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Ron Ameen. salatu salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad Allah Allah He was my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as a lawyer but a cattle

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operation to Allah subhana wa tada and Allah Allah Allah will witness that man has the right to be worshipped besides the last panel data. We thank Allah subhanaw taala for his infinite mercy and kindness and blessings upon us for allowing us to complete a month of Ramadan for granting us to come through the month of Ramadan masala to accept from us all the acts of violence that we have done during that month was a lot of forgive us for our shortcomings and our failures. We ask a lot of blitzes of many many more to come in the future. I mean, and we send our love greetings and salutations we love it maybe Mohammed solo Salaam to spice up your family to his companions and all

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those who follow you soon until the end of time. May Allah bless us to be straightforward and a student of Nebuchadnezzar Salaam in this dunya and Goddess to be nice companionship in the meanwhile hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah as we see we have come through the month of Ramadan and

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it's amazing how

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we experienced that things have changed immediately before Ramadan after Ramadan we as Muslims we've gone through it we feel the difference for the same and how it has been two three days after Ramadan how much more difficult it is to do good to keep up with some kind of divided with Ramadan was so easy it's so so easy. And when we think about Ramadan, we already miss it. But of course there is life after Ramadan. And we don't only worship Allah in Ramadan, you know we worship Allah subhanaw taala throughout the year and the month of Ramadan is just a reminder and a training ground for what comes after it. And therefore it's important for us to now have to is gone through the month after

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we've experienced two three days of normal life. We look at look at things and we can reflect on Ramadan and what that means for us to come because ultimately, we began with this ayah we end up with the same ISIS Ayah captures the beginning of Ramadan and it captures the end of Ramadan and with the objective of Ramadan. So Allah subhanaw taala and we learned some lessons today, shall we look at some lessons of Ramadan and what's important for us to reflect on the first thing is the end of the ayah. So the beginning of the ayah Allah says shakra Ramadan, Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed the guidance for mankind.

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So at the beginning of Ramadan, the Quran was the revelation from Allah.

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So those of you who you enter the Ramadan, start fasting, or McKenna Marina was suffering.

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But those of you who are ill during the month, then and you're sick or you're traveling when you make Kava, so any of us who was not able to force the full month for legitimate reason because you were sick or ill, or we were traveling the new have those scope days recording scope two days to be paid in. So you force those days as soon as you can. And Allah mentions really long will you software or you read a book murasa So Allah says Ramadan, his intention was never to be difficult. It was meant to be easy. And we can see that now. Yes, it was difficult at some points. Yes, we were tired. Yes, we were hungry. Some of you were angry even but Alhamdulillah we've come out of Ramadan.

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And we said it wasn't so difficult. We need to have anonymous colleagues friends, they look at the shame. How are you going to survive? I don't think anyone not everyone is gonna make it. We don't come to that we have yet to have a case of despite Ramadan right? We have not experienced that 1400 years, people have all survived Ramadan and they've come out. And so this is what it took me. Honestly we are also I want you to complete the days will be 29 or 30. I want that for you. Now that you are done, yes Allah we have done what you said What now? What do you do Kabila? Now make that beat of me. Allah says make that beat of a lot. Why Allah? Why should I make that nominee swallow

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playing devil's advocate here? Why should you make that bit of Allah? When I was the one that did the work? I fostered. I made solder. I did all the work, but I must praise Allah subhanho wa Taala why we know that why we experienced why the fact that I fostered wasn't a blessing to Allah was a blessing to me. The fact that I could stand in on taraweeh wasn't a favor to Allah, but it was a favor to me was

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the fact that I could give you the tofik the ability, the strength, the guidance to worship Me, and you drew closer to Allah that was a full upon you, the fact that we fostered and they will millions billions who did not first is a blessing and a mercy upon Allah Subhana Allah, how fortunate we were to be able to force how many people did not force how many people they don't wish they could just have one more day of Ramadan. So Allah says when the month is done, and you've done the training, thank Allah for the straining thank Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Quran and hopefully Allah says, you will become grateful, hopefully after Ramadan

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What you feel when you look back at Ramadan is gratitude. You don't look back at Ramadan like an exam and said, it's done. I'm finished. I never even want to go back to those, you know, again. Whereas for Ramadan, you actually feel a sense of longing I come through it. I'm thankful to Allah, but I miss it actually. And I hope that's how you feel. And if you feel that way is behind a lot, this is an indication of a man. Because yes, logically it wouldn't make sense. Why would I miss starving? Why would I miss standing? Why would I miss giving charity? I would miss a holiday. It sounds like a nightmare. You ask a non Muslim he says Ramadan sounds like a nightmare. But we at the

