Never Lose In The Mercy Of Allah – Recite & Reflect #15

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span Allah this is one of the most hopeful I have the entire Quran as the lemma says, this ayah Allah Riza shows the relationship with those even they transgress themselves. So Allah subhanaw taala says that no matter what the level of your sins are, no matter how many years of corruption that you might have done, I am still your rub and you're still my hand And subhanAllah This in itself is is an honor for us that Allah shows the relationship of his as a master to those who are transgressors, Subhan Allah and Allah Buddha research shows something really, for us to ponder on. A lot of binaries that clearly states do not lose hope, in the Mercy of Allah subhanahu wa taala sent

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to when our Rob himself is saying, Don't lose hope and in His mercy, then there is no way there is no scope, there is no space Subhanallah for us to have that May Allah forgive me or not, we should not have these thoughts at all. We should always be hopeful. And Allah says something really mind boggling. He says Allah will forgive all your sins, not just one, two, but all our sins. Why? Because he is God for and he is arraigned so my beloved brothers and sisters, always high high hopes, high hopes in Allah subhanho wa Taala for Indeed he is absolutely forgiving, and he's Especially Merciful