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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of privacy and privacy in marriage, as it is essential for the church's success. They also touch on the negative impact of people getting married to non-re banking women and the difficulty of getting married to girls without enough money. The speakers suggest that people should not get married to their daughters as they don't have enough money.
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Nicaea is one of the greatest acts of worship that a person can engage in, if done properly for the sake of Allah, Allah Bula is that he will general. And this is a great reason or the primary reason for the growth of the OMA of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Hence he says, doesn't watch Hulu or do the Aleut marry the one who is loving and the one who will give birth to many why? Because it is encouraged for us to increase the number of the ummah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when NECA is made difficult, then we find that there is trial tribulation problems, hardships that set into community and society. And as a result, the own man of Rasulullah sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam is affected. The OMA have Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is affected, because he says, either hot or documental Dona Dena, who who do cow hoof as we do, when a person of good character and good Dean comes to you then get him married, get him married, meaning he comes to you seeking your daughter's hand in marriage, then say Bismillah with her permission gets him married. Why? Because this man will look after your daughter. You see a person who has wealth and he has power and he has authority. If he does not have the requirement of the dean, he doesn't perform your Salah perhaps you may get such a person married to your daughter, but they will be no peace in

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that marriage. Why? Because that person doesn't pray if he cannot care about the One who created him and placed him on on earth brought him into existence, then how will he care about your daughter? The best marriages that are those that are bonded by the bond of Allah subhanho wa Taala they love each other and they care for each other primarily because they care about Allah subhanahu wa to Allah they know they are returning to Allah Allah will is that you will general You see Allah subhanahu Attallah explains to us and he addresses us what keyhole I am am you como Salim

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Abadi Kumar ima income and get the single ones married from amongst you get the single single ones married from amongst you. Whom is Allah subhanho wa Taala addressing here is he addressing those who are getting married? Is he addressing the single people No, he is addressing us to say as a community get them married what unki who get them married why? Because they are single. If they are righteous and they are good then get them married one Kiefel amm income was solely him I mean, Reba de como ima equal and the righteous even from amongst these slaves, the male and female slaves from amongst you get them married. You see, so it is the community's duty to get the single married. What

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we tend to do is instead of making it easy for them to find mica, to engage in Nikka to get married, we tend to place a barrier and we say You know what, if you want to marry my daughter, $50,000 Mahalo. If you want to marry my daughter, you will have to have so much you will have to have a three bedroom or five bedroom house. And then from that you need to ensure that whatever you can do in terms of monetary you know, financial help and support, you need to give her something every month to the extent where it becomes difficult for the man to take out that amount every month. We need she needs $5,000 a month to spend then she needs to go on holiday what we are doing is we are

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making it difficult for our children to get married. And as a result in to follow who the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that if you don't get your righteous children married, the single amongst you then in Latifah router confit net will fill out your facade and

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then they will be a great fitna trial tribulation and they will be great corruption on us. They will be great corruption on earth. Where does this start front from you making it difficult for your child to get married. Sometimes it is along tribal lines that we reach

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Use so because he or she is from such and such a tribe, I refuse for my daughter to get married to that tribe. She cannot go into that house. Why? Simply because they are from another tribe Yet Yet Allah who is that he will jellen He says

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Yeah, are you

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that? Well, John Coombs, Rubin,

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Elan Etown awful oh people we created you from male and female and we placed you into trial tribes and nations in order for you to get to know one another. So the very reason why Allah horrible is that you will Jalil created those tribes those nations is for us to get to know one another. And here we are discriminating based on the very reason that Allah subhanho wa Taala made for us to get to know one another Yes, we understand that there is a something known as Kapha which means equality, they should be of a similar level of understanding in order for the marriage to thrive, that is okay. But usually, even if this is not there, and there is been a person who is religious,

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and a person who has good character, that marriage will thrive simply based on these two characteristics. Why? Because the person fears Allah little bullies that you will tell that he is afraid of treating your daughter badly, because he knows that before you get angry, he will anger Allah or Boulez that he will Jellal so it is important for us to get our single people married. And if we don't know that there is an outcome and that outcome is not something that we want. You see in the story of Musa alayhis salatu salam when he went to the people of Medina, Allahu Bucha, is that you will Jalil tells us what happened while M

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Met Amina Anas yes spoon, what are they doing emo Murata interval muda and when he came to the water of Medina, there was a place where the people would bring the sheep and the livestock to drink of the water. So when he came to this place, he found the people were making the livestock stock drink water, they were irrigating the livestock. So he saw two women standing back on one side and they were holding their livestock back. So he went to them he approached them on

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Kuma Barletta Elena ski had severe are we

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gonna show you home Kirby, they said that we are waiting until these people these men have finished irrigating their livestock, and then we will go and do ours. So first of all called so he immediately took the sheep and he went and he irrigated the sheep, don't

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you love we leave our corner of being Neelima

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in a yearning

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for tea, then he turned back to the shade that you were sitting under, he turned back to the shade that you were sitting under and he made a dua to Allah, Allah Bulus that you will JLL My Lord, I am in need of whatever goodness you can send down to me, I am in need of whatever goodness, you can send down to me. So one, he approached the two women today, if we say that statement with regards to people naturally, what does a person assume? Let me ask you and I don't even need to explain it to you. What comes to your mind. Perhaps many of us will have this thought. He has ulterior motives. He's going there for some reason. He's seen two women on their own. So he's gone to chat them up.

