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albula Sheila Rahim spiller Nana Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain My beloved brothers in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu just like looking thank you for joining us night number 13 of the thermoball Allah subhanaw taala blesses it hamdullah this evening we will conclude with section three of our Sierra Sierra scene and this section was the signs that are all around us, Allah subhanho wa Taala will use observable signs that are just in front of us we take for granted everyday to enforce the constitution were introduced in section one and two. And so the first sign

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was that of the dead Earth and how Allah brings it back to life. Let's see that looks like it has no life in it that Allah brings out of the three, the three brings fruit, people eat from it, animals eat from it, and how Allah subhanho wa Taala is able to revive a land which is completely barren and dead. And so too, we should not have any doubt that when we die and we are in the earth allows me to resurrect us and from the dead, bring us back to life. The second idea was that of the night and Allah subhanaw taala spoke about the emotions of the sun and the moon, and how everything is in a perfect orbit everything is measured, course that it follows so perfect that our calendars are

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basically our calendars are based on it. We measure time by this. And so Allah wants us to know that as we see the sun and the moon go through its motions, we see the stages of the moon, so to our life is following a course and ultimately our must occur are in is to Allah subhanaw taala we see that how everything Allah has decreed for it for us as well we are on a predetermined course. And if the sun and the moon, Allah says they cannot outstrip one another, they cannot outstrip the night everything must obey the command of Allah do we really think that Allah subhana wa Taala will allow us to transgress end to end and we are not out of his his reach? The next idea, the next sign is

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going to be that of a of a boat or a ship. And that is an amazing transition because the last verse, verse number 40 was a cool movie Falcon, yes, but when that in each in all these planets, and the sun, the moon, the earth, all of the heavenly bodies, I'm in an orbit a Falak. Yes, the home they are swimming or floating in an orbit. And now Allah will speak about a four week follow up and full currencies, the same word comes from the same meaning and the full, will be also swimming or floating in the ocean. So Allah says, our team number 41. Well, I had to learn and another sign for them. And now that we have well now we carried literally at the home, the offspring fill full kill

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machine in the heavily laden ship, the ship that was heavily laden. Now there's some discussion amongst the facility. What ship is Allah talking about here, because the word warrior was what caused a bit of a confusion, the offspring. In fact, even if you look at some translations could under come, I'm reading right now, it said it carried before father's and that's quite quick, because Maria is your your progeny or your offspring. So the first step seed, and this is perhaps the strongest one, it refers to the ship of libido, the ark, and Allah calls it the full column, as shown throughout the Quran, you find this is the term we use for the ark. Why is it laden because

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there are a lot of people on it. And of course, there are a lot of animals on earth, and all of humanity at a time when that location was upon that ship. And so Allah says, We carried you, meaning all of humanity on that boat, and how easily it is that we could have caused the boat to sink. The other types here, which is also applicable, it says, No, it refers to any vote, almost given an attitude of a vote way, your offspring literally the appearance, they are in one place, and the sons, the daughters, they have grown up, they got married, and now they're on a boat, and they are off, you know, in the middle of the ocean. So I was giving an example like this. And then the next

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aisle says, Well, how can I know and we created for them, me mythri similar to the boat, Maya kabu, that which they, which they ride upon. Now, of course, the old mufa serien all they knew about were boats in the ocean, and they had camels and donkeys and you know some of the things on the land. And so they said this ayah refers to the land based animals we ride. This I actually is if you look at the precision of it overseas, we have created for you things similar to boats, which you ride for our time. It of course includes cars, planes, trains, even spaceships. In fact, these things, these automobiles, or these vehicles that we ride on are more similar to ships with camels and long is

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off. And so this is actually very precise, if you look at it. So Allah says, and we created for you, we brought things that that you did not know. I gave you these things which you write about and you travel through the land, and the sea was beautiful. If you look at the three if Allah spoke about the land first, then he spoke about the skies, the sun and the moon. And now speaking about the sea, these are all mediums in which we traveled and places which Allah has allowed us to, to move freely through. Now I'll give you an example. We're in Nasha. And if we should so well, no vertical home, but that's already Hello and welcome. Young Godwin's, Allah gives you an example. Imagine you were

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on this boat or your offspring your kids your parents were on this boat in North America who it is we cause this boat to sink and we basically cause them to drown for our sorry how long we will be no one to respond to they cry, they scream. They so is

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Call for help, no one will tell them what are called on and they will be none that would that would be

