Islamic Core Value – Incorruptibility – Istiqamah #8

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Like I learned you also have to remain.

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Always remember to keep

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your brothers and sisters in dua in general in slightly shocked when we make dua it's called do I know as well, and there's an issue, there's certain physical restrictions in terms of doing it. And not all of them, by the way, kind of do this, for sure. And even those who do there's a restrictions of how often and when you stop and when you do it, so we will follow that. It doesn't mean that you stop making dua for them. It doesn't mean that you can't continue to advocate for them. We just kind of have to follow the appropriate rulings when it comes to these things and fettled

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Yeah, Yahweh imam or even with his help, if you see it, he does. 300 We said I didn't Hassanein on NSEP Malik or the Allahu Anhu caught the Hadith tonight. It's not only a hadith, meaning it's not something that Prophet alayhi salam said, it's something happened right after he passed away out of your sight to a Salaam. It's a known known story. And it's in the theme of, of anti corruption or incorruptibility, or its department in general, I want to I wanted to kind of quote this, these words, because I think they're, they're valuable. And even his talk is someone who has narrations in general aren't always accepted from because of the fact that he suffered from, at least amongst

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other issues. He's a known historian and he's one of the most important

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scholars of Ceylon in his book along with Sears diminution in the loyalty are the important books that we go back to, to kind of

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confirm the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was life timing, the timings and the incidence but in this in this hadith, Salah meaning he actually point out he heard and most scholars or at least there's a fair amount of them when it is happening, so So yeah, they accept his narration, at least with a reasonable champion ratio, which is the one that I'm going to narrate for you tonight. as read by NSF in medical the Allahu Anhu violent Taala llama Karna yo mas sativa

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boo boo yah, Abubakar, wherever you can avoid jealousy. A goober can remember? Welcome, Omar. So, I guess it's telling us what happened on the day of Sunday for when the day went over kind of the law and who got what they call the battle cos I mean, he got he got the pledge of the of the leaders of Medina and for him to be the successor of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam in leadership right. So yummy Suceava after that the next day Oba could call it they called the people all the people in Medina and he got on them in battle the Allahu Anhu and before he spoke, Armando Catalano stood up Takada Are you a nurse in the call to makalah tunnel berry Maharaja to her Tiki tabula he, well here

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I don't hear her either your Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam ala in any country although no and now rasool Allah he will be able to hire the bureau. I'm Rana.

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So, Amara Mahatama stands up and he said yesterday I said certain things. And of course, you know the story of how I want to kind of and he went through a difficult moment when the profile isn't passed away and he said certain things and you got to be upset. So he stood up he said, I said certain things yesterday is not in the book of Allah, the Prophet, I did not tell him that he was going to come back I just thought I just could I never came to terms with the fact that he was going to pass away. I thought he said good to be Ramadan. I mean, he will be the last of us meaning we will all die before he would. And he wouldn't be the last Muslim obviously that wasn't be the case.

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It's just how he had looked at it. It was like he was in denial of the Prophet Allah so ever, ever leaving he loved him that much anyways. And you say when Allah God Allah fie compete Abba hula de there are some timbi Who did some

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work on this channel, I'm Rocco Allah highly recommend that you Rasulillah so he is also a heavy hitter and he has many of the feel of it, for whom overvalue so and then he said continuous enrollment, he said, and Allah subhanaw taala has left his book amongst you and that's all you need to follow that meaning that you will be guided as the prophet Allah your son was beat was guided during his life. And he has and your issue or your matter has come into hands now with the best of you. He's talking to about obika The Prophet Allah sometimes as a companion, and the second person was with him in the hall, that night football move about year over for everyone going after their

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pledge. But if you couldn't buy an item, he was offered the general pledge from people

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from Fall model, the low and HuFa climate and then overcoming the low underground limbo, and he spoke, and this is where I want to kind of quote, the issue of Mr. Karma is what he said, Are you a nurse in God will lead to Alikum Wallace to be highly cool. For Inosanto for our inone we're in a tool for how we Mooney that that is the karma piece, he said he stood and he said Indeed, I have been given the responsibility of leadership upon you. And I'm not the best of you are the Allahu Anhu even though he or he clearly, he clearly was, but but that's what he believed it wasn't. So here's the difference, though, just so I may make this point clear, because it's important. He

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didn't say it knowing that no, but I actually I'm gonna say that because it's not appropriate for me to stand up here and say, by the way, I am the best amongst all of you. But I know he didn't believe that. So here's the difference. He stood there and he said I am not the best

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view he believed that he lived believing that in he died believing that we'll be alive and he would refuse any other claim. And that's the important piece this this artificial humbleness is worthless. The artificial one where yes, I'm not but deep inside I totally am. That doesn't mean anything. Oh, Becca truly did not feel that he was the best. Just like all of the greats do. All of the greats are like that all of the truly great Muslim great people in their hearts. They don't believe that they believe that they've been given the responsibility and they carry the burden. So they will but they that they are not they don't outrank anyone. Yeah, and he spiritually or religiously or ethically,

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or character wise, or in any way or form and he believed that really low on this was his conviction. I'm not the best of you. So if I do well, then you help me and if I don't feel we Mooney it definitely was when you put something back on track again.

