Nouman Ali Khan – Unanswered Prayers

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming month of dash and the importance of humility in addressing problems and challenges. They emphasize the need for humility in asking for prayer and addressing problems, as it is common in older cultures. The speakers also emphasize the importance of humility in addressing problems and challenges, and how it can lead to bad outcomes. They stress the need for humility in addressing problems and challenges, and how it can lead to healing. They also emphasize the importance of humility in addressing problems and challenges, and how it can lead to healing.
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Fabula he Shahida for sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at the Sleeman Kathira and Kathira and my dad for inner circle Hadith he Kitab Allah wa Hiral Howdy, how do you Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we're in a CharBroil Ohmori mark data to have. We're in Nikola Mazda 13 With Aquila, with atom Walla Walla Walla to infinity. Allah Allah azza wa jal FICKY Tabby Hill Karim but an Akula bIllahi min ash shaytani R. rajim. Dr. Jaffe, as you know boom and in my budget, you're the owner of the home how fun Wautoma may or may not Rosa canal community Hoon Fela Telamon Epson offie Allah hoomin Karate, Yun Jezza MB Mercan we Am I alone? Rubbish actually. Sorry, we are silly. Emily

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looked at me listening. You've got okoli Allahumma Tabata and the motiva La ilaha illAllah. Allah how much I mean a Latina, Eminem hamilo slightly hurt, but I was hoping it would also be sub, I mean, you know, but I mean,

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Inshallah, in today's hotbar, I'd like to talk about a question that I've been asked many, many times, and I think it's a great time to talk about this subject, because we are now in the month of Ramadan, about which Allah azza wa jal has told us a few key things. And one of those things is an indication that this is a month of a lot of dua. So in the few ayat that Allah has given us about Ramadan, Allah did mention in those ayat where he does look anybody anywhere in the Corrib, eg without a dairy is at the end for yesterday, Bulli will you mean will be on your show don't that when my servant my sleeve asks you about me than I am. Without a doubt I am near, I respond to the

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call of the one who calls meaning the prayer of the one who prays to Me, the asker, the one who asks of me, I'll wait for you to turn your phone off. Okay, for indicative so that I am I am near I respond to the call of the one who calls, whenever they may call each other and whenever they may call me. So that indicates that this is a month of lots and lots of dua to Allah. And it's interesting that as I travel, especially over the last year, one of the most common questions I received one way or another was the same question and it always had to do with dA. So I'm going to explain the question to you first and then we'll try to get wrap our minds around some things about

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the answer. So the question is something like this, I trust Allah I believe in Allah, I pray to Allah, I ask Allah for something and I've asking, I've been asking for a long, long, long time for the same dollar over and over again. And I just don't seem to get that prayer answered. Like Allah doesn't seem to answer that prayer. On the one hand, I find in the tradition that there's narrations like even if you ask for a shoelace, ask Allah. Right. So I'm asking, I'm not asking for much from the kingdom of Allah, I'm asking for something very little. And I keep on making dua for it. And it's simply not getting answered. So what is Allah telling me? Is he telling me to give up on my

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prayer? Is he telling me to stop asking for that thing? Or is it that just some doors just don't get answered? How do I make sense of this? When we hear Allah say that he hears every prayer? And he, you know, and he's just not answering my prayer? So what am I supposed to think? So, a few things about that, that I want to start off with? The first of them is humility. And I'm not saying that the people who asked this question lack humility, but I and you all of us need a reminder in certain things. Who exactly are we asking? We're asking Allah azza wa jal, and when we ask Allah we are asking the King of all kings and we are the lowest before him. We are the above

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We are the slaves. And he is the ultimate King, we have to have a humility in the way that we ask. And actually, that humility goes further than any other king that one might ask. In the old times, people would go to the king and beg them for food or beg them for their land to be released, or all those kinds of things, right. So the people who go and make the request, they know what they want. Like, that's very common thing to say, I know what I want. But actually, the humility to Allah is it requires a step further, that you don't even require for anyone else. It's only with Allah, I have to admit that I don't even truly know what I want. I feel that I know what I want. But actually what

