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Quran Compilation


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The Quran is a source of reference for history and is used for political purposes, including political references. Omar Omar, a successful leader, uses the Bible as a reference for his time in the military and his ability to write a book. The importance of testimony in a church is emphasized, as it is not common in many cases. The title "medicals in Islam" is discussed, and the speakers speculate on its meaning and its use. The need for regular practice in the field is emphasized, and the importance of preserving the Quran is emphasized.

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Now we get to the compilation record after the Battle of Rica, many of those who were known to be had memorized for an hour, and they died in the Battle of Riga and in Buhari for at least, Cena tells us that it was his idea for the Quran to be put in a book from now. How is the Quran preserved?

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The logic of the Quran? Yeah, the whole book? How did he receive the Quran? Question How is the Prophet received the Quran?

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Revelation right. And we know that there was a question that one person asked them so how do you get one? So the Prophet given gave example so so let me say sometimes, you know, the angel comes up, he'll comes to me and he will come as a man and you will decide the verses to me and I would memorize me, sometimes the verses will sort of automatically get downloaded into the mind

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of bells really difficult, become heavy,

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sometimes some Why is direct speech, our speech, no intermediate have lost history that led us on by the burning bush qualifier. And then I've recently experienced this once on Mirage, Allah speaks directly to the very, very, very few people. In fact, besides, besides, Musa, we don't know anyone who received direct speech from a Lost Planet Allah. So

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the promise will not receive the verses either through Julio in his heart in his mind, and then what would he do?

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He would not, he would sometimes call those Sahaba with rights. scribes dictate what I'm telling you write down what I'm saying to you. But the vast majority, 90 plus percent of the Sahaba 99% couldn't read or write. But many of them learn the Quran How did they learn the problem we taught them like they will say he taught us this like he told us the Fatiha meaning like this teach the small children and hamdulillah. He told them orally. And that's how many of Sahaba had memorized some or all of the Quran memorized.

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So when the person passed away,

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you had what did you have, you had a number of companions with memorize the Quran, a number of them who memorized parts of the Quran, some schools here, and a number of women were dropped pieces of the American down the newspaper even so the problem is they call an amputee to write this down. I mean, tomorrow's a cobra can write this down in a way that was close by so but again, it has maybe 345 students, anonymous people, five different schools, no one has a complete written Quran in his position, the same.

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That is what happened when the both passed away. That was how it was. So now we many of the father died, say no mercy, we need a complete written code like this. Let's collect all these bits and pieces and put it in one set.

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Nothing like a new one. We could take these pieces and put it in one book. This was a unanimous opinion to say no. Now you don't say no to this style. By now what's his leadership style?

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I exactly by the book is very valuable book. So when he see this as something like new or strange or saying,

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Look this, how can I do something?

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If this was a good idea, then the reason someone would do it, you know, we should just stick to it then A, B, C, D, and he didn't do this. So why should we do this? And so see now Omar was debating as a normal is a lot more logical, broad minded, he thinks of all the angles, and that's why he's very successful. So funny for later on. And eventually, I managed to convince the Packers for the first time zero 5150 to one how many debates even now because he's no no no. On this one. Say no Omar actually convinced Gawker to agree his put together in a book why cuz you escaped. If all of our guy we can have a problem. And it will have the same problem like

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today the Christians could look at the Bible. The Catholics have a different Bible for the Protestants. They have two last chapters in the Catholic Bible, you won't find the Protestant Bible, you opened the Orthodox Bible. These are chapters not not in the Catholic Bible. So you have in the Bible, you don't even know who they are. We don't even know who wrote the Bible. We have. We have for example, the Gospels Matthew, Matthew, Mark, Luke and john New Testament. They will say according to Matthew, according to Mark according to Luke, why according to so we got this from alum who wrote this, we don't know. But the church has decided to put it together.

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for 300 years. The church didn't have a standard, if you will. Bible. Many veterans

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Because he had the Quran, Majeed Burano had the Quran. That was how it was. And in fact, all religions, same with the Hindus, the same with the Jews. It's only this religion where you go to China same Quran as in Makkah even as the armory Subhan Allah they have a different prospect but at the same time like the she has same same Quran

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no debate as to a second Quran no second opinion all for mother same question. How did you get to because we unique no other religion on Earth has done this? How was it done? This was just a normal of doing this. And so this was about a year less than a year off the developers on right at the beginning and say no backlog Ilan. He said two houses so now how are we going to do this? How are we going to put the Quran together?

