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Eichmann Welcome to the daily mask community huddle. This is your host Muhammad Sharif and we will be beginning shortly inshallah Tada in about two minutes, give people a chance to log in, say their slums, and we respond to synonyms and they get larger. And we get agile and everybody gets agile. In the we'll get started in two minutes in sha Allah, The reminder is going to be about 10 minutes. So if you see that this video if you're tuning in later is longer than 10 minutes, it might be q&a at the end, so don't worry about that. Don't get intimidated by a 30 minute video. Chat all the time only a 10 minute reminder, like once and emphysema and Trinidad, Pfizer in Dallas Enigma Sam

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Sokoloff and for tuning in. Always Dana Lonnegan the SAM

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I'm doing good just like a la conferencia Trisha in Philly tuning in from YouTube. How's the YouTube experience for live videos? Sara in Minnesota Arctic Emma Sonoma lucky if you guys save Nimra Wagaman CERAM

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Sandra name Annika Sam. Nabila Alec Messina. It's been a long time to be

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who am I in in UK from Bedfordshire just for the people who are inside the Visionaire group. It is a private group so I can actually see your name. Like it shows up like this. It shows up as Facebook user, so just FYI, I don't know who you are. I see it later in the Facebook group.

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And be 1429 Ronnie komatsuna

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Saronic Mr. Ram

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Trisha says as long as they broadcast without buffering all the platforms are good.

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Like Mr. Ram,

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bus, Sierra, straw fib I don't wanna sell in your habit.

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I'm good, just like

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Mr. Motta?

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In Perth

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Shafia here down

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Michelle in the Netherlands or Alekna Sudan, Sofia Abubakar Wallach, Mr. strock and thank you for thinking of me

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it was eight and you were thinking of money right? That's nice.

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Mohammed ibn apple in on Periscope Welcome to the periscope people. The Twitter's

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I was gonna say this is an interesting name that I don't think I'll be able to pronounce. Suave. Is it suave. If it's suave. That's a super cool name from Seattle.

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What's your name? Suave.

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tarawih truffles it's not always truffles but you know.

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I think most of them susu

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fought the minor Bucha like Messiah. Alright, let's get started. Hi, Kamala.

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We got a really interesting reminder for today. It's exciting.

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The Life and Times Yes.

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Lockdown troubles alright. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah yo, sabe Milena and my backtick one. That's it. I like what I have to let it a cat two. So this is one verse. This is one verse. We're going to be talking today. And this is intuitive Bukhara which is verse actually I didn't write down the first number it is it should be about I think 67

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Alas, paradata says insert a buffer is 67 ELIZA Jill says Panjim

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some percent pull over.

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Back Dave Nichols here. Can he Jama Canada Hey John, what do you do? Because we're we're in Amina Aja Latina yet. gentlemen who

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were in

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shock popples I have wardrobe we

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were in I mean,

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yeah, Bill Coleman, not much yet in

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one long, long when we have our feeling

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down and

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in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala says and today's topic is going to be about rocks, cool rocks and rocks in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala says the opposite

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Hello, welcome embody Danica and then after that after they saw these signs, even after seeing the signs Allah Subhana Allah says your their hearts became hard and Pacific polo become their hearts became hardened and then Allah subhanaw taala makes an analogy years similarly between rocks and hearts. So Allah subhanaw taala says after they saw these signs, your hearts became hardened the hiya can hate Java, and they became like rocks in their dryness in their AMOLED orbital and they became like rocks, a shadow cassava or even harder than rocks. And then Allah subhanaw taala is in speaks about the rocks. The set of global human body dialectic and HRT our shadow Carswell we're in

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the mineralogy lemma at the Fed German hold on the hub for there are some rocks out of which springs gush forth what in the mean hell am I shocked couple fire Hello Roman Halima and others which slit open and water issues out from them. We're in them in hell and a bit woman has Shatila there are some which tumble down for fear of Allah subhanaw taala on Allah who we have our feeling I'm not Ramadan and Allah subhanaw taala is not unaware of what you are doing. So in yesterday's one verse that we took on

