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AI: Summary © The Muslim army is preparing for a battle formation in the Middle East, but the army is struggling due to heavy rainfall and heavy rainfall. The Qroshi army is preparing for a war, but they are not ready for it. The Qroshi army is preparing for a war, but they are not ready for it. They are preparing for Christmas celebrations, virtual Christmas parties, and virtual Christmas parties for the UK. They are facing challenges and need peace and unity, but they are not ready for a war.
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Are you going to shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu wa ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam hamdulillah I hope each and every one of us had a blizzard and Julius EAD. And now a big nice Labrang, whichever day Alhamdulillah we kept and for those of you are lucky, you are two days, or three days or five days Alhamdulillah and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept our EBI that those of us who fostered last week Friday, forgiveness of two years of sins, and particularly to aku judge returning from Makkah, Allah subhanaw taala accept the Hajj, and forgive all the sins in sha Allah and except they do as we took a brief break two weeks away from our series on the days of his glory, and we stopped just before the Battle of butter, but two weeks

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ago, three weeks ago, and in sha Allah, we continue where we left off even the law today in sha Allah, we speak about the moments just before the Battle of butter just as the battle is about to commence. We said the series is the days of his and glory, the days in which we remember when Allah subhanaw taala blessed this Omar with honor and greatness in sha Allah, may we return to that state. Just to recap quickly of where we ended off we mentioned often obeso salam established the state of Medina that they were only at war they were only had hostilities with the people of Makkah, they make peace and with treaties with all the people inside Medina around Medina, Muslim and non Muslim

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alike Jews none. The pagans are all under the Treaty of protection. But of course the people of NACA continued the hostilities and wilden abyssal Salam did not send an army to Makkah as of yet. The Qureshi is sent out threats and tried many times to assassinate NaVi Salam. As a response. The Muslims intercepted the caravans that the Croatians were trying to trade with Syria. We said just before Ramadan, a huge caravan was on its way past Medina with a stolen property of the Pooja Mahajan, those who had lived Makkah the wealth was in Makkah and the Qureshi had stolen the property. And then we saw some sit up with about 200 people to intercept this caravan. But

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unfortunately, the caravan passed by and the plan was to intercept it on its return when it comes back. On its way back to Makkah, the caravan would be intercepted.

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The Muslims are not prepared for a battle, and the Muslim army leaves towards bother to intercept this caravan coming back from Syria with a huge profit inside of this caravan may be 40 men, the Muslims were 300 men, they didn't intend a huge battle they just intended to stop the caravan and take what was the is the Huck of the mahogany? Of course, Abu sufian being a wise man, intelligent man, he recognized the threat and he took a different route and at the same time, he sent word to Makkah he sent a messenger a message to Makkah that look, Mohamed Salah Mohammed according to him at come with an army and about to seize your caravan you need to come and protect me. So the Qureshi is

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prepared an army. So the Muslim army, as we said, about 300 to 370 men, right? The Muslim army was about 300 men. Majority of this army was of the answer. 230 men of the people of Medina and 885 men from Mahajan, they only had 70 camels so 300 men had to shave 70 camels and there were only two horses the two nights as obeyed melawan and I'll make that mean so what right these are the two nights within the Muslim army and the generals will talk about inshallah the generals when we get to the army. The Qureshi army, of course is about 1300 men, 100 horses, 200 camels, and the chiefs and the most seat, the most senior of the Qureshi, Abuja, Aruba and Maya they are all within the ranks

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of the kurush and they all come to defend the caravan.

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The NaVi Sol Salaam, was unable to capture the caravan, Abu sufian was able to divert the caravan and the Muslims were unable to capture the caravan. Abu sufian says we have been saved you can go back to Makkah no need for us to fight. But members within the camp of the Qureshi is like Abu Jamal because we upon him the fear out of this oma he insisted we will fight and a few of the Qureshi said we're not gonna fight they went back home, but the bulk of the army remain. And now they also were on their way to meet the Muslim army at better so the two armies were going to meet at but remember the Muslims were not preparing for a battle. They were not preparing for a war. These were 300 men

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likely armed likely just quickly to get the caravan. And now the year this army is about to approach. So the Muslim army arrives at the plains of butter first, and they will wells of water and they occupy these wells.

