. This is sort of kajaria we all know it's something that is lasting. After you have initially done it. It's not a one off, sort of kajiado its benefit continues, especially after you die then that's the whole point you're going to be benefiting after it when you are in

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In the grave number two in moon Yun tougher OBE knowledge that people benefit from the smallest bit to the largest bit anyone who benefits from a knowledge that you have benefited this person with and you are in the cover you are dead and somebody benefited from your knowledge, then you will be getting that adjure and your body is in the public realm when you interfer OBE so whether you taught somebody how to pray your children how to pray, and now they are praying and you are in the cover. Every time they pray, you will get their reward because you taught them you taught a new convert how to read the Quran, you did this, you did that and the greatest in the greater odema that have come and have left their legacies every time we mentioned them. Remember hanifa said this a mama Shafi said this then they are getting adjure and they are long gone. And Subhanallah what really boggles my mind people like Mr. Malhotra for example. You know, you cannot give an Islamic lecture without

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quoting Emmanuel Bihari. It's almost impossible. And he is one man he lived 60 plus years. And yet the legacy of these types of people because he gave his hikma to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he traveled the world wanting to Hitman to our Prophet system sooner and Sierra and the Baraka that came from his life Subhana Allah every Hotspur every Islamic lecture from a theater to film to Tafseer to everything Buhari narrated right or Mr. Muslim or so and so imagine all of that great blessings that these people of knowledge leave behind. We ask a lot of xojo to make our hearts sincere and pure whenever we preach and teach so that all that legacy will leave behind will the insha Allah tala be of benefit to us. So really, when you enter for ob Now, take this as a subset now. Included in in is calling others to Islam, or making others who are not that religious making them religious, ie the term Dawa that we call it okay? Giving Dawa is included

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in this category. And this is something that is very explicit as well, and I'm putting it under category. So one, two and three, we said number one, and number two is whatever ob you can say. There's also under this and when you will be giving Dawa to others. Some odema have made it a separate category but in reality it is the same category. When you give Dawa. What are you doing? You are teaching in and here it doesn't mean advanced knowledge. You can just teach the lack of Islam through your manners. Your colleagues can see the beauty of Islam through you, that is when others are benefiting our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Hadith in Sahih Muslim

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manda Isla Huda, whoever calls people to a guidance Muslim or non Muslim, somebody is not praying and your environment, your mannerisms, your love or your preaching caused them to pray. Manda Illa Huda or the person was not even a Muslim. And you gave him Dawa, to become a Muslim all of this is included whoever calls to guidance shall get the reward of all who follow him without diminishing either his reward.

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Neither will get lesser reward just because one follow the other. This is a lot as a surgeon, he doesn't have to split any reward. So if you call somebody to pray

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you have a Muslim colleague at work not very religious, and you become friends you invite them out bit by bit yeah, hey, let's pray jumar together let's go and they become more religious inshallah, because of your clock and manners.

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Every single Salah that this person does.

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Allah will bless you with that reward. And the one who prays will get 100% of his own reward as well.

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No stinginess. Allah is not stingy. Allah is Karim. Allah is not behind. So mondai illa houda this will be included. And therefore when the person dies, the first person the second person is reward will continue to go back. Another Headey that also proves this. Munson Neff in Islam is soon net and has an attend. Whoever introduces into Islam, a precedent that is good, shall be rewarded with all those who follow that precedent until the day of judgment. And whoever introduces an evil shall be given the sin of all those who did that evil until the day of judgment. And the context of this hadith clarifies what our prophets Allah said me saying, the prophets are some once was sitting in a gathering of the Sahaba. And the new group of converts came the Bedouins, the wife, the delegations, and that year of delegations, and the profitsystem saw, they were so poor, their bodies were thin, they've had to

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clothes that were barely covering their hour, and he felt a lot of pity for them. So he said, who will give sadhaka to this group?

