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Sit down, we're having our annual package minus Alaric Marketo. Apologies for the late slots stood a bit of technical issues here.

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Am I audible and visible?

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On the site

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before we can just one quick question that was asked by a young man,

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he sneezed in the toilet, you wanted to know, if you're in the toilet can you should use Alhamdulillah we shouldn't use our family law. You shouldn't really talk in the toilet and hand them out. And so it's a nice question. So there's a hadith we're going to be Salah was urinating, and,

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you know, they didn't have toilets as such, they would just be obviously behind a wall or behind the tree or something like that. And as a hobby greeted him, he couldn't see him but he greeted him, and then obviously didn't respond. And then when they're missing them finish it, and I said he responded to ALEC Messina, and explained to him that I was urinating and I don't like to mention

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any kind of vicar dua while I am urinating. And so the scholars have said, This is my crew, that if you're in the toilet, definitely while you're in the process of relieving yourself, but if you're also in the place, way, one is what relieves what's also in the toilet.

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Certain toilets are separated me from a bath, and a shower. But if you are in the place where we were relieved when selves, you shouldn't mention the name of Allah, you shouldn't recite any other car. Now one might say, Well, what happens if you are the performing widow and you want to say Bismillah?

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Or like in the case of this, you sneeze and you want to sell Hamdulillah? What should you do? Well, it's my crew, if you want to say it, there's no sin on you. But it's better not to say it. And the best thing to do is to save in your heart.

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So in the case of sneezing, you also have to lie in your heart. In the case of performing I would do you would say Bismillah in your heart. And if someone greets you in the toilet or whatever while you do it, you will as you would respond once you exit the toilet. So nice little question made from a very intelligent, young young man.

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On any questions before we begin tonight's lecture on the miracles of the Quran from a scientific standpoint

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Okay, so last week, we went through a number of

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medical so if that speaks there are we're impossible in a time with me solemn and the technology that was available to him to have placed these within the Quran. For example, the origin of life coming from water, the sex of a baby, being determined by the

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male sexual discharge of the male fluid, the

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we continued with embryology, The Quran mentions the different stages that an embryo goes through, starting with the fertilization and the six being determined by the male sperm. And then of course, it becoming an unlock. And unlock is that which is attached to cleans to the way leech like entity, and then it goes into a mudra, which is a chewed up. The word maligned Arabic is a piece of flesh that has been chewed up. And as you can see, this is what a mandala, or this stage of an embryo around one month old looks like. And then of course, it goes on to a being fully formed skeleton, and in the flesh, and the bones of the flesh and the skin covers the bones in a process called

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ossification, ossification is that the forming of the skeleton. And, as we said, if you were to ask oneself, just intuitively, what would come first the bones, or the flesh and the organs, you would have thought that the flesh of organs come first and then the bones afterwards, whereas we know scientifically proven, and this is, of course, not possible without very powerful microscopes that the bones actually form first. And then as Allah says, the rest of the body is sort of covers it. So Monica Zona as if it is closed, you know, around of the skeleton. So this is one of the interesting miracles of the Quran. Then, of course, another miracle as we mentioned, when Allah speaks about the

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resurrection, he says, and again, this could be in the time of the Mufasa team. They of course, I mean, before modern technology before to the last 100 years or so. You know, when Allah says, We will bring them together your bones from Bella ardillon Allah and also we yet banana Allah says, Do you think when you have died and your bones became scattered and became like dust that you will not be reassembled? And Allah says, I will assemble you to the tips of your fingers, your fingerprints, first scene of ultimately fully comprehend what that meant. We of course, understand that in every single person. Each one's fingerprints is sort of a unique barcode, and it's a means of identifying

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a person

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So in fact, you take down a person's fingerprints in determining who they are before, even they face facial recognition. And this is something again, one might say is this if you're not a Muslim, you would say that this is just a coincidence, or it has no meaning. And you must eventually ask yourself, how many of these coincidences Will you say before you think that these a pattern and there is a, a, an underlying, you know, deeper understanding? In these verses we spoke and this is another one of those verses, which is quite clear, you can't even

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you can't even you know, interpreting another alumna Jiang Algoma. Haida, did we not make the earth a, a stable a place that is stable when you're an alumna of the metallurgy bilateral Tada, and we made the mountains, pigs or steaks or nails that kept keeps the earth in motion in place without moving when Jana philopatier was also losses and replaced in the earth, upon the earth, firm mountains and Demidova him to make them settle so that they do not shift. Now, again, this is not open for interpretation. This is not open for any other, deeper me, it's very clear ologists the mountains keeps the Earth from shaking. And again, I would ask many of us who did not study

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and not feel this is geology.

