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Tila Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam Ala Moana Sally, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Steven Catherine casado, my brothers and sisters, we are on the story of the elderly Salaam. And before I go into the story, let me as usual remind myself, I knew the purpose of these lessons, the purpose of these classes, the purpose of these stories, which is to help us to change our lives.

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Allah subhanaw taala della delallo centers and BIA centers also centers messengers and prophets, for one purpose only, and that is to help us to live lives, which would be a source of duty, a source of goodness, a source of benefit to all those around us. By all those, I don't mean only the Muslims, I mean, all human beings, all plants, all animals, the earth itself, whoever and whatever we come into contact with, must only get goodness from us how to do that, to teach that Allah subhanaw taala sent His prophets and his messages from time to time. And this is what they all came to do.

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All of that begins with worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. So tauheed, the worship of Allah alone, because Allah alone is the creator, the Sustainer, the maintainer, the protector of everyone and everything in his creation. And that's the reason why we worship Him. And this is the central point of truth and central point of all goodness in life.

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Without our head, there is no goodness without the heat, there is no

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there's no benefit.

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Even though people involved may be doing things which are, you know, which are good in the sense of, you know, General Good work, and so on and so forth. But without the benefit of the heat.

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All of that is restricted, I won't say it is wasted, it's not wasted, but it's restricted to this world itself. And it in a way, gets also wasted. Having said that, because if you are doing something without acknowledging

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the source of that, then in a way,

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this is really

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lack of sugar, it is

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being ungrateful, and it is something which

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which amounts to denying the value of what we got. So Allah subhanaw taala is the one who enables us to do good. But if we take from him and we give to others, without acknowledging that we took it from Allah subhanho wa Taala, then this is a one way of being ungrateful or showing in gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala and that's why I'm saying the deed yet because what is the value of our deeds, which begins with the lack of sugar and lack of thankfulness dollars Renata, so, the MBR was Salam they all came with the same message which is a hell of a lot there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. And each one of them came in his time to correct whatever was the predominant evil of

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their time. Now, this obviously differs from time to time. So different number mussalam came and address different things. And where they were given miracles, these miracles also related to their time and place

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and with respect to what was the prevalent problem in that time, and in that place, Musa era for example, in his time, the Egyptians were famous for their magicians and for the magic and the rulers, the the kings of Egypt of the pharaohs. They used to use the magicians as a way of,

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of you know, sort of hypnotizing people of overcoming their minds of mind steering, of controlling mind control. They did that by means of these magicians, and their magic. And they were very, very good at it. They were, they were the the probably the best the world has ever seen London's best.

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So I lost retinas and musallam with the miracle of the of his staff turning into a snake. And that miracle was so powerful, that the first people to bring faith on musasa

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the first people to leave their share and to leave their polytheism and to leave their magic and to actually

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Islam were the same self same magicians, who Pharaoh had around, had arrayed before moosari. Salam, as their up as his opposition to he arrayed all the musicians there as to uphold musasa, and to defeat him. And instead they all became Muslim because of that power of that

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of the miracle massage is not magic, but the miracle, which was the form of what looked like a magic like a magician's trick. But then the beauty of it is that the magicians were the first people to recognize that, because they were the experts in their field.

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They were the first people recognize that this is not magic, because they were the experts in their field. And so they said, Well, you know, if it is magic, then we know what magic looks like this is not magic, this is something else. And therefore, this is the truth. And moosari Sara is the Prophet and the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala is one of the greatest of them. And now, he said, he said, Amber sent in his time, it was something else it was medicine, it was people, you know, being cured from diseases. So he said, he said, I was sent to cure and was given the magic, the the power and the miracle of curing diseases, diseases, which were considered to be incurable, for example,

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For example,

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congenitally blind is somebody who's born blind. He said, he said, I was able to kill them. And on top of it, the absolute pinnacle of it was that he said Salaam, by the will of Allah subhanaw taala, raised the dead. So this is something beyond medicine, but once you're dead, you're dead. But in the case of a salad syrup, in the case of the specific instances, one is where he would make a bird out of clay. And he would, with the with the power of Allah subhanaw taala, with the will of Allah subhanaw taala, he would blow into that bird and this bird would become would would come alive and fly away, and the other one was to raise somebody who was dead. In the case of Rasulullah sallallahu