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And it was maybe a time of drought or difficulty not one Sahabi moved nobody who will give sadaqa second time, no one who will give sadaqa at that one of the Sahaba went stood up, went back home, and brought a small amount said yes, well, this all I have some, some dates, whatever. When this man came and did this, another Sahabi went home, brought something, then a third, then a fourth, until finally what happened. There was enough to feed and clothe these people. Then our Prophet says that, um, said, Men send nephele Islam is so netten has no you know that this man who began the chain reaction, everybody was awkward was quiet, everybody was not able to give. So by the way, fundraisers Don't feel bad. When you're saying who's gonna give 10,000 silence. How the first hand silence, you're not the first you won't be the last. The profitsystem himself who shall give silence. It's human nature is difficult to coax people to give us human nature. But when the first

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person cave, what happened is human nature as well. It just breaks the ice opens the door. And the expert fundraisers knows we have the honor of having the premier fundraiser in all of North American martial arts about a Collider in our audience at home.

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I'm the Rayleigh. So I should say you are the premier student of the premier fundraiser your mom said I just the sheer horseshoe in this regard, but you are the timmies my shout out to barnacle hamdulillah May Allah give us all their claws anyway. So the point being that the person who began the fundraising, right the the giving of the funds or the fundraiser the person began to give me the funds. What did he do, Manson. This is when he said this headed by the way, man send nephele Islam is so nuts and Hashanah, this man began the option of giving the feeling of giving. And he shall get the reward of all those because he sparked something in them. Right. And that's why at any fundraiser is useful to be the first to give because you want to get the reward of all the rest of them. The problem comes our fundraisers begin with this obnoxiously large numbers, you know saying that's the problem. If only they began with something we can reach, maybe we can help out but when

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he begins with 100,000, with a wait to my turn comes What can I do anyway? hundred dollar enough for teasing or?

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Anyway, the point being that category two is when you enter fo B he

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category three, what I don't saw the one year drew a righteous child making dua for him. Now question, why righteous? Why does this hadith mentioned what Odin saw? Why righteous child responses because this goes back to the parent himself.

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The parent himself or herself both are included male or female mother or father. The reason why piety is mentioned here is because the point is being given the mother the father invested the time, the effort, the tarbiyah, the mother the father helped in this piety. Now it does not mean that if the father was not able to the mother was not able to that there's no benefit, we're going to come to this any doctor is of benefit to any disease. But there's no question that when the parent was involved in the Tobia, and the parent affected by Allah's blessings, the piety that is a lifelong effort. So now that lifelong effort is going to pay off now that the parent is deceased and moved on. So now that effort will pay off. That's why what I saw there one year drew level. And this also shows as well, the general rule of Islam, that piety overall has an impact on your anyway, this is something well known, we don't even need any evidence for it, the more with Turkey the person is the

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more stronger his dog correct, we all know this, this is also being reinforced here, the righteous child is going to have a bigger impact on the parents then a child that is not as righteous now. So these are three things that are we begin our entire lecture today with these three things. Now, before I go on, question comes here. So the process I mentioned these three things, okay.

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If you think about it,

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if you really think about it, these three are really just one

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and reality these three go under one under one, and what is that

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sort of idea?

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All three of these things are a type of sacajawea.

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But the Profit System is mentioning, point two and three, to make those two incentives in and of themselves. Okay?

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What is knowledge that people benefit from it is your son of God that is not monetary, it is your knowledge of the brain. It is your sort of capacity of the mind or of the body, your o'clock, the impact you've had is ongoing charity, the child that you raised, this is your Tobia. It's also your effort over here. Now, another key point here.

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These three that I mentioned, have nothing to do with the issue of gifting one's good deeds to the debt, that hasn't even begun yet.

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This is simply things that the deceased can benefit from after his or her life.

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Right now, in these three, the gifting of a good deed to the deceased is not coming in. You understand this point? The the controversy is Esau with the lobby in LA yet or dealt with fella been admitted. This is a controversy in the books of faith and theology. What can you gift, these three are not gifts. These three are continuations of what

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of your own. Right, they are continuations of what you yourself have done. And therefore, we can actually refute the martensitic group by saying when Allah says what Allah said in insanity in amasa. In fact, these three things are his own Iman, they will be benefiting him in the copper is not disconnected at all. You have done something in your life. And by the way, before I move on, yes, we're talking about the buzzer from a point of view of just knowledge and whatnot. But my dear brothers and sisters, what's the purpose of that knowledge if it doesn't impact our lifestyles? I want myself and all of you to think about these three categories for ourselves. What's the purpose of these lectures if they don't impact our own philosophy and paradigm, when we are in the cover, we want all of these three things to be giving. Our investments need to pay off. This is the time to invest dear Muslim men and women, this is the time these are the three things we're investing in. We