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we spoke about

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similes and metaphors in the Quran. And the verse that we were referring to is, what was the verse about people criticizing Allah subhanaw taala and saying, What did Allah mean by making an analogy with a mosquito or NAT or some small insect? Remember that discussion yesterday, if you missed it, you can go and see the recording for that. But here's an example of a verse that Allah subhanaw taala makes an analogy between hearts and rocks. And the analogy is between the dryness, the hardening of the rocks that Allah subhanaw taala says, even after they saw the signs from Allah subhanaw taala, they their hearts became rock, even though they saw the guidance, they saw it, but

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their hearts became like rock, the head can hedge out Oh, I said the first one actually harder than rocks. And we actually in the session before yesterday, we were speaking about it in a Serato must have him guide us to the straight path. And I said there that guidance is two ways that there's guidance of being shown the path and guidance of accepting the path when you see it. Because just because you've been shown Hey, this is the path through the forest and this will get you safe doesn't mean you're going to take that path you might come up with another excuse you might be blinded after that and not actually follow that path. So here we actually see that happening. Allah

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subhanaw taala speaks about this has been Israel but of course the lesson is for everyone.

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That is you'd when they saw the signs from Allah subhanaw taala they saw the dead come back to life and and all these

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miracles that they saw that Allah subhanaw taala says even though they saw it, even though they saw the guidance, their hearts became hard so they didn't have Hidayat tofield they their hearts became hardened. And so we always make dogs Wallace pointed out that even if the truth is in front of us, we may not accept it and that's why we always say do not slaughter must have been guide us to the straight path.

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Alright, so Allah subhanaw taala that

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compares the hearts to

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compares the hearts to rocks. The hiya cat. Hey, Java overshadow casa. So there's two things about the rock that Allah subhanaw taala is comparing the hearts to number one is dryness that there are nothing crocs from it. It's just it's it's there's a lack of life. There's no life in it, and it's a dry

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there's a lack of life in it and it's driving my phone just triggered. Siri just popped off somewhere. Anyways, lack of life and dryness. And then Allah subhana data proceeds to say actually, rocks are more rights are more, more honorable in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala that means people's hearts. So this is where so there's three types of rocks that Allah subhanaw taala then describes one rock has springs gushing forward and that you can imagine, for example, like a mountain and it's all rock and then you have water rushing through. Rushing through these rocks, right there springs gush forth from it. There are other rocks that there's water it these rocks,

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absorb water, rocks absorb water. So you see in the story of Musa is when he hit his staff on the rock and water sprung forth from this rock, there are rocks that have water within it. And even though you see it's like solid and hard and you assume that it's dry, it's just a rock. There's nothing in it, but then there's a crack and then water starts trickling

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and out from inside of it. I remember teaching this in a class and somebody said, Is that even possible that water comes from rocks? And the answer is yes it is. When people go into into caves and into mountains, they bring scuba deer scuba gear into the mountains. Why? Because there's so much water inside that rock inside the mountain. Inside you'll find the water is there. Well in the Manhattan there may have been too many Shatila and there are rocks so there's two types. One the springs gush forth. The other one is the rock that splits and water comes out from it. And the third one is a rock that tumbles from the fear of Allah subhanaw taala waiting them in Helena. Yeah,

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bitumen has Shatila. There will be a rock that, you know, nothing's touching. You know, it's been sitting there for, you know, years and years and years. And then it falls. And Allah subhanaw taala says we're in the middle. There may have implemented Russia didn't let that fear that tumble from the fear of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So I was just looking up some cool facts about water, I'm sorry, rocks, and water. And I'll just read you this quote. And this was actually in the news. This is on NBC.

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That there's much more water in the earth's core. There's almost as much water in the earth's core in the rock as there is water in the ocean. And in fact, it may actually be more water in the earth's core than there is in the ocean. So this is a university Northwestern University. geophysicist Steve Jacobs says he says it may equal or perhaps be larger than the amount of water in the oceans, it alters our thoughts about the composition of the earth. So Alas, paradata.

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thinks about.

