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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The upcoming holiday of Islam is a graduation for a lifetime of sin, and the organizers have given the date of the holiday to those who want to be the exclusives. The election is a result of political events, including the throne, the people of Africa, and the United States. The importance of unity and family ties is emphasized, along with the holy month and the importance of eating healthy. The speakers emphasize the need for consistency and evidence in achieving goals.
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I will tell you in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala out of his favor and his kindness has not only given us the day of Juma, which aka Faraj, which is a forgiveness from one week to the next. But he's given us the day of out of the holiest day in the year, which is a forgiveness for the project on offer a lifetime of sin. And for those of us who are not fortunate enough to be the ultimate excluded us and it's allowed us to pass on this day, as a cafaro for two years of sin. This is the mercy of Allah bringing us back even even in spite of our US turning away. Allah subhana wa tada turns to us. We put on the television when we open the newspaper, we look at the news, we will see a miracle

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unfolding before our eyes. Allah subhanho wa Taala prophesized this even before Nabil Mohammed Al salam, Allah prophesized that happening of this Hajj, the millions that will come to this one location on earth is really really small location. Allah subhanho wa Taala Toby Brahim, sort of Hajj. Allah subhanaw taala says and mentioned Oh, Mohammed Al Salam. When we designated for Ibrahim, the site of the house when Allah told him this is where the Kaaba must be. Allah Kemal Nabi Brahim do not come a children worship anything with me and purify my house make this make this carrabba pure for those who perform tawaf and those who would stand in solder and those who would make ruku

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and those who would make salute a place that is universally open to anyone who wants to worship Allah alone. This is his house, this is the place to do it. And then Allah tells me Ebrahim now remember there was no maka, there was no Hilton there was no Binda, wood, there was no oil there was nothing. This was an open, barren land, not even the well of Zamzam was was there before this, that Allah says to NaVi Brahim ultimate both this Kaaba at least Salaam and no one is living there in Makkah, I was and now proclaim to the people, the Hajj, call the people throughout the world, they must come to this middle of the desert land for Hajj, says Don't worry, they will come to you on

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foot and on every lean camel, they will come from even distant past every far corner of the world. They will come you make the call, I will make sure they respond today we see the millions and millions saying love a cola when my love big love big meaning I respond via Allah you called and I answer from every country in the world far and wide. The millions that are there is only a percentage of the millions who are trying to get there. The struggle to get to Macau many millions, unfortunately not able to get there. We know you're in Cape Town. And we not such a big population such a big Muslim population. They are three four years of waiting lists other countries you wait

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your whole life to get on the list of the Hajj. This is a miracle. Allah Subhana Allah says you don't worry, they will come and they will answer today in our lifetime. We see this happening. And this of course today in Makkah, the ninth of Elijah. It is the culmination of the Hajj maybes also Alhaji Baraka that the pillar the key pillar of Hajj is the day of alpha, the coup from Zurich today until Margaret tonight. This is the work of Roku. And Allah subhanho wa Taala sways and Allah only thinks that oh,

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we can only squeeze out a low frequency by the sun no by my father no problem. We can say only by Allah, Allah He by Allah I did x, y and z. So what does Allah sway with? What does Allah take an oath with? He takes an oath, lo azzawajal by those obvious creations that are the biggest and Supreme, so Allah says, By the sky containing great stars, I swear lessons by the sky and all the stars that are in it. And by the promise day, meaning the day of the AMA, and by the witness, and what is witness, in the Hadith that we saw Salah mentions, the promise day is the day of resurrection. The witness day is the day of arafa and the witnessing day is the day of Friday,

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almost squeezed by the day of arafah. And by the day of Friday's persuades by these two days, that this Allah subhanaw taala Swedes were barraged by these great events.

