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AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of fasting and setting intentions before actions. They stress the need for people to establish their intentions before actions and remind themselves of their own. The heart is the location for fasting, and maintaining good deeds is crucial for one's health and behavior. It is crucial to secure one's identity through rewarding it and avoiding losing it. The speakers emphasize the need to secure one's identity through achieving their goals and avoiding wasting their time.
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Assalamualaikum and a very warm welcome to the philosophy of fasting Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, o 100 layerable Alameen. All praise is due to Allah, peace and blessings be upon Muhammad is less messenger and prophet. As usual we have Dr. athermal dad in the studio slum welcome Dr. Riley consider I want to

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thank you for joining us in the studio today.

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Previously, Dr. We've been talking about the rulings on fasting everything else on fasting. We took a look at a previous episode of the beliefs and fasting. You mentioned two conditions of fasting. So what happens if you fast out of you don't believe in fasting you just fast

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Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala MBI almost silly Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he also have Yes.

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Yes, you are referring to the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam

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in which he said the one who first Ramadan, believing in Allah or out of faith and seeking the forgiveness of Allah, Allah Allah, He will have all his previous sins forgiven. That's correct. Did you not mention that in three stages, he gave you a chance to repent in three stages? Yeah, that is the

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fasting and then pm lane and then clear Malay little others. In all the city, a hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned out of belief and seeking the forgiveness of Allah, Allah Allah.

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The one who first the one who establishes the young lady, the one who established his family during the night of power, okay only.

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So, these are the two conditions. Now many people misunderstand these two conditions or they do not put attention to those two conditions.

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The first condition is out of faith or believing in Allah, Allah, Allah, what does it mean? Muhammad, Allah and Iman, out of faith, right? Can someone fast the month of Ramadan? Just without faith? It is true, it can happen. Of course it can happen. What do we mean by this?

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There are people who fasted Ramadan because they don't want to be embarrassed. I see not to be fasting during the month of Ramadan. Of course, we came across some people like this. Yes. So they are not fasting, out of faith in Allah, Allah, Allah, not believing that Allah, Allah, Allah obliged them obliges them to fast, not believing that they must fast because they have to fulfill one of the conditions of Islam. Okay. So this is one type of people, one type of people who false just because they don't want to be embarrassed. The main criteria is those who fast just for any reason other than Allah.

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So this, for example,

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will introduce those people who fast as a habit, I understand. So Sheikh, what you're saying to us, like maybe in Ramadan, you'll find people fasting, but they're not the intention is not for Allah, that that is the criterion. Their intention is not for Allah, for someone for anything else. So as we said, out of embarrassment, or they are just forcing it because everyone around them is fasting, and it became like part of their Yeley habits. See, and here I would like to warn all my brothers and sisters, that they should establish the right intention for fasting, shall we? Yes, we are not making it difficult. But listen, Allah, Allah, Allah wants intentions from us, Allah Allah does not

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want the outward action, of course, and this is the philosophy of all about that. Of course, we mentioned during one of the previous episodes, that

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statement the verse in the Quran Lengyel Allah Maha Linien Allah Allah Hello humo how Allah dinner? Where can you now who Taqwa Minco? The flesh of the sacrifice will not reach to Allah and Allah Allah, what will reach to Allah Jalla wa Anna is what is the cup? Yes, the taqwa means that the heart has established taqwa, of course has established the intention that he is fasting for Allah. That's what that's why all of us know that actions are judged by intention. According to the Hadith, a well known Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, more over we know that the heart, the heart, is the location for intention. Of course, that's why Allah, Allah, Allah puts a lot of

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intention, a lot of attention on the heart itself. Yes, right. You know,

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Allah Jalla says, for example,

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there you actually come. Allahu belagavi IMANI come, we're lacking you are Phaedo Combi Marchesa Kulu buco. You know, when people say law Walla Walla Walla, and this law, this is this filler, that is used by many people where they say Wallahi, Wallahi, down they swear by Allah, they did not mean to swear by Allah. Because they did not mean it. They did not intend it. Allah Allah Allah Allah says that he does not count on you on this. Allah counts on what your hearts earned. Yes, exactly. An interesting point, Nashik. So what message can we give for the brothers and sisters out there? Who are Muslim, and they have been fasting out of non intention to Allah if they fasted last year,

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just because they had to? How can we bring them back to the straight path? Yes. And this is the point that we're talking about, is that my dear brothers and sisters, each one of us should always remind himself before the action of a bad day before any action of a bad and should ask himself, why am I doing this a bad? Am I doing it because it became part of my daily habits. Part of my culture, part of my identity. I am a Muslim I have to first it is a matter of identity. It is not a matter of drawing myself closer to Allah, Allah Allah. Definitely. I say this is the intention that we are talking about our true faith of color leaving that Allah Allah Allah commanded us to fast.

