Munir Ahmed – COVID-19 – Understanding the situation we find ourselves in

Munir Ahmed
AI: Summary © The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world and the speakers emphasize the need to be careful and avoid getting in trouble. The Day of Judgment is a wake up call for humanity to make, and the "weird day" is a wake up call for humanity to make. The speakers also discuss the use of "we" in context that involves infectious diseases and the potential reward for individuals dying from them. The importance of following guidelines and following guidelines for health reasons is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to feel the need to washing their hands. The high proportion of older individuals in the United States is noted, and the closure of mosque and protecting their safety is emphasized.
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the one hour will be surely unforeseen our means a yachtie Melina mania de la palma de

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la de la la la la la la la la sharika la was shadow Anna Mohammedan Abu warra solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi momento lamented Yahoo Eli Yomi Dean about

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how you can beat Islam Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa Carlota. Allah filco Daniel Majeed I will be lying when I say it all. While I never do one can be showing him in a whole free world you I went up a sim mineral and while he while he was out or whatever she saw BD a levena either saw that

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Eva all who in Lena he was in

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LA he raggio

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he got a masala mob B him Wah, wah, wah

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wah moo, moo, to praise bitwala we always begin by praising him we're praising seek His guidance, forgiveness and his mercy. We seek Allah's refuge and protection from any bad and evil inside as, as we seek His refuge and protection from the evil and bad of our bad deeds.

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Know that one who is guided by Allah, they are truly guided, one who is left to go astray will not find a guide or a protector or helper after that. And I bear witness that there is no god but the one true God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. He has no partners and I bear witness to Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is his slave and messenger. They are brothers and sisters. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, as I just mentioned in the ayah,

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we will surely put you to trial test you with something of fear of hunger, of loss of wealth, loss of life and crops, but give glad tidings to those who are patient and steadfast. Who are they those who, when they are afflicted by any kind of affliction or trial or difficulty, they say, surely we belong to Allah. And surely our return is to him we're in LA Raja own en la sua give glad tidings venturas people

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saying further, such as the ones upon whom are the salaat meaning the blessings from the Lord and mercy

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and Such are the ones who are rightly guided.

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We are facing on a worldwide scale something of a pandemic, as we are all aware of this Coronavirus. COVID-19.

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We need to understand ourselves something about it, how to deal with it. There's all kinds of views and ideas being pushed around on social media. Some are good others we have to be careful of in regards to Firstly, the affliction itself.

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I find there are certainly two kinds of extremes that are out there. Be careful first of the conspicuous consumption conspiracy ideas, which always come out in these times whether the conspiracies say it's the Chinese release date, or the Americans released a on the Chinese. I have the same kind of ideas when I was in Pakistan a couple of weeks ago, and I see them circulating now as well.

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And as I said, a few weeks ago, and I say now, the idea of somebody releasing a virus, which then comes to infect the whole world, including themselves and their families and their politicians and they're destroying their economy is just ridiculous.

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And then people come out with the Illuminati and the people who are behind the scenes destroying the world. This is actually nonsense, and we need to

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Stay clear of it. This is an extreme. And actually, I believe this is also taking away from the power of Allah and reducing everything to the control of human beings. Actually, actually, this virus is not the first of its kind of pandemics. If people were to look in history, not long back. In fact, throughout history, there have been pandemics of plagues and infections that have come and spread all over the world, or major parts of the world which have killed 1000s of time, millions at a time the plague or the Black Death, killed at either a quarter or a third of the population of the world at that time. So this is and then people just get carried away with the idea or nothing like

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this ever happened before. Also, this is a sign of the Day of Judgment. Well, who said that it's happened multitude of times.

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All of us are going towards the Day of Judgment. So this is not specifically the Coronavirus assign of the Day of Judgment. Again, this is a nonsensical view. So stay clear. Allah subhanaw taala I will mention, I sent these kinds of things before everything is lost control. This is a wake up call for humanity to make us realize, actually, if the idea is spread, and as it is, in today's world, of we're in control of everything, we're in charge of everything, denial of God, arrogance walking around the world,

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as Oh, you're so powerful. Well, this is a very acute reminder of the fact that that is not the case that a tiny little virus can rock the very foundations of our existence, whether it is economical, or physical existence. And so this is a reminder from Allah Subhana Allah, no doubt, and a part of the trial and test. On the other side. However, the other extreme from conspiracies are those who very quickly come out. And this has happened before in the past, and I've heard it presently, as well, as I heard it a few weeks ago in Pakistan with it not when the virus had not quite spread to the extent it has now saying, Oh, this is

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a punishment sent by God to on the Chinese on bad people. This is again,

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this is a terrible statement to make. This is people who don't understand the religion acceptable at all, a verb being sent, we are in never any position to point a finger at any individual, all all

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lands or peoples to say they are being punished by God, because we will then be putting ourselves in the position of God and that Allah Samantha will take us to trial for those who did that many evidences which are very, very severe in warning, I haven't got time to go into them today. For people who did that even for an individual nevermind pointing the finger at nations.

