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So that was said he said no. He also said I want a lawyer but it got to be ready as well. I audible and visible.

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Get someone just give me an indication. Thumbs up or something.

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Okay, I assume that's should be fine in.

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Good to see Africa. Thank you for the sub thumbs up. So okay, um Alhamdulillah hope everybody's well, and you had a good week since we've lost. We lost MIT.

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As always be my you know, want to begin if there any questions from the floor? Does anybody have a question?

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Usually, this is we this awkward silence.

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I did receive a very, very good question.

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In on WhatsApp, someone messaged me and please feel free to WhatsApp, me or, or call me

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or call me, WhatsApp, me or send me an email in terms of if you've got a question. And I'll try to respond as soon as I can.

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Someone asked me with regards to the revelation of the Quran. And it was a very good question. So I mean, the person said I want to be I want to be anonymous. I've got a question. It's, I feel it's an awkward a controversial question. It's, you know, I feel like there's a weakness in my Eman for even having these thoughts. And the question was around,

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you know, the Quran, a lot of it is sort of responsive to events. So, something would happen, and then the, then it would be revealed something would happen. And the ayat would be revealed, as if, though, I mean, you know, one, one perspective of looking at it is, you know, if you, if we didn't believe the Quran was from Allah subhanho wa taala, then it's almost as if though, the Prophet peace be upon him is waiting for something to happen. And then he writes verses to respond to it. And a lot of the Quran, you would find with all the sudden was all the reason for revelation. In fact, the majority of the Quran has a reason for revelation. And one of the first things when we when you

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studied fct, when you tried to understand the if you ask, why was the ayah revealed what happened? And there's a context to it. So it helps us to understand, so this question, you know, the still this brother, and he wanted to know, you know, is, you know, is a problem is something that we, you know, is confusing? How does, how do we reconcile the so much of the Quran is as a response to something that occurs? You got you all understand that the issue? Does everybody get why this is sort of concerning to the brother? I don't know if any of you have have thought of anything similar to that.

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You don't have a comment on it.

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Now, okay, I think linked to that is a question Why was the Quran revealed over 23 years in pieces? You know, why didn't it come down in one go?

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Why was it? You know, why did you know events have to happen before the Quran was, you know, and they responded to it? Okay, so that that is sort of the question, the question, the gist of the question. And I don't know if anyone here has had that, that concern and thoughts. So the first thing I want to address with this question was the fact that the brother felt, you know, a little awkward asking it. And I want to pause on that for a minute. Before I get into the actual question. You know, it is, you know, it is good that you ask questions, and this claws, this forum is actually meant for those kinds of questions, because many times, and maybe you were brought up in this way,

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you don't ask questions you just accept, and that is not really the Islamic way. That's not what Islam teaches. Because I think we mentioned this in the story of Nabil Adam, peep, you know, creatures that are far more holy than us has a far greater level of Eman. In fact, the angels we wouldn't even say they have human, they have knowledge because they, they see the unseen, they part of the unseen so they should have no doubts really, it's knowledge for them. It's not even belief. And so but they were they questioned the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala in creating man creating the item and

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we know in the Quran that they asked Allah you know, why are you doing this? They asked Allah Spano Tala directly Why are you doing this? This other they disbelieve in Allah so that they doubted Allah but this didn't sit right with Him. So point number one, the fact that you might have certain things you read the Quran certain things in Islam, that doesn't sit right with you. It's okay. It's nothing wrong with it. And then asking the question, what is the wisdom behind it? Why does Islam make this haram that haram why is this Hara Why is the polygamy Why is the four wives Why is the why is this Haram is homosexuality, haram all these things. If it bothers you, you can have that thought and you

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can ask the question. Now. The when the angels asked the question, Allah's response to them was not he didn't give them the reason he didn't explain to him angels. This is why I'm creating

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Adam has a purpose as a plan, Allah to say to the angels, I know what you don't know me and trust me, I'm Allah I have over knowledge, your knowledge is limited, so trust me, so the angels excepted Okay, Allah didn't give me give us an answer but we can accept even though we don't understand it, even though from the angels the the language it was even as if they did not approve of the creation of the item, but they accepted when Allah commanded them to accept. Then when of course the Serie B Item B item proved himself he could answer the questions the angels could not answer. Then Allah said now this is what Allah explained to the angels did I not tell you I know what you don't know.