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Under the day of Allah, they didn't follow it in the hearts became harder than rock, Allah subhanaw taala says that these rocks are even more even more blessed in the sight of the West. So let's take three lessons from this. Number one, don't lose hope in people don't lose hope in people. So even if what where that comes from is if rocks can seem solid and dry and lifeless, and you think you know what this person can never be guided Allah subhanaw taala says that just like rocks are compared to our hearts compared to rocks, there are rocks that can burst open, and water starts gushing forth from it. And the thing about this gushing forth is that this rock may be hit it hit it, it's hit so

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many times and you never see the croc and then just there will be one crack and then everything will one hit and everything cracks forward. So maybe you've been trying with somebody or somebody's heart has been so solid, so solid, so solid, but you never lose hope in people. And that's why like, I'm not all the alohar know, when people heard that he may become Muslim.

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As one of the companions said my donkey would become Muslim, before Amara Delano would become Muslim. Because they just net they never expected that he and how much he hurt the muscles before would actually himself become Muslim. There's one brother anyways, that's besides right next. Next thing that we learned is don't judge people by their cover. So a rock if you look at it from it's not practicing a rock is solid doesn't seem soft. Seems hard. Seems like you know it, nothing can cover this not moving, what's the point, but the outer appearance doesn't reflect the potential of what's inside this rock. The outer appearance doesn't reflect the potential of what's inside this

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rock. And human beings are like that as well. You may see an outer thing is just a snapshot of that moment in time, but it doesn't reflect what is the potential of what's inside this person. And we're talking about a day and guidance. And a last point about about rocks is that Allah subhanaw taala praise them and so these rocks are noble things and noble creations of Allah subhanaw taala

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and I'll finish off so hopefully after this the next time you see a rock on the street or you pick up a rock you have more respect for that rock inshallah Donna. So I want to read two verses to you about about mountains and rocks as the rocks pile up and become mountains. Allah Subhana Allah says in this verse, so I don't have the SUTA numbers and and I didn't put that, but I'll put it next time a child that Allah Azza says in this verse of the lemon chiffon gem, LM tama and Allah is July

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5 Santa was

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thing up was Shimizu when Obama

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was shut down.

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was Shinzon? kamaru? One no Jumeau Jeeva Masha Jamal would work as

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work as you mean and nasty workers. How far are you either

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one or you will hear Neela who will look at him in La Jolla fry Luma.

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In this verse, Allah subhanaw taala says, and I'm Tara and Elias to do the whole Memphis, similar to mental health, don't you realize and don't you see that everything in the heavens and the earth prostrates to Allah subhanaw taala and the sun prostrates and the moon prostrates and the stars prostrate and the mountains and the mountains, these rocks that they prostrate to Allah subhanaw taala are shallow, and the and the trees, what they were and the animals and then Allah subhanaw taala says all these things, all these creatures of Allah subhana, prostrate to Allah, look at Thielmann and NAS and many of the people also prostrate to Allah work if you don't hop on a ladder,

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and many are justly deserving of punishment. So it's actually interesting that all the creations worship Allah, prostrate to Allah in the animals and the mountains and the rocks.

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But not all human beings do that. Not all human beings, prostrate to Allah subhanaw taala and some are deserving of punishment. And so we even see that these mountains and rocks are more noble in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala than somebody who doesn't prostrate to Elijah. In another verse, Allah subhanaw taala says

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Anna Anna Jabba ADA level at

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in harsh yet

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what you can not believe

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Allah subhanaw taala says no and Zelina had an Allah German if we had revealed this Quran to a mountain and so if all of us you have Allah Subhana Allah Allah chose to make this example for the believers in revealed Quran that had he revealed the Quran to a mountain this mountain that we see that seems to not move and seems to be just cold and dry and lifeless. Allah subhanaw taala says, eat the whole caution that you would find that this mountain trembling ha Sharon with Assad the Hanged Man has Shatila trembling and crumbling in and of Allah's pentagon and fear of Eliza would still kill em Pharaoh not Rebo holiness. And so that's just a little reminder about this beautiful

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creation of the rock a lot, Anna.

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And that's it if there's some questions and you'd like to chat.

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hamdulillah and we are done. If you need to go, you can go if you want to hang out and chat and questions or just chill comments.

