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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The Surah Yaseen and upcoming events include the return of the Earth, the potential consequences of the pandemic, and the potential consequences of the afterlife. The "by the way" of Islam is the realization that one is the only one who can save them, and the "by the way" of the afterlife is a consequence of the "by the way" of Islam. The pandemic and the afterlife are the two most important events of the 2020 and 2021 Surah. The signing of the final act will be the final blow to the Trumpet, and the signing of the final act will cause all of creation to die. The signing of the final act will also cause the signing of the final act to be the final blow to the Trumpet, and the signing of the final act will also cause the signing of the final act to be the final blow to the Trumpet. The return of the Holy Spirit, the end of the world, and the potential consequences of the pandemic
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Donald James Miller man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Also that was in Amman ashrafi. Marissa inside now Mohammed Ali, he was a Marine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as nomadic Moroccan law he already go through just like a fight. Thank you for joining us like number 14 of the Ramadan, 2020 and SubhanAllah. As we said in the previous evening, that if you look at the moon, and it's towards a full moon than you know, you're coming towards the middle of the month, and if you would look outside, you'd see that the moon's panel is full, which means we are reaching the middle of Ramadan and before we know it would be the last 10 nights and this year alone will be over

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from Allah grant us all the blessings are what remains of this month, and to accept what we've done thus far. Amin Al Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah, we also completed section number three of surah Yaseen, we will begin section for this evening, a quick recap as to section one, two and three, section one was an introduction. And Allah subhanaw taala, sets the theme or the tone of the surah, by mentioning that he has sent a perfect message, he has sent a perfect messenger to warn and to guide a people who did not have a messenger before. And then there are those unfortunate the majority of them, and the majority of mankind, in fact, they see the signs, but they turn away

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deliberately. And they are like that person who is locked over in a cage is blocked from the front, the back and on top. And then there are those who are following and these are the people that follow the guidance and then they feel Allah subhanaw taala they are the ones that respond to the signs of Allah. And then Allah mentions that he will direct the deed and that everyone will be accounted accountable for what they what they have earned in this life. Then the second section was the people of the town will receive three ambia very rejected the message, then one of their own follow a fellow comrades came and gave gave a beautiful speech to them. And he explained to them how silly it

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is to worship anyone besides Allah subhanaw taala when Allah Himself controls, everything into him is easily to is your return. So why would you worship anyone besides besides him, and he pleads with him and in response, they kill him. And Allah subhanaw taala, you know, shows a snippet of him being presented with Jenna and how he is being is being rewarded for his sacrifice. And then Allah punishes the people of the town by sending upon them a scream, but completely ins them and causes them to become extinct. And this town to this day, we don't know what these people were, we This town is, and it's a punishment, Allah subhanaw taala promises for those who reject these ayat, and

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they transgress the limits. Then Allah subhanaw taala has said, In the third section, he gave three, three signs that are all around us that we should take note of the first one being the earth, and how it is revived, the sea that is appears to be dead, yet it comes alive with plants and trees and fruits, and so to the resurrection will follow that, then, of course, the eye of the sun and the moon in the day and the night, how everything is on a predetermined course and everything will come to its natural conclusion that is similar to our life and how it takes away each day each moment how quickly Time goes. And then of course, the last idea was that of the ship sailing through the sea

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and how how vulnerable we are if we were to cinco if if Allah subhanaw taala would do to take away his blessings from us how vulnerable we would feel inspired Allah for us right now we feel that vulnerability we don't know.