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meaning other than Allah say that I was basically saying to them, they everything I do has a wisdom has a reason. Sometimes you understand it sometimes you don't understand it. Sometimes I'll explains the wisdom and the reason other times he doesn't explain the wisdom and the reason. And now after the fact Allah says Did I not tell you that I know and you don't know and the angels theme acknowledged that they were that the adults were

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you know, it was a confusion. Then we have another example of we still on the point of having doubts but having concerns and wanting to ask those those questions. We have another example in the Quran of Nabi Ibrahim asking Allah subhanaw taala

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Yeah, Allah show me how you resurrect the data. So I mean, it's a very if I don't think most people on Earth, even beyond Muslims, we believe in the fact of life after death. This is a very basic kind of question. You would almost say from from NaVi Brahim was the one of the greatest people that ever walked the earth, one of the highest level of email, and he's asking Allah a very simplistic question, you know, Allah, I'm a bit confused and a bit unsure about this thing. How do you resurrect the dead? And so Allah osnovy this all in the Quran, Allah Azza wa, JAL told me, Don't you believe that I can resurrect the dead? So maybe because it's not I believe, but to bring comfort to

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my heart, I still have some confusion, I still have some questions that, you know, it doesn't all add up. So I'm still unsure of certainly not that he doesn't believe in it, he accepts. But of course, it's a matter of the unseen. And so Allah shows him how he is, you know, tells him thankful birds and cut them into pieces. And then Allah shows in the vibrato him how He resurrects the date. And, and as I'm saying, to bring comfort to my heart, so you, you might have questions that disturbs your heart, asking those questions is not a problem. And seeking out the answers is bad, it's good.

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If you receive the answer and the eastern answer, Alhamdulillah, Allah has opened the door and he's guided you, if he has not guided you, then we accept the Allah You know, I don't know. And I it's something that I need to I need to I need to carry. So that is with regards to asking questions. And I think this platform is meant for those kinds of things. Even though you guys are really bad. You don't ask questions. The brother who did ask a very good question said how do we reconcile this the Quran is almost like so we believe that the Quran was revealed before then to be Salam, but in response to events that occur, and so the answer to that is, Allah says in the Quran that he reveals

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he revealed the Quran in piecemeal deliberately to strengthen your heart. Now, there's a lot of wisdoms in the Quran being revealed in piecemeal, one of the wisdoms is that Allah subhanaw taala. One of the wisdoms is that when Allah it shows that Allah is connected to his creation, and that is something happens. And then Allah responds, a question many times in the Quran, yes. Aluna can they ask you? Yes. Aluna Kanuma? Yes, Aluna can infer they ask you questions, Allah says in the Quran, and then Allah gives the the answer. And so it shows that Allah responds to his creation, and that should give us a lot of comfort that Allah is engaging with us when we communicate with him. Also,

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Allah subhanaw taala the fact that the Quran is being revealed at a moment now remember, this is not now I want you to consider what is more plausible. The fact that Nabil Salam, you know, he's, he's writing in the middle of the desert, and all of a sudden, an event occurred that he had no knowledge about a question is obviously had no knowledge about something, you know, some calamity occurs, and immediately is revealed immediately this revelation of the Quran. Now, one might even say, how did the Nabil salam how was he able to think about this event? This question, and then he responded in verses of the Quran, that is very, very, it's almost impossible. I mean, if you had to write a book

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or an essay, and I told you your essay, or your book has to be in response to questions people ask you, you said, Well, what questions I don't know, any questions. So I'm going to ask you a question. something's gonna happen to you, you might meet somebody, you might, you know, the traffic, there might be an accident, and you need to write this book, based on, you know, factors that you can't control. That is almost impossible. And I don't think any author in the world has done that. And so the fact that the Quran is responsive instantaneously. Remember, this is not like someone asked the question, you know, telling me what I should do, the lady will complain, for example, Sujatha that's

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about the name of the surah is the lady who came to complain about her husband. So the lady is complaining about her and while she's called

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planing before she even finished the complaint is revealed. Responding to her her question Allah says, the lady came to you to complain that sort of begins, the lady who came to complain, Allah heard her complaint and Allah revealed I had in response to her her question. So how do you then be Salam? How possibly could he have, you know, formulated is so quickly. And he's many, many examples of the so that's one, actually in the revelation of the Quran, there is a that is a miracle, what makes it even more miraculous. And I think there's a whole topic on the revelation of the Quran, that when you consider surahs, like Surah, Baqarah, and other chapters of the Quran, they were

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revealed in bits and pieces, so maybe the beginning of Surah Baqarah, and in the middle of it, and then the end, and then the rest of it was revealed. And if you were to start an essay, again, think of it from a logical point of view, starting this book, chapter one, and I tell you, you need to, you can't write this book. In one go, you need to write it. And then you need to write chapter number five, then you need to add chapter number 22 and chapter number 83. And whatever happens, you need to respond to something that happens and put that in the book. And when I read the full picture at the end, it must make coherent sense. It must be a complete, easy read recitation, it shouldn't