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end of it say we make that we we thank Allah Al Hamdulillah Allah, you've granted us this ability and we wish to have it again and again and again, a very system. That is an indication that we've experienced a little bit of taqwa that we've come close to Allah, and that he has allowed us to come near to him to Kabila, we praise Him and we glorify Him for the hidayah and the guidance and the food. Remember that we made to do at the beginning of Ramadan, Grant success, Baraka Raja Shabana, Berliner ammonia, lagunitas each Ramadan, each and every one of us had made the door, let's answer the door. So already answered, I will do us and how many more dollars during Ramadan has always been

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the answer we don't know. So we start off with the well you know that we've done this amazing evader, we've completed a pillar of Islam, a pillar of Islam, Subhan Allah, remember, all those rewards that we spoke about at the beginning of Ramadan, we believe now that they've been achieved what community now,

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number two, very closely linked to this, we begin to understand that this is the purpose of life. And this is the success of life. Allah subhana wa, tada made us with components, we have the body than the nuts, the desires, the dounia side of us. And then we've got the Rouhani side of us the spiritual side, and we finally see the lifestyle that we live, we only the body is being fed.

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And if the spirit in the soul is being deprived of its nourishment, you end up incomplete. You know, Subhanallah people commit suicide, and you look many times when other people are committing suicide, who was who are the people taking medication to go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning? These are the billionaires, millionaires, the famous people, the beautiful people, you have everything you think, what are you stressed about in your life, you've got no space, but the something that is dying on the inside, which is the roof. And the roof is only faded through the roof only experiences contentment is directly related minor group, that only through the remembrance

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of Allah only through a relationship with Allah, will you be be sustained. And that's why people with everything, they are literally starving the people who have never experienced the better. Now that good feeling you feel inside was because yes, you starve your body, but you nourish the soul with evader and this is the purpose of life. Allah says this is why we've been created. You've been created to worship Allah, you've been worship we've been created to have a relationship with Allah and to draw nearer to him. And it should be a reflection that if we fulfill our objective, no matter how difficult life may seem on the physical side, even though we starving physically, you will feel

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happy, you'll be successful. Even if we have a job that doesn't provide us with the amount of money that we want, but it's hard and you will feel at the end of the day that contentment you'll sleep easily. You'll wake up easily. You'll feel Blizzard, even though your bank account will not show it, but you will feel it when we make the right decisions that I choose to worship Allah. Allah says the payoff you will receive is that good insight internal feeling. We are contented with almost no data, and we fought through this evader Allah has granted us to draw near the purpose of Ramadan was not that we just worship in Ramadan, but that we understand if we continue on Ramadan, if we continue in

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the spirit of Ramadan that are left behind Allah will be filled with with Rama and Baraka and goodness, Allah subhanho wa Taala is in receipt in the middle of the ayat of Ramadan. So Allah begins with fasting when he has a an ayah in the middle, nothing to do with fasting and then another iron faustin What is the relationship now you see the relationship when I was this way that Sarika evadne for me called eg without a die that and Felicity Lee, when you feel alone, in the middle of the forest in the one is about fostering and the second is is what was seen in the Middle Ages. And when my son was asked you about me that I am near, I'm already near to them. Now never in our lives.

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Do we feel closer to Allah than we do in Ramadan? Is that not so? We really feel closer to Allah during the month of Ramadan. A lot and it's a beautiful, a beautiful, again, this Facebook meme that says if you feel distant from Allah, then who moved the move when you move, move, you're the one that we were the one that moved away. But of course Allah says is the word is always allowing you to come back, always returning

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If we returned to him, he returns to us behind a law. And so the purpose of life and we live in a life way. We get confused, we get the dounia overtakes us, the states and the strain and the questions and the obligations of the dunya at times makes us forget the purpose of our life.

