Mufti Menk – Two problems from one… Don’t make it worse

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of manna Cal notifications and how believers feel like they are part of one strong body. They also criticize the way some people use insomnia to express their feelings and the need for guidance on how to approach a situation. The speaker warns against trying to solve problems and suggests speaking to the wise person instead.
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The Prophet Muhammad wa salam says manana Caledonia you know they should do Babu Baba the believers are like a like a building you know the bricks of the building are all together and each one holds the other one up can just saddle Wahid according to one narration is a stick I mean hold on Allah husa Jessa Devi sorry welcome the maroon the believers feel like they are part of one strong body and they are so if any part of the body is in pain the entire body is in pain and suffers with insomnia and so on. We should be feeling for one another but when you feel for one another, what should you do about it number one, call out to Allah number two don't ever do something destructive.

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You don't solve a problem by creating two problems. You don't ever go and try to bring about resolution to a matter by creating three or four matters that are even worse. You have to be wise that's why Allah says what Elijah Amina Amina will have the other will be what I will not do in a rasuna ina only remain home. Now alima hoon learning is

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Allah speaks about the hypocrites and Allah says whenever there is news or information or something classified regarding a peace or war regarding that which is you know, some private information or something to do with the security of the oma. Some people who are hypocrites are quick to announce it they quit to make news out of it. Yet they haven't solved the matter had they returned it had they reflected it with Allah and His Russell's teachings and at the time of the prophet SAW Salem with the prophet SAW Selim himself as well as those with knowledge they would have been able to come up with a better solution or with some form of way of looking at it that would be more enlightened.

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And this is why we say always speak to the wise before you try to do something you think is wise. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a deep understanding

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