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be that okay, I can see that this was written in 1994. This one was written in 2005. It should be one goal. And that's why when we as lay people, when you when we read the Quran, even though we don't know that there is a backstory, even though we don't know between iron number 85, and number 86, there's a 10 year gap. We don't see it, we see it as one complete hole. So that also shows you the fact that the Quran, in its completed format is one coherent message from the beginning to the end. But it was not revealed like that. And that is amazing. It's actually more amazing that the Quran was revealed in piecemeal,

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because it would have been logical the normal thing would be if someone authored the Quran, you would have spent months and months you know, writing a chapter and then you'd say guys, a new revelation has come to me last night, and this is chapter number one. And then another few months would go by Oh Masha Allah, another revelation came to meet this chapter number two, that is what a normal person would do. But the way in which the Quran came down in bits and pieces all over the show, in response to events that Robinson could not have anticipated, and now it all comes together like a perfect puzzle, it doesn't seem out of place. That is that in itself is a is a miracle. Also,

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the wisdoms behind it, one of the wisdoms behind the quran being revealed like that, is when Allah subhanaw taala wants to, you know, there's no better way in explaining a law way rule, except by way, of example. And so Allah subhanaw taala, would allow an event to occur, and then he would reveal the law so that it answers a certain predicament with a question. For example, the laws of inheritance, Allah didn't just reveal, you know, the mother gets so much the father gets so much, you know, I mean, you know, we waited for the case, when the case arrived, and there was a discussion and there was a tension and there was a debate, then Allah pass judgment, and so people

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could understand the law in real time, also, when something is prohibited. So I gave the example to the brother in the incidence in the incidence of the slander eyeshadow, the Alana, you know, there was a lot of rumors and accusations made, people were hurt, and there was a lot of, you know, tension and turmoil. In the middle of that crisis, where the end of the crisis Allah then reveals the laws of bringing witnesses, not listening to slander, not inventing lies, not backbiting. All those laws now come at the end of a crisis so that you already see the harms of it. You see, okay, you see how bad a slander can be, you see how bad how much damage Scanlon can do. And then Allah

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reveals the verses so you understand the implications. If Allah revealed the law first, you might not fully understand it's, it's the evils of that thing. And so, it is more powerful, that Allah subhanaw taala, for example, reveals verses of mercy in times of when someone is asking for the mercy, Allah reveals stern warning or you know, war is of war, when the isn't enemy or any other, you know, at the at the city. You know, if these I actually will Allah speaks about war in terms of peace. It doesn't have the same effect, you understand. So the Quran is, of course, a lived revelation, it is alive in as in the lives of the Sahaba and of course, it applies the same to us.

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So I hope that you actually inspire you that the revelation of the Quran is is amazing, the the revelation and we'll talk more about many incidences instances and examples where it's impossible then a resource alum could have authored those if there is criticizing then to be Salam there is that we with inhibition, I made a ruling and Allah, Allah subhanaw taala revealed versus disapproving of his decision. So there's no way that the same person who wrote the Quran will

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Within disapprove of himself, for example, so that in those kinds of examples really it is it is beyond the realm of possibility that the author could be going to be so solemn. Now, there's even the NLP we were not on tonight's topic, even. I said to the brother, you know, this is explanation sort of answered his question. He felt comfortable afterwards. But then I said, this actually then opens up a different, deeper theological conversation.

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so for example, if the Quran answers questions, a man asks that the lady comes to complain about her husband, and Allah reveals verses to answer her question, a man asks Ya Rasulullah tell me about this and that net, and Allah revealed verses, this the archers in the Battle of God, they deserted the post, and they and they were killed. And so Allah revealed verses about them. Now we also know that the Quran was revealed. in its totality, the entire Quran was revealed, when later to call it at the beginning of time before time, you know, even existed, like the Quran is pre eternal, the Quran does not have it's the speech of Allah, it was revealed by Allah, before there was a lamp was

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even born. So now there is a deep question, if Allah is responding to a question that didn't even wasn't even asked, if Allah is commenting on an event that didn't even occur, does that mean that those events were pre ordained that the people have heard had to desert the posts, and therefore they had to die? And therefore the Quran had to be revealed? That man was he forced to ask the question, and so then Allah could reveal verses, you know, before time understand the complexity of this, there's a very deep question is this you know, how is it the Quran obviously, is revealed before any of the people even existed? Yet it is talking about events that has to have occurred,