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Plate tectonics did we know that the mountains keep the Earth from shaking in the mountains stabilize the Earth from earthquakes this way, this is something very explicit in the Quran.

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Now tonight, we move on to a few more of these miracles, the roof, the protective roof of the of the sky. So for those of us who understand a little bit about,

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about the different layers of the of the stratosphere, the different layers of the atmosphere, you would know that each one plays a very crucial role, we might look up and we think it's empty, a you know, but there are very special layers, and special chemicals in each layer that does a specific function. So again, I was watching, you know, a documentary by NASA, they mentioned that they launched this amazing telescope in space called the James Webb telescope, you know, a few months ago, and it's taking these amazing pictures. And one of the most important fact the most important function is to find life. So you're asked the astronomers well, how do you look for life? What are

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the things you look for said, Well, we look for a planet that isn't too hot or too cold, it's in what we call the Goldilocks zone, it's, it's, it's warm enough for water to be liquid, and not too warm, that the water boils and are too cold, the water is ice, but also what's very important, you must have a breathable atmosphere, you must have must have this, you know, an envelope of atmosphere around it so that life can be sustained in it because without that, you cannot have life. And so the atmosphere is sort of like a blanket, which keeps the earth safe. And so and you know, not to go into too much detail, but there are many, one of the things that atmosphere does, it keeps the heat

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in the earth, so it doesn't become super cold. If you've never atmosphere, like the moon, for example. It's very close to the Earth. But because he doesn't have an atmosphere, he can't be retained. Of course, there is no breathing and forms of respiration is possible without an atmosphere. Also the atmosphere all of us would know about the ozone layer and putting on sunblock, that they are harmful radiations that come from the sun, and the atmosphere filters out those things and keeps us keeps us safe. So without an atmosphere, a lot of the, you know an atmosphere, you wouldn't have life on Earth. So the Quran says which and the summer Allah says and the earth we've

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made the sky suck often my food or a protective roof, well whom an idea what are you doing and however they are turning away from Allah. So Allah says that we made the sky, a ceiling that protects you. And again, the wording is very, very specific. The sky is a ceiling that protects you, and that it is a sign from Allah, but they turn away from the signs of Allah.

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This one Subhanallah for me, this is an again, we could have said, well, this is the roof being a protective ceiling. You can interpret it in different ways. It could be a figuratively, but the next one, the universe expanding is truly one of the for me one of the most amazing miracles in the Quran. So, before 1929 This is less than 100 years ago, before 1929. Astronomers had a deep

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there was a deep philosophical discussion because science couldn't couldn't prove this concept is the universe

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didn't have a beginning. They need to have an end. Right. So this this debate was something which has been going on from the beginning of time from the beginning of mankind.

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until 1929, everyone was dis was disputing whether the universe had a beginning. And,

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and the standard belief of philosophers and scientists was that the universe did not have a beginning. It doesn't have an end, and it is static, it was the eternally and it stays the same. And then there's very famous scientists, it would Hubble and there was the previous telescope, the Hubble telescope was named after him, he observed the sky, you observed, obviously, the bodies in space, there is a galaxy very close to our galaxy called the Andromeda Galaxy. And he noticed that the galaxies are moving, and you need more and more calculation. And he discovered that everything in the universe is almost moving away from each other. And he concluded that the universe is

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expanding. There was a at the similar time, there was