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I do I truly know what it is that I want. No, Allah teaches this lesson in humility multiple times. For example, Allah says, whether insert will be surely dua who will hire a colonel in Santo Abdullah, the human being keeps on asking for something harmful? While the prayer he's making is actually for something good. Meaning in his mind, in the person's mind, they're actually asking for something good, not realizing that that one good in their mind may lead to a lot of bad. And when you balance those two things out, it's going to be much worse than what it is now. You don't even realize because you end up why why do human beings do this? Allah says, What can l Insano? A doula

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is because human beings are extremely expedited. They rush into things, they want things to happen very, very, very quickly. I have something in my mind, I'm going through a problem right now. If I'm going through a problem, right now, the only thing on my mind is to solve this problem. I'm not thinking beyond that. It's like there's a wall in front of me, and I can't think past it. So the only thing I think about is Yalla, solve this problem, solve it in this way. That said, if you just solve this one problem for me, everything's gonna be okay. And you don't know that if you remove that one break, what other flood is coming ahead, you don't see that because you and I don't have

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the ability to see that. And Allah sees that Allah sees the bigger picture that you and I aren't able to see. So the first thing not that you shouldn't ask for things. But there are some realizations that you and I have to have. And so the first one of them is humility, that I have to be humbled to the fact that maybe I'm asking for something. And maybe this isn't the time for this prayer to be answered, Allah will decide when this prayer will be answered. I refer to the story of use of La salaam a lot. But it's good to take some lessons in this discussion from that, like Yahoo, or the his salaam who wants his son to be reunited with him. He wants that to happen. But Allah will

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decide when that's going to happen. It could happen in a few hours. Like in this in the case of the story of Musa alayhis salaam, the mother lost her child, she put the baby in the basket. And the basket is a river that's going down the river and it's ending up in the Pharaoh's palace. She doesn't even know that. But Allah decides that she should be reunited with her baby in a few hours. And in the sea, in the same vein, Yusuf alayhi salam is separated from his father, and he's put inside of a well, a well is actually much more stationary than a river. And yet, he's not going to be reunited with his son for many, many decades. There's going to be several years before he sees,

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and that all of that is part of the wisdom of Allah, when was it best for this family to be reunited? So sometimes we have our own plans. We have our own wishes, of course, a father wants, that he should be reunited with his beloved child immediately. Why wouldn't he wish that? Why wouldn't he pray for that? But Allah has a certain plan in in his wisdom that he's put in place. So the first, again, the first recognition is that of humility, and a couple of other places in the Quran remind us of that, like for example, Allah azza wa jal says, that are certain to Hibou che Anwar, who are shallow Lacan, wasa into crochet Anwar Hua highroller comb, wala Huya Allah mu, into

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lotta animal, it may well be that you really like something but it's bad for you. And it may well be that you really don't like something but it's good for you. And it's Allah in fact, he knows and you're the ones who don't know. That's what Allah says. Similarly, he says what I saw and chakra who che and wedge and Allah houfy claridon cathedra it could be that you don't like something and Allah has put a lot of good in it. So over and over again, Allah is comparing what I like, with what Allah knows. Right? I like something and what I like something I get so confident. I know this is good for me know, you feel this is good for you. I feel it's good for me is not the same as I know it's good

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for me. There are two separate things and Allah separates those two things. That's a very difficult lesson to internalize.

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eyes, because, you know, when I have my perspective, it becomes my reality, what is commonly referred to nowadays as my truth, but we're constantly reminded to humble ourselves, even in terms of what it is that we like. Now, let's take this a step further.

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In the famous dua of istikhara, which many people are familiar with a part of this, this dua, is in Quinta, Alamo. And if you're, you're turning to Allah, and you're saying to him, if you happen to know and I had an ombre Sharon fee, that this this thing that I'm asking for is bad for me in my religion? Well, my Aashi and in my livelihood in my life, well, I'll keep it. And in my, well, I'll keep it empty. And in the final outcome of my life or my situation, meaning, even though it's good for me right now, this might lead to much bigger problems down the road. That if that's the case, then he says, the prayer teaches me to say, firstly, for me was swiftly and who, then take it away

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from me and take me away from it. There's two parts to that door. Take it away from me, meaning don't answer my prayer. Don't let me have it. If there's a humility in this lie, I don't actually know if this is good for me or not. So yeah, Allah, you know, better. And if this isn't good for me, yeah, Allah take this away, don't let it happen. And not only don't let it happen, get my heart away from thinking about the I wish I had it. I wish I had it. I wish I had it. Just get my heart away from it. You're even asking Allah to guide your desire. You're asking Allah to guide what it is that you want. Ya, Allah make me stop wanting this. It's not good for me. So this is the starting point

