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have lunch with origins Florida Amanda Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam, ala Shafi Motor City and CD now Muhammad Mata it was like big Marina said Mr. Eco Mara to lie about a schedule

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of your well, and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, like number three, and we continue with the minus signs of the Yama, the minor indicators of karma. And we see that the visa Salam mentioned certain specific events, Jerusalem will be conquered the prophets on them, I will die specific things that would happen. But most of the minor signs are more a trend or a gradual appearance of certain events as Hanalei when you go through these things, and you would see that these things are occurring, really in our time, at this time, so many of the minus signs have become prevalent in the last 100 years, 50 years and in particular, and they escalating and so let's talk about these gradual minus

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signs, we stains that are occurring And subhanAllah we see them happening in front of us than me. So Salam mentioned to the Sahaba be patient to you meet your load, for no time will come upon you but the time following it will be worse than then the one before. So the Sahaba were told that as time goes on, it will become more and more difficult to be a Muslim, it will become more and more difficult to remain steadfast. And we see that and we'll talk more about this inshallah we'll talk about fitness. There'll be so Salah mentioned and as this is another one of those Hadith that encompass a number of events. He says the Hour will not come will not be established until knowledge

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or specifically knowledge of the dean will be taken away.

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Number two earthquakes will become very prevalent and most of you and we I don't need to mention Subhan Allah, that time will be passed very quickly. In a hadith that comes later than our businesses. It would seem that a year goes by like a month. Marches finished Subhanallah this 2023 March just finished. A year will be like a month a month where like a week and an hour would go like a flame a flicker or blinking of eye time will pass very quickly. afflictions will appear there'll be a lot of fitna every time a new calamity a new affliction and murder will increase. Yet money will overflow there will be never before in the history of mankind Do we have the concept of

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billionaires did we have the concept so much wealth? We have a time we are living in the only time in history where there's more food on Earth to feed all of humanity there's what we produce more food than the people get the people dying of starvation and murder will increase the lobby solemn also mentioned was along Hadith we're gonna go through all of it that they will be in the civil war between the Muslims. And he mentioned that once the Muslims start fighting one another, this is not going to stop until pa Messiah and there's a another Hadith or a sign of Yama. But then we sort of made a dua he was sending the member while we have three steps that I just went through the three

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steps on his pulpit. And when he stood up and he ascended he said Amin and Armenian Amin and so he mentioned to the Sahaba I mean three to us or so Allah He said, I mean three to us and Allah accepted to and he did not accept the third, the one the first two are he made was Yet Allah made my ummah not be destroyed by one natural disaster, one earthquake, one flood, and Allah accepted that it won't happen to the ummah. Number two, let not an enemy destroy us completely. And Allah accepted that and that is why even though we spoke about the Mongolian invasion, Muslims believe this was the end of times when Baghdad was, you know, reduced to ruins Subhanallah a million skulls that were the

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that they did in Baghdad, a pile of a million skulls is what they did. We thought this was the end of times, but 200 years later, we conquered Constantinople, an enemy will never destroy the ummah. But then I recently made a third dua let my ummah not fight and kill itself and destroy itself from within. And Allah did not accept that to our spine Allah that our biggest problem is our internal fighting. And this will continue.

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This hadith is an interesting Hadith it's a long one, but we will mention it yesterday. I see this as a hobby when you talk about eschatology, the signs of piano once the hobbies name should pop up, what was the name for the for the for whoever was the spot price for that today for the alarm. So for the ephah is known for eschatology, and another gem of a hadith that comes from him. He says there'll be some Yeah, Rasul Allah, before Islam we were living in January, yeah, terrible times. Then Allah blessed us with the beauty of Islam. Will it always be like this? Will things become bad again? So then I said, Yes, things will become bad again after this time. So then he said, Yeah,

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rasool Allah, will we go back to having good times services? Yes. After the tribulations and many of this, many of the adversity mentioned this was perhaps the civil war between the Sahaba but after it ended, things went back the ALMA became strong

