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The history of the Middle East is discussed, including the rise of Islam and the rise of Islamist movement. The conflict between the army of the Middle East and the United States in Syria is also mentioned, leading to mass civil war and the arrival of the army of the Greatest God. The conflict is related to the fall of the United States in Syria and the arrival of the army of the Greatest God. The potential for violence is also discussed, including the return of Mahdi and the implementation of the new Islam.

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From the villa unlike number four will be ready as well. hamdulillah last night we spoke about some of the minus signs that Subhanallah we can see unfolding in front of our eyes. And

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ants Subhan Allah, most of the signs that were prophesized within a visa Salam, as the minus signs before Kiama. Many of them have occurred already, but not all of them have occurred. For example, there is a sign that one of the Mito Salam says, Before Qiyamah is established, there would be a huge treasure. It's not on the slides, a huge treasure that will be under the Euphrates River. There'll be a treasure that is found under the Euphrates River, and the world will fight over this treasure and no one no Muslims should be part of it. It will cause a lot of fitna now that hasn't occurred yet. And we know that some of the signs of Qiyamah and again, it's really difficult to

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these narrations do we take it literally? Or is it figurative is mentioned about fighting with old weapons, fighting on horses fighting with bows and arrows? Is this because there'll be solemn Of course, not seeing tanks and airplanes? Or is it literally going to come like that? As I think it was Albert Einstein that said, that I know I don't know what weapons we'll use to fight World war three, what technology but I know that will will fall will be fought with sticks and stones, meaning that at some point, if mankind uses this technology to fight each other, it would be post apocalyptic, we'll go back to the Stone Age, we'll bomb each ourselves, the Stone Age Allah on this

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one, what's meet what is mean? We also know that a time will come when Medina and Mecca and Hajj and the Kaaba will all be abandoned. But this is much much past the 10 major signs. So if you imagine there will be these minus signs, when they will be the 10 major signs of piano. And when the 10 major signs end, there will be no Muslims left on Earth, Islam will become extinct. And that is when chiama the end of the world would occur.

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There is a minus sign that links the major signs of the minus signs together the bridge between the two. And that bridge is Imam Mahdi. This character with this individual that is mentioned many many, many, many Hadith many, many dozens of Hadith not mentioned in the Quran. But he is a figure that will appear at the end of times. And before I start with the story or the narrations about Imam Mahdi. There have been many, many people who have claimed to be the malady. And of course, all of them have been today to have been false false madness, and of course more fitna, when, and many of them were righteous people, they started out with a good intention, they sought out to do something

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good today. To revive and reform the world, the job of Mr. McCurdy is to as the enemy sulla mentions, you will be doing justice to the world at a time when these great calamity is happening. And so many of these survivors believe themselves to be the malady and of course, they call smokers. The one of the most famous ones someone that not too long ago, 4040 odd years ago, 1979 more than 40 years ago, some of our elders might remember 1979, the first of Muharram, a group of about 500, young men stone haram of Makkah, and they took control of the haram. They locked the doors, they kept the judge in Bay, and they brought a man out. His name was Mohammed, even Abdullah Al cattani.

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And just remember the name because it's getting to see why. And these were pious people. Well, these were young students of the sofa, the sons of many of the great Musharraf. They had seen what's going on in Saudi Arabia of introduction of fitna there was alcohol, all the corruption is happening in Saudi Arabia, the royalty doing what they need, what they were doing. And so this group said, No, this is we can't we can't allow this. We need to stop it. And so they took control of the Haram and they forced the people the hijab and the haram to give the pledge of allegiance to this man, Mohammed ibn Abdullah Al Qahtani, and for I think two weeks or so, there was a siege, and they held

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the Haram hostage. And the Saudi armed forces at that time, were not very sophisticated. They couldn't enter the Haram and there was a lot of concern. Many of the army didn't want to go and approach it. And we will, when we talk about why many of the soldiers were too afraid to enter the Haram because of the signs that they thought this could be the malady. Eventually the Saudis had to get special forces from France was able to storm the Haram and these people were eventually killed and this man Hamid gotten he also was killed and a lot of them were arrested and then they were executed. Now, when you look at all the pieces, we talked about the the science of the Mojave, you

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will see why people latch on to these things. Interesting also. So just while we do this research, there's an interesting Hadith within reason says that our will not be established until a man from Gabon appears now his name is Muhammad Al Qahtani, a man from the tribe of Catan will appear he driving the people with a stick. Ilana, this is the same company. This is something this is a party this hadith Allah Allah, this is one of the scientists he is a