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The greatest day of forgiveness is the day of alpha, more forgiveness and more Toba and more people are released from the fire on today than any other day of the year. It's what makes it so holy dates, and events. What makes it holy is the holiness that happens on the day. Sometimes and we'll talk about this we argue about dates. Don't forget the essence. A number on the calendar is not what's important. What is important, is the taqwa as Allah will style we will mention later with the quarterback. It's not the slaughter and the blood. It is the taqwa that makes it holy. It is the Tukwila says another If it is not, it is not piety to turn your face to the east to the west meaning

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inshallah face this key blah, blah. What is piety is the taqwa that is what counts. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us

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tells us there is no date on which Allah frees more people from the fire of jahannam except on the day of

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withdraw that we are of those who are released. Today is an amnesty. Today is forgiveness. Our names might be on the role of Johanna Maria Villa, but it's our it's in our hands today to free ourselves from the agenda by the grace of Allah. On top of that Allah comes close the people of Africa in a way that befits Allah's majesty and Allah boasts to the melodica Allah turns to the angels and says, Look at those people coming untidy, coming from far and wide. Remember when I said to you, oh melodica in Medina,

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I'm going to put on this earth man, what did you say? The agency yellow Will you put on the earth? Those will shed blood and cause mischief. Look at them now my melodica What do you have to say now? I love boasts over takes pride in insan today, Allah says, Verily, Allah boasts there be some tells us really Allah boasts of the people of alpha before the people of the heaven meaning the angels say, look to my servants who have come to me the shelf and dusty and Allah remains proud of his son. On this day, how beautiful is it that your Rob will take boast with the sun. So that's why it is not just a an aide or a great day of arafah for the judge, but for all of insan all of us all of our

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inside, we have a good symbol and a good showing for Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the results Allah

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gave us and Allah gives us this great reward, as we mentioned, that those who are not able to be there Naropa and to experience the Rama, personally, we get it through fasting. Now this also says the fasting on the day of arafah it expedites it removes the sin of the previous year 2014 and it removes all the things that are coming 2015 to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept our fasting and altova and to remove the sins through Allah's mercy no matter and remember this democracy mean, no matter how great and big Your sins are, there are at the mercy of Allah is greater and far more vast than that. If only we turned to Allah in Toba

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following the day of alpha, or the 10th of the ledger, we'll talk about this in a minute is of course

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another difference of opinion among the Alana as to which day is holy, the day of alpha or the day, without a doubt for the judge. Alpha is the holiest day in the year for the * because that is his her GP Mrs. arafa. Unfortunately, yes, they've had the combination of the hedges alpha. But for those of us who don't have an alpha, then we also share and this is why either attire is actually a holier than evil fit. I know that you make more of a hype because after the first thing everyone wants to know a break, but it is holy, because while we are not on Hajj, we participate in the rituals of Hajj, we are not made to korban and that's part of the rituals of Hajj, but we could burn

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you at home. Allah subhanho wa Taala also suis and Allah mentions that they have eaten in the Quran, and Allah says, Well fudger by the dawn, and while I Allah Nasha. And by the 10 nights, meaning within days of elijah, these 10 days are the holiest days of the year. And by the even, and the odd, the even the even day, the 10 and the odd, the ninth day of the day of alpha, this is even a burst the Greek Mufasa he says the even day is the day of alpha and the update is the day of Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala holds these days in high regard, because of the holiness that Allah sends down. We ask again, why is later to father holy, I don't like explains why little countries only

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because Allah says the Quran down on that night. And that is the night in which Allah subhanho wa Taala will decree all affairs. So something happens on this day and this night that makes it holy. And what is the holiness the taqwa that happens when millions and millions of people will come and make a VEDA come all around the world to worship Allah alone, and the millions hundreds of millions more will fast and slaughter for the sake of Allah. This is what counts the sight of Allah. Now visa lolas alum upheld the aid. And when he came into Medina, we found the people of Medina had two festivals during the year. And let me remove these festivals and replaced it with the two festivals

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of aid that result from sin. Allah has given you two days better than these days that you're following the days of outfitter and the day of an atomic slaughter. And the second read according to the AMA and with with consensus in the field of sacrifice, which is the 10th day of the hedger is the greater and the better of the two elites, that it is the whole year of the two eights so holy that in fact, Allah has allowed us to celebrate over three extra days like the kojoj. So if you are Hajji and for those of us who haven't been on Hajj, shall you experiences for yourself. After today, you will stay on arafa until sunset, then you will leave alpha and go to Mr. leafa place just

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outside of Mena and you'll spend the evening vein was delita. Then on the morning tomorrow morning after fudger The day of aid the things of the future as a *