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But then he says, Yes, it will go back to the good times. But it won't be as pure as it originally was. It won't be like that, like the good times that we experience, it will be tainted. And so he said, what will be the taint? And so there'll be somebody replied, there will be some people who will guide others not according to my sunnah you'd find different innovations, different kinds of ideologies will appear, and you will approve of some of the deeds and disapprove of some there'll be some good and some bad. He then asked after this, will they be evil that comes a time after that, so there'll be some said yes, they will be, then really bad, evil will come, you will find people that

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in one handy, they have hearts like shayateen and they will be coolers to the gates of jahannam. And whoever responds to them, there'll be thrown in them. So you said Yeah, rasool Allah describe them to me, what are these Shayateen what do they look like? So, what that means is, they will be from our own people, we would we would assume that there are Muslims and they will speak our language, they might even speak Arabic Molana chef movies, they look like Allah MA and they will call to jahannam. So, the So, basically, the enemies are starting attending today for a time will come we will have many different so called scholars calling to different things leading to jahannam. So what

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was what must I do if I live in a time like that? The resources when what I what I order you to stick to the GEMA stone go to these different groups and six, stick to the GEMA and stick to the Imam, the ruler of the muslimeen stick to the unity. So then he asked an interesting question and wallah he only in the last 100 years to be experienced as he says what if there is no GEMA and there is no leader? We have no Khalifa. This never happened. Next year will be 100 years since the fall of the caliphate. So that means if you live in a time like that there is no GEMA there is no Khalifa What do you do when he said the resources stay away from all the different sects and groups and this

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one fighting that will stay away from all of that even if you must be alone, even if you must be biting onto a tree and hanging like that, then be like that don't get involved in all these fitna, but Subhanallah and lead through the hurricane. So we are living in this time, where there's no drama, and there is no email, let it be some sense of time will come We honestly will disappear. Where you would struggle to find a person that you could trust the Sahaba said in our days when in time the Sahaba that you would do business with anybody, especially if it was a Muslim, because even if you didn't know him, you will trust him. But a time will come when you will say you know that

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uncle that carpenter or that plumber, you can trust meaning it's the exception to the rule. And subhanAllah we're living in time like that honesty will disappear. The next one interesting one as well. And we'll talk more about this in detail when we talk about the muddy conflict with the old there will be war between Muslims and the Jews. Now side note we are not anti semitic nothing wrong with the Bani Israel eel. You know that come to Cambodia Dean, but there will be war between Islam Muslims and they would and this never ever happened in our history. 1400 years apart from right at the beginning in Medina, there'll be some expelled a few Jewish tribes. Since then, until now,

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Muslims have never gone to war with the Jews. We fought the Romans we thought the Persians, the Mongolians, the people in India all over the world. Yes, they were Jihad but never with the Jews because they never had an entity or a state of their own. But then our businesses when Kiama, close to cuyama, there will be war between Muslims. And the Bani Israel, the Jews and Palestine with Jerusalem will be the focal point Subhanallah the modern data modern State of Israel is only 70 years old. And this is very much leaning into where all the action is going to happen, where all the fighting is going to happen is around Jerusalem with between Muslims and there was nothing against a

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Jews lived peacefully with Muslims for many, many, many, many centuries. But it's going to come down to a fight. Oh, in this area. There'll be some sort of mentions close to piano you'd find unprecedented level of killing. And if you look at World War One and World War Two never in the history of humanity did millions and millions of people die nuclear bombs and mass genocide. This did not happen. The Holocaust for example, 6 million people you know exterminated never in the history of mankind did we see this scale of killing the abuses of the big science of what the the indicators of Tiana is? hierachy they said what is haram? Rasulullah he said killing on

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unprecedented scale that I will not be established until a man kills his neighbor or his brother who is father Subhanallah we living in that area in the news you find people killing each other never before in in history to use feet see these things.

