Stories From The Past #18 – Foot of ‘Urwah ibn al Zubayr

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman named Missus Lemon who died after losing her feet and eventually losing her leg. Missus Lemon had a difficult journey and was patient, but eventually lost her leg and became upset. She prays every day and recites the holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy.
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today we will look at a very important story with a lot of lessons in terms of patience, but also in terms of being happy and acceptance with Allah subhanaw taala is the story of Ottawa even as you were on his foot

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or webinars Ubay as the name may

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be obvious to some of you wasn't the brother of Abdullah ibn Zubaydah, who is not so happy is the companion of the Prophet sly Sam is a young companion.

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He's also obviously the son of a Zubayr, one of the 10 of the Sahaba who the prophets and Paul is Jana,

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as Jubeir is married to Esma, who is the sister of Aisha of the Alliance, so automatically or Ottawa even as your bae is anti is actually aligned, so you can just imagine how much knowledge this man has because he is

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his Auntie's. Aisha, he's learning from her and so on. So he's a very learned man. He's one of what's known as alpha Bahasa by the seventh fuqaha of Medina.

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Now, on one occasion Oh Zubayr he went on a journey to with his son to see actually did not have the medical was immediately codified at the time

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our abuser was residing in Medina, and Walid is in a sham. And he went on his travel now

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it's more than likely that Oh, I was suffering from some sort of illness, most likely diabetes. And you know, with diabetes, sometimes you can get, some people can get affected by their foot. Because they're not always aware of their feet, they can use some sensitivity manners, and they can get some sort of gangrene in their foot. Now, this is most likely what happened, although it could have happened because of an injury. Anyway, by the time he reached a sham, his foot was gangrenous, it was dying basically. So

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some people advised him Look, why don't you just have it cut off you know, amputated, because every day we know what this is gangrene, it's gonna get worse. Initially, he refused but within a day it started to come up to his to knee you know it's spreading so it was agreed that the best thing is to cut it off now I will lead he's in the court of our lead he's there with with the Khalifa the Khalifa says yes, I mean, have you forgotten the best medics obviously insurgent there but if you think about that time they are what advice and have the anesthetics and so on so they said why don't we give you some

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some alcohol

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drink some alcohol I mean this this here is almost like a necessity drink the alcohol so that at least you don't you know it numbs the pain Subhanallah I don't think anybody would drink anything haram to lose their mind. Okay, then why don't we give you something to knock you out? You know, something that will actually lock you out. We can cut your your foot off and you're not aware. He said again, I don't want to be losing. I don't want to losing my mind. I want to be unconscious. So what what's the solution then this is gonna hurt. He said what I will do is wait for me. I'm going to do my prayer. I'm going to start my prayer whilst I'm in prayer and you you feel though you see

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the I am

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fixated in my prayer, you can see that I'm on a different then that is the time to to cut it off. So they had fine he entered his prayer. He prayed when they showed that he was really you know, focused on his prayer he was there they went and they amputated his leg at the knee level.

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Now, he obviously it's a very shock you know, shock to the system he fainted because of that.

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And when somebody gets their foot amputated, we have to do something to the blood stability so they used to do is they add like hot, hot oil to cause the blood to to the blood vessels to close. So alpha lead who was is this is happening in his court. And when he's saying I never even heard him scream and in her chat, the only the only where I realized that his father had been killed was that I heard the sizzling of the oil. That's why no I knew that he had

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had had been done. The operation had been done. Now when he woke up from his fainting.

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He realized that this has happened and he said has to be a lot of damage. Okay, no, no, hang on. He said the words one says well, when is affected by harm and difficulty.

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within the same day, he said where the company Mohammed was in the stables with the horse and the horse, you know, threw him off his back or something like that and also stamped on him and so his son also died.

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At the same day Subhan Allah kind of bad news to receive lost his leg.

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His son has died. But what is happening? Oh Allah to you is the Christ. I had four limbs, you have left me You have given me or left me with three. I had seven sons you have left me with six and handling that. Indeed, it's been a hard travel. It has been a hard journey Lapid, Lapena and steffanina. Home and masala then Alas, he made his way back to El Medina after this is such a trial. But you see, he was patient. He was patient in this that affected him. He thanked Allah subhanaw taala not that he had lost a limb but they had been left with three limbs and another narration he said you have left me with five meaning my two arms, my leg, by sight, my hearing and this is how a

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believer should look you know, you always look at the positive things you look at the things that Allah has given him, not what Allah has taken because these taken off, and he was patient.

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So he went back to Medina, very difficult journey. He lost his son, he lost his leg. And then a lot of people came to condole him and you know, for these tragedies that happened, and one of them said to him, up, Chef, have good tidings. Ottawa because this is one of your limbs that has preceded you to agenda. One of your limbs has gone ahead of you to agenda like it's almost like it's, it's like you've sent something in advance their agenda. You said, you know, by Allah, I never stood on that foot. I never walked with that foot to anything that is haram.

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And nobody has condoned me with any condolences better than what you have condolence. And just to add to that, it was not that our wife was very used to stand up in prayer in night, every day reciting a fourth quarter of the Quran. The only light that he couldn't recite was when he lost his foot. And then the next day he started his daily routine oversight of what a great man what a great story. May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on him. we all aspire to Allah allow us to learn from this great man. The stories that we can benefit in our life in sha Allah