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a physicist who was also a priest. And based on this, he presented a paper to Albert Einstein, and the very famous Albert Einstein, where it said that the universe is expanding. If the universe expands, the naturally it must contract to a beginning spot. And therefore it had a a beginning point, when Albert Einstein looked at this paper, he dismissed it, he says, I find your physics repulsive, something like that. He said, This is you know, I can't believe this, obviously, with with Hubble, Edwin Hubble, when he had the observations from his telescope, and he could prove it, it then became known as Hubble's law, that the universe is indeed expanding. And now it's taken as a

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fact that the universe is expanding. We don't know why. One of the big mysteries of science, why is the universe expanding? Now if you want to, like I mean, really wrap your mind around? What does it mean the universe is expanding, think of the universe and everything is literal. The earth, the sun, the moon, the galaxies, all the stars are the little dots on a balloon, and someone is blowing the balloon. And that balloon is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. So if you imagine two dots that are next to one another, as the balloon expands, those dots get further and further away. That is actually what's happening to the universe. And no one knows why it is an unknown, they just use the

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term called dark energy to explain this. So it took us you know, until very, very recently, to prove without a shadow of a doubt, even it's not even a theory, we know that the universe is expanding. And this went contrary to every scientific mind in the world, it went contrary to every philosopher before them. And this is what the Quran says, was summer and the sky by now hobby 18. We constructed the summer with great strength, Allah says we built the heavens with huge amounts of power. We're in LA Bucha. And we are continuously it's expanded lamouchi on that lamb is a

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it's an added emphasis. We're in NA ours and we love Lucy on we are most surely musio expanding it, it's also in the present tense, right? If Allah said, we built the heavens, and we spread it out in the past tense, then it would mean okay, Allah created the heavens and it was spread out extensively. And Allah mentions the earth, the earth is split out in the past tense. But this is in the present tense, we are continuously expanding and making the the heavens getting bigger and bigger. And so this idea is once again one of those those verses that are so explicit, that it goes against every scientific theory that was prevalent up until very recently. And it's spot on, there

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is no way in fact, to make you understand that because of the statement that the universe is expanding. Edwin Hubble won a Nobel Prize, because he was the first person to prop up theorize the expanding expansion of the universe. And you could put up with the Quran 1400 years ago, said this very explicitly.

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You know, this very famous scientist Stephen Hawking said, the discovery that the universe is expanding, was one of the greatest intellectual revolutions of the 21st 20th 20th century, one of the greatest things that we discovered in the last 100 years was that the universe is expanding.

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Okay, another one that we mentioned. I think we mentioned this in the last lecture in surah. Yaseen, Alice's worship strategy, really Mr. Karela, that the sun is floating over time moving to a point that is determined dedicated to the route as is only that the sun is moving towards its final destination. And that is the that has been determined by Allah, the All Knowing the most mighty, and

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also ensuring

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that everything the sun and the moon is in an orbit is in a fixed orbit.

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We know that there was a time I think I mentioned this before, up about, you know, up until 500 years ago, most of most of the you know, the church

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Example. And most religions believed that the Earth was fixed, and the sun and the moon moved around the earth. And in fact, it was believed the Earth was the center of the universe. We all have this

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belief that we are the biggest thing in the universe, you only need to look out in a telescope in your house, you're not the center of the universe, you're quite insignificant. But this was the belief. And then when obviously telescopes came out, and scientists began to understand that the earth is in fact moving around the sun.

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It took a long time for the church to accept this, and it was believed to be heresy. So when the Quran says that the sun is moving, it appears that we are stuck in the old way of thinking that the sun moves around the Earth. Allah never says the sun moves around the earth, nor does Allah say the moon moves around, moves around the Earth, that the Earth moves around the moon, it says, The sun, the moon, the Earth, everything is in an orbit. And this is what we know now to be.

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The scientific position is that the sun moves in an orbit around the center of the galaxy, towards a final point, which is in the, in the center of the galaxy, of course, to get there is many, many, many hundreds of millions, if not billions, of years, before the sun will get there Allah Allah knows. These are things beyond our comprehension.

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One, one or two more of these miracles.

