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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of staying prepared for upcoming dams and not rushing to do things at once. They stress the need to focus on the day and not just on the month, as it is crucial for success in achieving Islam's pillars, forgiveness, and rewarding one's mistake. The speakers emphasize the importance of practice and avoiding distractions, and urge attendees to donate and receive a reward for their efforts. They also emphasize the need to save money and avoid negative deeds to achieve goals and avoid wasting time.
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Are we live in Toronto James Miller of Manor human hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain our beloved brothers Islam assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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All Praise to Allah Subhana Allah our Lord our Creator, sustainer Chateau La ilaha illa Allah I bear witness that man has the right to be worshipped but Allah subhana wa tada We ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us in this block of Juma to grant us to see through the rest of Shabbat and to enter into the month of Ramadan was colossal hanos Allah to bless all the muslimeen this year and the years to come to ask Allah subhana wa tada to say no greetings or love or salutations to be our beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family and companions and all those who follow his student until the end of time, I mean Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah today insha Allah will be the last Juma before Ramadan. 2017. And this is a very big event and moments for each and every one of us. And like every big moments and events, if it's maybe you're waiting, maybe it's your graduation, maybe it's whatever it might be in your life. It's important to be prepared and get the mindset ready for Ramadan. Because this is a highlight in your not just this year for the highlight in your life and your objective, your purpose in this dunya why you are created. we reflect on that. We know Allah subhanho wa Taala lost it in the Quran. What's the cool Yeoman to Jonah de la la. Remember, be conscious about the day you return back to Allah

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subhana wa Tada.

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This time on this dunya is only momentary, that everything that you have in your dunya is only for a short period, your health, your family, your wealth, it's it's given to you but you know you came in with nothing and you're going to exit with nothing.

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So the true objective of life, the true objective and the meaning why you and I are here, we need to reflect on them. We take this moment to think of the big picture. Allah subhanho wa Taala puts us on this journey for a reason a purpose to worship Him and draw near to him. It when we look at our lives we know all the good deeds we don't do all the sooner acts the fast and that we've missed the targets we've missed the compulsory things we've missed an all the sins that we do against Allah subhanaw taala and we all know that we are not in a perfect position. None of us can say we are ready to meet Allah subhanaw taala and that's why Allah says Allah come with the castle, this dunya

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and chasing after the dunya and living in the dunya it distracts you it keeps you blinded has room to mahaveer only when you get to the cobbler only when you and I go to the cupboard when we wake up that our eyes will only wake up the day we into the cupboard color sofa Allah Muna metalla sofa Allah moon, no You shall come to know Allah says the day you into the cupboard. The day those people carry your body, they wash your body, they bring it to the manager and make Serato Jenna's on you and me and they take you to the copper and even your most beloved of beloved's will leave you alone. That's the day we will come to know what did I do in the life? My position what was my time? How did

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I spend my time calidad de la Muna Illuminati you know, if you knew was a sure knowledge, the thoroughness lateral lateral Onoda him that you will see j in the fire you will see jahannam to maratona in eliakim. And then you will see with certainty that was tomorrow to saloon neomycin and nine that the day of pm We shall be asked about the delights about our life.

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So the reality of life and death. We get distracted by the dunya we get distracted by work, by deadlines by exams by family. No, nothing wrong, but we need to focus and wake up before we wake up in the cover. And that's why Allah gives us these bonus moments. He gives us these gifts to bring us back on track

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where in the light of our reason for loving to prepare ourselves for that piano if we haven't done it every single day of our life. If months have gone for us and we didn't really wake up well Allah gives us this Ramadan gives us these moments that we should wake up that in our race and our duty to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala no matter where we are, no matter how far back we are in this race, the weather how many sins we've made. Allah gives you this Ramadan. This bonus this one month is 30 days. Take it and it will put you back on track. But it will get you ready. But if you attain if you and I really benefit from Ramadan

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At the end of Ramadan, you are ready to die to meet Allah subhanaw taala. Really the person who captures Ramadan correctly, when he scales and his position with Allah, he has succeeded. He has crossed that line of the importance of Ramadan. And as I said, when you look at Ramadan, don't look at that as only as a month of fasting, I have to do a certain things and get through the month. Look at it, that my life is in the balance. And this is an exam for my success of Jana, Jana. But between me and Jen or Jana are these 30 days, my life is on the line. You and You and I Our lives are underlined depending on how we experience this phenomenon. And we only have a limited number of