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want to strike it rich in the harbor. Now is the time we invest in these three things. sadaqa jariya, real ammonia and FRB, a word on solid one year drew level. So these are continuations of one's own good deeds. Now, we can add to this one other thing that is mentioned in one Hadith I've already mentioned it before number four. Number four, and it's already been mentioned before, and that is revolved feasibility la has a virgin revolt feasibility, la ribat. The murrah built is the one who technically is guarding the borders of the oma. And it's a very difficult, very lonely, very boring job, but also very dangerous. Okay? In those days, when you had to have active borders, right? There's not even active warfare going on, you just have to stand guard. And there's going to be battalions contingents at the very peripheries far from civilization, far from family and home. And it's very common, you're just sitting there for months or years with nothing going on, and then

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maybe some action or whatever, it's not easy to do. And our prophets have said that the one who does revolt and dies in that state, we're already mentioned one thing that's going to happen, he should be safe from the fitna of poverty. And in another Hadeeth, actually the same one, not that sorry, the same one, the profitsystem said, and his deed will continue to be written for him until Judgment Day. In other words, this is another type of Southern hajia. And because it's expressly mentioned, I made it category four, okay. In reality, it is the same sort of idea that the Prophet system is saying that good deed will not stop with his death, even if he dies a natural death nada Shaheed, even if he dies, a natural death at the post guarding the oma, then that natural death will not stop the blob coming in, and he will continue to be rewarded until Judgment Day. So this is point number four. That is a continuation of one's own good deeds. Okay, move on now, point number five. It's not

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still Isabela yet, but we're getting there. This is the interim now. Point number five, five, A and B. They're really two different things. I made them into one. Most people separate them but in reality, it's one thing five a DA five B is still far. A Dora what is still four little midget now.

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This is still not a saw to throw up.

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Why is it not a solid throw up? Because you're not gifting a good deed? What are you doing? You're asking Allah for something. And that is why this is not a controversial category at all. No charity laugh because So as of yet what we said there's no controversy because you're not gifting a deed. You're simply asking a lot to forgive asking a lot to bless. That is not giving your own good deed up. As of yet no controversy do I and is still

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Far, and one can also say, category three Do I have the sun and category five dryness too far are kind of overlapping except that we now make it broad category five is any believer for any believer, whereas category three is do I have those child is going to be the most effective dog right? You understand why? I don't need to explain the child's do that the parents have raised to be pious is not the same as a stranger's dog. So we have a separate category to separate Hadeeth as for category five A and B darlin is still far then we have numerous evidences from the Quran and from the Sunnah. And from the Quran, who can tell me any verse from the Koran that is evidence for this Who can tell me any verse

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or bill fairly well the body they are what? elevated mana Yes, this is good. What else?

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This is a very explicit verse, which is probably the most explicit one Latina gentleman by the hymn, your own or up by now Phil, Lana, those who come after the unsolvable hydron. Those who come after the unsolved and the Mahajan. They say, Rob better fit Atlanta. What a one in a Latina said the una de man, Oh Allah forgive us, and forgive our brethren who have come before us, meaning the ones who have died. Forgive our brethren that have gone on the muhajir on the unsought and all of the believers that have gone on this idea is explicit draft for the deceased. And of course, there's no controversies. I'm just saying though, if anybody asks you What's the evidence? The most explicit evidence is this one in the Quran. Allah is telling us make dua for all the Muslims from before you up until the time of the Sahaba Robin are filling out what he is wanting and readiness of a man and

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as well. We have so many evidences from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of them is the Prophet sallallahu wasallam going to book they're making the offer the deceased of them is praying for the deceased in the janazah itself. In fact, what is the Salatu janaza accept the offer the deceased what is the purpose of Salah to janazah except making up for the deceased and these do as should be memorized and utilized? And if you don't memorize the Arabic at least do something equivalent in English these are the most powerful to us. The one that we should memorize a llama fill the hyena woman utena Allah forgive our living and our dead what's the lady know what could be Dina our young and our old? Well that can you know what when Santa and our male and our female were shahidi Now we'll have ebina and those that are present and those that are absent Allahumma men a hater who Mina for E Ll Islam, Allah, whoever you cause to live amongst us, let him