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sallam, Allah subhanaw taala sent him, as I told you, the miracles of the MBR, a mussalam, referred to their time and place, whoever got a miracle got a miracle according to the data, the dictates and the need of the time in place, but with resources are seldom because his mission was universal. And because the his mission didn't have a timespan it was for all time. Therefore, Allah subhanaw taala gave him a miracle which spans the centuries and that is the column of Allah, the Quran Al Karim. This is the biggest miracle of our solar system, Allah Allah. And this is not restricted, even though it is in the Arabic language. And it came to the Arabs, but it was it is not restricted to

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them. It spans the centuries, it's for all time and all places. There again, just like the people who recognized

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the miracle of moosari, Sarah, and recognize that this is not magic, that this is the truth. We're the magicians who were the, you know, initially to start with his greatest opponents, but also they were the experts in the field, and the expert in the field can recognize and and differentiate between the real stuff and a fake. So also it happened with Russell as a seller. It was the linguists of the Arabs, it was the poets of the Arabs and I, who recognized that this was not poetry, that this is not something which is written by a human being. It is not something the creator of which is a human being, and they recognize it and they said that this is something which

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comes only Christian come only from Allah. This is not the word of a man. It is not even the word of Rasulullah Salah we think about that. It's not been the saying it's not a word of a man. It is not even the word of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam it is the word of his rub of our of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Allah. So Abram says this, this is what allows rapid ascent, the different ambia he sent a different result, the different prophets, the different messengers, to give us a methodology of how to live our lives.

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So in this context, we have these lessons of the lives or lessons from the lives of the unbeliever Salaam and we are doing well the life of our very ceram credential and maybe this is the last we will complete that

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story today in sha Allah.

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Now without any salam, Allah subhanaw taala told us that he gave him a kingdom which was strong, he made his kingdom strong and he gave him a hikmah he gave him Prophethood and he gave him sound judgment.

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In speech and in decision making, and last rather than I said, I'll be laminated on the watch other than meralco wa t now Who the heck Mata. But fossil Kitab. Allah said we made his kingdom strong, and gave him a hikmah, which is Prophethood, as well as wisdom and sound judgment in speech and in decision making. The insula, along with the sun, Pseudomonas ceram, were the only two kings. Among the

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others, all the other male and the mother were kings, they were all people who are poor from simple circumstances. And this is the math of algebra, math, but in this, in this case of these 2000 is

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a lot better or sent. Number one, two, people working very made their big kings and give them a strong kingdom and the Kingdom of bunnies rile

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it during the period of doubt, and Salim Ali Salaam was there cold and period, it was the golden age of bunnies, right. And the two people responsible for that were the other is relevant. So there is

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no doubt nslm unless rather put him through this, you know, to the

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training, so to speak,

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where and this is what I did with all the Americans test after test after test, which increases them in their image and makes it stronger, gives them wisdom gives them the ability to deal with adverse situations, to deal with adverse circumstances and so on. Now, the other is Ram also went through the same stage.

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This is how we learn to our experience in life as well as you know,

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the Sahaba went through test after test in the school have also realized a seller and then emerged such that in any situation, they would not fail. Now when I

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mentioned school, I don't mean school as in any traditional sense. I mean, in the company of a sorceress, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala tested them a lot about Allah gave them strength, Allah gave them wisdom. So also with

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the boundaries and our Musab. He went through trading for years in Egypt, and then in Medan before he was set to frown. So today, we forget the importance of Serbia.

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So we fail even when we have knowledge, this is one of the most important things to remember the importance of Serbia. Yesterday, somebody asked me a very good friend of mine asked me a question and said, What is the best way of learning? Is it to go and physically be in the presence of Asia? Or can one can you learn? Can you act can mean learning meaning the deen of Islam? Can I get acquire? Can I acquire him? Or can I get the ilmor deal? even remotely, you know, on by watching videos, or reading books or on a computer, doing courses and so on? So can I do that? Or is it necessary to be physically in the presence of a chef? So I said to this person, I said, you know,

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it's not so much a question of this or that it's a question of First of all, the question or whatever is convenient for you. I'm currently travel and so on is restricted or completely stopped. So maybe one has to look at the option of doing things remotely. In any case, at any given point in time, you would be using books and other resources. So there is that. But I said, the important thing to understand is the importance of therapy. It's not just a question of reading books, it's a is a question of practicing their knowledge in our lives.