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And Ramadan is a good thing to put things into perspective, what is important, what ultimately matters? What is it what's worth crying over what's worth fighting over? It's the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. So, Allah sees what Mahalo to general in Delhi, Abu he has not created as except for any other reason. But to worship him doesn't mean as we sit so many times worship does not mean that you need to be 24 seven in the masjid. In fact, you spent a month basically completely innovative Allah, the whole month of Ramadan, if you look at it, you sleep was he bother you standing at mikoshiba your conversations were divided, could you focus on I can't say this, I can say that

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during the day while you're working, you're fasting, you're worshiping Allah, it shows that you can worship Allah 24 seven, without living in the mountains, you can worship Allah in this dunya complete continuously. And even if you're not physically able to worship Allah all the time, Allah gives you the shortcuts, just make a shot in JAMA. And I'll give you half the night in Nevada, just make fudger in JAMA, and I'll give you the other half in JAMA, I'll give it to you. So Allah has made so many opportunities for one month in Ramadan, and I'll write for you 10 months of fasting and fasting, six days of shower. And I'll give you a full year of flossing so that the day you stand

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before the piano, Allah will have lifetimes of rewards. On top of that you have layer two color which is 83 years a lifetime of reward. All these opportunities are given to us to worship him to make easy our objective in life, we begin to understand that getting to that goal is not easy, but it's not impossible. Either. you've walked the path of the earlier I mean Subhanallah I tell you a man that will you know he prays five times in a day magic is forcing every single day at night is making an hour plus of using while this guy is only available to Pamela you and I we did that. We did that for 30 days. And we've survived. We okay no one's in ICU, no one, you know lost along the

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way. It's possible it is possible to live a life in the event of a loss of data. So what Ramadan does, it shows us that we can do this.

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Number three, Allah says Allah, Quran, that at the end of Ramadan, you should be taqwa, you should also get the Quran means to appreciate Allah, to appreciate Allah. The Prophet, Allah says, a person who eats and is being thankful to Allah is like the person who fostered he gets the reward of a forcing person. So now we get to eat, you can still get the reward of fasting how but actually being grateful to Allah. Now, at six o'clock in the evening, we understood what it means a glass of water, how nice a glass of water is, how nice that date is, we understood swannanoa that which we have how much of bleaching it is. Allah subhana wa tada has shown us we only as it is the nature of incense,

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we only appreciate things when they're gone. Now that you've been separated for your wife for a few days, a month or so you couldn't be intimate with her. Now Subhanallah you appreciate this marriage that you have you appreciate the blessings that Allah has given you that there are some people's behind Allah, that when you see now the guy standing on the road asking for a piece of bread, you know what he's feeling? You really know what he's feeling you experience that that man he's hungry, and he doesn't know when he's gonna eat. He doesn't know when he's coming. So Allah subhana wa tada has put us through this exam so that the end we can get a degree of sugar. Why? Because if we become

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in Chicago to LA Manassas, so if you attain this quality of appreciation with Allah, and you're grateful that Allah says I will give you

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the more sugar you give to a lot, the more you will get a lower increase, you increase us in our in our blessings. So hopefully at the end of Ramadan, we've become more appreciative of what we have, we begin to understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala has really, really been good to us for 1011 months of the year, we never ever once Well, I mean, we have even said, Shukria Allah, the glass of water, chicory, Allah for the date. And of course what we eat is so much better than dates. Eat, how many of us crave sugar for those meals that we eat? We know that Heidi has an Elisa Lam where he was starving one day he was so hungry, that they couldn't sleep, hunger and we have never experienced

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that. Even in Ramadan. I don't think any of any of us have experienced hunger. We can't even sleep. I don't know if anyone wants it. You know, I don't know if anyone gets hungry like that in your 12 hours. Some people you know

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Manage but then Elisa Lam they had this day, we were so hungry in South America and they were looking for something to eat. And so they made

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the great Sahabi. And he offered them a meal, or does that meal, some bread and some meat, and some dates. And then obesity is a lot like a law is going to ask us about this thing. Listen, we've had now it's like a feast. This blessing Allah is going to ask me specifically, remember that blessing I gave you, that meal I gave you now we eat way to the next way to the next.

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It's about being appreciative, I speak to myself first. We always complain about the things we don't have about the things we wish we had about the other days, we didn't get to go on the houses we didn't get to live in, we always forget about the things that we have.

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And so behind Allah may be the thing that's keeping us back the thing why Allah has not given us more. Because if we don't appreciate the little that we have, how much more ungrateful will be to Allah gave us more? How much worse would that be for us? So Ramadan should have given you and me a degree of appreciation. And it's a quantity that's very, very difficult. Allah says in the Quran, a few of my slaves are truly grateful few of them. And in fact, no person, not even the envy of Allah, are completely appreciative to Allah, even the prophets of Allah could give enough sugar to Allah because as they said, the more I think Allah for his blessings, they just by thanking Allah, I need

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to be have to be of that few that are grateful, I need to be even more grateful, in a sense, when you give sugar, sugar for the sugar that you gave, because that in itself is a blessing. So Allah says, and if you were to add up all the favors I gave you, you will not be able to quantify them. But all that is needed is a degree of appreciation. So let us not forget, it's easy to forget really forgotten. It's easy to forget what we have. So don't go through, don't go after a move on and forget that and how do you show appreciation is a very good question. How do I show appreciation to Allah?

