Ramadan 2023 – Surah An-Najm #03 – They Accused the Prophet of This

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning behind the Prophet's life, including the use of words like " lost," "branded," and "branded," in Arabic. They also explain the meaning behind "branded," "branded," and "branded," and how they can be confusing. The transcript uses various examples and phrases to describe the meaning of these words, including "slack," "immediate of Islam," "overcast," "vanage," "IT is beautiful," and "IT is a part of the wall." The speakers also discuss "IT is beautiful" in English and its potential for deeper research on the Quran.
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Look at how beautiful this revelation is. And it came to the most beautiful human being. And nobody knows this man's beauty better than you.

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And you're doing you're saying this about his one nanometer

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male what nasaw He will come why man of our

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now we're going to talk about the second I have very beautiful

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very heavy I have the surah Now one Lhasa Hebrew come one as our, your companion.

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Your companion is not lost. And he's not deviated who is talking about?

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Let's talk about the Prophet's life seven. There's so many things to dissect here. Three words, loss companion and deviated. We're gonna dig deep into words in this series. i This will help you with the rest of your Quran study also because these words come everywhere, right? So I want you to learn something about Quran vocabulary today. Okay, something you need, all of you need to know. Arabic is not like other languages. Arabic, a word has a meaning. And then it has something called secondary meanings. Okay, you know how you have like the main dish, you have the burger, but it also has the ketchup and the mustard in the mayonnaise? Well, every meal comes with some ketchup, mustard,

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mayonnaise, and that's all part of the overall flavor, isn't it? So what happens is, words in Arabic have a meaning like Bala means to be lost, but it has some secondary meanings. And you have to keep those in mind to really get an idea of what the word means. So there's primary meanings and secondary meanings, okay, for pretty much every word in Arabic is it's like that primary meanings and secondary meanings. Now, when you read an English translation of the Quran, what are they giving you? The primary meaning? What are they not giving you? The secondary meaning. And sometimes you have two different words that have the same primary meaning. But they have very different words,

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secondary meanings, but when you're reading the English translation, you can tell them apart because they only give you what the primary meaning, which is why studying vocabulary carefully in the Quran is very helpful, because Allah uses very precise words. So we're looking at the word banana to be lost. And we're going to look for the secondary meanings. The box the white box means what was this for this for me, but I'll give you something at the end. Now, bananas show you huffy our harbor. Bala means for something to hide and disappear. Forget about lost for now, one of its meanings is something gets hit gets hidden and something that disappears, Walmart will fill lovin, when the

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water gets mixed with the milk and you can't tell that water was ever there. It looks like pure milk, that's the bulk of the water, because it got lost and hidden and mixed in a glottal Mater, the fun to when you bury the body, bury the animal or bury the person. And now you can tell that there was even a grave here, then you've done a lot of it, because you can tell the dirt from the person underneath it. So a Yatta who you made it disappear. Similarly, they would say water, you know, sometimes there's a rock, but underneath it, there's water. Right? But you don't even know there's water underneath because it's covered by the rock, they would call that kind of water boil and they

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would call it that because it's hidden. It's disappeared. It's not seeing the similarly if they saw rocks in a valley that nobody's ever seen. I'm sure there are rocks in that valley those rocks will be called been added. So the word has a lot to do with being hidden disappearing mixed in. These are some of the secondary meanings inside this word, but it's down in Atlanta if nobody Algoma if you if you couldn't you were going to my house and you couldn't find it Google lied to you. And you went you're you're you're at a McDonald's or something you're like you live in a McDonald's. No, no, I don't live there. Oh, I'm born. I was meant to be at a I ended up at BU that's actually Bilal also

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you ended up at the wrong location, by whose mistake your own when you end up at the wrong mistake. location on your own. Finally, one let's say you're the Lubalin a BA halacha

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Bala also means for something to go to waste. Something to go to waste or something to die or someone to die. Like I love me a giant Qaeda home

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You know, and let me just allocate the home fee for the lead from the same word he put it to waste. He wasted it. So being lost, disappearing, and being wasted and dying out. And finally cathedra TBWA Roger Lindahl Cassie rota W but a person who's gullible you can easily mislead them. That person is called bond. Anyway, here's what I want you to know about the word lost, the white is the primary meaning the yellows are the secondary meaning. Okay, that's that's going to be my format, the white is the primary, the yellow or the secondary. So when two things appear as one like, the milk in the water appears one, or the dirt and the dead body appears one remember those examples? So when two

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things become one, and they appear as one when something's wasted or destroyed, and when someone's gullible? These are the meanings of Bala. So what does it mean for the prophets? isonem.