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They looked at the the person who they regarded as the most learned man in the Quran the best half in in Medina. The Prophet is understood therefore, if you learn the Quran, take the Quran from four people one wave

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away even become widely manageable. One of them was this lady me.

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His name is ADB Don't be confused as crusades. One z is we say,

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hey, Erica, what do we know?

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He was adopted son of enemies of Salah. He's the only name mentioned the Quran. The only Sahaba know

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that that's right. It's not like we're talking about the very, very famous raid the son of the adopted son. He's a longtime Osama's father who shamas father. He passed away in the back of the heart, it became palmolive Saifullah that battle was the first you know,

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this is a difference in this lady's a young boy. He's worked really well. Now. He's young man. 20 years old. When the Navy system comes to Medina. He was made. And he comes in as a young boy, 10 years old. They see these families in martial law. This is our son, they he's already memorized about 17 chapters of the Quran. Before they got to Medina. The Battle of the hood comes over young boys they want to fight in the battle. They all excited. They also conferences I want to fight to say no, you're too young. He said, because he was physically a scrawny guy. But in the promises, I want you to be my personal secretary, my pa could not EA my executive security system. In fact, in

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fact, Alice is more like a PA and runs around features especially z is more as the EAA executive said he takes notes. You know the difference between a PA and he, right? So they is the era of Vipassana youngboy system 16 1617. And he also could speak Hebrew for his time. He's like very clever, maybe physically not very strong, but the muscle you're very strong. And he could, he could write sunedison, salaam Tanzania would say I was the closest of the scribes will prescribe the Medina I was the closest to the house of medicine. So when a new verse came, he called me and he would write down. So they has a whole collection of Quranic papers, in his private clinics, that

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also is

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also what makes a very special. We know that when once every Ramadan, God would come and revise the Quran with an emphasis on them. So remember how the Quran is revealed in bits and pieces. So now you can even consolidate, we do a revision in Ramadan. Next year, we added a new sort of revision, the last year of analysis on basically a few months before he died, some wassalam GPU came and did a double division. He said we revised the Quran, that is to a second one. Okay. So this was also a sign for individual sanlam he was happening this is something new, why are we doing the Second Division and retina the vision is a was the summarization was present or immediately after he

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revised with an emphasis on them. So he has the most up to date. collection, we could say so so now, woman goes to his aide and he's sick and they say to him, we want you to be in charge of compiling the most half compiling the most, the most happiest.

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And most profit is a compilation basically, a manuscript Well, you know, we saw

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in the scriptures of you know, so almost half is written, Quran is recited. So they said, We want you to put the Quran in the platform code and compile it. They didn't say rewrites it collected from everyone and put it in one. Society Allah This is like if they asked me to move forward, it would have been easier for me than the specific big job. It's only three years old. But of course they convinced the minister you have to do this for the sake of the oma. So now,

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what gives the announcement that look if anyone has this question?

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Any writings, you must present to the lady sitting at the back of the machine, go to J presented to him, you need to provide a need to be two witnesses. Now what this means is either you need to have someone else with you to verify that you wrote this in the presence of the nervous system, the q&a and you wrote it down all that you wake

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up, you need to have a witness correct. So two witnesses for any verse in the Quran. Okay, and then you must Please introduce it, as they always have it and he has his own nose. And so this is how we compiled the

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link to Halliburton emphysema. He brings his note and no one else was worth to witness he never witnesses. So Hosea is the oldest hobby here are two verses at the end of Surah Surah Tauba at the end of the mind, sutra is about two verses. Way Jose must say I have a copy of IRA but he didn't have any witnesses. And some so how do we know this? Ayah but we don't have confirmation.

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I know it's amazing there was a man this is amazing. This is surely shows you the color of Allah hoceima as a unique status amongst all the Sahaba

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once the process of them was ebos a camel from a bitter one. And so he played the beta one. Beta one has been the beta one said no no, you never paid me. I don't have any money. If you have any witnesses being your witnesses Now that means you didn't have a witness. So it was a muster up is an annual witness. I was there and I saw what I didn't see. So now the videos Okay, fine. was caught in three gave the camera.