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You want to eat Salah you won't go to the Ministry for eternity you'll still be in new Iran. And then you will go and complete the rituals of Hajj, you felt the jamara you will go and perform the main fell off the wall from afar you go all the way back to Makkah talk with the Father and you will say, and of course someone was rooting for you. Now it's not possible. Some people do but it's very difficult for every person to slow things down cheap so that the agents whoever they are they slaughter on your behalf. Once this is done, you have completed your Hajj really, that Allah has given you three extra days, the days of tertiary, we spent on Mina to glorify Allah to worship Allah

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to make that beautiful, the goodness you've done, and to throw the jamara and all of us Shea in the E we can slaughter corbon not only on the day of aid, but also on these days of tertiary.

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So this, they they have read in the day of arafah the holiness of it is attached to the completion of the evader of Hajj completing the journey of a lifetime for a Muslim or a Muslim. Once you've completed your Hajj in many ways, you are ready to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala Your sins are forgiven. Your Eman is complete it was in fact and inshallah we'll talk about this on the day of tomorrow in the bath. Allah subhanho wa Taala said and they have revealed those of us in Aloma Carmel, Indiana, today I've completed for you your dean. Yes, Islam was completed but for individual when he completes that when he completes that action that a bada when he completes the rites of Hajj

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his deal is now complete and sins are forgiven and his Islam is complete is ready to meet Allah and inshallah lagenda is nothing for him to how great How great is that journey all of us in sha Allah to make that near and we could go for Hajj inshallah, but haven't done so yet. Save whatever you can put your name on the list. Remember, it doesn't matter how much money you have, or who you are, when Allah gives an invitation, no one's going to stop you. But Allah gives an invitation, no one's going to stop you. But the beginning of that invitation requires your near you must apply and not apply through visa so embassy apply with Allah subhanaw taala. When that happens, you will get in sha

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Allah your opportunity to go on Hajj. The prophets also says the greatest days of before Allah is the day of sacrifice. And therefore, as I mentioned that Allah at times disagree as to which day is holy, the day of arafah and the day of Eid ha, on the day they're either apart, but these without a doubt, you're in the midst of the holiest Julian's days of the year. So that same kind of seriousness that we had in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, that same kind of seriousness that we had on the 27th of Ramadan. We should have that seriousness now in sha Allah fast and give extra there's no specific a vida it was specific per week Salah which has been prescribed for these days, or what

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is prescribed is to increase in goodness. The only great sweetener that is done on this day or the days of aid is the slaughter the quota ban in emulation of Nabhi Ibrahim sacrifice today for Allah Subhana Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the solo the slaughter mentioned the narrative that's why school he did not write the day of slaughter. Allah mentioned this in the Quran. in several places. In the outline I can filter by Sol Lily Rebecca one Hara, so make solar to Allah Allah says they will turn in pray to Allah and sacrifice and slaughter for Allah sake. And Allah mentions before the ban, and that is why, as I mentioned, Gemma muslimeen we are greatly fortunate, even though we are

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not unhedged, that Allah has allowed us to participate in the rituals of Hajj for those of you who can. And of course, you're not only you know, if you if you miss the deadline, you still have the three days especially with snow, Monday and Tuesday and the day is off there. You can slow to as well. Another you can slow to so Allah subhanho wa Taala has allowed us to participate in this great Avada and Allah says in Surah Hodge. And for every nation, we have appointed religious ceremonies, we have made for different people. So for people in South America, they were unable to come to Makkah for Hajj, Allah gave them some other rituals to perform, to show the taqwa to Allah. So Allah

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says, For every nation, we have appointed religious ceremonies, that they may mention the name of Allah, over the beasts of capital, that Allah has given them for food, that you remember Allah when you slaughter Alhamdulillah these great animals bigger than us stronger than us, less subdued them, that we can enjoy them. And you Illa Europe is one Illa so you must submit to Him alone and give glad tidings to the morbi tune those who are steadfast on Tonto he also says I've appointed these rituals as part of your national rituals, so participate in them.

