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The importance of fasting during the day is discussed, with advice on avoiding waste and breaking fasting during busiest seasons. The speakers emphasize the need for proper fasting techniques and caution against overdoing it, as it can lead to weight gain and damage to one's body. They also emphasize the importance of traveling for longer periods of time to foster travel plans and emphasize the need to fast before traveling to avoid unnecessary accidents.

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Our technician, but he's still here. And he's helping us a camera to keep the class going. So on the growth team, Shiva, Amin,

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we're going to take a little break from our class of the HELOC. And in fact we might even take a break from it's not from scratch until after Ramadan. As you know, this is the last Thursday before Ramadan. And today's session is going to be a quick flick refresher on Ramadan, and certain rules of Ramadan so that when we the month begins, we already and we understand all the basics which we've which we know. But just to remind ourselves. So again, before we begin just to put Ramadan in context,

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if you're listening and following the Jamar series,

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where we talking about this for my last Ramadan, it's important to remember that one Ramadan, if done correctly, and acceptable Allah, it is enough to fix a lifetime that has been missed up. But a lifetime of sin can be forgiven in Ramadan, and a lifetime of neglect, neglect, of not doing enough good deeds can be fixed with one letter to cover. And maybe to put into perspective, we always say this, if you will, to think of your finances, you know, if someone asks you, how much do you need to use to completely retire, that you can live the life that you want? What is the number that you have in your mind, so much so you know, you know, someone said he has a 50 million Rand or a $10 million

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check. That's it, I don't have to work, all my problems are fixed. And if the banks told you that in the next 30 days, the next month, we're going to give everybody 100 million bucks, you know, a billion rand. But all you need to do is fast, very well during the day. And at night, you need to play a little bit. And if you do that, you're gonna get a billion rand, everybody would do it, everybody would. Why? Because it will sort me out for the rest of my life. And then on my mind is, you know, unimaginably more valuable because Allah is sorting your akhira out the reward that you can get in Ramadan, that is an correctly one Ramadan is enough to pass the test of life is eternity

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in Jannah. And so in sha Allah, we want to do it correctly. And we want it Allah to accept our our deeds. And the first step in getting our deeds accepted, is to do them from a fake aspect, the physical, the easy part, making sure the ritual is correct. And so we share with you have a Ramadan quiz

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to see how much of the laws and rules we know. And we'll go through some of these questions and then see the answers. So the first question is,

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one must always have a intention for all fasting before the time of budget, true or false? So the question is, is it true? The statement is, before the walk of budget comes in before the other end of budget goes? Should I have the intention to fast? Yes or no? And of course, the answer is, it depends. Meaning it depends on the type of fasting for a sunnah fasting, a fasting that is not completely not Ramadan fasting, then you may adapt your intention of the Fajr. So to give you an example, you know, I woke up maybe, you know, 10 minutes before Fajr.

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Or I woke up Thursday morning, I performed Fajr, salah I went to work, it was so busy, I didn't even get a chance to take care, get a cup of coffee, I didn't get breakfast. By the time it was door. One o'clock the afternoon. I haven't eaten anything. And I said, Well, you know, half the day is gone. It's Thursday, I might as well fast today and get the reward of fasting. So my intention was not to fast. If you called me at 10 o'clock the morning and said, Are you fasting I would have said no, I'm not fasting even though I can eat? Am I allowed to start fasting from one o'clock until Maghrib? And then get the reward? Yes, you can according to the majority of the scholars, then there'll be some

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did this then at least so now we have a very clear Hadith where he went to Aisha and he said to Aisha about the Alana, what do we have to eat? So he was ready to eat to have lunch? And she said No, yours was no we don't have anything in the house to eat panel was one of the most beloved, what was creation? There is nothing in mouse that even one date not a sip of water. So he said don't worry, I'm fasting. It's okay. I'm fasting, you know? And so he decided to rather fast that day Allah and look at you know, as promised so much to be spoken about the abuse of Saddam and his attitude, but then he decided to force that day, so it's permissible to take a optional sunnah