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The purpose of the knowledge of Islam is to practice it. This is something that we sometimes tend to forget. And we treat Islam or Islamic knowledge like

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like just a pure, you know, academic exercise. So I read this book, and I read that book, and I think I'm an island. No, you're not, because it is a practice. Islam is the name of a practice like Judo and karate, and so on so forth. It's a practice, who's a Muslim, a Muslim is the one who practices law, not somebody is not somebody who knows about Islam, that is about differentiating between these two things. somebody knows about Islam is not necessarily not necessarily a Muslim. Anybody can nobody saw anybody who studied Islam knows about Islam, anybody who reads about Islam was born. A Muslim is one who actually practices Islam. So this is the big differentiator between a

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Muslim and somebody who just knows about Islam.

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So in this case, tarbiyah, therefore is very important. So therefore, it's not a question of, should I learn remotely or in person? The question is, how do I learn. So when you are learning whether it is remotely or whether it's in the, in the presence of a teacher, the one thing is to two things. One is to practice what you learn. And secondly is then to seek feedback and correction on your practice. So I learn something, I practice it and then I seek feedback on this practice. I see I see correction about this practice, until I get it perfectly and then I continue with that practice inshallah for the rest of my life. Please understand, practice does not make perfect.

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Practice does not make perfect practice makes permanent. And that is the reason why correction is so important. There's a reason why sly is important. Because it's like corrects that practice. Only correct practice makes perfect, is we have this saying in English practice makes perfect. Practice does not mean practice makes permanent. What I do 10,000 times I will do the 11th 10,001st time, I will do it correctly, because I've done this thing.

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10,000 times my correctly means what means I will do it the way I did it 10,000 times. Now, if the way I did it 10,000 times was wrong, then this time is also going to be wrong. Right. That's the reason why it's so important to

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to practice correctly. The other thing also to understand and demand think about is that, for example, somebody like me, there's somebody like me who's in the training field, I can understand this instantly, but I'm sure So, can you it is easier to train somebody to do something when that person comes to fresh, meaning this person does not know anything.

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Now I am training. So he's never heard about this particular tool that is using or this particular skill, the first time in his life is this time when he came to me now it is much easier to train something somebody like that than to retrain somebody who is already using that tool, but doing it incorrectly. That much more difficult. That is why you find sometimes for example, take the Judo Quran, it is very much more difficult to correct those who all who can read but we're reading wrongly and rather than teaching someone who cannot read once you teach that person that person is reading correctly from from the from the word go, because that is how they learned. But if you learn

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it wrong, then to undo that is much more difficult. And that is the reason why it is so important to continuously practice what we learn and what we read and get it right and then continue with that right practice for the rest of our lives. So that is why to acquire knowledge is

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definitely does reading but also it is his life. It is the

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correction that you can get from your teacher or in some cases, just straightforward feedback from others and so on and so forth.

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A lot around data, Port Rasulullah sallam,

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through all kinds of tests, through 40 years of training before he gave him the board musala same thing and everybody all the available selam. Now in the case of the other SLM, he had,

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he had this inner place, secluded place which was surrounded by walls, it was inside his castle inside his palace.

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highly secure place. And there, he used to pray in solitude, especially in the night where he would, you know, he would withdraw from all people and from all work of the of the world. So he had a time, a specific time that he had dedicated every

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only to the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. Now the other Salaam had had this beautiful schedule. rossano Sallam said his Salah was the best because he used to pray.

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He would sleep for part of the night then he would get up you would pray for part of the night and then he will sleep thereafter before he got up in the morning. So this was his schedule. So in this time when he used to pray, now he had this special place where he would pray. The purpose of this press was it was secure so that nobody would disturb him when he was playing now one day and all of this in the Quran one day. Suddenly two men appeared before him when he was there. They jumped over his wall and they came into his mirror

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He was very shocked, because he, you know, obviously must have failed must have felt threatened. Because here are these two people in a place which was considered until then to be completely

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completely proof against any interference.

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There's Oh, he was shocked. So they said they told him Don't be shocked. And that they said that they had a case and they were both litigants, and they wanted him to adjudicate

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in the case. So I'm not sure about that. I mentioned this.

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And also that I said, I will be learning shaytani r rajim. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, ohana attack and Nicole Haase me is the sub berloumi Hara is the Hulu Allah de una firfer z amin home called Lula da ha ha Swanee Baba Baba and abroad for combine and Erbil happy well toasted we'll have dinner he lost his rod

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and then the case itself in Hae Lu this URL what is ru Nana jet and where the Niger to tune for Color Fill me

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fill color fill Neha zanni fill fit for color la Calderon America biswa soie Lena jotika Isla g for inokashira mineral

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layer will be bad

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news for the hard work IE Rama boom was another one. Then who for another fatahna who first of all, bow

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to rock young

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fella vermelho Alec Weiner, we're in Dallas.