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So many people today we look at the corbon and we work with non Muslims and this must be mentioned and they look at the Quran and says you guys are but you know, bloodthirsty brutes brutal because you harm the animals Look how you do what you do. Can you just give the money to an orphanage or something? Why must you slaughter is your does your own law require blood?

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Second question you need once animals to get hurt. Of course, we know nobody's mentioned that everything in Islam must be done with perfection. If you slaughter slaughter perfectly, don't let the animal see the blade and let it be sharp and quick. Animal must not even know what's happening. But Allah subhanaw taala makes this clear in the Quran, well, let's see is the meat the meat of that which you put a ban will not reach Allah doesn't need chops and sausage. Allah doesn't need that. nor will they blood, the blood doesn't come to Allah. But what reaches Allah is the piety is that taqwa in yourself with reaches him is the piety from you, that we have made them subjugated them to

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you make them humble to you, that you make glory so that you can make glorification of Allah, Allah is not concerned about the the animal who's concerned about you, how are you going to make that point to Allah, just like that animal submits, and he sacrifices himself, you unless you are in that position, between yourself and Allah, you need to sacrifice yourself like that, and submit yourself to a lot well, like that animal has submitted, that is what is we should go through our mind, We thus have we subjugated them to you, that you may glorify Allah for that which he has guided you, and give glad tidings to the doers of good and hamdulillah. As we know, the great part of the shade

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is that we don't enjoy it on our own and hamdulillah. And we hope this continues within the Muslim community, and you're in Cape Town in particular, that we know that aid is not an aid if we don't enjoy the bounties of aid with those less fortunate. So even fitter, and fitter is paid. No food is given pots of food are made today Alhamdulillah when the when the slaughter begins, that meat will be distributed far and why because we say that on aid, we will not be happy to enjoy an eat meal, when someone else in our area is going hungry, Muslim or non Muslim, that eat meat can go to Muslims or non Muslims. Of course, we see to the Muslim people that are in need and then whatever is left

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over, we feed the non Muslim as well. This shows you the beauty of this day of eat

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Alhamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed in this area of flexibility. Allah subhanaw taala has placed in the Sharia flexibility, and you will find we have formada you'll find that we have differences of opinion. And this is not something we mean that we should feel sad and bad about. Yes, not all differences are good. Sometimes differences cause harm and friction. And we and especially on the fundamentals of Islam. We don't we don't disagree on those things. But we Allah has granted us leeway to point in example, the man is traveling during Ramadan. He asked chef Messiah I asked him I said was I break my first law says you can do which either one you want. Some

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Allah will say beta for you to force, another Alamo say it's better for you to break your force. Another third opinion will be whatever is easiest for you. If it's easier for you to fast because you are first class or something too fast after that is more difficult. Choose which evil you want. And within the time of Sahaba amongst the greatest of the greatest of people, they had differences of opinion, and the showed you the flexibility of Islam, that whoever takes that opinion Alhamdulillah is on how we would take that opinion Alhamdulillah hands on whichever method you follow, they all lead to the same destination, they all lead the same destination doesn't matter

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which road you take. So and this is for our brothers who have studied. I know I never I didn't study in the Faculty of Sharia. But some of my colleagues would study in Sharia and they would study them they come out with it behind Oh, looks like I don't think we do anymore. This one says you must make your whole head out of your head. But they say they'll say killer killer opinion is beautiful. It shows you that the allama applied the brains for 1000 years, and they debated every single angle and they discussed every single point of view. And anyone doesn't matter what degrees you have where you stand. If you're the chef or not the chef, you can come forward and say chef, I see this hadith

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here. it contradicts what you say. Explain this to me. And it's our responsibility to explain every bit of information. This is not a clergy Islam is not a clergy no group of people or certain sick has a monopoly over what is Sharia or not Sharia. The The only thing to share here is keytab law, the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of Mohammed Salah, sell them so naturally this book is open for us to read and the Sunnah is open for us to practice. And sometimes we have differences of opinion. So as we know, as I'm sure all of you know, and we should mention these things for the for the benefit of our community, we will have differences of opinion as to when each should be celebrated. Some

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majority would celebrate it on Sunday imagined and some will celebrate it on Saturday as is the case with this message as it has been for many many years. So which do we follow? Some people are totally you know, they not sure that for the first time they young these things, why do you have to eat as the joke says, no matter how drunkard, Christian or someone

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You knows when Christmas is when you guys you don't know when ABS that's wrong with you people, right? So we say that aid aid this issue of aid is a beautiful issue of adapt, and it shows you the thinking of the scholars, and it shows you that once you go through the evidences, you will struggle to say I still don't know which day is right. That is that that is the beauty of this being that both sides come with strong and solid evidences. So let us discuss the evidence of both sides. And so we can reach inshallah a conclusion.