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Will we have a job tomorrow while we get sick tomorrow? Will others our loved ones are they safe? Everything we realize we are completely completely in the hands and in the key of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And none can save us besides him, and he's no protection from him except towards him. And so this default feeling of security, it's a false sense of security or other we should put our faith in the one thing that does not change we remember we said one of the ways or why Allah Subhana Allah is that he does not change that he's perfect. That no matter how difficult life gets or how good life gets, Allah is the one consistent in your life that you can always hold on to, it will always keep

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you safe, that like that ship in the ocean, the only thing that saves it from falling down is Allah subhanaw taala. And similarly as as we are in life, the storms of life, the only thing that brings you through it is Allah subhanho wa Taala and he is to is to hold on to him. Allah also mentioned towards the end of this thing I've presented you with this is what I have given you and blessed you Will you not feed the hungry person and the disbelievers. Interestingly, another name another word for Kufa, another meaning of COVID. So yesco for me, so this believe it also means to be ungrateful. And so the kafir is is the one who is also ungrateful to the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah,

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Allah. So Allah is showing you I've given you so much, so many blessings that you cannot you cannot enumerate how many if Allah somebody is and how many blessings are sent to us that we are, you know, heedless about it. And so Allah mentions the ungratefulness of the people and the height of the ungratefulness as they say, why would we feed it? Why would we Why should we feed people that Allah himself if he so wished, he would have feed himself a load of it. And so now this brings into the fourth section, the fourth section is going to be about the ark era. So throughout these sections, Allah speaks about that there is a consequence that there is a that is a conclusion you're on a path

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and this will lead to an inevitable ending, and there is going to be either punishment and reward. And so in the next section from verses 48 to 68, the next 2020 is or so

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Allah will speak about the afterlife and the events of the of the earth era. So we begin our Wu Tang regime waiuku Luna Mata has alluded to in quantum sonatine. They say and this is and this follows on from the previous verse And remember, in the previous verse, they said, Why should we feed people, but if all I wanted them, these people that are hungry, the people that are begging for food, if Allah wanted to, he could feed them. So why, why are you coming to me to this level of arrogance, this level of, you know, even making a mockery of Allah subhanho wa Taala. They continue and they say where you're calling, they also say Mater has a lot to include to solve the thing. When is this

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promise going to come? If you are truthful, this could be they're saying to their abuse or sell them, they could be saying to the believers that even saying to Allah Himself, so when is this promised either the promise of the punishment, so you're promising us? If we continue like this, we'll be punished. So bring this punishment, we need to get accom or even this kiama you're talking about this life after death, our bones will be brought together? When is this event coming? So this isn't really a question at all that it is, it is a challenge. And it is as if though they are calling upon their almost dying Allah, we dare you to bring about this punishment. And we find that

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in many, many of the nations that were destroyed, one of the red lines were crossed. So of the red lines that you crosses, you humiliate and you insult the Gambia, the new home, the believers who even kill the believers, and then you of course, invoke the punishment upon you, they bring it I want Allah to bring it to you. And when you say that, that is when you cross the line and Allah subhanaw taala, as Allah shows, he gives me despite and he gives allowances, but eventually is a limit. And when you cross that limit, then the punishment comes down. So Allah continues. Maya, Maya, Luna Illa say why don't why don't

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they do not wait except for one loud scream or a blas that will seize them. And while they are, Simone while they are disputing the Say hi is I see this loud scream that will completely destroy the Mr. The same thing which destroyed the people of the town, destroyed, the people have added destroy the people of, of madeon. So Allah says, it's very simple. The fact that he mentions one screen meaning it is very simple for me to to bring about it, there is no nothing elaborate is now it doesn't require armies and Allah needs to get ready to destroy them. If Allah so chose, he could instantly wipe them out. And Allah says, they are calling for this thing, their own destruction, the

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thing that you're calling out to it's just an instant a calamity that can befall you and then completely they would be destroyed, while they even arguing while by even disputing with the nebby Allah subhanaw taala can send this calamity upon them. And in fact, one of the Sahaba The point here is that it is sudden, and one of the blessings Allah gives a believer a person is Allah prepares him for his death. So you go through a sickness, that sickness loss for maybe a few months in a time you can prepare you get your affairs in order, and get yourself in order. This is a great blessing from Allah subhanaw taala that we prepare ourselves for this because many of us, we are not ready to die