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So the promises to cause me How could you witness to something which you want to present? So Jose Massoud users who was, I believe, using you in bigger things than camels, I believe in you and all these things. So in the prophecies I listened to the CCS, so it was a man whose aim is testimony counts double meaning one whose aim is equal to two main meaning iranica either have two brothers, one brother and two women, we have one Jose Medina. So Jose, Emma is the only look, I only have me as a witness, but he can only count double. It's amazing. It's just amazing how this fits in. So they looked at this ayah and he says, I didn't have his own manuscript, he didn't have a day, but it

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was I memorized this I was man, for example, I memorize this, I know this, if it's crime. So they included so now, they included all these bits and pieces into it was half

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in between, he leaves the bones and all these things.

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The order of now we now we we understand that. These know they can be no debate as to authenticity. You have written two witnesses. Plus you have rights only memory and rights master copy his own private notes as a chick. And there was no one that said they didn't take mine. I was happy, sad, except you had no one that says they put something in there, which I know is not good. And they will know. The other half are also like Why didn't you Java, like even a bus? I mean, even my own even copies the most famous happy, no one. They debated about who should be qualified. So we heard about that. They debated about what to do with Malik. And last, but not one single Sahabi raised his hand

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and said this booklet you have here is a problem. Meaning it was unanimous. 100% unanimous, it's one of the Muslims can agree on 100% anything they chronically wasted on Milan Wednesday, they only agreed to focus hard on this only thing they agree how much cash to make.

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Make otaku but this this whole must be in the control bucket. This thing is this is the code and no additional subtraction. So now we asked people for harbor apply any of their own each daily. Me. So who's Emma brings to see if

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Massoud brings five is at 96 is who decided the order of the I

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understand the question here was this company that decided or was harbor decided? Because if the article you know, if you change the order of certain if you get a different meaning.

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We know that the officers are numb toward them when you when they memorize the order the sequence of the if I'm talking within sort of Baccarat is over 280 is which comes first and second. Second. What Why does Islam income at the end who said so it was come at the beginning. The Sahaba had no debate. There was no second opinion that this is the order of Surah Baqarah. This is the order of Surah Nisa. This is a sort of you understand the order of the ayah was agreed. But you might find some brands that have sort of Accra 200 and

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Get Your FREE 285 Why do some brands have more iron than the others? Why do you think

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they did they display disagreed? amongst way the iron spots? Is it one long iron? Like we're not sort of hard to

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train to be at a gym? One of the sorry.

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Sara Lee and

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Darlene isn't easy to hire one hire, something that we proposed was to separate I understand. That's not doesn't change the meaning. But there was some debate as to do we stop here. Oh is the new IRA. What is it doesn't change the meaning. There are no debate as to the sequence in this Torah. There is no debate. I think this is important for my

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readers if they knew exactly where it goes. They debated as to whether if they also Sahaba weren't sure what order to place the surahs.

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Again, so soon as the new authority has qualified, we had the opening of the corner so we know that comes to the beginning. The province on the CBD side, the last three pools the end. So when it comes to me, but some schools we don't know, must come first, let's euro. So some there was some debate. For example, the x Rosaura and file, they didn't know where to put it. They didn't know where do we put it on file. So we put it over, because it was similar to Adobe's run file about about jihad. And I think so they put them together. But the sequence of the surah does not mess up the meaning of the Quran. Right? Doesn't matter if you recite Surah Baqarah. And then you recite Surah Tauba. And he

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resets, the unit doesn't make a difference. So and the name of the sutra also, some of them the Sahaba gave the names the main topic of this world.

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But what we can come what we can conclude from this whole process is that this was an amazing job done by the Sahaba. and preserving the Quran in the first manuscript. No religion on Earth, had a book that was pretty religious book was preserved within the first year of the death of the leader. Then there was no even HDR so Harmon didn't even have to put any of their own bias if it's a big difference in the swallow. And actually, when they made a decision, if you look at the Bible, 300 years, often the ISA the Allah ma the Christians got together, they said, I have Bible you know, the ones that I have this Bible so they looked at it, like over 2000 different gospels 2000 they said

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we'll take these four as well there is not going to take five places, how did you choose which one you can pass a factor like that based on what Sahaba didn't do any of that?