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Robin, there would be none that would be able to to save them. And so Allah subhana wa tada is telling us that in those moments of vulnerability, would you turn to if your plane was about to crash or your boat was about to sink, you not only uses the analogy of a sinking ship in many, many times in the Quran, and in fact, almost Pamela speaks about it. The disbelievers really when they talk when the boat is about to sink, that is when they become sincere, they forget about the idols, of course, the idols on what they do on the boat, and they turn to the Creator, the one and the only way they can save them is none that can save them from this. And so Allah wants us to remember that

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we might feel that we are in this, you know, very secure bubble. And it is, you know, we go from my house, to the shop and our salary comes in everything feels nice and secure. And we're not vulnerable at all. Usually it is when we travel, that we feel a little bit of insecurity or when we feel a bit of vulnerability. How many of us, you know, men, oftentimes you flown when the plane is about to take off? You feel like yeah, a lot anything can happen. even getting into the cost of vanilla, we know how dangerous it is easiest to drive from your house, down the road. Anything can happen to you on the road, when when we go on a journey. Maybe on a holiday we go on the long route,

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you know, we always say phone me when you get the phone me along the way because that is when you feel vulnerable. And so Allah is using the example that when you travel, how vulnerable you are, and he wants us to remember that we are all on a journey, that we are always traveling this one that ability is always the we are just in a false sense of security when we're comfortable in our homes that so easily Allah can cause you know our boats to sink our planes to crash so easily Allah subhanaw taala can take away these blessings and therefore in the next aisle, Allah says Illa Ramat aminomethyl la haine these things we give to you only as a blessing and as a mercy that you can

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enjoy for a predetermined for very short limited amount of time so easily Allah can take it away and Subhanallah we living in a time like that how quickly Allah can take away this blessing. We could not have imagined that the planes would be grounded the ships will be stuck in the ocean, you know cause won't even be on the road anymore. Allah says I can take this away from you anytime. And we see that right now. This happening before our very eyes. So Allah subhanho wa Taala you know when it when we talk about traveling, this is when we feel vulnerable. And that is why there's a beautiful two other mediasite when on a on a journey. And in the in the DA which is taken from an another AI

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in the Quran we realize this is a very powerful gift Allah has given us Allah Subhana Allah de All Praise be to Allah perfectionist to Allah under the Sahara and either the one who has subdued this for us. This could mean the call that you drive the boat that you're on the plane, the animal, it also could mean the land he has made the land safe for us to travel. The oceans are less subdued the oceans, the sky is off or gentle for us to fly through. If the oceans become too rough, or the skies become too windy, we can't fly in them, we can't move in them. So Allah says, I have made the subdued for you, Mr. Cannella, who couldn't had it not been for him making it subservient to us, we

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will not be able to overpower it. We're in Illa Robin Alamin kalibo so beautifully Alesis and ultimately to Allah is our final destination, whatever flight you're on, whatever journey you're on whatever place you're living, every single human being on Earth. We are on a journey. And our ultimate end our final in our final destination is to Allah subhanho wa Taala He wants us to remember that ceman Allah, so all of these things, the eye of the sun, the moon, the land of the fruits, the ships, all of this Allah says he said Mata and Rama tamina a mercy I have given you Oh in San Juan Mata and Isla hain and a thing that you will enjoy but only for a limited amount of

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time, these things can be taken away anytime. And it can also ultimately means we are temporary and this world itself is temporary. So Allah then moves on to the next area.

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Allah spandana says what either keela when he said to them the passive voices used we don't know was the one saying the spirit it could mean when he said to them from multiple angles ally seamless to him. The Quran is saying was for them the angels saying this to them, the Gambia or calling them even the pious people, the Imams, the teachers, your parents will either hidden or military to the ether who you know be be conscious be fearful Be mindful, ma baina ad combat which is in between your hands Vinnie what is in front of you on my alpha calm and that is what is behind you. Let Allah come to her moon that you may receive mercy. Allah is saying, when you are called take note of the

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signs taking note of how easily life can change. Take note how Allah has placed you how things have been made easy for you. Take a note of it, so that you can be aware of it and take note of the past meaning the things behind you could mean your previous lives on the things that you've done in the past or that have history. Take note of history, so that you will unlock them to the harmony that you might receive mercy from Allah subhanaw taala taqwa and really the it's important to understand this meaning because Ramadan the purpose of it

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Is that is to think that what back was of course a consciousness and awareness, a relationship with Allah. So Allah says, Be be conscious of the things that you're doing. The science is Hindu, be conscious of your actions. Be conscious be conscious of your of karma. Be conscious of the past your sense be conscious of the previous nations look at history, so that you may receive mercy dakwah will lead to mercy and that is why in this month of Ramadan, the objective is to attain taqwa to attain consciousness of a law of His laws of his of our actions. So at the end of the month, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give us of his of His mercy. In the next is Allah subhanaw taala says, what