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there will definitely occur. So how is that possible? And in this question, I said, there's a very deep theological question because it deals with predestination deals with Allah's divine, you know, do we have free will or do is everything pre ordained is everything scripted by Allah? Before the time anything that enters this realm of Kabbalah and other of predestination is always going to be complicated, not just in Islam, in theology, every religion struggles with us with this question. And as we said, this is one, you know, these are one of the unseen matters, we don't know, we'll never know the answer until, you know, it's above my paygrade. It's one of the matters, which is

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beyond our full comprehension. But there are certain ways of understanding and ways of

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discussing this matter. So maybe if I give you by way of an example, let's talk about chess. So those of you who know the game of chess, you know, you've got pieces that move and each piece has a, you know, rules in which they can move, certain pieces can move backwards, for example, certain pieces can only move sideways and forward. You know, while some can move multiple steps, others can only move one step at a time. So in chess, you've got pieces, and they are pre programmed in terms of what the way the rules around how they can move. Now, because of that, the people, the two people that are playing chess, they have almost an infinite, but they have, you know, many, many

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possibilities of how the game could go. Now you have very advanced computers, that can predict how a game would go, because there's only a limited amount of scenarios that can exist, I think, in your own life. You can you there's only a limited amount of things you can do, you can get up you can walk to the right, left, backwards, fall down, there's only a limited amount of steps. Now Allah subhanaw taala knows every single possible scenario that you could do in your life. And Allah subhanaw taala knows exactly what could happen. You know, if you if you if this lecture, for example, was one minute longer or one minute shorter, or five minutes longer, it creates a new

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reality. And Allah subhanaw taala is aware of every single permutation of every single creation of every single atom or every grain of sand, because knowledge, you know, encompass all of it. And so, knowing that every single scenario in every single reality that could exist, it is possible. It is possible that in all of those scenarios, because we are free, well you could choose which scenario you're going to do. There is a Quran is a revelation, Allah subhanaw taala is constantly revealing revelation and this one came down in this scenario because you know, at the end of Surah Kahf, Allah says in the industrial caf, co Lo, cannabichromene, that if the oceans had been the ink and Allah to

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in the verses of Allah was to be written, the oceans would be exhausted with the words of ALLAH, the Allah's words continue. And so even though we know the words of ALLAH is only in the Quran, what other words are speaking, it means Allah's divine knowledge and intellect. And Allah subhanaw taala has response to his creation because they are, you know, an infinite number of scenarios and Allah

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subhanaw taala is aware of all of them.

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Revelation could easily accommodate any one of those scenarios. And then that revelation is sent down to that scenario if I mean this is just theorizing of theology, there is no right or wrong answer here. This is just possible. possible ways of explaining this, this this question. I don't know if it's above our pay grade or something but deep, but anyway, that is with regards to the revelation of the Quran. That was a very good question. took up most of our lecture is any anyone wants to comment on that? Any further debate or discussion?

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Before we get into knights to tonight's lecture

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I've got a question. Why does a question go ahead? So we know the Quran was revealed in his folder where the insurers have often revealed other things revealed pseudo is finished later on.

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So the question you're asking, the Quran was not revealed in order right? So it didn't start with Surah Surah Baqarah it saw there was for Allah a crock right, so your question is

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yes, surah if you look at Surah Surah ecoop The first five verses were the verses revealed on

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in the cave. We know the next few verses was Yeah, Yoda theory was Emile. So surah Allah only got completed like 10 years later, because at the end of Surah, Allah He talks about Abu Abu jihad of right Allah the inhabitant either Salah Have you not seen the one who prevents my slave from making salah? Right? So what is this talking about? That those verses are about? Abuja while preventing them from making sujood. So that only came much, much later. So so the alloc began, and it was on pause, for like 567 years, and other verses were being revealed. And that's how the whole Quran was, there were many verses that were all the mini sutras that were incomplete. And, you know, and

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that's, that's the amazing part, if you weren't, like, you know, that's the amazing part of the Quran, Revelation, you they matter, they must have been at some point in time, you had dozens of sutras where you only had portions of it. Now those portions made sense at that time to Sahaba. But then the beginning was revealed in the future, and the ending of the surah is going to be revealed later on. And now when you look at the complete picture, the surah makes sense. So the pieces made sense in that context. And when all the puzzle pieces fit in, you now see the complete picture, and we see the complete picture, and we can't even see the breaks in the Surah we can see that some

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verses were revealed, you know, a dozen years later, 20 years latest, Pamela that's something that's of the miracles of the Quran.

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That answer your question about it.