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These are interesting verse in Surah, Al Hadith Surah Al Hadid is the last Surah of the 27th Jews. And if you if you if you want to read this verse, Allah says, Nakata arsena rasuna build a unit that we have seen down Our Messengers with clear evidence so Allah says, We sit down, sit down rasuna message build a unit will answer namao Makita and we sit down with them the book while MISA and the criteria Leah como NASA will list and then also ones in Al Hadid V Heba essentially, and we also sit down

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iron, we have seen down iron V, but somebody that is very strong, and which you take many benefits from. And so this verse was a conundrum to the the scholars of all, they said that we understand what Allah says He sends down the revelation, and he sends down the book, we understand what that means it comes from the top down. But what does Allah mean that He sends down iron, because iron is something we extract from the bottom up. And so both the standard Tafseer of this IO was, every blessing is sent down from Allah, and iron is a blessing. And so in reality, it is a gift from Allah from the top down.

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While that is true, nothing wrong with it I've seen, if we were to ask, in reality, how did iron come to the earth, iron, the metal iron, that we have, and we use all over?

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In our lives. Iron is a metal, which is found a lot, it's all over the earth, iron is a metal that is found in, in almost every country in the world, where did it come from? Most metals or most

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elements are formed naturally in the earth, you know, through completion and pressure and all these things, the Earth produces all kinds of elements. However, iron requires such a lot of pressure. And such a lot of energy to produce that we our planet cannot perform, we cannot create it, you know, the Earth is not big enough, strong enough to produce iron, yet we have so much of it on the earth. So where did it come from, the only place iron is formed, it is formed in the heart of a stock, when a stock explodes. When he dies, it compresses and it pushes in. And under those extreme pressures and heat does the elements form into iron. And then of course, the star explodes. And those bits and

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pieces fly out throughout the galaxy. And some of it, a lot of it actually hit the Earth. And so deep in the earth, these rocks from space fell. And this is where we get iron. And this is again, not a theory. And I really would love for all of you to review these facts. I mean, the ion was formed in a star, and that star exploded and that's how the ion came on the earth into the earth. And the sounds very strange. You need to google it and do the research. And you'd find that just to be you know, to the word Allah mentions that iron was sent down from on top down into the earth, which is once again one of those miraculous verses of the of the Quran. So the last of these verses,

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we move from the from space and stars and iron and mountains to the oceans. And Allah. Allah subhanaw taala says, Whenever he might manage on Bahrain Surah Surah *wad he is the one that has released or has allowed the oceans to flow have I've been ferrata one of one some of the oceans, or the waters

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are fresh and sweet. waha Milan who judge and the other is salty and bitter or jalapeno my brother's oven were Hadrian Maduro and replaced between these two bodies of water

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Have a bad idea that they do not mix. Now we would have naturally thought that if you were to if if one water is one ocean is warming, the one is cold, and the one is salty, and the one is not salty, as they get closer to the point that they mix it almost mixers and diffuses, that you almost go from warm, from hot water, to lukewarm to see me lukewarm to kind of cold, too cold. And it's almost like a spectrum. But that's not really what happens. And it's amazing because if you look at this as an example of where two different bodies of water mix, meet and merge, there is like an invisible barrier, preventing these two oceans or two bodies of water from from mixing. And

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not this is something which is not fully fully understood. It's just something that's amazing. And we living in Cape Town. And I don't know if if there are others who are following this. We had Cape Town, we have the few places in the world, where you actually have two oceans that meet the Atlantic Ocean, on the western side. And in the Indian Ocean, on the eastern side, they meet you're in Cape Town, and at some days when the waters are calm, you could actually see this line, it's called click point, I think, and you could see the line of the two oceans meeting but not mixing. And this is sort of this is in line with the idea of the Quran. Now what is amazing about this, one might say,

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well, you know, if you saw

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these positions or places in the ocean, you could have easily put this in the Quran. And what's amazing is gonna be Salam. Remember where he was from, he was from the desert, he never ever in his life, boarded the ship. In fact, it's not reported that he even came to the coast, or the ocean or the Red Sea, you know, we don't have any Musa tsunami Costa at the Mohammed Salim was born in Makkah, he never never traveled to the coast as far as we know, in his biography, and so this is again an observation which is quite impossible for him to have theorized because he goes intuitively against your, your natural position. And so if we go through all these, these miracles, the