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Ramadan's in our life. Still molecule mode is busy. We know people who are passing away yesterday will pass away today might be you might be me. We will not get to Ramadan. We only are given a few number of Ramadan's and that's it. And this bonus doesn't come for everybody. It might be that this be your last number will not be my last Ramadan. And you only need one you and I we only need one to get us on par with Allah subhanaw taala. To confirm our place in general, every day of Ramadan is an opportunity to get yourself into Jenna no matter where you are today. But 30 days from now, you could be agenda person, even if today while maybe last summer holla we might have janam against our

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names. We are on course for jahannam. But this month can bring us the agenda of the events of this thing just to remind you know all these things that it is, as I said, a major event in your life. It is one of those blessings I was going to ask each and every one of us How did we use this Ramadan

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is a pillar of our Islam.

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This is what makes you a Muslim. This is what your deen is both on that all the fasting that you could do in your life will not equal one day of compulsory fasting. But you have three opportunities to get all your sins forgiven. Three things that Miss also says whoever fast the month of Ramadan with Iman, and hope for the reward all your sins will be forgiven. If you fast correctly. 30 days 29 days fasted correctly guaranteed all your sins will be forgiven. If that's too difficult for you, when you ever stands every single night in Ramadan, or continue or stands regularly in Salam during the month of Ramadan with a man and hopefully you would all your sins will be forgiven. So either

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the day, you get your sins forgiven overnight. And if still, you can't do it consistently throughout the 30 days. Then if you are lucky enough to stand the night of laser color, inshallah with

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ALLAH forgive only when it's so easy for us to get our sins forgiven, that the prophets of RL seldom said only a person cut off a person who is really, really first but Allah will not get the mercy of this month, that it's almost impossible to lose out in this month for everybody. Even the biggest sinner of sinners will get mercy this month. If you make a little bit of effort.

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Remember you are doing that which Allah loves the most.

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There is nothing Allah loves more than you doing the Torah is the compulsory and you're giving Allah that which he loves the most. So those days while you are fasting, tell yourself I'm accomplishing a pillar of the man that I am affirming my position as a Muslim, and I'm doing the same Allah loves the most. And that's why Allah says very word for Ramadan. One of the rewards is that he cannot explain what it is. You must only see it, it's hidden for you only on piano, everyone will receive the reward individually.

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There is a hadith that I've mentioned before. There were two brothers who came to the province of Solomon embraced Islam. And the one went out in full Jihad and died and the other lived for another year and died a natural death and thought ha one of the tin promised, Jenna tends to harvest from Jonathan obey the law around your lawn. He saw them in his dream. And he saw them going through the gates of Jenna. And they were standing to intergender and the man who died the natural death was admitted first agenda and the time passed. And then the Shahid intergender after him and Paul How was shocked and amazed by this dream and he asked the prophets of Salaam about it. And then Ibiza

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Salas salvado, Selim said, Why are you amazed that the guy who died a normal day went to Jennifer's Didn't he have one extra year of life? And in that life, that extra year he got one external bond, meaning that he would have this one Ramadan is greater than even that he would have a shade.

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Why? I mean, you asked How's that possible? Well, this is a pillar of Islam. jihad is not one of the five pillars of Islam.

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Ramadan is greater access ibadah and each and every one of us who are in the you know if we will go on Hajj Alhamdulillah that mindset is sometimes we we repeat years in advance, we go for Hajj classes, it's a big date we circle if we were going to take off our flight is that day, if we were going on jihad, it will be on our minds. And we therefore need to get into the Ramadan mindset. If you look at these howdy Allah lobby system does not say if you stand in Salah, and if you fast you will get the reward if you stand and if you force what man and hopefully woods and these two things are an internal, it's a mindset. Two people can be not eating, but one is fasting and other one is

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not fasting.