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And they keep this is where they're going to be stationed liquidations can't get to the water. They also capture two spies, two scouts from amongst the Qureshi army.

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And two of the so and some of the Sahaba captured these spies, they tortured these Qureshi scouts. When avviso salam found out he was very upset. He said, We don't do this to prisoners of war. Remember, there was no battle before this. There were no laws yet how to treat an enemy combatant. Now he's also lemans is so applicable to us today. He said you don't torture people unnecessarily. And we can't even trust the information they've given us. You don't know you're torturing him. You will say whatever you want to hear, so that you will so you can stop the torture. If you want information. I'll show you how to get information the visa asylum speaks to these men, and they want

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me so wants to find out how big is the Qureshi army? While he's speaking to them. He says how many camels does this army slaughter a day for food? And they don't think anything of the question they said about 1010 camels and the recent nose look 100 people can eat from one camel. Therefore this army is about 1000 people and he shows his Sahaba how to extract information without using violence without using violence.

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The night

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the 16th of Ramadan the night is the 17th and that is why as I mentioned, the 17th of Ramadan, some Allah mentioned as a holy night could be one night of little color because it was the 17th day in which the Battle of butter occurred. Allah subhanho wa Taala allowed the Muslim army to slumber and sleep peacefully and he sent down a light rain on the Muslims that he may wash away whatever impurities they had. So Allah Subhana Allah says, Remember when he covered you with a slumber as a security from him from Allah, and Allah caused the rain to descend from the sky to clean you thereby and to remove from you the ridges, the impurity of shaytaan and to strengthen your hearts and make

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your feet firm. And while the Muslims all the Muslims, Abu Bakr and Omar Abdullah and all of them, they were overcome by the sleep which Allah put upon them, Allah made them sleep and refresh them. The only one awake at night was Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he spent the entire night in tahajjud in Sala making the making this well known to Allah Allah, if we are defeated at this place, if we are defeated, you will not be worshipped on the dunya after this. That is what Allah calls it. The day of recon, the day when the right and wrong is made apparent, which the distinguished that if the Muslims were to fail here, Islam would have died. At that point, there

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would be no Islam after this. No messenger is going to come after this. This was the decisive battle between truth and falsehood.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the law, your hibbeler do you call it Luna v. Sebelius often so NaVi salsa lamb now prepares the battle formation, the sun rises on the 17th day, the sun rises on the 17th day the Qureshi army only gets there at night, they struggle, the flow became muddy. For them, Allah made the rainfall heavy on the side, and the flow is muddy. So both sides now get to see the Army's at first and for the first time, the center citizen soldier is done Now besides wasting Sahaba they perform fudger sada now nobody saw solemn begins to order and strategize army remember, he's the commander in chief, how are we going to fight this battle, the attitude was a solemn, the

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Arabs the way they used to fight was for a worker, they would charge in and charge out, they didn't have proper battle formation. This was an unknown in the time of the Arabs. Now vehcile salam would for the first time really prepare an Arab Army in battle formation. Allah Subhana Allah mentions this, Allah says in the low hibbeler, the new cocky unifi sabini soften CanAm hoonigan Matsuda Indeed, Allah loves those who fight in the civilian he scores in rows, as though they are one single firm structure, like a building a firm, no gaps, no, no divisions between them. So in avviso salam tells us sahabas lined up in rows, you stand in that row, you stand in this row, and we saw some

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walk between the rows, like it was Sala, telling him fill this gap, you stand forward, you stand back, shoulder to shoulder as if they were to solder, and he had a stick. Now these are some of the interesting beautiful side note, maybe some add a little stick, and he was maybe tapping this one and that one, please go back, you can forward one of the Sahaba suede rhodiola nobody saw Salam poked him and he said, Look, you're out of line to get inside. vero. And the Sahaba says your Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, you have been sent with truth and justice. And you poked me and you injured me without any reason.

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And I want you know what the heck you've taken you harm me for no reason. So the results are immediately and remember this is a soldier speaking to the general of an army imagine in any other army before the battle. Now he's also immediately drops the stick and he lifts up his shirt and he says, Take your Huck take what belongs to you. Right. I hurt you and take what do to me what I did to you and the man rodya last week, he comes and he hugs dinner.