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formation of the baby, the the fingerprints, the mountains, keeping the Earth from shaking the sky that protects the earth, that water is the source of life, that the universe is expanding that the sun and the moon are, are in the orbits, that the oceans do not mix. If you begin to put all the scientific facts together and mentioned how is it possible that a book 1400 years old, that at a time when people believed the Earth was flat at a time when people believed we they had no, they didn't even have proper glosses, let alone telescopes and microscopes, when people didn't know the concept of germs, the concept of

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atoms and particles for the Quran to have been so precise in its language, so factually correct. And this from a man who never ever read a single book in his life, whenever authored anything is life. How is it possible that all these facts are true? And there's nothing in the Quran that I have come across that is factually scientifically completely,

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you know, categorically incorrect. These things align with science so perfectly that one begins to ask why and how is this possible? Even though the point of the Quran is not to be a book of science, Allah subhanaw taala mentions these verses almost by passing. And it's for later generations like us to actually discover and understand and then prove these to be correct. Remember, some of these things are only been proven in the last 100 years, the last 50 years. And perhaps they'll even other verses, that only with time when we have the technology where we find the truth, for example, things like the soul. We mentioned to mentioned in the Quran. Obviously, there's no scientific data or

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evidence for it. But with time, there might be a time when we have enough technology where we could actually see or monitor the soul. And these things from Hanalei. What would we say at that point in time, Allahu Allahu Akbar, except that ALLAH subhanaw taala is, is the All Knowing, are there any questions as we conclude the scientific miracles of the of the Quran?

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Does anyone have a comment or

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something to add?

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And I want you to always remember

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the definition that we mentioned at the beginning, when we said the Quran claims to be a miracle. A miracle is something which cannot be explained rationally, which cannot be replicated. You know, normally, something which goes against all forms of standard explanation. We spoke about the Quran from a linguistic standpoint, a book that was revealed in the book that was compiled in piecemeal, which was spontaneous, which is beautiful, which still today is of the height of the Arabic language still today. The Quran is studied as the highest level of Arabic literature, yet it's easy to

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understand from the same, I mean, you will not find this think about this, you will not find a book

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that is read and studied from primary school up until university PhD levels. I mean in the English language, you won't find a book like that many of you have been through primary school, I assume some of you have gone all the way to the PhD level. I don't assume that there's a book that stays with you. But if you are in the Arab in the Arabic speaking world, you would have had some from Serbia, Ukraine or some Quran, throughout your schooling will be of Quran. If you continue to study the literature, you would have the Quran would have been part of your studies in the university. The fact that the Quran keep the Arabic language from changing the only book to ever have done this to

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any language. Till today that Arabic is static, unchanging, I agree I was watching a documentary, but almost spoke about what life would be like in the next 100 years, 200 years. And it said within about two or 300 years, all the languages on the Earth would be the languages that we speak now would be completely unrecognizable, they will be new languages. And this is true. The languages of two 300 years ago, you cannot understand it today. 500 years ago you can on this, except for Arabic, except for the Arabic language. This is the only language that is static, it doesn't change and that is because of the Quran. So from a literature we see, this cannot be no other book has done this.

00:26:29--> 00:26:49

Then we look at all the scientific miracles take all the books that were written 1500 years ago, even the science textbook the books written by the greatest philosophers, the greatest scientists of the time, the Aristotle's and Plato's of the time, you would find how much it is incorrect or inconsistent is conflict factually wrong. If there are two or three five

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evidences of proofs we take it while these guys were amazing because they prove one or two things correct. The Quran without any scientific study mentions the scientific facts. When was passing me without? And it's amazing when Allah mentions those things, Allah will say do you not reflect on the signs do you notice people are understanding think about these things as being miracles. So that is with regards to the scientific miracles of the Quran. Any any questions before we begin the next section, which is pertaining to the prophecies of the Quran, the predictions of the Quran

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Eva but occur to share.