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So the part the important thing for us to do in these six hours or so five hours before Ramadan enters is to get that mindset right, because we will be judged not just on what we do outside, but how we are doing it on the inside. And one successful Ramadan, as I said is all you need. These 30 days are your taste mightest these 30 days can fix my dunya and mascara, fix all my problems, all the issues in my life. It's this It's nice to see there is that battle I need to do with myself is not to lose a single moment of these 30 days. And if you get the full reward of it, if you get all the rewards of Ramadan insha Allah.

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As I said, there's no reward that can be given except freedom from gentlemen, and a place in general.

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On this month, also, we understand that they will be this night of labor color.

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I want you to this is not about things you don't know. But it's maybe to reflect and think about it. When ever you wake up. And I wake up in Ramadan. And this opportunity to do something which is not the best in terms of time, you must think this could be this this hour, two hours could be the difference between gender and gender. But if I made eba now, and unlike sips this webinar, all my sins can be forgiven. That's the thing we need to think about. And in this month in these 30 days is the night of destiny, a night where Allah subhanho wa Taala will be creed, your life, my life when you die when I die. If the rain is going to come back, okay from your wallet.

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If you go you Your job is going to give you music or you're going to lose your job if your children are going to be healthy or unhealthy. If life and death if gender is for you. jahannam is going to be decreed it's going to be determined within these 30 days to come. But neither one of these it could be tonight.

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Yes, it's most likely in the last 10 nights in odd nights but it could also be outside of the last in life. It could be tonight that lives in Scotland to cover that night of destiny is coming and therefore every night you should ask yourself if tonight will lead to color and my decrees and my position in the answer is determined. Am I ready? Do I feel I've done in Africa Zoo You and I have the opportunity to make dua for that. To be decreed in my favor.

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We all believe with regards to freewill and destiny is a while Allah decrees he also gives you and me the ability and the option to make dua that we can increase our music. We can even increase our life

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that you can even go beyond the moment that is destined for you to die unlocking changing for you through us and good deeds. And that day that night is coming it can only be one of these 30 days.

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Listen so this night if you capture this night in Sala and in Nevada, it forgives all your sins. If you capture this night into our it opens the doors of your future. If you capture this night in Avada and it's accepted better than 1000 months and what will make you understand what that is that it is 83 years of perfect worship. If you capture this one might have led to others and maybe just a way for us to understand I say this always think about your salary is the 25th right people you people get paid. Think about your salary, your monthly salary, times by 1000 that's what you're going to get for one night of Nevada.

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If your boss told you come in tonight work from Missouri pencil budget and I'm going to give you 1000 month salary

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a lifetime of reward just for these few hours. None of us would lose out. Even if he said Listen, if you work properly this these 30 days.

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Every single night, you don't lose out a single second of that 30 nights and I give you a salary of 1000 months each and every one of us will be meticulous. Remember this is Jana and Jana mean the balance

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if we capture all of us can do it and I don't want us to feel a lot of people come in with already a defeated mindset. chiffon is working hard, you know he's going to be locked up soon. You know, he's

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parole is going to be revoked soon. So he's working very hard to plant those seeds of negativity. But you can't get the this is only for the only year now.

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Think of all all of us think of our citizens that we do. This is between us and Allah. I haven't done enough here a lot to save myself. But this month is there for you to save you from those sins. I haven't done enough eba that, that on the day of piano, Allah is going away our deeds. And if the pen The scale is heavier, our good deeds are more than our bad deeds. If our Salah are forcing our charities more than that around, we looked at the Haram we eat the Haram we do, then we go to Jen and it's like,

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it's going to be difficult for us.

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And we need to ask ourselves, where is our current standing? Are we in the negative or in the positive where a lot and even if you are in the most extreme negative, this 30 days can take you out and override all that negativity into positive will take you out. It's like someone telling you a new Sharia Sharia compliant bond. Whatever dates you have these 30 days, if you ask and you make proper, all your dates will be scrapped.

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You've got this amnesty in the 60 days, these 30 nights all of us.