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Something small that we might take this hadith but how true it is something about moving from the Islamic models that are resources freely among the science of Kiama is that a man would go through a masjid without praying to rockers and he would greet with Sam only people he knows he doesn't he only greets the people that he knows and the children will expect this. The children will overpower the elders or the children would expect the elders to serve them. There would be disrespect between the children and they pay

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riddance. There'll be no concern for where the wealth comes another Hadith says Riba the smoke of riba will catch everybody even if someone wants to remain away from riba I don't want to take any but somehow, some way my money is going to be tainted with haram income, the spirit of fitna and tribulation, a man will lose his Deen overnight, the permissibility of spreading of alcohol and Xena and musical instruments. Again, we take this as sort of the standard. But if our grandparents, and maybe even our parents when they grew up, you would not have been able to see a naked person. It wasn't possible to see this alcohol was also in some parts of the world, even non Muslim parts. So

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it was banned. It's difficult you wouldn't find a bar. Musical instruments as well is really a modern phenomenon where people are singing on the scale the last 5060 years. And so there'll be some says, There will come a time the end of times when cities will collapse and stone will be raining from the sky and creatures with trance transform with transmutate. And then resources. When there is a prevalence of musical instrument it becomes the norm everywhere there's music,

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meaning it becomes widespread. It's not a specific place. It is part of life, and they will be singing goals and the legalization of hammer, even Subhanallah look at the Muslim lands. Muslim countries have all legalized alcohol it's it's basically part of life that it still says, By the one in whose hand is my soul. This nation will not perish until a man as many Qiyamah will not come until a man and a woman commit Zina in the street. They will sleep in public places commit Zina, and people will walk by and it would not be strange. It'll be normal to see a naked person on the Billboard to see a naked person dressed like however, it will not even shock you anymore. And only a

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person out the person with the most Eman will see these people fornicating in the street and you'll say, look, it's better if you just go around the corner. I'm not in the path, you know, children are going to school and that will be the person that is EMA. That's the only of the only of Allah. The point is 50 years ago, not Muslim countries, this would not be heard of what we see today on your phone. Kids have six, seven years old, see more naked women than kings of old fear own did not see as much nudity as children see today in primary school Subhanallah the access to it and it's become normal than amusing since a time will come where the clothing of people will basically be naked,

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there'll be closed but there'll be naked. So how about going on this? How's this possible? We understand your rasool Allah, a time will come when women exceed many numbers of Hadees is up to 50 Whoever they reach that but apart from countries like India and China, okay, and those are the biggest countries in the world. But apart from a few limited countries, in almost every nation, the women exceed them in and there's not also by the way, not every sign is a bad one. Right? So having more women than men is not necessarily a bad one. But Alhamdulillah this is what the time will come we as the Hadith mentions where one man will be looking after 50 Women doesn't mean 50 wives women

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could be his daughters, his mother, your sisters, one person will have to care. So difficult it will be 50 people. There'll be some says A time will come he says the Sahaba were maintaining your iman will be like holding a hot coal or it will take the Eman of 50 so the Sahaba said 50 of them. So then he says no 50 of you Sahaba the the amount of 50 of you to maintain your Islam Sahaba with all you know about the Allah no matter the only the best people, but they did not see the fitna that we are seeing we did not go through the kind of tests of our iman as we are going through Subhanallah and a time will come with an amusing says it will be better to be in your grave and you actually

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wish I wish I didn't live to see this when wealth will increase in the Ummah yet Zakah would become very, very minimal Subhanallah the wealthiest countries in the world, our brothers in the oil rich countries

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of the wealthiest countries in the world, the Muslims and of the poorest countries in the world are Muslims Subhanallah there's something wrong with the ummah. Well Allah has given so much wealth to one group and not shared with the rest of the Ummah, the Muslim ummah will be immense, it will be huge, but they will have significant insignificant power where people will draw Allah s analysis like birds eating from a, a trough, taking what they want. And this could be you know, subhanAllah after the fall of the caliphate 100 years ago, literally, people in Europe, in Berlin in Paris, took a map of the Muslim world and they drew lines and I said, this is for you. This is for you. This is

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for you. That is exactly what happened to the lands of the Muslims not too long ago, disunity fighting against the Muslims, as we mentioned that the nebula mentioned that literacy will become widespread, everybody will be able to read and write, but knowledge will disappear. And the disappearance of knowledge is the loss of scholars and Alama. That when the orlimar pass away, and we those of you who know great scholars have died. The next generation of scholars are not as great as those scholars before and so knowledge slowly slowly disappears. That means this is the worst of people will be the people ruling the world. And it doesn't take much you look at the private lives

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of the politicians. What do they do in the private sector?