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As we know, the majority of South Africa and in many countries, they follow a lunar sighting for the events, the events that occur during the year, I'm Yvonne Eden fitter, and even for some people, which is a minority against the day of arafah. They look to what is happening in terms of the lunar calendar, the moon, and they back this up based on the Quranic evidence of this is the Quran with an owner, a healer, they ask you, oh Mohammed concerning the new moons the case of the Hillel, Allah subhanaw taala to say that the healer, the Christian, they are measurements of time for the people and for Hajj, how do you know when it's had? How do you know when it's alpha? How do you know and

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look to the Christian powerful evidences in the Quran supporting you follow the moon Allah says, we look at the moon to determine when the times of Hajj in particular should come. Now he's also giving a hadith as to Ramadan, fast when you see it, meaning the moon, the new moon of Ramadan, and stop fostering meaning celebrate aid when you see it again. And if it becomes cloudy, and you can't see it, then complete the month 30 days strong evidence from Quran and Sunnah that we should follow the aid, we should follow the moon in determining our dates of aid.

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Of course, the argument and we'll talk about this is that the day of arafah is particular and specific to a time and place. And this is the counter argument we'll talk about. But the first view the first opinion and many scholars on this opinion following the mood will say that the day of arafah and the day of eat are not connected. These are two totally separate acts of provider. It doesn't matter when you have arafa and when you have eight, there are two separate issues. So how can you say that brother, see the evidence is from the sooner that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam when he came to Medina, he institutionalized evil upon evil, before hedge became compulsory.

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So before they perform punch aid was already something which was practiced before there was an alpha according to this opinion, and alpha as an abyssal salon performed arafa. There was already an aid. So why should the two be linked today? Right, this is one argument. The counter argument to this he says, brother evil ad hoc comes in the time of Nabhi Brahim already, when the biggest smile at the sacrifice. You see this back and forth. Beautiful, beautiful discussion. And if we look at the example of the setup, meaning the pious predecessors, we are not the first community to go through this. And as the LMS they probably at Oklahoma, this issue will not be resolved. Right.

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issue will be resolved on unity and beauty. But the LMR of the past emailshare few member hanifa The Sahaba of old even though Sahaba when the Muslim only expanded all the way to Morocco, and all the way to Pakistan. Of course, of course, how did they know when aid was going to be in Mecca? How did they know when so everyone had to follow their own lunar calendar? And if the great Sahaba and arguments of the first view if the great Sahaba and the great EMA had different at different places? Why should we change and upset the applecart? Right. They didn't have the technology to verify but they went on. So let's continue. So we understand the evidence of the moonies so to say, strong and

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beautiful evidence, it is worthy to put it on the table and we worthy to follow it if you follow it and hamdulillah you have a dealer, the other side of the coin, and they both have the same coin, those who follow the evidence and say, we fast, we perform our eat in line with maca, how'd you come on this brother? Have you not read all these ideas? And the first question and and this is the strongest of the evidence is that the times or the actions of a bada are specific to time and place to summary by that you do according to time, you must force in the month of Ramadan, you must make sure that when the work comes in the window, those are certain a bar that are only applicable in

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certain places. You cannot have Hajj anywhere else besides in Makkah, you cannot have arafa in any other place besides alpha. You can't even have alpha in Makkah. haram you can't do that. So we asked him this is the question. When is the day of alpha?

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When is the day of alpha? Is the day of arafa something based on the lunar calendar or the day when the judge are standing on alpha? It's a very good question. Very, very good question. And of course the majority of the scholars would confirm that the day of the day of alpha is the day that

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Pooja just standing there. Because also there is no Hadith you won't find any Heidi to Ayah saying that the day of Allah is the ninth of the ledger, right? You won't find any any evidence saying it's the ninth. Allah says on the well known days, the well known that the Arabs knew that Allah didn't have to enforce them out of the ninth they knew arafa is the ninth of the ledger.