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live in Islam, one hour feta woman and whoever dies amongst us then make him die upon a man a lot a lot to him nigeria who wala to learn about the who do not deprive us of the good that he has done, the adjure that we have from him. Now our scholars have said what is the process I'm talking about our the Shura, the commentators say a number of things of them, the Legacy The positive is left behind of them, the adjure of making do all for him and attending his janazah will allow us to benefit as well for praying for him and do not misguide us after him. Also, it is never narrated that the process and once a janazah was prayed and he said Allahumma furillo. Who what ham who you all know this, wow he he was one who and alpha and alpha who basically means protect him and make sure that nothing harms him while he was fine who occur in Newsela. Who and will law honor the place that he is in the place that he is in make it good for him in the cover Welcome lucilla who was here

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with the Heller who and make the the grave that he's in a vast place make the place he has been entrusted to a vast place, while Sidhu Bill Murray with LG will borrowed and wash him over law with water and cold water and with ice it's a metaphorical thing washing with pure and clean water. Why not pay him in a kataya como una casa will OBO Mina Denis and Allah cleanse him of his sins like a white garment is cleansed of any stain why a white garment because the white garment shows the stain more than anything else. You know, if I have a dark cloth, maybe the same can go away but a white cloth is smallest thing is there so when you have a white cloth he will clean it extra. So the Profit System saying Oh Allah cleanse our may yet like a white garment is cleansed from any stain on it.

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A lot what updated without on Hiraman Daddy, he had an item and he was ocean item is Oh gee. So somebody is saying how can I make do offer the disease that I'm his, you know son or cousin and we're making? Do I may he get a better son or cousin than me? No, I have here doesn't mean give him a better son than me he only has one son or two sons. He's not going to get a new son in the cover. That's not going to happen here. What does it mean? Better than our the hill here, his companions over there, the melodica that's what we're making to offer. The people he's around right should be better than they were over here the Malacca better than us. This is the draw over here that a lot. The Companions that he should have now are better than the companions over here. This is the door that is being made, and a lot of detail who Jenna Walker he fit that probably wider but not make him to enter Jenna and cause him to be protected from the fitna of the copper and other boonah. Now the

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reason I translated these two hours, all too often we zoom over them, we don't know what they mean. So I just wanted to translate for you some of these dots so that we know what the DA is. And I reiterate, when you stand in genizah and you pray over the diseased. If you have not memorized these two hours in Arabic, it is no problem to say them in English or in oradour in Swahili or in whatever language the dua doesn't need to be in Arabic the Quran must be in Arabic, the do or can be in any language. So if you haven't memorized this, in Arabic, say it in English, the memory the gist of what I've said, and if you haven't raised the order, no big deal is to draw from the heart or will make his grave vast or will love bless him, Allah forgive him. This is what needs to be done. Had Ethan a Buddha would our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when you pray for the deceased, pray with sincerity. Pray with a class. Why? Because you will need it when it's your turn. As you do

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want to others people will be done unto you. Right? How do you also know Buddhahood that when the process and this is this is for the Salah, janaza other Hadith I'm going to quote you they were in the pub, I'm not in the hobbit in the graveyard and buckler and after they bury the person. The Prophet says that I'm said, Now is the time to make dua to Allah to make him firm, settle law alone alfia with Baba now was the time to make drop. So again all these are evidences we make to offer the disease, now is the time to ask him for sabat for our fear, because now he is being asked by the angels. So, we make dua for the deceased at any time. And in particular at two occasions, number one in the janaza Salatu janazah and number two right after Duffin these are the two extra special encouraged places to make dua, and anytime other than this you make dua, there is no restriction but especially induced these two we make special drop

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and it is mentioned Hadith is in Abu huraira narrated in the Muslim Ummah Mohammed is mentioned that

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Allah subhana wa tada will raise the ranks of orajel solid in gender

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after his death obviously, the man will say yeah, Rob, where is this coming from? What have I done that I'm be getting an upgrade now. Europe where is this coming from? And Allah subhanho wa Taala will say be still 30 what a deca laka because your child is asking Allah forgiveness for you. Okay. So, the is still far of the child for the parent can potentially raise their ranks in gender and the parent will be asking where is this from? And Allah will say this is your child making do out for you. So now that is raising your macom so we have here then the five things do and is too far I put them

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you know, two separate thing or five a and b in reality dryness that far are related as we know, because it's still far is a category of dry. Right? What is do for the deceased? do art for the deceased. You ask anything that is needed by the deceased. The Hadith mentioned so many of them make his paper vast.