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matters to him in it, mean it Robin lakanto Anna Marlene, Allah says, and there are no you know, Allah is using to say how often this is the case for all of us, every single human being, although it is not a single, no sign comes to them. There are so many signs that come to them from the signs of Allah from all the signs Allah sends to them, except that they are from it. And what do they turn away? They rejected, they deny it, they are not conscious of it. And what is how many signs do we send you each and every day, we send you signs, big signs, major signs, and people that are not conscious of it, they're not aware of it, they turn away, they are either oblivious to it, or they

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are arrogantly denying of it. And again, it gives us an example. Remember, in section one, Allah spoke about the guy who was in the box, that in front of him and behind him is a sad, so he cannot look at the signs in the front sight from behind him this and of course, there's a ceiling, a roof on top of him. So he's completely oblivious to the science he has become closed of mala protectors. Allah says insane, you are like this, you have so many signs in front of you, and you are oblivious to them. On this juncture, we need to mention with just a side note here. In the past, people looked at the natural surroundings, and they couldn't fully understand that they couldn't understand how

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the ship sail or how the sun moves in the how the earth is brought back to life with the rains. And so there's a lot of superstitions and they ascribe it to false deities, false beings. And so there's the lack of understanding that that misled them today. It is because of our understanding that we also turn away from allow so now that we understand science, we understand how things work that that nature has. There's no supernatural power behind it rather, it is a from a scientific standpoint, it is following precise laws, there are systems in place, we become so arrogant that we thought that the that these things happen all on its own, we even became so arrogant, we actually believe we are

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in control of the systems. Rather what should have happened is as we learn, and we see that there is a design in the way, you know, how our bodies function, how the environment operates, how animals are in nature, how the universe operates, how the smallest things operate, there is a design there are laws, these laws are so perfect, we can actually derive mathematical equations, you know, Newton's laws, Einstein's laws, these things have equations to it mathematics, we can predict it, but yet instead of causing us to turn to a designer, or a creator and made it we became arrogant and we forgot that there is someone that put this in place. And we actually began we became so haughty

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and arrogant, we felt like we are in control of this universe, we can we you know, our intelligence and our technology is something which we can subdue this planet we are shown Subhan Allah Allah shown us in 2020 how simple it is, that this earth can rebel against us that that which we thought were in control can so easily slip out of our control and our only refuge is to hide in our homes. Subhan Allah something for us Allah says these are for us to think about. Now in the last I have the section and Subhanallah This is the only idea in the old surah Allah is actually calling you to an action Allah says what either appeal and again, when it is called when they are called to when there

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are sit with the sit to them un*able spin the Mimosa hula spin of that which Allah has provided for you call it a vena cava Oh, the disbelievers say Latina Amma to the believers are not mo maloja long should we feed those who if Allah wanted to, if I wanted to feed them, then he would feed them in anthem in Luffy but on a movie in the valley you are you people are in clear misguidance So again, this idea is in the passive voice me when he said to them, meaning they're being called many, many times many people are calling them to spend of that which Allah has gifted to you. It is not yours everything that we have in the fridge, everything we have in the bank account, everything you

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are wearing right now, it is only as a charity, Allah has given it to you. So Allah says, He has called you to spend Mima of it, meaning a little bit of it, not all of it, just a portion of it to give and to feed the one who is who is hungry. Then of course the arrogant one will say why should I feed someone if Allah wanted to feed him a lower fee to feed him? Why must I do it? You know, Subhan Allah. As I said, this is the only call to action. We'll talk more about feeding in the way our subhanaw taala wants us to understand it. The risk he provides is sufficient for all of you

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creatures. And in 2020, we know, in our modern times we know the earth produces enough food that every single person can eat. Yet we have people meaning almost more than a billion people are starving, undernourished, malnourished SubhanAllah. So the earth is producing enough, Allah is giving enough food for all of humanity. It is because we are not distributed fairly or equally. That is why that is why we have starvation. So, as one scholar had said, Allah subhanaw taala, in the way he distributes risk, it's like it is the father of the household, you get the paycheck, that paycheck is meant for you and your dependents. And so Allah gives to the rich of the community, not

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only his risk, Allah gives you your risk, plus the risk of other people which you should shade with. And therefore these artists in it for all of us, and especially now in this time, where things have become very, very difficult economically, we find ourselves always in two camps, every single one of us, you and me, we are in one of two camps, Camp number one, those whose music is constructed, those whose money has as an insured those who have lost their jobs, while make it easy, those who don't have enough to eat, your taste is patience, while you persevere and be thankful to Allah in your condition. When there is a bigger taste, the one who has even more difficult than that is the one

