Reply to Non-Muslims who Say that First Improve your Muslim Brothers and then Speak to us…

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But we Muslims, we have many excuses.

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Many Muslims that tell me

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that when we speak

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to the non Muslims,

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they tell us that first go and improve your Muslims.

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First go and improve your Muslims see what they're doing, then come and speak to us. So because Muslims ourself are not good, then pass that very then we can do the work of the non Muslims. Today.

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There are hundreds of 1000s of Christian missionaries throughout the world. As the question

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I asked the Muslim Brothers that Do you know this Christian missionaries? You know, they are called? Yes, I know. Do you know who's better up?

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As the Muslims do this Christian, this Christian missionaries, many of them have drugs? Do you know

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who's better here? Are you I'm better.

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Many of these Christians, they do fornication than to adultery due to fornication is a no who's better the more you

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with all the defects, these Christian missionaries, with so many defects, yet they're spreading the word of Christianity, hundreds of them, 1000s of them hundreds and 1000s of them.

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They leave the country and they travel 1000s of miles to spread the word of the Bible.

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Don't give excuse that first go and tell young Muslim builders and there are many Muslims who come and tell me brothers are here. First, hum musalman Kopaka musalman banana from Guillermo Santa Monica Corrine. First we'll make the Muslims practicing Muslims. And after we make all the Muslim practicing Muslims, then we will go and convey the message to the non Muslims. Hi tell them this time will never come. Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, he himself could not convince his own relatives do you think you're better than the Prophet? Have a prophet? He could not convince his own uncle? Do you think are better than the prophet

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is mentioned say Buhari in the book of Salah goyim, number one, the Prophet says that in Medina, they were Muslims, who did not come to the mosque for the compulsory salah, talking about Juma salah. The Prophet says he felt like burning their homes.

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That means in Medina,

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they were Muslims, who were not good practicing Muslims, yet the prophet. He sent messengers, he sent messages to the king of Yemen, the King of Prussia.

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He said messages taking place in time.

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He did not say first and make all the Muslims 100% Better than Muslims and then I convey the message as a non Muslims. You have to do both simultaneously. When you meet a Muslim find do Islam with him when you meet a non Muslim to Dawa to him.

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Both are equally important. Dawa and Islam. But if no, no, no, which is more important. Both are important, which is more important. I asked him the question. Suppose a patient of heart attack comes to a doctor stroke.

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And a patient of common gold comes

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and the doctor has limited time who should you treat?

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A person with a heart attack or a person with common cold?

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Heart attack. I'm talking common cold, not swine flu.

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Even if swine flu comes heart attack is more important.

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Swine Flu, it is a media

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media hype. That's another question you don't deal with now.

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So the person is the most generic, he's doing shark. If you don't convey the message, he will go to hell. The Muslim Islam is important. But more important is Java. Actually both are important. If the doctor has time, you should treat both the person with heart attack also common cold.

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So when you meet a Muslim to Islam, when you meet a non Muslim with our both equally potent, do both, you can't say I'll first make all the Muslim PACOM sermon and then do Dawa, that time will never come. Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem in the digital Ryda. In the last goodbye he gave in the last pilgrimage. There were about 110,000 tavas. He asked him that did I deliver the message to you? And all of them that they shot? Their bow witnessed that? Yes, you have delivered the message to us. Then the Prophet said, all those who are present here, go and deliver the message to those who are not present here. And do you know out of this out 110,000 Shabazz more than 90,000

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Saba bed outside Arabia doing what making musalman pakka muscle man making a Muslim more pious Muslim. They were buried outside Arabia doing Dawa to the non Muslims.

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More than 80% of the Sahaba they went outside following the Quran

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To the profit doing our to the non Muslims