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So how do we make the most of it, because unfortunately, we can't give up our jobs. And we can't put our families on pause and spend the entire 30 days and nights in the thick of it even though we'd love to do that. But that's not the way the promises and foster dunia continues, and the temptations will continue. The restaurants will continue making lovely food and you'll have to pass by and you'll be fasting. The TV programs will continue on TV while you're coming for tarawih

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procedures. So the cricketers for the All Blacks in the face of many of you here will play and you will have to choose that is your taste? Do I choose that over my agenda? Every moment? The thesis of fasting is that do I choose this thing? Or do I choose this thing? Or my decree? That's the moment and the conversation we must have every second of Ramadan I need to eat. So how do you make the most was still having to see to all your commitments.

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Do something good every single month.

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So don't be of those, you know, like those people experiencing ibadah is not a sprint, it's a marathon. And it's better that you do a little every nice thing to three nights a lot.

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Why? Because if you make salsa every single night of Ramadan, even a little you recite a little bit of Quran every single night you give charity every single night of Ramadan, it means that one of those nights was led to color and you did good deeds online.

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So many people keep the zakka and the charity during Ramadan.

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You can just give it if you want to give all of it in the beginning was the end during the last 10 nights Alhamdulillah. But if you spread it out throughout the Ramadan, it maximizes your opportunity to capture a little closer. We know also, the Hadith says whoever makes Salah regularly during the month of Ramadan. Now if you look at it, we still only making one or two hours of salah and the rest of the night will not listen to Salah. So how do I maximize it does it mean I need to make sure that the entire night? Well if you do that, you're obviously capturing your chance of inserting gender. But a shortcut to that is whoever makes Allah to Tara with with the Imam and we toured with him, you

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stay the entire program with the Imam. Then the Prophet mentions in this hadith that the entire night will be listening for you SPM will nail

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so if you make every far away with the Imam until the end, then you're guaranteed Yala for 30 days and nights. For 30 nights I made Sala the entire night.

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You maximizing your opportunity to give the words of Ramadan

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as part of this month is about change.

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We know the short cut of getting rewards is to get someone to break the fast so make an effort to get people to break their past by your hands. And the powerful times we do ours never is to have a false thing personally rejected only it's a given to you in a way which you don't understand. Each and every one of us and some scholars have said spin these few hours before I move on make a list what do I need, so and so is sick, so and so's exams are coming up. So when she was about to get married, we're looking to get married. So when so needs this the business is struggling make a list. You have 30 days where you are not going to be rejected, especially before mothering that time

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around the book a table

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and we want to have conversations and it's good to meet one another but spin that time into ah I need to make to offer this these I only have to see opportunities. Think about it. You have city opportunities where Allah says come to my office, whatever you ask, I'll give it to you.

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Now how can we let those opportunities go to waste

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So think clearly about what I need to make to afford. And don't forget the oma at large. Don't forget the rain that we need. So forget Cydia in your drawers, all of us to ask and change. If you can change your day, you can change everything. So make this firm effort that I want to make as much as I can, especially at the moment before Mother's Day when I break my force, and things to avoid during Ramadan. If food and drink is required by law to give up which is halal, then what about sudden, suddenly have to give up. And if we continue to do is doing sin after a month during Ramadan, it's really an indication of our our bad side, because chiffon is locked up and remove

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distractions. Maybe it's a good time not to renew your DSTV subscription this month. Or to put your phones aside, deactivate your Facebook or for the sisters to leave the kitchen a little bit. These things distract you. Every moment every second, you must ask, Is it better for me to do this which will be making to offer my offer? Or is it better for me to do this to secure my place in general. We don't know when that moment is going to come when the doors are most was stirred up. We don't know exactly. And that moment could be wasted by doing something that distracts you. So try your best to avoid those distractions. And remember one of the things that break that prevents our ibadat

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from being fully accepted or when we have broken relationships. Even if someone so is so wrong and he did something wrong. Try to mean those thinking that Ramadan Mubarak,

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you haven't spoken to your brother or sister or someone for long periods of time. Don't do it for them. Do it for Allah sake for yourself. Do it for yourself into the month on a clean slate. If you have any grudges, this is a month you want to be forgiven. Then you need to forgive. So these are the three Ramadan things that we need to do. It's easy to not eat, it's easy to stand, but it's very difficult to change the heart and that happens starts happening it should have happened before it starts happening now already. So make a firm year as we said everything comes down to near in Albania. Allah will reward you for your intentions and Nia is not to say now wait for some of us

