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The context in which Prophet Moussa was given the grand honor of speaking to Allah at the Burning Bush is inspiration for all believers that He is never far away. In the midst of great calamity as Moussa feared for himself and his family, Allah tells him that He has chosen him. When you trust in Allah, He will provide relief in ways that you would never have anticipated.

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Salam Alaikum everyone. Welcome to amused by the Koran, a series in which I love sharing with you things I find amazing about to put on and today's really a small snippet from the story of one of my favorite prophets of all time Musashi Salaam. And something that's really, really inspiring. I find it incredibly inspiring. masala Salaam was traveling with his family, they got lost in the middle of the desert, it was getting cold, so much so that they were starting to freeze and he needed to get a fire going. And he sees a fire long in the distance up on top of a mountain that his family can't even see. He says Indiana's de nada, I can sense there's a flame there. Right. And he so he tells

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his family to wait there and comes back. Hopefully I can get some guidance. They're landlocked or stolen. So you can get warmth, right? So they are freezing. So it's a desperate situation. They're lost in the middle of the desert. It's getting dark, there's nobody around. And now he's going to go and seek, you know, this, this this fire. And of course, everybody knows that he met and he met in conversation with Allah through the burning bush when he got up on the mountain. So one phrase in there that says Ernesto Toka, when Allah spoke to him, he says there is I in fact that has chosen you

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was chosen and it just took me for a spin.

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You know, when someone's chosen by a higher authority, like if somebody called in to meet with the President or a king calls, or the principal of the school called you to give you an award or something, you know, there's a ceremony. It's bright lights, its cameras, it's, you know, an audience and there's a standing ovation, and then somebody is chosen, or inaugurated. You know, like there's this. This is anticipation that you're about to be given a special honor. And one of the most incredible honors ever given in human history is Allah speaking directly to a human being telling him I in fact, I'm the one that's chosen you. And this is the this is the occasion, Jetta

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Allah, Katarina masa, you have come right on time for the ceremony. You've come right on time, you know this exactly according to plan. In other words, this was the ceremony now. Look at the background to the ceremony. There's no dressing up. There's no getting ready. There's no like anticipation. There's no family standing there trying to celebrate your, your you know, this honor. It's the situation is things are dark, desperate, you're lost in the middle of a desert, there's not even a road, you may maybe find a fire, you're on the verge of death, not just you, your entire family. And yet the greatest honor and the greatest blessing has been bestowed upon you. moments

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after one of the worst, most difficult moments and darkest moments in your life. That's what happened with Masada is, what we're being taught is, Allah has his way of bestowing blessings. And we may not see moments ago, like just moments ago, Musa alayhis, Salam could not have imagined that this is the greatest day of his life. He couldn't imagine that he would be imagining this is one of the worst days of my life. This is one of the most difficult things I've had to do. Because, you know, being worried about yourself is hard enough, he's actually worried about his entire family too. And it's in the middle of the dark that some of the worst animals come out in the desert. And

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he's left them behind, and it's getting colder and colder. And even if he's going up the mountain, it's not like there's a fire down there. So he's got to come down and find his way back to find them somehow, it's not like there's a road that he can take back, you can easily get lost, you know, and it's not like there's a paved road going up the mountain. So he, you know, once you go up, then they come back down this way or that way these thoughts are running through his mind. And yet in the middle of all of that distress and all of that hopelessness. What he's given is the greatest words of Hope I in fact, I'm the one that has chosen you and asked us to go faster mentally, when you

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listen to what's been revealed in it. There's an incredible inspiration for all believers, that Allah is never far away. No matter how dark your situation gets, how desperate it gets, how difficult it gets for you and your loved ones. Allah will in fact, so long as you have reliance in him, Allah will in fact, bring you light from where nobody else could have seen it. And he'll turn things around in just in a moment. And that's in the hands of Allah. All of that is in the hands of Allah, you know, every every step, you're taking up that mountain, and every rock you're climbing, and every time you're slipping it almost falling and getting desperate. Don't think that this is

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going to last. Allah will give relief whenever whenever and however you can. And it's not going to come in the way that we anticipated milazzo Jamaica so people have hope and continue to draw inspiration and amazement really from this incredible book. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa

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