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voluntary fasting, and decide in the middle of the day to force obviously on the under

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assumption that you haven't eaten already, however, for Ramadan fasting, very, very important, you must have the intention to fast from foragers worked. Before the work of Fajr enters, you must be sure and fall if I call you at the minute the iodine goes and I say, Muhammad, are you fasting today? You must say yes, I'm fasting today. Because the intention is to be there. If your intention was not there, that day does not count. And we give another example we would this be way way would this possibly happen? Well, the one option one scenario is the brother never heard that the moon was cited. He had no clue that today is Ramadan. And so you meet him 10 o'clock the morning at the

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office and you say Oh, Mubarak, you know, Ramadan mubarak. And he says, What are you talking about Ramadan is tomorrow? And he said No, brother, they saw the moon. It's Ramadan today, you should be fasting. And he said, Don't worry. Don't worry. I'm not fasting, but I didn't eat yet. I haven't eaten anything. Okay, I'm gonna fast. So now it's too late this day? No, sir, you made a mistake, no, no punishment on him. But he needs to make this day up after Ramadan because his intention wasn't the another example of where the intention must be looked at is for the traveler. The traveler will talk maybe in this lecture about traveling. As you know, if you travel, you have the

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option to fast or not too fast. You cannot decide during the day while you're traveling. You know what our other just fast today, you must have made that decision. Before. By Fajr time, you must say okay, I'm telling today, I have the option to fast or not, I'm going to fast. And so while you're traveling, you must already you must already have had that intention. If while you're traveling, you realize oh, it's so difficult. You're allowed to break your fast. That's okay. So so it's my recommendation to any traveler is if you have any doubt as to whether you should force to not make your intention too fast. And then while you're traveling, if you realize look, it's a bit too

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difficult, break your fast or if you're not even too difficult. If you realize midway into the flight, you know what lunch looks quite good. I'd rather want to break my fast than you can. But you can't go the other way around. You can't decide midway into the flight. Lunch doesn't look too good. I might as well fast. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna start fasting. That's not gonna work. Your intention must be there from the beginning. So the first question, do you have to have the intention before budget? Well, it depends it was compulsory. Yes, you do. If it's not compulsory, then it is you're allowed to have your indigent.

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Number two, which of the following statements are incorrect? Which one is incorrect? Number one, Ramadan is one of the four sacred months and this is incorrect. So the four sacred months is not really attached to Ramadan. It's attached to hajj and umrah and so therefore, the three months of hajj will get other don't hate them. And Muharram month number 1112 and number one, so the last two months of the year, and the first month of the year, those three months are sacred. And then Roger, Roger, like we said, Alana Burdick, now if you're Roger Shaban, Oberliga Ramadan, Raja is the month before Shabbat, that is one of the sacred months what is meant by sacred it doesn't mean sacred

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meaning holy, it means that fighting it is forbidden. There should be no warfare during those months. And why Why did Allah subhana wa dynamic for months where there should be no fighting because as we say, it's attached to hajj and umrah and people are traveling. And because people are moving and going between

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different locations, you could easily be caught up in a war zone. And so because of that, Allah made a demo, you know demarcated time when the hedges are moving around to get to Makkah, there should be no fighting at that time. And so that's why those are the four sacred months. Ramadan is of course the holiest month but it's not one of the four sacred months we're fighting is forbidden. The next statement, the devils are changing Ramadan Yes, we know this is a Hadith that the reason I mentioned that all the jinn, the devils for amongst the jinn there are chained up. And what this actually implies is that the those who encourage we know that the gene and I shouldn't say gene, I should say

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the devil's amongst the gene because you have good gene, the evil gene, they encourage us to do evil, they whisper in our ears and they tempt us and they you know, stoke our desires. And so anyone who commits sin in Ramadan, it is not the influence of the gym, or the devil's rather, it is our own knifes that is corrupted. So if a certain habit, we've done a certain sin so continuously, we have done this and so habitually, it has become second nature to us. We don't need the shaytaan to tell us to do it anymore. It leaves us on autopilot. And so that's why it's very dangerous to commit sin during Ramadan because it speaks to the true nature of ourselves. But the prophecy is reminding us