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Simple things to take into account Alhamdulillah you know, even the non Muslims they do this we they before they have a meal, they think Allah we have two hours. We thank Allah for what we have. We think Allah Subhana Allah, those nights, it gets very cold.

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fajita time hamdulillah how many of us what is what it would be like to live outside in the in the cold? What is it like for that guy that's, you know, whatever mistakes he made in his life, but he lives in the street. We complain about our work, do we know the feeling of someone that is searching for a job looking for a job,

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these kind of blessings, these kinds of blessings, we need to become some people that is appreciative. And of course beyond just saying sugar to Allah hamdulillah. The next level of sugar is to actually use your blessings in the, in the service of Allah to actually say a lot. You've given me this, how can I show my appreciation, I'm going to share it with someone who doesn't have but we'll have it, a little bit of it. And that's why we felt that's why we felt more appreciative in Ramadan because we actually shared about blessings. And none of us came out of Ramadan portal, the more you gave in charity, you didn't come out for so much of charities given Ramadan it's it's

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mind boggling. So many charities. They make 90% of the income in Ramadan in Ramadan, masajid you know the amount of food the amount of people that are made during Ramadan, it is really amazing. Even so, many of the non Muslim political parties recommended, you know, commended the Muslim community for what they have seen of the halal

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that is what we should be doing all the time. That is acid base, and SubhanAllah. The more we give a lesson, the more I will give you you cannot be we cannot be more generous than Allah. So the more we try to be generous, a lot of our mature generosity with something even better.

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It's a promise from Allah insha Allah.

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The more you be grateful to Allah, the more I will give you, you want the increase in your sustenance, you want the increase in your job, you want to have more of something, then appreciate what you have now, then Allah will give me some elegant answers to be appreciative. Allah has taught us a very powerful lesson by depriving us without taking it away, has given us a feeling of what it's like, maintain that charity that you've done during the month of Ramadan, maintain that because this is to show Allah subhanho wa Taala This is what I have learned from Ramadan and not just the Ramadan Muslim. And if you can maintain you, you won't be able to fast everyday like Ramadan. Of

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course not, you will not be able to make

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every night except the very few of us. We won't be able to give as much charity as we did. But try to give something you know, you can't maybe if you made a hard time during Ramadan, at least tried to continue to use would occur on a Friday. That just shows the

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Ramadan has has lifted stayed with me

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a very powerful Islam Ramadan is an it really shows us who we are. It shows us who we are and also Hamilton and so to chumps, he gives two opposites where shamcey will do haha will comedy is at the sun in the moon, when you were late in the night and the day was summer and when the heavens and the earth opposites, then a lot is like that. The Nef swimmers, and like these two extremes is the knifes the nuts is that which is inside of us. The knifes inside of you and me, as with any two sides, two sides of a queen, the one side for Alabama fujimura, aka the one side is who you are the one side calls to corruption. The one side calls to evil and the other side of your nuts minus calls

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to guidance. Every single one of us sitting here has the potential to be of the base of the olivella. And the worst of the worst in terms of disobedience to Allah, every single one of us here. And it's only through the tofi Kabbalah through the guidance of Allah, that we make the right choices.

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Everyone has the ability to be the best and the worst. Now again, Ramadan what it does, it proves to you and me. And it's also in a way, at least ification kiama, that we could live a life that is good. We could avoid harm. We could give up bad habits, we could stay away from sinful things. We even stayed away from how things we stayed away from food and drink which is basic. So surely staying away from other substances, other things which are Haram, there's no excuse on that if

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you and I can't stand before and say Allah is too difficult for me, because Ramadan is the evidence against us that we have that potential.

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is too far from Allah to be of his own. Nobody. No matter where you are today, even if you're sitting in a prison cell, even if you are, you've committed so much of sin. Ramadan showed that the path back to Allah is possible. And similarly span of law. And this is a very dangerous thing that if we've been through Ramadan and we just lit all of it go, we lit all the good deeds go, then it's so easy to fall back means vanilla, how easy it is to forget and give up you're invited to lose out.