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in our current state. And so of the punishments Allah gives to many nations, Allah says he takes them with another very quickly when the other comes, it's instantly it's it's just a few moments and they're gone. And when that happens, Allah subhanaw taala will mention that they have no chance to repent or do so they phase out. It's also beautiful. Yeah, Allah says while they are disputing meaning while they're arguing and screaming and shouting above that of the Gambia and all you will Allah, Allah will silence them with a scheme. So Allah will make his sound louder than them and they will completely be be silent, never to speak again. And then Allah sponsors when this or that comes

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down to them, well is that the owner associated with him your God and they will not be able to give a tosia any instructions no to the family or to the people can they return? A so Allah says when this calamity hits them, it will be so quick and so instant that they will not be able to give a tosia i tosia is like a wall overseer is a well so any final words any small instruction, you know, not even a long wall, just something simple. You know if you knew swadharma protectors, if we knew that our last moment was to come, what would we do if this was our last evening we would make sure all our our you know financial affairs are in order, we will make our last any any things we owe to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala we prepare ourselves and it's as I mentioned, it's a blessing that your that you get to get your affairs in order before you die. So Allah says when the punishment comes, there is no opportunity to have a last and final word, no opportunity to make a wall or anything like that. And they cannot return back to the to the family meaning it could be that they over they did there's no coming back from that and also that all relationships between them and the family is cut off. They are be they've become basically extinct in hfcs also mentions that no to the people can they return will be the this will even when he is taken from this world. His punishment or all these

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punishments is that he is punished in isolation. He is punished alone. We as the believer hamdulillah we know what is beautiful when the person passes away. One of the things that happens when he dies, he meets his relatives who are good and they are waiting for him on the other side.

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And so he is rewarded together, being alone. So one of the things of punishment is isolation. And one of the rewards is that you are rewarded in company. That's a wonderful thing to think about. When you cross over to the next life. You cross over to meet those people that you love, and you'll be with them, Allah grant us all to be together. I mean, and Subhana Allah, Allah says in another area, that when a person is taken, and this is even a good person, a good person or a bad person, but especially a bad person, they will say, My Lord, if only you were to give me a chance that asakawa couldn't Minnesota again, if I can only go back just for a small moment for five minutes,

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Allah send me back for a short time, I want to give charity, the one thing that he says that extinguishes the anger of Allah is such a sadhaka. So Subhanallah we think if I can just make that one EFT Allah give me the molecule Just give me five seconds, I'm just going to hit the EFT button. And then I'll hamdulillah I you know, it will it will be so much better for me. This is one of the greatest regrets of people when you're in your cupboard and you realize in your cupboard, how much I have in the bank how much I have in the cupboard. I never got to use it or benefited what benefit was there for me that I died with his fortune and now it just gets transferred to someone else. So

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that are in fact just it's beautiful, because we in the month of Ramadan and we at the time when we when there's a financial need that many people are in difficult times well I can easily sadaqa comes from the word Siddiq to be truthful. And it is because you believe you are truthful to a man that you believe what I put in the hands of a poor person or whatever I feed a poor person, this thing will be repaid back to me by Allah subhanho wa Taala with interest in only the only one that pays interest is Allah subhanaw taala This is just a loan that I'm giving and Allah is going to repay it either in this dunya in this life or Allah subhanaw taala is going to repay me for something

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something even better. In the previous section, section three, Allah spoke about these blessings that we give is Rama Ramadan, Elaine is a miss a mercy from Allah subhanaw taala and very interestingly, the idea of, of the people spinning they said Why do you not spend so that Allah may show mercy upon you. So the mercy is also linked to the dunya The more we give, Allah shows us mercy not just in the arcade I doesn't mean you only get rewarded and after Allah will give you of His mercies in the dunya you know your business inshallah will go better your your family will have success. So the sidecar is the thing that puts Baraka in your life and increases your in goodness.