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that to do evil has been made more difficult, and that's why we see many people they give up many sinful things during Ramadan. hamdulillah some sisters are dressing more appropriately, the guys who are committing some major sins like drinking alcohol committing Zina. They'll say you know what Ramadan, we can't do these things. And hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah we see that we see that spirituality coming up during the month of Ramadan, partly be

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Because the devils are locked up the Quran was revealed in Ramadan yes we mentioned in fact Allah mentions that Ramadan is wholly not because we fast Ramadan is not the month of fasting or the month of tarawih it is the month of the Quran. The the reason why Ramadan is the most blessed month is because the most Blissett book came down in that month upon through the

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hands of the most Blissett Angel Jibreel to the heart of the bottle most blessed man Mohamed Salah Salem everything that the Quran touches the Quran touch the Ramadan so it became the best month the Quran touch Gibreel so became the greatest Angel we couldn't touch the resource Allah she became the greatest Navy and therefore the Quran is actually what makes the Ramadan special. nombre de Makkah was conquered in the month of Ramadan is correct that the conquest of Makkah happened in Ramadan and in fact many great battles like number II, the Battle of better occurred in the month of Ramadan. So Allah subhanaw taala has made the month of Ramadan, a special month in which there are many great

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victories that occurred during the month of Ramadan, like Spain, for example was conquered in the month of Ramadan, Pakistan was conquered in the month of Ramadan. So these are just extra blessings that is given to us during this month. That that's available to us. Okay, question number three, what is the name of the gate of Jannah preserved for those who fast so

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the prophets of the Quran mentions that Jana has eight

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gates, eight doors, and each door

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or entrances if we imagine a fortress, there are eight major entrances and inshAllah malapa. Granted we enter the doors of Jannah if not all of them, at least one of them. So these doors, they're assigned or ascribed to special people who have done special needs, you will go to the door, which was known you know, so every door every entrance is associated with a certain deed. So in one Hadith and it says the biggest door of Jannah and the middle door of Jana, meaning the main entrance of Jana is attached to your parents. Your parents are your biggest daughter Jana, your biggest entry into Jan. Another way to think of it though your biggest entry into Jana is through pleasing your

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parents. And there is another way to enter Jannah it is through fasting. And that dough the name of that though is the yarn. The dough of Jana that is associated with fasting is a yawn and So alhamdulillah for some people, they forced in Ramadan, they forced

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the Day of Arafah they forced Ashura the 10th of Muharram they forced Alhamdulillah Mondays and Thursdays every week. 52 That's 52 weeks a year, they forced the 60s of Chawan they forced the middle days of the month, the number 13/14 and 15th of every month and hamdulillah they do all the sudden these are the Sunnah fasting ready this is like basically all of them and with that, it is part of the life and they have Nirala except that they made this effort, then the inshallah will enter through the day the dough over the yarn. And so if maybe you think to yourself, you know what? Charity is difficult for me to help you it is difficult for me. reciting Quran is difficult for me

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there's a lot of things I can't do but fasting I find very easy. I can wake up I can you know have my surfboard and I can force the day without any issue that may be fasting should be the thing that you focus on so that you can enter through the door but I am Allah make us of those who will be counted to interfere with the dose of a question number four.

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Which of the following statements are correct? So what is correct amongst these four statements? The first statement is Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan with Eman with sincere faith and hope for the word of Allah. All his sins will be forgiven. So if a fast Ramadan, how do you fast you fast sincerely, with the hope of reward all your sins will be forgiven? Is a second codec. Yes, we know that. Yes, it's correct. And I use it so we have a stands in salah the month of Ramadan with iman. And hopefully the reward or lessons will be forgiven. This is also a correct it's also Hadith and whoever stands the night of Lukather with iman will have all the sins forgiven? Yes, the answer all

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of them. So the answer actually D is the correct answer. Because all of the above are correct. And again, this hadith is a Hadith which I'm sure you've you've heard, and it's been