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But this was a interview of Allah subhanahu Attallah ainderby to be he was not yet in a V of Allah. Allah Bucha is that he was he approached the women and he said, What is your issue? What is your story? And then he helps them out? And he turns back to the shade. No question of What have you got him returned for me? How can you do something for me? No. He turns back to the shade. And then he says Rob beanie, Lima and Zelda

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La yamim hiring fapy turning to Allah Allah Bucha Is that

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is that you are Jellal My Lord, I am in need of whatever goodness you can send down to to me. He knows the one who brought me here and made me see what is going on the sea he is the one who will provide for me I turned to him does a good deed then turns to Allah horrible is that he was.

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So Allah subhanahu wa taala says and look at how amazing it is. For

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him she is

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so one of the two women comes to him walking bash fully. shamefully she was walking covering herself. And she comes and she says in be there Oh Kelly edges IACA Angela Massa italiana. My father is calling you to give you the reward of that which you have irritated for us. The service that you rendered my father is calling you not I am calling you not I am inviting you list he must understand. And he and he thinks wrong that this woman is inviting me She's calling me there is something here. No. She says My father is calling me in OB Ruka Leah Jizya Kdrama subtitle Anna to give you the reward of whatever you have done. So Musa Allah has Salatu was Salam goes. And when he

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gets to it is said that this was none other than the Nabhi of Allah subhanho wa Taala sure i Eva you salatu salam, when he gets there, phelim

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tells us

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of Nigel jemena Lukang you're learning when he gets to tri Valley, his Salatu was Salam. He tells him the story, his entire story. This is what happened. I was brought up in the palace, and then I killed a man and then I ran away. And I came to Meridian and he told him the entire story. So Shai Valley in salatu salam says to him that you are free, you are now saved from the oppressive people. And then one of the women says that

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that is Ja Rule in Iran. And is that your Taluka we will mean that, oh, my father, hire this man. Because the best of people that you hire are those who are strong, and those who are trustworthy. We have seen that he is strong because the lid of that well or that watering hole, seven men one knee needed to lift the lid. He took it himself lifted it and moved it to one side, that means he's strong. Amin is trustworthy because he did nothing with us. He didn't try to do something wrong with us, so he is trustworthy. So that is the best person that you can hire so hire him. So shall I ballyhoo salatu salam being an intelligent man. He says, in me worried one kg haka, Durban, tenia

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attained era Giovanni Semenya, a judge, I want to get you married to one of my daughters, I want to get you married to one of my daughters, why this is a man who is going to be in the home in close proximity. So rather than make it halal, at the same time, I will benefit because the livestock will be irrigated by this man. So he will benefit us in multiple ways. He realized the situation took advantage and said, I want to get you married to one of my daughters. And in return, you will work for me for eight years. So Musa alayhis salatu salam agreed. Now, let me let's go through this for one moment for just a minute. This is a man, a refugee who comes from another place strange land

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stranger to them. And because he has seen good character from him, good Dean from the man, he says to him, I want you to get married to my daughter. I want you to get married to my daughter, stranger. And in the story of Musa Salatu was Salam is the fact that he killed a man Allahu Akbar. The fact that he killed a man but because he was honest, he told the truth. He was forthcoming. He says in the redo on GitHub, okay, debonair, Teja. Team, Allah and Juanita Manaea he judge, what about us? What would we do if our daughter perhaps, you know, in this case, it was not the daughter that brought Musa alayhi salatu salam to get married. But if our daughter were to come and say, Dad,

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I'm in

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Interested in so and so, and she comes from the other side of the river? What would we do? We say no, no, no hold on wait, she comes he comes from another tribe, but the understanding is similar. They can engage they can get married, why are you making it difficult? And then the other thing is the financial aspect in some parts of the world they want $50,000 in model. How Why are you making difficult Do you not know how easy it is for a person to access haram today, all they need is a mobile phone, an internet connection and they are on. That's all they need. And in this day and age, you are making it difficult for your child to get married. That is the building block of community.

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Oftentimes the very people that are being difficult with regards to their daughters are the ones who they themselves had less than the man who is approaching today. When they got married. They had less but Allah Allah will is that you will Jalil gave them you see the end of that is profound. Allah who is that he will Jalil says, II Kuhn who phone call

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me Neiman Leung, softly, while long was your own money, if they are poor Allah who will give them off his wealth of his bounty of his favor. Allah will make them independent. So we think that we need money before we are getting married. We understand yes, there is a bare minimum that you need to have in order to look after somebody's daughter, etc. That is fine. But we think that you know what, I can't get married because I don't have enough Allah. He's saying, if they are poor, he will give them from His bounty. Nica is a reason for you to become wealthy and you are stopping yourself from that you are depriving yourself of that wealth by

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not getting married, or by stopping someone else from getting married. So make Nika easy make Nika easy and Allah Allah is that you will Jalon will provide Don't think that because this man doesn't have enough today he will remain like that Have you forgotten that you wants didn't have and Allah gave you? So Allah who will give him in the same way may Allah horrible is that you are gentle grant us the ability to make it easy for our children, and may Allah subhanahu Attallah grant us the ability to understand while you do their own earning

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