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So the scholars we give a unique situation, or the judge of the world have arrived on Medina on gender, April, and they are about to go to arafat tomorrow, it's the ninth and some,

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some catastrophe happened. And they can't get to our farm the nine they only get the the thing. So we say what happens to the height of these people with these arafa salamah across the big spectrum, or the mother who will agree when they get to alpha, that is the day of alpha. Now the calendar doesn't matter. It is when the who judge Stan V, and they make that a beta. That is the tuck what I was looking for, that is when Allah descends upon them and then removes them from Jana. It was of course this was done deliberately. So the allameh are unanimous that if the projector unable to reach out of whatever it is, and out of the power on the ninth, they when they reach out of that is

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the day of arafah that is the day of arafah. So of course this argument has power. It has emphasis that the day of alpha is the day when the fish are just standing there.

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And the holiness as I said of the day is linked to a vida. What is greater a date on the calendar or the actions of 2 million people completing the Hajj, which two would you think is holy or in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada. So if we all agree verifies the connected to the Hajaj and the rituals on Hajj, then the argument of those who celebrate it with NACA, they will say then we need to eat is eat not the day of the arafa is eat not also connected to the rituals, and the essence is the debate. This in essence, is the argument and they put forward many arguments to support that he is the day connected to arafa. Amongst the arguments, they would say the entire actions of Hajj

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going around the Kaaba going up and down the side slaughtering the animals standing on arafa helping the Jamaat What is all this? It all comes from the story of Naveen Ibrahim, when Allah reminded NaVi Brahim sacrifice your Sunday smile. So while we only salute the sheep or camels, Allah demanded from NaVi but I am sacrifice to child. This was the kind of tuck what Allah wanted from his MBA. This is the kind of tuck what Allah expects from us. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has made the Hajj for us and in action, a ritual to follow the example of Namib Rahim. So the argument is the whole all of these rituals are predicted to the hatch out of his pocket, and He therefore is part of Hajj and the is

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the IR which I quoted, when Allah says and sort of Bukhara and when you have completed your monastic your rituals of Hajj only when you've completed arafa and you've done what you're supposed to do on the day of read, remember Allah then you make the pacbio only once the Vita is complete, can you start making the tech bit and so of course particular specifically to the fudge remember Allah like you remember your forefathers or even greater remembrance. remember Allah was with all you can and allow me historical Baccarat, and for you to complete the end when Allah speaks about but even Peter, again, so many Allah mentioned is about strange that after the holiest day in the year comes

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and eat. And after the holiest night in the year of the ladle to cover another eat comes after we complete two pillars of Islam. This celebration is the no link between these two celebrations. We say that these are just coincidental. Allah mentions with regards to Edo fitter. And when you allow once for you to complete the period of your fasting lead me took me with it that as you may complete the fasting while into kabiru law and after we complete Ramadan, what do we do we make that be only when you completed the Ramadan. When you start making the cut. We'll clarify a lot for that which has guided you and perhaps you will be grateful to Allah says the third bead in the aid is linked to

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the Bible that you have done in this ayah that we spoke about earlier. Allah Subhana Allah says and proclaim to the people the Hajj, they will come to you on foot and every lean camel, they will come from every distant past, that they may witness a wise they hedge, they may witness the benefits for themselves and mentioned the name of Allah on the days over which he has provided for them of sacrifice. So Allah has linked the slaughter and the tag bill to the days of Hajj in liquid on. So now we have is on both sides. We have Heidi on both sides. We have scholars on both sides. What do we do? What do we choose? What is the conclusion? And sometimes I myself have asked most senior

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scholars and they give you this answer. I have two opinions of this one and that shift is give me one answer. I want to know which of them as First I want to know which I've lost someone senior you know this question a few days ago and he couldn't give me a straight answer at the end of the day the conclusion. The correct answer is both sides are correct.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:13

Both sides have opinions and within the time of Sahaba you had an issue which arose to give you an example the results one of them said so suddenly we will not perform a sort of Salah until we reach whatever destination but who