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Okay. All right. So tonight, Inshallah, we're moving on to science and the Quran, Quran and this is a topic, which I really love, and I if you follow any of my lectures, it might sound repetitive, because I perhaps bring this up a lot

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more often than I should maybe. But you know, science is something which we today is taken as the gold standard of truth, if something is scientifically proven to be true, that is almost like the ultimate truth. You know, science is, whatever is proven scientifically, without any doubt in equation, that is truth. As Muslims, we shouldn't be saying that the Quran is our ultimate truth and everything should be aligned to the Quran. If there's any mismatch between the Quran and something else, then either that thing is wrong, or there is some information we still need, we don't have the full picture. We don't even know we don't even we might not understand the Quran properly, or that

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is also a scenario. And before we get into science in the Quran, one way or school, if someone were to ask, if there's a conflict between the verses of the Quran, and confirmed science, confirmed science, then we say, you know, if there is such a thing, and I don't know of any direct conflict between the Quran and science, when, as I said, it's either one of two scenarios, either we don't understand the the verses the interpretation of it correctly, we need to relook at the interpretation of the Quran. Because then we is the problem is our understanding, or our understanding of science is incorrect. And many times it you know, science is evolving, science is

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changing. And so you, you know, just very recently, a telescope was was was launched the Webb telescope, James Webb telescope, and we learning new things about the universe we didn't know and our entire, you know,

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understanding of certain phenomena, you don't get evolved, updated. And so I remember, you know, there was a time when it was the, you know, Allah speaks about the sun in Surah Surah. Yaseen, I think it's one of our points we're going to make all mentions when I asked him where shamsur will come up with Algeria, Mr. Curry Allah, Allah says the sun and the moon are in the orbits. Very clearly the Quran says the sun is moving. Now.

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About 100 years ago, more than that, when people read that they said you see the code

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And is outdated. The Quran, or the Quran is clearly incorrect. Because the science said the Sun is static, the sun doesn't move, and the Earth moves around the sun. And that's it. Now, in the past, many, many, hundreds of years ago, people believe the sun moved around the Earth. In fact, that was the view of the church. And when the astronomers like Galileo came about, and they proved, look, the earth is moving around the sun. It's not the Earth is the center of the universe, as was believed, in many religions. Rather, the earth is moving around the sun. The church persecuted Galileo, astronomers were persecuted and they were this was called heretical. So when the Quran says the sun

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is moving, many sins are you see the Quran is outdated, like, it was backwards like the those religions that got it wrong. But now we know without a doubt that the sun is in fact moving. The Quran doesn't say the sun moves around the Earth, the Quran says the sun is in its orbit, and the moon is in its orbit.

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Allah says all the celestial bodies, they are in the unique orbits, they travel a certain course. And we know for a fact now that the sun is moving at an incredible speed, you know, it's mind boggling how fast the sun is moving, and the earth is moving, and all the planets are moving everything in the universe is in motion, as Allah says in the Quran. So there was a time when people thought the sun was static, and they believed this was scientific fact. And so the Quran was inverted commas deemed to be incorrect, unscientific. Now we know science got updated, and it's in line with the Quran. So wherever you find distinction, and in Allah, I can't find any verse that I

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find in direct conflict with science, you know, the Quran says a and sciences B, you know, there is nothing like that. But if ever there was a verse like that, then most likely, we either don't understand the interpretation or science needs to be updated. Okay, so let's talk about some of the verses that are very clearly in line with scientific fact, which could not have been proven at the time gonna be so solid, it is impossible for anybody to have known this information. These things were only proven in, in recent times. So one of the I mean, in fact, if you if you look at NASA's priorities, the number one priority is trying to prove if there's life outside of Earth, okay? Is

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the you know, that's the big question. We see this massive universe, billions and billions of galaxies of stars and stars, billions and billions of galaxies of stars. Every one of those stars has number of planets. Is Is there life on any one of those planets? Or are we alone in the universe? I mean, this is the like, you know, the biggest question of our time. And so when you sit down and you listen to how the brightest and smartest minds on Earth, you ask them, so how are you going to find out? If they are living creatures out there? You know, we don't have we don't have spaceships that can visit all these planets, they'll tell you Well, what we realized is we need

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liquid water. If we can find liquid water on a planet or on a moon or on an asteroid, if there's liquid water, when there's a high probability that could be life, you know, that's what we don't look for life. We look for liquid water. Now Allah says,

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Our la Muralla Nina Cafaro did the disbelievers not see unless somehow it will alter the Canada law, that the heavens and the earth were all joined together at some point for the * now Houma and then we split them we cause them to, you know, come apart, you know, even in that. Some of eluded, it might be the big bang, but we don't know exactly what Allah is referring to in this in this if all we know is that Allah says at some point in time, the heavens the earth, all of creation was together and then Allah cause it to split apart. Now this is in line with scientific models. This is exactly what we what scientists know now about the Big Bang. But if we continue that if I was what

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Jana minima equals Russia in higher and we've made from every living creature in the whole universe, remember, this isn't about always the heavens and the earth, always talking about life, across the universe, is from Ma Ma is liquid water. Allah says everything that is alive, has its origins in liquid water, I thought I mean, so will you not believe now, this is like, you know, it is exactly what science today is saying that liquid water is essential for life. And this is this is what the Quran is saying liquid water is essential for life.