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Allah is saying your prophet is not confusing truth with falsehood, presenting them as one.

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His his his speech and the Quran, the speech of Allah are separated. They're not mixed together, because part of the meaning of the law is what two things become one, this is not his speech, this is God's speech. He's not mixing them together. He's not a lost cause. They're like, Oh, well, you were the smartest of us. You were the most honorable, you were the most reliable business person in this profit business you started. It's so such a tragedy. What a person we lost. What a waste of a talent. Gunther fina module one like for another prophet. It was said, we had such high hopes and you know, no, he's not lost. You're the ones that are lost. You are the ones that are wasting away,

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not him. And then the other is, oh, he's as good as dead. He keeps this up, and he's gonna get what? Killed? Keep this up? One day, you'll make us angry enough. We might just kill you. Yeah, no, he's not the one that's gonna get killed. He's not the one that's gonna get destroyed. Also, he must have come under the influence of somebody. Somebody must have told them to say this. And he just fell for it. Somebody convinced him he's a prophet. And now he thinks he's a prophet. That would be that He's gullible. All of that is being denied. In what words Ma Ba Sahib, Bhagwan ma Vanga.

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Now let's go to the next word. Hello, I'll come back to cycling. But I want you to understand the hubba.

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Hubba actually, really interesting word. I'll go through this rather quickly. AZZAWI is locusts, the swarm of locusts that come in the desert and bash them in a lab. And when you have very overwhelming indigestion, that's also called allawah really strong and like you can't move and your stomach's like going crazy, because you have it's actually lactose intolerance, mean 11. Right. So that's what it's referring to strong lactose intolerance. Then anything that covers and hovers over in the dark, and becomes invisible overshadowed. So Masataka Bellami. He, that's also called as well from the same when people you know, back in the day, the Arabs used to ambush each other, like they used to

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hide behind rocks, and the guys coming by and they all jumped him. Right? So when they jumped in, they would call that Dukkha well from the same origin of the word. So ambushing and running over. Are you noticing a theme for all of these locusts hover over the darkness hovers over the pain overtakes the person, the people get this guy get gets overtaken by an ambush, you see that? So this word has a lot to do with what being overwhelmed, being overcast, being overtaken fine, then are don't make words when somebody gave you the wrong directions, and you ended up in the wrong place. But then this word has some really cool meanings. One of my favorite meanings in this. They used to

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make a hole a ditch in the ground, and they used to take one of the baby goats and throw it in the hole. Okay, the Arabs made a deep hole, throw the goat in the hole because they have a wolf problem.

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So now they leave the goat there at night. What's the wolf gonna do?

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Gonna jump in the hole and now they got the wolf. Right? So they trap the wolves. That trap was actually called an O Ouija from the same origin from the same word. So now we've got the meaning of a trap or an ambush and overwhelmed and then if not, I should add a facade or a water alcohol bottle. When you have corrupt opinions, and you're over your thoughts are overrun with false ideas. That's called the tower. So what do you need? Oh, you got a lot to write down. You can just take a picture. It's okay. This is gonna hurt your fingers. But yes, it means deviated. But it has to do with locusts and indigestion, indigestion and overcasting darkness all

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Have that you can summarize as just being overcast, you know, and corruption and thought. But now let's get to what is it that that is this idea is saying now we know two words Allah and Hawa, being lost and being deviated, but to deviate, it has to be overwhelmed. He's overrun, you know how they said he's taken over by a gym.

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Right? He's possessed, or his mind is overtaken by insanity. Or someone else's controlling him, he's overtaken by somebody else. All of that is inside of our

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or he's just confused on his own. That's inside Linda. And if he's setting a trap, if he's a poet, and he's just using his poetry to make make himself famous, or if he's just, you know, a magician, and he's just using a sorcery, he's setting a trap for us that's inside of Allah. You see. So both of those kinds of allegations are coming inside these words. So the thing is with bunda, it's unintended like, it's as if the operation are saying, poor man, he just lost his marbles. He lost his sanity, you know, it's such a tragedy, he's gone to waste. And with Nicola, it's like it's deliberate, it's on purpose that he's trying to misguide them. Now Allah is denying both of them.