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And so that is one of the great regrets of people that when they die, that they did not give more more charity we see span all the time. I've never seen so many organizations in need like we see in the current situation. And it is a thesis receipt for some of patients and for those who have to share and to assist one another. I want make it easy for all of us. And Allah grant us to be people that that give knowing that Allah will return what we gave with more. So Allah Subhana says when he takes them, it will be a sudden blowing and all a sudden scream and they will be silent and they will be dead and they will never come back and they will not have an opportunity to make any last

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words or return to the family. Then Allah says wonderful Hafiz soar and the one will be blown the trumpet will be sounded for either Elmina, Judith de la bohemian Ceylon, and at all at once all of a sudden, from the graves to the Lord, they will young Ceylon, they will hasten they will rush towards the Lord. We know from the ayat in the Quran, many places in the Quran and Hadith are gonna be so solemn chiamo will come about in stages, basically the end of the of the world and that is addiction that FGM happens in stages. So there is the Armenian minus signs that lead up to the event of kiama. No one knows and qiyamah is explores pinata, and many spatola we know that many of the minus signs

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have already occurred. And some even have said, if you look at, you know, the plagues and calamities that we've seen currently, and certainly, it's not a sign of the minus signs of karma. But it is something for us to think about. As we get closer to the to the end of times, these things would increase, and they will be more on the hardship as we get closer to it. Then of course, the minus signs will give way to the 10 major signs, and the job being the first of them. And then interestingly the the sun rising from the waist being the last of them, according according to one understanding of the Hadith, as we mentioned that yesterday, or the day before about the Hadith of

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the sun rising Allah subhanaw taala will not give permission to the sun to rise again. And so it will come from from where it sits, meaning it will come back from the waist, and this will be the final major sign of Kiana and then of course the Trumpet will be blown and the Trumpet will be blown twice the angel who will blow the trumpet. We know his name in a Hadith, the prophet His name's him he is his Rafi is Rafi alesund salam. So this angel is Raphael His job is to blow the trumpet nothing else. And the prophets of Allah mentions that his lips are already on the horn he schema is so close that his lips are on the one. Now this angel doesn't know when exactly is blowing the

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trumpet. And so he is waiting for an instruction from Allah subhanaw taala to blow the trumpet. And so the Hadees says he is looking towards the throne of Allah and he does not blink out of fear.

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He would miss the command. And so he standing staring at Allah and His eyes have become like stars like gloss, waiting for that moment. And so we know that they will be a first blowing when when you sort of feel blows in the trumpet and as panela, this will only occur, as we say, at the end, after the major signs of kiama have occurred. And this Mandala is a very traumatic experience the blowing of a trumpet, which will cause all of creation to die, and all of even the angels, even the gym, every one of creation will cycle as the Quran mentions that they will fall over they will collapse and they will, they will buy this as a mercy to the believers, no believing person will be alive

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when this happens is one of the minor signs of gamma is that a wind will come and it will take away easily smoothly, the the believers who are alive and who is remaining on the FTM remaining to experience the blowing of the trumpet will be the worst of people they will be they will have no goodness in them. And that is when all those names no longer mentioned, they are no more Salas being made, there is no more honesty and goodness in them, then Allah subhanaw taala will cause a sort of field to blow the trumpet and all of creation will basically be completely undone. And then he sort of fuel will be resurrected and he will blow the trumpet again. And so this will be the second

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blowing there to blow ins. And this will be the the blowing of of resurrection. And so the the I have the one on Luffy hafizullah Illuminati Arabi. And so you know, that when the Trumpet is blown, and immediately the bodies will or they will exit the graves. This is the of course the second blowing the blowing of resurrection. Also the word about either death or death, we usually know a grave to be called a cover you know about but our place of, of burial at death is a grave that has been long time forgotten. You can't even see it as a grave anymore. So Allah doesn't use the word copper, he says and he does to indicate that it has been a long time since they died. They've been