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If the fact that this fact as we said was, you know, the Quran is 1500 years old, if you look at every cell, in fact, every cell in our bodies, like 70% of it is made off of liquid water, and maybe in this discussion, what is what is amazing about water. When you win from it from our theology, we know that there are multiple levels of multiple somewhat seven somewhat seven like universes, stacked one on top of the other and

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And when you go beyond the seventh summer, you have the Throne of Allah, like the highest point of creation is the Throne of Allah. And that Throne of Allah is an ocean is upon an ocean of water. So this water, and it would and Allah speaks about the Hadith speaks about in the day of Kiana there will be rain upon the earth, or on the ground, and from this water that is rained upon the earth, people will be resurrected, like you know how plants come back to life. So there is something very special about water

00:30:30--> 00:31:12

is that it has the ability to bring about life with the permission of Allah. And without it, you're not going to have life. And so this is something which is quite amazing. And it's, it's in line with, with science, one of the there's a lot, the next the next point is around the six when I said six, the gender, the whether it's a boy or girl of a baby. And this is a very impressed this scientific fact is amazing in the context of the Arabs of the time. So the Arabs of the times going to be Salam. They of course, had the notion that the gender of the baby, dependent on the mother, and that is why when a girl was born, the wife was sort of beaten, the wife was cursed something

00:31:12--> 00:31:49

wrong with you, you can't give me a bully you something wrong with you, woman, you know if if, if, if a couple didn't have children, it was always blamed upon the lady there's something wrong with the lady, Allah in and that was taken effect. That's what everyone believed as fact not just in Islam in you know, the Arabs amongst the whole world, though, will that this kind of notion that the problem laid with the lady, whether it was the Jain gender or being barren, and so Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, or Unohana console, Jane, he is the one that creates the two sixes that are well into male and female sidenote. This is also a verse that is very relevant to our time. If you

00:31:49--> 00:32:22

know, you know, if you don't know you don't know. But in this Allah says, People come in two types. It's binary, there is no such thing as non binary, the creator of the universe, he says he created humanity into two types. Men and women, there is no in between. There is no fluid. It's not a spectrum. It's not like men and women and in between you have sort of a no, it's men and women. Yes, there are certain people who have a bit of both, but they are designated either as male or female.

00:32:24--> 00:32:24

or something's wrong

00:32:27--> 00:32:27

with my

00:32:28--> 00:32:30

Sara Um, can you can you hear me?

00:32:34--> 00:32:36

So I'm gonna come Am I am IV

00:32:38--> 00:33:09

because I can hear me. Okay, all right. Okay. Okay, so let's not get distracted here on gender and transgender Oh, that Allah clearly says people coming to touch men and women. And then he says have been notified in either terminal from sperm the gender is based on the sperm that comes from the men. Now this is, you know, this is so categorically clear. It's Allah saying, gender is based on the sperm of the men alomst.

00:33:11--> 00:33:12

Why is this causing?

00:33:17--> 00:34:02

So they seem to have a little bit of connection issues. So and I don't know if we if we all remember our biology. And for those of us studied biology, we know that gender is is coded by the six chromosomes, x and y. And a lady a female can only basically produce X chromosomes. Okay, the mother always every woman only has X chromosomes. But it's mean males, they can produce both the X chromosome and the Y chromosome. So the sperm you get sperm that can cause male babies and sperm can cause female babies. And so Allah says it is the man and the sperm of the men that will determine the gender of the baby. Now this is very, very explicit in the Quran. And we need to ask ourselves,

00:34:03--> 00:34:13

how do you think maybe some notice or how could this possibly have been? Even Even it went against the the standard narrative of what was happening at a time

00:34:14--> 00:34:46

continuing on from the gender of babies, there is a lot of ayat that Allah devoted to embryology. In fact, in the first verses of the Quran, in Surah, Allah when Allah revealed the Quran, the very first five of the five verses Allah subhana, Allah mentions that Holika insana in Iraq, man was created from a substance that clings to the uterus of the mother. So, embryology appears a lot in the Quran. And with and there's a lot of detail in the Quran. So for example,

00:34:47--> 00:34:52

one of the most extensive if that speaks about the stages of embryology. Now, if

00:34:54--> 00:34:54

you don't

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

excuse the, the top part, the top is around the mountain to speak

00:35:00--> 00:35:33

So we're gonna get to that let's talk about embryology. If you just and I want you to pause, you know, before you look at the if, if I asked you and most of us have, you know, you know, tertiary level, you know, be up until grade 12 We studied biology or human sciences, so I'm going to be solemn. They didn't study any of this. They had no knowledge about these things. If I were to ask you, let's inform that literate as read and all that. What are the stages that a baby goes, you know, most of us have? No, we have kids. What are the stages that goes into mommy's tummy? We wouldn't be able to explain it. But now look at what the Quran says. Allah says.