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of today's conversation. The starting point is humility. And when I ask Allah for something, I have to have that humility. But let's take another step. Maybe even then I persist in making some kind of die. There are people like, for example, the case of us here are the Allahu anha. Right as he is living with Iran. She's literally living with Fidel, and some people say I'm living with Fidel, and she gets to say that literally, right, so she's actually living with Iran. And she wants to get away from Finland. And she can't, she can't get away from him, because it's not like she can call the police. He owns the police. It's not like she can report him to the government. He is the

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government. It's not like she can run away into the country. He owns the country. She's got nowhere to go. So when she says what a genie mean for our family, he rescue me from the Pharaoh and rescue me from the things that he does get me away from him. She's praying desperately for something that is immediately her needs, she is suffering and she wants relief from her suffering. And many of us, you and I, many times our prayers are about finding some kind of relief from some kind of suffering. Right that there's relief from suffering that we're asking for. And we know in her dua, what did she combine that way? We're not G men for our family. We're not GED middle Colmar Valley mean, but right

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before that, she said, If nearly wait and fill Jana. Nobody else nobody actually made this prayer in the Quran except her. So unique prayer. My master built me a home in Jannah. She says Build me a home in Jannah and rescue me from the Pharaoh. It's really interesting, because it's almost as though she realized there is no building in this world that is safe for me.

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And he owns I mean, we know one thing about the Pharaoh the Pharaoh owns the most remarkable building structures, right? And people would look at those palaces and say I wish I could live there. And this woman lives in one of those palaces and all she wishes for is a different kind of building. She She wants the building and Jana, Emily bathe and fill Jana when a gentleman for our family so there's a realization that she may be even though Allah can do the impossible, but she's also realizing it may not be possible Allah has wisdom may not allow me to escape this castle. Yeah, Allah at least replace this with a better castle for me. And don't because I'm in his household. The

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other problem with her is she's living in his house. So when the fairground makes a decision, he makes a decision to kill children. For example, he makes a decision to oppress or enslave people. Then, because she's part of that family, you would consider her complicit, like she has a part in that too. She shares in the evil because she's in the household of the king. And so she's not just asking to be rescued from the abuse of in Ireland, but she's also asking that his actions should not affect her relationship with Allah. Like she has no control over what he does. Yola rescue me from his actions, because his actions are gonna get him in a lot of trouble on Judgement Day. I don't

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want anything to do with his actions on Judgement Day. I'm cutting myself off, at least spiritually if I cannot cut my

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off off emotionally, or cut myself off physically. So the second thing we learned here is sometimes we may find ourselves in a situation that is impossible to escape. You might find yourself stuck with the film, it might happen and there's no way for you to escape, then we find inspiration from the people who are stuck in those kinds of situations. What did they ask Allah? You know, there are billions of people in the history of the world who've made trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars. And Allah chooses some dollars to become part of the Quran. Very few, just a handful. So each one of those dials is very, very important. And each one of those dials represents solutions

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for millions and millions of people. So I have to identify if I'm stuck in that situation, what do I might inspire me, where am I? Where might I find guidance, but then we have to take yet another step. And the other step is, stubbornness, stubbornness. So what happens with with human beings, all of us is that you know, because we, the first problem was lack of humility. Well, when we lack enough humility, to not know that, except that I don't really know, then what happens is I know exactly what I want. For example, some woman says, I just need to marry that man. That's it. That's all I want Yola, that man is who I want to marry. Or some guy says, I just want to marry that woman.

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That's all I want. Yeah, Allah, I don't ask you for anything else. This is what I want. Or some. Somebody says, you know, I just want ya Allah has given me a son. You know, I already have seven daughters. I just need one son. Just give me a son. And that's all I want. I know what I want. Just give me a son. Right? So you have people that say, I'm just sure about exactly what I want. Right? This is exactly the job I want. This is exactly the spouse I want. This is exactly the house I want. This is exactly the child I want, etc. Right? Or even if you have a child, yeah, Allah I need to make my child a half of the Quran. That's it. I just need to make them a half. That's it, are ya

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Allah, this is all I want. Or I want them to become a doctor. This is all I want. So we have this, this desire this wish, and now we are stuck in it. We are making dua for it. We are constantly constantly pushing towards it in every single prayer. And when that's not happening, you wanted your child to become a doctor and stuff but Allah He likes math and he hates biology. And he ended up becoming a PhD in calculus and becoming an engineer or becoming a mathematician and you're like, how do I even how do I even pray to Allah now because Allah I made so much do I even went to aamra I cried at Aqaba for him to become a cardiologist. And the only thing he's given me is a heart attack.

