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Villa Rama Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Don't be even more serene Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this Lehmann cathedra cathedra from a Virgo.

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The second lesson, we are looking at the first chapter of the book, and name of the book is loving manners by Chef Abdelfattah order.

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In the first chapter, which is titled The scope of Islamic manners, he says, the religion of Islam has rules of etiquette and manners covering every aspect of life. These are applicable for the whole society the old the young men and women. We must not forget that Rasul Allah herself said, women are the counterparts of men. Hence what is required of men in adhering to Islamic manners is likewise required of women. For together they formed the Muslim society and through them Islam was introduced and identified. These my manners cover even minor acts such as entering or exiting a bathroom posture while sitting and cleaning oneself at the at the time of divorce or Salem, one of the

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polytheists mockingly said to Salman al Farsi. Your Prophet has taught you everything, even the manners of going to the toilet, someone Farsi Rolando said, yes, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam forbade us from facing the tabular, which is the direction of the Cava when urinating or relieving ourselves, someone or the alarm continued the province or Salem asked us not use the right hand when cleaning ourselves and to use at least three things for cleaning.

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Islam aggregates, these educate and stresses it so as to perfect the Islamic personality and to bring about harmony among people. There is no doubt that embodying such manners and virtues enhances personal style and qualities, refines the character and brings us closer to the hearts and minds of others. Also, it makes life easier as we know what to do and what we expect from others. The following manners and etiquette are central to Islam, its purposes and its aims. Calling it etiquette by no means implies that it is marginal to life and social behavior.

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It does not mean Muslims have the option of ignoring their code of behavior, or that it is merely preferable to adhere to it in pointing out their manners or rank higher than deeds. Imam Al Qadhafi. In his book Alpha rock said you should know that a little have good manners is better than a lot of good actions. But over time, the righteous scholar told his son or my son make your deeds, salt, and your manners flour.

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Like when you bake bread, you put some salt into the flour. The salt is only a little bit but it's good it adds flavor. But the basic thing is the

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is the flour without which you cannot make bread. So he says Make Your deed salt in your manners flour. Many good manners with few good deeds are better than many good deeds with few good manners.

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Even if some of these rules appear to be simple, or common courtesy it's important to highlight their significance in social behavior. They provide socially acceptable norms for dealing with various activities and functions by following them. We attain consistency, confidence and avoid confusion.

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We go to the second chapter which is the importance of appearance.

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The distinct Muslim personality, the Muslim personality the distinct one due to its unique code of behavior and manners, your appearance, your taste, your manners and character, reflect your personality, our Master Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the Messenger of Allah directed and blessed companions by saying you are on your way to meet your brothers, put on nice clothes and fix your saddles. So you appear distinct among them as

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a beauty mark on a beautiful face, a lot of likes neither roughness, nor rough manners.

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When Salam said he will not enter Paradise, who has a grain of arrogance in his heart, Louisa sort of said he meaning that person will not enter Jannah the person who has even a grain of arrogance in his heart, a man asked a man may like his dress. Yes, he may he may like his dress to be nice. And his shoes to be nice. Rasulillah Salam said Allah Who jameelah

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We pulled him out he said online beautiful and lush beauty. Arrogance is to deny others their rights and to look down upon people.

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Show him the time. They said

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that the beauty which Allah subhanaw taala likes includes nice clothes. Hence it could be said that Allah likes all nice things. Therefore a Muslim ought to be recognized by neat dress, cleanliness and create graceful manners. Unfortunately, many Muslims lose sight of this distinction and commit errors that blemish the personality that is meant to be unique in its gracefulness perfection and noble traits.

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Number two, cleanliness and washing. The Sunnah is to be always clean, wearing neat clothes, and smelling good. Remember, high radula and aerated that's our man first Farsi or the Lama said, as well as ourselves that Allah will forgive the sins of the past week for the one who on Friday, takes a bath cleanses himself puts on his regular perfume or any perfume available in the house. Then he goes out to the gym masala and does not try to separate to friends meaning he doesn't try to create any conflict between people then he prays wherever he can, meaning he doesn't try to he doesn't step over people to go to the front. He prays wherever he can and listens to the map that is the hub.

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obviously this does not mean you based only on a Friday, so you can break as you know, before every day or

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as many times as you need. But bidding on Friday itself is Sunnah and has these beautiful benefits.

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The bath on Friday is specifically required as a large number of people who will be gathering in the house.

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none of the heavies Rasulullah saw Salam Hadees reported by a Buddha or the alarm Surah Surah Salam said it is the duty of every Muslim to have a bath at least once in a week, and to wash his head and body. Now again, this is the limit, at least that much. And it's good to understand because at that time, you're talking about the seventh century at that time, in the Christian tradition, it was prohibited to have a bath and there were many very major scholars of Christianity who said that once you are baptized, that's the only bath that you need meaning just once in your lifetime.

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In another Hadith Surah, Salah

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alluded to how nice it would be to remain clean. When he asked

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his if one of you had a river at his door, and he washed himself five times a day, would any dirt remain on him. No dirt will remain jasola They said the robots are sort of committed. This is the example of the five daily prayers as Allah subhanaw taala wipes with them your sins, Allah will forgive your sins

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because of the prayers

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and also the importance of

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perfume of smelling good because this is something which is

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it is Jarred. Number three, arriving from a journey. If you're traveling to visit someone, or if you're about to receive guests, make sure that your hands feet and socks are clean and that your parents including are neat. Even if those in question are your parents, relatives, peers or friends of a different age never neglect or underestimate the importance of your looks for that could certainly dull the pleasure of the meeting by marring the enjoyment of those you meet. In this regard self directed is companions upon returning from a journey saying you're on your way to meet your brothers. Put on nice clothes fix your saddles, so that you appear distinct among people as a

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beauty mark on a beautiful face. Allah does not like roughness or rough manners. Do your best to bring some gifts to those receiving you and likewise present your guests with a gift. Always be prepared to reciprocate gifts with suitable ones. A gift however symbolic will greatly enhance the pleasure of such a meeting. The joy of seeing your beloved ones will be vividly remembered for many years every time your gift is seen or used. The promises are seldom as reported by Buhari

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said exchange gifts exchange love

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Muslim predecessors sulfasalazine used to leave their horse with a present that could be as symbolic as a incense stick. So it is not necessary to

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Give expensive gifts but some gifts.

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Number four, the closing of this chapter is dressing properly. dressed neatly even with friends and relatives dressed properly properly when visiting your parents, a pious person has called an elder relative or a friend.

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Your attire should be clean and elegant, not ugly or unsightly. We are attracted or repulsed by what we see and if you look good in clean clothes, smelling nice, you will be pleasant to look at and people will be attracted to you and enjoy your presence. If you are the opposite, people will look down on you. And even if you were a relative or a friend, this will have to look neat while visiting or being visited is an instinctive trait. In addition to being an Islamic manner,

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do not ignore this aspect, because you consider yourself close to your hosts or guests. Remember curry round Laddie in his book, other will move forward reported that the great Tabby

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our earlier area he al Masuri. He said Muslims wore their best when visiting each other

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and half is or hate me. In Majima alza. It reported that Sabbath al Banani, the student of Imam Anna's evening Malik, he said when I used to visit Segura, Anna's avellana, he would call for a perfume and run it along his cheeks we will put perfume on his beard. accordingly if you were visited at home.

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While in casual clothing as it sometimes happened, you should change for your visitors. This will enhance their respect for you and will complement your hospitality. It is after all the manners of the sulfasalazine the early Muslims, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to learn and practice good manners in all aspects of our lives. Salalah on the balcony while Ali he was having maybe to get online