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I was just listening to Sharon, I couldn't help thinking going back to what she said in a previous lesson. The Quran was spoken, it was spoken. So it wasn't as if the NABI Muhammad Salah Salem could edit what it was spoken. So even that is even making more

00:27:54--> 00:28:41

more of Marika put it that way. Yes, you know, the question that we add last week about how the Quran emits revelation is a an amazing miracle itself analysis this, I reviewed the Quran in pieces, so that it may strengthen your image actually gives you an increase in demand that it is spontaneous, and that it was not written down before. I mean, think about it. If you had to deliver a lecture, I mean, you know, a half an hour lecture, or a an email, you need to write it down, you need to look at it. The Quran, as we know is a sizable book, 600 pages, for it to be in verbal form spontaneous, and it is coherent, and it makes sense. No book on Earth is authored like that there is

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not a single book in the history of mankind that is constructed in that way, completely through an oral tradition, with one revelation with one go mineral is never recited a verse and then said, Guys, what I said there was a mistake. We should

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this verse needs to you know, it was never like that as it as it came out. These were revelations, the Sahaba memorize it and that was it. This was this was

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how the Quran was was revealed. So that's a in itself, a medical to ponder about.

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Because so much just the opposite for that reason. Anyone else before we continue?

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We've got a question. To bite as a question. Is there any scientific discovery isn't yet proven?

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Is the scientifics discovered it isn't proven that there's really scientific discoveries isn't proven and

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all of these things tend to be later, is there anything?

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So by asked, Are there any scientific details that are sort of we don't know. And I think like the scientists law like the scholars of old when they read these verses, they did not fully understand that this was a scientific hint or a scientific answer to a mystery of

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The Universe, right? So for example, when I say the mother speak, when all speaks about angels speaks about the devils, Allah speaks about the roar. These are the unseen elements of we believe. I mean, I believe it's scientifically it's part of the ecosystem of the universe that Allah has created. But we obviously are only able to

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see in one dimension, these are other dimensions or other realities that we are not aware of. But Allah subhanaw taala, of course, has created all of these are creations of Allah. Allah says, Allah Subhan Allah go this way, there is one that comes to mind. When Allah says in the Quran, and one that you would like, the verse, Allah says, that he is the one that created the heavens and the earth. And He scattered life throughout the life that he scattered throughout the living creatures with daba daba, meaning loving creatures, that He scattered throughout the heavens and the earth. So meaning that they are the aliens. If someone were to ask, what is the Islamic view on Aliens life

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outside of the earth? We would say very clearly, the Quran says that they are aliens. In our perspective, aliens, living creatures. Leia dabba is like an animal. You wouldn't call a person Adobo. So a dabba is a type of creature that's alive, but it's not fully a doesn't have free will. It's not like an angel. It's not like so you would never call Gibreel dabba or you wouldn't call the gin dabba dabba is like an animal or a creature, a bacteria, or maybe even a plant, or not a plant, but a moving creature, an animal or a bacteria or something like that. And so the fact that Allah says that throughout the heavens, the term use that he scattered throughout the events, we actually

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believe that there are many, many living creatures throughout the heavens and the earth. And so why do we haven't yet found creatures outside but as Muslims, we believe it today. It just requires science to catch up with this one example that I can think of.

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Any young astronomers in the room, it's a pursuit that if you, you know with iman, you will find it.

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If Allah wants, you will find it, inshallah. Okay, we're going to introduce the next section, but we will not obviously complete it. I think we've got like another five or so minutes 10 minutes before we will conclude. The next section is around the prophecies. So the Quran makes very bold claims about the future. And obviously, to predict the future. Only if someone who understood or knew the future, could they could they predict the future. And so Allah Subhanallah says in nanana Zanele, the crop were in Allahu Allah Hafiz. And Allah says that we are the ones we are the ones who reveal the Quran. In pieces. We're in Allah, Allah Hafiz. And we will indeed,

00:32:44--> 00:33:25

guarded and protected from being corrupted from being changed to always be protected. So Allah subhanaw taala, like in this is an amazing statement. I mean, think about, you are writing a book, and it isn't completed. And you say, I am writing this book, and this book will never change, and it will forever be predicted. I mean, that's a bold statement, considering every religious texts, and this is not what the Quran is saying, if you asked the church was the Bible changed from original formula? Yes, we don't have the original Bible. It was edited and rewritten and some were lost and refined over time. That's why the old versions of the Bible, the same with the, the Old Testament,