00:34:23 --> 00:34:38

Make his cover in another Hadith lightened in light. No, we'll cover Whoa, okay. What else? What else can we ask for the deceased? make his public aquarium Newsela who make it roll the temporary out the genomic one of the gardens of Paradise. Right? What else can we ask?

00:34:41 --> 00:35:00

companionship good companionship give him good angels. What else can we ask? Increase rate place in gender. All of this has to offer the deceased. We can also by the way, ask about the judgment day Oh Allah shelter him under your shade Allah make his scales heavy. All of this is due up and in particular, the most

00:35:00 --> 00:35:49

important to know is this default. And that is what Oh ALLAH forgive his sins. Allah cleanse him the way that a white cloth is cleansed. In another Hadith, Allah substitute his sins with good deeds. This is a hadith for the deceased as well. Oh well love the sins that he's done. Don't just forgive them, convert them into good deeds, this is a die that is this default. So do I uninstall file or things that are mentioned, you know, separately, but they really are category wanting to do the same thing is still for every esterified is a type of drop. Not every dog is a type of as default. Right? So it's broad and Venn diagrams brought in and smaller. Now another Headey that mentions design is still far and it also mentions other things, but these other things are not

00:35:50 --> 00:36:38

installed with the web. There are advice for the child after the parents died, that about say the coterie said sorry, not Oh, sorry. As yet mentioned, we were sitting with the profits a little while, while he was seldom when one of the bundles Salama tribe, arrived, the bundle selama with the tribe that prays and Mr Tribble attain the famous Mr. Scribbler, then that is where the bundle selama used to live. And the criminal attain message it was there Majid By the way, we call it Mr. Clinton, it was called the Mr. W Salama. And it as you know what happened over there, selected also they began in one direction, and then they switched in the middle of it. And this happened for the blue Selma tribe, not the proper system he was in, he was in the center of the town, the Selma tribe flipped, and they went 180 degrees. So the blue Selma, try, one of them came, and he said, that all messenger have a law.

00:36:39 --> 00:36:44

Is there anything I can do for my parents now that they have died?

00:36:46 --> 00:37:31

anything that I can do for their bill? To be a good son or a good daughter? What is remaining for me? Is there anything I can do? The profitsystem said none, yes. And he mentioned five things, okay. So make a note of these five things, write them down, he mentioned five things. Number one, making do offer them. Number two, is still far for them. As we said, to understand for our broadens and specific number three, fulfilling the oaths and Covenants that they had after them, if they have a we'll see if they have a treaty, if they have anything that they told you to do, now that they're gone, you have to continue doing this. And number four,

00:37:32 --> 00:38:34

visiting the relatives that you would not have done except with them siliconera him that was done with them. You know, we all have, you know, people that are relatives, Yanni that we don't have a relationship with them, but our parents did. When the parents move on, the relatives are still there, to visit those relatives that the parents kept in touch with for the sake of the parents. And then number five similar to that, and to be generous with their friends. Now, the question here, by the way, was not about a solid throw up. The question is, what can I do to be a good son and daughter bill? The question is about my duties as a son or daughter, what can I do now that the parent is out of the picture? So this is still not Esau to throw up? That's another we're gonna come to that right now. We're talking about what should a good loving son or daughter do once the parents have moved on or either of the parents have moved on the profitsystem gave five things. Number one

00:38:34 --> 00:39:33

you make do offer them number two is too far. We said that's really a and b, same thing. Number three, whatever promise or or, you know, put they think they put on you or Amana or something, you have to follow that they're gone. But you are being a good son or daughter by obeying them even in their death. Number four, and five is essentially their circle of friends and relatives. You keep it up, okay? You keep it up. So they all had friends, they auto acquaintances. And you know, we all know they're a different age group than us. We don't have much in common with them. But now that the parents are out of the picture, we should make it a point to go visit those people. Now. One of my teachers remarked at this, that it's a beautiful noctor beautiful point of benefit here. Why? Why? What's going to happen if you visit some person 5040 years older than you, you have nothing in common? There's no conversations you had with them right? Now you go visit? What's the benefits? You

00:39:33 --> 00:39:36

tell me? What will be the only topic of conversation?