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So I have to go see a cardiologist. So why my prayers didn't get answered. Allah didn't answer my prayers. This is where we become stubborn. We want reality, to be molded according to our wishes. Now, I'm not talking about relief. I've already talked about relief. I'm not talking about getting out of a bad situation. I'm talking about something else, something that I want, not something that I need something that I want and when I want something and I keep asking Allah for it, I keep asking Allah for it. And I want Allah to change reality to fit what I want. Then Allah responds to this and he says, he says laser be Amana Yukon,

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whether it be Amani al Kitab. Reality is Nate not based on your wishful thinking. And it's not based on the wishful thinking of the people of the book before you. I often referenced that I went to a Joel Olsteen program here. A couple of Christmases ago, Joel Osteen, some of you might know who that is. He had a Christmas special at the American Airlines stadium. And I wanted to see what that's about. So I got a ticket and I went to see Joel Olsteen, perform and preach on Christmas Eve. And when he went and preached on Christmas Eve, all he was promising people was this year, everything's gonna work out the cancer is gonna go away, you're gonna get that new job, you're gonna get that new

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Jesus is gonna solve all your problems. He's gonna take care of everybody and everything. Yes, sir. Yes, he is. Yes, he is. And they're, they're all so happy that God is going to pay for them who God is, is going to answer all their prayers, everything they wished for. This is the new. This is an ancient problem that I want to highlight and bring to your attention. In ancient societies, people corrupted the original religion that Allah revealed through prophets, and they turned it into something else. I like to call it consumer religion. Just so you can understand what I mean by that. Consumer religion means I'm going to go up 10,000 steps on top of a Buddhist temple and I'm going to

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take some flowers or some milk or something and I'm going to put it in front of the statue. I'm going to pray for some new a new house or the farm should be okay or I don't get robbed this year or whatever. I take my wish all the way up to the statue and I'm going to give

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Is God something and he's gonna give me what I wish? Basically it was a transaction. You do you do the prayer, the God gives you what you wish. So you know you will you need the prayer to happen you pray to the rain god, he'll make the rain happen. You pray to the you know, so it's constantly an exchange I asked God God gives me or I asked the gods and the gods give me, right. So it's constantly a, you know, series of wishes that we get. Now even though in our religion, we can ask for things in this life. Like, I'll see I was asking for relief, or is that idea. They said I was asking for a child. Right? We're asking for things. If you actually study the overall picture of all

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the doulas in the Quran. If you look at all of them,

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we're always tying our prayers in this life to something that's coming in the next life. It's never separate. It's always connected in some way. We don't see this life as separate from the next life. Right now we're in duniya. Later on, we're gonna deal with the alcohol. Nope. Everything in dunya is immediately right now connected to the alcohol immediately. So in all of my doors, even when Zecharia and Islam for example, asked for a child, he said the return to ye button. The return to ye button. Give me a good child. Why is he asking for a good child? Because a good child would carry on doing good even after he's gone benefiting him in the era? Right? Which I limit legend Cavalier

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Yeah, the 3d while your resume in Alia who was and who? Robbie Robbie? Yeah, he's constantly asking for something spiritual, something that will benefit in the next life while benefiting and dislike the most explicit dua in the Quran, where you where you and I asked for something in this life is actually a lot better at in aphid. Dunya, Hassan Rabbana attina. That's the most explicit door. And even then immediately what Phil asked about the hustler, okay, now I'm gonna give us the most beautiful in this life, and the most beautiful in the next life and they're both fused together. Now finally, when I was I was making reference to stubbornness, I want to just highlight one quick thing