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Allah speaks about in the Quran, Allah gives a parable of a lady who knits and he says Don't be like that lady who knits and then unravels, just finished made this beautiful garment and he starts taking it apart. three by three.

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We've just built up this beautiful palace of ibadah and already we start demolishing it so this is the important part of the scary side of it. Number one when you've achieved your potential, then there's no excuse for going back on that. Allah subhanho wa Taala has proven to you and me that you have within you the ability to be of those only Allah subhana wa tada the kind of person you want to be now you decide you and I decided okay, he is a break we get the chance to relax we get a chance to maybe not be so sorry. No.

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Okay, you didn't do your full quota ibadah so long as you did the Ferrari the basics Okay, it's allowed for relax even the president even I played some some things and the prophecies he leaves them so an IED we get a bit of a discount, but now is the important thing. Now as you start focusing on what have I learned from Ramadan? What is the kind of man woman I'd like to be? before Ramadan? I was someone I can't be that same person. I need to be a little bit better Ramadan so I can be better. Now which of those that fasting Quran Sora charity, humanity which of those things do we want to maintain in our life? Not all of it doesn't require all of it, but it requires some of it.

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But after Hammond and then on intuitions Allah continues for the abdomen. zeca Hoffman says Allah says the Nef says these two sides and they are constantly fighting with each other. The one side that is pushing for food for sin. And the other side that is pushing for for taqwa, the fighting. So Allah says, are the Abrahamic zeca. so successful is the one that purifies it, he pushes on the good and the overall is good, what could have been the SIR and others losses and the suction upon the one who neglects it? Now what this means is

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you have to work hard, you have to work hard and you have to focus to be a good person. But if you just go on autopilot, you do nothing. without trying, units will take over. The scary thought that if you just leave your life to its own devices, you just give into every desire, it will ultimately push you into failure. So this battle continues after Ramadan, this battle of patience, but you beat the knifes for 29 days 29 nights you beat the knifes properly you know

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The nuts with the Proteus you beat them

00:25:04--> 00:25:08

you beat them solidly. So you've shown it you can do this

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so don't often move on don't think that we can't defeat the knifes if, if we continue if we go back to where we were there it's purely laziness on our part so Allah forgive us. It's more difficult obviously after Ramadan is of course shaped by himself his back. He also celebrates eat because he gets released from it and it's going to be more difficult to fight him but Alhamdulillah

00:25:35--> 00:25:56

the man in Tukwila has given his strong policies, you will not mislead the police you will not mislead my mighty bad those who worship Me continuously you will not have any power over them. You will not have power over them. So we hope that now that shaytan meets us again. He finds us different he finds it a lot more difficult to mislead us.

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Point number five

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Ramadan was not just about personal Merci de vida I hope we know this number very very clearly. Ramadan is not complete if you are on an island alone and this really for some brothers who live in Johannesburg and away from family we forced it like you force it they make the agenda made solid recite Quran but the talents are the same. Why? Why is the Ramadan different? If you all on your own? Because you felt like I do the better but if I do it on mice by myself, I don't feel the two blessings of Ramadan because even though you don't you don't help me to buy me fasting he doesn't make by me for us. It doesn't make you less hungry. And by me standing in the soft doesn't make you

00:26:39--> 00:27:21

Tara weeklies make it easier, but just by us doing it together, you find that the sun Baraka in it, the fact that you have the star table together, it's enjoyable. Why did Allah make us fast together? It would have been most sincere. If Allah said everyone has a 30 day quota throughout the year. You choose when you fall and you don't tell anybody or everyone you make taraweeh but at home because that is most sincere no one gets to see me I make my own sorta, but no, we have to do this stuff in JAMA. Because we are part of a collective. And it's Baraka in collective worship. This Baraka in Jamaat, together with Baraka, inter alia together in fasting together in celebrating, eat together.

00:27:21--> 00:27:52

So we begin to understand the whole concept of Ramadan. Yes, the one side is Allah, but the other side is collective, the oma and again, if we can force together, if we can stand in battle together, if we can all be fighting and struggling to complete, you know, defeat our naps during the day, and we trying to wake up together, we encourage each other in good. then surely outside of Ramadan, this concept of oneness must continue.

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And it's finally said that even after Ramadan, the first thing that we divide on is eat shouldn't be the case. The celebration, we've done all the artwork together, now we graduate together, we all get the enjoyment together. And this teaches us you can put aside your petty differences. When we talk about bigger issues, Palestine, the oma the beach stuff cannot be resolved individually. We can't do do it individually evaluator cannot be done worshiping Allah alone. You know, it's not fully complete if we do it individually, in these other oma issues, needs all of us to get together. We also learn in Ramadan we make dua for one month to another Allah.