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Be so solemn and he kisses the skin of nepotism and he said, I just want to before I die if I die today that my lips would touch your body or swallow. This was my no my plan and a piece of solemn smiles and sends him back and he makes to offer this Sahabi the army is now in rows. And he puts the visa Salam once again and shows that a lot of I made is different and made us to tribes and our own cultures not against Islam. And obese also laputa Mahajan on the right and the answer on the left so that it's more intense you fighting with your father and your brother on the side, right you defending one another you have in addition to the bond of Islam, you have the bond of kinship and

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family right so it's more smooth, sincere you're you're fighting and now visa Salaam appointed the general of the Mahajan was saying earlier of the

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young man, not not one of the older men but of course senior in the terms of Eman and taqwa Satan. Ali is the standard bearer of the Maha God. He keeps the flag of the Mahajan. And on the side of the unsolved the people of Medina

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sadly been wild throughout the Allah and he is the standard beta, one of the Chiefs from the unsolved from the people of Medina, the leader of the people of Medina, he's on the other side, keeping up the flag for the unser and the flag bearer of the entire army. So you had the flag bearer of the margerine. The flag barium consor. The flag bearer of the entire army was a man which is sort of in between the two Musab Illuminati Alon, who was Musab we mentioned him so many times. He was the first ambassador of Nabisco Salaam. So he's from Makkah, but he was the first man to make Egypt to Medina, and he's the one that called the people of Medina to Islam. So he's the most Madani of

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the Mahajan. He's the closest these the link between the Mahajan and the Ansari is the middleman and maybe some gives him the flag. And again, how old was Musab maybe 1918 years old panela. He's the commanding flag holder in the Battle of butter doesn't mean that he calls the shots, the flag bearer looks to the commander, and he would signal to the left go to the right. And of course, the flag bearer is the target. So long as the flag is up. The battle is the Muslims are still they're still ready to fight. If the flag falls, it shows that you have fallen, so he's under attack all the time. And you can only attack with one hand. It's a big responsibility to keep keep the flag of Islam. And

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of course, the overall commander, the man who was calling the shots who was was strategizing The battle is none other than Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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just before the moment of Bethel, maybe solo and it was settled on mixer da against the kurush. And when the prophets and this is the history of the MBR, when they make do are against the people, this is when Allah subhanho wa Taala really, since he's either against those people, the MBI don't, the job is to protect the people from the other but when the messenger himself makes do out against his own people, then Allah subhanho wa Taala his sins that adapt against him. So now this also makes us to our This is our law. We arrogant, the conceited, the haughty of the kurush they have come here to challenge you. They come here to defy you, and they've come to lie below you and your messenger our

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law, I am we are waiting for your victory which you have promised and he continues I beseech you yeah Allah defeat them yeah Allah the victory you had promised us. We are waiting yeah Alanna vehcile salaam as we making dua from last night throughout the night, the morning continuously making dua

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on the Qureshi side so we see the Muslim side now now before making dua, the Sahaba in row is ready to find the standard betas already on the Qureshi side. What happened on the side, as we said, they came late during the night they came after the Muslims. And of course, the welds they didn't find the wells available to them so they were thirsty. And a lock was the land that they were on to be muddy. So they struggled to get into position. They didn't know how many Muslims the Muslims knew they were 1000 because nobody saw Salaam they captured the scouts, but they didn't know how many were the Muslims. So they sent out scouts around bother to inspect the army. And the man the scout

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comes back is very good. He says in my estimation, there are about 300 min. Qureshi happy, look, we three times the size at least three times bigger, and they are not very well armed. They didn't come with didn't come prepared for a war. So they just have the swords and the spears. They're not ready like we are. But he says I see something in this army. There are fewer than us there are less less armed. But these people are ready to die. Right? Are you guys ready to die? These guys haven't come to fight just for victory. They are ready to die here on this field. And in my opinion, he says for us to kill them for every one we kill. They are going to at least kill one of us or more. So we are

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at least going to lose three if we even if we are going to win this battle. We're going to lose at least 300 men are you prepared to lose 300 men