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narrated to you so many times in the last few weeks especially, but just pause on this hadith. Why is Allah offering

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three ways in which your sins to be completely forgiven? It is as if the Allah is saying, listen, all mankind, you have all committed sins. You all have some a lot, some a little some of, you know, uncountable sins, but I'm giving you a month of amnesty. You know, it's like an alarm method Allah. We don't give Allah analogies, but it seems as though the bank says to all the data's anyone who owns us any bonds or mortgages, anyone who has a debt. This month, we're going to write off over debts. You're going to have all your data

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all your traffic finds all your Texas return of 00. Great, fantastic. How do I get it written off? Well, you have three ways of getting into flow. One way faster months sincerely spin the days during fasting. That's it just fast during the day sincerely, with iman. Beautiful fasting. Don't say anything that is haram. Don't look at anything that is haram. Don't act angry and frustrated, but fast. And you feel the pangs of hunger whenever you feel hungry or fatigue. At that moment, is an opportunity to say Al Hamdulillah Allah I am suffering or I'm struggling for your ciclismo jihad. I can go to any shop here Allah and buy anything to eat, but I'm telling myself no because Allahu

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Akbar. That is what Iman and I because I hope we already would. So hamdulillah that's one avenue to get to Jana. So one person might say, you know, I fasted Ramadan, but I'm an angry person. My fasting is not a beautiful fasting. So perhaps the other option option to stand the month in Salah every single night, make a point I want to stand in Salah sincerely. There shouldn't be a single night during Ramadan where at least you haven't made to raka as knuffel Salah with her shoot with your heart attached to Allah at least to rock as if you can't come to the masjid without Alia sometimes it's difficult for people to come every single making Tarawera so at home McDarrah, we, if

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you can't make a filter away, at least then and recite Quran, Allah wa and

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also some shortcuts in which the entire month so you'd say how do I stand the whole month in salah I can maybe stand for an hour every night got away, but the rest of the night it goes to outstanding. Well that Allah didn't say how much how many records you need to make or how many hours but there is a way to get the entire night in Salah two ways. One is come to the masjid for a shy and Fajr if you come the resources whoever makes a shy surah in the masjid, when it's written half the night he was in touch it and if you've come to the masjid for Fudger then the other half is served is written for him as Salah. So essentially by coming to the masjid for Isha and budget, you have the reward of an

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entire night in Salah. Then the other option for you whoever stands in thoroughly with the Imam from the beginning to the end, the entire night is written for him in Salah. So Subhanallah there is a way to have 60 nights of tarawih 60 nights of pmla in one month by split by doing these shortcuts. And So Al Hamdulillah that's another way to get all your sins forgiven. Now one person might say fasting 30 days and making Salah 30 Nights is too much I can't do that even to get all my sins forgiven too much easier. Give me another option. So the bank says okay fine, to make life easier for you to have all your debts all your son's everything written off. Stand the night of later the

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other in Salah spent that night in Salah. And when it's a little harder. Well it can only be in the last 10 nights. And if you really wanted to even make it even more specific the odd nights, certainly five nights and that is why we should push ourselves harder in the last 10 nights and especially harder in the odd nights to get all our sins forgiven within them. Allah grant all of us to leave the month of Ramadan sin this mean I mean

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question number five, why don't any questions online?

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No questions online. Right Question number five. And this is perhaps we there's a lot of discussion. So fasting is an easy act of worship, you know, to fast, it's not so difficult to just stay away from food and drink. There's no other choice attached to it. No other two hours are things to say. However, what complicates fasting is what breaks my fast what will invalidate my fasting and so we give you a list of things, do these things invalidate my fast. So number one vomiting accidentally No, if you vomit by accident, no problem, you continue fasting. If you vomit deliberately, you force yourself to vomit, then your fast is broken. Number Number two, if swearing so you're fasting and

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while you're busy working you know the balance sheet didn't manage it or if it's whatever you show is your first broken now you're fasting broken, you don't have to make cut off you don't have to make the day up but obviously it took away from the perfection of your force. That's a false thing. But no one should be swayed to begin with, but a fasting person more so than that. It should not be swearing as the responses who does not give up sinful speech.