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What truck again, are we talking literally there's no underwear. There's no way to understand this literally. Obviously, he's not on a train or the law. Why no one there's no truck. The idea here is if I make a mistake, and I go down the path that is corrupt, you'll bring me back to the straight path, the path of incorruptibility, that gleam not only is it somebody So so far we've talked about your son has been stalking him and your heart has to he was talking and your character has to be Muslim in your relationships have to be mustafina and your relationships with others have to be on the foot on the on the with the perspective of the queen that not only do we walk the straight path

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we help each other do the same. And his mentality on the love on walking into this is the cliff was that not only did he was he going to try to be incorruptible and to walk the straight pride that he needed people to do that to help him with it when he made a mistake. And that is the definition of anti corruption where the leader says look if I do well then listen to me and if I don't then you need to help me you need to put me because that's how you serve me you that's how you stand by me that's how you like to support me you make sure that I don't lose track of what is important in the sukkah, a man will carry here and you'll see indeed being honest is something you've been entrusted

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with and lying is an act of betrayal so don't lie to me about it in Herbalife and mean come over unit nd had awfully high letter well we fee from the iPhone and data who that have come in who the the week amongst you will be strong when they stand by me until I give bring back their their their taken rights and the strong amongst you will be weak in My presence until I take the right from them and then they go back to being strong again.

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What he said it's actually very very meaningful. It's a beautiful is a long clip I'm not going to recite the whole thing to you but the meaning there's also your own email thought to Allah rasool Allah and I'll say to whom a follow up are utterly either confirm or it also the article Johan Kumala. You continue you follow me you listen to me as long as I follow the way of Allah and His Prophet in the moment I don't follow the way of Allah His Prophet and he disobeyed and you have no reason to listen to me you just you disobey me

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you follow me as long as I walk the straight path the moment I lose my mama, you Hi, you owe me nothing. You owe me this was what Islams political

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system was based on where we are now obviously is a completely different, but that's what it was based on was based on this mentality, you you are put in a position of leadership and you were entrusted to be to be studied, to walk that straight path and to serve people. And if they if you did not, then you will be replaced. And people would not listen to me because that was that's how the system worked. And now of course, it's a whole it's a very different world that we live in. I don't even know how to draw parallels or if drawing parallels is of any benefit at all to begin with. But But I think never don't forget the roots because the roots matter. Don't forget what this

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was based on. It was beautiful. It was very meaningful. This This was these words were said by a leader 1400 years ago, a leader an actual Khalifa, someone who is not only going to rule Arabia was never ruled before the Prophet he sought to stand by one person right? Well Bucha was the first person who wasn't a prophet was going to rule not only the sub Peninsula he was going to rule way more than that it was gonna go during his time was going to make it to do the holy land close to almost the most of the holy land today in parts of Persia and parts of of Egypt. He was gonna be a true ruler or someone who was on the map and yet this always starts by saying if I don't do right by

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God, then you get rid of me and you don't listen to me, I think is worthy of kind of reflecting upon that is the farmer doesn't just start on the lower end it starts on the higher end as well and it's something that is that exists within the Islamic system all in all, Yahweh man will always have a feast you'd like to hear you say nothing has an industry and and honestly BNI America the Allahu Akbar LOM booya Abu Bakr in your Mr T 34 kernel of jealous alum embody Facom Omar Bacala Mohammed Allahu Allah no I didn't even makalah you her nurse Allah in the Quran to old Wilbury Hatter mercados and now we're going to get to her vikita biLlahi when I hate her in a year Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam learned and he couldn't to oh no no rasool Allah he will be around Marana when Allah Hatha tilaka fecal matter that for some tumby He who didn't come

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Now who do who was sort of Allah Allah you early will tell them that they'll say Moby here we have Gemma I'm Rocco Allah Hi Rico. So heavy 30th Nene the whole Murphy levar Coco Mufasa Euro who perform ova Becker in lb M for Waka Abu Bakr Al Amin buddy for Hatha Vanessa Boyle but I didn't Hamid allah how Athena Ali Are you a nurse in need but it will lead to ra whereas to be highly competent Aston to inone when I sell to for call we Mooney Sergio Carmen well Kathy Maria Anna and I know by from income per unit and the HUD, HUD the Lehigh letter when we Yemen combat even in the data who they'll help come in who are to your own email or talk to Allah or Sudha who feel confident

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outside you to whom and follow up I tell ya, they confirm your Salah at home Kamala sort of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Subhan Allah hamdulillah ilaha illa Anta stuff