00:39:38 --> 00:39:47

The deceased? Because that's the one thing in common, correct. Right. And what will happen when the deceased is mentioned over and over and over again?

00:39:49 --> 00:39:52

still far do ah. And what else psychologically

00:39:54 --> 00:39:57

put yourself in the shoes of somebody what's going to happen psychologically

00:39:59 --> 00:39:59


00:40:00 --> 00:40:15

Hart is going to feel comfort and softness as well. The love will be renewed, and SubhanAllah. This is so true. So true, right? When you visit someone whom you have nothing in common with accepted deceased,

00:40:16 --> 00:41:08

all you do is you talk about the deceased, you find out stories about the disease that you didn't know, right? Because that's the whole topic of conversation, okay, your heartbeat come soft, and then you leave renewed with your love your emaan. And that's why as well, by the way, and again, all of this is not directly related. But this is the point of benefit. That's Pamela, one of the things that we are told when the person passes away, we only mentioned good, we don't mention that. And this is something even non Muslims generally observe. It's something in our fitrah, once the deceased Yanni, once the person has left this world hulless whatever happened, that is not the best positive Let it be. Now you concentrate on the positive on the good things. So when you go visit, what's going to happen, all of these positives will come what's going to happen your heart, your love, your tenderness, your mercy, your memories, what's going to happen, your own doctor will be

00:41:08 --> 00:41:36

more sincere, your his default, everything so so panela this beautiful, beautiful point, our profit system is telling us some psychological tactics we can use to increase our tenderness for those that have moved on J. Now, these aren't five we have mentioned. Now we move on to the first issue of Esau to throw up lol may hit and in reality No, neither none of these five is actually gifting our own good deed.

00:41:37 --> 00:41:59

Number five sadhaka sadhaka on behalf of the deceased sada on behalf of the deceased, there are numerous in evidences that indicate that sadaqa can be given on behalf of the deceased, less mentioned some of them. And these are the more famous ones.

00:42:01 --> 00:42:16

And because I'm trying to be exhaustive, I've actually compiled a number of them that are useful for us. A Buddha narrated that a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said Yasuda law my father passed away

00:42:17 --> 00:42:20

and did not write a will.

00:42:21 --> 00:42:25

And he has left behind good money. Money's there no will.

00:42:26 --> 00:42:56

If I give sadaqa on his behalf, will it be cathartic for him? Will he get the thought basically, even though he asked will it be Katara means it's gonna be good deed for him. And the prophecies who said yes, Hadith in Sahih. Muslim Yes. Now, this Hadeeth in and of itself does not mention a solid follow up email me yet why? Who can tell me why? Exactly. whose money are we talking about?

00:42:57 --> 00:43:26

The money of the deceased, the money of the deceased. So this ad is saying the father is leaving some money behind? And the son is saying from that money. I want to give and reward my father. Is that possible? Okay. Technically it is the deceased money. And the person said yes, he will get the reward. However, other ahaadeeth broaden it. So no problem there are a generates. A man came to the profits of the law while he was selling them and said

00:43:27 --> 00:44:29

my mother passed away. Suddenly, it wasn't expected. She wasn't sick, she just passed away suddenly a sudden death. And I feel if she had lived, she would have given some charity, some cause something I know there I feel for hella adjure in Tosa doctor, and this is very explicit now. Who's the sort of a coming from the sun? Will she get the adjure? If I give the sadaqa This is very explicit. Right? Will she get the adjure? If I give sadaqa on her behalf. And the Prophet said Nam Yes. And the Heidi, this is my body. So this is very explicit. Now. This is what we're looking for. We're waiting for this phrase, we finally come across it. The swab goes to someone and the deed is from someone else. Okay, so this Hadeeth is a sizable hottie as authentic as the sun and as bright as the sun. And it is something that we are looking for. In another instance.

00:44:31 --> 00:44:53

side, even obata This is a famous herbicide in Nevada, you should all know he was the leader of the unsought at the time of the death of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. In fact, the Tsar had essentially nominated him to be the halifa and the day of the process and passed away and that will bucket and Omar then went to the Sutcliffe of the many side and the

00:44:54 --> 00:44:59

back and forth took place sad the bitter bother was that person and eventually he left and his story is well known and

00:45:00 --> 00:45:53

I give a whole lecture about side by side David robot, the he was the leader of the ensemble, and very, very respected in the lifetime of the prophets, Allah sell them, then this is the reality of human nature politics happened and politics, our relationships and things happened with him and the other saga, but that does not diminish his status as a whole different issue. You can have, you don't have to get along with someone and your emotion is still strong. And Salomon robota there were issues and it was awkward, and he just left and he left to Sham and he passed away an interesting death as well. I talked about his life over there that sad even robot anyway. So they've been a robot. His mother was an unsightly lady, she embraced Islam, and she died in the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So the sad came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and said Yasuda law, my mother passed away. And I wasn't here. When she passed away. I was on a journey. I

00:45:53 --> 00:45:56

just came back she heard the story she has passed away.

00:45:58 --> 00:46:37

If I give Sadako on her behalf, will it benefit her? again very explicit. So the promises celulose Adam said yes. So sad said, I asked you to bear witness that I give my garden as off as a charity in her name. They would name their gardens as they would name their animals. They had names for gardens as they would and houses as you know, this is something cultural back then. So he had a garden called Mikkel off. And he said, I gift my garden off the head off in her name is Heidi has a sigh body. Now, this Hadeeth opens up another beautiful facet. And that is two birds with one stone

00:46:39 --> 00:46:42

sadaqa jariya. For the deceased.

00:46:43 --> 00:47:39

This is something that we're now gaining from this hadith. Okay, this is sadaqa jariya. That wasn't done by the living when they were alive. This is Southern Nigeria done for the living sorry for the disease by the living. And the Profit System explicitly allowed it. So we now gain from this idea, one of the things we should do and we can do is to create a sadhaka jharia for the deceased. And this is also mentioned in the incident of hubbub as well. And this is by the way, another tangent here very briefly, the concept of a walk for endowment is something that is coming from Islam. And then other civilizations adopted it. Work for endowment is very interesting. Because what a person does it goes this is walk and I don't own it anywhere who owns it? Technically nobody.

00:47:40 --> 00:48:40

That's a very interesting concept. It is not owned by a person. It is a nonprofit. And the profits will go to whoever the worker, whoever the one who does the work assigned to so very interesting concept. And it was initiated by our prophet SAW Selim, the way that it exists now, it was not done by any other civilization. And then the West came across this when they first in the Crusades went to Muslim lands. And they saw how are these institutions running through cough? Because this is a tangent related to the particular issue, but just because it's so relevant and beneficial. And it's very true to say my dear brothers and sisters, the destruction of the old off was one of the causes of the intellectual decline of the oma very true to say this, when the colonizers came, one of the things they did, they destroyed the old cough. And when you destroy the old cough, many things happen.

00:48:41 --> 00:48:59

And of them, the scholarship of the oma the independence of the oma declines, because what did the old cough do? Once upon a time, the old cough financed the madrasas, and the ulama and the teachers of those madrassas.

00:49:01 --> 00:49:16

And this gives us very vaguely the notion of tenure ship that we now have in the western institutions. Why does the West I'm a professor by training, so I have to get into this here a little bit, right? Why does the West value tenure ship? What does tenure ship do?

00:49:18 --> 00:49:20

in academia, what does tenure ship do?