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This ladder large data, item such data so please make sure after you finish this class a lot, right? That is it. In so sad and has the news of the litigants

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reached you, when they climbed over the wall into his Mira Mira Mira, that is his private place for prayer when they entered in upon their own, and he said he was terrified of them. He was afraid of them. They said do not fear we are two litigants, one of who has wrong the other therefore judge between us with truth and do not treat us with injustice and guide us to the right way.

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Then they said this is my brother, meaning brother religion, he has 99 sheep, while I have only one sheep, so the female sheep use, he said he has 99 years and I have only one year. And he says give me that also, and he overpower me in speech. So there is his brother of his

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meaning, you know, same same. Both are Muslim, or both are

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the same tribe or whatnot. So here is his position. He's got 99 years he's got 99 sheep, female sheep, I have only one. So he tells me is give me that one also. So I can complete my 100,000 salaam, immediately then without listening to the other person.

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He said to him, he has wronged you in demanding your yo in addition to his use. So he said he has wronged you and demanding that you should give up your sheep. Also to him in addition to his own sheep, and verily many partners oppress one another except those who believe and do righteous deeds. And these are few. So this is our service advisor to the person zip tie. He's wrong you and this happens quite often with a lot of a lot of partnerships. Especially he says it's

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Douglas Adams says that

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mentor partners do this, except those who do good deeds meaning those who are a man and who do good deeds. Now.

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Then suddenly, Tao de la Salaam realized what was actually happening. Because these two people who came they suddenly vanished they disappeared. So the other is Salaam realized that these were not human beings. These were angels which ultimately I sent had sent to test the results of the test year one was of course that the time that doubter a Salaam had

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kept set

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cluded for the worship Allah smarter, this time was being encroached upon by some person coming and asking this question. And the second more important thing was that Tao that a Salaam had answered the or rather given a ruling or given a judgment, or given opinion, without listening to the other side of the story. So here was one person saying, This is what is bonded, and thou there is ceram immediately gave his opinion. Whereas he should have actually listened to both sides of the story. This is what Allah subhanaw taala wanted to teach him, because he was the king, you're the judge. So therefore, he needed that particular

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advice and that particular attention to be drawn to this particular fact

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about this on a side note, Rasulo Saracen upset, he advised us always to listen to both sides of a story. And he said, even if a person comes to you, and complains about another person, and says that that person is quarrelsome, that person

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beat me and blinded me in one eye. And you can see that this is true. So here is a person who's coming in complaining and saying, that's also blind in one eye, and you can see that he's been blinded. Now he doesn't, even in that case, call the other person listen to that person's story. Because he said, possible, it is possible that this guy who got blinded is the was the initiator, he was the one who started that fight, because of which the whole fight happened. And maybe in that fight, he blinded the other one in both his eyes. Now, you don't know that because you didn't check. So always check the other side of the story, before you believe whoever has come to you. I think

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this is a, obviously, is the advice itself. So it has to be beautiful, and absolutely correct. So I think this is very, very important. And this is what Alice wanted to do that is that is that I immediately guessed the moment these two people vanished. Though the seller really guessed that this is not about those sheep or anything, this is about me. And another man, that is the one who is testing me to see what I do. So immediately he fell into Zoo and he asked Allah subhanaw taala, to forgive him. And he turned to Allah smarter and repentance, as and that's why this hydrosol just let us also do that.

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And then finally, Allah interested in that number 25. So we forgive him. And verily for him, is the near access to us in a good place of final return, which is gender. So Allah tala forgive Tao le salam, and he promised him gender, this is a very important thing for us to keep in mind. And remember, one is the lesson itself.

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In the in the lesson itself, in terms of

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dealings, and, and how we should treat one another. We'll come to that in a minute also, but also this is a very important lesson in terms of the importance of listening listening to both sides of the story. The others have said that most of the time partners try to outsmart each other, except those who believe and do good deeds. This is a wanting to have clear agreements and partnerships. Is that is that the end to

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them? The men heard.

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So it is very important for us to

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keep this in mind. Last rattler.

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When Dr. Islam did this, those men disappeared a tradition this one. Now, that is I immediately knew that this was a test wireless router. And it was roundel, of course, forgive him. And then Allah said, we appointed him as a philosopher. And thou that a Salaam after the mistake was better than nowadays, before the mistake like otherwise Sarah, who became a newbie after his mistake and his tava. So this also is a

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reminder to us of the importance of as the father of the modern October, that we must continuously keep making it all the time. And we should not just, you know think that once you've done it, it's enough no continue to do that. And this is a great means of great height in our lives. A person who does our stuff constantly.