00:35:34--> 00:36:18

We made the spur through Mahatma not for Allah Allah says who you started off as a sperm drop from your dad and a ovum of your lady of the mother and they can come together through mahalo Aloka then this came together, and it formed a leech like cleaning substances. And it's very, you know, the wording of the language of the Quran. Iraq is a leech. And Iraq is something a leech we know the leeches, it attaches itself to a person and it sucks your blood. And Allah says, You go from being six droplets that come together to a structure that looks like a leech, and it attaches itself to something and we know it attaches itself to the moms uterus, Falcon for Harlequin and Aloka medulla.

00:36:18--> 00:36:34

Allah says within converted this leech like structure into a good heart and with her is a like a piece of flesh that has been chewed up. It looks like a lump of flesh that is chewed up. So if you took a raw piece of meat, and you like,

00:36:35--> 00:36:55

chewed up and spat it out, it looks like bubblegum that's been chewed. And so Allah says, if you look at the embryo, it goes from spam drops to an airlock, from Allah to Amala. For nocturnal for Holopainen maadhaar Adriana, and then that lump of flesh became hard and formed bones, it becomes into a little skeleton

00:36:56--> 00:37:12

for Holopainen muda Ivana persona Adama llama and then we covered those bones with flesh through mansha. Now how can Africa and then we created into something else for the vertical or arsenal, Harlequin? And, you know, this is exactly what the

00:37:14--> 00:38:01

stage of the first stage of embryology, it looks like a leech. And that's what the Mohawk sorry, that's what the Mohawk looks like, it looks like a piece of flesh that has been chewed in it, that is exactly the stage after the leech like stage. So the baby goes through these phases exactly as the Quran mentions, and of course, 44 months later, after the baby is formed, and you know, what's amazing is the full skeleton of the baby is formed. Before, you know, it is completely a grown, that's what you know, we would have thought that the bones formed quite later on. It was in recent times that scientists understood that the entire bone structure of a child of an embryo is formed.

00:38:01--> 00:38:31

And then the organs and everything is attached to it. This is something again, only proven in modern science. And so Alhamdulillah the scientific points mentioned by the Quran is in line with what we know today. And this is impossible, obviously, for the NABI Salam, you know, you can't see these things without a microscope. So I mean, even if you were to open a lady, these stages are not visible with the naked eye, you need a microscope to see these different structures. Okay, any questions on that?

00:38:32--> 00:38:36

So that's a bit of a science science class. I don't know if you enjoy science, but tonight's a science class.

00:38:39--> 00:39:16

Right, again, I'm not sure why we Okay, so the next point, I guess, nothing with mountains, we haven't got to the mountains yet. The next point is about fingertips. And, you know, sometimes, you know, the verses that are mentioned, and you need to ask yourself, why Allah mentioned that specific thing. Why is that mentioned, and I'm sure many of them first when they heard it, they understood the verses, but they didn't. They didn't really know why Allah chose that analogy. And for us, something to think about. So Allah says, if someone said that Allah Majima Ivana, Allah says, when you have died, so going from a baby, being born all the way up through your life, and then you die,

00:39:17--> 00:39:33

mother, grandmother could death I mean, and then after you die, your bone, you will deteriorate your outcome, you all of us, our skin, our muscles, everything will deteriorate, and then we'll become bones. And you know, depending on how long you know, those bones itself might even,

00:39:34--> 00:39:59

you know, deteriorate, even the bones might disappear. So Allah says, does mankind think when you have completely disintegrated, that we will not be able to bring you back from your bones we won't really configure you from your bones are this butter? Indeed I can call the Lena Allah and so we have banana. I can bring you back not just by your bones and your face and I'll bring every single person back to the tips of his fingers.

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

My fingertips. What does that got to do with all this, we of course, know now that every single human being has a unique barcode. And that's why you every one of us, we take our fingerprints, you know, we don't even look at your picture, we look at your fingerprints, because you might have twins that are identical, they look the same, the faces are the same, but their fingerprints are not the same. Every single human being all 6 billion of us that live now and all the many hundreds of millions that live before, every single one has a unique barcode, and that is your fingerprints. And so Allah says, I will resurrect every single person by the tips of the fingers.