00:49:22 --> 00:50:00

independence, freedom. No one can criticize me for what I have to say now. My research is not tied to anyone higher than me. I've proven that I'm an independent researcher. I got tenure ship. Now that I have tenure ship. Now I can present findings that might be controversial. It gives you bravery, courage, it gives you independence. Now, believe it or not, there was a type of tenure ship and a type of concept. I'm not saying it is exactly the same. It's not but the colonels are found in Islamic lands, without any exaggeration, if you were a bright, smart

00:50:00 --> 00:50:25

intelligent, you know, young person, you wanted to dedicate your life to Islamic Studies, you would find a seminary, the seminary would pay you a stipend, as a student enough to get by student stipend, you will graduate, you would Excel, you would then eventually become a low teacher, basically, you would get a stipend from the off, then you rise up, then you become the chef of the madrasa. And throughout all of this, there is no person writing you a check.

00:50:27 --> 00:51:11

You have an independent walk that is taking care of you. Right? What does this do? First and foremost, bright minds come because the fact of the matter is money talks, right? One of the main reasons and again, I'm total tangent, I know you guys didn't come for this talk. But I have to say this because I have been on both sides of this aisle and conversation, and all multiple sides as engineer and as a person of Islamic knowledge as a student at Medina, and now we'll have somebody who is somewhat financially independent, I'm allowed to say this, because I've been through all of this and Hamdulillah, it is important that our scholars are independent from people that are financing them, especially from governments. But that's another point. That's another point altogether.

00:51:12 --> 00:51:14

Maybe I shouldn't have said that. Okay.

00:51:15 --> 00:51:21

It is important that our scholars are independent of institutions that can dictate

00:51:22 --> 00:51:25

what they say, because what happens when

00:51:26 --> 00:52:33

that's not the case, we see what happens. We see what happens, right. So what the courts have done, has preserved a legacy of fierce independent scholarship and attracted the best and brightest minds. Anyway, all of that was not a part of my notes is just off the top of my head. Why because a cough is something our religion instituted. And this is one of those ahaadeeth now our Profit System explicitly allowed sad to open a walk for his mother. It appears sad, loved his mother so much. He wasn't even satisfied with this because we have another ID in sort of a veto. That side, even Obama came back to the Profit System and said Yasuda long, what is the best sadhaka that I can give for my mother? He's already given an entire garden. Now he's coming again, he's saying Yasuda law, what is the best sadaqa I can give for my mother. So the prophets have said, Be well, bit aroma, a well of water, a well of water. And so the Prophet sorry, side, paid some money to dig a well, and he said,

00:52:33 --> 00:53:29

this is the well for omis ad and he dedicated it to our Messiah decided isn't a Buddha would now this also shows us that one of the things that we should do for the deceased and I always say this when I visit any family who has had the disease, I say look, one of the first things you guys should do, and is my advice to all of us. The family members of the deceased should come together and pull their resources and do a sadhaka Giardia in the name of the deceased. This is something we learned straight from the books have had the straight from the zero. Sad is saying Yeah, rasulillah What can I do? Here's my garden from my mother. Here's a well for my mother, his gifting these things to his mother sadhaka Giardia for the deceased build an orphanage, if you can afford it, or build a school hamdullah we have some projects I'm in charge of them yet for modest amounts, you can build an entire school in the name of somebody or not or a few thousand dollars will get you a well, these

00:53:29 --> 00:54:10

are affordable for most of us over here. If families come together 10 1520 of the relatives come together everyone pays 5500 and guess what we have enough to do something of significance and value and we say this is the world of massage he said this is the world of zombicide he named it after he dedicated it to her no problem to put your name or what not. And this is something again, no problem. This is the the charity given in the name of stone so he announced it in our days we'll put a plaque on it. This is the well for the deceased so and so. So that's going to them. So this is something that is explicitly mentioned sadhaka that is given on behalf of the deceased number with the time is getting late here.

00:54:12 --> 00:54:48

Let me pause here then because the time is getting late and then we'll continue inshallah next week. And because it is a continuous lecture, I don't see the point in q&a right now because all the questions are going to have maybe some of that will be answered. Now we're going to do the other few that are mentioned the Hadith and then inshallah also talk about those that are not mentioned, such as reading Koran, which is not mentioned. That's the big controversy and what not so this we mentioned inshallah tada next week, so inshallah with this we pause for this week. We'll continue this lecture next week. Just like Camilla Harris said on Monday comm Rahmatullahi wa barakato.

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Gifting Deeds to the Dead (Part 1)

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