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that we first of all, we're not a consumer religion. It's not like if Allah I prayed so much that I should get 100 on the exam, or at least Yeah, Allah just let me pass this exam. Let me just get a 65 or I found out in some in Canada, you have to get a 50 to pass. So let me just get a 50 in Canada, let me get a 65 in America, let me pass at least and then you get a 64 or in Canada, you got a 49 You're like Allah didn't answer my dua. That's it. I'm gonna stop praying. I've read so much, and it didn't happen. What's the point of prayer? Yeah, if if your religion was a consumer religion, where you do the prayer, God is the one who gives you if he stops giving you according to your terms, then

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you stop praying according to his terms. Make sense? That's like a business deal. But our religion is not a consumer religion. Our religion came to teach us that we have been created by someone who put us here for a purpose, and we're going to go back to him. We're gonna go back. So this is just a small episode of my life, there's a much bigger episode coming. And the ups and downs of this episode these episodes in this life, they can I cannot allow them to ruin my relationship with him. Because that relationship is way more important than anything that's happening in this life, way more important. That's the message of this religion. Because of that message. We don't become a

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consumer religion. But unfortunately, what's happened to us, we've essentially become a consumer religion. Most of our doors are about things in this life. Most of our doors, people our people call every question is tonight, the 27th is tonight the 20. Can you tell us which night the 27th is? Why are they because they're going to ask for forgiveness on the 27th. They're going to ask for guidance on the 27th they're going to make Toba on the 27th they're going to do more a battle on the 27th to please Allah, or is it going to be yalla just let me pay off the house. Ya Allah, let me just get my daughter marry Ya Allah. Let me just get this job. Yeah, it's always stuff in this world. There's

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always stuff in this world. So in a very subtle way, we have now started to disconnect our needs or wants of this life, from what we need in the next life. And we're slowly without realizing it becoming a consumer religion. And it's a scary thing to realize. And I wanted this to be the opening of our month of Ramadan. Because this Quran came to actually connect us to Allah and the fundamental way we connect to Allah is da the fundamental way. The first Surah is a dua if you know Sinatra, Mr. P Mr. Dua, and the kind of the ideas should make us realize what kinds of doors are we supposed to be making? Finally, on stubbornness I keep digressing from it, I'll end with this is that is the

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notion of resilience or adaptability and it's a big word, but I'll make it easy. Look, you wanted your business to succeed.

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If you made lots of dua for the business to succeed, it flopped, it didn't work. Now you have two choices. You could sit and say, Your Allah I made so much dua, you didn't let it happen. What can I do? I just I don't even make die anymore. I don't know if what why even bother? Or you realize that these obstacles that Allah created was for you to realize this is not the way you need to try something else. And when you feel it, that you need to try something else. And when you feel it, that you need to try something else, you need to adapt to changing realities, Allah will put us in different realities, and the solution will not always be the same. You know, I'm reminded of like,

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Volker Nain, who is in the in Soto gaff he travels, and he makes multiple stops, right? And in one, one stop, he does nothing. He leaves them alone, because Alika he just leaves them as they were in another place. He enforces the law. He says, if people do bad, I'm going to punish them. And if people do good, then I will, I will say good word to them. And then his third stop is final stop. There's a huge band of evil doers coming the Julian jujur. Coming, you would think he hasn't. He's already done two different things. One he imposed the law to he did nothing. Three. He says no, I'm just going to build a wall keep them on the other side. He didn't do ARB he didn't see what is that

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what is that every situation requires a different solution. You don't have the same solution for every situation. He has to look at his resources, he has to look at the reality on the ground and make a decision and maybe the thing you really want and the thing that I really want, you're not looking at the reality of the situation. You're not being you're not you're not practical. Make though, of course, make the offer all kinds of things. But if you're sitting there making the Ayala I'm four foot six, please make me five foot five, by tomorrow morning, then you're not looking at the reality, then then you don't come back and say well, you can ask Allah for anything. So that's

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what I want to ask. Then you have a psychological disorder, not just a spiritual disorder, right? So we have to be We ask Allah, we ask Allah within confines within guidance, while at the same time using common sense, while at the same time using common sense. And I know I shouldn't be concluding this, but I'll take two more minutes.