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He's not a lost cause and a tragedy, and he doesn't have a secret hidden agenda to misguide you, however, many basically the entire population of MCI at the time, except for those who believed were either Bundler or Havas. Either. They were lost and confused or they had an agenda to oppose Islam. It's not he who's got valon in Hawaii. It's you who has it. My Bala saw Hebrew calm, Palma Hava but then this is where things get really powerful. Is it the imagery of the star falling beautiful.

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The star coming down and revelation coming and the stars correlating with with you know, the Quran and the speech of Allah those correlations. It's very beautiful. I am number one is very beautiful. And iron number two talks about something very ugly.

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Your your companion is not lost. He's not deviated. He's not crooked. He doesn't have evil intentions against you. All this stuff right after something beautiful. So there's this there's this strange contrast happening between beauty and ugliness here. Why is that there this is the last thing I'll share with you now for for this session and I'll give you a break

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the word Sahib in Arabic as hubba actually has to do with moss

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you know what mosses and like algae and moss and you know, fungus and stuff like that it gets it becomes part of the wall.

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From it they gave developed the idea or also sahab or musthave actually has the hair on your skin.

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Now what is moss and the hair on your skin have in common? They're stuck to you. They're a part of you.

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They're not they're not quite you, but they are you also you understand. So it's separate from you but inseparable in some ways.

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A Sahib is someone who is very close to you.

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You guys know many of you know each other, but you know each other from work. You know, you're there from the Masjid. But you don't know your personal lives. You don't know your fears, your your the things you like, your dark side, your light side, your humerus, you don't know everything, you know, a glimpse of another person. Some people are married to each other and they don't know each other.

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Some people have children and they don't know their kids, you understand that? The idea of a sock is someone so close to you, you know their ins and outs. You know everything about them. You know what they're like? The thing is, celebrities right?

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There, they look a certain way on the screen. They look a certain way when they're performing, whether they're athletes or politicians or intellectuals or actors or whatever, right? They're a certain way. And people see them and they're like, I can't take a picture. I love your music. You know, all of that. Well, you know, hates them, their neighbor.

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You know who hates them? Their driver.

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You know hates them, their spouse, their kids, their siblings, their family, their cousins. The people close to them they hate them their co workers, fellow actors they hate them. Why? Because they know a side of them that other people don't know. You understand? So public figures they have this like what you know about them you know something's about me. You don't know the inside you don't know the private life you don't know my You don't know my name.

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Oceans, my fears, my anxieties, my weaknesses, my you don't know any of that because you're not my what? Sahib. You're not my Sahib.

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Now when Allah calls Rasul Allah Seisen, I'm sorry, he will come.

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He says to Quraysh, your Sahib,

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a person who has lived with you, who has laughed with you, who has cried with you, who has worked with you, who has had family with you, he's married among you. He has connection, he's done business with you. He was raised among you. You've seen his youth. You've seen his childhood. You've seen his adulthood, you've seen every part of his life.

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How are you going to do him dirty like that?

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I saw he will come. He didn't say here now. But the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, he used the closeness to the correlation said, Look at how beautiful this revelation is. And it came to the most beautiful human being. And nobody knows this man's beauty better than you.

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And you're doing you're saying this about him? How are you saying this about him? How can you make either of these claims? You knew more than anyone he's the smartest person among you. The wisest among you the most reliable among you. You don't know if you had a secret and you needed to get advice from someone you wouldn't think of anyone else but him. If you had a problem, and you wanted somebody to solve it, you would go to him. If you had something you couldn't trust anybody would you would trust him? And you're gonna say about him. Bala zawa. Come on. Mal. Baldassarre. Hippo. Komazawa is such a powerful statement. It's actually it's an ugly claim. But Allah is actually

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within that ugliness. He's highlighting something beautiful, that your ugly claim falls apart. Just forget even whether you believe in the revelation or the star not the fact that he's your Sahaba and you know better is the ultimate truth. That itself is the ultimate proof

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of Allah. Now, Allah Sahiba mama Hawa.

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This is where we're going to take our first break. I'm going to give you guys five to seven minutes and I'm going to start talking to myself again.

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