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There were many people within the Qureshi army that only came for the caravan the caravan is safe. They didn't come to fight they didn't want to fight. And now the year the Muslims have come, have come serious. So now the the army of the Kurdish the some division, some many of them say we should go home we're not really you have those No, we want to fight

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before the battle. Now visa Salam is looking at the Qureshi army. And they could see this man running up and down amongst the chorus, you know, he's about a kilometre away. You can't hear what he's saying. In fact, nobody's on couldn't even make up clearly who he was. But nobody saw Salam was inspired. And he says, if the Qureshi listen to this wise man, if they have any good sense in them, they will listen to this wise man. And who was this wise men, when we one of the first casualties of Berger, is brought by even the robbia? What about one of the Chiefs amongst the kurush. He came in, he didn't want to fight. And he was one of those who were. They didn't want to fight this battle.

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And he was trying his best going from this one. And that one saying, Let's not fight this battle. Let's not have warrior today. And he goes from leader to leader and explaining to them, Look, the caravan is safe. Why are we going to fight and he uses different methods. For example, He says, we are going to fight our own people. We are going to fight. Some of you Your father is there with the Muslims, your brother is there with the Muslim, your son is with the Muslims. Are you going to kill your family member, your tribal member? One of the reasons why the Qureshi is also come to fight. They said, Look, the Muslims killed one of us, and they didn't pay us the blood money. They owe us

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blood money for the killing the person they killed. So he says what the boss says I will pay the blood money, I will be the one to pay the blood money. So there's no reason for us to fight. And he even mentioned this words which are quite profound. He says, Look,

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if Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, we're not the only ones who have a problem with him, the rest of the Arabs also doesn't like his religion. So let them deal with him. If they defeat him, and you know, the job is done for us, we don't have to do anything. We don't have to lose life according to that. But if Mohammed Salam prevails against the Arabs, remember, he's still one of us. He's a Qureshi. If he becomes prominent in Arabia, we will take we will take pride in this our one of our sons became like the king of the Arabs. And even if he invades Makkah, he's thinking so far he talked about even if he invades Mecca, if we don't fight today, then at least we know he'll pardon us. He didn't know

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that even if they fight nobody would still pardon them. So he said, even if we so why are we fighting this battle? But of course Abuja hell the fear around the leader from the Qureshi is he heard this and he started to insult Baba and he said, what what kind Are you a woman? Are you afraid or you're a coward? Did no one you know you the you the weakling amongst us. And you know this stood up and if we changed his mind, and you could see the fear in the hearts compete, the fear the Muslims are 300 they were inferior. They were not ready for battle, but the determination was the the Qureshi is on paper they should win easily, but they're afraid. And this goes in line with

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authentic hadith Nabi sallallahu. wasallam says that this oma as five blessings which no oma received before no other oma received these five blessings. Number one, number two says I've been supported with a rub. One of the arm one of the weapons of Islam is fear. The disbelievers have a fear against the Muslim armies, even today, huge armies with all the technology in the world, but they fear going into the land of the Muslims with little boys of stones and peoples have nothing. I mean, on paper, there's no better it's not even a David versus Goliath battle. But still the fear is on the side of the strong one. there be some says you'll find the shallow this army the Muslim or

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the Mujahideen, they will have fear on the side, they will have this fear strike the fear in the hearts of believers. Another The second thing is that Allah has made the land we can make Salah anywhere pure. We don't have to come to specifically the mercy to make Salah we can make Salah in any place that is pure and we can take to the moon from the earth.

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Number three, that the spoils of war which has made harm to the previous owners are now allowed in this oma number four, all the other prophets were seen to a specific people to the bunnies that are ill to these people, but I have been seen the Rahmatullah mean to all of the nations to all nations this religion is open to all mankind. And lastly, on the realm of piano, I've been given intercession no other Nabil will be allowed to make to ask who is oma except Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to make dua that Allah soprano includes us in the intercession. Our names will be mentioned on piano in the intercession.