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Then Allah is not in need of him giving up his food. So if you can't control what comes out of your mouth, when really what goes the the fasting is not that it's not it's not significant, but you're defeating the purpose. Having a weird dream during the day so mashallah, you had a nap Saturday afternoon of the Lord. You woke up a set time and you realize oh, you had a dream will you ejaculate it is your hostel fine. It is fine, no problem. You just hustle and your fasting is correct. If you ate to get fully so you had a sip of water, you had a cup of coffee and then you realize a but it's

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Ramadan what now no problem and hamdulillah Allah has written that for you you just continue fasting you don't have to make the day up no feed Yeah No cafardo Nothing is continue tasting the food without swallowing highly highly not recommended that if you are cooking food and you want to know is there enough sugar or salt in the food how am I going to know so you just put a little bit on your tongue and you taste and then you spit it out that is permissible and it does not break your fast. Similarly, taking wudu putting water in your mouth doesn't break your fast and brushing your teeth with toothpaste will not break your fast so long as you do not swallow intentionally. If by

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accident some water goes in, then it is inshallah forgiven but you must be very, very careful. Be very careful

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and intravenous drip what is intravenous drip you know sometimes people go to the hospital they dehydrated and so the doctor hooks you up to a

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drip and you are being nourished the letter this definitely breaks your fast because it's like eating it is like eating cutting nails on a basis misconception that ever cut my nails in my head during the day of Ramadan fasting is broken no incorrect. Do not confuse Iran with fasting you cannot cut your nails and he ate during during Hajj and Umrah when you have any haram but fasting no problem you can cut your nails you can cut your hair that's fine. Now the issue swimming in Can I swim during fasting again, highly not recommended one brother, mashallah, who works as a diver, he asked Can I continue to do my job to swim and dive, I said, Look, you what is not required, what is

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required of you is not to swallow water. If you if you were diving, or swimming and you swallow no water, you're, you're fasting is fine. But if you swallowing water, you shouldn't be doing it. And so therefore, it will not break your fast but it is very very dangerous. Can you hug your wife or foxing? Yes, you can. But you cannot go beyond like, you know, basically to the point of intercourse. Of course, that's not permissible smoking or break your fast insulin injections. Okay, so this is a complicated one does if I am diabetic and malignant you Shiva, and I need to take insulin, then what is recommended is you take insulin during the evenings. But if your situation is

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so severe, that you need to take insulin during the day. And you're and this is something for your doctors to advise, you have to obey the ruling of your doctor. If your doctor tells you you need to take insulin. And if you take it during the day, and if you don't, you will be harmed, you'll be harming your body, then it's haram for you not to take it. So you take it so now you took the insulin. So now in this situation, continue fasting. Make it as if though, you you because on the issue of insulin is two opinions one opinion says it breaks your fast the other opinions is no it doesn't. So take the opinion that it doesn't break your fast you continue fasting but to be double

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double safe, you need to pay a failure at the end of the month. So understand this there are two groups of there are two schools of thought the one group says the man who takes incident during the day is forces broken. So we say okay, fine, this force is broken, what must he do? So these scholars say there is nothing he can do, because he will forever need to take insulin. So what you need to do is pay philia you pay a figure, like the old person, like the person who is too sick to fast the granny, you will be like that person you will pay for every day you feed a hungry person you pay Vidya.

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The other option says insulin doesn't break your fast you take the incident and you continue to fast, it is preferred to take that opinion, and you pay the video. So this way you cover both bases you fast, and you pay the video. And I think the video is like 20 grand or something like that. I'm not sure. And that's not a big mark maybe six 700 grand for the whole month. You pay you fast and you play the video in shower. That's fine. Breastfeeding, does breastfeeding break your force? No, it does not break you fast. But the breastfeeding mother, if she feels that by breastfeeding, she will become weak or her milk will dry up while fasting if by fasting, she will not be able to