00:33:25--> 00:34:07

the Torah of the Jews, the same way the Vedas of the Hindus, every religious group on Earth, the religious texts are not in its original form. Allah says, I'm the one that revealed this book, and I will protect it from it ever changing or being corrupted. It is the only religious book on earth 1500 years later, it does not have a second version. It does not have a second edition. It does not have one group of Muslims saying that they have a different Quran to the other group of Muslims. It has remained unchanged from day one as Allah Subhana Allah predicted. So the Sahaba for example, they did not know about this prediction coming through they believed in it, but we are the ones that

00:34:07--> 00:34:42

are able to say yes, indeed, the Quran is completely protected from any kind of corruption. Allah says, Well, according to several Quran in decree for helping with decay, Allah says, and we've made the Quran easy for it to be memorized and remember, so will there be any of you who will take it to heart Is there anyone who will memorize the Quran Allah says we've made the Quran easy for you to it. That's why the surah for the kids we say yes sir Al Quran is the surah as we call there, sadhana Quran from this verse, Allah says the Quran is easy to remember. And again, it is the only book on Earth ask yourself, How many people do you know that has memorized any other book, whether it's

00:34:42--> 00:34:45

Harry Potter, whether it is your,

00:34:46--> 00:35:00

your accounting textbook, your whatever it takes in the university that you're studying, whether it is Shakespeare, none of us have memorized no person on earth memorize a book verbatim. He said, word for word unchanging.

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

In the Quran is the only book on earth that is memorized on the scale, without any, you know, verbatim letter for letter. And Allah says, we've made it easy for it to be memorized the way in which the Quran was constructed, though, and it shows you of course, that in itself, that people who don't even speak a word of Arabic, little children, six, seven years old, old people, 78 years old, can pick up the Quran and can memorize it. As Allah had said, it is easy, it will be simple to memorize. Now one might, you know, and this is a good one might think, Well, maybe it's a function of the Arabic language, maybe Arabic is a rhythmical language. And so when you listen to Arabic

00:35:40--> 00:36:22

enough, it will become you'll memorize it, and will lie only when you have studied Arabic You know the difference between the Quran and other texts that could add you know, if you had to memorize a page of Quran, it will take you a day, maybe more to memorize a page, if you were to memorize three or four lines of Hadith words are going to be so Salam, it will take you much longer. And even though the hadith is eloquent, and if you if you were to memorize two or three lines of the words of people, like a scholar, or a definition, it will take you so long to memorize a simple definition. But the Quran is just easy for us to to memorize every you know, 1020 times, just subconsciously,

00:36:22--> 00:37:00

you memorize it. So again, Allah says it's this is a prediction. Quran is easy for it to be memorized. And we see that there is no book that has been memorized on the scale. The last one for this evening Surah rune, the 30th chapter of the Quran is called the chapter of the Romans, the Romans, of course, you know, a country of Italy today. But in reality, it's Europeans, when all speaks about the Rome, he speaks about the Europeans and the Christian Byzantine Empire. So this group, they call the bison times, they were the Romans at the time, we're going to be social, because a bit of history. So the time we're going to be so Salem, there was a superpower, which were

00:37:00--> 00:37:10

known as the Romans, and there was another superpower who were the Persians. So these two groups are fighting one another all the time. Think of Russia and America today, that wasn't the time for The Beatles.

00:37:12--> 00:37:48

And so Allah at the time of this chapter being revealed, the Roman side, lost very severely to the Persian side, the Persians defeat the Romans severely, so bad that it believed that the Latino historians and the people at that time believed this was the end of, of the Romans, that they have lost so much territory that they will never recover. And so Allah begins the sort of person who leaves the room, but the Romans have been defeated, they have a massive defeat the original earth in a land very close by so this happened in Jordan's Of course, God is very close to Saudi, well, who but then it was his war who mean Bada bing, bada, Bada bing him, so you have to reboot, but after