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Allah inika food for thought for now. Our love forgive us. The sooner is not to make to offer yourself Forgive me it is to forgive us. You make the offer the whole robina attina dunya Hashanah, Allah grant all of us goodness. This is what Allah is trying to teach us that we are an EMA that is one that is one and it levels the playing field. Every bada it's amazing with his Hajj or Sala Osaka every ibadah part of it is a community focus Hajj, Allah brings all of us down to one level you will wear the same clothes you all live in you all go to alpha Amina there's no VIP areas in Mena you all have the same

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zeca brings the rich closer to the poor fasting brings everyone on the same level you force together you break your force together, you sit together you go through hunger together through this, you understand that before Allah you are one oma and Allah only looks at the taqwa you will not look at your qualifications, you will not look at your strength, your age, your color your bank account. When it comes to Salah time, the man is in the front stuff, comes first to the manager don't stop when he stands in front, even if he's the slave and the king comes like the king stands at the back. That's how Allah subhanaw taala made it.

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What is important to Allah is the stockwork so Ramadan is about people as well. It's about feeding for the poor. It's about

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Loving for each other. And don't forget that we had mercy. You know, what is it we made this beautiful status? He said, You know we're not shy and ashamed. When we go through 30 days of saying Allah has afforded me Forgive me Have mercy on me, y'all I have sinned against you, I did this sin and that sin, but overlooked and pardon it. And the minute Ramadan is over, we want to take vengeance on everybody that is around us. With the full from your side, from my side ways overlooking the faults of someone else. We demand and we beg from Allah, you overlook all the wrongs I've done against Allah. But when you you and I need to implement that we forget those bad words and

00:30:40--> 00:30:49

those harmful things we have held back during Ramadan. Keep it back, don't let it go in Ramadan, don't let don't harm people outside of Ramadan.

00:30:50--> 00:31:18

The prophets of Salaam says and this is a very important I love this hadith because it shows as much as you get rewarded for the ritual evader, you're sometimes bigger you would, in the inside, looking off the inside the prophecy shall not tell you something that is more rewarding, then your sooner fasting better than your six days of show well, better than your alpha fasting better than you have on fasting and better than you shouldn't have solid and better than you should not charity, not

00:31:19--> 00:31:55

zeca and the five day disorders, those are compulsive is no better than the five pillars of solid five pillars of Islam with icy wood. Nothing is better than that. But even better than giving millions in charity giving, you know, fasting day and night thoroughly and digest better than all of that is what is to reconcile between people. You have one group arguing about this wonderful event that trying to bring people together and say we don't have to fight over this issue. We don't have to argue about this. If we don't agree if we can't have consensus, we can't all agree. When must the moon besides it, we can't all agree we need eat. We can't all agree we should keep eat, we can all

00:31:55--> 00:31:58

agree which method to follow. At least we don't have to fight over it.

00:32:00--> 00:32:30

We can have respect in divergent views. And Allah says if you're a person like that, that is greater reward in standing home making tattoos and giving millions in charity than fasting every single day. That if you want to take one aspect out of Ramadan, you can you can excel above the man who's in the masjid every day, by just being a good person by just being a nice person. And this is not just about the stuff in the business, you might find this employee that they want to fight they want to argue with a manager. You're the person that brings

00:32:32--> 00:32:33

you the person that brings

00:32:34--> 00:32:45

the people that love and see another good business issues that are quarrels at work, customer issues. What a great Hadeeth to live by. What a great Hades to live by.

00:32:47--> 00:33:32

One point that I've taken from Ramadan was really amazing for me most of the sermon on any other Ramadan, I found so many non Muslims came closer to Islam to Ramadan. A lot of people nodding their heads, so many questions. Yesterday someone asked me Ramadan speechwriter said yes. So why are some of you still fasting? That explained about 60 The show was even anonymous is no but 60 is a show Well, we understand about scope, fasting, rights, viola, you know, something to think about. We fight sometimes physically, to show the strength of Islam to make them know how great Islam is. Yola shows you don't have to fight. You don't have to talk. You just worship Allah. And people will