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nourish her baby, then she may break her fast, but she must make the data very, very important. If you do not fast because of breastfeeding, then you must make the day up you can't pay it off for the video. Also, it should not just be taken as a default. I'm breastfeeding and so I'm not going to force you should really assess yourself. Am I feeling up for it before Fajr two, I feel strong and some mothers for example go fast one day, then they would take a break then they're forced another day you should really try to fast but do not put yourself or your baby or your milk at risk. Eye drops and ear drops in shallow does not break your fast so if you need to use either of two ear

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drops, you won't break your fast even though you might have a taste at the back of your throat of the drops. It's fine nasal spray and asthma pump. Okay this is controversial. Some scholars said no doesn't break your fast. Other scholars say it differently picture fast. The general ruling in the Sharia is that name anything that goes through the nose in the mouth is deemed to be eating that's why when you take wudu while fasting you don't gobble and you don't pull the water although up your nose. It is sunnah to make Mother mother and is shocked. This is what the night

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Isn't there when we need to do he gobbled, and He sniffed the water up his nose.

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Besides Ramadan other day in Ramadan when his fasting he didn't do it. So what we understand from this hadith is we should not be putting water or a spray or anything to the back of our nose and the back of our mouth. If there is a liquid in the air enters our throat and our stomach, this character and the safest thing is it technically breaks your heart. And that's my opinion, Ilana, there are other scholars who have a different opinion. Anything that goes through the mouth and the nose all the way to the stomach breaks your fast. Some would say, Well, there's only a guessing there, there's no liquid in you, it's only a guess. And it goes to the lungs, like inhaling without inhale.

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Yes, indeed, something enters my mouth, but it goes to my lungs, that's fine, that doesn't break your fast. So really, it's a medical question. And the safest thing to do is avoid these things if you can only use the pumps of the mercury. And again, if you have to use it during the day, because the doctor advises when you use it, continue fasting, and if you can make the day up to be double double sure of the month of Ramadan Inshallah, if possible. Number six, what is the penalty for having intercourse during the day of Ramadan, so for any other so there are two things that are two types of breaking a fast, the one way of breaking your fast is to have intercourse. And then the

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other way is everything else. So if someone ate deliberately in the day, or he made himself vomit during the day, or he ejaculated without intercourse deliberately during the day, if you do any of these things, it's a major sin, you will never ever get the reward for that day back. Even if you fast every day from now on to piano what you lost in that one day of Ramadan is greater than like 1000 years of sunnah fasting. So you've made a major sin, you've lost the rewards of ALLAH forgive you and grant you that reward afterwards. And you need to make only one day, you don't need to for 60 days, you only make one name. So if you ate after the back, or if you smoked, whatever you make

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that one day. However, if you deliberately had intercourse during the day of Ramadan, may Allah forgive and predict, in this situation, you need to free a slave, you need to face like, of course that's possible. So then you need to fast for 60 days consecutively. Two months, one after the other, you need to fast. And if you're really ready cuando un you must try. If you get to the number 50 And then you've you fell, you made a mistake, you need to start over from the beginning, if you realize that I can't do 60 That's impossible, then you need to feed 60 people, and also Tobin is different. And you Subhanallah the reward or the day is is lost. So this is only with regard to

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having intercourse during Ramadan, that the major Cafaro of 60 days of fasting must be done.

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Number seven, which of the following is true with regards to the traveler. Okay, so let's just quickly get to the rules of traveling because the next few questions around traveling

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in the Sharia, the traveler, a person who is on a journey and he's traveling, he's given certain concessions, for example, he can shorten the forecast Salah into two. So the word acid and Ishai can become two rockers. And according to the majority of the scholars, besides to Harvey's, he's able to join the word an acid, and many many shy if you're traveling, and all the scholars agree as is also confirmed the Quran that if you are traveling, you may choose your other choice, I fall so I don't force it's up to you to decide whatever is easier, you choose the easiest option, don't choose the more difficult option. So for some people to travel and fast is easier than too fast outside of

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Ramadan. For example, if your flight is four o'clock that afternoon, one out you foster that you're ready for because you can only start breaking your fast when you're traveling. So only when you start traveling Can you break your fast so you say it yourself. I've already fasted for four o'clock, I might as well just fast the extra two hours and get the day and hamdullah you decide to fast if you've if you're traveling early in the morning, and it's you tiresome and you want to drink and you're thirsty. When you break your fast it's up to you decide. Okay?