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What I'm also reminded of is acceptance, acceptance. You know, I met a doctor that really does change my perspective so much. I met him in Denmark. As a Muslim doctor, he's a cancer specialist. And he told me that, you know, because most people in Europe, they're not religious. They don't even believe in God much anymore. They just believe in nature. Right? So some cancer patient will come to him. They tell him you have a week, maybe two weeks left, right. Do you want to meet with your family? Do you want to stay in the hospital? Yeah, you know, a lot of take me off of dialysis. I'm gonna go anyway, let me just enjoy my few last moments with my family. That's what they'll tell

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them. Right? I just want to go and I lived a good life. I want to go in peace. Okay, this is the atheist. This is the one who doesn't believe in Allah just says I'm gonna go back to nature. I've been feeding from the earth. Now I can feed the Earth. This is their hippie philosophy, great. Then he gets a Muslim family, somebody's got cancer, they're on the verge of death. Everybody's making data, and they're making die and they're making die and the person passes when the person passes. Or they're on the verge of no put them on a machine. Keep them on the machine. Keep them alive, Allah will answer the miracle will happen. We cannot accept this death we cannot let that happen. This

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cannot be this cannot be this cannot be like the one who doesn't believe in Allah has accepted the reality of death. And the people who supposedly believe in Allah are having so much of a difficulty coping with death and making dua that Allah can somehow move death away. The remove death from the equation Kulu Nuff said that a court will note in fact, we even make a dua for death in the Quran. What's our phenom Abrar take us away along with good people, meaning make it a good death. Make it a death that is actually among good people. So I'm not saying don't make dua for those that are sick. Of course you should. Of course you should. But there's also an acceptance of Allah's decree. And

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then you don't sit there and say, How come Allah didn't answer my door? How can my you know my family member? My beloved couldn't live forever? couldn't live longer than I should? Or anybody you know, we don't decide, you know, no, no, Cadorna Vina como el mouths when my Nana we must move in. We're the ones who'd calculated death among all of you. There's a calculation Allah made of who will die when they will die, how they will die. What you know, all of that has been calculated already, and nobody will win that race. Allah says definitely man and we must be looking. Nobody will get ahead. Nobody will leave Allah behind and beat that betta timer.

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Nobody. So then when we make these two hours and then those two hours, don't get answered that go against the color of Allah and then we lose faith. How could Allah do this? Why did Allah do this? How could we and we have a hard time accepting it, then we are we have we are forgetting who Allah is. Allah my relationship with Allah is not just someone who answers my dogs. My relationship with Allah is much that's one piece of it. My relationship with Allah is is the master who made me who owns all wisdom, and under whose wisdom I will always trust him. And in fact, even when he doesn't answer my dua, the way that I want it to. I trust that He loves me and protects me and cares for me

00:30:41 --> 00:31:22

much more than I can care for myself. So if he's not answering this door, it's out of love for me. If he's not doing it for me, it's out of I trust him. I know my feelings, but I trust his wisdom a lot more than I know I trust my feelings. May Allah azza wa jal make us humble in our dua to Allah sincere in our dua to Allah. May Allah azza wa jal give higher to all of us through our doors and accept them as sincere worship to Him and may Allah azza wa jal not let an even an ounce of our trust and our reliance and Allah be question when our doors don't go the way that we were hoping. BarakAllahu li Walakum Quran Al Hakim, when finally we can build it with the Hakeem

00:31:25 --> 00:32:07

Al hamdu Lillahi wa Kapha wa Salatu was Salam O Allah, everybody Latina Stouffer husen Allah of Mali him or hurt him in the beginning. Mohamed El Amin while early he was so happy here during call Allah azza wa jal FICKY Tabby Hill Karim Bader and Akula below him in a che Tanaka gem in Allah wa Mala Ekata who you saw Luna Allah Nabi Yeah, you have Latina Amma no Sallu alayhi wa sallam buta sliema Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Anwar an early Muhammad gamma Selita Rahim, were an early Ibrahima Phil al Amin in Nikka hamidou Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Anwar an early Mohammed camera Baraka Allah Ibrahim were early Ibrahim FL al Amin in Nica, Hamid Al Majeed, everybody Allah Rahima Comilla

00:32:07 --> 00:32:22

it Takala in Allaha moorambilla Adley Well, you said were either it will CORBA wired her annual fascia you will mancha whether the crew Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah, Allah Moomba does their own okay masala in NA salata kind of animate me Nina Kitab among Kota.

00:32:34 --> 00:32:36

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar a chadwin

00:32:38 --> 00:32:51

in la la, Ashanti Mohammad Rasool Allah. Hi Jana Salah hanging out and AlFalah Palma de sala de Palma de Sala along Burung law

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