00:33:32--> 00:34:13

recognize the Islam Islam, when the year that while you guys spent hours in a mosque after going to the mosque, the his admiration in that visit degree of, you know, what I kind of wish I had when they see you fasting, and what that means. So when we live as Muslims, you don't have to become go during the Jamaat who can give by an hour, automatically Allah, it will they will see when we just murder what Islam is automatically people will be attracted to it. Also, what's beautiful, is that we live in a society that is so accepting of us that they are non Muslims, more than any Western society on Earth, really, really online. We need to give sugar there's another blessing that we

00:34:13--> 00:34:27

don't take. Look, we also the things on Facebook, the people in China, the wiggers Have mercy on them. We're not allowed to force not allowed to make Torah we imagine we're forced not to do these things. We weren't allowed to do that. Yeah, our

00:34:28--> 00:35:00

colleagues are good neighbors, non Muslims. They have even made it easy for you to take off early. Go ahead. If you need to come in late no problem. whatever is easiest for you. We won't overload you will be sensitive to you. They will probably not eat with it usually ate you know what they themselves try to hide and they shouldn't wait the majority of the country we should be the ones that are no but they've made it convenient for us to handle. Some of them. As I said I was deeply moved by a non Muslim firm, which actually encouraged employees to force one day to experience it so they could know what we go

00:35:01--> 00:35:26

I don't think you'd get this in any country in the world on some country in the world except this country. When we had eat. We asked him to close a main road will stay in the CBD. And we did it. No problem you want to have you eat in the middle of the road? They didn't say but you have to live in masajid Why do you need the road? You want that no problem. application was done. You don't want get this in Sydney or London or New York? What happened? But it happens? Yeah, what hamdulillah

00:35:27--> 00:35:35

that's why don't be stingy. Bring your Barakatuh workman bring those tickets to work. Because this is our will light is

00:35:37--> 00:35:53

it gives people an understanding of the be they see the ugly side of of the oma on TV. Let them see the beauty of the oma and your evader, you and I are symbols of the deen when we uphold the qualities of Muslims, it will naturally attract

00:35:54--> 00:36:31

the community, they will be naturally inclined to that before it before I move on began to take time off the amount off myself. You see all the violence happening throughout the world mosques being shot in New Zealand. Many, many mosques in other countries, even places like Canada with very safe, they have permanent security. Because this fear, someone can just walk in and bomb a mosque or shoot Muslims. So the question was, what do what are the Muslims here in Cape Town feel and what precautions are you going to make? And well, like we said, we have no fear even it wasn't even a discussion at the committee. You might have a discussion. How are we going to protect our shoes from

00:36:31--> 00:36:32

someone stealing it? That's maybe your your fear?

00:36:34--> 00:36:52

Right? You're worried about someone coming in to shoot you up? Vanilla. We don't even have the fear of being rejected. We don't have the fear that someone will look at us funny. Even when we tell them silly things like I want to take off to eat Okay, when I don't know, I'll have to tell you in a day or two. I'll let you know on the day.

00:36:53--> 00:37:32

When they say they need to shoot your exams, which they are not sure. Maybe Thursday, maybe Wednesday? I don't know. They said okay, fine. They don't understand it. In reality, many of us we also don't understand it. But it's accommodation in that genuine accommodation. It's not that out of compulsion, you find genuine, genuine people that want to understand and admire and respect the dean, that is a blessing a light is a blessing. It is a blessing, front of blessing. And Allah keep it that way. And the point is, why do we have this wasn't because again, and again, it's through the love of law. But one of the reasons why we have this amazing

00:37:33--> 00:38:11

you know, existence in this in the city and in this country was because we have a tradition of sticking to our Deen we fought we don't say we're not gonna force and we're not going to we're going to do more and we will foster and we'll take off for it. But at the same time, when it comes to the good side, when it comes to the positive thing about loving and giving and being generous. And being a good person. We show that as well. We don't only demand our rights as Muslims, but we still give what the dean says Be a good neighbor. respect them, they culture, their religion, we do those things as well. This needs to continue swannanoa needs to continue. I mean, the last point, Ramadan

00:38:11--> 00:38:55

is finished, we feel a little sad, but also feel feel good. You know, the hedges when they're done with arafa be done on the day of EAD. For those who have been on Hajj You see, I can see the nods. It's an amazing feeling. It's amazing feeling because you genuinely feel a less forgiven all my sins today. you genuinely feel Alhamdulillah you know Allah has saved me when you come out of Ramadan have that same feeling, have that same feeling because this is not that we are proud of our deeds our deeds are small and insignificant, but we have hope in Allah subhanho wa Taala that we have left behind all the sons how many times so many opportunities at least three opportunities to processing