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So traveling allows you to choose to foster now that's an option is in your hands. The complication with traveling is when do I become a traveler, and when do I stop being a traveler? Remember the rule if you are on a journey, if you are traveling, and the distance from your home or the your city will look at the city not just your house, the city

00:29:31--> 00:29:34

is 80 kilometres or more or 85 kilometers or more

00:29:35--> 00:29:59

when you are deemed a traveler. So if you're traveling from Cape Town to a place that is 85 kilometers outside of Cape Town, then technically you are deemed a traveler This is the classical view. modern scholars have said well if you yourself feel that that is a journey that also is required. And once you arrive at your destination, if you remain in that destination for four days or more, then from the moment you are

00:30:00--> 00:30:36

I arrived, you're no longer traveler. So let me give you an example. Mohammed travels from Cape Town to Johannesburg. The journey is more than 85 kilometres. So am I traveling? Yes, I'm a traveler. While I'm flying from Cape Town to Joburg. I'm a traveler. I can fast not fast. My choice. When I land in Joburg. Do I still need to be? Am I still a traveler? Well, now it depends. We ask you are you staying in Joburg for four days or more? If you say I'm only staying for three days, there was no problem. You continue to be a traveler. All those three days your traveler you can fast not fast. If you said, I've arrived in Joburg, I'm going to stay here for a week, a week is more than four

00:30:36--> 00:31:15

days. So then we say now you will have become a resident of Johannesburg, you will no longer travel your visa as a traveler is taken away from the minute you arrive in Johannesburg or at your hotel, you are no longer a traveler. And you need to fast complete. So in the question, if you travel for more than 85 kilometers, you become a traveler? Yes, that's correct. If a traveler stops for four days or more, he is no longer traveling. That's correct. Number see if you travel for more than 185. That's incorrect. The ruling is 85 for the 195. And the ruling is four days or more. And so D is on weekends continue on for number eight, if you

00:31:18--> 00:31:36

wait is a question. So just to confirm that I'm understanding correctly. If you know that you're going to be in a place for longer than four days, you don't count as a tabular form when you arrive. Yes. But if your journey gets extended, so I only intend to be with a few days. Excellent.

00:31:37--> 00:32:04

And then, you know, the meetings didn't go as planned, but they were staying an excellent fit, then a travel of another traveler from the third day or from the fourth day, right. So by us, if I arrived at the location, I flew from Cape Town to Dubai, and I only intend staying two days. So I know I'm still I'm still a traveler, it's less than four days, and that was good. But when I get to Dubai, something went wrong. And I ended up staying longer.

00:32:05--> 00:32:42

So long as you don't know how long you're staying, you continue to be a traveler. It rolls. But if after you land in Dubai, and you realize look, there's some issues, I'm going to be here for another week. Now I know I mean, I know I'm going to be in Dubai for more than four days, then you're you stopped being a traveler. So the minute you know, you will be in that location for more than four days. And then in the future. From that moment in time you no longer travel if you go to Dubai and we stayed there for three days. And then for example it was you know your flight got canceled and now you're gonna stay another two days. So yes, in total you stay five days, but I know I'm only

00:32:42--> 00:32:46

staying for two more days. You're still a traveler insha Allah and Allah knows best. Okay.

00:32:48--> 00:33:26

The next question if you're traveling then you have the choice to fast or break your fast we said that you decide it's not people think it's more holy or too fast or it's more holy to break your fast than reality is choose what Allah has gifted you to be easier. Take the option which makes your life most convenient. Number nine, Mohamed is traveling from Cape Town to Makkah on Umarov during Ramadan, which is false. Number C is false. Why? Before getting to Makkah, he stops in Dubai for a week. While he's in Dubai, he has not completed his journey to Makkah, therefore, he can continue not fasting. We said no. When he arrived in Dubai, he knew he's going to stay there for seven days.

