Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya #73

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of learning history and practicing it in live classes to improve one's life is emphasized. The speakers stress the need to measure one's net worth and consider the best job to pursue, as well as the importance of dedicating oneself to the service of Islam and not just for money. The speakers also discuss the deification of Islam by some of the past, the use of god's words in religion, and the beauty of the things that come with it. The video of Zachary Ali's YouTube channel is mentioned, along with a video about a person named Jesus and a courier service worker.
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Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Colombia with mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah you and only he will save you send them to Stephen because they're in cathedra Abbadon brothers and sisters, we have completed Alhamdulillah in the italic story of

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Musa alayhis salam. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the TOEFL to,

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to follow on these things so that we don't just listen to the story we then also reflect on it and see what lessons we need to learn from it and then we practice them in our lives. That's the whole purpose of this series of

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classes on the lives of the MBL in Silla.

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The stories are interesting, the stories are historically true because they are narrated by Allah subhanaw taala himself.

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But the purpose is neither to learn history nor to for entertainment, because they are nice stories, but to actually use them as they're meant to be used as

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case studies and role models for us to take our life forward.

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We come today we start today Inshallah, the story of Maria Ali salaam, Salaam and Isa Elisa. So this is the story that's following masala salah.

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Again, a very beautiful story.

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A very important story.

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He's added salami, one of the Rasm Minda Rasul, he is a sign of Allah, he's Ayatollah Ruhollah

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a person of

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coffee now enormous and amazing status with Allah subhanaw taala. The courier is Salam was his uncle was also his caretaker of his mother, Maria Ali salaam, and my name is Sarah Misha, DECA. And

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she and I decided sit down the two people

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that not only are there sinless, but shaitan has never touched them.

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And this is

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literally this is again one of the stories for those who need them of the truthfulness of the source and sell them and the sadaqa and the truthfulness of his being in a V. He said there are only two in the world who shaitan has not touched shaitan touched everybody else except two and they said Who are the two visa Maria? Elisa Lam and her son is Alison

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and they asked the Ursula What about yourself? amateurism Sasha time trust me also but Allah subhanaw taala gave me control over him so he has no power over me.

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And let's write that I mentioned the story of Mary Mary Sarah in sort of medieval sort of Lebanon and so on. And so tile Iran.

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A lot rather mentioned the story of the people of the Family of Imran Allah said in the last stuff either mom or no home while a Rahim Allah Allah Imran Allah I mean, literally atom Babu hummingbird will love me when I leave, unless it Allah has chosen Allah chose other word he said, what he said, the family of primary Salam in the family of Iran

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above the Alameen about the

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mankind and Jinn of their times offspring one of the other and Allah is all here all Noah

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in this interesting that otherwise he said I have a new array Salaam and mentioned by name alone, but every man is Salaam and Iran

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are mentioned with their families. As chosen. Rasul Allah says Allah is the chosen out of all of mankind. And the condition of being the Al to understand this is to be a believer, as mentioned in the son of no ra Salam, who is not considered to be from his Halal bait because he's not a believer. Similarly with Abu Lahab is not considered the albite of rasa Salah because he again is was not a believer

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Allah subhanaw taala again mentioned

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is called at The Mirage de Marana be in in other tilaka mafi botany mojarra. Further photocopiable Mini in the canta simulium For nama Wadada call it rugby in the water to her own set. Well low island will be well that

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Well, Lisa Buckaroo Calhoun, we're in need some way to hire Maria. We're in need or you have bigger, Luria the Hammond shaitan ministereth on the regime. Allah subhanaw taala says, Remember, when the wife of Iran

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said, Oh my rub, I have vowed to you what is in my womb, which is she was pregnant. She said, whatever the child is, I have made and made a vow that this child will be dedicated. To be dedicated for your services that is free from all worldly work, you will be supported and should only do and serve your place of worship.

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So accept this from me, Verily you are the oil here. And all knowing then when she delivered a child Meriam she said, Oh Myra, I have delivered a female child. And Allah no knew better what she delivered. And the land Allah says,

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and the male is not like the female. And I have named her Maria and I seek refuge with You Allah for her and for offspring, from shaitan, the outcast.

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Now, dedicating children to the service of Allah.

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This was something that the people of the past did. It's something that we seem to have forgotten. But it's a very important thing to free up at least one of your children to study the dean and dedicate their life for to serve the dean.

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It's unfortunate that we seem to have that as the lowest

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priority in our lives instead of having it as the highest priority. The Viva Imran vowed to dedicate her child and she expected her son to the service of almost Dr. Mahara is to be free. From all

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worldly pursuits. Her rate is a means freedom.

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This is the definition of freedom servitude of Allah, who is a free person, the one who is the slave of Allah. This person is truly free from the dunya because he doesn't care about Zinnia he's concerned only about Allah subhanaw taala and He's dedicated his life to the service of Allah Sparta.

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If you don't sell a lot, then you will serve another human being. And that is slavery. When the Persian commander

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asked Robbie a banana, or the Elana Why are you here? He said, to free the slaves of Allah from the slavery of slaves to the service of Allah.

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You know, originally were mean i by the deliver li by the Tierra Beloved, He said to take the people out from the slavery and the worship of the slaves

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can take them to the worship of the creator of the slaves.

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Now, this is the freedom that Islam promises. So we need to ask ourselves, who am I enslaved to and free yourself because nobody else can free you. The only person who can free you is yourself. So free yourself. And the way to free yourself is to dedicate yourself to the service of Allah subhanho wa Taala it does not believe your business DVWA it just means that do it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala which obviously means clean it up. If there is something in it, which is haram, you can't be doing something haram for the sake of Allah. So clean that up. This cleans up your life, it makes you more productive, makes you more more capable. And Allah subhanaw taala very pleased with

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you. And what work anybody asked

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let's think about is what is our standard today of the best job.

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Unfortunately, we have reached a stage a friend of mine just wrote a very nice article about CSR corporate social responsibility. And he said that it's like, we should move away from a straw model which is really

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slavery in another form.

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And I said that as long as we have a system in the society of measuring somebody his net worth,

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in terms of US dollars or some other currency,

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we will never have a society which VAT values

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the Truly Valuable Things.

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So say somebody is net worth and we met we look at it as only in terms of money,

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instead of knowledge instead of compassion, character ethics values bottles, instead of this, we are looking only in terms of money, we will have the kind of society that we have. So we need to ask ourselves today

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What do you consider to be the best job?

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Which is the best job? Whereas when we look at jobs today, we think in terms of Belgium is the one which makes the most money.

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Right? Is that is that the best job?

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Or should the job be measured in terms of how much good is my job doing to the rest of society?

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In what way does my job benefit society?

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If you think about this, and say, I will only do work which is beneficial to everybody, believe me, you will be eliminating a lot of stress and a lot of problems from your life.

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And you will get a huge amount of satisfaction because you are doing something which is beneficial to somebody else.

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Happiness is not to be found in material possessions, happiness is found in the smiles or other people's faces.

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So how many of us are willing willing to dedicate our careers to the service of Allah?

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As this question

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and don't put a condition there to say I will do the service of Allah as long as I'm getting my current salary, no.

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current salary, nothing to do with it. Service Allah is for the sake of Allah, Samantha.

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What's, what is our concept of good sustenance, these are all very important

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and very down to earth questions because if I say I want to serve Allah

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and then I am linking that to some amount of money,

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the specific amount of money you say okay, my market worth today is $300,000 a year. And unless I get three or $1,000 a year I will not do the work of being the Allah Svarta has no need for you.

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On the other hand, if you say that I am willing to do the work of the

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and what I want from it is enough for me to live without

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being a burden on anybody else.

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should live comfortably but comfortable does not I'm not saying I was have a Rolls Royce and I was eat caviar and you know, I'm saying that I should have

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a decent house, decent food, whatever my necessities should be taken care of, I should not be dependent on anybody. And that's enough for me, then you will find that you will live a life which is very contented and and you will live a life which is really free from all kinds of stress. But that decision you have to take, what is the level of sustenance that you

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Mudumalai Sara, in this case, it says she is one of those who Allah called the chosen a sofa. And so she is of those we should follow. It's important to reflect on what we consider important today in terms of our lives and careers, and how much attention we pay to the religious needs of our children. Not just children. Let's look at ourselves and say how much time am I spending an attention to I pay to my own religious needs?

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We are talking here about the wife of MRR that is the mother of mariebilly salah, but he said his grandmother

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a see her connection to Allah subhanaw taala she was disappointed and she said to Allah that she had delivered a female child who cannot serve in Missouri the Luxa as she were had been determined to dedicate the child to Allah Subhana Allah Allah. Allah knows what she delivered. And the woman is not like the man meaning that who she delivered is not like or equal to any boy that she would have delivered with minimally Salam is the best of the women ever created.

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Hyrule Nyssa al al Amin on our

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Rosa Rosa Rosa observed that every child that is born is stabbed by shatta and that's why a child cries when it is born. But he said Maria and her son were not touched by shaitan because Allah protected them and this is a very you know important thing as I said to remember that we in Islam we honor Mudumalai Salah and easily Salah

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over everybody else because these are these are the the great

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people of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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who lost Rotella chose not

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to care of anybody Salah and and guy and guided her and brought her up and she was always on the right guidance all her life and

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Ratan Tata called her CD aka the most truthful right she was completely guided there was no time when she did anything wrong or that she she did was misguided in any way whatsoever

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Allah subhanaw taala said mercy having a Maria are also colored when copy here Rusu for OMA Jose de cana yuck hula Anita Iman zarchiver Nova EULA, moolah, teaspoon Mundo and you for Khun Allah said insulted by that the merci ha that is easily salaam son of Maria. La Salam was no more than a messenger. He was a messenger. And this is in in response to the Christians calling Sally CERAM Son of God. Today they have deified us it is God Himself. And so they call Medina Salah Mother of God, all very confusing. And then Allah says many were the messengers that passed away before him. His mother Maria was a Siddiqa. They both used to eat food as any human being. While Allah does not eat,

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look how we make the ads. The proof and evidence clear to them yet look how they are deluded away from the truth. And this is talking about the flesh of Makkah and the other disbelievers who who insist on their disbelief despite clear proofs being provided to them. Well, Mario Vannatta Urara Lottie I have son arsenate Fauja for enough of an IV Maru henna. What's up docket be Kalamata of Bihar Akuto V. Wakanda. To middle carnitine, Allah said and Maria in insulin, Kareem and Maria, the daughter of Iran, who guarded her chastity, and we breathe it into

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the sleeve of our governor of her government, through our roof degrade Islam. And she testified to the truth of the words of a rub, who believed in the words Allah. And he said, he said, Allah said, Koon, for your core, and so it was Isa, the son of Maria

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and also believed in His scriptures and she was on the carnitine people were obedient to Allah subhanho wa taala. See the status of these people whose obedience Allah subhanaw taala himself is

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bearing witness to

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medieval Islam was from such an old family the art of Tao La Silla, that the caretakers are mostly the Luxor the cast Lars to see who would have the honor of being Kafeel or Gaiden, or guardian. The Alchemy number in a way we know he he Lake, warm icon de la de him is your Kona, aka lava home. Are you home yet follow Maria lahmacun dalla de him is the after Simone Allah said this is a part of the news of the wave,

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which is people of the past nations, which Be inspired you which we tell you

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with Ohama, Salah is alive, you are not with them, when they cast lots with their pens, as to which of them should be charged with the care of medieval Islam, nor were you with them when they disputed. So is that really Sarah was the one who was then given custody of Maria Maria Salaam and he became her guardian. She used to be in her Merab in her room, her place of worship,

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engage in worship, and you can see what what a

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amazing child she must have been. Because she was continuously dedicated to worshiping Allah subhanaw taala throughout her childhood, I mean, she was never, you know, playing with it with a kid somewhere on the street or something.

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Not doing the things that little girls do. She was engaged in the worship of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah subhanaw taala kept her occupied like that she this is what she enjoyed to do enjoy doing, and that's what she did.

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So Zachariah is alive, she used to be engaged in her Merab in worship, and Zakaria Lisara used to visit her there periodically to check on her well being so he would, you know, you'd keep the door locked, because he didn't want anyone to disturb her or to you no harm her in any way. And when he used to visit her, he would see that she had with her fresh out of season fruits and other eatables so he asked her where she got them from and she said these are from Allah. He gets to wherever he wishes without limit

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for further Chapala Rob Bahama capulin Hassanein Amba Nevada Hassan vaca Farah has a career

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Hola Hola Ali, Zachary Alba Harada wotja in the Risca Carla Maria Nila Anna lackey hada Allah to Armenia in the lab

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in the La Jolla Zuko Vanya will be lady his up. So her Rob JELA DeLallo accepted with goodly acceptance, and he made her grow and develop in a good manner and put her under the care of Zachary Ali Salaam. Now every time he entered the merabh, to visit her, he found her supplied with food with fruits and so on. And he said, Oh Maryam from where did you get this? And she said, this is from Allah. Verily, Allah provide sustenance to whom he wills without limit. Now imagine this is this whole seed, obviously there was, you know, Allah Allah. In which way maybe there was an angel which was coming and bringing him bringing her the food, or whichever way Allah subhanaw taala chose for

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her, but here was a little girl for her. For her this was normal. It was nothing remarkable. It's not that she went running out and said to her uncle, the video see what happened to me know, for her the food came, she ate and she was happy.

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And Allah was feeding her directly with with food and fruit from Jana, which used to eat and she was happy with that she used for her it was a novel, you know, everyday affair, the short shows her status and on a level with Allah subhanaw taala. And when he said Islam and women, the video instead of asked her about it, she said this is from Allah, and Allah gives to whoever he wants as much as he wants. Now this from Allah, this is Allah Allah. So we work to establish the deen of Allah on the earth. Now Allah subhanaw taala provides us resources that we cannot imagine. The Muslim has only one goal to please Allah subhanho wa Taala then Allah subhanaw taala will show us the meaning of his

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name's al Karim or Ozark or Rahim, if on the other hand, we want to please others while displeasing Allah, then he will humiliate the person and in the at the person in the world and he will make and he will DBS us

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before others but still only what he has written will happen. Right? There's a beautiful Hadith where Allah subhanho data

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sets to it's good to Allah subhanaw taala says that I want and you want and I only want to read I want and you want that as water it says if you are content with what I want for you,

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then I will make sure I will remove poverty from you.

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Right and I will give you what you are what you want also, but if you

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insist on what you want and you do not like what I want then I will make the dunya masala on you I will put the make the dunya you know chase you and you chase the dunya and Allah said and you will be you will chase what you want like a wild animal running through the forest and it will exhaust you and they will tire you out in that and at the end of that you will still get only what I want.

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This is the whole of Allah subhanaw taala so let us read let us you know Ravel and beat and rejoice at this beautiful Hoggarth Allah subhanaw taala where Allah Swatara does everything the way he wants. And this is so beautiful for us. You don't have to worry about it. Just worry about one thing, which is to please Allah subhanaw taala so make your DUA work on your connection with Allah Subhana Allah and then ask him as well. So make the effort. But they're asking us

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when I got that Hoonah Lika de Aza Korea bow now Zakaria, Islam saw what was happening to Morales and here's this child, two very special unless anything of food directly from Jana, and this is also you know, of course he is he is himself on me. But you know we all need a boost of faith and that get then he gets that so he says when I look at the as a carry arabo Bokhara be heavily Milan Khazaria tanto E button in the casamino da when that whole Bala eco to our chi and when you send the filmora be an Allah you by Xu Luca via hiya Musa DICOM be curly Murthy min Allah was a you don't want hassle. Wanna be a min asylee head color and be an Nyah Kulu Leola moonwalk and Melania lokibot

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over at the Arcad Carla cada Alec Carla karate de la Whoa, because Alec Allah Whoa, yes, I do. My God I won't be Ali I all I had to go

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to quinlivan NASA selasa Yeah, I mean, he

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was the quarterback

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cathedra was a bit was a big bill or she you will Ibuka

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in the long run as a courier services at that time, Zachary alley salary invoked is he now when he saw this, he said I want to

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make dua and he said he invoked his or we made do it through Myra, grant me from you a righteous offsprings. Salam had no children, and he wanted to have a child to take to carry forward his work of Dawa to aged Allah great, grant me from you, a righteous child, you are indeed the odd Hearer of

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So Allah Samantha, heard is dA and accepted his door. Then the angels called him while he was standing in prayer in Almohad, in his in his in his own place of worship. And so Allah gives you glad tidings of Yahia,

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confirming, Billy confirming, and believing in the word of Allah, which is the creation of ystalyfera normal keeping away from sexual relations with women, a prophet and among the righteous.

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to Now the carrier is set up see this is the beauty of the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala shows the interesting that this basic fundamental nature of the of the human being, were here is a he's an IV himself in the House bill, it's not as if he's even shaking or something. But despite being an OB, he's making a DUA and Allah accepts the dwad the angel is coming and giving Glad Tidings instantly, immediately the humanity takes over. And it goes back to our known conditions. Right here you're talking to Allah subhanho wa taala. You talking? Allah subhanaw taala is the one who is promising you that you will have a child, why do you care about how's the child go now, but this is human

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nature. So it's like a laser I'm immediate thing is it comes back into the material world and our own constraints and so on and so forth. So he says, go viral, how can I have a son when I am so old, I'm very old and my wife is better. She is beyond the age of childbirth, and she's better Allah says cada Alec

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Yep, Allah, Masha, Allah will does what he was, that is how it will be. Allah will do what he was. And that is the, the the card and the address of magnificence of Allah subhanaw taala is eligible. And then he said like as a courier, les salami, zero, Myra, make a sign for me. This is the heart of the human being, he says is say hello, please give me a sign. Let me be sure absolutely. Palmyra make a sign for me. Allah says your sign is that you shall not speak to mankind for three days, except with hand signals. And remember, you're much make a lot of the kind of Allah subhanaw taala and glorify Him in the afternoon and in the morning. Now the lesson is building your connection with

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Allah subhanaw taala Izakaya Salam was a man was much devoted to prayer constantly in a state of Nevada. It's a sign of the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. When you start to enjoy your body, this is the difference between praying to simply fulfill the duty and praying because you will have to be in a nice presence. The also the ayat also indicates the best times for the which is after the story of Fajr after this allow further and as a

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multiple Rebecca Kathira was a big bill she will Ibaka and make a lot of the core of ALLAH SubhanA data and glorify Him in the afternoon and morning so further after Pfizer, Salah Reza Salah is are the best forms of Zika the best times to make the vicar of

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Allah subhanho data. Inshallah next lesson we'll look at Furthermore, the story of Zakaria CERAM is also in sort of Maria and there Allah Swatara described in in detail the method of making diary This is the whole beauty of the thing, how should you make dua this Allah subhanaw taala has described in

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sort of Maria so Inshallah, we will also look at that may Allah subhanaw taala

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give us the trophy, to be able to

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to learn from the

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stories of

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his belly masala and

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and benefit from that insha Allah

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ask Allah subhanaw taala to make

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it possible for us to

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to learn the lesson and practice them

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in our lives.

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so that we

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that Allah so Allah subhanaw taala would be pleased with us, or Salah harana up my alley yo savage may be Rama Tikka Rama Rahimi Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salam ala kumara to labor

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