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So the Qureshi army

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is a bit of doubt and fear. But eventually Abuja manages to convince the army to fight and the Muslims. They said they're ready to fight. Now before the battle would begin, so the two

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armies are lined up, the two armies are lined up in a middle, which is open the battlefield is open, no one has entered the battlefield yet. And this is the way of the battles of the past the Romans and all of them would fight this way. They would select a champion to get the thing going. So we would select the champion from this army to fight the champion of your army to just as a duel, a MOBA, like an exhibition, a duel, and this would be the beginning of the battle. So occupy has been so humiliated by Abu Jamal. He's been so he felt so offended that Abu Jamal called him a coward. He said, I will show you how brave I am, I will step forward to fight the battle. And not only that, I

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will tell my brother shaybah to join me and my son, Willie to join me. So a father, his brother and his son, they step forward the three of us, we will be the first to step forward in them, the one on one duel, the mo barraza.

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And they shout out to the Muslims or Muslims who have you as the Who of you is worthy of us who have you can face as a challenge as Akbar and shaybah and Walid and immediately three youth from amongst the unsolved the people of Medina they jump up and they step forward. And he looks at them and he says, Why you and they mentioned the names that come we have not come here to fight the answer is we don't want to fight the people of Medina. Our problem is that was yesterday. Remember? The j helia. mindset is tribal? Not about the bonds of a man. Of course we remember that there is no answer or there's no Medina and people maca is one who was one brother with one family. One blood of this

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Muslim the same like the blood of another Muslim. The color doesn't matter. The nationality doesn't matter. ciencia doesn't matter. We are one family. But they insist we don't want to fight you go away. So who have the view of the people of the mohabbatein the people of Makkah who's going to face so we want to see our own people, maybe salsa lamb selects himself. He says yeah, Aveda and this was his baby salsa lumps father, second cousin, maybe so his father Abdullah and obaidul were second cousins. They were second cousins which family member of Naruto Salah albida. straightforward. Yeah Hamza, meaning the uncle of Nabina. Salam stepped forward and the Ali rhodiola and whom stepped

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forward the three members family members of NaVi Sal Salaam, they stepped forward now vsam appoints them to fight. So how they would face off is according to age urtica is the oldest so you meet Aveda who is the oldest and Hamza rhodiola and is of equal age like Shiva, they face off in Walid The young man and Ali rhodiola and the young man the three of them face off and they engage each other in combat. And Allah subhanho wa Taala many of them have a CD most of them for serien Allah References This is Sudoku Hodge, Nola says have any hussmann yasi movie Robbie him, these two opponents dispute with each other about the load.

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And say in the alley in particular, is referencing This is in alley is the first to kill these opponents in an alley dispatches with Walid quickly. Not much so while he finishes them quickly, say Nally and he's the first man. The first person in the Battle of butter is in the alley to to score a point for the muslimeen say Nally when Hamza also quickly deals with shaybah or to buy managers to cut the leg of Aveda and then Hamza and say nalley rhodiola Ganga up on Uber and they finish him off and they carry Aveda away or the alarm. So the Muslim is when three out of three, all three crises are killed. And the three Muslims come victorious, huge, more demoralizing blow to the crisis.

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They're shocked. They see one of the leaders dying quickly. And the Muslims in the way the Muslims are fighting. No hesitation we don't even though you are my my neighbor, you are a family member of mine. No, the bonds of Eman is above the bonds of any other bonds and the Muslims have come seriously

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during this whole time now vehcile salam is still making dua and he still continues to our our law should this group be defeated today you will not be worshipped on the earth at least on salami so intense in his in his raising his hands up and he's crying and abyssal Salaam when things became really intense he would raise his hands up not just like this, but all the way up. He raises hands all the way up to the summer. And he's his are the top part of his government like they had on the top part of the government as they used to wait he should fell off the levee system, his chest was Bay and then say now we're back here on the lawn standing next to him picks up the yard and he

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covers then obese also lump and he hugs him and say now Becca said

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enough, enough to rasulillah you have cried out enough to your Lord, Allah will surely fulfill the promise he has made. And that Allah mentioned that this is the two emotions we should have. In difficulty we should always have on the one hand like nobody saw solemn, the fear that Allah Allah can decree anything, victory or defeat is in the hands of Allah. You fear Allah

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I know Tyler's punishment you fear Allah subhanaw taala his decision and on the other side we hope for the best so we feel janam but no matter how bad we are, we still hope yeah Allah yo Rama is greater than our, our wrong our wrongs. So the two of them together complete the feeling of Eman on one hand to be sold amid the fear on the other hand senior worker at the hope of Allah's mercy, and immediately, often abbyson lowers his hands. Allah sins Why? Allah gives them the glad tidings. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, if you have if you are a Buddha, Allah you can see in an E Moroccan but happy to Latina Manu, but Allah subhanho wa Taala seen the angels and he revealed to the angels.