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in the cupboard full, full, full full for ages. And they have there's no indication of them also it mentions these towns that have been destroyed, many of them the remnants of them is gone, no one even misses them, these now are being made for them. And so from these forgotten long lost graves in Arab bohemian Ceylon, they will be driven out of the cupboard and they will be going rushing towards they are up they will they will come to the rock remember yesterday we said in the door of the travel was a narrow beam young collarbone and ultimately our final destination is to Allah This is we all of us will end up mala protectors all of us will be will be thrown out of our graves like

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this and we will be rushed to the angels will push us like cattle almost towards the towards the rock to stand before Allah Subhana Allah May Allah protect us and then we lead on that day. All we are well and they will say what was Wally find in the Quran this word Wade is being mentioned many times whale is the word of the stress it is you save us when you are expression of remorse and grief. So they will say call Lou they will say Oh, woe to us Mumbai athanor mean mal colina, who has woken us up who has raised us up from Morocco, Dena, Morocco is a place where you sleep a place where you relax. So we're taking us out of our place of relaxation, had Mr. Wada ramen, masala calm

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or saloon? This is what the ramen the Most Merciful promised or Southern California salon and the messengers was when they had spoken the truth. Now who is saying this one tough series that the believers are saying this call do we are we gonna woe to us who has resurrected us from our place of sleeping and it's a nice thought then therefore, that the believer is in his cupboard, and he is resting, he's relaxed, he's happy in his cupboard, even though we think how long am I putting myself in a grave, I'm going to be happy. We know that this insha Allah is a he's a god and from a goddess of gender melograno every single one of the believers, our families, our grandparents and parents

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who have passed away friends, let Allah grant that the grave be a place of relaxation and reward and happiness. I mean, it is also the more common I've seen is actually the disbelievers that say this the same people were destroyed, they will say, who has raised us up from our MasterCard Why? Why are they calling me grave American, when we know that the grave is a place of punishment, they will be punished in their graves, very scary, because when they insert the cover, they see what they will see that they have kmm and the horrors of karma will make the punishment of the grave feel like you know like child's play, they would wish to go back to the grave and be tormented in the grave,

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rather than what they see on the death karma protect us. And remember there is karma that is not janam janam is even worse than Tmm. Allah protect us. There is also another tough scene that says when the first trumpet is blown, so anyone who is in the grave now is being rewarded or he's being punished. And then when the Trumpet is blown, everything comes to an end, even the punishment even the reward of everyone, it's over there is nothing there is no existence. And then when the second trumpet is blown, they would be restricted. And so this period between the first and the second blowing then abyssal Samson, it's a period of 40 and the Sahaba was 40 days, 40 years and then

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obviously did not say how long so there is a period between the first one

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The second blowing and Allah Allah Allah knows best what happens in between that for some it might be that the punishment is stopped, and therefore the company is actually a place of relief in that period. Have them our other ramen, someone is going to say this is what our ramen had promised meaning this day and this this what's the events of kiama now has come to pass was other call Marcello and the believers all those that came from Nabhi Adam and Toby's asylum, all those ambia that have pleaded with the people, everything they said is the truth. There's an interesting point in this ayah is number 52 is an interesting Tajweed copy. And so if you look at the IEA, you will

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find we at the end of the word Mark Medina, Visa seen the this is called a sect This is something a second, this is where you need to stop is a unique that you either Oh, wait, one stopped at the middle of the aisle, and then you breathe, but you continue to say with the same breath, right? You stop your breath and then you you slowly sight on Twitter. It's sort of a short pause. And there are only four of these sectors in the whole Quran. And why is it there it is to indicate that perhaps the one who says at the beginning called we are will enter those who speak renunciate who woke us up from our place of risk? The one who answers they be someone different. So it could be that those who

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answer the people will say so it's an issue. Imagine we are being resurrected, we coming out of our graves and we say oh yeah Allah who brought us to this place and we see the horrors and we said who took us out of our graves. And then those who respond will be the angels. The angels say, this is what Allah had promised you and the Gambia that came to you were telling the truth, everything that you heard, is the truth. And so the realization would hit you then the believer and the disbelievers panela all of us will be in a state of shock and awe protect us from the horrors of that day. In our last idea for this evening. Allah says love the second last idea in Canada de la se hadn't