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So you know the Hadith, a very famous Hadith every one of our viewers know this hadith. knows this hadith, the Hadith says, Hadith and not manual machines. When the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah sent them said, Indeed, there is a piece of flesh or mortal, in the body, that controls the body. If it sounds then the whole body is sound. If it goes bad, then the whole body goes back. What is that piece of flesh is the heart of the course. And you know, no time Rahim Allah said that the heart is like the commander, yes, commands the,

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the the limbs, and they act just based on his instructions. So if the hearts if the heart of the person instructed the limbs to act according certain way, they have nothing to do, but to listen to their hearts instructions, and interesting point their shake. I'd like to say though, for example, if your heart is pure to your standards, you think you are pure. However, you are still violating the rules of Allah, you're still not doing what he asks of you. How can you then get back? So your art is pure? Yes. So there are by the way, there are a number of apps that the person violates the good intention here in while we are talking about fasting, the point that I would like to pinpoint

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to our viewers, is that some people, it is rare, that some people fast for showing off. This is very rare. Maybe some people will fast out of embarrassment. But on the other side, people fast, because they don't know the meaning of fasting, and the community around them is fasting. So it became like a habit. I see. And the scholars in the past used to say that the righteous people turn the normal actions to be a bad

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that act of a badass, okay? And none righteous people, the heedless people turn they're a badass to be what to be normal habitual acts.

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And that's why the reward will be minimum for the actions that have been done out of habit Subhanallah not out of the right intention.

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And see, we can say that the obligation might be lifted, the obligation might be lifted, but very word will not be established. panela interesting things I'd like to be very Ward short time there, okay. The reward might not be established, but the obligation might be lifted, of course. So the Hadith here is talking about the reward, not lifting the obligation, of course, excellent point that something that's just struck me before we take a short break, doctor, that you suggested in this previous program, that Allah only knows what he will reward you for your fasting, so he already knows if your intention is for him. Subhanallah is an interesting point. We'll catch up after the

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break there on Dr. Phil, thanks for watching. Stay tuned. We'll just take a quick break. Salam Alaikum welcome

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slow, money calm. And the variable Welcome back to the philosophy of fasting. Salam Alaikum. Doctor.

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We were talking about the virtues of fasting and the fasting and the beliefs and Ramadan. We got to a very interesting point. Dr. We want to ask about why we're fasting. What is the intention? Is there an in depth that we can recite before we fast to make sure we have fasting for the right intention? That's been asked Salat, wa salam ala Rasulillah. There is no Hadith, you don't talk. There is no specific Hadith that you need to recite or there is no specific dua that you need to read before fasting in order for fasting okay to be for the right intention, but I suggested that the person should ask himself, why am I fasting of clean order to renew his intention and to

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establish the right intention? One of the earliest callers was invited to attend a funeral agenda. And then he said okay, I will go with you. And then he said, Stop. And they said, Let us go. And they said, What did you do? He said, I renewed my intention. So it is good for the person to renew his intention all of the time, of course, in order to make sure that his a bad was done for the right intention. And I am wanting all my brothers and sisters, not to do that a bear that out of habits, yes, especially in some Muslim communities, or Muslims who live together in non Muslim communities. Yes, they tend to do certain things, and the children, they will grow up that these

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acts are part of their intention. So they keep doing it as just a habit. Of course and the prophets Allah Allah alayhi wa sallam said, Man sama Ramadan Eman with this condition. This is the first qualifier. And in the Quran, we see that when Allah Allah Allah wants to talk about good deeds, and he wants to establish a good reward or or a reward for doing those good deeds. Allah Allah Allah Allah mentions this condition. Eman for example, Allah Allah Allah Allah says, what may or may not solidly hurt him in zakat in our answer.

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Were who were more minim far older Okay, hold on. The one who does good deeds with a female or male he will go to dinner. Allah Allah did not say he will go to dinner without any condition he says we're who am what minute and in the other eye are very similar. I am anomalous. It has occurred in our own we're who and what mean on fella no here no higher tempo Eva.

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And you know in Surah tele Surah again, woman Allah del alpha was our Hala Hansa. Yeah, who are more known for hola Erica, can you homage Cora and there are some other ayat where Allah Allah Allah puts this qualifier were who are most men on okay, how can a person does good deeds?

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Not believing in them? Of course not.

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believing in Allah Yes, the person can do good deeds, thus, out of habit, that he doesn't want to be embarrassed, of course out of showing off.