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Frequently is a person who is generally either free from sin because he's continuously doing Mr. Farr and so on. So last month Allah forgives him. And or this person has a strong relationship with Allah. Because Allah promised to help those who continuously. It makes the foreign Toba try to change their lives and make them obedient to Allah.

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Then Allah dragon is it Yeah, the old winner yanaka hollyford. And we love the fact combinar nasci we love one that everyone Hawa for you the lukka answer we live in a levina, Avi Luna and sebelah he llamada de Bhima na suyama ASAP.

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And la said O'Dowd, verily we have pleased to as a Khalifa as a successor on Earth. So judge between men in truth that between the people with justice and do not follow your own desire for it will mislead you from the path of Allah. Barely those who wander stray from the path of a loss rather have a lavish punishment, because they forgot forgot the Day of Judgment. ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to remember the day of judgment today, may Allah protect us.

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We all seem to live lives as if you live forever. And this is one of the big benefits of the corona virus, which came to remind us that we do not do forever that one day we will go to meet

00:31:35--> 00:31:45

my brother sister justice is in the heart of the judge remember this, because today we have a we have a combination of corrupt laws and corrupt judges.

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So even even the lawyer is right. And we see this many times the law is there. But the implementation doesn't happen. The enforcement doesn't happen. Judges are are corrupt. So the law is not applied, judges are not given just correct judgments are not given. That's why it is very, very important for us to

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to focus on this, really there these strategies that Sharia is applied selectively, mostly only the criminal law, but we allow much more serious climbs like Internet, banking, smoking, alcohol, gambling, all of this is permitted, because they pay money to the government, all these are taxpayers, so they are allowed to do what they want to do. And but this is wrong, this is against Islam, because justice not be applied to everyone and to apply the law of Allah equal. Also in Islam, there is no concept of allowing something which is intrinsically harmful.

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Because it pays you money because it pays taxes. So for example, we have this very peculiar situation today. For example, with cigarettes come with a with a warning on the packet saying Surgeon General's advice. And this leads to cancer what not what not nowadays, they're printing quite horrible looking images of of cancers.

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doesn't make any sense. I hear hear you as a government are saying this thing is harmful, then why are you allowing it to be sold? Why are you allowing its manufacturer so this is the this is a dichotomy of our modern day, so called society where we even permit evil and knowing it is evil. Just because there is a there is money involved just because there is it has it is some kind of revenue. This is actually shameless, utterly shameless, shameful. So also with alcohol, alcohol is a drug.

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Alcohol is have their entire lives ruined, they ruin the lives of other people because their families are broken down and all that all because of alcohol, but we will not ban alcohol because we find that alcohol is alcohol companies pay taxes to the to the government. So this is what this is not in favor, Islam is not in favor, this is some does not permit this in Islam, things like alcohol, cigarettes, everything would be banned. So also it has been backing. We know what banking does, the bank does, how it destroys the environment, how it destroys, how it destroys well being how it generates poverty, poverty is created believe it is it is self created by the bankers of the

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world. And this is not my imagination. This is this is a proven fact that poverty is created power doesn't have a there is no shortage of resources. We got plenty of resources, but it is the this predatory, very predatory and mercenary capitalist system that is created so much of poverty that has created so much of misery all over the world. Islam says no, Islam says there should be justice should be applied. Compassion should be the ruling compassion and kindness should be the ruling virtues and wealth must be distributed

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Among all the people, I'm not saying give everyone exactly $10 I'm saying that somebody in need must be taken care of, they must not be left to do whatever they wanted to do to know to fend for themselves in any way that they want. 10 an hour. No wonder he was walking in Medina he met very elderly old do who is standing by the side of the road begging to surviving. He said what to do, I can't work anymore. My my children are not there to take care of me. So I have to eat something. Santa Barbara got very angry. He got very angry with his own people. He called them he said, Take this man. Give him a pension every month from the image of man from the treasury of the state, give

00:35:43--> 00:36:20

him a house take care of him ensure that he lives a comfortable life to the end of the day. He didn't say converting to Islam. He didn't say put a put a knife to his throat. No. He said do this because he said this man is a citizen in our country, and he has paid his taxes and so on and so forth. While he could work he was paying all this now he can't work and and how can we abandon him? He said we will be questioned. Allah will question or Allah will question me about every single person Rama this person was a Jew. He was not a Muslim. Yet said Rama the llanos justice was that anyone who ever is in who lives in the Muslim state is our citizen and therefore is entitled to

00:36:20--> 00:36:23

equal rights and this is the system of Islam.