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wahiduddin for either Jamie Allah Dana macaron, and Allah subhanaw taala says is only but a single blowing herb last and all of a sudden at once they are brought and presented before us. This is a pod the words of this is appeared multiple times in the surah. So this is one of the ways in which Allah makes the surah in the Quran easily to be remembered. He uses the same words in the surah. So Allah, Allah said in verse number 29, and 49 and 53, the verse Illa Sahaja wahida incarnate in Lhasa wahida. I'll repeat this again three times that it is only one simple, easy blowing sound and they will be resurrected and will also be that they would die. In verse number 49 is it Miam Luna Illa se

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haga wider Allah said they're only waiting for the car to be blown. That waiting is no longer the meaning that this happens now the events of karma is happening is no longer waiting. So in the dunya, they are just waiting for the for the template to be blown. And then the then the punishment Okayama would occur. Now on kiama now that the blowing has done, the waiting is over now the agenda, the agenda, everything is happening and it's happening very quickly for either home Jimmy on their own, this is the second time in the suit also mentions this is number 32. Allah also says when going to lama jameela dana, all of them will be presented before Allah subhanaw taala they will all be

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presented and standing. And the when Allah repeats things, there's a reason for it. When already pizza, they will all be pleased. And it shows that every single human being you and me, my parents, your parents, our loved ones, our children, the rich, the poor, the king, the the slave, every single person, without exception will be standing before Allah subhanaw taala no one can escape it, no one can delay it, no one can run away from it. It is a promise from Allah subhanho wa Taala and how quickly he says with one sound, every single human being and also the gene as well. They will all be presented before Allah subhanaw taala mela make it easy for us. Then, the last item for this

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evening. Finally omala toda la mina from chez LA to do his own lahmacun to tanaman. Allah says so today, this could be an announcement that is being made to them either by Allah himself or the angels. It is sort of now So you mentioned the scene, the all of humanity is out of the graves and they are standing scared being pushed and young, Ceylon, they're being pushed in a certain direction towards Allah. And there'll be a moment we everyone will stand and kiama we can have all CDs on gamma, there will be a moment of panic. There'll be a moment of kind of screaming of running around of complete hysteria. And in the there'll be a moment of lining up and everyone is silent looking

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down. No one is saying a single word. And everyone is just thinking himself where am I going waiting for the judgment standing before Lama law protect us and as we stand in Salah as we stand, you know, during this evenings of Ramadan, as we fasting, we ask a lot to to prepare us for that day. But everything that we do for his sake, that every charity we give is to to make us ready for that moment. And so it will be said to us either but a lot with the angels. folio Mullah toda la monofin Shire. So today, no one will be wrong. We don't have to worry. Although it's not going to shortchange anyone. No one will be punished unjustly there'll be no injustice done today, where

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we're allowed to use owner and you will not be

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awarded a llama quantum to alimony will only be given what you deserve. Now this is also this is something which is gives you if you are a good person, it makes you feel happy, although I'm going to wrong you is only going to give you what you need. If you are a good person, then you will find goodness on the left karma. And if you're a bad person and you know that you had lived a life that is not good, you will only get what you put in in this life. And so you'll only be rewarded for your actions your deeds will be your judge on the day of karma. And so we need to ask ourselves that if this is the last Ramadan, if this is the last, with a pandemic around us, anything can happen spawn

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Allah, if this is the ending of our days, if our moussaka has come to an end, are we ready to be judged that we need to arrive on that day? And if the answer is not an Hamdulillah, Allah has given us these blessing nights and days of Ramadan, we still have life in us every every moment is an opportunity for Stefan and Toba. Every moment is returned to Allah. May Allah grant that our life is in his service, when we love him in this world, so that when we meet him in the afternoon, we meet him in a state of love from him and to us, I mean Algar, and all of us, you and me, all of us in all our families, our high place in general. I mean, it's an iconic American ally America, too.

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