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who has a nice taste. Allah has given you the risk, your risk, plus more than you need, and the risk of other families. And the question is, will you share it? Or will you keep it for yourself, and your test now is to be generous and to be to be giving this is what Allah subhanaw taala is testing with us. It is not untrue. In fact, when these peoples here is this believe, as they said, if all I wanted to do to fit them, it's true, he could have but he deliberately has given more to some and less to others so that we could balance it out between us. And in this idea, we learn a lot. Allah says it is the disbeliever who does not feed the poor. And it is the believer who says feed the

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poor, therefore the believers should be the first is part of your Eman in the way in which you treat the poor. And on that note we need to talk a little bit about feeding especially in a time like this. We talk about about feeding and Subhanallah when you read the Quran, how many if we find for example, Allah says wait a minute Dharma Allah hobby Myskina with human zero of the people of EMA and the people will no promises will intergender Why did they intergender What is the reason they gave food even though they love it they gave that which they love to the needy to the orphan and even the captive meaning the prisoner of water hammer guy came to find you to kill you. You captured

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him, you feed him first before you feed yourself. As we go through the verses of the Quran you'll find so many is speak about the feeding of the poor but it is one of the qualities of the believers It is one of the qualities of those of Jenna is that they will that they will conscious about feeding the poor Allah Subhana Allah speaks about those in Jannah one of the reasons they would say wait a minute Dharma Allah hobbies you know, we're a team and what Syrah they used to give food in spite of the love what they need for the food they would give it to the needy the orphan the captive, Allah spondylosis in Surah ballad and if you want to achieve gender then you need to trade

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the path of hardship with that the difficult part and Aqaba Walmart other common acaba What is it the pinnacle if you really want to get to Jana, then you need to walk the hard path and what is that hard path for Raka it is to it is to free a slave free a slave oh damn when filming the must power off to feed a hungry person, a person that is in need on a day that is difficult when you give to someone even though you are in need you find someone more miserable than you more difficult than your your team and the MakerBot miskeen under Nataraja an orphan where a needy person and a relative or someone who is extremely angry, you find someone more in need that is the difficult thing that is

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the path of of hardship. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala also says of the people of Ghana, for example, policies are at a level you can live within Have you not seen the one who does not believe in karma, but early can levy and all your team this is the one that neglects the orphan while I heard while our family scheme and he is the one that does not encourage the feeding of the poor people that don't feed the poor and have no conscience of the poor. This is a quality of someone who does not have a consciousness of karma in Surah madatha the angels will say masala comfy soccer what has caused you to find yourself yet in Jannah all lamb Nakula masala and the people of janome will say

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it is because we will not have those who performance Allah what am naccho not a Miskin and we will not have those who used to feed the poor. So this is one of the reasons why they are in in Jan them span Allah Subhana Allah it is a time in need when the a lot of people that are hungry, those of us who are blessed, one of the best things we could do in this month of Ramadan, especially in the month of Ramadan is to feed the poor. In a beautiful Hadith. The Prophet Solomon says Allah says Oh son of Adam, I asked you for food and you feed me not. And then we will say they are Allah, how should I feed you when you are the Lord of the worlds? And Allah will say, Did you not know that my

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servant so when so ask you for food and you feed him not that you're not know that how do you feed him, you will surely have found that the reward they have is with me. So Subhanallah I mean Allah saying that he says if you're feeding

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Hello, low methylone Allah has this does not need a food, but it is for our own sake that we feed and that we assist people now more than ever in this difficult time make feeding part of your your evader. So I asked someone, how much does it cost to feed somebody or a family to make these these for these food parcels, maybe what 500 and a food parcel it feeds a family for a month and Subhanallah before I move on, that might have been a meal without going to a restaurant maybe spa and taking the family out the door. I mean, more than 500 grand but this is one meal, you can feed an entire family for 500 grand on this parcel. So inshallah we encourage you to feed and if you're

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not able to on your own, there are many organizations one of them is of course brown Islam as well. We have a soup kitchen. Yup, in the book up and of course for the rest of Capetown as well. So if you'd like to contribute to any organization, wonderful organizations do so this is an opportunity. One of the things about this COVID-19 is that it is also an opportunity to attain Jana The one who worships online in difficult times. It's more rewarding. So this is the time for us to attain genmab unilamellar make it easy for those who are going through hardship, mala granthi Award for those watching and those who are doing the good work mama Robin sexist, and Allah forgive all of us. I

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mean, Zack, like I said, it can work with la Hilbert to get through