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Link was completely not linked we don't know. So, if you remember the last last night's lecture, we said close to the time of the major science are close as we get closer to piano, we're going to see the Muslim lands being completely humiliated, subjugated by enemies we will have no Khalifa we will have no ruler will have no is the non Muslims will take as they want like animals to obtain from a caucus, we would find that they will be civil war within the Muslim lands and it will be flooded with fascia and corruption opens in our open alcohol opening everything that to fight to hold your deen becomes almost impossible. Your children will go to bed Mullah, predict as Muslims tomorrow you

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don't know if they're going to come home as Muslims. We are living in that time and this is what the situation would be when the money comes. There will be so much immorality, nudity, new diseases, Hadith mentions you will find new diseases, sexually transmitted diseases in particular, and natural disasters increasing because of the fitna that occurs so Allah subhanaw taala, this prediction goes away. And so it's in this context that a reformer or a revival will come and he is Imam Mahdi. Now there is nothing mentioned about Imam Mahdi in the Quran, you won't find any is speaking about Imam Mahdi. But as we see that there are dozens of Hadith that references the cutting of this individual.

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Now, what is what is the word Maddie mean? Like we say the whole of our Rashi Dean, Maddie and Maddie means the one who is rightly guided and He guides others. This is not his name. His name isn't mahadi Right. He is a title The Imam that is guided, and Imam means the leader, the leader. So we understand in the context when he comes there is no Imam minimum. There is no leader and as I said, for 1500 1400 years, it's only been the last century that the Muslims have no Khalifa. We are living in that age when there is no Imam. And so his name that IV Salam tells us He will have a member of my family Hello by to having my name, and the name of my father will appear. So the name

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of Imam Mahdi is Muhammad. And his father's name is Abdullah. The reason is, is even if one day is left of the world, if the world only has one day lift, Allah will extend that day so that he could send a man who is of my family whose name is as my name is, and his father's name will be as my father's name. And he will fill the world with justice as the world is filled with injustice. So you will come towards the end of time. His name is Mohammed, the son of Abdullah and he would bring and replace a justice in a time when these great calamity.

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I've always hacked all that and he would come Subhanallah so what else do we know we know from another Hadith but from satan Ali, say the only mentions that he mentions to the people that Hassan said Ali is now holding his son Hassan. He says this boy has sent my son is a seed he's a chief amongst you, and from his descendants will come a man who will be called by the name of the Nabil Salam. And he will be the same like the newbie in conduct but not in appearance, he would look like the newbie, but he would act like the newbies or Salam. And he will feel the world of justice. So and this is a split between Sunni and the Shia, that we believe that Imam Mahdi will be handled very

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likely she has mentioned but we believe from the lineage of Imam Hassan. Hassan was not the man per se. And Allah Allah doesn't make you make a difference to us. But from the Hadith that we have, it is Hassan. Why? Because Hassan Rhodiola was the one who gave up his right of to be the khalifa to bring unity within the Ummah, that's what he had done. So we mentioned that this is where he kept his lineage, and he will be an ordinary man. And this is very, very important. When we talk about tomorrow, we'll talk about the coming of the Messiah and the general. Both of most religions have a figure, a revival, a savior that is going to come in the future. And most of these Savior figures

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have supernatural powers and everybody's waiting for the Savior to come in. My mother is an ordinary man. He is not some super human super Avenger or something like that. He is a normal person, in fact, in our responses, and he describes his how he looks that he has the malady is of me, he is a family of mine. He has a prominent forehead and an straight or prominent nose, you will fill the world with fairness and justice as was filled with injustice, and he will rule over the Muslims for seven years. Now this next hadith is very interesting that I'm using says the MaHA Diem will be from my household and Allah will sit his affairs right over a single night meaning he's a simple, normal

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person, and he doesn't expect to be the malady and then Allah will choose him at a certain point to be the leader of the Muslims. That's it. And he will therefore not assume you will not be someone that you grew up with him. In fact, some Hadith mentions that he will be set right? You might not even have been the most pious of people just an ordinary guy. Just doing the bare minimum and then Allah subhanho wa Taala appoints him as as the MADI, and we'll talk about and you'll see the narration of the Hadith, how this fits in. So he will appear at the time of injustice, the world will be disunited. The world would need a revival and a reformer, the ummah will be in a very, very

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Bad state and this is the context of his coming. Now these two Hadith and we read them together, it sort of gives a background about Imam Mahdi

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in Abu Dhabi with their responses. This agreement will occur upon the death of a ruler. So there will be civil war going on in the Muslim lands, and then a man from the people of Medina, he will flee, he will flee to Makkah, someone living in Medina, he will escape and run away to Makkah. And the people of Makkah, will come out and they will recognize him and they will pull him out, they will sort of uncover Him He's going to Mecca to to hide, and then the people of Makkah, the hijab, and the people in Makkah will put him out against his wall, and make him sit between the McConnell Ibrahim and the Blackstone, and they will come and they will give them the pledge, give him the

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Pledge of Allegiance.