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You know, what's interesting, I'll end wanted to end with with a nice quote. And that is, I think this is not playing by him a lot. I think it's a quote, that's, that's been said by a lot of people in different cultures. And that is that human beings are like rocks. You know, like, human beings are like these rocks, and a grinding stone when you take a rock and you grind it, when you grind it, it's either going to grind down to dust, or you're going to find that there's something precious in it. And when the grindstone hits that rock, it actually polishes it up and makes it even more precious. And so as you know came from Allah said that human beings are like that with the tests of

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life. The tests actually come and they grind a person down and they show what's on the inside of this person. Is it something that you know, this person is just gonna crumble and there was nothing there or is this person going to become a shiny gem? And what's really inside comes out from the inside

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thanks one.

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Soon Neelam, is question Is there a description of how animals pray? Sometimes you see cats outside the Holloman? Some people say they look like they're prostrating.

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What what that comes up is the

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Birds at the bottom and Meccan there's kind of like this urban legend that the birds don't fly over the cabin. And that's not true. I've seen the birds I've seen the birds fly over the cabin and then some people say you know what urban legend as well that the birds don't don't go to the bathroom in the home area and that's not true that's absolutely not true. I've had my friend doing ombre to off bird when right on top of them so it's not true just urban legends. And that doesn't mean anything. Nobody Islam doesn't say you know what, oh, here's a verse or a hadith that says cats pray like this. And if you see them outside the Haram they're actually that's not true. That's just people

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talking. Yeah.

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So Maria says,

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My son Abraham is asking do rocks are the manmade things all surrounding or Allah subhanaw taala.

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So, I think when you say manmade, you're talking about manmade from something that is created from ground. So if somebody has concrete for example, if somebody has, you know, sand, and it's turned into a vessel, do those, those things. Remember a last panel Donna, you know what comes to verse, Allah subhanaw taala says we're Imin che Illa You said they will be hungry and there is nothing except that it does to speak glorifies Allah subhanaw taala and praises Allah while I can let a Kahuna to speak, but yet you do not understand how it does this glorification. And so I don't know exactly what you're talking about Ibrahim, but generally speaking if something is created from the

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earth, and it's remembering Allah subhanaw taala.

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Jim Zadie says is it possible for you to change your timings? No, it's not possible. I don't actually have a timing. I'm just like, You know what, before I go to bed let me make sure I start this thing. It's not possible my friend

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and Nestle kellermeyer come out ahead and yes, that's the ethical signing and phase how're you doing? I'm the law longtime OC, bro. How are we doing well, and family.

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Like I said, I'm from Seattle.

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And this is so my her son Ibrahim is saying just Sokoloff Aaron and smiley. That's nice.

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But Sierra says I've heard that the idea that you explained today is also read for she fat from kidney stones. Is this right to do so?

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So I don't think that in the past there would be like, oh, you know, scholars in the past or old tafsir they know kidney stones. And that this is the verse specifically for that. So to say uh, versus specifically for kidney stones. I don't think that that's accurate just by the fact that people didn't know what Kidney stones are in the past. So it can't be a revelation that read this for kidney stones but the Quran is she felt the Quran is she fat so if somebody's reciting the Quran and they making dua to Allah subhanaw taala to give them healing then inshallah Tada it's alright they don't have to read that one at all the Quran is Shiva

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we'll do three more minutes and then we're done what do you says can you pray pm immediately after I shall yes you can.

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question that might be like do you have to sleep before you pray PM? The answer is no. You can pray pm after Asha.

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Like I said, I'm posh Donna.

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Who else? No more questions

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when I was growing up, back in the day

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one of the coolest kind of machine songs was dellwood warns B song about I'm a rock. Do you guys know that song? I'm a rock.

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You know what? Let's play it for you. This should work I think. I don't know if it'll work. But let's try it.

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I'm a rock by Dell, we drew Hornsby.

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down who wants

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I don't know if it'll work just because

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because I'm I'm using let's see if it works you guys tell me if it works

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guys hear that

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in movie day I sit and watch the sky

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I sleep in sun lane and do not question why

00:25:41--> 00:25:46

I don't want to be a bird because as rocks were never meant by

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that you can see them

00:25:53--> 00:25:54

when you pass by

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and that's it just like a hand everybody for tuning in. We'll see you tomorrow in sha Allah Tala as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Tell your friends about our daily huddle thing, but I don't have a set time for it yet. Okay by the honeycomb