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kind of wrongs, the model evils they're doing. They are the worst people that you would expect. As we see the increase of earthquakes and storm time moving quickly, one or two more than it's quite interesting that our business is close to Qiyamah Maji it will become very, very beautiful.

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The time we're gonna be solemn.

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He didn't have a roof. One of the signs of later to codon for him was he was going to make Salah in mud. So the rain came and of course they had no roof and they made sujood in mud and this was the night of little colder than me. So time will come where Moses will be beautiful, it will be adorned and the voices will be made high. Maybe microphones, but it will be empty. I was wrong a few months ago, I was in a masjid which looked like you know, a fairytale Masjid

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it's making probably like you know, spawn or something out of out of your imagination. And there were only 50 People in the masjid the main Salah rooms locked with a why is this like only Joomla and tourists go the panel for those of you who've been to the city, you know what I'm talking about, but that's how it is. It's a it's a monument sort of Masjid Alana, then, of course, the famous one that you all know in the hadith of Gibreel which video came and spoke about the pillars of Islam and pillars of Eman one of the things he asked and of Islam when he's Kiama and I'm saying Why don't you do the you will not I know when Kiama is so he said What are the signs and one of the signs he said

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when slaves will give birth to the masters? What does this mean? Many many discussion but as Adnan always reminds Alhamdulillah the point of this hadith slavery is long time gone. So that sign came and went What are the slaves giving birth to the masters? What does this mean a lot of different I've seen the point is slavery is finished that sign came in when and the other one which is super, like so super relevant when the Arabs who had were living in the desert start competing in building skyscrapers and I just saw today the picture of Dubai 1980 There wasn't a single skyscraper in the last 3040 years it's become probably the the the city with the most skyscrapers and there's a

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competition between them and other

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oil princes to build bigger and bigger skyscrapers yatta yatta well meaning they will compete in building one after the next this is one of the signs panela against harbor couldn't understand it. We see and then interesting Hadith and there are few signs which we'll talk about more tomorrow that is has not come to pass. But the interesting Hadith the responses by the one in whose hand is my soul. The owl will not be established until people can communicate with animals okay, this hasn't yet happened. And but this perhaps the next part is irrelevant. That's until a the tip of a man's whip or a strap on his shoe and something in his thigh will enforce speak to him and inform him

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what's happening at home.

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On Allah

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Hadith interiorly

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so Allah, modern technology, how long before we get there before you talk to animals? And we're already talking to AI? We're ready to chat GBT computers talk to you. But the fact that something will in your thigh will speak to you about what's happening at home when you're not the Allah Subhan Allah was done. Right. So these are, as we said, most of the minus signs have occurred tomorrow we'll talk about the few that have not yet occurred nearly there are a few and also one must remember, it does not mean that the major signs will only happen when all the minus signs happen. Many of the minus signs will happen only off to the means. For example, one of the minus signs of

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Kiama is Hatchwell in the Kaaba will be destroyed. This is close to this is really off to the jail after all the tribulations then that will happen, but inshallah we'll talk about that. And of course we will talk about Imam Mahdi tomorrow be vanilla. Alright, so sorry, I don't have moon so yesterday spot price. Which year was Constantinople conquered? 1453 So this was

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1453 So let's see who got it right.

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Mica eel at us. Mikhail Yeah, yeah, okay. Mashallah, you got it right.

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And Surah Sally?

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She Yeah. Oh, Mashallah. Surah. Okay. Right in tonight's question, which one is not a minus sign of Qiyamah. The increasing in earthquakes, the increase in false prophets, the increasing in men, the increase in literacy, which one is not a minus one FTM. And just last last last point, just encouraging everybody to support the orphan program, if you can, if you can, Inshallah, our number of orphans have now jumped to 70 we don't want to tell any of the orphanages that we're not able to assist you. So we'd like to take all of them out for the day given we've got 70 families adopt one orphan for one day for one brand insha Allah and inshallah Melodia would you and your kids in I

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mean, what so let's say that Muhammad Allah, Islam, Allah serene, Pamela Ramadan, Amina Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh