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The speakers discuss the importance of remembering hadiths and avoiding evil in order to achieve success in life. They emphasize the need to avoid confusion and avoid false expectations, and encourage people to pray for the upcoming return of the beast. The conversation also touches on language and its impact on one's speech, as well as the history of the European Church and the "army of Islam" movement. The speakers emphasize the importance of not being the same as the previous year and taking time to adjust to the new year.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al Hamdulillah Hamden cathedral McPike Gibbon Mubarak and fie. What a shadow Allah Allah illallah wa the who last Sharika will who will lead you will mean when the pin was shadow and Mohammed Abdullah who was Rasulo sallallahu alayhi wa, ala he was sending them to Sleeman Kathira, madame, come to a hadith that was collected by Imam Muslim today and the authority of Abdullah ibn Massoud. May Allah be pleased with him. And this is a Hadith I'm encouraging you

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guys to memorize this hadith to keep it in your head. Let it be one of those Hadith that you'll always remember like, you know, that type of, you know, a dino know see how there are certain Hadith that are always in your head. There are other short Hadith that you may forget here or there. This is one of those Hadith you have to inshallah to the best of your ability. Remembering.

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The Prophet says some of the Allahu Allah he was sending them Halakhah al materna their own. And he said it three times to show emphasis Halakha al Muthanna the

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the extremists will be destroyed. Those people will go overboard those people who dig too deep those people were extravagant those people exceed the limits again halacha al mattina their own halacha and maternity our own high level maternal their own. I'm going to say it and you're going to say it with one voice in one body inshallah. highlight color, little maternity own.

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Let's try again. Helical maternity your own.

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One more, one more. One more try. And let's make this the best one, highlight color maternity own.

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Again, a tunnel is the one who he makes it.

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He goes too deep, unnecessarily. No one asked him to do that. A lot didn't make it incumbent upon him. It's not for the religion. But he does it anyway goes too deep.

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Or it is the individual who exceeds the limits. And he goes beyond the borders and the bounds. He's doing too much. He's going beyond the call of duty. What he's doing has nothing to do with what he's been commanded to do.

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A Tanaka is that individual who he has mubadala Majah was little had. He exaggerates there is the boundary that is reasonable is acceptable. Everyone knows the boundaries. He's always exceeding the boundaries. Everybody is doing the thing in a particular way, because that's the way it is supposed to be done. He does it in a way that causes everybody. The religious, the irreligious, the educated, the non educated, everybody looks at him, scratches their head and says What is he doing? Why is she

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doing it like that? One more time. Harlequin mattina their own.

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The one who the prophet is referring to here somebody was selling them has to beware. Because he mentioned it three times for emphasis. He just could have said if you weren't extremists, you're gonna be destroyed. But he said it three times Salallahu it was setting them well, who will levy you can live with Che and lemmya little Hula, hula b He does something a lot did not tell him to do it like that or to do it at all.

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Like in the case of the Christians, and the case of the Jews, when they used to try to be aesthetic and instead have to have zoom and they want it to be really on the deme and they won't get married. They won't eat certain foods and they go overboard trying to be religious, wearing clothes at a dirty and ripped not looking nice not representing themselves. They have a job interview. And he goes and he gets a job interview wearing flip flops, flip flops.

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To him his thing is no you have to get with the program. I am not into the dunya so if I wear flip flops and I go to get the job interview he expects the people to understand where he's coming from. And the people may be non Muslims but he doesn't care that smooth and Nutter and will lie he Billahi to Allah He

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This thing has many manifestations of it. And I'll give you some at the end of the class, the one who when he speaks, he's always saying Walla Walla, Walla, Walla, he will line Yes, he did Allah He knew I didn't want Allah he and he can't stop saying we're lucky. This is a tenet turn. You don't have to keep saying Allah He for everything. It has so many manifestations and normal people that you will be shocked. You will be shocked. And that's why we have to remember this hadith. If you

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want to do it in Arabic with people tell him in Arabic. But I want you to remember this hadith to memorize this hadith. Hala Chol maternity room.

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Allah said about the Christians and the Jews Bania tip to the roo ha ma Kitab na i Li him. They are doing a form of asceticism, avoiding the dunya not eating, not getting married, not sleeping, praying all day fasting all the time. That's Bania he said this is a form of asceticism that Allah did not write that on them. They introduced it and they invented it in the religion not getting married. What do you mean you're not getting married? lacks the question. I'm low whom should I shut

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Oh, whom in a Dini my limb yet then Beenleigh the people who judge by other than what Allah revealed, the people who allow human beings other people to legislate. Allah said that they make for themselves Shoraka partners to Allah who have allowed them to legislate in the religion that which Allah has given no permission. So when we allow other people to make Halawa, haram food,

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drink clothes, you've gone beyond the limits. That's only Allah's domain. It's not your domain. It's not my domain, making things haram and people. Pepsi is haram. Mountain Dew is haram.

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sherbert ice cream is haram. Everything is haram. And we have a lot of people want that stuff. Is that things Allah did not tell you to do it. He didn't make it incumbent upon you. Now pay attention to this Halakhah means to be destroyed. It means to be destroyed.

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The Prophet says Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam about his sunnah, like his ego and his inner Halleck he said, I've been given the Quran and Sunnah. My religion the Sunnah is day is night. It's like it's night. No one avoids it and abandons in and stays away from it except he will be Halleck you will be destroyed. Halakhah is from that? He says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the one who says had a connivance, then he's the one who destroyed them. He looks at the people who say that people are no

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good. Everybody's going to hell. And he looks at everything. The glass is half empty, a dark vision. Everything about his child, you're no good. You're not right. You can't do it. Right? He tells the child the mother about the father. He's no good. He's this maybe he did do some harm to you. But that's all you do. Halakha means that so in this hadith, Halacha, Illuminati own. A means Halakhah means that they will be destroyed, that they will die, that they would disappear, that they would

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dissipate that they won't exist anymore. And that's the meaning of alaka that it won't remain forever. The one who goes overboard, you're not going to remain you can't do that forever. It's like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described the AMA and the people of the truth. He said there will always be a group of people from my ummah, who will carry this knowledge in this deen the knowledge in this Deen. Yeah, me will have the learning Cooley hellephant or Dulo they will always

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exist a group of people who will be responsible for this religion. The first characteristic that he mentioned connected to this Holika he says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam getting phone that I know who died even Colleen, the responsibility of those scholars and those people is that they will prevent the misinterpretation of the people who have glue. People go overboard, that people the truth will be there to make sure that doesn't exist.

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They make sure it's gonna die. That Hulu, that extremism, they're not gonna let it remain so that the people can take it as the dean. So Holika means destruction, death

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to disappear, it's going to evaporate, it will not remain. And that's because of the evil that it brings about when you go overboard. The Evil of the one who's doing it, he's gonna destroy himself, or the evil that he brings to other people as a result of being extreme.

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The father is so rough and so tough in his tarbiyah to his children. As the child grows up, the boy, all he can equate with his father is violence and extremism. He's afraid of his father. He didn't give him Tobia with a boy as a living. Yeah, you have to be tough with your kids sometimes, but not like some people, some mothers and some fathers.

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He will destroy the spirit of the kid. So the prophets Allah, Allah what He was sending them, he said this now in the scholars, they say, this can be one of two things Hala can maternity own, it can be a dua that Allah is making dua that those who go overboard are destroyed is as if he's making a dua on them. The other opinion is that Allah's Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is just informing us that the extremists will be destroyed. So it could be a DUA, and it could be he's just

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given us cupboard and everybody's letting us know. Some scholars said this, some scholars say that, I say, hey, let's take both of them. It can mean this and it can mean that it doesn't have to mean only this or that. How do we know that? It is covered? It is dua How do we know? The Prophet mentioned sallallahu alayhi wa Ana it was setting them in an authentic hadith in which he made a dua Allahumma min Walia min Emery Marathi che and for Shaka Allah who first spoke Ali. Oh Allah, anyone

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who gets in a position of authority or responsibility over my own mind and he makes things difficult for them. You make things difficult for him at Jezza Min Jin Suleiman as you do it to be done unto you do good. Good to come back. Do bad, bad or come back. I don't call it karma. I call it the Sunnah of Allah subhanho wa Taala so he made a dua if you're the man and you pray Salat the Orisha and you make it long Harlequin eternity no man. The Imam is responsible for knowing we have children

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we have people with Thai we have people who are sick we have people somewhere to go it's late and he's gonna pray about that Isha. And that's why the famous Hadith The Prophet said to me either Binu Jebel SallAllahu it was sending them were robbed the Allah I'm live and feed kimono feeling. when ye pray long as Soto to the shot, selected Isha. The Prophet says some of you are running the people away from the deen.

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He wants to come and pray and share but he's not coming because the Imam takes too long. He takes too long. He's responsible.

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He can be the Khalifa. He can be the Imam. He can be the judge. If he's responsible for something of this own man, he makes things difficult. He collects the Zakat from the community. Someone comes to get the cat and he's a cat. He says go get this paper go get that paper go get this paper go get that paper this that that by the time he gets all those paper the money is gone. Why are you making it that difficult? You're responsible for the money make it easy. So that's the Diwan. So those

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scholars say Harlequin maternity owned is the result of making a dua sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Other scholars say no, it's Hubbard. He's telling us that they have and will be destroyed. That the little of that is the statement of the prophets of Allah who it was sending them. He said eoco will Hulu hello for a nama Lachenmann Khanna cabello Coleman, Hulu 15. Beware of going overboard and being extreme in your religion. He's telling us for virtually the people went before you were

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destroyed because they went overboard in the dean. So he's given us Hubbard, about what happened to the people before and little keytab they said he says the son of Allah, they said Roseanne is the son of Allah. They said that Allah had a son. They said Allah is poor. They said all of this stuff she is going to marry the church is going to fast all the time.

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So whether it is this or that we say look, there is a dua not to be shaded. Don't be studied, and there isn't for me

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Asian telling us you can and will be destroyed. If Allah chooses. If you are a person who is rough or you are tough, hella can immortality own.

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The Prophet, Manchus, Allah Allah who it was sent him about this Deen in that have the Dean Mateen Wenger shadow the Dean had done.

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This revision of Islam is Mateen there's a lot to do from Salado, Fajr to Salatin a shot there's a lot to do in terms of re Baghdad sadaqa, Salah and msgid visiting the poor, making a vicar memorizing the Quran going visiting your relatives making Toba there's a lot to do. If you try to do everything. You will be overwhelmed and you won't exist. You won't exist. Every time we go to Imran and we have some of the brothers have come back from ombre. We welcome you back.

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When you go for Umrah or Hajj, you leave this place a day or two you don't get any rest because you're trying to get your affairs together. When you start traveling, you're tired. When you arrive in Mecca, you're tired but when you arrive, you have this false adrenaline yet let's go I gotta get to that car right now got no brother, pump your brakes and slow down. Don't go to the Kaaba like that. And if you were met Medina, don't go rushing to the masjid like that. Go and get some sleep

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and get some rest. Because if you don't rest, you're gonna find after a day or two inshallah you're going to sleep and waste two or three days. Or you may not sleep.

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You may not sleep, you keep going to the Haram you keep going. But when the Imam is praying, you're not there. You're just too tired. You just don't feel that religious thing. And that's why many people complain and say, I went to the cabin. I just didn't feel it. I just didn't feel it. That's because your body is taking rights over you. The deen is Mateen. And I want to say to you young brothers, and you reverse.

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You come into the religion or you make Toba after doing things that will haram you get yourself together. Take it easy, Son, take it easy, cuz Take it easy, man. Don't be around your people and everything. Haram No, haram Don't be like that.

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Today we pray Salah Aisha. Today we pray Psalm. A Chat. The Imam says hey, look Dooby balling someone said

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mean screaming like that. That's what I did in the salon.

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What? What are you doing?

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Yeah, I'm talking to you. This is overboard. Because no one does that.

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And what about the one who does that when he goes to the masjid of the knife? Our brothers in this religion? Who believe you shouldn't say I mean, what do you think they are going to do? They're going to say this person, something's wrong with you. They're not gonna just say, Wow, that's inappropriate. He's gonna say something is wrong with you.

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And then they look at the dude that the dollar that you're claiming as Senate fear, they're gonna say these people are crazy.

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Because no one wants to scream out like that. The man gives the hotbar and is at the top of his voice.

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Is that always gives a lecture screaming? No. Read the room and see who's in the room and speak according to what the room needs. So take it easy and don't go overboard. Don't go overboard. The Prophet told us Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam nama Bucha eighth tomb Maria 16 You people have been sent to the people come to them hydro metal or collegiate Lynas, you're the best OMA for everyone. Because you believe in Allah, you make an Amana motto for named monka we've come to the people as

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Duat, all of us, he said you have been sent to make things easy for the people who you deal with Muslims and non Muslims, your relatives Everyone, take it easy, that she will will attend a funeral, give glad tidings and don't run the people away by being too rough and too tough. I want to share it with you because we talked about the shutdown many times we talked about roughness many times. So I think you guys have heard many of the ayah in the Hadith. What I want to do right now is just give

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you some of the many examples of the manifestation of the Shugden attenuator

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and just see how prevalent it is amongst us. Because with every example that I give, there are going to be a few of you, inshallah will say, Yeah, that's me, or that's full. And all I know about that

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from going overboard, and having a connector and the religion, are the people who are fanatical, fanatical, they go overboard, and they're fanatical, and

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the positions of their med hat. The question to the person is, is it permissible for me to do this or to do that? And the person answers a regular person from the out one by saying, well, some of the scholars said this, that, that, that that and some of them said, it's this, this that that that that and some of them said distance that that that and some of them said this, that that man, I'm not trying to hear all of that. I'm just a regular person. I'm not trying to hear all of that at the

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live. I want to know what do you think? Now sometimes it is appropriate to tow a person in this issue is if the knife if I touched my private pot, a comma Kamala, does it break my will do some of the scholars say yes, because of this? And some of them saying no, because of that. That's something you can share with people so that they can appreciate which side they want to take, and so that they'll learn. Don't be crazy and upset when someone takes the other position in this, but for every

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question, are shrimps halau Can I eat lobsters? Some of the scholars said this, this that that that some men, we're not trying to hear that as a dime. We're not trying to hear that just make it simple for us. Another example of a tonnato is the way some people speak, the way they express themselves. Listen to the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu. It was said that he said in Allah, you believe the Raju will levy yet the halal will be the Sani he commanded that the halal Bacara Allah hates the man

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whose extravagant loquacious he's extravagant in his speech, he talks in the way the cow moves his tongue, meaning he tries to be extraordinarily articulate. He speaks in a way where he may use these big words, as you sit there and you listen to them say, What are you talking about?

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You don't have to talk to us like that. Just keep it simple, so we can understand. And I want to say this to some of you who are students. And some of the people give Dawa, who are listening to me.

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Allah has blessed us to know the importance of the Arabic language. But my Arabic may not be that good. And I find myself talking people to people. And then I say things in Arabic. And the goal in the objective is just to make people feel like I know what I'm talking about. And my Arabic is not that good. Anyone who knows Arabic, and I hear you talk Arabic Say Yeah, late to Secretary, it was better for him to be quiet.

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So some people will do that. There's a chef, I will say, hey, how many of you people know I will say, hey, apples, waves Arabic is real good that says Lee Sang, may Allah preserve and protect him, you will look at his lectures, he'll give a whole lecture with barely speaking Arabic because he wants to people to understand. He can use Arabic phrases and words and this and that. If you want to use it in a hadith, no problem, but even him, he'll take a lot of the a hadith and just say it in

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English, because he's not trying to show off. Inshallah, that's not what he's trying to do. But here's the person given Arabic and he's an English speaker, and his Arabic is atrocious. But he still tries our ticket that is going too deep, a lot and make that your responsibility. The Prophet said that Allah hates the one who talks like that gets up on the member, and he speaks in Arabic, and he's an Arabic speaker, and he's trying to make every sentence rhyme. Every sentence is rhyming.

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He makes it to cuddle have

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another example. And there are many. As we mentioned earlier, the one who makes full haram on people. You can't eat that you can't eat that you can't drink that this and that this and that.

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And then even worse than that are just as bad. When he goes to your house, he says, Is this halau? Is that Hara halau Where do you buy your meat from? Is that meat halal? Is it the BIA does not? You are supposed to come and eat and don't ask that question. Even if you have some reason to doubt, like if you don't have any reason to doubt and you meet your Muslim Brother, you go to his house he wants to feed

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issue, it is not permissible or correct for you to x that man. Is this Hello? Where did you get the money to buy this? What's your job?

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That's not your business.

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And even if it's not halal, he could be from the opinion of those people believe you can eat that meat and even if it's not halal, you're not going to drop daddy Shala

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Another example are the people who believe in the tip and number we all believe in the tip and number we'd like to have butter so that he uses habits are so that so when you come to his house, he overwhelms you with habits so that I don't like habits are so dark and my curry man. I don't want that in my curry. I don't want him but to soda and my tea mixed with my honey. I don't want that. Yeah, but it's a cure for everything. But I don't want that. I want to eat because of that and my

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moderation that I like not your moderation because your moderation is extreme.

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And then he says you don't like to sunnah.

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No man, I love the sun. I just don't like a lot of habits a soda like that.

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A connector. Everything is to gin. Everything is there and everything is a sin.

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Is there anyone here who doesn't believe in the aim? Put your hand up.

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Anyone here who doesn't believe in ser to put your hand up? Anyone he had doesn't believe in the gin put your hand up from Salado Fajr. Until right now, we existed all day. And not a single person. Most of us didn't think ain gin. Second. There is a person who every minute of his waking day is he said, Jen every minute. And he may have 18 and he may have seven. So that's why he's like that, but I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the one that is his existence. I am I got the name.

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Dang, he gave me the name. That's the look of the name. It's magic. Everything is like that. The bottle has gin in it. Don't drink it. You sat in a chair. You sat on the gins babies

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I'm telling you I know situations like that. You kick the can you guys call it the 10 in America you know Jolly Green Giant. Those kinds of cans tomato can you know the can the 10 What you guys? It's MPs walking in the street. He kicks it. Someone say brother the gents babies could be in it. They could come and get you, man. Come on, man. Come on. Maybe in the car. When I turned that corner. I ran over the jins baby that Jin Shin to put his babies there. How can I live like that?

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That is it.

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Hey, man, come on.

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That is a tonnato Wallah. He is when he stopped going overboard. Stop going overboard in these issues. Similar to that

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is the people who make tech fear of the Hohokam

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from salatu Fajr. Until right now, there are those from amongst us. We never thought about the Hohokam, the leaders of the Muslims being Kfar, because it doesn't concern us like that. We've existed from Fudger to now. And not once that most of us think about this ruler, that rule of that ruler. We have some Chabad that amongst us from us. Everything is the kuffar the Hohokam, they judge by oven when Allah called the brother Allah, My khalifa, kabhi Haida, Allah didn't make that your

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responsibility to make tech for you.

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It doesn't affect us. It doesn't affect us. And I can't even joke because it's not funny. I can't even say what the truth is. And that is our leader is King Charles.

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Our leaders King Charles, we're living in the kingdom. And King Charles is over the people in this country. And I'll mean that as a joke, because some of these brothers will say you see how I will sama is accepting,

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judging by other than what Allah revealed, we're living in the UK talking about the leaders of the Muslims are Kufa and every opportunity they get and that's what Come on, brother. Take it easy. What's wrong with you? What is wrong with you?

00:29:41--> 00:29:59

And in our own personal lives right now, I'm sitting I'm watching a lot of people Mashallah. And you're our own personal lives. We got struggles and issues. Everybody here has struggles and issues all of us but when I get with the ship

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Apple would like me to follow you they prefer and then they write things like and say things like, you know when you live in this country, they give so much percent of your salary to the army to fight Muslims you also Kufa

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the rulers of the Muslims are reflective of us. And if you are person existing thinking, the rulers are bad and we're good, something's wrong with you. Something is wrong with you as you are, that's how the people will be over you as a punishment. That's how this the Sunnah of Allah, as this community is. That's how our rulers are going to be show me who every day is making Witr Prayer, winter prayer, who every day doesn't miss any prayer.

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And that's how we Chabad.

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His wife has trouble praying, His wife has trouble wearing hijab. It's

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another manifestation of it. And it is terrible because it destroyed our Dow, especially in America and African Americans said a few people. We were growing and developing until this thing about he's an innovator. He's an innovator he's in it came and tore us apart.

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And we lost a community that was vibrant.

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And you guys are too young to appreciate what we had

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put aside the fact that I'm just talking to you as my younger brothers. Put aside the fact that the brothers have oppressed many people or press many people on that stuff. Put that aside. They destroyed our community with this stuff.

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At tbid Everybody's innovator everybody who doesn't agree with you as an innovator

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because you don't agree with me and I don't agree with you. You're trying to be a person who's on set at fear Yes, what you're trying wala he I swear by Allah, I'm a man in sha Allah. Tech fairly come and tell me know your calf and I say well, loggie I'm a movement in sha Allah. Allah he um said if you it's not what you think it's what I think and what Allah judges me with based upon what I think and when I do not you. Some of these people believe that they have that ability to put you in

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or out of the game. One of the great scholars of Islam and Imam Allah Allah ke he has a book called chakra, or solidarity card one of the main books about the rip out of the Senate. He brought him that ration. You guys try to go back finest narration write it down, keep it with yourself. Two men were from the karate edge. They were from the coop edge. They make took fear of the Muslims looking around judging everybody putting everybody down. They were in Mecca.

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At a time when there were a lot of people in Mecca going around the Kaaba sitting around the Kaaba, like these days. Last time I went to Mecca I got sick because it was a big flu. There was so many people, so many people.

00:33:23--> 00:33:48

When we were in Medina, and you go for Fajr, you pray you to rock and you're sitting there waiting for the comma, and it's quiet. All you do is hear people coughing, and we all came back with this flu. I still had that thing lingering. And it was a severe chest infection. But it was so many people there at the time of Ramadan at the time of Hajj. But two of these people were going around the Kaaba

00:33:49--> 00:33:58

from the coladas. One of them said to the other, you see all these people see all these people, all of them, they're not going to gender none of

00:34:00--> 00:34:15

the all kuffaar Just you and me are going to gender because we're on the hop. We're on the Sunnah when the other one heard that and he's on his fitrah he said, the agenda the agenda that Allah created

00:34:17--> 00:34:38

with Sadie oh and Amok Farah to membre become what Jana turned out to do sama YT with arrow with a dead little moto kin. All of you being erase all of you being erased to go to the Jana and that Jana is with is like the heavens and the earth has been prepared for people of Taqwa. It is wide and massive.

00:34:39--> 00:35:00

He said that Jana was only built for you and me. He said, Yes, no one else. He said going you can go by yourself. You go by yourself, and he left that way of the college. Because how can you think like that? The vast, vast majority of people we meet in Birmingham

00:35:00--> 00:35:12

I'm in the street from the Muslims. They're not Sanofi. They're not on a sunnah. So when we see them, do we hate them Muslims? Because he's not Salafi. What's wrong with you?

00:35:14--> 00:35:34

And then you would have your own messaging the messaging of our brothers not too far away from right St. You have your Masjid. Over the years all of the chef's who stepped foot in that masjid, all of them who came? All of them are now not on the Sunnah. You can see there's something wrong with that.

00:35:35--> 00:36:07

Can you not see, all of everybody whoever taught you and came to your message is now excommunicated from the Sunnah. And the person says, non Wallahi because the hearts of the people between the two fingers, man, Allah has brothers, something is wrong with you. Don't hate the Muslims like that. Love for the Muslim is one thing, one thing to love the Sunnah and to hate innovation, to love the right way and the message of the set of whether it is another thing that carry into harbor in your

00:36:07--> 00:36:09

heart hatred for the Muslims.

00:36:10--> 00:36:28

From those manifestations, and 20 is for a person to go overboard in his love. He goes overboard and the love for the chef. The chef has the delille whatever he says the Sheikh said, or to love your wife, and you're going overboard brother.

00:36:30--> 00:36:35

Your wife is not the best person in her behavior. Your husband

00:36:37--> 00:36:43

watching this TV and these movie stars, she loves this movie star this actor

00:36:44--> 00:37:02

to love something, even our children, to look at your child and to have glue in your child love for your child to the degree where maybe your wife feels left out. You love your child so much. Your wife she feels like she's you know, leftovers.

00:37:04--> 00:37:22

Although sometimes you may have a wife who just be tripping. She just be tripping. She wants you to pay more attention to her. It's not that you love your child and you don't love her. Some women are like that, but it could it is possible. You got to listen to her. She's saying pay attention to me. Loves Me too.

00:37:24--> 00:37:51

Don't go overboard. Stay in the middle. What I want to do really but I'm not going to do it inshallah is I want you brothers, to give me some examples of things that come to your mind that people do. That is too deep. It is too deep, too deep. Our religion is a religion of moderation guide us to the Serrata Mr. Kim and Ahmad Allah

00:37:52--> 00:38:02

at one Maha well kala the best deeds that Allah loves are the ones you do with consistency even if it's a little bit

00:38:03--> 00:38:38

let's set a fuse to say an empty sod in the Sunnah is better than having a lot of HD had and better to do was from the Sunnah and you do a little bit is better than doing a lot. That is not from the Sunnah. Did you guys see that clip that I saw on the social media, there was a cardinal or Pope. I don't know look like Roman Catholic preacher. You know, the white guy with the robe. He was Christian in the baby. The little infant was crying. And he's going to pour water on a baby's head

00:38:38--> 00:38:45

and a baby kept crying crying. The father of the mother was holding a baby and the Pope the Carlos slapped the baby. Did you see that?

00:38:48--> 00:38:54

That would have been Hammertime that would have been Fire in the hole right there.

00:38:55--> 00:38:58

And the mother and the father looked like surprise.

00:38:59--> 00:39:12

look surprised you slap one of our babies like that the man. Slap your baby like that. Yeah. How many of you saw that? But don't tell me I'm the only one that saw that.

00:39:15--> 00:39:31

Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Because he was an old man, I think and you know, the screeching of the child gets into the central nervous system. And he slapped a little baby in his face as if to say Be quiet. And the mother and the father just looked like that like just surprise.

00:39:32--> 00:39:38

Do you think that's what you're gonna get? Is a look of surprise slapping one of our Muslim bait slapping my baby.

00:39:39--> 00:39:47

Even the doctor if the baby comes out newborn and he puts the baby upside down on slap so what do you do when they don't do that? No more.

00:39:49--> 00:39:56

They don't do that anymore. That's old school. Baby coming out. That's old school. Don't touch my baby.

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

Unless the baby really needed

00:40:00--> 00:40:17

it. So when Eric doctor, the baby had a lot of congestion, and a cocktail was squeezing a baby, and squeezing and all this stuff came out of his mouth, and he handed the mother the baby but he was just handling the baby. Did you guys see that? Don't tell me I'm the only one who see this stuff.

00:40:20--> 00:40:47

All of that is Hulu, respecting people overboard, loving people overboard. So we're going to stop here in sha Allah azza wa jal, and we're going to say to you, take your time, take your time. The best guidance is the guidance of the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his guidance is in the middle, I mean, not screaming it out at the top of your voice.

00:40:48--> 00:41:19

Not like that. May Allah Huhtala makers of those people who are balanced in our religion, and those people who love balance and those people who deal with the people with a way of balance, and may Allah subhanaw taala save us from being difficult with our own selves and on ourselves and from people being rough and tough with us. Mothers, fathers, partners, who are rough and tough and extreme with those who around them. Allahu Taala give you a mantra that you make a way out for you

00:41:19--> 00:41:53

in sha Allah azza wa jal, but within ourselves and our homes, let's do our best not to be people who are the motor shed the dune the motor not their own them with the shed decor. diccon you don't want to be those people in any manifestation of Pulu Cody Hi, that was stuck federal law holy walakum wa SallAllahu Taala you were fitna, Jimmy Subhan, ALLAH SubhanA Coloma Byham dica and shadow Allah ilaha illa and stop Furukawa tubo eBay was set out by the camera to lie What Berta cat