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for other reasons, he wants to secure his identity. I'm mentioning those problems that we face in the West, I definitely agree with you adopting them, I just like to pick up on that point. Because when when I reverted to Islam, I was in an Islamic community, and they were fasting. And some of the children were just fasting because it was, there was no intention to Allah. So it is very important what you said, Dr. Latham that, you know, we must get back to why we're fasting and don't fast unless your intention is just for Allah. Very important see here, or you'd like to pick on something that you mentioned, I have to, we have to be careful. We don't say to people don't fast unless your

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intention is for Allah. No. We say fast, but to rectify your tension. Okay. Sure. And we don't want people to have waswas Yes. Okay. And that's why we said there are two things, the obligation will be lifted, if you fast, provided that you do not fast for someone other than Allah, definitely. But in order to get the maximum reward, you need to what you need to make sure that your intention is there, while you are fasting, you are fasting because you are obliged to fast. And this is different from fasting out of what out of habit out of

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it became part of your identity, it became part of your custom. And

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I see a brother Rafi. I know many people will say, why are you?

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Why are you talking about this point, and you emphasize on this point?

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One time I received, I was about to do fundraising.

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I received an email from one of the sisters that is advising me, whenever you do fundraising, don't talk about you, Jana, and Dinesh. Talk about your Islamic identity, right? That once you do Nate more for good causes, you are securing your identity, you will become better Muslim. She said I don't find it motivating to talk about agenda and not in donating. Why do you want to raise funds, okay? Because it is not the real motivation. For me, the real motivation is what it is to become better Muslim, to secure your identity. And this is very dangerous. And I found this common in the West. Yes, people do things, not because of Allah, not because of the reward, not because they want

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to please Allah, not because this matter is an obligation of No, they do it because they feel that they are better Muslims, of course, this is part of their identity, this is part of their customs. Would it not be fair to say a doctor has done that we can say Muslims in the West are just scared of losing that identity. So they just make up stories and make up things. Yeah, this this is a fair point to say, this is a fair point because they are afraid of losing their identity. So they want to secure it. But it is, it has to be said that it is good to secure your identity for Allah. Of course not true because you feel that this is your ethnicity. If I am a Pakistani Muslim, or I am an Arab

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Muslim, or I am British, so I need to secure my identity as I need to secure my my identity as a white person. Yes, this is the point. I hope that this point is clear for our viewers definitely and again, or you'd like to emphasize again that we are talking about getting the right to reward for fasting. So you have to have this condition which is what out of belief. The second condition is what seeking the reward of Allah Allah Allah Allah. Now what is the point of the second condition seeking the word of Allah Allah Allah, many people might fast because they are obliged to fossa. So the obligation will be lifted, but they are not looking for as a reward. And as one of the scholars

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even OB genre, who explained Sahil Buhari, he said that the people who want to fast and they are far

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thing because they are obliged to fast and it is a burden, they want to get rid of it.

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The obligation is lifted, but they do not get the very word mentioned in this hadith, which is what to, to have all your sins forgiven. And he said, in order to get the reward mentioned in this hadith, you have to fast what? Seeking the reward of Allah the loss, not just you want to get rid of that burden. And you know, these days these years and general fasting is bit difficult in the West, definitely because it is in the middle of the summer, in the summertime. So sometimes people they just want to fast because they want to get rid of it. Of course, it's so difficult, yes, let us just as a burden, or Hamdulillah, Ramadan is over. They say it seems to be a trend. When I first had a

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Ramadan in the UK, it was like, very early in the morning and very late at night. And the east, it's a little bit different. And it was like oh, is Eid here as a media. They didn't find the true connection. So so if you are fasting, because you just want to get rid of it. The left the obligation, as we said, will be lifted, but you are not securing the reward. And moreover, when when the Prophet SAW Selim said, seeking the reward of Allah Jalla wa Ala, this criteria differs from one person to another person. So, a person will fast with full intention with full hope in Allah's mercy in Allah has forgiving forgiveness. So, this will have a higher level of reward for sure. And you

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the scholar said that Abu Bakr Siddiq, he was not better than the rest, because of his actions only, but because of what because of something here.

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and also, they said that the righteous people, they really differ among themselves, not because of the number of actions they do only, but because the number of actions as well as the type of intention they have mashallah and they said also, that there are two people praying next to each other. One person's salah, goes up to the heavens and the other person Salah just reach above his head, I see why, because of the intention, of course. So, just to round it up. There are two conditions My dear respected brothers and sisters, that we have to observe in order to get the full capacity of reward. Of course, of course out of the out of belief in Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. And

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the second one, seeking very Word of Allah Subhan Allah, thank you so much for that. Dr. Latham. That's all we have time for right now. On the philosophy of fasting. I really appreciate the support that you're giving their brothers and sisters out there and inshallah May Allah subhanaw taala reward you.

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Until next time, I'll leave you in the safe care of Allah assalamu Alikum welcome

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