00:36:24--> 00:36:47

So if you take a walk around, he established the philosopher he fought the most of the any any made the hill of foreman strong seven our other Anna inherited a stable fella. So he created systems he created the one the Treasury to run the government to pay salaries, he made paved roads, he brought in land reforms,

00:36:49--> 00:37:11

division of land between people he undertook the conquest of the Persian Empire. He did work to on the preservation of the Quran. Also the photo hat towards the east and the North Southern Alia Delano toward this time to solving the problems arising out of seven asanas

00:37:13--> 00:37:56

assassination Mauer why we have been very severe, he established the Navy as the Muslims needed to go not to face the Roman Empire all these were established examples of establishment of the Sharia. A today we restrict the whole thing only to some criminal laws. So that's why we got this bad name to say the moment is a Sharia people so you're going to chop hands. Sharia is not only jumping on search area is everything to do with our lives. It is a there is an economic aspect to it is a civil civil aspect to it. There is a military aspect to it. There is a there is there are different as a business aspect to it. There's an educational aspect to it. Now all of this is to be applied and

00:37:56--> 00:37:59

that's that is why it makes it so complete.

00:38:01--> 00:38:02

Madeline's sister's

00:38:04--> 00:38:49

daughter Sarah was an IV and the king yet or sudo service Adam said best fasting is the fasting of my brother the road. He used to fast one day and break the fast The next day, he would never run away from battle. He never showed his back to the enemy. The best prayer is the prayer of the Rosary. Sam used to sleep for one third of the night and he would pray for one third of the night and then he would sleep for one third of the night. This Avada is the strength of the ruler. political work destroys the soul and you need camel lane and zeker to keep yourself on track. Now this is the beauty of thousand insulin despite the fact that he was unhappy. He never left his

00:38:50--> 00:38:56

his regular Salah he didn't let him do his regular mamula Abu Musab al Kalani.

00:38:58--> 00:39:29

rapala came to Medina to inform other nanhu that a certain area in a sham had been opened had been had been conquered when he reached by the night was no and since it was the tradition among the Arabs receiving the afternoon was named rather long who went to the machine instead of two hour of the Roundhouse so as not to disturb him. In the budget. He told the people about this victory set an hour ahead and called him and asked him why he did not report the managers of Oliver first instead of an individual wasn't a gardener.

00:39:32--> 00:39:57

Marble and he said yeah I will Romanian I thought you were sleeping and did not want to disturb you so then our said how can I sleep when if I sleep in a day I would not be able to fulfill my duty to the people. And if I sleep in the night, I would not be able to fulfill my duty to my Allah. They said that certain number of the lounge never slept in a bed after he became Khalifa imagine a man never slept for 20 years.

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

Imagine today a few

00:40:00--> 00:40:08

work like this, those who are in the government or judiciary or parties, would there be a effect to the Muslim

00:40:09--> 00:40:25

minister administrate? What will be the effect on the people who works like this with the fear of Allah in his heart, totally committed to justice, spending one third of the night in prayer, being guided by last marriage. And I mean, this is the beauty of Islam now than Islam had

00:40:26--> 00:40:43

extreme of Riera about his wives for the honor of his wives. And so nobody was allowed inside, in his anara. Now, suddenly, one day he was out of the house when he came back, he saw a man standing in the middle of the house.

00:40:44--> 00:40:51

Those of devotees, who are you? The man said, I'm the one who's not afraid of kings, and nobody can run from me.

00:40:52--> 00:41:42

Now the lesson immediately understood who that was, he said has a monocle mouth marhaba be amarilla he said Welcome to the miracle mouth. He says welcome by the order of Allah. The angel took his soul right there cinnabar restaurant ordered birds to shed thousand a Saran while they did the work of preparing the janazah and at night, he ordered the birds to protect him and to come close to him and shield him with their wings until they could finish the process of barrier of boundaries. Sara asked us to accept this from us, and to help us to learn from the beautiful Sierra and the beautiful lives of the mbu Salaam as close to

00:41:43--> 00:41:46

to be pleased and

00:41:48--> 00:41:57

and not to be displeased with us and to help us to lead our lives in a way that pleases Him. Was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was savage member Africa