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So this idea of a verb of specifying it as such as a punishment is not acceptable. Nevertheless, the idea of as a verb in Arabic is a wide meaning it can have the meaning of a pub, which is punishment, but it also has a meaning of EMTALA or suffering or test and trial a love also has that meaning. So as we mentioned in the verse before, which Allah does making clear, and using the word of if Tila Bella, we will put you to test and trial with something of a We will definitely put you to trial. And as far as talking to humanity, humanity, unless one of us mentioned that in another ayah, as well as he says, while I know the person whom minella bill, Edna doodle as a bill, doodle as Bill

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Akbar, Allah, Allah whom Allah Allah homea g own, that we will, we will make them taste something of a lesser suffering than that of the greater punishment or greater suffering, which means the punishment in the hereafter. Why, that perhaps they may return perhaps they may realize and come back to the reality for what they were sent for and the reality of their utter dependence on God and turn and worship and ask for forgiveness from him. So unless one of us has mentioned that in the Quran, that he will make human beings in this world taste of suffering.

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But this suffering is an opportunity. It is a reminder actually, as I said earlier of our fickleness and

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utter dependence on our Creator Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, in that sense, the word the use of the word as a verb is that is in a sense of trial for humanity, a tribulation for humanity. But actually, before the final punishment on the day of judgment comes to give them opportunity still to repent and return. And, and realize in all humility, and actually to bring out the best of character in people as well. This is an opportunity for that, which is what Islam is all about bringing the best character, but fundamentally to link with the creator first and foremost for believers.

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The word was used by even IU by his Salaam when he was suffering, the trials and tribulation if you know the story of Jobar you haven't got time to go into it today. Again, unless one or two quotes from a you realize some in the Quran when he says in the messenger, yes, shavon will be new schema as surely I have been in touch with something a form, shape on with affliction and suffering. It wasn't set on who gave the affliction and suffering what the eye saying is that affliction and suffering came from Allah subhanho wa Taala. To test and trial you will a slum, but shaitan was afflicting and whispering in the heart and mind of a You Tube that you don't deserve this. You're

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not worthy of this trying to put doubts in him to turn him against God. That's the idea from shaitaan being mentioned. But of course affliction and suffering is from Allah subhanho wa Taala as a part of the trial. This idea of

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pestilence or infectious disease, as I said, has happened throughout history. And we have been forewarned of it from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam in many a hadith in Bukhari Muslim and others. For example, mumble momineen eyeshadow rhodiola on her, she say, she asked Salat

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the pseudo Lai sallallahu alayhi salam, and his own fork Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the who Karna Minh Yabba Yabba Zhu la who are hula minissha sajama la hora mutton mini

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fillet Semin Abdi town Siam Casa de Bella de sorbitan mo de si ban Yala mo under hula, you Cebu or Lamia, Cebu Illa Khattab Allahu Allah Illa Candela who mithril a juris Shaheed

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this hadith and as various

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rewired or narrations in Bukhari Muslim and others. In this one minion says that she asked the prophesize about the plague or infectious disease our own community about infectious the or pandemic In fact, that's what she's asking about. So the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam said, it is an user, Azhar it is a tribulation or a suffering, which Allah sends to whom He wills, meaning to whom and whenever he wills. And Allah makes it as a mercy to the believers. And the prophet SAW some further further goes on to give glad tidings, the recent from anybody from the servants of Allah, on whom the pandemic or infectious disease descends, and he or she remains in that land, meaning they

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don't go out and about spreading it for young Godfrey Bella de Bella, it means not just in the land, but if it's evidence showing that you shouldn't even go outside your house if they do that. sabaton with suburban steadfastness and patience, expecting the reward from Allah yalom knowing that, that they can be only afflicted or harmed in any way or fall ill or face death, only for what Allah has written for them. That's what how a man has been tested for. If they do that, then the reward is similar meaning if they die, similar to that of a matter of a Shaheed, so they are counted. People who have infectious disease like that, and die, they are counted as though they died as a martyr,

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Subhana Allah, the publicized time said in the Muslim Shahada to legally Muslim that infectious disease if they die by it is like martyrdom for every Muslim.