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And then when this occurs, an army when the news spreads this guy that the the judge is giving the Pledge of Allegiance, an army will be seen from Cydia against him. And before it reaches Makkah, just outside is a place called a by law. It's a jet for those of you who know maca, it's in the in that just behind a jet hospital. Once the army reaches the this army will be completely swallowed in by the earth. And when when the people see this happen when the world sees this army has been sort of swallowed by the earth, then all the pious people of Syria and Iraq will rush towards him and given the given the Pledge of Allegiance. Another Hadith even manager will put the two together,

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that it says the there will be three people or three groups fighting over control of the area of your treasures. So what we imagine is a civil war with three factions In another Hadith mentions from in Yemen, they will be fighting in Syria, they'll be fighting in Iraq, they will be fighting Subhan, Allah Subhan Allah anyway, this is what the Hadith mentions, and they will be fighting and none of them will win, it will be continuous civil war. And then,

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but none will be the recipients when the black flags will appear from the east from HERSA. And from Iran, Afghanistan area and army from this region with flags that are black, they will come and they would you know, no army can defeat them. And they will go all the way to Mr. Maddy. And then the Navy says if you see this army arriving unique to every single Muslim, it is compulsory on them to join this army, even if you must crawl to them on ice, because this is the army of the muddy. And if you see the black flags coming for ASAN join the army even if the crew on ice was the army of the Khalifa, the muddy, and this army will not be will not stop until eventually Congress Jerusalem. Now

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put all this together, the context of a mighty there will be mass civil war within the Middle East. And in the regions of Syria in particular city is where most of this calamity is going to happen. But also in Iraq and Iran. And in Yemen, there will be no Khalifa there will be no ruler of amongst the Muslims. And a person who appears to be an ordinary person will be people will saw that as a you should be the Mahdi and he will try and run away from this, you will not want to be the leader. And he will leave Medina and get to Makkah, but the judge will force him and they will against his will give him the Pledge of Allegiance. And then an army will be sent against him from Syria, and force

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will be sent against him and this force will be dissolved or basically swallowed up in the desert. And when this happens in the world sees it, an army from Afghanistan with black flags will rise up and they will come to join him and this is the army of the mighty. And also as it says, Now the war will begin and the fighting will begin and its ultimate destination is Jerusalem. That also means Jerusalem will not be in the hands of the Muslims. As I said this only happened in the last 70 years that Jerusalem has fallen out of the Ummah, but his fight will continue and it will be in Jerusalem way. Basically, the army of the mighty will ended Of course, this will tie in with the gel with

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this. So in my mind, he will come at a time and you will begin the revival of the ummah. But before he can succeed, the gel will appear. And so begins the chain reaction of the 10 major signs of piano. And as we said, He is the bridge between the minus signs and the major signs. And so we'll talk tomorrow Inshallah, about him on Monday about the Messiah about the jail and the war, the Armageddon of the end of times when the llama law protect us from these things, but very, very scary. When we see all the pieces as they fall into place. However, this could be something far into the future. Or it could be something that could happen tomorrow. Allah knows based on a lot of

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predictors, I mean, just a quick announcement is a crossword puzzle that's going to come out tomorrow in sha Allah and just see the link as we had done last month. Last year Inshallah, and in the questions for this evening, which one is not a minus sign of Kiama? The increase in men, unfortunately, a lot of men are gonna die. But there'll be a lot of women. So there'll be a lot of earthquakes that are false prophets, lot of literacy, but they won't, but basically women will exceed men. We asked what is the name of Imam Mahdi is his name Maddy is named Abdullah, isn't it? Man, we just named Mohammed What is his name in sha Allah?

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Let us know. We'll throw for the price

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was Yeah. Maya

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All right from those ad you went to yesterday schools and for the sisters Farida Amin

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of your dough sorry Phil dos efeitos here oh yes Sophie those okay mashallah okay so that Monica masala said no Mohammed Hassan was sent from Lebanon me