Amazed By The Quran – Allah’s Promise is True?

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This episode revolves around an ayat from Surah Aaraf where Allah SWT mentions about the conversation between the people of heaven and the people of hell fire which proves that the promise of Allah is true.

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Mr Lau salatu salam O Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah He was a PHP Salaam Alaikum everyone welcome to amazed by the Quran a series in which I share with you things I find amazing about the Quran. Today I want to talk to you about the 44th I have selected out of that is Surah number seven. It's a scene in which Allah is talking about believers that are talking in a sense talking trash to the disbelievers they're actually now finally in a position to talk down to the disbelievers used to make fun of them in this life. So the IRA goes when others have agenda It is however not the people agenda. the companions of Paradise are going to be calling upon the companions of the Fire the

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people of the fire and Cordova da da da da buena haka. We are saying to them, we certainly did find whatever our Lord promised us our master promised us to be true for Hollywood Yato mavado bukom haka. Did you find what your master promise true? is real down there is a burning hot Thunder was that was that accurate? So this like kind of

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insult to injury kind of talk is taking place in the scene. But what's really cool is that Allah says what? Rob buena haka, we found what our master promised us to be true. In other words, us is important here. We found we found what Allah promised us to be true. Did you find what Allah promised to be true? Not? Did you find what Allah promised you to be true, the U is removed? Look, you know, I promised us and Allah promised you, but he doesn't mention to you the second time that so when they're talking about themselves, they say a lot promised us something and we found it to be true. But a lot promise something Did you find it to be true? As if to say Allah promised the

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disbelievers nothing worthy of mention.

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And the other thing here is when you say promised us in across languages, especially in the Arabic language, you promise me something? It actually means you promised to give me something something positive, something good, right? I promised. But I promised you, I promised you I'll do that for you. All the kids say to their parents, oh, you promised us. The US there actually suggest that a lot of talk is talking about rewards in the grander of heaven, the company of each other, the foods and drinks that they're enjoying, they're saying everything our master promised us was so true. Oh, that's the drink in the IR khwab. That's the that's the tree, the lotta of that, like they're

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reciting the art and matching them to the actual scenes that are happening. But when they talk about the disbelievers, they say, not what was promised to you because what burns the disbeliever Now, here's the kicker. What burns the disbeliever is not just what was promised to them.

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What burns the disbelievers also what was promised to the believer, when the believer when the disbeliever looks at the believer in general,

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his fire is hard enough. But to see the believer in such joy adds a little more temperature to the flames. So they were just told, did you find what your master promised to be true, not just promised you but promised overall? You us this entire reality? How does it feel? When we're on top? It's this poke that's been done just by removing the words you what he promised you so hon Allah May Allah azza wa jal make us of the people of Jenna. And we By the way, I do want to qualify in this particular talk. That even though this is an intense conversation between people of heaven in people of hell don't misconstrue this into thinking that Muslims hate non Muslims, or we wish hell upon

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anyone. This is talking about the most wretched, most evil, most corrupt people that have ever lived on the face of the earth. This is talking about enemies of prophets, murderers, criminals, people that did not repent, people that lived lives of just, you know, just absolute transgression against a lot and against this creation. This is talking about those people. The unfortunate kind of twist that we've made out of this is that this is a condemnation of all people that are not Muslim. They're all look, look what Allah says about them. They're going to be burning in hell. That's not our rub. That's not our master. Our Master does not condemn people to hellfire. Allah opened the

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door of guidance for everyone. And so we shouldn't wish for this scene to happen, where we're wishing on some non Muslim that we should be able to say that to them. No, no, no. This is only about the most oppressive of them. And I personally would love to honor the people of Geneva that are going to make it I don't believe that this I will LaHood Allah Allah, I'm inclined to think that this is not all the people of Ghana. It's particularly the people of Ghana, people of heaven that were oppressed against you know, there are people who live their entire lives and they're never been oppressed by this believer. But then there are people who live this life as believers and they were

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oppressed, murdered, killed, expelled from their homes, robbed, pillaged, abused because of their faith, tortured because of their faith. And those people are given reconciliation on judgment day. They get to see the perpetrators of crimes against them.

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They get, they get to see their transgressors their aggressors, and they get to talk to them and that from a position of power. So this is part of the reward agenda to give you that relief, even though the hill is removed, it's still this. This, this talk is actually a relief to them. It's not actually across all believers, every Muslim is gonna have hate for everybody in the healthcare. It's not like that. As a matter of fact, there are other passages in the Quran where there's a friend asking about his friend who he finds, he finds an hellfire. He's not interested in talking trash to him. He's concerned about him. So don't take one ayah and draw, everybody's going to be in this

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position. You see what I'm saying? This is the sophistication of the Quran, and the subtlety of the Quran. And when it's overlooked, then we start drawing drastic conclusions that don't even represent the beauty of our faith. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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