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So, this IDF uses the word azab. In some reports is dual uses a word rich or which means affliction. It can mean

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Punishment break use affliction, it means suffering and in some of the word also mentions that our own our plague or infectious disease or pandemic is a suffering it tala Allahu be he does and that Allah uses to test human beings from his slaves for his summit Don't be he fell out at Hulu Allah He, as a prophet SAW some also said and if you hear about it breaking out somewhere then do not enter and go into that territory or area. What is that? What are we up to one two feet. And if it takes place since and breaks out an epidemic inner London your innate Fela, Fela Taku minha then do not come out from it for all in other reports Florida federal Minho, and do not run away from it,

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meaning remain your places so you don't spread this infection. So look at the beauty of Islam nicely, I've seen some

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reports and some articles written by non Muslims praising from over 1400 years ago, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam giving guidance to the believers about how to behave in these situations, and how to minimize the spread of infectious infectious disease sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and especially what helps for us already in line with guidance is the son of the prophet SAW son and it is watch it for is actually for prayer to make whoo five times a day. So it How easy is it for us and actually the the allowance it is mazahub highly recommended to make Voodoo for every prayer. So how easy it is for us to be washing our hands and arms and facing regularly which will minimize the

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spread of this kind of infections, not only amongst our near and dear ones at home, but in the wider community as well. We have a responsibility to the whole of the community. We are our concern is not inward looking just to our family, or the Muslim community, but to the whole of humanity.

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This is our responsibility. And what we're able to do in regards to silikon charity in helping knowing that award rests with a lot this is a part of the trial and test as well here.

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As the English saying says when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Well here we're talking about believers, believers. Of course, there are all kinds of people coming, coming and will join hands together to help aside from of course those who are leading the way in the NHS and the doctors and nurses and workers in helping

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the people through this, but others who will join hands together to help neighbors and with their shopping and etc. And part of that, of course is staying away from being in large crowds as well which is part and parcel of our duty. Some people in our community have like poo pooed this as though it was not necessary. And as though the practical measures you know, as though we can just say yeah, just talk Allah pray to God and everything we find that no, we have guidance from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam what more talk hold on any of us in Allah, any of human beings in fact that ever existed the prophesies a lot more to walk calling in Allah and yet he is given the

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guidelines in regards to infectious disease. And in regards to

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trying to control that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam centers a mercy to the whole of creation. He's our example. And therefore we take as he said, tie it meaning the camel and then trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala. So all those measures, as the prophet SAW, Selim said, in regards to these

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things, the more if we find out find out in medicine if government takes actions based on those kinds of information which protects humanity, then we are obligated to follow those guidelines as opposed to Alamo begonia whom you are more aware of the bee mo adonia. Comb all the affairs of the world and this is this kind of affairs of the world despite his guidance in infection disease, that we have more information than we follow that kind of information, people some people

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worried about, for example, and I'm absolutely shocked to find out despite a meeting taking place of Greater Manchester area of the masajid

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About how the massage is responding. in this situation I'm absolutely horrified to find out there's a handful of massage it still advertising

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Jummah prayers or Juma prayer in congregation for a Muslim community

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for various ages to come and printing them ask, this is astonishing and this is neglectful, they are not there. In my view this is trying to pretend to be holier than the rest of the Muslims. This is not being holier This is being ignorant and neglectful and not following the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah May Allah forgive our brothers and overlook but I believe this is a mistake.

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and may well be outlawed actually, and become illegal very soon, but we don't have to wait for that we have the guidelines already, and quite rightly, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as the recording

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in heavy sin, which is mentioned in Sahih, Muslim of La bas de la on Houma, who is a cousin of the prophet SAW Islam and on the stage Jamal Quran from the Sahaba. At one time, he It was a rainy day. And he told him as in when he was calling the event to not say hey, Allah, Salah come to pray and come to success. He said, instead, say Salafi boo, take home, pray all of you in your homes. And the Hadith goes on to say, it seemed that some of the believers around that time meaning Tabby, even from the Muslims, look how far this goes have. They wanted to be, again holier than holy, but they couldn't be holier than a blood in a bus, who was from the Sahaba. And so they seem to dislike what

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what he vouchsafed so he heard about this, and he said, You seem to dislike what I have just recommended. But do you know that this was practiced by somebody who is much better than I am, meaning the solo law sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he went on to say, I don't want people coming in the rain and in the mud slipping around to come to the mosque, just rain was enough to actually stop the holding of Juma prayer or Juma and he mentioned it in regards to Juma, he said, I know how oblique obligatory and how dare slothful Juma is to us. Nevertheless, this is the better practice. And that was in the case of rain brothers and sisters, just a rainy day, we are talking about a

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lethal infectious disease, which is spreading like wildfire, and taking people's lives and if not taking them making them so seriously ill that the require ventilation Intensive Care

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Unit beds, which are very limited, which are very limited. And, and and the ones who are going to be affected, especially are the ones who are elderly, with diabetes, heart disease, and other underlying underlying conditions. And what proportion of diabetes and heart disease is amongst the Asian and Muslim elderly, it's a higher proportion, actually, than the rest of the population. So how much how much neglect, we're going to do by asking these people or encouraging them to come to a mosque in this situation, this circumstance, as though we were following being wholly following the messenger of Allah sauce on which we're not, and come and get infected from each other or spread to

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others. This is not acceptable. And I have to say,

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despite the difficulty that it created, and really, it's not difficulty on us, it's actually for our own protection.