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They took it as opposed to them so now you have this master copy this book.

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And who kept this book? Who was given that master copy? Okay. So

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when he passed away he gave it to say nobody

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now interesting yet when we get to say no, no, no before say no died, there wasn't a clear leader yet. So no one selected a panel six, you guys decide. He put the committee and he didn't want to give the Quran the most has to any of them, because we gave it to one cow doesn't know what is crazy to me. So he said in the meantime, I give it to my daughter Hassan, who's

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totally normal and wife of Nabisco samsa. She had the most

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interesting side note here. I was doing some research on women's rights. Do you know that up until 1920, but even 100 years ago, it was illegal for sisters to practice law and accounting in England.

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anymore England, she couldn't practice account why you're not competent enough to deal with numbers and low. That was the Indian? Yeah, the Sahaba realized, look, if we're gonna give this Quran to someone, the only one on Earth, they gave it to a lady.

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And she kept this was half and then after signals my became the halifa it stayed with her. So she had the only mishap on Earth, living the kind of signals man must speed and it included non Arabs now, before the Arabs if you know, you know, you know, you don't have to learn, you know, read Shakespeare to know if you say

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the dog or go into the shop. This is wrong. It doesn't make sense. It's grammatically incorrect. So the Arabs naturally when they recited the Quran, they knew what sounded right and wrong. But when non Arabs came, they started reciting all over the places. They didn't because they don't even they don't know the language. So when this started to happen,

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the complaint signals man was the Holy Father. Look, we need to

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standardize it. We need to make sure that every center in the world now is the Omi spread all the way from North Africa, all the way to the other side of the world. We need to make sure that the Quran they have is standardized.

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So what we did was say North man is pleased to have saw and he said, Can I borrow that monster?

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Copy that you have, and we're gonna make a few replicas, we get a copy, What's the next one? Understand what you need, and who was still alive, Lady still alive, that same z still alive. And so he means even charge of this operation. And he calls eight, select six, a team, what do you say?

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Now, select a team of six, and revise what you need. And then make seven eight copies of this monster copy. And we will send it to every to Damascus to all the major cities in the world. And we'll tell the Muslim, this is the official standard quote and whatever. And he also stated as controversial, you see if anyone has any papers burn this, because we don't know if this is compliant or not compliant. Allah Allah was indeed I don't know. But this thing that we sending you is 100% authentic. So some of the Quranic manuscripts were burned. Some people say, Why do you get upset when this piece to this person in America wants to burn the Koran? You get so upset with mine

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and burn couldn't even burn Quran out of respect? How do you get rid of a page of Quran, you burn it, we build it. So this was two out of respect it was burn you want to burn out of this respect. So definitely big difference, right? So these master copies were sent to every children in the world. And in those those were taught, and until a homily like today, we have no debates amongst any mother any sick even in Islam, that disputes a single word dot sentence with regards to the authenticity of this book. No religion on earth can say that. No religion on earth can we had no edition?

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Didn't need to revise rewrite anything. Quran was perfect from day one it is as it was revealed. And

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what makes this worse is it it's it's amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing. We have written forms of the Quran going back 50 years of the different persona we have actually those manuscripts still surviving in museums across the world. And if you take the vet Quran that was that must have must have you think this was happier? identical? No, no contradiction but one liter something of the medicals and almost one says that we are the ones that revealed the score on what happened on five times in the analysis and we will surely be preserved we will preserve the square you don't have to worry about it's going to be preserved COVID Fei and he did not allow this for me in gym a lot of

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buildings, but he did not say that about those books. This one is our preserve it and so Keanu always really to a people who couldn't eat all right. So people were not from the same type of learning to preserve this one line is only from

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us as Muslims great blessing that Allah has preserved this. We have this new stuff you have no you can have no full surety no NGC nope what Mr. boddy played in tampered with us Quran. This is purely from Sula, sola salon

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and in one of the great achievements in St. Nicholas Caliphate, you see how Allah preserved the Muslim

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how much he did to keep the women safe while hamdulillah any questions

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no questions. inshallah I will see you in two weeks time to is

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Salaam Alaikum