00:38:56--> 00:39:37

you will have all the sins forgiven to foster them and when you foster the man with a man who stands the Knights stands in Ramadan inshallah we did that we sent a little cousin we also the last 10 nights didn't need to do we've all did those things. So be contented in your hopefully in your Allah has forgiven all all your sins. And that Al Hamdulillah we have now achieved the stockwork we've achieved the stockwork and what does it mean to have Taqwa taqwa we said was to be closer to Allah, you've reached that level of closest to Allah, and then the reward for that. So now expect these things on the screen of people of taqwa. These are the rewards Allah has promised for those of you

00:39:37--> 00:39:57

who have attained it. Allah says very rarely, the best provision is taqwa. If you you've got this quality of taqwa it will serve you right in the hierarchy taqwa in every situation in your life, in every problem in your life, in your family in your business. Once you have Taqwa, Allah will open ways for you and means for you will occupy

00:39:58--> 00:40:00

the success will be for you, people

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

taqwa, no matter how well you are in life, you will live happily ever after. In the dunya and akhira. Allah says, I am the protector of the team, that you will be in his prediction in whatever you do. And Allah is mad with the team, that he's with you. You're never alone, and you hate him and that he loves you. He loves you. believe this. Don't just feel it's not for me, because you fostered like the way he fostered. You didn't like the way you did what he did. We did what the prophets of Salaam did. And so this is for you as well. And when he says when we attack Elijah Maharaja, that when you are people of taqwa all your problems are level solve them, and he will open away for you

00:40:39--> 00:41:04

from what you cannot imagine, when we take a look at a JIRA eautiful fire and whatever has stuck, we have a law which you hopefully which we hopefully have achieved, and you've kept your duties with a lot, then all your sins are forgiven it and I will enlarge it would that which you gave small, but I will make it big, I will multiply for you. And for you will say you said you

00:41:06--> 00:41:07

were generous enough to SMRT

00:41:09--> 00:41:29

Allah says, And remember, hurry towards Allah because for the team, there is for every one of them. One Jenna just one of the many jannette One of which is bigger than the heavens and the earth. This is waiting for us on the other side. This is waiting for us on the other side. Believe that you have achieved believe that you

00:41:30--> 00:41:52

have hope in a lot that this is the for all of us. So we conclude in sha Allah, life after Ramadan must continue. The Nia begins like you had a Nia for Ramadan, heaven near for post Ramadan, heaven near in terms of what kind of person I would like to be what of Ramadan do I want to carry with me? Continue making do after the like sips that I'm alone that we've done.

00:41:53--> 00:42:31

Make sure and try to remain positive in the changes that we've done continue to live off if you can't leave all the bad habits, at least leave of one of those bad habits. If you can't do all the good deed in Ramadan, at least do one good deed and one of the best ways to actually show this appreciation is of course the sixth of shrawan please do the sixth show while the provinces waiver for the month of Ramadan he completed and then followed up with six days of Shabbat. It is even though he fostered a lifetime an opportunity to have your entire life in forcing. You don't have to be like the one who makes max force every single day. 365 days a year. You just force 36 days Allah

00:42:31--> 00:43:09

gives you the end of the 60 days of fasting peasy freebies gifts from Allah subhanho wa Taala so this is of the ways we keep our Ramadan going. So Allah make it easy for us to keep going. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for shortcomings and polygons. We have many many Ramadan's. I mean, we continue our series inshallah, this Monday evening, we will continue the series, the the biographies of the rightly guided caliphs, we stopped we say normally Allen was the halifa and we've conquered Jerusalem, continue from the and the expansion of the oma will also continue our series back to basics. This is for reverts. And also now we're moving beyond that to the basics and the essence of

00:43:09--> 00:43:17

Islam. For those of you who have any questions or comments you'd like to receive be, be on the mailing list you'd like out of setups for the use of you can also message us.

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personal question, so this is personal email me with gmail.com. But if you want to just join the mailing list, you can mail Burano at gmail or you can join oh wait for triple to 1308 but of a personal nature, you can obviously ask me, and then a beautiful wonderful hedge. So one of the things that I'm about into hydrating hedge hedge meetings and greetings begin very close uncle my wishes my very first movie, family and his wife shahida they will be departing on Hajj on the

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family and his wife. Oh, sister Oh, Sister.

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Sister departing on the Monday the eighth of July. We ask that Allah make the journey easy. And for all our who judge may may Allah odd from now like for them hijama boo, boo me they achieve the success along with all the projects as I was invited. I mean children so much. Salaam Alaikum