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I am with you, Willie, I am with you. So keep firm so Allah subhanho wa Taala sent the angels and they'll be so solemn, so jabril coming in Arma two video with him 1000 angels. So Allah Subhana Allah says, verily, I am with you. So keep firm. Those of you who have believed at firm faith in Allah, and I will cost teta Allah says in the hearts of those of disbelief, don't worry, I will make them feel afraid. And Allah continues, I will help you with 1000 angels, each behind the other in succession. In a B cell seldom sees a one that only sees I'll send you 1000 angels he sees you believe in himself. And inshallah next week we'll talk about within the battle strange things occur.

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And your video mentions in another in the Hadeeth mention that the base of the people have have insane the best people on earth will present on the Battle of butter, and everybody else's. So to is it with the angels, the best angels in the summer was seen to assist the Muslims on the Battle of butter. So you have the best Muslims and the best angels fighting side by side. And when nobody says who sees God and He is informed by Allah, that my support is with you now is happening. Now he's convinced the matter is declared the matter is decreed. We're going to win today. Today we're going to win Allah subhanho wa Taala has told me inform me that we are going to win and now nobody saw

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salams purse.

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attitude changed and he inspires the Muslims. And he says these words are pseudo calmer. So you

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will jump away when you will Luna doober

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this is revealed in the past long before the days of battle of budget in Surah comar Allah subhanaw taala says the group the Confederation the coalition, the multitude, they will run away and they will turn their backs say no mercy I always wondered about this ayah who's talking about you saying Allah Subhan says that the big group they will run away and they will turn their backs on us this was revealed many years before the day of bother but now nobody saw Salim mentioned this idea over and over and over that they will be put to flight and we're going to win today and when they heard this idea when they'd be so somebody cites this ayah they realize this ayah was revealed in the past

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for the Battle of bother to come. So now the Muslims begin the war and they charge into the kurush inshallah we continue next week as the Battle of butter unfolds. The days of Islam and glory we once again ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant the projects that have come back as my blue hedge my blue mana blue and Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive them all the sins and except for them they do as we once again reminded brothers and sisters to please if you have any comments, any suggestions, please email me or fill out the suggestion box outside anything good anything you'd like to comment? Please inshallah fill out the comments, some announcements, we are Sierra class, we took a break last week,

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some of us was still the days of tertiary. So we allowed in shallow that extra extra day and we took a break last week. So inshallah from this Tuesday after Maverick we continue with our Sierra, the life of Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, please attend then on the second of November inshallah next month, but three weeks from now, the eternal battle in connection with the massaging of the blue cup and handle Islam movement, sha Allah will have our annual Muharram March a walk in which a number of our kids so youngsters from the area, they walk in, visit the different mosques around the area, and they march up to the tunnel borrow the the oldest Cemetery in South Africa for the Muslims

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and we era inshallah and make dua for the deceased in Sharla for them and we are reminded of the era in sha Allah. And so the route in sha Allah is mapped out to tonight's

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exercise as well different spots and each spot in Sharla is a little goodies and treats and Charles annual annual march to please we all are youngsters we asked them to attend You don't have to be from the area to to attend as well as some orphanages as well. We'll be will be joining us. Then that's the Sunday the second the evening, the Saturday evening. We have a program named the Nightmare on Elm Street, not even street knowledge Street. We're in

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Outside the center, but I don't seem to probably we will have a marquee and we'll discuss it came up in our senior class Jean our youngsters want to know more about the gin and these kind of things inshallah we'll have after Isha discussion outside on gin and a bonfire evening and everyone is welcomed First of all, it's the first of the evening of the Saturday more details inshallah to accompany the exact times but inshallah Please clear your schedules and it all are welcome once again zakura hide malice behind them except from us.