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that's not the Nia we talking about? The Ramadan begins tonight Maverick time the Nia needs to be ready before that Nia that not only do I want to force correctly Allah but I want to capture every blessing of Ramadan I was going to shower down blessings I want to capture every single gift. I want this Ramadan to be the best Ramadan that every dollar that I can make I'm gonna make

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that every mistake that I have against my name you're gonna forgive it this month that's the new year and believe that believe in your heart that's going to happen and we will do the efforts nothing amazing. Fast and avoid sin. Stan every nicely Sala a bit of it recites a little bit of Quran. Avoid haram Don't waste time and let's see that's all there is required. Not talking about making 60 hearts on those things.

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So for the very special but for the rest of us. We do something

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to conclude

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we know that the purpose of Ramadan Allah subhanho wa Taala stresses the IRS which you have been inundated you've heard this so many times coming up to Ramadan. Yeah, you will already know Amina Amano quotevalet coo coo coo, COO, coo coo coo. Allah says fasting is prescribed so that you may attain taqwa,

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positive unir and your objective is to say Allah. If my Ramadan is successful, how do I know it's successful? I've obtained support that he is really the day that you will determine whether your Ramadan was successful or not. However, obtain taqwa taqwa is about your relationship with Allah

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is a lot closer to me than before Ramadan. Do I have a better relationship with Allah? Do I have a better connection with Allah won't be that you change everything overnight. You won't be a valley overnight. Although side note here during Ramadan while you're fasting, Allah says the thing I love the most The thing that makes you a valley is what I have made compulsory. You know you are doing the very thing that any of the only I will be doing that if Mohammed Salam was here, he'd be doing what you're doing fasting.

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You are really doing what they're doing.

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But what did remain with you after Ramadan. That's the challenge. When you find taqwa and Allah also mentions two other important points about Ramadan. Allah does not say Ramadan is the month when the Buddha needs to come out. And Ramadan is the month of some verses and pious and Ramadan is the month of Torah we know Ramadan is the month of

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Ramadan is the month of Quran. Throughout the Quran. This is a theme that people are reminded and you either acknowledge the reminder you turn away for your own deployment. Ramadan forces you to come back to the Quran. Another important objective so one objective number one, attain taqwa.

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I mean be closer to Allah after Ramadan than before Ramadan

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have more confidence in raising your hands into our to Allah feel happier when you think of Allah. Hopefully this will develop number to have a basic relationship and appreciation and love for the Quran how you develop your love for the Quran oh that's up to you either through listening or reciting we do have seen listening to lectures, our series here in the masjid is going to be seen not just ama, but of the commonly recycled probably from what till the end of June. So the ayah that we recite every day to understand what these things are, what what is the meaning of the sutras that's our inshallah theme for the CFX. So

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Objective Number two is you need to build a relationship with the Quran And lastly, Allah Allah calm slash guru, that you will feel grateful for the blessings. So Allah deprives you of your wife of your food for that for the day, Allah takes away a little bit of your time in Salah. So that when things go back to normal, and Hamdulillah, I appreciate it. So when I see the man on the street hungry, I can now understand what he's feeling throughout the year. I never feel what he's feeling, but now I understand. So those three things are your objectives. And it can be just costing and standing without achieving the objective. Oh, it can be achieved. Just through a mindset as this,

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you know, most of the most of you years of sporting people, when you enter a big tournament as a BMI, big mature PMT, BMT big massive.

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Amaya, right? That big match temperament that big. That mentality that I'm including something big. But this is my final. And it could be my final and I move on.

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Must have that mindset. You see the mahadji when he goes for alpha, because he knows I don't know if I'm going to come back to this point. I only have this date. And that's it. Well, I might only have this month and that's it. But that's all you need. It's all you need. All you need is one that I'm about all you need is one Ramadan to introduce agenda to make you dinner right to bring the reigns back to stop the wars in Syria is one Ramadan was giving you and in this month so we have a few hours left of Allah granted that we live through it and get through Ramadan.