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I praise the decision that the alternate Muslim Association trustees made to close the mosque last Sunday, it was not too early, it was not taken flippantly. It was taken very seriously. With in mind the fact that we have carpets we don't have deep cleaning going on five times a day before the prayer. No gels were available on the premises and and the greater chance of the infection spreading with this. That was the best decision and as you noticed, it was followed suit very quickly by many masajid. So Praise be to Allah, we took the right decision.

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May Allah protect and safeguard all of us as they spread but but in the

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Remember what Allah says in the Quran, do not lose heart, brothers and sisters

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do not become over afraid, over anxious. This is not the way of believers, our Creator is Allah subhana wa Taala. Remember, this is a mercy for the believers. Yeah, this is a mercy through this trial, it brings us if we behave in the right way closer to our Creator, Allah subhanaw taala. Through our illness, we are forgiven our sins, whether it is through as a just a temperature, a sofa, or a cough, or whether we end up in intensive care, and more serious.

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This is expiation of sins for believers. And even if it means that we die, well, all of us are going to die. We don't wish it upon ourselves. But if that's what Allah wants for us, and it can only happen if he has written it for us, it's not going to come too early, and it's not going to come too late. It'll come at the appointed time, then what Bushra and good news and lactide you want beyond that the fact that you die as a Shahid and Amata but if we stay with a man and suburb brothers and sisters, so as Allah swatter says in the Quran, for those facing those calamities and trials, Allah iica with suffer with suffer and patients saying in Allah who are in nagla, he Raja own, that's not

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a statement just from the tongue, brothers and sisters, it has to be heartfelt, surely we belong to God. That is a fact. And we need to feel it's not just say it with our tongues, and surely our return is to him again, we need to feel it and believe it that that is possible. So that won't make us so anxious. And that will give us a cocoon and somebody in our hearts, because that's the journey that we're on. Anyway. We already believe that before the virus arrived, brothers and sisters, so we believe in even more strongly. This is an opportunity for Rama, forgiveness, mercy, as Allah smart Allah says in the Quran,

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Allah insha Allah him salvato murghab be him for such people who have that attitude of patience and dependence on Allah subhanaw taala. For such people, his blessings from their Lord that Salawat means blessings and forgiveness brothers and sisters were athma and mercy, what Allah EGA, whom we'll move on, they are the ones who are rightly guided and the promises some has already sent that also in regards to infectious disease, that it is a mercy for the believers, if they remain patient and steadfast and follow the practical guidelines of isolation and all the other guidelines, which I'm sure I'm not going to repeat, but there's plenty of information out there, what we need to be

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following. We shouldn't be the flippant ones like the flippant ones who are being criticized, quite rightly, still going to pubs and clubs and having a laugh, etc. Brothers and sisters, they have an excuse May Allah guide them they haven't got guidance and alcohol affects them. What excuse Have we got when we have belief and and a clear mind that for being neglectful of the guidelines and flippant about them we shouldn't be with trusting Allah subhanaw taala remember with following the guidelines,

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the glad tidings require us to to

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if we've not been praying five times a day, we don't need the mosque. To do that. We should begin praying five times a day brothers and sisters, to read the Quran. To read the Quran more in this situation other times with meaning to reflect to do thicker remember Allah to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala for, for ourselves for our near and dear ones, for our communities for our society. And that patience and steadfastness requires us to be still striving to do good works. with whatever opportunity we have whatever we're able to do with the restrictions to do good works to be neighborly. How much has that been mentioned in Islam?

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There's much more we can say but that's enough for today.

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Brothers, sisters, may Allah protect you all protect us all melasma bring the best out of us. May Allah Fatah increases any man in this difficult times? May Allah smart Allah make us successful in our trials. May Allah smart Allah always give us the victory remember him to make us of sob your own man is not a shower His mercy upon us male as well through our example, through our behavior, and our enlightening behavior guide those who are around us who haven't heard

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Don't have the light of guidance. This is the opportunity for that and we could be ambassadors and lights and lanterns in helping towards that in helping them to return as Allah says Allah along your own, we can we can be a catalyst towards that. And certainly if we are a hindrance and a negative force towards that we will be answerable for that. May Allah smart Allah forgive us guidance as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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