00:40:37--> 00:41:15

Also another very interesting Tafseer Of course, you won't find the classical sources because fingerprints is on the new, what is the first thing that the you know, when you get arrested, Amala protecting, you're going to coat your fingerprints are taken. And so the Day of Qiyamah is like a big court case. And so Allah saying that your fingerprints will be assembled, it adds to that whole concept of judgment of a courtroom of a crime of you of us being having to defend ourselves and our fingerprints are taken. It's it adds to that, in terms of the seriousness of the event, again, is this just a coincidence that again, if you were to not believe the Quran was from Allah subhanaw

00:41:15--> 00:41:20

taala? Why would the Prophet peace be upon him? Put this Why would there be something like this?

00:41:21--> 00:41:54

One more, and then we'll conclude fisheye now we get into the mountains, and hamdulillah in Cape Town, we have got a beautiful mountain, Table Mountain, and throughout the world, we know that there are mountains. And for most of us, when we talk about a mountain, we talk about how high its peaks are, how high in the sky it is. Very few of us know, and maybe those of you who don't know, I mean, I didn't study geography, so I didn't know this. I started accounting that the mountain has roots like a tree, and those roots go deep into the ground. I mean, we obviously don't see this, but that's what's happening the mountain we only see the tip of the mountain, and there's a much much

00:41:54--> 00:42:41

more of the mountain actually under the ground. And so Allah says, color so yeah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Maha. Did we not make the earth alumna Jiang or them Jada was in Surah, ensue. Surah Surah, Nava and Surah Amaya alone from Makkah la Santa Monica la alumna JAL origami Haida well gee Bella Tada, so the again the slide is incomplete. Allah says LM Nigel origami Hydra do not make the earth stable, they will not make the earth from what's your analogy, Barbara Oh, tada. And we made the mountains sticks, a staking meaning a pole a pole in the ground, because we don't make the mountains as poles or pivots to keep the Earth from shaking. And so we know that

00:42:41--> 00:43:24

from those of us who study geography, that the reason why the Earth does not the ground does not constantly move is because of the mountains. Now the Earth is actually floating on a like an ocean of lava. There's something called the mantle. And there's this boiling rock and the earth we are part is like it is floating on this ocean of liquid. Now anything that is floating like a ship, it would shift it to the rock, but the earth is stable, it doesn't move all the time when it moves is an earthquake. So the reason why the earth is is is mostly stable is because you've got the mountains as nails, like if you think of two planks, the mountains, keep them together like nails,

00:43:24--> 00:44:04

and in another I have more explicit insert another so two places in the Quran, Allah me Jesus, I was just what your nephew out there was and we placed on the on the land, mountains, and Tomita be him so that they should become stable. While Jana, if you have judgments, you're gonna have to do so we placed on the land, we fixed mountains to keep the earth stable. And then Allah says, and we made within these mountains, pathways for you to move, even though it's this massive mountains and structures, there are pathways and you can still go through them caves and tunnels that you can still travel through the land, but these mountains keep the earth static. So this is again, a very,

00:44:04--> 00:44:18

very explicit if there's nothing you can't interpret this is in another way. Allah says the mountains are there and they keep the Earth from shaking. Exactly what we know, today. Scientifically, I think some of you might, this is might be news to some of you. Okay.

00:44:19--> 00:44:22

What I find amazing, this, this textbook

00:44:24--> 00:44:59

is a textbook that's in university, I think, you know, and these these, you know, these these things that we're, you're trying in the textbook, but also the fact that mountains have deep stakes like roots. And they look, I mean, look, this is a quote from the book, the books is the fact that mountains have deep stakes, like roots that claim to the Earth from shaking was only known after the development of the theory of plate tectonics at the beginning of the 20th century. So about, like, it's only been like 100 years that this was taken to be effective scientific fact. And so it's amazing that you know, the Quran has this verse in it 1500 years ago, and also if you look at the

00:45:00--> 00:45:30

for him so we spoke about astronomy, we speaking about embryology, we speaking about fingerprints we speaking about geography, the different sciences that are being just mentioned the Quran is not focusing I just mentioned in the Quran started to build a picture that you know, these these things could not have been done passing or should not could not have been done by chance or by luck, this is something very deep and profound. will continue inshallah next week we've got a few more of these verses of the scientific miracles of the Quran and then we'll move on to another section.

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Inshallah have any questions before we conclude this evening.

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okay, then just like Hello, thank you so much for the evening keep us all in you to us and my last point of exit promise.

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We will continue each other next week with the scientific Melissa the Quran, Allah, Allah Allah Muhammad wa ali or sappy Islam with serene la Nairobi elementary classroom Muslim walakum wa la Ricardo.

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