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And that this be our base Ramadan. This Ramadan is the base Ramadan, that we leave nothing on the bench if we do anything of the avoid those distractions. fix those relationships, build that bond with Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah you've given us a blessing, which no other no other woman was given this, like us. It's a favor to us. That we can attain the highest place in gender the highest places in general for this woman. Why? Because you got gifts like Ramadan and laser cutters which no other woman really received. So that's in our hands insha Allah Allah subhanaw taala we pray and hope and ask Allah to assist us to not to be distracted to get our mindset right and to make the Nia

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sincere May Allah grant us to see through the month fully and perfectly I mean when hamdulillah

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just a few announcements that insha Allah, as I said,

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inshallah, our program will begin here in Sha is similar

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to Shadow DOM Pooja will be given at quarter past seven, and the theme inshallah would be Tafseer of juice. I'm a bit anxious to manage all of this I'm really the last half the show to schools and

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every evening on Sundays or Saturdays every Saturday evening after thoroughly and there will be another exercise of so not too late, starting from about half past nine. And the last thing my son shall be continuous every night.

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We will once again collect Lusaka in Zakah that needs to be paid from among to be sponsored, give us your free throw. That is about 40 Rand pietra every single person must face it before he before the day of the before each Salah begins to withdraw 40 plus 40 Rand for every member of your family, for those who are unable to pass and their peoples behind all that stuff. Always odd that even though the doctor says you must not force PT, she still says How can you not force I still want to force but if really you're unable to forgive somebody wants to make you suffer. And it's 10 million CDs every day you must

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in the that so please be collecting those things and distribute. And for those who attend the program so far, they come from very far and wide from very far. If you'd like to donate to the program as he stands and is donated to that, that your assets, everyone that makes Allah you get rewarded for that. So please donate as well for the benefit of our forefathers and a lot of them are thinking of the time and resources that will have saved them for another full time. Segura. They're working so they're taking up the time as best they can. We're also having the soup kitchen with people that will be extended now in the evening. So again, you want to feed people the superfan is

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making good work. And the manager as well will have a star programs you want to donate to the dates or whatever it might be. You can donate to that

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There'll be parcels there people's panel law that you know the people we know in the community who don't have food. To break this off Maverick time

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comes to the end of the month, then they don't really have much, maybe a glass of water. So we said we don't want anyone not to have a woman in Ramadan. So parcels are given out now ready in Ramadan for people during Ramadan. If you'd like to donate to that. Please assist the 15th of Ramadan, we bring the orphans from the difference in the Muslim orphans. I think about it. Ramadan is a family time. We all know that. Where everyone sits around the table, mommy and daddy and we brings us together. How does it feel for an orphan who doesn't have family in Ramadan? for one day in the year and this is the best we do. And we should do so much more the 15th of Ramadan, we bring the orphans

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and all the Muslim or the Muslim orphans in the different orphanages as best we can. We bring them we give them a day out we have a big star with them. And we give them the stationery and whatever the things they need for the year. But just it's not for them. It's for us. For us to soften our hearts

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to see the blessings only when you see what other people don't have. You realize what you have is an amazing thing. Even if you don't donate No problem, come and attend the function. I don't know if any of us have seen as the meal was an orphan, spin us around the table. And just it's a different mindset. The man came centerpieces and said My house is soft. It's hard. I don't feel sad when I hear about pianos so hobbies I don't feel sad or cry when I have a gentleman fix my heart. Let me spend time with an orphan to fix your heart. Spend some time with the orphans shala and then of course the eat we'll talk more about this the Maharaja can

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eat sushi. They make the pasta food. We'll talk more about that towards the end of Ramadan. Then of course the Buddha treats. It's been loaned 26 2017 because it's out and it's available for purchase under 60 Rand again all of this is this is not not for profit, whatever exists is made use our nursery school goes for the upkeep of the masjid. So please for the wife, the bucatini so as a quick reminder, something good and the some of the key features some articles and

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some very beneficial articles from scholars throughout Cape Town and the rest of the world have contributed to writing the cases. So please the year if the team thinks one year they begin basically after I move on to the next edition. So please, assist and we we hope to see all of you inshallah tonight if you can, as our program is not in keep assuming to us please keep the messages in our community in new to us. molars publishers once again in this Ramadan I mean what sort of Lala signum hamadryad early

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philomene cerametallic


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