00:37:48--> 00:38:04

this defeat, they will be victorious again. So Allah very clearly says that immediate that soon after this defeat, the Romans are going to read are going to regroup and they will defeat the Persians be the ICD a while didn't give a specific timeframe, but he said between

00:38:05--> 00:38:41

between three and nine years or three and 10 years, within 10 years, they are going to in order to have a specific date, but also within 10 years, they are going to win Lilla Hill approving cobbling of embargoes, and this is a matter which has decreed that the Romans winning the Persians within 10 years, it's going to happen, no one can stop it. While y'all might even Yeah, for a minute. And then on the day, the Romans are going to win, the Muslims will be celebrating. So this is a double prediction. Right? There's two predictions here. Allah says, within 10 years, the Romans will come back from this defeat to beat the Persians. And on the very same date that the Romans beat the

00:38:41--> 00:38:50

Persians, the Muslims will be having a huge celebration, and this is a decree from Allah. And so, it so happened that

00:38:51--> 00:39:32

nine years and a few months after the defeat of the Romans, the Roman Emperor Heraclius, was able to defeat the Persians and he conquered the land that was lost something which if you studied your history was was unpredicted and sort of unexpected. But the Romans would be able to manage to defeat the Persians in such a massive way. It was really a going against what was sort of the trajectory of the war. And it will happen, it coincided on the exact same day, the Muslims beat the Kurdish at the Battle of whether these two events happened on the exact same time. And so this was a huge prediction that Allah subhanaw taala had placed in the Quran. Of course, all doesn't mention things

00:39:32--> 00:40:00

I remember, again, when I was speaks about verses he didn't say, miracles. It doesn't say these things are to amaze you astonishing, but it's an either it is a sign for you to reflect on. That way if if if the one who would reveal these verses, and that reveals the verses of the universe and the verses of the baby and the verses of coming down. It comes from the Lord of the universe. So the same one who reveals these things is the one that speaks about

00:40:00--> 00:40:18

of being a good father, a good husband, a good wife, worshipping him praying to Him, these staying away from haram doing good deeds, it is for our own benefit. And so, you know as the Quran is not meant to impress or to be dazzled to Astonish, it is meant to guide and this should these verses only give you a heart more

00:40:20--> 00:40:41

inclination to the Quran and whatever I find in it is true that this is from the Lord of the Universe. This is from the All Knowing the all wise, the most merciful, whatever I find in it is the heart. And if we focus on it, and we live by it, it will always lead you on the straight path. So we'll continue inshallah next week and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us steadfastness on the on the straight path, and may Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:40:43--> 00:41:21

give us Yaqeen and certainty within the Quran. May the Quran be a Hoja a medical for a means an evidence for us in our life, and not be a means against us from Allah in the Quran, how is the Quran going to be an evidence against you, the Quran is going to testify and so I sat on the shelf on her shelf, I had all the answers to the life they could have just opened it, and they could have guided them to make the right choices, but they ignored me. Whereas the other person who reads the Quran, and understands the Quran, I mean lives by the Quran Alhamdulillah you will have liked and guidance in this world and an XML and make us amongst them. One of the last points I want to mention is that

00:41:22--> 00:42:04

the people of the Quran and those who are very closely attached to the Quran, they have a very, very special place with Allah subhanaw taala, both in this life and of course, in the life often so much so that when the Sahaba passed away in the Battle of boyhood, and there were so many Sahaba died, that were martyred at the back of the hood, not all of them could be buried in individual graves. So 234 Sahaba, maybe to share a grave. And so when they will be burying the dead than me so Salam said who have the most the most Quran because he will be the Imam of them in the cupboard who recited who have been recited the most Quran. So even in death, the person who has the biggest attachment to the

00:42:04--> 00:42:22

Quran is given honor over those with less attachment to the ground. And so Allah subhanaw taala grant us to be people of the Quran, that we live by it and we read it and we die upon it, and it may be a companion for us in the era. I mean, does that look like shukran so much. Are there any last questions before we log off?

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Or any comments?

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Note just like if it was sort of lost in the Mohammed or analiza Islam was Sunni and what hamdulillah means you can and again so much Salam alikoum with Ye over again