00:33:26--> 00:33:35

So he's no longer a traveler, and therefore, and therefore the rules of Musashi falls away. And he's no longer a traveler. Number 10. Which of the following is true?

00:33:37--> 00:34:17

The temporary sick person can break his fast but must pay a failure. This is false. If you are temporarily sick in the month, in the month of Ramadan, you had the flu, or you had an infection and you need to take us for three days you're not fasting, you cannot pay a failure. At the end of Ramadan, you take those three days and you make the days that's what you need to do the permanently sick person the person on diabetes, and they can never fast or the person who is so old or to whatever, they can never ever fast for them, they pay a failure and what is the failure you pay you feed one poor person for every day you must sell 30 days with rest. You feed the people with 30

00:34:17--> 00:34:23

meals can be one person 30 meals or 30 people with one meal whatever, or 15 people with two meals, that's fine.

00:34:24--> 00:34:59

Number C breaking breastfeeding ladies do not need to make up missed fast days, so long as they pay the video. That's incorrect. If you breastfeed and you miss the days, you are deemed like a temporary sick person, but it's really not a permanent impediment to fasting. It's temporary. So the minute you stop breastfeeding, and you stop being pregnant, the same with pregnant, they have to make the days up. She estimate the days up after the month of Ramadan. And I know this is this is way too difficult, because a lady might say well, I was pregnant for 30 days. And then I was breastfeeding for another 30 days. Then I was pregnant again. So I've had 510

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

years of no fasting 300 days what happens? You need to make all those things up Sr. Ophelia is not enough Subhan Allah number 11. And we just moving quickly because it's my trip, which of the following with regards to aitikaf is incorrect. So aitikaf is where we stay in the masjid. And we say the last 10 days in the magic, you're not allowed to leave unless you have to go to go to the toilet or get food or stuff like that. But you can't leave for any other purposes. And while you're there, you you focus only on worshiping Allah, you can make a ticker for one day, half a day that's permissible. There's no limit as to how short it decaf can be. But it is also sooner not to exceed

00:35:38--> 00:36:13

the 10 last days of Ramadan. And the reason we did not spend the entire month in aitikaf is spent the last 10 days in the curve. So number eight, the profit from the decaf entire month included. He never spent the entire month in decaf, just the last 10 Nights. Number B can you women allowed to make tea coffee in the masjid? Yes, women are somehow not allowed for that to be Salam. They made it decaf in the masjid. And I said this is perhaps a forgotten sunnah where we haven't made facilities for the ladies to make it decaf. Can you talk to you? I'm doing it decaf. Is it valid? Yes, you can. So why are you in the masjid making it decaf? You can call your wife you can send a message that Mr.

00:36:13--> 00:36:36

Solemn he made the ticker. This was he was in the machine. And he put his head outside the door. And he asked Ayesha to wash his spine and know how beautiful his head was outside washing is a and he was inside the machine. If you cannot fast can you make it thicker? If yes, you can. So even if you can't fast you to ultra fast, you have diabetes, what we're going to Shiva, you're still allowed to make it decaf

00:36:37--> 00:37:12

then insha Allah. Unfortunately, it is the work of Maghrib and we have to conclude now, but the quiz is available and for this for those of you who wish to get the quiz and the answers, then this will be shared and you can look at the answers. And if any of it becomes complicated and you're not sure you can always message us and we'll try and answer but I hope and make dua that Allah grants you and your family and all of us the best Ramadan May Allah grant us to number one achieve and reach the month of Ramadan, may we benefit the full month of Ramadan May Allah Subhan Allah grant that all of our sins are forgiven at the end of the month of Ramadan and may we all achieve the award of native

00:37:13--> 00:37:30

Amin and we should not forget for those people who are not with us that for some people last year's Ramadan was the final Ramadan we asked Allah subhanaw taala to forgive them and pardoned them and grant them gentle fulfilled those Amin also let's say Mohammed already was happy with some saline, but I'm not gonna mean I said I'm Alec Mark la Hilbert Catherine