00:30:14 --> 00:30:53

cried I believe and the Sahaba will perform it they will only wait to this destination in the walk to ascertain in some sahabas it note some Amazon will be newbies on salon we don't perform Salah until we reach that destination another so how to say no mercy, no Salah is priority now visa Salam wasn't commanding as that you will say we will reach the inshallah by asset of time. So we're going to first meqasa and the Sahaba was split, some went on, and suddenly Salah, maybe four sentences, both of you are correct. But Omar was better. Another example is the judge who says if two judges give rulings and they apply the mind sincerely, and they do the best they can. One comes with an

00:30:53 --> 00:31:32

incorrect opinion, the other one comes to the correct opinion, the one who was correct gets two rewards one reward for the correct opinion. And one we would wish he had for his hard work. As for the one who committed the mistake, he gets one reward for his sincere struggle to find the truth. So even if you apply yourself and you come up with the incorrect opinion, a loss Mercy is there for you as well. So this is the this is the consensus of the allameh that both sides have strong opinions. And you may celebrate it whichever day you want with a Saturday or Sunday. This is an eight who ever you want and what Allah has done out of his mercy. For some reason allies made this aid three days,

00:31:33 --> 00:32:09

he has given more than one day in this on this aid, the days of Treasury to slaughter and to have a feast, the Hadith it says the day of aid and there is especially used to be used as a festival for eating and drinking haram to force on these days. So this shows you the leniency in Islam. And when we put these two questions in perspective, remember that fasting on the day of arafah is soon if you don't do it, no punishment, the Salah of aid, whichever day it may be if you don't come to the masjid, it's the sooner the fudger is more important that budget before eat Salah is far more important than the Salah. But if you don't come to the masjid for each Allah should not no

00:32:09 --> 00:32:53

punishment on you. But what Allah has made YG on us is the keeping of family ties and the unity of our community. When Allah says and hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. This is unity This is emphasis portal. So not a dishonor each other as soon as optional. Unity is wired to the person we use as aid as a thing to force friction in families, the date of this unite communities. When you have not celebrated the purpose of it all together, we look at Hajj we see the unity of millions of people black and white from all corners of the world. But here on a day which all of us can enjoy this unite with one another. So the advice that Allah give, and this

00:32:53 --> 00:33:30

is if you look across the board, what are the elements and both sides will say number one unities priority. If you find yourself in a family where you the odd man out you keep eat with your family, whichever that may be if you're in a community, and they all have one specific aid, and you celebrate with that community. So if you eat in Cape Town on Saturday, and then you fly to Pakistan, whatever country and they you find ease on Sunday, you can eat with him on Sunday as well. Why because time is part of the community. Don't be the odd man out. Unity is YG and this is the symbol one of the greatest examples of the Hajj and if we want to reflect on the hajia at home,

00:33:32 --> 00:34:10

eat Salah is not the priority. The sloth is not even a priority. What is priority is doing grief to family members and love them and hug them and have unity that is logic in the Quran. So inshallah whichever day you have with your feet on Saturday will Oberon on Sunday. When you have a blessing and inshallah for all of you get in touch with your families unite one another go to your neighbor whichever day you go to Brother whichever the up tips have that suffer whatever the you want Saturday night Even if you want no problem make insha Allah a day of unity and family and a loss of Hello Tyler is concerned with a tough one likes it from your fasting and that would here and all the

00:34:10 --> 00:34:15

judgment ever had Gemma brew and by all these sins be forgiven and returned to us

00:34:22 --> 00:34:49

all the announcements as I mentioned, the eat will be held in this measure tomorrow and that the program for tomorrow morning is that that beer will begin at seven o'clock and shall the pre Hooda talk English talk will be at office seven entitled the perfection of the dean at eight o'clock is the eat Sala and 10 minutes later 10 plus eight inshallah will be the footer in chakra corbon at nine o'clock at the center. And on Sunday, Saturday and Sunday at nine o'clock in Sharla.

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Of course to on Sunday and often Okay, so Saturday put by at nine o'clock and on Sunday, of course to Kobani at the same time shakalaka

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I want to

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